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tv   Today  NBC  November 12, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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>>nnouncer: from nbc news, this is "today" wi kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from rockefeller aza. hello, everydy. we're so happy you're joining us today. it's monday, november 11th and it's veterans day. >> a lot of peop are home today. really glad to get an opportunity to salute ou trps. men and women all over the world that every one of us woke up in freedotoday because of their sacrificand their service an when lady antebellumas singing "the star-spangled bner."
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i was just crying in the makeup room >> iwas great to see the plaza full of veterans. we he sarah palin with us. we have jessica lang with us. >> makes me miss my daddy l the more. he was a 20 year veteran of the navy who only bathing he ever did in his who life that i ow about, lied about his age. >> he did? >> on pearl harbor dayo he could join the navy and serve his country. i' forgiven him many times since. >> there nothing that beats a great union especially around the veterans day time. there was this family fromorth carolina and they were at a football game. they did one of the things where your dad wld like to give you a message. all th kids were looking up to see their dad.
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let's take a loo >> yr dad is home. he's home for go. >> so they can get aessage to him overseas. all of a sudden, here comes dad. >> ladies and gentleme thanks to the siegler family anthe rvice to our country. and he's home for gd. >> his last deploynt. >> the family ce again united on homecing day. oh, my god. >> wow. >> you could watch tse every single day. retiring from the navy after 2 yearof service. >> nfl igetting in the mood. i ve one of those but i can't find it. thank u for that. it comesn handy when you watch those reions. >> you can buy this nfl stuff, there's a towel. >> y know what else wre going to do? >> what?
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>> ery year maybelline has kisses for the troops. what you do -- tre's a booth in times sare. you do this. you kiss it. a postcard. then you sign it. >>ine was good. >> didou smear? >> wow, hoda. >> mine are ick. >> she's a good kisser. >> the cards will be delivered to troops at 51 remo outposts in afghanistan and you can send a virtl kiss online, go to >> we want to int out our hearts and prayers are out to folks in thehilippines or folks that have lod ones ere. that typhoon there was a monster stor they tnk 10,000 people died there. >> sustained winds of 195 miles per hour a gusts up to 215, 230. >> i think that, you know, for those of us who have been rough sandy or katri it's
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hard to believe that something wod pale in comparisonut this one did. go to if you want to know how thelp. there's a lot ofreat chities. >> you know what made me so proud and immediately one of our ships was turned around, go straight there and be the rst to be there to serve. >> they got all nds of food and suppliesnd stuff for the people there. >> keep them in your prayers. >> you were very busy this weekd. >> it was l good. it's all good. thursday night went down to billy graham's 95th birthday party. and it was scial. it was very, very special. thiss a man who has meant a great deal in myife. i think there's something on wednesday our show owednesday thate're all talking about the different people that have touched thr lives and nobody has touched mine more than billy has. >> must ha been great to be the for his 95th. >> i'm still crying about it. i'm still very etional about
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it. you'll find out why wednesday. then i went downo dallas to visit glenn ck. controversial guy that i've grown to know que a bit over the last few years he has a brandew book out. sure to icit all kinds of sponse. almost has a warnerrothers movie set wn there. that for our show on the 19th. was kind enough to do my podcast this wednesday. so i wasusy, busy. >> you were. i sn't, okay. i sat and watched "l and order" reruns," killing kennedy" and i went to a rugby game. that's the only picte i can show you because i don't know what was going on at the game. >> looks like nobody was on there. they were at the otr end. they don't wear pads. it's an aggressive, sexy ge to watch. >> iold you. >> they are just -- it's just there's noot dogs because the
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guys are all into this as a team they areun to watch. they're all in the scrum and doing whathey do. >> that's like their huddle. >> i knew the word hugby. rugby. but i had ner seen it. frank and i weren england f something and all of a sudde he's watching rugby game on tv ani'm going whoa. you can see th. they don't have helmets on or any stuff. >> no pads. >> their bodies are azing. >> they are ramming into each other d all men. it's exciting. >> hoda loves it. >>e thought you could e a good laugh. this may provide it foyou. there's somethincalled the brittania awards and sha baron cohen was there. so selma introduced him and there s an elderly woman ia wheelchair and they explained she worked with charlie chaplain when he was 5 yes old. she wathe onlyerson still alive who wathere during that very special moment. here's what happened.
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>> this is charlie's actual ca om "city lights." this is for you. >> thank you. >> grace carlington is the oldest -- sorry was e oldest surviving actor work with
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chaplin. >> nobody wahurt. turns t she was a stunt won. anywaythat worked. i was terrified. >> i would havfallen for that until i heard her voice. because it wasot an old voice. >> i know old voices. >> this is too funny for words. 's a new product. not our favote thing because it's bnd new to us. this is bacon dedorant. doou want your man to ell like a pig? >> it's designed specifically for people with active life styles for an all at scented protection to apply liberally underarms and private areas. >> can you imagineeople that apply th and then have dogs in their ho? >> no. >> let's see. t's see if we want to try th, hoda woman. >> get that plastic thing off.
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>> that was the real thing. i can'put it on the lip thg. i don't nt to dishonor our servicpeople. >> smell that. >> that's piggish. >> it's 9.99 [ pig noises ] >> there's a pr of jeans out there from brazil -- >> a they know rear ends >> they claim this beauty deni can redu cellulite on your thighs a legs. it uses manmade material that harnesses body heat,urns it into infrared rays, which creases the blood flownd then it sto cellulite from building up. >> he said he tested it for five yearsut medical experts say ere's no cure for cellulite. >> i'd try it in a second. >> do men have it?
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>> yh. >> they do? >> some. nofrank but i've seen it on some men. it's not on sale yet. there's no cure for cellulit they used to say that for other things. there's no cure yet. >> there's creams we've tried. >> maybe. >> favorite things. i'll do mine quickly. the helped me when i wched the rugby match. they are pcey. the best ear muffs i ever had. >>ou love these. >> they fit me. hello, not like a hat. they are cozy. they kept me so warm. these are ug. these are 75 bucks. they are pcey. if y want to splurge. >> we've been going to broadway for years. i felt i heardvery glorious voice knowto mankind until i heard this man's voice. this is amick bryan. he's he withs today with his beautiful wife, casey.
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can we crank iand listen? ♪ bring it home. >>e just has a glorious, glorious voice and you will love this c it's called "encounter." it's 8.99 at >> gat. >> you're going to love this cd. >> you guys have been asking about it. remember when we cut your pillow up and all the stuffin came out? >> because we heard from dr. oz - that there were feces inside from mites. >> fal pellets from mites. you're supposed toet rid of your pilloafter two years. thisas my favite plow that's over 20 years o. >> we sent to it lab and awaitingab results. we'll let you know what happens and whether or n you should get rid of your pillow every so often.
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>> ty're the sen-time grammy trio wh the golden sound. lady anteblum is here with a special veterans day performance. but first these messageshoda. could ve you fifteen perce or more on car insuran. yep, everybodynows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids werectually a mistake?
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uh-oh. geo. fifteen minutes could save yo.
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all right. ey don't need any inoduction at all becau lady antebellum has won seven grammys sold me than 11 millioalbums and have hit number onen the country char seven times. >> stop it. that's just showing off now. now they have a and new cd called "golden deloux." featuring "downtown" not the petula clark one. they'll ng it fors in a little bit. >> gat to see you guys othe cmas. that must be sh a thrill to be on stage there >> it wa >> it was. it was rlly fun. i want to hear you sg that petula clark version before it stted. ♪ when you're alone and life is
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making youonely you can always go dntown ♪ >> yours is fanttic. >> ours is different. >>ongratulations on thbaby girl. how old is she? >> 4 months old today. >> how is that going? >> has she been on tour. >> she's not been on the bus but she's been on planes. her first flight w to l. a. she d great. we took a stro through central park yesterday she's ving it. >> we start touring january so we will he her own family bus. for the first time we'lbe on parate buses. >> from the smell of booze to diapers. >> you had to change your whe tourlans around because this ltle excitement. >>e did. but you know what? 's been the most beautiful surprise and i can't imagine life without her. >> of course not, no. >> the gre thing about this cd it's a compilationf your mber one hits?
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>> what we did we had a little break, obvusly, this summer so we wrote se songs and found the song compass. we released the record and gone away all summeand felt we wanted to ha new material to fire the fans up. my baby is three weeks are old and the boys are coming over to write. >> writing and nsing. >> with e machine. >> you kn it. >> me fun than a breast mp. >> isn't it fun wahing what's happening to country music. used to be a nichy lite thin >> we tour aund the world. australia, europe, all over the world. they love cotry music. it's a great time for e format. >> must be so much fun to be in japan and see a wholworld of people that look very different all mouthing the wds to your songs in english. it's universal language. >> it for sure. >> go ahead. >> all right, i will.
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>> y know what's fun, guys, waking up and seeing these vets. sometimes i wake up and i wonder who is performin when i saw you guys it seemed ke the perfect fit. why was it important for you guys to here today on veterans day? >> gosh. i ink for everyone, it's such an impornt day and we need t celebrate d really say thank you to our servicemen and women past and present every day but it was rlly emotional. we sang the natial anthem and one of the lines, just lost it because you e all these men and women in uniform and they really understand the words i think a lot more than we ever cod. d it's just amazing. >> they undetand sacrifice, which so mucof what they do is sacrife. and it seems -- somemes you're tempted to look around the world and think at nobody gets it any more b there are those that do and they make all the difference in the wod to us. thanks you guys. >> thanks for comi to see us. thanks for singing the end the show.
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veterans day is all about honoring our heroes and this remarkable story tes you from thbattlefield to the baseball field. >> it's a story from the best selling author of the popur god wink series. itan be described as a life changing experience or an unexpected experience. >> in the 1970 as student group created prison of war bracelets to honor soldiers during the vtnam war.
2:28 am
many wore those bracelet's. >> but she had no idea how much th would mean 42 years later. >> it s 1971. i was a 16-year-old cheerlder in mount pleast, texas. i heard that psoners of war in vietnam we being tortured. thousands ofiles from home. i nted to help. i mped at the chance to buy $2.50 bracelet with the name of one of those p.o.w.s, colonel leo orsne. he became a family to me. i wore that bracelet and praye for him every day. after two ars we saw on tv he was releed. i thanked d and put away the bracet. fast forward 40 years. my husnd john and i were invited to an astros game. didn't want to go. i was tid and wanted to stay home but i'm glad i nt. i wasitting there when a of a sudden didn't i ard over the interc invited to throw out the first pitch was no other
2:29 am
colonel thornse. that's my p.o.w. i have to meet him. three weeks later anno luck finding him but then a young s a fe throws rep came through the aisles a i told my story. she escorted me to the oer's bo moments later bounding up the steps s the colonel. you had my p.o.w. bracelet he asked. i told him y, sir i prayed for u every night and started ying and all i couldhisper u were my hero and he looked back at me, no, you were my hero. that was my st god wink ever. >> that may be the best god wink i've heard. he's 81ears old, a granddad. maied for 60 years and believes lifis good because freedom totally surrounds him. what great story. >> sarah palin will beere with us in just a minute. jessica lange ll cast a spell on your kids.
2:30 am
>> and a new controvsy surrounding miley cyrus. all in the "hollywood buzz." another day another coroversy.
2:31 am
2:32 am
> we're back with more ready to get you caught up on "today buzz." >> miley cyrus sparked a controvey, yet again. here with all the spooks josh zepps. >> so what's up with miley? >> mtv emasere taking place in sterdam last night. >> amsterdam is aery, very conservative city. >> showed up wearing this bizarre outfit with an
2:33 am
anti-violence message. and she lit up a suspicious looking cigarette. >> totally legal in amsterda >> it's not totally legal. it's more permiive than he. take a look at that. >> thank you very mu. and on the u.s. version of th, they edited that piece out. >> so americanudiences didn't seit. i don't know wt her next act is. she's gone from twerkin to stripping and now sming drugs on stage. how is she going t shock us anymore? is she going to get up there and own a kitten, pee on a hobo? >> i hope she doesn't do either one. >> emin.
2:34 am
>> he was one of the oer standouts. e other standouts were -- just timberlake was nominated five times and dn't win a sile award. just bieber won best le. there weren't a huge ount of surpses. >> you mentioned justin and he had a hard timin brazil. >> i'm not going to cment on justin bier this morning. >> we talkedbout jessica simpson and she tweeted a picture ofer post baby body. >> if you're going to sign a al and say you're going to arn a certain ount of
2:35 am
weig, honor the deal. if i have to pay $4 million for sing weight, i would have a nursery of joshes running around. >> it's hard to lose that baby weight. >> good foher. you guys are crazybout this. they have green t the fifth season. the foth season will start january 5. it gets 11 million viewers a week in the uk. >> and now they have their own wine, too. downton abbey wine. people are hungy for th. >> the second season,t had be nominated for 27 emmys. the most emmy award non-amican show in history. and "thor" oned here.
2:36 am
did $31 million just on friday nit. mo movies would be happy with that. it did not bst last year's "skyll," the new bonfilm. >> did it do as good as the first "thor"? >> it dibetter. fans like it. >> tnk you for coming to see us. she's famous for going rogue. now sarah palin i taking on new fight for christmas. >> and jessica lang is here, right after this. ♪ always wanted to design bike that honored those who serve our cotry. and geico gave me thaopportunity. now naturally,
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as a star of television, film and broway, jessica lange is one of hollywood's most talented actresses.
2:41 am
her first academy award came in 19 in "tootsie". i loved that movie. 12 yrs later, she earned her second oscar. >> tse ds, she playing a witch on the hit tv showoven." >> deserved a better mother than i could ever he to be. i know the feeling. >> perhaps. perhs the tragedy will bring us closer together. >> i doubt it. you ar after all, the maid. >> oh. >> like it. >> jessica is a photograph, unic ambassador and now author who has written her first children's book called "it's about a little bird." >> thank you. >> you didn't sit outo write a children's book.
2:42 am
it came about ornically. >> i wanted to make handmade ok for my granddaughter, a story about em. and, you know, then went along and somebo saw it and said well, you kw, let me show it to somebody and then the ne thg you know it's out ere. it's on book slves and you're thinking wow. >> a little surprising. we were taing in the break you've been such a private person. i didn even know -- first of all yowere a grandmother. seems impossible. you still look azing. >> thank you. >> second of all you wld write about them so ndidly and show pictures phographs in your book are your very photographs and then you accented them with this beautiful lovely -- >> the processs a very old process. the hand tinting black and white years before there w color phography, of course, at's how yogot color into the photographs.
2:43 am
>> aren't they butiful? >> so, i mean it was a gre project to do because the photogras are, you know, over a couple of years me and then, you know, th are hand tinted to make them, you know, a little bit more vibra. i figured if is a children's book you can't have dark -- >> you got enough on that on "coven." >> what do they think ofhis? >> you know, i mean i think they are kind of tickled by it. i don't you know they don't spend too much time thinking out that. >> what ages are they now? >> they are 8 and 10 n. >>hey are up to other stuff. they're instagraming bieber and stuff. >> nthey are not doing tt. >> good for them >> ur television show rlly has gotten suca following. it's crazy. >> were you surprised by that? >> yeah. >> why? why you were?
2:44 am
>> i d't know who watches it. i'm not sure what the draw is of it to tell you the truth i don't know. i don't watch it so i'm not the best judge of it. >> i heard you say earlier you don't like to watch yourself. you rarely watch fished anything. >> i look at a work print, a rough cut of ailm just so i kn what they've been dng or i'll see t first episode of each of the seass but then i lost interest. >> you basically saiyou're ready to retire, do something brand new with your life. >> yeah. >> why not? >> what's the next thing. >> i don't kw. >> when you do come back and tell us. i will. >> follow the amazing adntures ofessica lange. nice to see you. lovely book. special veterans d performance by lady antellum. >> sarah pal pens a new book on christmasight after this.
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>>as a former mayor, gernor, vi presidential candidate, mom and grandmom, certainly not much sarah pan hasn't done or seen. >> now sarah palin the author can add another book. this one is called "od tidings and great joy." well, well, welcome. how are you? >> thank you so much. we just got throughalloween anwe're on our way to anksgiving and then ere's christmas. tell us why this book? it's not reallyour touchy feely happchristmas book. >>it's not a politicalecture either bause mixed in with steps to take to protect the heart of chrisas and protect our constitutionally protected freedom of expressing faith have some really jolly christmas tradition and recipes. all kind of mixed in there. it'smperative americans el empored to take a stand to protect their faitand to not let say me angry atheist arm withn attorney tell us tt we can't express what it is that we believe in.
2:50 am
m speaking of any faith. all fahs. >> y've seen some changein stores walmart and target where holiday trees were replaced by the term christmas trees and you document in the book. something else interesng -- >> some people miss that. that's why we celebrate it to begin with. >> it's important that it's not marginalized. it leads to an erosion of part of america's foundation if we were tjust sit back and let that happen. >> wasn't re what the book would be likand there was a personal sry in there that strucke that was in there d italked about how you d todd reacted when youdaughter came to you and said she was pregnant in high school and h you -- >> still. >> how did you react and deribe how todd did. >> i wro about it in the boo becausnow five years later fe a little bit freer express candidly h it is that someone is reacting to earth shatteng news and it was eth shattering to us. here she was the governor's
2:51 am
daughter and it wa't supposed to happen. t i reacted in a way that justautomatically assumewell you're going to get maied then, honey. you two are going to tak responsibility for ts child. and dd, his reaction washey, we already have an issue going let's not compoundhe issue or prlem by forcing her or really encouraging her unnecessarily into marrying somebody who wasn't going to rn out to be right person. soodd was right, i wasrong. i talk about that inhe book huling yourself and admitting when you're wrong is an important part to progress >> for a of us, left, right, middle, nothing, chrtian, atheist, muslim. we all have todmit we're capable ofeing wrong and sang i'm sorry. >>hat's part of the het of christmas thatumbleness those
2:52 am
who believe in jesus as savior having co as a humble baby in a manger. if that's our lief we have a constitutional right to exprs it and celebrate it and that's why it's important. >> interesting things in your book, the recipes, t personal stories, stories abo christmas but we want to thank you f coming to see us. >> where are y spending christmas? >> wayp there in alaska. you girls should come on up. we'll take you snow machining and skii. >> snow what eening? >> great to see you. >>a performance on the plaza by seven time grmy winning try 0 la antebellum. >> but first this "today" on nbc.
2:53 am
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♪ >> a performance by grammy winning group lady antebellu >> tomorrow we'll announce our teacher of the yr conference winner. >> and hoda tells us who inspired her the most. >> hers lady an tebellum singing "downtown." have a gat veterans day, everybody. >> god bless you all bye-bye. >> all right, new rk city put
2:57 am
your hds together. you ready? ♪ ♪ well all the parties on the streets are lking store front mannequins sleeping in lights ♪ ♪ we used to smoke while we were jay lking like it was your birthday every otheraturday night ♪ ♪ knethe bands so we neve paid our cover ♪ ♪ wte our names on the bathroom tiles ♪ ♪ we never dressed to iress all the others ♪ ♪ they wod let us in on our laid back kind of style ♪ ♪ but boy you know it's been ld ♪ ♪ i don't know why u don't take me downtownike you got anywhere better to be ♪ ♪ talk it up and givee the go round round like a gd time tease ♪ ♪ i'm onlcounting on your cancellation ♪ ♪ when i should be counting on you at mdoor ♪ ♪ did you forget about how we
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went around ♪ ♪ i don't knowhy you don't take me downtown any more ♪ ♪ oh any more ♪ i got some platforms sitting the corner ♪ ♪ they want to stroll oa city dewalk ♪ ♪ i got a dress that will show a littleh uh but you ain't getting uh uh if y don't come pick me up ♪ ♪ me off ♪ you might be tired but i'not ♪ ♪ and i don'tnow why you don't make me wntown like you got anhere better to be ♪ ♪ talk it up and give me the go round round like a good time tease ♪ ♪ i'm only coting on your cancellation ♪ ♪ when i should be counting on you at my or ♪ ♪ did you forget abt how we we around ♪ ♪ i don't know why you don't take me dotown any more ♪
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♪ i don't know whyou don't take me downto like you got ywhere better to be ♪ ♪ talit up and give me thgo rod round like a good time tease ♪ ♪ i'm only counting oyour cancellation ♪ ♪ when i should be counting on u at my door ♪ ♪ did you forget out how we went around ♪ ♪ i d't know yu don't takme downtown any more ♪ ♪ downtown new yo city ♪ oany more ♪ yea i don't know y you don't take me downto ♪ ♪ i don't know yuon't take me downtown any me ♪ ♪ i just don't get it
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[ applause ] >> i'm here to help. through this et tother. ♪


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