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tv   Today  NBC  November 11, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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the food was sold at trader joe's. good morng, devastation good morning, devastation and desperation. the unfolding crisis in the philippines ght now. some 10,000 ared dead. entire cities stroyed by one of t strongest storms ever. we're there live. fighting back,uspended nfl player richie cogno speaks out in detail for the fst time about the pulleying case against him. >> this isn't an issue abo bullying. this ian issue of my and john's relationship. >> this morning the threatening message he claims he received from t alleged victim. and she's back, former vice presidential candite sarah palin returns to the spotlight with strong words r the esident and even memrs of her own pay. >> they waved the white fl of surrenr. >> what she says must happeno
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save the gop today, monday, veteras day, november 11th, 2013. good mning, welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lau. >> i'm savannah guthrie along side al roker and talie morales. and would say we're in bter company even than normal today we've got a grt bunch of memberof the united states militaryervice out on our plaza and th're going to get a great concert thisorning. >> always great to have them he especially on veterans day. we'll spend time with them. also we'll spendime with the former governor of alaska, sarah palin. she's in our orange roomhis morng. a lot oner mind these days a we've got a lot of questions for her. including about a new book she s written. so we'llet to that. but let us begin wittoday's p story. th's the rescue and relief
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efforts in the philippines. as we said, official estimes could be as ma as 10,000 people died as a result of ts orm. millions of survivors are trng to cope with lack of food and shelter and medicine. meanme the first wave of.s. forces he flown to the region to help with the rovery. nbc's harry smith is in ha-hit tacloban for us this morni. harry, good morning to you. >> tacloban is the ground zero of thisuperstorm that hit on friday. with winds that exeded anytng anyone anticipate but more importantly, a storm surge that was absolutely devastating. we got to spend part of the day thertoday and what you're about to see is quite shocking. what was once thcity of tacloban is now a pilef debris flattened by a super storm that created waves 20 feehigh. storm chaser jim ee was there.
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>> 300 meters away, where the slope we down to the water, i counted 12 bodies. >> on the ground t smell of death is evewhere. thousands, possibly up to 10,000 people, are feared dd in the supersrm. >> thedon't know when are ey going to get those bodies. we are here alive and the be are also here. >> reporter: survivo stumbled through devastated towns in search of water,ood, and any kind of shelter. with the infstructure destroyed, lting is common. and bringing aid to the hartest-hit areas is proving a signicant challenge. >> the probl is 90% to 95% of people in cityall are causalities. >> reporter: some hopehis morning as u.scargo planes are making their way to devaated areas. >> international relief organizations are here. obvisly the military has logistics capabilities that are unique.
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c-130s coming in. >> reporter: survivors are ning up at the airport to get out of t devastated city. this woman wearing a she owns. many appealing to relatives back in the u.s. for he. >> translato we need food. please help. i'm still alive. >> reporr: but in the middle of all of this devastation, a w baby is born in wh's left of the airport loung we're just back in mana from tacloban there's a lot more that we'll able to show you later on tonight on "nbnightly news" with brian williams. >> all right, harry smith in the philipnes for us this morning. harry, thank you very much. here'savannah. >> thank you. seph curry is in manila. he's with cathic relief services. mr. curry, good moing to you. >> hi,ood morning. >> you have certaiy seen your sharof humanitarian crises in your linof work. but to put this in terms everybody can understand, how grave is the situationhere now? >> think what we see, the devastatio it looks like the tsunami, t indian ocean
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tsunami, and the scale of that we're finding now is, is of a scale we'vnever seen in the philippines. it really stretches over so ma different isnds where we're see frastructure, buildings ripped apart,rees toppled over huge expansionsf land and so many people affected right now. >> the philippines has the attentn of the world, of relief servis such as yours. but how can reef get there? if i understand it, it's very ha to get to the most hard-hit area >> it a challenge. i think the sheer size of the emerncy, there are 10 million people in need. this is e largest disaster that the philippinesas ever seen. the intensity of theeed is so there. people need food, water, shelter, healt they need all of the essentials just tget by in their dail life. >> a finally, sir, just in terms of what yoyourself have seen, can you ve people a sense of how devastang this
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situation is? >> via sellite phone today i spoke with our team in leyte island and they're reporting total and complete devastation. buildings are ripped apart. houses are flaened. trees artoppled. people are looking for shade under any tree they n find. what worries us the mo is there are so many areas that we ve no information fr. and when we have this silee, this usually means that e damage is even worse >> joseph curr we know it is a terrible situation there. thanyou for your time th morning. if you want to find out how you can he with this relief effort ad to our website all rit, savannah, thank you very much. antime, new twists ithe case alleged bullying by a now suspended member of the miami dolphins. richie incogni defending himself for the first time since the scandal broke. nbc's kerry sands is in tampa where the dolphins are getng ready to play tonight. rry, good morning toou.
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>> well, gd morning, matt. the nfl vestigation will now get e full attention of e independent investigator t wells. this as you no richie incognito t for his first inepth interview. >> i'm not racist and to judge me by that word isrong. >> reporter: ian interview on fox sports nfl sunday, rhie incognito presents himselfs a misunderstood man. a sharp contrast to the n seen in the tmz sports video shting and using the "nword at a fort lauderdale pool hall several months ago. [ bleep ] in the fox sports inrview, incognito admits he used the "n" word on a voicemail left for teammate jonathan martin. now he says he's embarssed by it. >> it sounds like i'm a racist pig, like i'm a athead. it sounds ke a lot of things it's n. >> reporter: he toldox sports itas a joke. >> there's a lot of words rown
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aroundhe locker room that we don't use in eveday life. >> reporter: fox sports says incognito showed them his phone with 1,1 texts between him and mart. one is said have come from martin four days aer he left the dolphins, reading, what's up, man? the world's gone crazy. l. i'm good, though. congrats othe win. yeah, i'm good, man. it's insane, bro, but just know i don't ame you guys at all. it's just the culturaround footll and the locker room got to me a little. fox sports asked imartin were sitting next to him, what would incognitsay now? >> i would givhim a big hug because we've be throu so much and i'd just be like, dude, at's going on. >>lso included in the text messages w this one from a week befe this all blew up. this allegedly from martin to incognito. it said, il muer your whole faly. incognito said he thought, as was their relationship, it was
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just a joke. matt? >> all right, kerry sanders wn inlorida for us this morning. key, thank you very much. >> let's turn to natie has a huge food recall just out this rning. >> that's right. important to know an e. li outbreak triggeredhis recall. it affects about 90 tons of sads and sandwich wraps produced by glass oniocatering in california. dozens of peopleave become ill. the products were sold in arizona, california, nevada, new mexico, oregon, texas, utah and washington. the listof products is on our website iran is saying no deal after nuclear talks failed this weekend in geva among the six major world powers. secrety of state john kerry meeting th morning with officials in dubai, saidll major powers we unified on a roadap for nuclear coopetion with iran. and denied that divisions among them led to iran walng away. more talks are scheduled later on this month. an apology fm "60 nutes." last night they retracted the story about the 2012 deadly attack on the u.s. mission in
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benghazi. that story included an account from a former secuty contractor dylan dies who claimed he took part in the fighting. at account unraveled last week asn fbi report in the ys foowing the attack revealed davi was nowhere near th compou. last night correspondent lara logan told viewers we d been include him in our repor and add, we are very sorry >> an oregon animal sanctuaris devastated by the death of a emplee killed by a cougar over the weekend. the woman was killed inside one of the animal enclosures aft having apparentlgone in there ale. authorities are trying to so t what happened. she was described as experienced and comfortable with the animals she cared for. you can breathe sigh of relief as a huge eopean satelle fell to the earth d out of harm's way. during the night after it ran out ofuel the science satellite re-enteredhe atmosphere and distegrated on a path that extended from siberia to antarctica. officials sathere are no reports of damage from any
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falling pieces. d a spgs veterans dafor the family of air foe technical arrangent chad bul. ephanie bully thoughshe and her childrenon a trip to see a nascar race but sundayt the ce in phoenix, a surprise reunion when her husband, the air force technil sergeant, peared suddenly. he had been overas serving for the last two yea and a great welce home along with his the children there. good to see him back and out o harm's w. >> it certainly . >> thank you. mrroker, by the way, c we observe that you guys haveoved past the stubble territory. >> a beard. >> my kids called me black santa this weend. >> actually being nice. >> it'a nice thing. unfortunately weon't have a lot of great news. lot of people asking me over the weekend, what's the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon when we're talking out haiyan. well, the factf the matter is th're basically the same thing. it's just depending on where you
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are and where yo location is. right w, we call a typhoon hurricane in t eastern pacific and indian oceans. the strength of haiyan equal t that of an extremely powerfu category 5 hurricane thalasted for 48 hours. this thi had winds of 195 miles per hour. sts of 235. take into exple the hardest hitting hurricane in the.s., it was camille in '69. it hit wh winds of 190 miles per hour. to hit the philippines in 2013. they generally get anywherfrom 6 to 17 typhoonsn a year. we're going to trackhis arctic air coming up in the next half hour. it'soing to be a big, bi weather changer. we'll have your local recast coming up in the next seconds. you get your coffee here. you get your hair cut here. you findhat certain thing you wereooking for here, but actual you get so much more. when you shop at these small local businesses
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you suppt all the things that make ur community great. the money you spend here, stays here. in this place you call your neighborhood. small business saturday november 30th. t out and shop small. good morning to you. happy veterans day. temperatures are comfortable. we have alanket of low clouds so starting out in the mid-50s just about everywher as we hea throughout the dayoday highs are going to endp comfortable. expect 70s in gioy, 71 in los altos and 61 i richmond. the seven-day forest in moments. and tt's your latt 3 f2 padre administración revela salud la cifra se supone q >> al, thank you. noto politics, the administration is expected to unveil new numbers this week
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that say how many peopleave actuly been able to sign up for health care and the figures are said to be underwhelmi. we'll talk to former alaska govern sarah palin live about these topics and mor but first t's get the story frometer alexander at the ite house this morni. go morning to you. >>i savannah, good morng to you. the spotlit these days is on president ama. he's ting to demonstrate tt he has things under control whe at the same time insisting he didn't knowbout the probms plaguing healthcare.goving in it was too late. releas this week even kathleen sebelius condes the figures will be very low and with two more hearings scheded this week, the obama administration is scrambling to find aolution for the mlions of amecans whose insurance policies a being cancelled. no easy task. >> how about this new jersey. >> reporter: fresh off his re-election chris christieaid presidentobama's apologis not enough. >> the president dn't tell folks the tru abouthat was
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going to happen with the own private insuranceolicies and what urged him to door the last two weeks when i have been on the campaign trail is tl peoplehe truth. >> chrise diissed speculation about hi own ambitionsbout whether he's a moderate o conservative. >> i don'tet into these labels. that's what the washington d.c. game and what those m and women down there play. >> reporter: still the republican party is facing a war within. >> tha you so much. >> reporter: i iowa this weekend sarah palin told flow christian conservatives to stfen our spines for the014 elections and lhed outt publicans that agreed to end last month'sovernment >> they waved the white nag of surrende and they threw under the bus the good guys who did stand up and fight for us.
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>> reporter: t bottom line matt, theext sers o electionses could b determined by which parties can fix its problems first. >> per alexander at the white house. thank you very much. former governor sarah palin with unow. she has a good book out called "goodidings and gat joy protecting the hea of christmas. " governor, good morning. >> thank you. >>et me start with oba care and the rollut issues. the president ologized at the end of t last week for not only the issue with the website bubroken promises as well. did he say what he had to say? >> what apology? what apology? he could have acknowledged there w a broken website. the broken website is the leas of america's worries. it's symbolic of a broken administration. take overne-sixth of our economy d the social medicine crammed down our throat. that what is broken. >> he ma many promises. many, many promises
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>> he said you geto keep your existing policif you like it. 5% of americans can't keep it because it doesn't meet the standardof the new health care law. if it turns out those 5%f people with a better heah insurance poly, do you think they'll forgive him is? >> where do you get this 5 it's not 5%. it'sost americans will not be able to keep t health care policy and programs that they had desid and the new programs being forced down our throat are unaffordable. people who are being toltoday if you -- d some of them are still being told, well, if you like that insurancpolicy and that coverage, you still will be able tkeep it. it's jt going to cost you more. that's the pnt, if it's going to cost u more then it's not the same policy. >> from the tea party over and over again we're hearing the words no, dend, delay. >> right on. absolutely. >> what are we hearing from the tea party inerms of an absolute realisticlan that can be an alternative to obama care. >> it's t just the independe grass roots tea pay moving saying it.
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it's many in the republican pay and democrats in r states running for political cover. >> where's the an? >> thelan is to allow those things that had been proposed over many years toeform a health care system in america that certainly does need more help so that there's more competion. there's less tor reform that. thers less trajectory of the cost increes and those plans have been proposed over and over agaiand it's the far left. it'sresident obama and his supporters that will not aow the repuicans to usher in free maet, patient centered doctor/patient relationshi linkfor health care. >> let's talabout chris christie. he had a massive win in new jers. he won women, hispanics, independents. a sizable chunk of democrats. mitt romney says that chris christie can se the republican party. in the past u have not seemed all that impressed with him. are you changing your mind? >> i would never puty faith
7:19 am
and ho in any one individual politician. oh, please. not any of them. there is no ronald reagan on the scene toy. if he re on the scene, that's who would put my faith i t new jersey a blue ate has a republican governor. right on. beats the alternative. >> hcalled the shutdown the governmentnd that strategy hatched by ted cruz and member of the tea party a mumental failure. if you look at the result ofhe electionisn't the message to the tea party that the middle ground, not the far righis the most fertile ground for upcoming elections? >> you know, when you and in the middle of the road you'll get hion both sides of the road. we need to take a stand and support those st fulfilling theicampaign promises. so many politicians ran for election and re-eltion saying they will do athing in their por to defund this soclized medicinerogram called obama ca. ted cruz, some of these guys acally were fulfilling their campaign promises and they asked for debate. that's why they stood up a
7:20 am
took the sta, fought for us to debatehe issue of obama care. >> in your book, you write something teresting about a saying that you have on your kitchen binet. you write it saydo today what others won't so you can do tomorrow what others want. >> yea >> you've been coy about wther you'll run for senate fro la alaska. if you listen to thasaying, you want to run. >> somimes you do have to make crifices today in orr to prress and progress those aroundou to create a bette enviroent for all. so making sacrifices today, perhaps doing what you don't necessarily really want to do today t it pays off in the end. i don't know ithat applies to political office though becaus ople can make a difference without a tie and without an office. >> this is not a typical christmas book. you say that chrisas is under assault from atheists and secular liberals b you also make the point that it way too
7:21 am
commercialized. so is christmas in danger of becoming extinct or is it in our face. >> i love it becauset spreads the christmas cheer. it's the most jolly holiday obviouy on our calendar. >> but you s it takes the heart out of christm. >> what i'm saying is we need to protect the het of christmas and not let an angry athet armed with an attorney tell us that we can't celebrate traditional fah in america. we have a constitionally protected right toelebrate faith anchristmas is a part of that and today on veterans day all days we should be cognizant of the fact that sacrifices have beenade for ese freedoms. we'rso appreciative and thankful f america's freedoms and we want to protect them. not just that spirit of christmabut overall our cotitutional right to exercise our faith. >> sacrifices made by your own family ihould point out. always nice to have yohere. >> thank you. >> you're going totick around
7:22 am
anspend some time with kathie lee and hoda. >> that ll be a blast. >> that will be fun. thanyou very much. we have tamron in the orange om this morning and while carson is doing little work. tamron, good mning to you. >> good monday morning all this week we're diussing the people thainspire us. 're going to our "today" show family at home as well as the familyere in studio to tell you the people that made a fference in our liveand we have alrea gotten people to go on our sitto let us know what they think this is a lovely o. tina says th is my husband, prate first class robert ortiz. he is deployed and we're expecting our third child. he ipires me with his potive out look on the even more daunting situation. he's our rk, our cornerstone and everything. that is from tina. this is so arable. my little man chris inspes me evy day. he's aistic and such a hap kid. this is from his mother susan. keep them coming guys. tamron, thank yovery much. a police officer so aumatized on what he saw on thday of the
7:23 am
newtown school shootg he has not been able to retn to work and now town offials are threatening to fire hi he's witus with his story. but now, on a monday mning, veterans day, this is "tay" on nb al
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coming u why george clooney is taking on b names hollywood. >>nd a concert from lady antebllum after your local news and weatr. [ male announcer ] mmmm. cinnamon and sug so delicious. oh yeah.
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the cinna-swe taste yojust can't resist. cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy uares®. >> it's 7:26. i'm jon kelley. the fire thatent dangerous smok in the air out at rwood cityinally out. crews still on sne mopping up at sims metal management at the port of redwood city. a shelter in place order was lifted a residen told to stay in their homes with doors andindowshut since the fire started yestery afternoon. officials ink the fire started by metal on metal friction when ews were moving two wrecked cars. also a popular lin of salads andraps sold at trader joe' has been recalled. the items are produced by glass onion catering in richmond. health officials linkinghicken
7:27 am
and ham product in those to coli outbreak that sickened 26 peoe so far. delish white ccken salad wrap, esar wrap, trader joe's field chicken and trader jose's rilled mexicali salad with chili le chicken. for a complete lis head t and srch recall. we've got a look at your wednesday -- i wish it was wednesday -- our monday forecas with christinaloren. i'm getting ahead of myself. >> it' a holiday so feels like a wnesday around here. temperaturesre looking goo we've t the mid 50s for the mo part. i want to show you san francisco. we're starting to see sunshine. a nice looking day here about 65 degre at 4:00 p.m. highs in the south bay low0s headed our way along the peninsula mid-60so low 60s. nice day in san francisco and temperatures in the north bay in
7:28 am
the mid to low 70 let' look at the morning drive. >> it's a great drive,ot much backup the bay bridge toll plaza illurates what i'm talking out. veterans day holiday for schools an businesses around the bay. theaps show you silar ing out of san francis for south 101 was an ise. that is clearing. no more problems around e bay even t castro valley y looking go. >> we'll havenother update in a half hour.
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. 7:30 now. it is vetans day, monday morning and our plaza is filled with veterans. they'll get specialoncert from ladantebellum. here is a look at thsunrise over arlington secemetery this morning. >> lady tebellum was outthere
7:31 am
rehearsing their music and we looked out the window and the members of the litary were standing at salute even for a rehears aid from the u.s. is on theay to the typhoon ranched philippines. the stor killed an estimated 10,000 people. >> nfl player richi incognito opening u about t bullying case that's led to his suspension. he sayshile he rekbrets his use of racist langge, his tions toward a teammate were not bullying but an accepte locker room culture. more than 90 tons of ready to eat salads and sandwiches. >> also ming up, something we're excited about. we're paying tribute to the people who inspirus and insp
7:32 am
inspire you as well. >> willie geist i going to get us arted with a veteran who is recoverinfrom some challenging injuries. we'll kbe ain with this. offijob and he say the wn is threatening to fire him. we'll talk tthat officer in a moment. but first, here's nbc's craig melvin. >> reporter: when 20 childre and six female safrs were gunned wn inside sandy hook elementary, one of the first officers to respond was thomas bean. >> as the dawent on, i saw the most horrible thin that a person could ever imagine. >> reporter: imagineso haunting he sa he suffered om posttraumatic strs disorder ever sie. >> i had paroia. just anxiety. crying.
7:33 am
there was times where you couldn't breathe. >> it's difficult work. it difficult to have relationships. it really inteeres with your life. >> reporter: while more than a dozen other ofcers also missed time due to pts sympto, the 12 year veteran is the ly one yet to return. now the police department is thinking of firing him. in august offic dean received a letter notifying him that termination of your employment with the newtown police department is warranted and will bmy recommendation to the newtown lice commission. the town's long-term disability insurance covs only two years of paymes to bean, after which the town itself would have to pay him, potenally hundreds of thousands of dlars over 12 years. would not talk about the case telling nbc news, we cannot comment on this matter. i hope y understand. an attorney for the police union says his case is justhe tip of the iceberg. he's not the last. he's the first. ere's going to be more.
7:34 am
>> reporter: for "today," craig lvin, nbc news, new york. >> officer thomas bean iwith usxclusively along wit president of the ntown police union and his torney eric brown. good morning to all of you gentlemen. >> good moing. >> tom, you were on the scene that horrie morning. what you s is unspeakable. how hait affected your life? at did you go through in the days and months thatollowed? >> well, immedialy after you can't -- i can describe the overwhelmingenses of emotions that i had. that night i dnk a lot. the next day i wted to cut myself bause i just felt so numb. friend of mine hooked me up, she is a ptsd therapis traed me dn, and got me into therapy. got in to see a psychiaist
7:35 am
and that helped some. but i still can't wasn't able to sle. my wife tells i was crying in myleep. i would have unexplained outbursts. flashbacks. there would be times when i would be talking tyou right now and have a video of everything i saw playing right there. >> your doctor told you you had ptsd and your doctor told u you cannot return to woras an ofcer, is that right? >> that's corrt. >> let me turn to your scott as i undstand it, the city -- the contct with the police officers entitles officer who is have a disability toe paid until they're eligible for retirement whi in tom's case would be about2 years or so but e city's insurance only coverswo years. does that meanhe city is on the hook forhe time that isn't vered by their insurce? >> y, that's what we're looking for themo live up to. >> but they have refused to so? on what grous? >> they're looking to terminate tom instead. >> what grounds? >> because he hasn't rurned to work.
7:36 am
>> let me bring you into this. there was an august letter from the police chief to your client and said he failed to rpond three officers, retirement, disability retirement, and resignation. what do you say to tha >> well, if he were to take a retirement, w would be a far reduced retirement and it wouldn't be enough teven pay a all amount of bills. he's not eligible for disability retiment and the town knows that and resignation would essentially leave him financiay destitute. so there we three very bad options and the fourth option, which is the one that the town should be puuing, is to provide hiwith the disability benefit until his retireme date just like they agreed to in e collective bargaing agreemt. >> i this doesn't work out, what recourse do u have? what are you planning to do? is there other work you are ae to do? >> i really don't know. i'm hopinghat the town is going to keep a prome that
7:37 am
they made to us. th promised us, a of the police officers, that if we do our jobs and something happens, they're goingo take care of us. and they're not holdg up to their word th's all we want them do. for myse and for anybody else that this is goi to happen to. do you think there are other officers that have returneto work who maybe would like to file the disability claims b are afra to? i believe so. i believe that some of them are raid of what is goinon and so now they can't take care of themselves because they're too worried out the financial whicis a huge burden. and obviously adds additional stress to myself and to my family. >> well, officer, thank you for being here and sharing yr story. we appreciate it as well. well, shift gears now and t a check of the weather from mr. roker.
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>> announcer: today's with weather is brought to you by farmers insunce. at farmers, the more y know the better you can plan r what'shead. get smarter at >> are you ready for the coldest air of the season coming in? get ready becae it's coming. big area of high pressure breaking way out of nada. it will make its way all the way down to the south. we're talking abt an air mass that going to affect about 28 states bringing the cold air. it starts with today. we'll see temperatures 10 to0 degrees below normalrom billings all the way to green bay, down des moines. thenor tomorrow, it spreads out all the way down to raleigh, 55. little rock 47. austin 1degrees below normal and then look at wedsday. daytona beach, 16 grees below normal at 63. houston at7 at 17 degrees bew normal. new yo city 42 degrees. 13 degrees below normal and overght lows are going tbe anywhererom 20 to 30 degrees below noal. that what's going on arod the country. heres what's happening in your neck o
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good monday morning. happy veterans day. 7:38. temperatures are in the 50s. a cool start to day until the low clouds burn off and temperatures are gng to be warm latern this afternoon. we'r going to have to wai for the rn-off. temperatures in the south bay abou 71, 68 along t ninsula, east bay , 72 in the north bay. the tri-valley seven-day forecast shows you we're going to bump the numbers up into the miection of the week. andhat's your latest weathe >> all right, al thank you so much. coming up, who is your inspiratio willie will intduce us to the woundewarrior that's changed his life. >> then later on o trenng, a candid interview with george clooy. why he's going after some of hollywood's most popar stars. but first, these messages. your adventurousside is wai.
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7:45 am
below deck to high above on the ship's brid. >>his will be your view. >> ectly. you can see it's the besteat in the house. >> rorter: already under construction for fr years, the rald r. ford represents a new super class of aircraf carrier named after the nation's 38th presidenwho was himself a navy veteran of world war ii. er t weekend, president ford's daughter san christened the ship >> the mot of the shi is integrity the helm. it'so fitting. that's what my dad was, integrity. >> when complete, he'll weigh nearly00,000 tons. on board, two nuclearreactors producing 250% more electricity than other carriers. a redesigned flight deck means % more room to launch and recover plane and the island ts 140 feet furer yet standing 20eet taller. a lot of work still has to done. the first sea trials won't begin
7:46 am
until february2016, more than o years from now and then yes of shake down until the first deployment in 2019. the redesign should allowhe shipo launch up from00 on a current carrier. >> aircraft will start here a shoot to the end o the trough. itill go about40 or50 miles per hour. >> the challenge, planning for the airaft of the future. for today, t costello nbc news, newport news virgia. >>hey have to try to figure out what the world is going to be like and the military needs will be like 20, 30, 4 years down the ro. >> is amazing to think about that. nextamron is
7:47 am
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7:51 am
lady antebellum. i'm so jeous. hey guys. good morning. >> good morning. >> you're ready to hit the tour afr you play out on the plaza today. >> we are. you're going out on a tour starting in january. >> yeah, srting in nuary. about 60 days. we're excited. >> this is a perfe way t kick it off. terans day. i know you saw the solers and troops out there. beautiful in rehearsal. matt was commenting on it. >> well, we're exced to be here on a special day like this and to be able to perform that song. >> a even just rehearsing the anthem and they all get into their stance and it gives me chill bumps. i was about to cry. you are growing out your beard. >> am. 11 days. >> i had littl bit of a head start but by the end of the month it should be pretty narly but it's for st. jude. >> you guys love matt and al. >> she said i was a little and just give them the basicsyou know. i got this. hinking] is it that me? the son picks up the check?
7:52 am
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7:55 am
vit it is 7:56. i'm jon kelley. we'reearning more about that e. coli outbreak lked to the bay ea. health officials believe coming from grab and go foods including
7:56 am
salad and wraps with ham and chicken. many have a use b date of october 1 to nember 15. theyere sold at trader joe's. so far we can tel you a total of 26 peoe in three states have gotn sick and that includ here in califoia. for complete list of the recalled products head tour website at >> also a f hours from now streets in dowown san jose will be bcked off for the annual veterans day parade. the parade starts atoon near the s.a.p. center, the parade will wind through town and end at san carlos street. we should see sunshi, aittle >> a little cool o there. good morning to you. feeling like november aroun the bay area. that's for sure. temperatures mostly in the 5 right now we sti have low ouds across the bayarea. as we head throuout the day it will be nice. find your 7 day forecast sclling at the bottom of our scen. temperatures in the 7 inhe
7:57 am
uth bay we're looking toward the upper 60s to low 70s and in san frcisco a nice day. you need your sweater about all fremont 70, 75 in santa rosa. 75 in pleasanton. a mix of sun and clouds. let's check the drive. of that veterans day holiday.e but look at this, thishot of 880, low clou. the iss is the owdown. don't have a source for that the chp. we have a slowerrive through the ction south of the coliseum. maybe therereweeper trucks oaand was nice. the tri-valley fog toward dublin. back to you. >> thanks. coming up we'llave another lol update.
7:58 am
7:59 am
it's 8:00 on today, an
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "toy," and ming up this veteranday, willie's story of a very special unded warrior to kicoff our week-long look apeople who have inspid us. and what does it take to be named woman of the year? we'll meet two extraordinary winners. plus, a very special concert from lady antebellum live on t plaza, "day," monday, november 11th, 23. ♪ happy veterans day. >> i love the "tay" show more than you >> if you lo your freedom, thank a t! >> happy veterans day, grandpa. 30 years in the navy. i'm proud of you. >> happy veterans y! >> and we're back now, 8:00 on a monday morng.
8:01 am
it's the 11th day of novber. that makes it veterans day013. and i will tell you right now, in my opinion, we've got the st looking plaza we' ever ha yeah, that direction iokay, but what about this direction? we've got members of the armed services here on verans day. what an honor have you all re. thank you so mh. it's great for you to be here. we reay appreciate it. i'm matt lauerlong with savannahuthrie, mr. al roker and tamron hal >> that's right. we're proud of this and proud of the ct that nbc universal and toyota are the sponsors of the concert seriescommitted to helping our veterans. and there's a new website, helping them with job resus and job placement. go to for more information. >> absolutely. we he a lot more to get . natalie is insidwith a look at the headlines,ncluding the devastation in the phippines. natalie, good moing, again. >> that's rit.
8:02 am
good morning to you. good morning everyone, international aid iseginning to arrive in the philippines ter friday's typhoon killed an estimate10,000 people. help is desperately needed. nbc's chief medil editor dr. nancy snyderman is in the philippines d looked at the area harst hit. >> flying er the mountains, the destruion creeps up on you. rural and urban caage is everywhere. there's a sea devastation. a soup, if you will, of animals, human destation, water and trees. it is a sight unlike any i've ever seen before in a city wiout food, water and electricity tensio are ruing high. bodies still lie in the street and reports of looting and violence have prompted the military to gin patrols. possible thieves are stoppedt arbitrary checkpoints. and the water supply is hausted too. followg the storm surge, the waterws are blocked with animal and buiing debris and
8:03 am
e stench of decay is in the air. even waterrom the normally reliable pumps have been compromise people a using it for drinking and baing. few appear to be boiling water, suggested. everywhere, people are thirsty and access to aid islow and not aprent in the center of the city. the newest concern is the low pressure weather systethat may bring even more rain tthis area ovethe next 48 hours. the concern is it cod harm the water system even more a, with that, threaten people with problems like dysentery a other infeious diseases. >> and that report from dr. nancy snerman in the philippines and find out how you can help the victims of the phoon in the philippines, go to >> miami dolphins play suspended during a bullying investigation is speaking out to defend himself. richie incognito says he's a misunderstood man d not a
8:04 am
racist. inn interview sunday, he did admit using the "n" word in voicemail to teammate jonathan martinut he said it was a joked and he's embarrassed by it. he also showed a friendly text meage from martin sent four days aftere left the team for the alleged bullying there's annvestigator looking into the case. amazon and the u.s. postal service are teaming up o something new. under the agreement,ostal workers will begin making sunday liveries of amazon packages. it started this past weend around nework and los angeles anwill expand next yea the olympic torch is back on earth thisorning after going where no torch had gone before. toy a yuz capsule landed i kazakhst, carrying three crew members fromhe international space statn and the olympic torch that was taken on a spacalk over the weekend. that same torch will be used t lp light the olympiclame in sochi february. it's 8:05 right now. you're up to date. let's go bacout to al with a check of your weather. >> that's right,atalie. we're athe other end of the
8:05 am
plaza with se of our veterans. semper f >> god bless. thank you so much. >> wve been married 40 years! >> all right. semper fi. there you go. you took the hill. there you go. let's show you what we've got going on. atnta, georgia, our grt station wxia and over the next few hours gointo be nice. 59, cool. it's going tchill down as we head intthe day -- the next few days. take a look at what else is going on today. afternoon temperatures, look at that cold air maki its way into the plain that is heading south and east over the nex72 hours. 80s and 90s into the souwest as far as sky conditions, that front will be bringing rain along it back behind it. look for light snow. some lake-ef 8:06 now. ppy veterans dayo you. temperatures are mostly in the mi50s. we've got plenty of low clouds
8:06 am
out ere this morning. they will be burning off. we'll just have to wait for that. otrwise, we're looking twards a nice finish to the day. yocan see here that we have the wholbay area covered. yeah, the whe bay area right now covered with those low clouds. later on today we're talking about 71 grees. in the southbay, the peninsu will see about 68 degrees. east bay.s on the way to the looking pretty good as we head throughout the next couple days. tempatures will start to climb. >> thank you mr. rer. >> tnk you. coming up next, trending, sasha barron cohen at it again. thers an awdhow with the a-list crowd gasping. there's a story behi this. wel tell you. >> and the inspiring recovery of a marine corporal wounded iraq. willie shares his tohing story. >> and at 8:30, a veteran's day concert from lady antebellum, but first,hese messages. fore mike could see his banking aninvesting accounts on one page...
8:07 am
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8:11 am
of caring exclusively for our nation's vetans. there's no other stem li the veterans health administration ♪ bring your medical and healthcare slls to va. visit [ tires screech [ laughter ] [ screaming ] [ tires screech [ laughter ] [ tires screech ] are you seris?! [ horn honks ] whoo hoo hoo! i had no ia we were capable of doing something like that. made me lo at camry different. i'm shaking right no [ man ] toyota cry. let's go places. we're back n at 8:12 with what's trending today. >> plus all know this month marks th50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination. all of these years latereople
8:12 am
have cspiracy theories about whether e harvey oswald acted one or not. now they're cong from a rather prominent voice, secrary of state john kerry. >>ere's what he said oan upcoming special on e assassination. to tom brokaw. >> to this say, i have serious doubts that lee harvey oswal acted alone. i ve doubts that he wa motivated by hself. >> all right so that's despe an official government report that sayhe did act alone. sunday, sterday on meet the pres kerry stood by those comments but did also refuse to elaborate fuher on that. >> yeah, david asked him about it. he didn't em to want to get into it at that moment. >> okay. >> also, george clooy not holding back when it com to his fellow a-listers. in a frank new interview with esire magazine, clooney got candid about leonardoicaprio
8:13 am
and russell crowe. once called clooney a sell out and fransinatra want to be. that set off a feud. but crow gave gege a book of poetry but grge was having none of it. >> clooney said he doesn't have the right people arod him so the beef start after leo's fries trash talked clooney duringhat was supposed to be a friendly game of bketball. george ended up winng but said the experience showed him how important it is to have someone inour life -- is this mean girl's 2. >> know, in high schoo get over it. >> if you want to insult me, you can call me a frank sinatra. that works for me. an martin, you can say that too. >> the rat pack. well, sac baron cohen is known for his outrageo stunts in movies. he was at an award show to receive anward for comedy. when he met a woman said to be
8:14 am
chaplain's oldest living costar, used a little prank >> this is his actl cane. >> this is just for u. >> thank you. thank you. >> allight. >> you hear the gasps inhe room. t then everybody realized they were punked. she is stunt woman. nowhere near elderly. >> can you rerack it to the mont right before she goes up. there's a woman inhe audience who keeps clapping. keeps clapng as the woman in the wheelchair goes flying off thstage. watcthe woman. watch this shot. she's stl clapping. >> then he's like oh, oh, oh.
8:15 am
and she stuck the landing. >> absoluty. and th is what is trending today. >> meantime, todaywe're kicking off a fitting series on is veteran's day dedicated to the people that brought inspiration tour lives. first up, the man o inspires willie willie is outside with more on that. llie good morning. >> matt, good morning. i'm excited to bring erybody this story few years ago with help from my wife i goinvolved way group called operation mend. helped heal some of our most severely wounded vetans. corporal aaron mank was the first patient there and as become the fa of this organizaon. i think you'll see why i'mo inspir by aaron. >> i was accepting my fate and saying this is it. this is homy story ends. i ought i was going to die. >> on may 11th, 2005 aaron a s brothers were driving an assault vehicle rough iraq when they rolled over a device.
8:16 am
>> i was on my feet a few minutes before we rolled over the mine. the explosion just swept u >> the vehicle was thrown ten feet into the air. four mines died that day. 11 more were injured including aaron. my sleeves caught fire. my face was on fire. i just stopped drop and roll trying to put myselfut. >> his nose,is ears, part of his moutdisappeared. >> onef our navy corpsman grabbed me by the collar and said you're hurt. you needo come with me. and that's really where e story of my recovery began. >> first time i ev saw him was in a photograph ojected up on a scen and your heart sank and there was a feeling of horror almost. >> i woke up in thicu and there was a mior in my room that i ignored for weeks. when i finallyot the courage, i crd for the longest time. it's such a disconct looking
8:17 am
at yourself and you expect to see someone that rembles you and it just -- it was a stranger staring back at me. it was a lot to deal with. >> in 2007, aaron becomes the very first patient forperation mend at the ucla medical center where they take the most severely wounded warriors from overseas, bring em home, and repair them. >> aaron had a lot ounique challenges because of the nature of his injies, and how badly he was burned. >> now nearly 60 or 65urgeries and 8 1/2 years of recovy i haveome a long way. >> hlooks fantastic todaif you look at the ctures from five years ago or the first day when he checked into thi program at operaon mend, you wouldn't recogni him. >> but i never thought i'd look this good. >> he's a handsome s of a gun. >> you're looking at a multimilli dollar mug.
8:18 am
>> a lot of what i have to tl other veterans, they already know. and that's that thers so much in life you can't control. you' resigned the fact that y can choose how you respond tohat. >> because i make a choice and my choice is to allow no one to dictate who i am. >> he's charmi, he's funny, he's a gat public speaker. he's cfident the way he carries himself is so impressive. >> i cs like a sailor, but'm a marine. i'm better than thatso. [ lauger ] >> when we saw each other,t wasn't handshake, it was a hug right away. that's the kinof guy he is. >> theree is. >> beauty who you are. it's not the way you lk. th's important for my kids to learn and justhe way they look at me makes me feel specia >> he's a great d. i've been arou him with his kids his kids and my kids marched last year together in the
8:19 am
veterans' day pade and it was like they had known eachther their ole lives. i sh i could see some of myselfn aaron. he is more courageous and brave than i'll ever be. he lives his life in a w that is so impresve and he has so dedicated himself now to helping other veterans. >> it's a great reonsibility to try a fill their day with some type of positive experience. >> and sometimes when i ink i'm having aard day, whether it's wh family or work, i ll stop literally and thinkbout aaron and it phes me through the day. >> people who have been part of our lives up unl this point, they have made who i . so i try a be a reflection of that. i'm blessed. >> marine corporal aaron is here along with wlie's wife kristi. nice to see you. >> hey. >> what does imean to know you have inspid willie and christina so much?
8:20 am
>> t fact that that's part of my life now, that get to be myself. people want to sayhank you and however that manifeststself. shaking my hand hugging my neckr buying me a beer. they just want to serve or volunteer like i did. so it's a feeling that you can't -- it's hard to express. >> it is such an honor to meet you. we already saw how your betiful children are aund you. how inspired are they you? >> i'm lucky that my children don't know me any differently. i've always been this way and they see me getting better through the yes. i feel like i had a misunderstandi of what doctors do becau every time i go see them i come back looking a lot worse than i did. and seei that healing process and people rching out to me, they're a part of th. >> you picked up the phone and got involved. what do you want viewers to do?
8:21 am
how can they get involved? >> there's few ways. first all, you can obviouy donate financialupport to operation mend at ucla hospital. if you know anyone out there that mighte an eligible patient for this pgram, they're absoluly loong for patientsike aaron and joey and all the guys behind us. and i think that's pretty ch the best way. if you live in l., you can be a ddy family. when patients come to uc for treatment, wch often times is many, many trips to th hospital you can be auddy family and host someone in your home. >> by the way, i'm gting too much credit here. kristina initiated all of this for us. she was in nail salon reading people magine and read a story about aaron and some of the other guys at operation me. she was so movedy it. she was moved tears. she kept coming back tit and i id well let's do something about it. she picked up the phone and called out tucla medical center and we'reonored and thried just to know thesguys and help in some small way because of the the sacrifi they ha given to this country.
8:22 am
this is literally the ry least we can do and there's more help needed and there a people out there, veterans that need this help and don't know about the servic it's there and it's free of charge to you. look it up. operion mend. it can help you out. >> thank you very ch. thank yoso much for letting us know your story this morning. i age with them. you'ren inspiring young ma thank you so much and to all of you, thank you so mu for being here. >> andor more on operation mend, you can checout our weite coming up torrow, savannah introduces us to a member of her family whoas always inspired her and we want to know who inspires you share your stories on our bsite or on twitter at facebo with the #inspired by. >> savannah? >>ll right, matt, thanyou. we'lkeep with the theme and move to the inspirational work of women that'really helping to change the world. glamour magazine, 23rd women of the year awards are tonight. the editor andhief is here withwo nominees.
8:23 am
melinda gates and christie who is the founder of every ther counts. goodorning to all of you >> good mornin >> amang power women. these are awards that obviously have gmour but they also have a purpose. how do you selecwho is chosen? >> you said when you said inspirational. we look for women raising the bar for all of us and also wen not just hing the hit songs and being in headlinesut using that visibility to do someing amazg for the rest of the world and for women in particular. >> and both of the women certainly t the bill. melinda, y obviously have made a life's work of this but u announced an initiative to help the family planning around the globe. . >> we started our foundation wi the belief that allives have equalalue and i hear over and over frowomen i want the same tools that women have, fami planning tools in the united states, tspace the birth of mchildren because if i can space their births, i can feed them and educatthem and it became this rallying call and
8:24 am
we're now doing th with the foundation. >> and cistie, your organization ery mother counts was actuly born when your lile daughter was bornnd it lead to a revelation. tells about that. >> it did. so personal experienceort of luminated the global statistics tt hundreds of thousands of girls a women were dying every year from preventable causes. due to pregncy and child birth. evenhough i got the care that i needed, that was enough to g me to dedicate my time and life to this as well. and thinking aut family planning and tse are preventive measures th would ensure a safer delivery and outcome atirth. >> we ow both of you are quite brave and instent and dedicated. are you ever overwhelmed by th magnitude the need? >> there is huge need but when i travel in places like afca i meetmazing people with incredible ingenty and if you just give them little someing, help them with little bit of inco or the right tool, the health tl, they will lift their own lives . so i see this azing
8:25 am
inspiration when i'm o in the developing world. >> a cindy the women you oose have smarts, brery and you use a word love, moxy. >> they do. they know hoto get what they want to get ne, done. it's true both of these won and if you look at our life time achievement winne barbara streisand has an amazing voice but used her platform for the issue of women's health which is important. >> so mu to celebrate. ank you so much. great to have you here. >> thank you >>e are back with a veran's day ncert right after this. goodonday morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm lra garc-cannon.
8:26 am
the fire tt prompted officials to order a shelter in place in three bay are counties is finally out. it startedesterday afternoon at simms middle management a port of redwood city. it burned for out 17 hours. authorities told residents in some par to stay in their homes an close their window because of thatntensesmoke. they say frictionrom two pieces of metal rubbing together started that fire. luckil no one was hurt. let check that morning commute on veterans day. it light out there, mike? >> overall, yes. unfortunatel we have a tale of few piees of metal rubbing together as well. this i in oakland soutof the k coliseum. you see thisive look. t's show you on the map wha wee talking about. i circled the colium. sounds like there's a crash and maybe a secd there over on the be careful traveling through that area. you can see 58 by comparison a very easy drive.
8:27 am
a very light volume of tffic across the bay for these bridges. slow a little southbound heading toward palo alto. ura, back to you. >> all righ thank u very much. thank you for joining u as well. another local news update coming up in halfn hour. see you then. when our little girl was born,
8:28 am
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♪ o say c you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what to proudly we hail ♪ a the twilights last gleang ♪ ♪ whose broad stres and bright stars ♪ ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ or the ramparts we watched were so gallant strming ♪ ♪ and the rkets red glare
8:31 am
♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ tha our flagastill there ♪ ♪ oh, say does that star spangled banne yet wave ♪ ♪ or the land of the free ♪ and theome of the brave >> not a better way to say thank yoto our veterans and a beautiful performance of our national antm from lady antebellum. they're here all morning. going to give a great concert to
8:32 am
our veterans here on the plaza. good morng, everyone, i'm savannah guthr along side matt lauer, al roker, natalie morales, tamron hall. it's nice looking abovehe erican flag here. some ofhe guys decoratg the christmas tree in the background stopped and stood at attention for that which is always nice. we're oud to say that sce january of 2012, comcast has hired 2,000 vetera. part of our parent company's on going partnership with theu.s. chamber of commerce foundations hiring our heros initiative. >> in fact, we wan to congratulate the vp here at nbc newsnd armyet himself. has been selted a a final list for this year's hiring our heros and award. so we congrulate him. >> congratulatis. also ahead, switching gears we're going to talk to one of the finest, jessica lane is ing to win over a bnd new set of fans. >> we saw a couple of tears in her eyes. that was a gorgeous renditionf
8:33 am
the national anthem. let's get check of the weather. >> let's show u what we've got starting off today. we're looking at a chilly start. you can seehowers and snow shower coming across t great lakes. rain in chicago. as we head down to our friends in new orleans, t a bad dayo starthings off. #today sunrise. it's gng to stay nice and mild. mperature getting upo about 70 degrees. it's going to chill down thoh just a bit. at's thanks to the cold front pushing through. lake effect snow around the great lakes. look for the heat t ntinue. plenty of sunshine down through florida. it's going to g chilly as far south as central the time now, to you. temperatur are still rather chil. we've got plenty ofow clouds blanketing the bay area. 54 degrees in san francisco. same tempature across the bod here. in the north bay, still a little on the chillyside. looking finish to the we're going to climb into the places across the bay aa as we
8:34 am
headnto this afternoon. peninsula.egrees on the east bay will see 75 degrees. warm weather headed our way wards midweek. > and that's your latest weather. ining us now, one of our veterans. duri the combat tour in iraq in 2008 h chopper crashed leaving s paralyzedelow the waist wearing noa suit that allows him t walk ain. gary, congratulations. thank you for being here and your wife is here as well. >> yeah. >> who is this withyou? >> thi is ke. mike is one of the physical erapists -- >> you know, this is amazing. did you ever think this kind of technologyould help you walk agn? >> i w hoping it would come ong and i have to tell you i'm so excited and proud to actually be standing shoulder to shoulder with our nation's veterans and this oskeleton. >> you are testing tse things
8:35 am
out. you're going to -- what y do now is going t benefit terans in the future. there must be a certain amount of pride with that. >> i cerinly hopeso. i'm very pud and humed to be one of three recipients of this suit and i was provided this exoskeleton through a grant by the infite heros foundation in fort rth, texashich purche this suit to have it home and fix it and hopefully give vaable feedback to the folks for developmentf future devices. >> how has it chaed your life? >> jus being able to stand up again. and have that option to go o ere and be able to walk and regain mobilitynd to help benefits tt come with standing. >> god blessyou. thank you r your service. thank you so much. we appreciate and salute your rvice. >> thank you. >> now let's headack inside to savannah. >> allight, al. thank you so much. now to one of the most acclaimed actresses of our time. jessica lane bur on the sce
8:36 am
in the 197 remake of king kong and she won her first osc for her sporting roll in tootsi and 12ears later she won for blue sky. today yoll find her as a supreme wih on the hit tv show ameran horror story coven. >> you derved a better mother than i cld ever hope to be >> i know the feeling. >> she had tragedies that bring us closer together >> i doubt it. you are, after all, the maid. i have to deal wit the rest of the trash i e. >> if that is not enough, lane is also o with a n children book caed it's about a little bird. it's an honor to meet you. >> thank you. >> fm horror stories to a
8:37 am
children's book,id you set out intended to ite a children's book or did you fall into it? >> you know, it was -- it stted as a little story for my granddaughters thai decided to putnto just a handmadeook for the christmas present and it kind of -- ye, spiralled ou of control. >> what's really cool about this is first of all, it's photogphs not illustrations. >> right. >> second of all, you took these photographs. >> yes, i did. >> tell me about the illustration that you painted th to gethis lovely effect. it's an age-old practice, hand tinting black and white photographs and i just srted foing around with it. you know, trying to see ii could figure out how it was done and it's an interting pcess have to say. i really enjoyed the whole arning cur of it. but it is -- yeah, you take blk andhite photographs and you actually hand tint it. i used the little photo oils.
8:38 am
kind of like painting by number. it's beautiful. not just the photographs but alsohe sentiment and then in the other part of your life, you're in americanorror sto which i have to tell you, was afraid just watching thclip we just showed. doou like that genere? >> i don't. i've never bn interested in that genere. >> canou watchhe show? >> i don't watch it. but that's not because of anything otherhan i never tch myself. >> ever >> no. sometimes i will see like the first episodef the season or i willee a rough cut of a movie i've done or something like that and then it's -- it's interesting because you know, when i'm doing it, i don't wt to watch it because i feel like it would affect the work that i'm doing. and then wn it's over i feel liket's over and it's of no interest to me ymore. >> what's interesti about this series is that it's the same cast members but every seaso there's a whole new story line do youike that?
8:39 am
is it sort of like -- >> yes, yes absolutely. i don't know how you sustain -- at's great about wha we do is that we've got 1 episodes to ki of investigate and explore a character. but you don't have to sustain it year after year. >> before i let y go, i had read that perhaps you wer thinking about givingp acting onef these days. >> yes. >> may i be one of the first to say plse don' really? uld you reall consider ging it up? >> yes. yeah. i ink within a couple of years, yeah. >> just want to try something fferent? i do i want a new aenture in life. i've been doing this for qte a long time >> gotnything in mind? >>o but i want tbe open to the possibilities. u can only do tt if you're not committed to something else. well, jessica you are a remaable actress and ahor and photographer and it's an honor to you here. >> tha you very much. >> the book is called "it's about a little bird" and y'll beack with khie lee and hoda. they ser drinks.
8:40 am
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too delicious to be so nutrious. the toyota concert series on today, broht to you by toyota. >> welcome back to today on ts veteran's daymorning. it's a very special one. singing the brand new single from their album goldendeluxe, ladies and genemen, lady anthony bell lumba lady antebellum. ♪ it's been a bumpy road. roller coasters high andow ♪ ♪ drive the car, pedal hard, you won' have to go thatar♪
8:43 am
♪ they're really not that f apart. [ music playing ] [ singing ] ♪ you got directis on you wa don't cle your eyes don't be afraid ♪ ♪ we might be crazy late at night i can't wait until you arrive ♪ ♪ follow stars you'll be all right ♪
8:44 am
♪ we're really not that far apart. let your heart be your compass when your lost you should follow it where ever it may go. when it's all said and done you can walk instead of run because no matter what you'll never be alon♪ ♪ever be alone ♪ you'll never be alone ♪ oh, oh oh ♪ you want to give up because it's dark ♪ ♪ we're really not that far apart ♪ ♪ so let your heart sweetheart your compa when your lost and you should follow it where ever it may go ♪ ♪ when it'sll said and don
8:45 am
♪ you can walk instead of run ♪ because no matter what you'll never be alone ♪ ♪ you'll never be alone ♪ oh, , oh ♪ never be alone ♪ when it'sll said and done you can walk instead of run ♪ ♪ because no matter what you'll never be alone ♪ . >> lady antebellum thank you so much. they are just getting starte another song strght ahead. t first, this is "toy" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
lady antebellum is a seven-time grammy award winning trio. their new alb is called golden
8:48 am
deluxend lady an tell b is charles kelly, hillary stt and dave haywood. good morning to alof you. when we said veterans' day concert, you came running. this community has been so supportive ofour band. doest mean a lot to sing for them? >> especiay singing the national anthem with the servicemen and women behin us. >> you had us tearing up. hillary, you have excitg news of a new litegirl. iefly? >> y. thank goodness,e's a slper. he's four mths old today. crazy. >> happy four-month-old. when they're tha lile, kounlt the months. >> right. >> tell me about the record. you hadgolden. this is golden deluxe. sort of like super-siz golden. >> we've got new songs over the summ. we cut a couple morsongs. wanted t put the record back out. more upbeat, me inspiring stuff that we wrote over the summer we wanted peopleo hear. >> one of e things i loved
8:49 am
reading about, you actuallhad a jam room. you play a whole sho and do more music. >> it gets you warmed up and red up. write a lot of songs wh our band. it's fun to say inspired. ov the summer, after she had the baby,e came over to her hoe and wrote songs. we wanted to put new music out and constantlbe inspired and hopefully the fans like . >> dyou miss each other? >> we do. >> and the stage. we do f re. >>he stage mses you. play another song for us? >> absolutely >> tak it away. lady antebellum. [ musiplaying ] ♪ pture perfect memories
8:50 am
scattered all around the floor ♪ ♪ reachinfor the phone cause i can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ and i wondeif i ever cross your mind ♪ ♪ for me it hapns all the time ♪ ♪ is a quarter after one, i'm all alone ani need you now ♪ ♪ said i wouldn'tall but i've lost all control and i need yo now ♪ ♪ and i don't know hoi can do without ♪ ♪ i jusneed you now
8:51 am
♪ another shot of whiskey can't stop looking at the do ♪ ♪ishing you'd come sweeping in the y you did before ♪ ♪ and i wonder i ever cross your mind ♪ ♪ for me it happens all the time♪ ♪ it's a quarter after one i'm a little drunk and i need you now ♪ ♪ said i wouldn't call bui've lost all control and i need you now ♪ ♪ and don't know how i cado without ♪ ♪ just need you now
8:52 am
♪ i just need you now ♪ guess i'd rather hurt than feel nothing aall ♪ ♪ it's a quarter after one i' all ale and i need you now♪ ♪ i said i wouldn't call but i'm a little dnk and i need you now ♪ ♪ and i don't know how i can do witht i just need you now ♪ ♪ i just need you now ♪ i just need you now
8:53 am
♪ ♪ oh, baby i need you now lady antebellum, thank you again. they're back with o more song. t first, this is "today" nbc.
8:54 am
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8:55 am
> lady antebellum has been giving us a great veterans day concert. u may notice thate love u. >> is it hard to sin in this freezing cold? >> we had time toarm up. we had some time. >> wre coming up on the 9:00. >> a lot coming up. muchore on veterans day. also anoer performance coming up later this rning. >> all rit. >> we're bacafter yo
8:56 am
good morning to you. it's8:56 right now. i'm laura rcia-cannon. ofcials recalling sever products sold at trader joe's after an e. coli outbreak lked to the bay area. 26 people got sick after eing gourt grab-a-go salad and wrs made at the glass onion cateri in richmond. for a list of the products, hd to, especially fore you pac that lunc now you have to dress for the day. let'sheck in with meteorologist christina loren. temperatures will d up in the . 60s and 70s. enty of 50s right now. starting to clear out a little e bit. we'll still he to wait for that sun to breakthrough highs work like this abou75 degrees in the east
8:57 am
bay. san fransco, 65. we'll be back wityour seven day in momen.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take wh al
9:00 am
roke natalie morales, and williegeist, live from studio 1-a inockefeller pla. >>welcome to today on this veterans day november 11, 2013. i'm willie geist ang withl ker and natalie morales. is a scial day as we honor veterans and we launched a n series here this morning called spired by where over the cose of this weekll of us, each of us will point to and highlighsomebody that inspired us. i was lucky today. i got to lead off with a good iend of mine. he was the first patient andhe spokesperson for an organization called operation mend. it heals our most severely woundedveterans. a lot of these guys have been disfigured in iraq and afghanisn. he is special guy. >> he certain is. >> he essentially hadis face taken from himhen his armed vehicle rolled over an ied and over the course of 60 t 65 surgeries he has gotten his identity bk and he has spoken
9:01 am
a little bit about that this rning. i wep in the icu and there was mirror in my room that ignored for weeks. when i finally got the courage, i tried for the longest time. there's so much in life you can't control. your power resides in the fact that you can choose how you respond to at. theeauty is whoou are, it's not the way y ok. that's important for my kids to learn and just the way they look at me mes me feelspecial. >> h has two beautiful children. >> i love that. >> andhey're the exact agesf my two kids and they have gotten to know each other a little bit marched last year in the vetens day parade. he inspires men the fac that he served to begin wit but the way he krcarries himself. >> i love that he says you can chse how you respond to the situion. that's so imptant what you
9:02 am
said in your piece. yolook at what they're going through and it puts life in perspective. >> all of those veterans are. every onef them has a story and has rsevered. >> right. >> and you think what he i done today? >> ght. exactly. this group opetion mend provides this service free of charge. it's reconstructive surgery. so if you're a veran outhere that's been severely wounded you can reach o and ty're in partnership with the va they work together on this. there is help out there and it's ee of charge. >> fantastic. >> so paties don't know this kind of he is there and people are wting to help them. >> you guys are having a event tonight. >> yeah, wre going to get some of our friends here in new yor together and honor these guys. what the surgery doe -- ias talking to one of them lt night and h saidt's not so much about theosmetic recotruction, it's about the self-confidee it give knows go back in the world. he said i was done after thi injury. i was re-signed to the fact tha i w going to live in the dark
9:03 am
and i have hope and i can be with my kids and my girlfriend and walk through the mall and i ha my life back. >> and the pain they' still going through becae a lot of em, their nerve endings have be damaged and destroyed. >> yh. >> so havinginterviewed a couple of veters that he been severely disfigur and burned, it's a long, long road and they need all the help they can get every step of the way. >> yeah andou can go to an watch our full interview. >> beautiful piece. >> it will inspire you as well. >> we're all inspid by that. share your ipirations aswell. we'r encouging you t go online to our website a on twter as well and tell us your stories. who inspires you. the #isnspired by. >> absolutely. >> there's a sto over the weekend, this super typhoon, really. a lot ofeople asking me over the weekend what's the difference between a typhoon and hurricane. >> it's the ocn. >> it's the geographi location. the western pacic and the indian oceans. this is probly the most powerful hurricane or typon to
9:04 am
ever hit land. >> w. >>ind gusts -- >> and whe you think about mille that puts it in perspective. >> camille was 190 miles per hour winds back in 1969. the sustained wind 195 miles per hour. 235 wind gusts. a storm surge of aut 20 feet. you know, i low lying areas. and now there talking about ybe 10,000 people dead. >> yeah those nbers just coming in. 10 million people have been afcted. according to the un no electricity, food, water. houses and billings have been veled. some coastal towns were wiped away. >> aot of these areas are generally poor are too where the infrastructure is not great and as we saw in haiti with the earthquake, they get decimated by an event like this. as you see, say,e're seeing all the -- unfortunately the aftermath anwe're still learning about areas that we're not even hearing about communication withyet. >> and sadly there's ather area developing ck between
9:05 am
peru and the philippines that obviously won't be as strong but is going to be rainnd win to this area over the next 72 hours. >> so we knoa lotf people are going to want to help and reach out in some way ando ny great organizations, including e military is already there helping out right now. buthe american red cross launched a family tcing service among many other aid operations. unicef is helping provide them with shelt and clean wat and vaccines. save the children inperation usa and world vion all in place trying to take action here. go to our website if you have any questions about the organizations or if you nt to getnvolved and help t. >> absolutely. some other sries making news is morning. this miami dolins back and forth. it gets bigr and bigger. >> it's more convoluted too. i don't know what to believe or ink in a lot of ways. >> we hea for the first time from richie incognito. he gavan inteiew yesterday to fox spor. the rst one since he was
9:06 am
suspended. duri the sit down interview he defended his treatment of his teammate jonhan martin. th is how he explained it. >> i'm embarrassed by ut. but what i want peopl to know is the way jonathan and t rest of the offensive line and our teammates, h we communicate. it's vuar. it's not right. when the words are put in the context i understand why a lot of eyebrows get raid but people don't know how john and i communicate to one another. thissn't an issue about buying. this is an issue of mine and john's relationship where i may -- iave taken stuff too far and i didn't know it was hurting him. >> incogto tried to provide context yestday. he revealed a text from marn to fox sports whereartin said i'm, quote, going to murder your family. yeah. and he said this is the way we talk. we're joking around. >> but there like 1,100 texts they shared back and forth.
9:07 am
but what's consing as well is martin sen a world saying what's up n, the world's gone crazy. i'm good, though, congrats on the win. and another text sai i'mood man. it's insaut just know i don't blame youuys at all. it's just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little >> sounds like somody is walking his story back. sounds like he is walking back. don't know if he iseeling the heat from players. because a lot of them came out and defdedincognito. >> incognit >> exactly. >> so you wonder what the ment was that caused him to leave the team. th's a huge step and now in those texts it appears that he saying wre good. >> right. there is an investigation underway and it's probably gng to be hile before we g this thing figured outut either way it's very clear that there's something wrong in that culture, in that locker room. if they say this is the way we talk in the lockerroom, that' just the wayt is -- you know,
9:08 am
that's unacceptle. >>'m sure those of us that are not in that culture they would say yo don't derstand. but do you wt your child growing up t wt too that? to be in that culture? >> many footballrganizations that you think that's probabl not what was going on in the locker om. you would hope that this is ybe just an erration. >> it's a bizarre story and we haven't seen the end of it. anothestory that has a lot of people talking this morng. cnn reporter has filed a gender discrimination claim withhe equal employmentpportunity commission against his employer. he wants t same ten wee of paid leave thatcnn's mothers get. birth mothers get 10 weeks pd leave an the same policy appls both men and women who adopt or have chiren through a surrogate. so in other words, if you adopt and y're a dad you get the ten wes but not if you're the biological father. >> you g twoweeks. >> but the moms get ten paid. >> right. >> time warner which is the parent firmaid no to his equal leave request. they said we don't comment on pendinlegal matters however it should be noted that time warner
9:09 am
and it's businesses have been recognized for pviding employees with some of the most prressive and inclusive benefits available. the parental leave policy is flexible and available to al employees. that's the statement. whato you think? >> i think honestly having looked at some of the policies d we were doing a little resech over the weekend and cnn's policys for the most part what a lot of companies offer. >> right. >> and it's actlly in some ways, even better than what a lot of companies offer. i mean, 10 weeks paid materni leave for women, two weeks pd for men is -- for bonding time -- i mean, thas in line, if not little bit better than whe the country stands. >> but the question is if u give 10 weeks so an adoptive or surrogat whyouldn't you give it to -- i'm glad they give t time but you should even it out somehow. >> a lot of companies whe it comes , they make a diffence beeen if it's an adopted child and the bonding time that is
9:10 am
needed, you know versus a biologal child. which is interesting. it certain rses a lotf questions. but a lot of questions overall with the fily medical leave act in this country. we lag hind. we're one ofour cntries in the world o aually don't have reallyaid medical leave as a law. yeah. >> well but on the other hand, we lea the country in miley cyrus. >> we sure do. yes. we lead the country -- >> and the world. theworld. >> last nigh mtv, european sic awards in amsterdam, miley cyrus found aew way to get atntion. sh opened the sho with a performancef we can't stop. of course she twerked with little person and of course she won the best video awd for wrecking ll. t's just enjoy ron burgandy for a second. that's the highght. after accepting the award she gets the ard and she took a
9:11 am
puff o something. >> on stage. >> she pls it out of her purse. fires somethingup. a hand rolled cigarette or something else perhaps. we get it. you're edgy. >> another day with miley cyrus. >> i'm going to go do the weather. >> yh. >> jt heading over here. there's a lot of col air coming in. we sute you guys. thank you. god bss u. thank you very mu. >> tnk you. >>ll right. let's show youhat's happening. we've got cold air. this atic air is making its way from canada all the way down into the southeast. over the nt 72 hours, look at what'soing to be happening. 're talking temperatures that are going to make a plummet. anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees below normal acrosshe plains today. fotomorrow, we look for those temperatures tolummet from chicago, washington, down to huntsville, litt rock. and then wednesday it gets even chiller all the way down to daytona beach. 63 for a high. that's 16 degrees below normal. houston,57. you have
9:12 am
good monday morning to you. happy veterans day. temperatures are starting to warm u a little bit, especiay in the plas that are starting to seesunshine. look at san francisc you see little bit of sun there,ut most of the bay area stil socked in with the low clou. as we head throughout the day today, it's going to be a nice finish. temperatures will jump from th mid-50s. we'rexpecting upper 60s to low 70s by t end ofhe day. should be ni and comfortae. yourseven-day outlook shows w have aarmup headed our way into theidsection of the week. and that's your latest weather. >> thanks a lot. coming up xt, what's your talent? ni cannon joins us toell us how you can get i on the action andudition for the show. looking good as always. andudition for the show. looking good as always. >>e's the best [ female announcer ] we eased your back pain... ♪ readyr not. [ female announcer ] you n be up there. here i come! [ female announcer ...down there, arnd there...
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9:16 am
america's got talent is looking for yo >> auditions being held right w all acro the country. let's take a look atur favorite auditions from last season. >> work it out mama. >> hey, y'all, it's miley cyrus. what's . >> no. [ singing ] oh, nick cannon is the ht of america's got talent. nick, gd morning. >> good morning. >> audition seasonn already. >> yes. >> what are you guys looking f this time around? >> more of that. more , you know, stuff y've never seen before. this show is all about surpri surprises. anymore we can see sething that takes the judges back a little bit or whatever the talent is, that's the beauty o it. as long as it'sot mediocre it goes over well. it could be very bad or very
9:17 am
good. so you guys -- like you said, the cfidence to step out there on the stage and bringit, that what we want. >> we have to talk about the suit. at suit. >> talk about confidence. >>ou are killing that thing. >> thank you. i appreciate it i thought, youknow, i jus got f a plane. i was like, let me bring sothing bright so i ca make up for t jet lag. >> is working. >> thank you. >> so this is your 6th season hosting. which do you think is ugher? hosting or judging? >> i would never want to be a judge just because i -- as i performer it's kind of like i have so much empathy and sympathy for wahat's going on. i'm ju a big cheerleader. i get to cheer everyone on but having to tl someone they're not good or to work on is, i would feelad because there's uff i need to work on. >>ou and mariah are always so busy. i don't knowow you are juggling it all with your cute little twins whichy the way, we have to show this ill
9:18 am
instagram vid that you sweeted out on halloween. >> yeah. >> oh my gosh >> the entire family was sup heros. that's my son knocking me out right there and my daughter coming to my reseo make sure i'm okay. >> he's a boxer. we call him rocky. he's ready. do you do a famil theme every year for hallowe now? we were mary and the kids were little lambs. i was a big bad wolf the fir halloween. then we were goldilks and the three bears last year. this year we're all super heros. sometimes even if it's not halloween just put on costumes. >> a lot of folks may not know you're executive producing a hosting a great teen award on nick, the halo awards. >> yes, this sunday th7th. this is all about helping and leading others. that's why halo stands for. it's an award show i created. i said forg about celebriti kissing up t each other. let's take that spotlight and shine it on the community.
9:19 am
it's our 5th year. it's amazing. we have outstanding teens and so manyeople came out and helped us. it's going to be aweme. >>y kids are looking forward to wating i as well. grt to hav you here as always. the next audions for america's got talent are here in nework on november 16th and 17th but yocan also audition by submitng a video online. >> good toee you. >> good to see you. always a pleasure. >> coming up all theews you ne before you head out the door thi morning. ne before you head out the door thi morning. >> plus larry burkehead what can i do with my $7 a month anemail the scho. acfone call the doctor. text the groomer. find gear for soccer. send invites to a party. post karate pics. help sn with history. battle of hastgs... 1066. all that wh my android from tcfone... nowith three times thtalk, text and data for as l as $7 a month. unbeatable nationwide coverage without a conact.
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♪ for my pain, i wanmy aleve. [ le announcer ] look r the easy-open rearthritis cap. taking aook at the headlines. those who serve and haveerved this country are being honed on thiveterans day. today at arlinon national cemetery, president obama lays a wreath at the tomb othe unknowns. a major fo recall to tell you about this morning. abou90 tons of salads an sandwich wraps are being recalled by glass onion catering. they maye contaminated by e. coli. dozensf people are becoming im. inge t list of products is on our weite. if if you can't wait until black friday, stores a us announced
9:24 am
that i stores will at 5:00 p.m. on anksgiving day. amazon and the u.s. stal service are teaming up. poal workers will begimaking sunday delivers of amazon packes. azon plans to expandt to other parts of the cntry next year. thorthe dark world, hammered its wayo the box office. taki in more than $86 million in the u.s. bagrandpas was second and freebirds was third. >> all the rokers we to see it. not ju one, but two surprises the end credits. so stay unl the end. >> vchilla. ♪
9:25 am
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9:26 am
the fir that sen dangerous smoke into their for morthan 17 hours in redwood city is finally t. crews are stilln that sne mopping up, though, at sims metal managent at the portf redwood city. a shelter in place order was lifted this morning. resints were told to stay in their homes wit doors and windows closed sincehat fire started. officials think it started by metal-on-metal friction when crs were movi tworecked >> a popular line of prepackaged salads and wraps has been recalled health officials have linked to an e. colioutbreak tha cts here's a list of some of the thin to look for. delish white chicken club wrap, delish grilled chicken caesar wrap, trader joe's fie fresh chped salad with grilled chicken. for a complete list of recalled and just search
9:27 am
we'll have a look at weather and traffic after this.
9:28 am
> welcome back. the time is 9:28. just want to showou a shot of the entire bay area. nortbay starting to clear out. san francisco, samfor you. stillostly cudy in the east bay along t peninsula and here in san jose. as we head throughout this afternoon, temperaturesre climb into the mid-60s by aut lunchtime in thecity. yoll round out the day at out 65 degrees. looking good there. highs elsewhere look comfortable for today. expecting the low 70s in the south y. the peninsula wl see t low 70s asell and comfortable coitions persist as we head throughout the north bay and the trivalley. we're taing 70s for today. let's take a lk at your dre. here's mike. >> we're talki veterans day, so there's a lot of holidays for businesses and schools today. make sure we take a moment to this hoday.y we're observing we're observing this very lht volume at the bay bridge toll plaza well. let's look at the maps. we hav't had metering lights on allmorning.
9:29 am
haven't d a problem for the maze. 880 did show slowing becse of a stalled big rig. now a nice smooth flownce again. an easier flow through palo alto. ck to you. thank you very much. another local news update coming up inalf an hour. happy veterans day welcome bk to today on
9:30 am
this veterans day november 11th, 2013. i'm willie geistith natalie and al. al is waging a bit of a campaign to get the vice president of the united stes, joe biden to come and sit at thi very table. >> that's right. weove the vp just because he is fun. and i tnk he would fit in perfectly he and obviously we're not alone. on the huffington post they wrote and on friday entitled dear joe biden please cohost today. i could see jiden fitting in really well at studio 1-a hangg out with matt, savannah willieal, natalie on the plaza and just chilling. >> jt chilling. >> just adding more to the trying to get h here. >> yes. >> so if you guys wt to make it haen, weigh in as well. >> please tweet. in fact, #orange room. tweet us. let us know if youhink the vice president, joe biden should be here. again, mr. vice president. >> one more time. >> this is where you belong.
9:31 am
want you here. spend th hour with us. >>e's a little creeped out by now. >> yeah, iknow. but it's goingo be so creepy at it comes around to being cool. >> just let it marinate for awhile. it will make sse one day. >> we will welcome you with open arms. >> that's wh he is afraid of. >> you guys, though, you've got a thing. have you heard from him? >> i have not heard fm him. i haveot heard from him. >> ay. >>ut our people a talking. i didn't eve know i had people. >> our people aretalking. >> just random people are callg his people. >> the huffingtonost continues tout it outthere. >> anybody that wants to out there -- >> we all want it >> advocate on our behalf >> how about a check of the weather? >> let'show you what we've got. we are looking at some fantaic weather today in the southet. some showers making their way from thereat lakes all the way backnto the central plains. colderir behind the front ing to bring lig snow. not a bad day in seattle. 61. 90n phoenix.
9:32 am
tomorrow wre looking at more going on as far as ts front is concerned. we're going to hav it push through and that's going to open the back door to reall cold air. lake effect snow flurries. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below where they should . anher coming on to shore io northern coaal california. a few snow flurries off the > good monday morning to you. happy verans day. temperatures are startinto climb a t. i do want to show you san frcisco. 56 degrees. starting to see a bre through that thick ck of cuds as we ad throughout the mning hours. temperatures will be on the cool side at least until aut luncime. otherwise,e're looking pretty od. we'll see w clouds inhe uth bay for anothercouple hours. then we should clear outf here nicely between mostly noon and 5:00 p.
9:33 am
and that's your lest weather. >> thank you. >> welit has bee six years since the untimely death of anna nicole smith that me headlines around the world and now larry birkad is speaking out. >> it's all part of an e special about e turbulent days and his relationip with anna nicole and his future with his daughter. >> there's goi to be this legacy. she knows tha her mom w famo and had things turne out differently, le iished they would have, she would be painting her fingernails and she would be taking her and buying dresses and she wld be doing all these tngs that i'm happy to do but it's something at obvioly she doesn't have. you just adjust every daynd you do your best j and you dot put toouch burden on her with the story of her mom. you hope that she grows u and makes wise decions. >> larrybirkhead, good rning. >> good morning. >> so why now. why did you decide to tell ts story? a rather personal storynow. >> well, you know, i sit back d i get a lotf requests to
9:34 am
do ts and do that and it w nice tbe able to tell my story in my own words without it appearing on lifetime movie or anna nole opera or something that swirls around. it was nice to be able to talk d not be a sound bite. my relationshi with ann has been misrepresented and different project and books and movies and things. it was kindf a way and also i heard fro peoplehat say look you inspired me as a single parent when you fought for your daughter and i hear from a lot of annas fans that want to know how sh is dog. >> you talk about som o the year with anna nicole and your relationship you said was some what turbent. what dyou mean about that >> well, i mean, it wasn't a fairy tale. it had it's ups and dos. it was anna nicole she w known for being outrageous and things like that. so it had it's great moments. there were some disagreemts andhings and turbunce but it was -- you know, i wasery
9:35 am
highs and very low lows. >> danny lynn is sen now? >> she is. >> how have you maged to keep her life normal? she wl be readi art herself onlinend her motr online for tres of her life. how have you tried to giv her a normal childhood? >> we live in kentuckright now. it's a paparazzi free zone and laid back and his family is there to support me and hp me with dani. at's been a posive. i end a lot of time with her every day. i'm being bot pants. so i tnk that i just try to give her a goodoundation and try to, you kn, just there b there for her at all times. >> she's doing -- she's done some modelg work. you worry th, you know, history repeats itself. here's ts young girl gng into modelin as her mom did and
9:36 am
the pitfas that can happen with this? >> i like to say she modled because she did it for one day. she's not out wh her portfio looking for work and things like that. 15 minutesfter she was done with it. she wa back on, you know, book reports and things like that. so it was jt something that e did and i tught it would be okay for her to d that one time because her mom was a guess model and it was such a positiv thing fo anna and it's something that when she gs to the guess ore she looks up at her mom'sicture and that's how she knowser mom. so for her it was something cool she thought that she was a guess girl like her mom was a guess girl. but i don't -- i think it'sll about the time and the foundation and the values you instill in your child. i don't see a problem wh it for ju the one te that she did it. >> well, larry, we certainly wish the bestor u. >> thank you. you can see life afr aa nile tonight on e. >> a coming up next, america's
9:37 am
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and whiten even me, with optic white mouthwash and the whole cogate optic white lin ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announc ] build ything with the new toyota tundra. toyota. let's go places. today we're kicki off a new series. the things you needo know how to do. this morning,e're tackling the ho. >> fiv things from unogging toilets to sealing windows. bob villa is her to show u how to fixommon problems.
9:41 am
>> goo to see you. >> thiss great. >> these arehings tha are easy enough that even if w don't ha your expertise, w should be able t do. >>yeah, any homeowner should know what to do if the lights go out. go to the window and make sure it isn'tust you, the who street but ifts just you first find aflashlight. i always recommend that homeowners have several flashlights. u can have lanternsnd the 4.99 specials d a l of the new led lights are good. >> differentlevels. >> you should have them in differenparts. you have a big family, erybody in the family ought to have their own little led ashlight but that's your first tool to get you to where the prlem might be solved whi is in some houses - this is kind of an antique tng but some houses still have fuses and if you have a fuse box, you want to go look at the one that's dark and that burned out and that's the one you want toremove, pull out of there a carefully put in another one. but if you do have a fuse bo you might wanto ask santa to
9:42 am
bring you an electrician to give you an update. this is a small circuit breaker panel and when you dorip a circuit you willee orange and all you do is tri it back into the on position and you're bk in business >> do you have to wai a certain amount of time. >> no. but the thi is toigure out why it tripped. if you were in e kitchen using a lot of appliances and a teenager with ir dryer is on the same rcuit. that causes it. >> this is pretty basic you would think but a lot of people don know how to do it. unclogging the toilet. thiss a toilet plunger but if you he one that's a rubber ll with a flange on it that's design for kitchen sinks. if you have a oblem, one of the things you want to have is bucket with extra water and some towels and t like. but the way to use this thing is to make sure there's some wer in the bowlecause it's not going to work uess there is some. if it's empty add wate >>ou should also have an auger.
9:43 am
>> if you cat solve the problem by plunging with the plunger for a minute a it's still clogged you wantne of these guys ichl. >> it's essentially lik a snake, a spring. it will go down into the toilet, you know, wearloves and put it all the way andhen you yank it out. >> okay. let's move on to getting rid of hes from a fireplace. >> this really i -- i mean there have bee situations i'm going to put i on the floor, there's been tragi situations but a lot ofeople eny these things. the fi pitts and the like and you think it's outut the embersre still in there. if the wd blows on them the can catch on fire again. i always recommend you have something ke a good old fashiod ash can. >> galvanized stee >> buy the athe hardware story and get everything out of therand into herend don't leavit where the wind can blow an ember. if you have a fireple, make
9:44 am
sure you have a good screen over it. >> window trim, money goes out your door and thewindow. >> yeah, ts is the time when you want to check out your hoe. i often tell people you ought to have em so you can lookt the roof and chimney and things that are far up witho having to climb up there but a lot of the cold air infiltrion happens tween the cracks in the sing and the winds. that's where you can use something like this. >> right. >> you can buy this at the hardware store. use it on the inde and you hold it next to th window. if it's blowing, that lets you know that there's cold air cong through. >> so you useaulk or whatever and reall quickly,hings you sayou need to make sure you keep clean. >> well, from the point of view of the family's health, air quity inside theouse. at least a couple of time ace year you want t clean anything like the back ofhe refrigeror, the filters, anhere in the washing and drying a and thehvac
9:45 am
equipment. >>his is the oldest refrigerator. >>ou have a lot of vintage stuff ouhere the morning. >> yes but these things are still arou. >> just like us. good toee you. >> good to see you. >> well, coming up next on terans day, helpi catch the butterfly effect. l'oreal introduces new voluminous bterfly mascara. spread your lashes. l'oreal's revotionary asymmetricrush instantly voluzes from the root and stretches lashes towards the our corner. l'oreal's revotionary asymmetricrush instantly for markable spread... remarkable volume. your look...truly captivating. new volunous butterfly maara from l'oreal paris. bold fned out volume. catch the butterfly fect... gh! actually prresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold avors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ malennouncer ] progresso. surprisingly bold avor for aeart healthy soup.
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9:49 am
>> but when the celebrations end many of these vets fin themsees unable to g a b. >> but one organization is hong to change all ofthat. >> this is an opportunity created by a cmunity consolidatg efforts to enae you to not allow the vilens of the battlefield to affect your capacity for greaess. >> retired colonel david sutherland serve in the army for two decades with commands in two wars. but nohe's taking o a new challenge, getti vets jobs. >>hey're phenomenal young people. they just need a little assistance ding transition and reintegratioand they'll sore. >> he thoht of the dixon center for militareterans and community seices, named for staff sergeant dixo a soldier under his command in iraq >> you serve with amazing people and staf sergeant dix was one those amazing pele.
9:50 am
>> reporter: he was killed ring an attack while protecting colonel suthland's unit. >> he represents evething good about the value of the miliry. ther was no better person that i knew to name the dixon center after. >> reporter: now in it's second yearf operation, the don senor has alrdy forged a relationship with people's gas in chicago who cated an intensive six month training course digned solely for vets to joi their workforce. raymond was part of the first clas ofapplicants. >> i got a pretty quick call and signed up for the class. it was kd of surreal. i didn't expect it to be so easy. >> reporter: he was a soldier that did two toursn iraq and onen afghanistan. after his third tour,e was ready to come home. >> i decided i dn't wanto make it a career. i knew i couldn't stay in the military long. i wouldust be losing
9:51 am
opportunities. i decided to come back and go to school. >> reporter:t was a tough adstmented for ray and he came to realize clege wasn't for him. >> it was definitely a difficult trantion at first. i was doing okay. okay grades. t i didn't know what i was trying t do. >> after completing the ogram, ray now h a whole new life. >> i went from living in my rents basent, being stuck there with n prospects. this job has been a way toelp me move out, get an apartment, pay off my car. >> reporter: air force vet danile sanders also graduated in the fir class. after 27 yearsf active rvice, she retired but was having difficulty finding a n career. danielle worked several par me jobs before enrolling in the programnd is now in a good place. >> you already l go? yeah. >> okay >> it's a lite bit calmer for me now and i'm not working the two and three jobs a i don't feel so stressed out anymore. >> reporter: and s's already looking to climb t corporate ladder. >> i just needo do mor
9:52 am
networking and learn the job a little me and learn newobs and i will get there. >> reporter: wh two class graduated and the third starting now, colonel sutherland's vision is taking shape. >> i serve for you, i fought with you, and i would die for you. dixon center will enable you and asst you where you need that help. >> okay. our veterans make the best employs. come with a lotf skls. >> unique skills. >> unique set of skills. >> that'right. we'll be back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
oh, yeah. >> happy birthday. >> i wonder whose birthday is it? >> oh. >> somebody in the ctrol ro. >> happy birthday tammy.
9:55 am
>> happy birthday. >> wow, 25 years old. unbelievable. >> looks great. >> she blew it out. congratulations. >> she me a wish >> b we're still here. >> when your show is over, ours is about t begin. what is coming up. >> well, is veterans day. lady antebellum is gng to be singing for us and two ladi, jeica lang and sarah palin are with us. >> wo >> is this the bacon and cheese diet? ts is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male annocer ] sondulgent,
9:56 am
you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soup [ female announcer ] 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managingour weight, bigger always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant good morningo u. it is 9:56 no i'marla tellez. we're leaing more about the e. coli outbreak linked to the bay ar. many of the items were sold a trader joe's. so fa 26 people in three ates have gotten sick, including here in california. for a comete list of the recalled products, head to our bsite. that's in just a few hours in the south bay, streets in downtown
9:57 am
san jose will be bcked off for the annual veterans d parade. the parade starts at noon the parade will wind its way carlos street.nd end at san let's look at verans day foreca with meteorologist christie tt loren. good morning. >> good morningo you, marla. good morning to you at home. temperatur startg to creep into the upper 50s. mostly cloy skies across the bay area. comfortable to finish things off. we'll be in the w 70sn the south bay. the peninsulaill see the mid-60s to low 70s. looking good in san francisco for today. looking good in the north and east b as well. plenty of 70s to goaround tre as well. through the trivalley, the warm spot. you can ditch the jacket today with 75 degre on the way. let'sheck your drive with mike. >> all righ we're looking over here toward palo alto. a smooth drive southbound away a lot of congestion. justhowing relief in the last ten minutes. the map showyou the same stretch orange there.
9:58 am
starting to clear towards motain view. the northbod rtes through the soh bay are not problem. an easy drivenow. we move toward the et y, oakland had an earlier swdown that's cleared up considerably. back to yo >> all right, me. thanks so ch. before we say good-bye, say hello the liverme tiger den scouts. hi, everybody. scouts 1 from the east bay. thanks for being here at nbc bay area. enjoy your stay. next local news our
9:59 am
>> announcer from nbc news,
10:00 am
this is "today" with kathilee gifford and ha kotb live from rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. we're so happy you're joining us today. it's monday, november 11th and it veterans day. >> a lot ofeople are home today. >> reay glad to get an opportunity to saluteur troo. men and women all over the world that every one of us woke upn freedom today because o the sacrifice and their service and when lady aebellum was sging "the st"the star-spangl banner." >> iwas great to go to the plaza and s the veterans. la antebellum sang for them. we have sarah pal with us. weave jessica lang with us.
10:01 am
>> mes me miss my daddy all the more. he was a 2 yeareteran of the navy who only badhing he ever did in his wholeife that i know about, lie about his age. >> de? >> on pearl harbor day so he could join t navynd serve his country. i'veorgiven him many tes since. >> there's nothing that beats a great reunion especially around the veters day time. there was this family from north carolina a they were at a football me. they didne of the things where your dadould like to give you a message. let's take a look. >> your dad is home. he's home for good. >> so they can get a messageo him overseas. l of a sudden,ere comes dad. >> ladieand gentlemen, thanks to the siegler family and the service to our country.
10:02 am
>> ande's he forgood. >>is last deployment. >> the family once again united on homecoming day. >> oh, my god. >> wow. >> you could watch tse every single day. retiring from the navy after 20 years of rvice. >> nfl is getting in the mood. i hav one of those but i c't find it. thank you for that. itomes in handy when you watch those reunions you can buy this nfl stuff, the's a towel. every year maybelline has sses for the troops. whatou do -- there's a booth in times square. you do is. you kiss it. a pocard. then you sign it. >> mine was good. >> did you smear? >> wow, hoda. >> mine was thick.
10:03 am
>> she's a good kisser. >> the cards will be divered to troops at 51 remote outposts in afghanist and you can send a virtual kis line, go to >> we want to point out our hearts and prayers are out to folks in thehilippines or fos that have loved ones there. that typhoon there was aonster storm. ey think 10,000 people there. sustained winds of 195 miles per hour -- gusts up to 215. >> ihink that you know, for those of us who have been throug sandy or katrina it's ha to believe that something would pa in comparison but this one did. go to "today".com if you want to ow how to help. there's a lot of great arities. >> you kno what made me so proud an immediately one of our ships was tned around, go straight there and be the first toe there to serve. >> they got all kinds of food and supplies and stuor the
10:04 am
people there. >> keep them in yr prers. >> so, you were verybusy. >> i was. >> you were working. >> it was all good. it's all go. thursday night went down to billy graham's 95th birthday part and it was special. it was very,ery special. this is a m who has meant a eat deal in my fe. i think there's something on wednesday our show on wedneay th we're all talking about t differt people that hav touched their lives and nobody has touched mine more tn billy has. >> must have been great toe there for his 9h. >> i'm sti crying about it. i'm still very emotional about it. then i wt down to dallas to sit glenn beck. contversial guy that i've grown to know quite a bit over the last few years. he has a brand newook out. sure toelicit all kinds of response he almost has a warner brothers
10:05 am
movie set down the. that'sor our sho on the 19th. was kind enough to do my podcasthis wednday. so i was busy, busy. >> you we. i wasn, ay. i sat and watched "l and order" reruns,"illing kennedy" and i wento a rugby game. that's the only picture i can show you becau i don't know at was going on at the game. >> looksike nobody was o there. >> they were at the oer end. they don't wear pads. it's an aggressive, sexy game to watch. >> i told yo >>hey are just -- it's just- there's no hot dogs because t guys are all into this as a team. they are fun to watc they a all in the scrub and doing what they do. that's le their hule. >> i knew the word hugby. rugby. frk and i werenngrand for somethg and all of a sudden he'satching a rugby ge on tv and i'm going whoa.
10:06 am
yo can see them. they don't have helme on or any stuff. >> no pads. >> their bodies are amazing. >> they are ramming into each other and all men. it's exciting. >> hoda loves it. >> we thought you couldse a good laugh. there's something caed the brittania awards and sasha baron cohen was ere. so selma introduced him and ere was an elderly woman in a wheelchair and they explained sheorked withharlie chaplain when he was 5 yrs old. here's whahappened. >> this is charlie's actual cape from"city ligh." this is for you. >> thank you.
10:07 am
>> grace carlington is the oldest -- sorry was the oldest survivinging actor to work with chaplain >> nobod was hurt. turns out she was a stunt woman. anyway, thatworked. >> that wasterrible. >> i would have fallen for that until i heard her voice. because iwas not an o voe. >> i know old ices. >> this is too funny for words. it's a new product. not our favorite thing because
10:08 am
it's brand new to us. this is bacon dedorant. do you want your man to smell like a pig. >> it's design specificay for people withctive life styles for an a meat scented protection topply liberally to under articles and private areas. >> you can imagineeople that apply ts and then have dogs in thei me? t's see. >> get that plastic thing off. >> that was the real ing. i can't put it on t lip thing. i don't want to dishonor o service people. >>mell that. >> that's piggish. >> is 9.99. [ big noises >> there's a pair of jeansut
10:09 am
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10:10 am
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10:11 am
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10:15 am
they really don need any introduction at all, because lady antebellum has w seven grammys, sold more tn 1 llion albums and have hit numb one onhe country charts seven times. >> stop it. >> what? >>ou're just showing offow. now they have a brand new cd called "goen deluxe," featuring the single "downtown," not the petula clark, a brand new one. now lady tebellum m. >> great to see you guys on the cmas. that must be such a thrill to be on stage there. >> it was. >> it wa it was really fu i want to hear you sing that petula clark veron before it started. ♪ when yore alone and life is making you lonely you can always go ♪ where ♪ downtown >> you're is fantastic. >> ours is different. >>ongratulations on the baby girl. how old is she?
10:16 am
>> 6 months old toy. >> how is that going? look at her, hoda won. has she been on tour yet? >> she's not been on the bus, but shs been on planes. her first flight was to l.a. she's been great. we took a stroll through central pa. >> so she's with you? >> yes. >> we startouring in january, and so we'll have her own famil bus. we'll have sarate buses, but -- >> you had tchange your whole tour plans around because of this little excitement, huh? >> we d. but you knowhat? it's been the most beautiful surprisend i can't imagine life without her. >> of course not, no. >> the gre thing about this cd 's a compilation of ur greatest hits? >> what we did, we had a littl break,obously, this summer. so, werote some songs and found the song compas we released the record and gone away all smer and felt we waed to have new material to
10:17 am
re the fans up. >> my baby is 3 weeks old and the boys are coming over to write. >> writing andursing. >> with the machine. >> you know it so well. >> more fun tn a breast pump. >> isn it fun watching what's haening to country mus? it used to be a chey little thin >> we ur around the world. australia, europe, all over the world. they love couny music. >> must be so much fun to be in japan ansee a whole world of peopleooking different and mouthing words to your songs i enish. it really is a universal lauage, isn't it? >> it is, forsure. we're -- go ahead. >> no, you go. >> you know what's fun, guys, walkingp and seeing all these vets. sometimes i ink, i wonder who is performing.
10:18 am
why was it important for you guyso be here today on veterans day? >> gosh. i think for evyone, it's such an important day ande need to celebre and really say thank you to our service m and women past and present every d. but was really emotional. we sang the national anthem an one of the lines, i just lost it. because you see all ese men and women in uniform andt's just -- they really understand the words, think, a lot more than we ever could. >> yeah. and it's just amazing. >> well, they understd sacrifice. >> uh-huh. >> which so much owhat they do is saifice. and it seems -- sometimes you're tempted to look around theorld and think that nobody gets it anymore, but there are those that do. >> ablutely. >> they make all theifference in the world. thank you,ou guys. >> thanks for coming to see us. >> thanks for singing at the end of the show. i thinyou need to go nurseer now. grt to see you guys. >> we hea a rumor that -- a little bird told us. >> -- two-time academy award winner jessicaang is here.
10:19 am
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10:22 am
veterans day is all about honoringur hers and this remarkable sry takes you from e battlefield to the baseball field. >> it's a story from t best selling author of the popul god winkseries. it can be a life changing experience or an unexpect experience. >> in the1970 a student group crted prisoner of war bracelets to honor soldiers during the vietnam war. many wore those brace let's. >> but she had no idea how much that would mean 42 years later. >> it was 1971. i was a 16-year-old cheerlead in mount pleasant, texas.
10:23 am
i ard that prisoners of war in vietnam were being tortured. thousands of miles fm home. i wanteto help. i jumpe at the chae to buy $2.50 bracet with the name of one of those p.o.w.s, colonel leo thorsne. heecame a family to me. i wore that bracelet and praye for him every day. ter two years we saw on tv he was released. i thanked god and put away the bracel. fast forward 40 years. myusband john and i were invited to an astros game. i didn't want to go. i was ted and wanted to stay home but i'm glad i went. i was sitting there when all o a sudden didn't i heard over the intercom invited to throw out the first pitch was none other lieunant thornse. that's my p.o.w. three weeks later ando luck finding himut then a young astros rep came throu the as
10:24 am
and i told my story. she escorted me to the owner's box. moments later bounding up the steps s the colonel. you had my p.o.w. bracelet he asked. i told him yessir i prayed four everyight and started crying and all i cou whisp you were m hero and he looked back at me, no, you were my hero. at was my best godink ever. >> that may be the best godink i've heard. colonel is n 81 years old. a grand dad. married for 60ears and beeves life is good because freedom totally surrounds him. sarah palin will be here with us in just a minute. jessica lange will cast a spell on your kids.
10:25 am
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welme back. the me is :28. wee in the upp 50s now i san francisco. warmer there tha down in th south bay. 57 degree want to show you where we're headed. temperatures are goingo end up pretty comfortable. we are expting a return of the upper 60s to low 70s.we'll take nearing today at 11:00. right now, let's check your drive and say good morning to mike. >> yeah, good morning. wee looking over here san
10:29 am
mao bridge. expect slowing at the hh rise. we have reports of two disabled vehies. i've been trackingthis. i haven't seen lot of slowing. on our sensorse see smooth driveacross 92. we'll watch that. just a ne of cautio meanwhile, the rest of the bay oking really od. look at that, green all over the place. no problems. no back up at the bay bridge tolllaza all morning. there's yo south bay. good stuff. just mild slowing for 288 as you head out of town. >>ery good. thank you, mike. coming up at 11:00, the bay aa pauses to honor veterans past and prest. are there as veterans day events kick of in the et bay and also in the south bay. those stories plus more coming in about 30 minutes. weope to see you at 11:00. okay.
10:30 am
we're back with on this veterans day. ready to get you caught up on today's buzz a the celebrity scoop. >> miley cyrus sparked controversy while jessica simpson showed off h slimmer bod. >> all t scoop. great to see you guys again. >>hat's doing with ms miley. >> mtas european taking place in amsterdam. >> a very conrvative city. >> very prudis the dch and miley cyrus wrecking ball swung its way to europe. she showed up wearing this bizae outfit wh an image of a couple of rappe and anti-violence message. she ascded to a thre to accept her award and lit u a suspiciously looking cigarette. which is lal in amsterdam. >> not totally legal in
10:31 am
amsterdam. it's more permissivehan here. take a look at that. >> b the way,n the u.s. version of ts they edited that out. >> american audiences d see that. i don't know what her nextct is. she's gone fromtwerking to stripping touchingnd now she's smong drugs o stage. >> so you s this as self-destrtive. >> how will she going to shock us any more. will she drown a kitten or pee on a hobbo? >> i hope she doesn't do either one. emem >> he won the best hip-hop act and all over itunes. he was one othether stand outs. justin timrlake was nominated for five awardsnd didn't win one. justin bieber one for bt male for theourth year in a row.
10:32 am
katy pry won best male. >> you mentioned jusn who h a rough timen azil. has he moved on ergentina now? >> he's hop scotching his way around sou americ >> i like that. i'm not going to talk about juin bieber thi morning. >> we talked abo jessica simpson and she tweet ad picture of her post-baby bod. >> s joined weight watchers. st a huge amount of weight. got knocked up again. theeal fell apart. >> kcked up. >> really. ifou're going t sign aeal and say you're going to lose a certain ount of weight honor the deal. >> make itice. >> pay $4 million for faring chilen and losing weight. i would have a full nursery. >> she looks od. it's hard to lose that baby weight. >> good for her.
10:33 am
>> daltonabbey. >> you guys are crazy. fifth season. fourth season will start o january 5th. itrapped up in the uk. >> now they have their own win line. downtown aey line. >> you're drinking downtown abbey wine now? >> 11 million viewers in the ze of a country like grt britai >> incredibly good writing and acting. >> it's been nominated for 27 emmy good f them. take to us the box office. >> "thor" openedhere. 31 million on frida night. on i first night. >> 81 or something? >> 86 i think nationally. >> what else? >> it did not quite beat last ar this weekend was "skall."
10:34 am
>>ast time i was here we talked abo predictable hollywood is. it's cookie cutter. the critics didn't like . ns do. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> good to s you. she's fams forgoing rogue. now rah palin is te on a new fight for christmas. >> oscar winne jessi lange has somethi sheants y ♪
10:35 am
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10:38 am
it's time to...believe. as a star of television, film andoadway, jesca lange is o of llywood's mt lented actresses. her first ad academy awardame in 1982 in "tooie". >> now she play as witch on "covan." >> deserved a betr mother than i could ever hope to be. >> i knowhe feeling. >> perhaps. >> perhaps the tragedy will bring us closer together. >> i doubt it. you ar after l, the maid. >>.
10:39 am
>> i like it. >> jessica is class photographer, unicef goodwil ambassador and now author who has written her first chdren's book called "it's about a little bird >> thank you. >> y didn'tit out to write a children's book. it came about orga nnically. >> i wand to make a handmade book for my granddaughte a story about them. and, you know,hen it went along and somebody saw itnd said well, you know, let me show it to somebody and then the next thing you know it's out there. it's on bk shelvesnd you're thinking wow. >> a little surprising. we were talking in e break you've bn such a private person. i didn't even know -- first of all you were grandmother. seems point. you look amazing. >> thank you. >> second of all you would write about them so candidly and show pictures.
10:40 am
photographs in your book are your very photographs a then you accented them with this beauful lovely -- >> trocess is a very old press. the hand tinting black and white years before there was color photogphy, of course, that's how you got col into the photographs. >> aren'they beautiful? >> so, i mean it was a great projt too because the photographare, you know,ver a couple of years time and then, you know, they are hand tinted to make them, y know, a little bit more vibrant. i figured if it's a children's book you can't have dark -- >> you got enough on that on coven. >> what do they think of this? >> you know, i mean think they are kind of tickled by it. i don't -- you know the don't spend too much time thinking about at. >> what ages are theynow? >> they are 8 and0 now. they are up to other stuff. they are instagramming and other
10:41 am
stuff. >> no they are not doing that. >> good r them. >> yourelevision show really has gotten such a following. >> it's crazy. >> were you surprised bartisan that? why? why you re? >> i don't kw who watches it. i'm not sure what the draw is of it to tell you the truth. i don't know. i don't watch it so i'm not the best jge of it. >> i heard you say earlier you don't like to watch yourself. you rarely wch finished anything. >> i look at a work print, a rough cutf a film just so i know what they've been doing or i'll see the first episode of each otheeasons but then i lo terest. >> you basically said you're readto retire,o something brand new with your life. >> yeah. >> why not? >> what's the next ing. >> i don know. >> when you do come back and tell us. >> will. follow the amazing adventures of jessi lange.
10:42 am
nice to see you. lovely ok. special vetans day performance by lady antebellum. >> sarah palin pen as new book on christmas rightfter this. ta-da! whoa. ♪ showtime. agh! there's me! there's me! there's me! ♪ boom. ohhhh! ♪ l'oreal introduc newfect. voluminous butrfly mascara. l'oreal's revolutionary asmetric brush instantly
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with nothing else added. meals are simp better with a dollop of daisy. ♪ do a dollop of daisy
10:45 am
10:46 am
♪ > as a former mayor, govern, vice presidentl candidates, mo and grand mom, certain not much sarah palin hasn't done or seen. >> now sarah lin the author can add another book. this one is calle "good tidings and great joy. well, well welcome. how are you? >> thank youo much. >> we just got through halloween and wee onur way to thanksgiving and tn there's christmas. tell us why this book? it not reall your touchy happy christmas bo. >> it's not a political lecture either because mixed in with steps to take to prote the heart of christmas and protect our constitutionall protected freedom of expressing faith we have some really jolly chris
10:47 am
tradition and recipe all kind of mix in the. it's imperative americans feel elmowered to take a stand to prect their fth and to not let say some angry atheist armed with an attorney tell us that we can't express what it is that we believe . m speaking of any faith. all faiths. >> you've seen some changes in stor wmart and target where holiday trees were replace by the term christm trees and you docunt in the book somethinelse interesting -- >> se people ms that. that's why we celebrate it to begin th. >>t's important that it's n marginalized. it leads to an erosi of part of america's foundation ife were to just sit back and let that happen. >> wasn't sure what the book would be like and there was a peonal story in there that struck me that wa in there and it talked about how you and todd react whenour daughter came t you and said she was pregnant in high school and how you --
10:48 am
>> stl. >>ow did you react and describe how tod did. >> i wrote about it in the book becausnow five years later i feel a little t freer to express candidly h it is that someone i reacting t earth shattering news and it was earth shattering to us. here she w the governor's daughter and it wn't supposed to happ. but i reacted in a way that just, automatically assumed well you're goi to get married then, honey. you two are going to take responsibility for this child. and todd, his rction was, hey, already have an issue going let's not compod the issue or problem by forcinger or really encouraging r unnecessarily into marrying somebody who wasn't going to turn out to be right person spsorship todd was right, i was wrong. i talk about that in the book humbling yoursf anddmitting when you're wrong is an important part to progress.
10:49 am
>> for all of us, left, right, midd, nothi, christian, atheist, muslim. we have to be caple of being wrong and sang i'm sorry. >> that' part of the heart of christmas that humbleness those who believe in jeep sues a a savior having come as a humble baby in amang. ifhat's our belief we have a constitutional right to express it and celebrate it and that's why it's imrtant. >> interting things in your book, the recipes, the personal stories, stories about christmas but we want t thank you for coming to see us. >> where your spending christmas >> way up there in alaska. you girls should come on up. we'll take you snow machining and. >> mobiling. >> with todd. grt to see you. a performance o thelaza by seven time grammy winning try 0 lady antebeum. >> but first this is "today" on
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>> a perrmance b grammy winning groupady antebellum. >> tomorrow we'll announce our teacher of the year conference winner. >> and hoda tells us who inspired her the most. >> hers lady an tebellum singing "downtown." >> all ght, new york city put your hands together. you ready? ♪
10:54 am
♪ well allhe parties on the streets are talking store front mannequins sleeping inights ♪ ♪ we useto smoke while we were jay walking lik it was your birthday every other saturday night ♪ ♪ knew the bds so we never paid our cover ♪ ♪ wrote our names on the bathroom tiles ♪ ♪ w never dressed to impres all the others ♪ ♪ they would lets in o our laid back kind of style ♪ ♪ but boy you know it's bean wild ♪ ♪ i don't kno why you don't take me downtown like you got anhere better to be ♪ ♪ talk it up and give me the go round round like good time tease ♪ ♪ i'm only counting on your ncellation ♪ ♪ when i should be counting on you at my door ♪ ♪id you forge about how we went around ♪ ♪ i don't kno why you don't takee downtown any more♪ ♪ oh any more
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take me downtown like you got anywhere better to be ♪ ♪ talk it up a give me the go round roundike a good time tease ♪ ♪ i'm only counting on you cancellation ♪ ♪ when i should be countg on you at my door ♪ ♪ did you forget about how we went around♪ ♪ i don't know yu d't tak me downtown any more ♪ ♪ downtown new york city ♪ any more ♪ yea don't kno why you don't take me downtown ♪ ♪ i don't know yu don't takee downtown anyore ♪ ♪ i just d't g it
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>>good morning, everyby. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> good morning. i'm marla tellez. it is veterans y, a tim to remember and honor those who country. still do serve our christie smith is live i richmond with look at some of the events today. good mning. >>eporter: good morning to you. we have three very different veteransay events going on the east bay. we're at one now. i can hear sinng going on in the background. i also had a chanc to talk to some veterans. this ent just getting underway right now. this is at the red oak victory ship in richmond which is


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