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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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$10,000 aear to keep it in place. could student voices be heardif this was in their school? >> theseensors a detecting gunshots d gunshots only. they only triggeon an impulse of an event. >> reporr: in other words, a veryloud bang kind of like how technology hopes to disrupt cris in the future. sst confirming they e in talks with several bay are school districts about putting shot spotter technology inside individual schools, but they say so far no takers. a santa clara neighborod is returng normal tonight ter a manhunt. police surrounded a hom around 90 a.m. this morning. they were responding to a 9
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call about a particuburglary. homesext door were evacuatd. other neighbors were told to stay indoors. the suspect was eentually taken into custody around 2:15 in the afternoon the flames are out, but the impact a the damage continue to linger. the fire broke ouyesterday. it cld be seen for miles across the y area. parts of three countsere instructed to take shelter. you can see it istill hazy outside. this was impted a lot of people andheenvironmen chase cain is near the port of redwood city with the details. >> rorter: the sary thing for anne who may have breathed in the smoke is we still can't tell you exactly what in it. the fir deparent says they can't be sure.
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the company says they're n sure wh was burning. thre are still questions to b answered. nearly 17 hours. that's how long the fire raged in redwood cy sending three couies.kento parts of >> it stings and burns yr es a little bit. you can fl it. it is almost like smoggy outside. >> reporte wearing masks last nighat this tutoring center may not have been an ovrreaction. they sll cannot be se exactly what was burning. they sayhey think paint, asti plastis, and other parts of cars and apiances were on fire. that's theind of stuff that burned. plume of smoke that's gng on
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and burning for hours on end, w are concerne about any of the emicals that might be getting into the water. >> reporter: the senior -- measured levels well aove 100 yestday because of the smoke.n floating in ts >> that can cause cancer and reproductive ha. they can contaminate the food these pollutants in theld leave environment r years to come. >> reporter: they take things like this very riously. that's why they have upgraded me of their fire systems just in the past cple o years. those upgrades oy came because
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of violations at this veryame facility. we e liveere in redwood city. > the typhon has swpt over etnam and is finally losing strength as it moves overchina. as many as 942 people are confirmed dead,275 confirmed missing the philippines. today u.s. marines devered fd, water, andenerators to th pele of the philippes. the storm hit three days ago but t scene is ill cotic and tragic. authorities say they are survivors disparaesperate for supplies. fundraisers we held all across
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the country. >> it's so sad whas happened to the people. they lost evething that they have. >> many red cross offices are offering a service called "tracinfamily." here in the bayarea, people are trying to help. members of the national alliance of philippine concerns gathered this morning. some members colleed donations for the cause. many of the worried about the government in the plippines ility torovide essentials. >> it is just simple instructionto ensure the availabili of water. water is the number one. water, dicine, and food. >> if you want to learn more about how you can help he victimslog on to our website,
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nbcbayareacomnd search typhoon relief. soany of us are honoring those who hav served in the mility. presidentobama placed a wreath on the tomb of theunknown. day he got his wish toeet mr.obama. it's a special day not just for veterans, but so for t families of veterans. san jose host one of the largt and oldest veterans day pares in the cotry. a 95-year-old tradition, but are the probm that could bring an end to thistradition. >> reporter: thatroblem is money. you add u the cost of puttin on this parade with police acting as securitand permits d the cost gets pretty high. as high as $100,0.
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so the days mht be numbered for this parad because mone is they've beeniring off their guns for many years. >> i likthe parade because we get to see all the people that serve oucountry. >> reporter: but the sanjose annual veterans day parade i in trouble. funding for the eve is getting harder toome . >> it costs us money. $100,000 year to put this thing on. >> reporter: t presiden of the united veterans council is havi to rely on donors each ar. million so i'll he $100,000 for the nextive years.
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>> we really need after this parade to work with the counity to trto find a way to fundhis parade so we can keept going. >> reporter: the mayoreems optimisti. >> t cost is always an issue, but we'l make it happen again. >> repoer: t army song might ve to be replaced with taps. you might rell san jose's holiday parade. one of the largest holiday parades in the country. it stopped. the rean? money. it is a reflecte and teaching moment for all generatis. in the east bay about 50 boy suts and membe of the liance club visited a cemetery. theylaced american fla on the grave sites of se of the
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veterans. the scos said they were proud to be part of today's special remembrance. a family of a soldier killed in the vietn war today got an honor after 43 years, his family and fellow soldiers petitioned the army to honor him. today the ceremony accepted the purple heart on his behalf. >> he w a great guy. his unit.ved by all the guys in if anybody deserve this honor, it would be my brother. along with family, his former company coander and some soldiers attended today's ceremo ceremony. the cmander says the awa was 43 year ovdue. > the battle brewing in one
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bay area neighborhood. the loophole thatome say could leave them homeles. also -- ergency drills are undery. i'll sw you why cal trans says this will be o of the safest tunnels in the world. it's shaping up t be one of the driest years on rerd, but ficials have aplan. what they want to do up in the clouds. we are acking an apoaching storm system. we'll let yo know who has the best chance of owers coming up inhat forecast.
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that is great news for away and mmuters. countdown for the tunnel is
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underway. jody hernaez isat the new tunnel. jody, this is one of the final hurdles to getng the tunnel open, but reallymportant one for people who drive through it. >> reporter: iis a biggie. it will easy traffic along you're looking at the back of it as we sak. it st first pass through a slew emergenc drills with flying colors. to test out all the n safety featur in the fourth flr of this sulated car fir in this ate of the art tunnel. better lighteing, beter stand pipe systs. better call boxe. better escape hatches.
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>> reporter: a rl car fire in one othe existing -- a week and aalf ago spent eight people to th hospital. if a similar siation happened in the new tunnel, motoris would haveeen able to escape much quicker. >> you'll have people evacuaingg and going to a safety zone. >> reporter: escape routes and better snage on t of this state of th art detection safest tunnels arond.of the it is almost set to open. if algoes as planned, the tunnecould open as early as monday, but first itas to pass thse emergency drills.
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those are heduled. ift all goes well, it could open a early as monday. i'm jody hernandez, nbc bayrea news. the troubled ambulance serve in santa clara countys one less probl tonigh. workers have voted to acept a new contract rural metro ambunce service for response time penalties. then they declared banuptcy. theew contract gives them higher y and safety improvemen improvements. the company is in the middle of five-year contract. it is a stunner. going from $800 a montho more than1100. allf it happenedovnight. the battle playing o along the split.ine jus south of the 280
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>> report: a large number of mobile home park are senior citizens on a fixed income. many of them telling me that this was their dream home d many of them fear they cld be homeless soon. they got a letter last month from the property owr telling them the rt fs may b more an double next year the majority of the homes are being rented. only 15 are privately owd. me homeowners are fighting back. >> my rent would go to 2400. we'dave to leave our home. >> rent increases are necessay
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in the marketplace to allow for e kinds o improvements we have made torotect the par and its residents. >> reporter: those improvemes include this $1.5 millionea wall. a heang won't takelace until the beginning of the year. what should be california's ray season is instead becoming a live look at san jose on your left. little or no rain in your forecast. the state wter resources department is turning to cloud seeding. silver iodineill be inserted into clouds encouraging snow fli flakes. at should boostalifornia's
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snow pack which should increase wate reservoirs. we jus need some ran. >> we do that's somethin we've been calling for over and over aga. we do have a storm system approaching. i also wantou to pause and take a moment and look athe bottoof your screen. that's our brand-w scrolling seven-day forecast soou don't haveo wait anymore. not only for yur cit but all the cities across the bay area. it's got a huge bch of isture all the way o to the we're finding that cloud cover increasing and a few returns offshore 're going to be tonight. very closely for let's take a look right now at th current conditns. you'll notice that cloud cover increasing all throughout the bay. temperatus in the upper50s to about 60.
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it definite does feel like a storm syem is on the way. ke a look at how gy it is with currently degrees in the east bay. wt you're going tfind here in the south bay, cloud cover ays. mperatures starting off in the mid 50s. and mostly sunnykies.ght near 70 we'll take you across the peninsula. low 60 cloudy here. its going to be on the cler side, but n expecting a huge rainstorm at thi point. san francisco,temperaturs in the low 50s. we hav a chae of showers for you. by afternoon hours, it ill clear out. this is wherehe best at 11:00 p.m. tonight.ll be look at some of the warmt we are down across the triarea with
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low 70s a mostly sunny skies. it is across the north bay where we do have that best possility of swers. it is not much, but just a ttle bit of green is signaling by 7:00 a.m. for morrow, that's when we'll seehe best chance of showers coming our y. for e east bay and south bay, pretty muc nothing athis point. let's g a look at how d it has been acros the bay area. we just talked about it in the story before weather. you're going to be ae to say are down here. 1 to 2 inches we in santa rosa, currently we are down 18 inches. back across the east bay, anywhere from 8 to aut 9 inches below. untain view numbers are down 8 inhes. san jose, those numbers are down about 8 ches.
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let's look at the microclimate forecast. noh bay, the best possibility in the uer 60s.he tperatures eastbay, m to upper 60s a well. 70 in pleasanton and in livermore. pretty much everyone at thi pnt in the north bay will have that possibility. the rest o the microclimates in here. low 60sor tomorrow. throughout the peninsla. palo alto will be the warmest with 68. a quick look at we round things ouat that weekend foreca. temperares will go up just a litt bit. low 70s in san jose. untain view expecting 1. bestossibility of showersill be thenorth bay at this point. still to come, the new service amazon was offering to
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up next, a lifelong drem fulfil fulfilled.
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hundreds of thousands of people vit san jose's winchester mysteryhouse each year. now one michigan man came to see the winchester rifles on display. offered the chance to visit
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anywhere in the country by the group, a wi of a lifetime, he chose the winchester mansion. watson is voted winchester fan and knows each model well. >> oh, i do. i've see it all and fired it l. i've been doing it since i was 14. i'm theackside of 80 right now. >> watson couldn't get enough of his favorite subject. enrich the lives of seniors,to the whole reason the doors go nowhere is she thought her house was hated. >> makes you conse the ghosts, so to speak >> stil going to do that one. >> thanks for joinings here at
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5:00. nightly news is next with brn l.llia. ars of 10,000 dead ione city alone amid other devastation in the philippines. tonight an increingly desperate siation as the world now responds. our teams there tonight. inside the srm. why this one w particularly ferocious, shreddingearly everything in its path a raising new questions about e increasing destructionf these storms. and the emotional salute this vetans day. the rviving numbers of jmy doolittls raiders come together one last time. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. tonight the world is responding a


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