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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 12, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> new this morning, the 16-year-old boy accused of setting another teenar on fir on board an ac transit bus could enter a ple toy. what his family is saying about the shocking allegations this morning. >> t south bay universit stepping up to help out the victims of all that devastaon in tt typhoon that flatted rts of the phippines. 'll let you know what students at san jose state are now doing and ho you can hp out. >> plus, it's not your typical tuday. thspecial date causing thousands ofouples all over the countryo tie the knot. >> oh, yeah. love is inhe air. this is a spectular one. that is your bay bridge with the lights dancing for us. i like it when they turn on.
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it's tuesday, november 12t this is "today in thbay." >> it's4:31. good morning. happy see you. i'm jon kelley. >> good morning. i'marla tellez laura garc-cannon is off today. let's get straight to teorologist christinloren with a look at the forecast. good morni to you on this tuesday. >> hey, good morning to you. we'vgot plenty of 50s to start th day and your micro climates allhowing the same thing, mostly cloud conditions. i want to showou where the showers are coming through. we're goingo see more of this tivity throughout the day. mostly up in the north bay, looking pretty dry south of the golden gate brge. we'll letou know if your cy isair gameo see showers. firs let's check your drive. >> good morning. we'll start with a smey shot of the san mateobridge. we'll take tyou themaps, a clearer view. the dumbarton bridge.
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eabound coming offhe dumbartobridge there is closure,he connector off 84 getting onorth and southbound 880 are closed right now for nstruction. th may last unt 6:00 a.m. so about that. mightot have known they have that closed for the ramp change through the area. on the peninsula side things are movingsmoothly. looking atremont a the mission boulevard interchange, the second spot for constructi, north and southbound 880 has spots for consuction. the sohbound side you see the truck moving ther just reopened. the northbound se may be an sue. off 680 mission a pblem with construcon. >> we'reollowing breaking new in the east ba fi crews are mopping up aft complex fire that forced 15 people out o their mes. this is hapning on whitman near mission street and 880 in hayward no. one wa hurt in the this moing.oke out about 2:45 the cause is under investigation. ourob redell is on his way to
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the scene. he will bring us live rept as soon as he gets there. >> also this morning three peop now in jail accused of gog on aiolent crime spree spanning several weeks in san officers say the three are all accused of carjacking, kidnapping and robbery. instigators say the three ran a prostitution operation out of a s jose motel. this happed last moh, where they aegedly rbed a customer at gunpoint. police say the three held up a pizza delivery man, knapped him and finally released him afr terrozingim with a gun. authorities believe the three also robbed a bank in san joaquin coty. accused of setng another teen on fire set to enter a plea in court this morning. richard thomas has been charg as an adult accused ofighting sasha flshman's clothes on fire aboard an ac transit bus. according to crt papers thomas
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did it because h was quote homophobic. his fami says he is not a hateful person. her child ideifies as gender neutral. the high scho senior from berkeleyas wearing a skirt when he was set on fire as he was sitting o a bus. fleishn remains in the hospital in stable condition. >> also expected in court ts afternoon, 49ers star aon smith. our unit first told you he is scheduled to be arrgned on the felony weaponscharges. police found the semautomatic rifl in his home during a part he hosted. smith facing a dui charge for a september crash and will face another jue next ek. the lebacker did rurn to the team after rehab last week and helayed sparingly in the 49ers ss to the panthers onunday. >> 49ers raider - and raider player kwame harris to be
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sentenced. harris also a stanfd alum is right now facing a year in pron up to a yr in prison but the court says he will obably only get about0 days in county jail wh probation. s charges stem from a fight in the parking lotf restaurant which happene with h ex-boyfriend last year. the fight s said to be ove tae manns. it's 4:35. student protesters pn to attend the board of regents meeting to demandhe remal of janet napolitano. thboard is meeting in san francisco at noon. proteste say they will be there as well for a rally outside the buding. they say her work napolitano's work as former homeland security for this position.r a poor fit proteste are also expected to make their voices heard during afternoon.ment later this today's board meeting focus on
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the university budget. >> new this morning garbage workers on the peninsula are threatening to strike about 100 drers,lerical negotiations.nvolved in labor all three of the curre contractwill expire byhe end of the year, a meeting between union members a south bay recyclings set for today. it provides garbage collection for several peninla cities including menlo park, belmont and redwood city. you avoideing bothered by help panhandlers begging for money. th council considering pasng a law banning people from being within 50 feet of a bank or atm. concord policehey say they were called hundreds of times over the past year in cases of the concord patch reports the ordinance will also pertain to so called captive audience
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begging at bus stops and cafes >> thousands of people stormin theirport inhe philippines but only a couple hundred made it out as another storm beelined to the ci. agency now reporting tropical pression zorida made landfall with mimum winds of 35 mes per hour. it was by comparison much, much smaller than typhoon haiyan but hit an area alreadyavaged and people had no warning. the storm much smaer than iyan and not expected to leave the philippes until thursda morning. officials confirming almost1800 warning there has been no e are contact th many areas and that number, unfortunately, will likely reach 10,000 or more. support for the victims of
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haiyan continues to gr here in the bay area. five groups at san jose state hope their classmates will drop offanned goods befe they the groups are holding a relief drive for survivors. they will have tles and boxes whe the public can dro off canned goods, babyood and medicine. >>his will help them bause they don't hav food, water, shelter, anying so. hopefully everhing we can give them canelp them out. >> the relief drive starts at 11:00 andill contie through thursday t foo and supplies will be sent to the philippine red crs. >> they need all the help they can get. unbelievable watching t family and children lk for clean water. >> 4:38. much sunnier andicer forecast. good morng. >> goo morning t you at home. happy tuesday. some people have an abbreviat work week f. you are one of those people we're loong
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pretty goo in the uer 50s. north bay in san francisco. you can see the sth bay, peninsula a east bay mostly cloudy forhe timing soake it to the radar, show you what we're working with. you can see n a little bit of light activity nearpetaluma. this is going to tensify. u want to keep that in mind for the morng driv we're not going to see a l of this activity to the south of e golden gate bridge. all ofhis moisture is lifting to theorth and will contue to be the case as we head throughout the mning hours, then by aut lch time we're the bay area and dry for most of you canee the trend. the showers lifting to the so overall your forecast looks good. south bay today, 4:00 p.m., 72 degree, comfortable. noon along theeninsula at 66 up to1 degrees in the heat o the day. looking od in san francisco, a few showers early, clearing by noon. same for t north bay hitting about 75 degrs. once tt sun comes out because of the mild start. 71egrees today in the east bay, the tri-valy looking comftable at 77
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i'll tak you through the rest theweek'sorecast coming up. first let's che your drive. >> good morning. ok at thiseautiful viewf that bay bridge, the lhts glistening off the wat there. smooth drive for the headlight and taillights you see there. to theaps you see the speeds across the bay just fine ere. look to t approac and the ea bay. entire maze you're at t speed limit. you have an easy drive through the alta mont pass, livermore, 84. the lume should kick ineing a tuesday especially aft some had a holiday. a big boom for the morning comme. at the botm of the screeno boom but we havelowing north 85 right up to 87 interchange. we'll track that and ll continue to scan forore reports. heading to gilroy d to l.a., there is an issue, a crashhere so watch that and i'll continue follow that. foster city we'll look across the ba carer view of the san mateo bridge. that westbound withhe no. delays t or along back to you.
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thanks so much. it's 4:40. typically tuesdaysre not most popular day of the week to get married but today is no an exception. turns out aot of peopleant the date.rried today because of it's november 12, 2013 11-12-13. that way you could never forget the anniversary, honey. >> us flows need help. hitchedn s francisco try get somewherelse because city hall in sanrancisco is booked up. santa cruz, e clerk is offering wedding cemonies every 3 minutes. the next day with consecutive numbers is next december 13 or 12-13-14. nice. every 30 minutes. >> i needo find somebody. >> work on that. >> within a few hours. >> good luck on that. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," it's becoming a familiar trend. the major retailers addin to the list o stores opening up
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before many of us even sit dn for the thanksgiving nner. >> then making a little boy's wish cometrue. how thousands are coming together this wee to turn san francisco into gotham cy.
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welce back. 4:45. constrtion officially gs under way on s franciscs expected to forever change the skyline. a groundbreaking ceremony i he this morning for 181 fremont, the steel and glass 54-story offic and residential new transbay transit center e beeen mission and howd reets. at 802 feet, the high rise will become t tallest mixed use office and housing building on the west coast. 181 fremont is schedul topen in 2016. right now we're following breaking news in hayward. an early morng apartment fire has forced more than a dozen people out of their homes. this is happening off whitman street near 880 and hayward. let's throw itut toob redell live at the scene. what can y tel us?
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>> reporter: good morning to you. the fire is out here at the whitman green apartnt complex in hayward. the ief tells us the call came in as a kitchen re, they do have the arsonnvestigator here, no because the is anything suspiciousnot right now, but just to verify that's what happened. there were three units, two heavily invoed. a trd one hadmoke damage. so the famils who liv in those three units are currently without a home. we're talkingbout 13 peoe d there was annfant who was treatorward smoke inhalation but th are doing fine. that child is doing fine. they h to do it a precaution. the fire isout. it's a matter of getti those peop place to stay. you can tell as i w mtioning three uts are inhabitable. bob redell, "today in t bay." >> bob, thank you so much. we'll talk to you in a bit.
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>> 10,000 people are expected to be on hand this friday to witness sanrancisco turn into gotham city. it all to make a young cancer patient's dream come true. >> on this of those stories make you smile. 5-year-old miles has leukemia, teing make a wh he wants to be a super hero, you canell that. i love this shot and that smile. the norofit sayst sent out an e-mail to volunteers looking to help. thnded up on facebook and information about the event. it went viral, tusands of ople now signingp to help with a fullay of surprises for miles. now known as b kid. >> that hum people wt to help this kid. that soundsreat to me. teachers are bringing their e classroom, i'm overwhelmed. >>n fridayuruper hero bat kid will be called on to rescue
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damsal in distre. after savinthe city bat kid his st stop will be at city ha where the mayor wil give such a great super hero.r being those stories, the fact they make the kids believ the curing power of empoweringhe young man. >> this h to be the story of the year. this is beautiful. go get 'em, bat kid. >> let talko meteorologist christina loren. how is the weatheroing to be today on this tuesday? >> looking good. good morning to you, marla, jon, everybody at home. m a fan of bat dad. chk him out if you haven't. temperatures are mild. we have pley o upper 50s. i want to show you san francisco. could see a shower or two, you might have to use your windshield wipers this moing. 68 degrees at 4:00 p.m so a nice finish to theday. i nt to show you the rar what we're working with.
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you can see starting to see a little more shower activity roll on shore. 1 between petuma and novato ha to use your south of the golden gate bridge moly cloudy to start the day. we expec a few light showers alg the western facing slopes around san jose throughout this afternoo all of that activity for the most paris goi to lift as we head throughout day. getting into your wedneay, sunny and warmer by about 3 t 5 grees, lots of sunshine tomorr. througyour thursday we'll see the a.m. fog make wayo betiful bright p.m. sfrnlt it's going to be nice after w get through the owers. "t"s starting to warm up. we are expecting as head throughouthe day take it to your fute cast, notxpecting a lot of activy the first part of today. 76 degrees in walnut creek, 75 in santa rosand 77 in pleanton. we'll cle the wind for those showers at about lunch time wait for your seven-day ng you forecast. it's scrolling here at the bottom of the seen for your
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area throughout my broadcasts. >> tnk you so much. it is4:50 just about. the a officer killedn the li of duty will be remembered with a public memorial service toda was shot and killed at l.a.x. earlier this month. he will be hored this morning and the service of the loangeles sports arena. herndez was the fst tsa ficer ever killed i the line of duty. e suspected gunman, paul ciancia was shoby police he is still recovering. >>he only living child of prident john f. kennedy bei sworn in as america's new ambassor to japan. th ceremonys set for this afternoon at the state department to swear in caroline nnedy. she was nominated by president obamback in july and last month the senate unanimously confirming that nomination. ambassador willost an event
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lcoming kennedy to the japase embassy. kennedy, she was oy 5 years oldhen her fher was assainated down in dallas. >> 4:51. still ahead the bay area sports radi host suspend bid knbr expected back on the job today. >> we'll tellou about the controversial on air rant that lands damon bruce in the naonal spotlight. >> a look out here, fremont traffic smooth toward 880 down tohe south bay. i'll giv you an update on an earlier slowwn on highway 85.
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welcome back on this tuesday moing. today i guess we could say is d-day for the old span of t babridge. they are going to start delition so be prepared and know that they are going to knocking chunksdown. we he christie smith out there reporting on this. we'll check in with her. it's 4:54. a foow-up on a popularay area talk show ho, damon bruce, he is scheduled to be back on the air after bng knbr suspending bruce for making derogatory comments abo women during his show last thursday. pretty ridiculous stuff. a rant making natiol headlines tellingis audnce a lot of sports lost their way because women are t ones giving direion. outraged listeners no surprise
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and advertisers called and e-mailed with complaints, knbr or bru neith of them have yet to comment publicly. station sources confirmed he will b back o air this afternoon and i'm guessing very contri and apologetic for the ridiculousness. married.ooking up to see if he's interesting.ay. if he was he might note now. if i was his wife. >> mike, what do you have to say about th? how about the traffic. >> for a second i thought you were checking because today is >> mr.ruce and i. >> toward the southay traffic flows nice. the area wehowed you with t camera i marked wh an arrow. no problems light floof traffic. the orange, that's construction. that's tycal, no full closures for th freeways and that's good news. north 85 as you pass by 87 the
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last report i showed you this area, we had a slowdown registing. the was nothing repord and w that slowing is gone. so move along, folks. nothing to see. the restf the bay youre all in the gen there, little slowing out of the altamont pass, around the right-hand side ere itays livermore, there is a tiny bit of slowing. a look at the goln gate idge. you'll see tse folks in the next coupleinutes with the caltrans crews getti ready for the commute. a clear view makes it an easy drive into sanfrancisco. back to you guys. >> on this thanksgiving it's becomen annual trition, aaa helpingut people in need. >> tow truck drivers will deliver turkeys to norofit organizaons. more than ten tons will be dropped off toozens of including some in nevada and utah. a ceremon will be held later this morning at san francisco's
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glide memorial sear. tow trucks will deliver turkeys. this is the 17th year of helping to feed thehungry. >> ten tons. that's a lot of birds. >> a lot of people willant to take a n after. 4:57. still ahead we're following breaking news at hayward. out of theireds as a fire ced erupts. we're live there a thecene >> dozens of cruise ship ssengers arecrambling to find their keys aft they were toss in the trh. the keys were tossed in the trash b angry valet workers. details cong up.
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>> u.s aid on the way to the philippines this morng but will possibly take days to get there. crews continue searcng for any survivorsfter the devasting typhoon haiyan. wel have all of the lest details coming up next. >> and we are tracking a few
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shows this morning but only over certa parts ofhe bay ea. we'll te you how long that will last and what the rest of the day holds in your full forecast. >> and i'm looking he toward 880 whe there are reports of a stall hding tard the bay bridge. that could be an issue for one of your coectors. i'll show you what i find. >>plus, the project years in look at the new and old bay e bridge today you crews begin the sk of takingpart the old eastern span o thisbridge. >>e'll have o eye on that we take you down to the south mike inouye always on board to fi you in on whatt's going to look likeetting you to where you need to b on tuesday, day two of the work week, november 12t this is "todayn the bay." good morning. thks for being with us. i'm marla tellez in for lau
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