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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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good evening. >> one of the busiest fire stations in the bay area. tonight we investigate w firefighters callt the cancer station. 's an unusual label. we're asking san jose for accountability. we are joined with the results of a six-mon investigation. a lot of concern about the
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history and the thelt health of ese firefighter pp. >> for more than a decade man have given that label to the firestatio we investigate it in the city of san jose. >> there is no cure for my cancer. >> mike has multiplemyoloma. >> what's the reputation? >> two wor come to my mind. a dp and pla to go get cancer at. know if kwou work at that that station long enough you'llome down with cancer >>ick has gallblder cancer. >> my life has changed. it will nevere thesame. >> they are two vetan both retired and both figing for their lives. both spentime working for
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statio five. they want the cy t explore why station 5 h ened the unusual reputation as theancer stion. >> when you work at 5, you can't wait to get out to go to some other station. >> anybo can remember a friend that had die of cancer who h worked at staon 5. >> jose was one of the most trusted peopleñr i had ever knn. >> i looked atñiim and i said you're coming home to die. >> reporter: melissa broke that news to her 8-year-old n. her husband died in august o last yea two mornt months after doctors diagnosehim with an aagreesive form ofcancer. >> just i a quick moment' time. he was gone. became a single mom with three
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kids. >> reporr: jose martinez died just two weeks after melissa gave birth toheir twin girls. >> knowing wt you now know about station 5, do yo wonder >> it lingers. it linge in the bacof my mind. i wonder. >> reporte martinez, cunningh and warde are part of arowing list of firefiters diagnosed with cancer and having fire station 5 on their resume. during t past six months dozen have been interviewed tryg to derstand the foundation of station 5's repution. we found at least 16 station 5 fifighters diagnosed wit cancer. >> scientifilly looking at it from a technical point of view consequence of being at this a
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fire station? probab not. >> dr. mike wilson directs and serves as lead invest gaer. >> couldou say there were exsures that happened at this fire station that ctributed to the development of cancer? that plausible. >> connecting cancer tohe fire station is extremely difficult. cancer clusters in genal are rare. several san josei%%ñfighters are not limitedo cancers. they also point t a series of environmenl exposures ding more than a dede. >> the reputation i it was a dirty pl#ç to work. it's place to stay away fro if you cod. if you worked thçre you would be expose ed to things you wouldt
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be at other stions. >> they raised concerns about air quality and the management districtas determined stion 5 locationed in a toxic a ntaminant zone. several air quality studies not identified any harmful ve levels of ntamination. perhaps the greate concern center on the belief tt station 5xd resnds to more high risk chemical fireshan any other statn in the ci. >> d you know of firefighters whhave said i woept wo at ation 5? >> yh just because of the hazards. >> are those cncerns credible?ñi >> i think they are worthy of attention sfwlp the city cently ards concerns bypending more than a many dollars b redeveloping the facilitfacilit.
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concerns go eper. >>t would be nice if t city would step up and admit there s a problem there. >> i itçó acceptable fothem not to investigate what may hav causedour cancer? >> no. especially when it can be prented in the city. >> is incumbent for e city to respond. >> formerirefighters dealing with cancer have encouraged you to sit in frontf the cancer and say somethi needs to be done here, agree? >> i agree. >> ruben torr spent time working at station 5. after raising concerns, the chief has asked theity to te a closer look >> shouldour fire department track canrs andook at what's >> station 5? that's without a doub if there's anything we can do to track and stop at, to never put a name on the wal that says
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cancer or catch it early enou, absolutely. >> you heard it there. san se will track cancer with firefighters. the experts say connecting cancer directly to stati 5 is real lg shot but they agree there' danger in a datase showing fires they fought and exposure to carcinogenics. >> some serious questions you've raised a call or send us ane-mail.e us tonight, there's sll coerns about air quality. hazards smoke over thr bay counties.
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hours. burned for nrly 1 th company is sti not exactly sure what caugh fire, but it may include panint, plasts along wh carpet and appliances. the smoke could have an effect on air and water qualityor years to come. new tonight at 11:0 san jose police bust three people following a violent crime spree than spaed seral wes. offers say ty are accused of carjacking, kidnappg and robbery. they ran a prostitution operation out of a san jose motel st month. that's whenhey robbed at gun point. they held up a pizza man. authorities al believe they roed a bank. w to the developing story the philippine a u.s. aircrt carrier and other ships are headeto the
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the survivors of the philiines are gettg separate. more than 1,000 pple tried to force their ways onto plane that were deliving aid a an airport i one of the hardest there areeports of looting as well as many people struggled to find a basic cessity. e government confirmed 1700 people wer killed by this storm. officials eect that number to skyrocket to more than ,000 ople. >> it is hetbreaking. that why so many people i the bay areaant to help in those relief efforts. >> they are organized a masse relief effort. students will beginathering supplies tomorrow. reporter: that's right. there was a korean boy band concert that just let out. they are hoping for a lot of people tomorrow morning in front of the event center for a relief effort that begin tomorrow and goes for three day binning
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with students asking other studen to help out the vicms of typhoon iyan. just days after typhn haiyan turned the ctral philippines into a pile of rubble and chaos, getting the families in need are a huge struggle. >> what to do now? >> reporter: not willing to and by and do nothing, five student ornizations are working with the bay area non-profit, project pearl, the lbc car company and the philipnes red cross to get od and suppls to the victims. >> is helping the victims with the aftermat of the storm. >>eporter: he's taemg up wh fraternities and sororities. th pubc can drop o survil itemincluding can goods, baby medicine and food. >> they don't have food,ater
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and shelte everything wean givehem to help them out. >> reporter:t's these horrible images of the devastation that's driving them to help andake a difference. love to help out on and mak re everyone back home i doing okay. will begin a 11:00 tomorrow morning. if you want to know more about this be, you can go to our website,nbcbayarea.c. if you'dike to donateash and donate t other relief organizations, we have a list of those also. live at san jos state tonight. >> to many people interested in helping. we're getting a fsthand look at what firefighter go through. is is the helmet camera on a firefighter. you can see the flame of this home.ñi battling this house fire w difjult because it was on a steep hillside.
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not yju the fmes but also the smoke. one person suffereinor burns. dozens turned out to honor all veterans but e 6800 personnel o died in iraq and afghanistan. one wavet told uls he feels a bond was alleerved in t military. >> i don't know anybody that i know. i knowhere they were. i know what they did. i've done the same thing. i'm walking here. i'm with them. >>ith the final u.s. combat soldier expected out of afghanistanext ye, the future remains uncertain. organizers are hoping it wl become a permanent memorial. good evening.
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are tcking rainfall just offshore right now. we'll have details on who has the best chanc for the possibility of a few showers coming up. > also check your refrigerator. the recall at trader joes. the high-ch tool can alert police of a school shooting within secon. wishes to be bat kid. patient make aish asking for volunteers to make that dream come true. details of bat kid's special day, coming up.
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hi tech tool that fights crime y help take down a school shooter as well. technology is bng used byops across the bay area it ales officer almost instantly en a shot is fired and let them know the location the police can track down the gunman fast. it could prove valuablen schools to alert police to a shooter on campus in school. >> just like our out door system where we put a map. we will put a dot on map so you'll know the first sts particular room versus another part of the room. >> now the technology cos abt $,000 to install in a scho. the companyells us it is in talks with several bay area schools. your healthy salad could make your sick. be warned if you shop at trader joes. a polar line of fool has been recalled. glass onion caterg makes
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severakinds of sal adds. chick an ham are linked to a e. coli out break. 23 people in three states have gotten sick. avoid e delikh whitehicken clublub wrab. the grilled chicken and frern shopped salad with grilled chicken. you'll find details about two other notable recalls including baby food by plum organic and recall of diet pills. those pills can cause live damage. expectant moms lace uphose working t while pregnant boosts baby's brain.
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canaan vernls found it's good foraby as well. they had more mature brains than babies born to less active moms. the question is how long d the benefits la. his wish is to be a soup r hero a young canceratient is catching the hrts of people around the world. >> tusands of peop have signed up to help for t day full of surprises with bat d. >> reporr: bat kid. ttle 5-year-old miles. he has leukemia. he tells the folks over at make a wish, he wishes toe that d. friday he is in for one super hero of a da the director of make a wish isn't kiddin she st an e-mail in october
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asking for hel tning san francisco into gotham city. the e mail went vil. now thousands are signedp to he. >> people are signedin i'm overwhelme >> reporte bat kid will be called into action on friday.ñi he will fo a bank robbery all while having lch. a call of bad kids will help stop a kidnapping. so many people have rscpedo help. >> not too many people want to help those kids. >>eporter: she has a young cousin be canc. >> veryheartbreaking. this is pretty ood cool to .
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miles and his dreams are sonating with people around the world. >> my cal for help is being answered in big y. >> you can buyat kid t-shirt to support make a wish. an a profit that's usedo digging deep to mak dreams come true. this time it'sçó a communi effort. obviously we'll never replicate those. this is wom and time when something goes viral a the city comes along. his last stop wille at 2:00 at city hall where the mayor is expected to give a ceremony. 10,000 people. at's my favorite story of night. >> let'set a look now.
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we are stillracking the storm the rain is frustratingly close. it's just about 150 mes to the noh that we're seeing som of those heavier ones. about threeours ago we did have a fñr passing showers and a cole of grain drops. that's about it at ts hour. let's take you into that current condition. what you'll be able to see is the coldest weather in the nor pace. allocl as we tak youn a sneak peek at tomorrow's forecast, fowwe'l find the coolest weather throughout san fraisco and for the north bay as well. let get your first forecast in here. tomorrow morning it will start
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off cloudy. 70 b the amp. sunny sks. we'll havehe incrsing suhine for the me nins la as well. san francisco does have a sligh chance of showers at 6: a.m. the amp youl get in on a mix with sun. we'll see a check chance of showers about :00 a.m. low 70s expecd wit an awesome day in the forecas all of that w eth off to the rth. atñr sa huned more miles off to th south weould have had a lot more rainfall. how much are we looking at east bay and south bay just trace amoun at is point.
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let's get that micro climate focast in here. 69 in danville. pr the east bay numbers from 65 to 70 expect in walnut eek. not onlyapping but pretty much everyone expecting thañi possibility of showers. bring a jackets inñ)háhe foreca. let's bring you up to date to our other microclimat terks. and mostly jose at weekend forecas is always in view. we'll have mostly sunny skies. walnut cream 74. it wil be winds biltding at the coastline d for the high today you canlp see t future cast
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del is pinpointing we could see wind gusts upv 40 miles per hour. 'll continue to track that. the rest of theorecast all the me at by the way, that is your kro kroepinkroe kroepikroe seven-y forecast. comingup, dramatic new video as a state troor chases suspects on a freey overpass back in a moment. i wa you to know stuff i don't. i want you.
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boom. that's when the trooper tries to grab h and the both fall. the trooper lef the hospital
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last week. police are not releasing details on the suspecs injuries thgh. popular talk show host.h damon drbruce can coming back t work. he was suspended for making derotory comments about wom during his show last thursday he made national news after his on air rant. he said a lot of sports have lost i way because womenre giving direction. out ranl listeners and adverte ters called and e-iled with cplaints. sours have confirmed he will be back on air tomorw afternoon. up next, is it collin kaeperniccapperolin kaepernick's fault? the lovely, talented kelly
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clarkson is here. lyle loveett. wh our little girl was born,
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we got a subaru. it's where she said her first we goword.ubaru. (little gi) no! saw her first day of school. made a best frnd forever. the back seat of my subaru where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. irl) what? (announcer) motor end's two thousand fourtee sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru a loof questions for the 49ers. do ave any answers he?
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>> reay head sctcher. colin kpernick has his worst ting as a starter. jim harbaugh refusing to place e blame solely o cap. >> offensily we dn't play well enough toñrin the game. it's not going to go through guy sacked position by positn raking anybody over the coals. offensively not getng into a rhythm therend moving the ll. we didn't py well enough. camep short. done on the fid.n't get it play maker hosts the celebritye dinner amorton's steak house. that'sool. get me basketball. u at stanford. still basng in the glow of that win. stanford down nine.
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byu scored a ton. up by 15 in the second half tyler had 31. how about the women? number one uconn. cardinals do 20. thr leah hetley gets one. that's sports. more news after the brk. [ male announcer ] you cachange your tomorrow
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it's only available in los angeles and new york. 's planned to roll out to more ties next ar. >> you'll wa to be in the bay christmas gifts early?r >> i'm goingo hand deliver them. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see youack here >> bye-bye.
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