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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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carrying a babyhile another jus from the second story to escape flames. we'rlive as firefighters check for hotpots at a burning bay ea apartment buildi. >> we'reetting some mucheeded rainfall this morningt the very top of the pensula, also have showers headed toward the sth bay as we head through about the next hour. we're tracking these to your door stethis morning in your >> a crash on the nimitz plus a problem for the rails for b.r.t., we'll give you bh of those an the delaysoming up. >> we give you live look at you'll get a brand n view from the eastern span, wll explain all on this tuesday, november 12, or we mig say 11-12-13. kind of unue on "today in the bay." good morning. it's 6:00 on the nose. i'm jon kelley. >> i'marla tellez in for laura garciaannon.
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we begin with an update to brking news ovnight. in hayward, 15eople haveo find a new place to stay after look at this n video o an early morningpartment fire. this is new cell phone video of the fire. the flamesrew so ft one man d to jump outf a secon story wiow. th hpening on whitman street near mission boulevard and interste 880 in hayward. bob redell is live there. you spoke to the man who had to jump out of the building. very scary scene. good morning, bob. >> reporter: goodorning to you marla. we just obtained that cell phone video fr another man. you can see how frightening it must have been for the people who lived he at the whitman greenapartments. thistarted around 3:0 this morning. the call came in, a kitchen fire. you can see in the video this video is shooting - the fire is shooting out of one of the ground uns, goi up the stairwell. so basically that flame, that fire is blocking any exit for
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people on the upstairs floors. as you watch this you can see then the fes explode and nsume basically the rst floor of tt building. it started in the first floor and sead to four its, mostly d fire dama. call for a second alarm because to lose the building but ty ng backup crew had them on standby, never need em. they were able to keep it contained just those two units. the smoke damagen the upper floor. one of the men who lived on the per floor, who shot this video, this is what he witnessed when thiwas takingplace. >> i can't believe s much smoke fast.out of there so quick, so th smell. we were so cse to it. pretty ary. >> reporter:ou mentioned
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marla, the manho had to jump. you can see in this video he suffer minor cuts, scratches on his ar. he's okay. he describeshe scene like this baby so his niece, who made their first escape. ey were able to get out the front door, smoke was so heavy, thou, they had to crawl down the stairs. the baby was checked for smoke inhalation by the time he and h brother-in-law werying to escape t door was not an option. they h to jump out of the second floor wind. they both made it out okay. people are displaced right now. six units uninhabitae. four gutted. four wit smoke and or water everyone else is oy. reporting ve in hayward, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank u. we're so following that the philiines where 600,000 n peop are now displaced in the wake of typhoon haiyan.
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the official death stole 17 but unfornately authorities fear those estimates could rch into the tens ofthousands. right aroun 10,000 could be dead. that may be too low. >> theity of tacloban was hit with the full force of the winds. 220,000 peop mostly in ruin, and most of e 600 inmates were able to escape. the "uss george washington" ships expected to arrive off the the ships they left honkong wi food and medical supplie and fleets of helicopters tryin to get hp out and supplies to thoseard to reach areas. >> we'll go intohe financial aid the u. is sending coming up in a liveeport from
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washington, c. at 6:30. 'll also show y how people here ithe bay area are comin together to collect donations including a donation driv happening a few hours fromow at a south bayuniversity. that's coming up at 6:30. >> happening today, demolion starting on the old eastern span of the bay bridgehich now you can see there just sitting in span.hadows of the bra new the iginal span has been in place nce the bridge first ened in 1936 and soon this one will be gone. christie smith joinings live right now and today is day one but the demolition project there sounds like it's going to last a long time. >> reporter: ye, good morng, jon. the demolition could take as long as three years so if you e nostalgic about the old bridge y have time to come out here a take a look at it. but it's goingo come down in three different sections. starting with the aa csest
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to the island, they start with the upper deck. it's not an easy task because the steel is old anrittle and the 77-year-old span is also balanced and built withtension. what engineers areaying each w. piece has to be taken out carefully and in the right order so nothing snaps apart. you'll hav workersp there so they can't everything staying safe. you ve the drivers going by on theew easternspan. what contracto are going to do is use gauges to measure each piece. then jacks to balance the load and get support from compur models t make sure nothing snaps i apart and everything they areoing is correct. they bring out heavy equipment. you may see some of that aou dre by today. they a going to strip away tons of concrete and rebar and eel. after this first section which
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takes about six weeks they are going to move on the section toward oakland, that will be the middle section action then nally they are going to wrap up by moving the foundation and everything below the water line. we were looking up on bay bridge here we are november 12nd this actually opened on november 12, 36. porting live, christie smith, "today in the bay. 6:07 now you. pan handlersould be blocked by a new law. e council in concord will consider passing a law banning people fm bging within0 feetf a bank or atm. police were called hundreds of times in cases of aggressive panhandling. the ordinance will pertain to captive audience begging where people cannot walk away. >> this morning oakland's public
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safety committee considering new rules aimedt getting clids to class. the plan would apply to unacmpanied mors found in public ding school hours between 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. would apply to kids out in public on week day. kids could end up facing fines on this on community svice or even jail time. pants could also be penaliz ifheir kids are found outside during this curfew. >> a look at some of the showers falling. >> ye, definitely count on a slick mmute. goodorning to you jon and marla. we have your seven-day forect scrolling at the bottom of our seen. so let's getight to the weatr story of the day. the fact we do he showers cominghrough but by about lunch timeostly clear
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conditionsnd looking good for e second half of theday. you seehe north bay getting i want to show you the peniula. this is where we're getting a pret good batch of moisture offhe coast, just to the south of half moon bay. all of this activy is gng to contue to moveoward san jos roughout the morning hours. shower activity. about 48 minutes from sunnyval 38 from palo alto. abou 26 minutes ay from light showers through -- a lot of this is going to break apart so make re you're ready for split commute. like is all over it. wel check with him i a mont. today. t give you an idea of bybout lunch time in san frcisco we are going to se suhine. the shows are not going to last all day. in the heat of the day we're talking 68 degreesn san francisco so. looking goo there. as promised here is mike inouye and your slippery commute. on the twitt reported
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the initial light rain may be the most dangerous. thail tends to rise up a so be up there. e bay bridge toll plaza we have thi traffic flow even the fast track lane which has happened. the me will show you this. let's look at the north skies and see how things are thrgh the area. we he reportsf a crash north the northbound sidon the maps, not showi as b after prlem. we' an easr lighter drive up to the maze if that's an option for you. iuggest you take that. we look tohe northe're looking a richmond wre t station for b.a.r.t. s. major medical pblem there. so south of there youe okay you leave that station delays include someight travel dow to the b.a.r.t.line. looking here toward 24,
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westbound your commute shoulder., a crash overo the that isour commute direction. all looking goo right now. pected more. a trash at the off ramp sounds like580 the lines are a burst of traffic slows you dublin interchange you hav the steady build. south bay not a proble north 101 approaching 880 the earlier crash cleared. watc north oftully. we'll give you another live look. i don't think i put tha in. there you go. oakland in theivespot. no, it is starting to bud up the as you approachhat crash i told y about at 23rd. again, 580 is great. back to you. >> mike, thanks. >> it's 6:11. much more ahead on "today in t
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bay." >> wedding bells ringing. we give you a look at san why today is so popular and billion-dollar cision. we'll take a look. >> a live look in the south bay. near downtown san jose traffic movi fine. people go ta mattress store and essentiallythey just get solsomething.
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[ water crasng ] ...ifills you with energy... to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicus. today's t stories. demolition of the oldastern span of theay bridge startg in a few hours. this morning ctrans crews will start with removal of the upper deck roadway on the section nearest yerba buena island. >> in campbell a driver l deputi on a chase before
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crashing on highway 17. this happened around 1:17 this morning. it's unclear why t dver was beingulled over. >> we're getting ourirst look at how intense the flames were we have cell phone video taken the complex.people living in this was intense. e flames sead so fast. one of the guys had to jump out ofis second story window. he only suffered minor injuries. nobody else was hurt in that big time fi. >> 6:15 we'll talk about business and ch. in few hours 14 south bay sidents will be in charge of deciding perhaps a billion dollars of legal argumes. >> that is right. scott mcgrew, jury selection in apple versus saung round i don't know what, round four? >> that sounds aut right. at you need no know in round 1, in san jose federal court samsung was found guilty ofp copying patent ideasn phones and tablets and jurs in the
6:16 am
caseecided that samsung suld pay apple $1 billion. even the jud thought that was too high so she reduced ito a half a billion, then decided we're going to start over on the that's how we got to today. today a new jury will be picked. not to decide who copied who, samsung lost that, b how much samsung shod pa the guy who led the jury the first time to decide $1 billion is thisfellow. bill hogan was jury foreman i the last case. d samsg lawyers fussed that herought too much high tech experience ithe jury room. one would think many of th jury in the pool today they are going to b tech savvy as well. the jury pool in the courtroom are in san jose. apple overght quietly put its new ipad mini on sale. th is the one with the retina display. reports say it faced nufacturing challenges. it was annoued wks ago but
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only this morning has it been available for order. apple says y can get it in one to three da. mae it will be i stores. we don't know. the stores aren' open yet. and i guess that'sll we hav so we'll throw it back to you. good morning. >> scott, i actually purchased a new mac book pro. >> yes. now it's gting to be that tina is the standard. it ds look vy good. >> i'mxcited to try it out. thank you. a lk at san fraisco city hall which is booked u with couples getting married all day today. why? becausit's 11-12-13. >> o yeah. >> the santa cruz couy clerk's office is holding ceronies every i half hour from 9:30 to 5:00. but ten of the3 openis have been filled. now the next date with consecutive numbers is next year, 12-13-14. >> tay in about three hours that goe deeper.
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9-10-112-13. i'm happy i can still add. christina loren what's going on? >> looking good. marla, going to buy a lottery ticket,ac book pro. the upper 50s, we're tracking showers is morning and you can all of theicro climas are era covered. we face our camera to the east. make an appearance. staing to we've got rn clouds overhead so let's get to that. you can see the north bay getting a littl bit of activity. the bulk of the moistur right now is moving right or the north endf the peninsula and san francio so as you mak your way up 101 and 0, you do wanto travel cautiously. we're going to be storm tracking all morning long. this is what we expect from this next bat of rain. ithould be headi out to the dublin ea. the tri-valley. we head through the nex 45 minutes. e deal is aot of this is going to fall apart bore it kes its way io the
6:19 am
tri-valley. give yoursf extra te because it could be a rough commute. it's a traic tuesday. we'll check in with mi. highs todaare going to b comfortable. the weather story of the day because wee starting out mild in the upper 50s, we're going to get to the 70s in places like menlo park, san mateo. 68 degrees, not too cold. 76n walnut creek. and looking good for today in the tri-vaey. shower activity t start the day. 76 degreesn the way. promised here is mike inouye and your morni driv >> and as well as i told you but going to have a backup.were bam, nor 880 at the coliseum 66 past high, and all the way toward the fth off ramp. lanes.s of crashlocking two shoulder.s involved, on the there is a car blocking the lanes. and this backup. these folks are baili at high street. if you can choose i would say we 580 is your option through oaand through the area. ifhis is the backup. b.a.r.t. is action through the oakland area. for the richmond line in a
6:20 am
send. we lookt the roadways and another mawe see that the seors have yeto catchup. from the coliseum up past the area, 23rd one crash, the the both of those causing a stir through oakland. 580 westbound,ou are clear from basically the oakland z to the maze. e caldecott tunnel is not causing issues. richmo, the roadway moving smoothly. we're geing a bit of a build. i'm told tt b.a.r.t. trains from richmond all t way into the el cerrito statn, traffic going through because of the major medical emergency at the station. that might mean more folks hit the road so. they catch back on the line and take it over to san francisco or into the fremont area. trfic moves into dublin interchange. nothing unexpected here but w had crash a north livermore, here 84 in through the city itself, quite slowdown, that
6:21 am
willause a build where there is new crash, repts in lanes, andt's gng to cause a slowdown folks come out of livermore here. here's the northbod routes. welet you a look at palo alto and wend this shot at the peninsa. northbound starting to show t volu. you're at thelimit. backo you. >> this is good news, it'sot completely incoeivable the princess bride heading to the stage. disney sayit pns to adapt wesley ann princs buttercup.o >> you know what, me neither. 6:21. coming up, the 2016 presidential election hd today w would win? coming up theew pollesults and what they s about hillary
6:22 am
clinton d chris krity's chances.
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6:24 am
just released poll gives us an early snapshot of a pothetic match between hly clinn and theepublican governor of new jersey chris christie. it's a 16 election were held today clinton would get 44 support of all adts, cistie would get 34% of suppor
6:25 am
we should point out soar neither clinton nor christie confirmed they wil be running for president. 128 lean democrat, 394 of them lean republican. >> this aernoon caroline kennedy will be sworn ins america's new ambsador to japan. the remony is sethis afternoo at the state department to swear in the only living child of president john f. kennedy. she was nominated by president oba back in july and last montthe senate confirmed tt nomination. later tonight the japanese ambassador wil host an event weoming kennedy to the janese embass kennedy for the recor was only 5 when her fatheras tragically assassinated. line ever duty will bein the remembered with a plic memorial today. 39-year-old gerardo hernandez this month. l.a.x.arlier he will be honored this morning in theervice athe
6:26 am
los angeles memorial sports arena. officer ever killed in the line of duty. the suspected nman was ultimately shot byolice and this morning is still recovering from his wounds. >> lawyers for the only living boston marathon bombing susct hoping a judge will ease restrictions on him in pron. he is in prison awaiting trial stands accused of ming and planting two bombs nr the nish line ofhe boston marathon where three people ended up being killed. his lawyers say so called ability to defend the measures restrict access to mail,media, phones and visits and those we can tell y are common i terrorism cases. >> it is 6:26 still ahead entire cities wiped out by the powerful typhoon, now help is on the way. we'll tell youhat i being done nationally and locally to
6:27 am
help storm victims in e philippis. >> twoootball players tied to the 49ers both wil be in court. separate cases that cou land both behind bars >> we takyou live to the city by the bay. that's a very nice shot on this early tuesday morning. nice blues the. ristina has a looat the foreca where she c tell that you some showe are falling throughout the bay area. shll pioint with it her micro cmate forecast coming up. ay with us. [ male announcer ] step one, prepare for iumph.
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(little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back st of my subaru madis where sherew up.ever. what? (annncer) the subaru forester. irl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousa fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it'shat makes a subaru, a subaru. breaking news, a fire victim crawls on her hands and knees to make it out alive with a baby while somebody else has to jump from two stories up to survive. we he all o the new details on ts fire tharipped through bay area apartment. relief on the way for fod ravaged islands in the central philippines. we'll tellou what's being done in the bay area and throughout the country to send help where it's desperately need. >> right n liveut toew york city, you know that familiar hot air balloon.
6:30 am
that's re/m. on theasdaq also makg progress there. it w a record setting day yesterday on themarkets. we'll follow up more and seef we've got mor good numbersn th tuesday, november 11th, this is "today in thbay." let me actually make a correcon there. that is november 12th. i'mating myself goi back in time. 's6:30. i'mon kelley. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. we begin now with an update to breakingews overnight in hayward. we are learning right now 27 to stay after an ear morning ce apartment fire. this i new cell phone video of the flames. they grew so fast o man had to mp out o a second story window. this is on whitman street near mission boulevard and 880 in
6:31 am
haard. bob is at the scene tking to victimand fire investigators. coming up.e a live report >> updating you on a major internional story in the philippine entire cities now lay ruins because of that typhn haiyan. tracie pottss liven washington, d.c. whe there is concted massiveffortnder way to try a help all of those victims the in the philippines. good morning. >> reporter: no question about that good moing, jon. ile the u.s. is hping number ofountries are doing so as well but we're going to focus on the u.s. efforts, over 1700 deat, that's the official many more than that are feared dead up to10,000 with 600,00 people displad. wh is the u.s. doing to help th? we've got a number of assets headed that way. the "uss george washington," and in fac its ente group, cruisers and supplies, theyave a supply ship meeting up with them.
6:32 am
thousandsf sailors have to come back now. philippines.ded to the 's going to be slow going, it's going to take several days to g those supplies there. in terms of money,he u.s. has pledged 20 million in immediate aid, half of that for emergency ai half for 55 tons of food. there's another 25 million comi from the united nations. and million from other countries like canada, australia, sending teams and senng money. thiss going t be a long procs. you've seen the pictures. it's going to take a long time. probably years for them to recover om what we now know was the strongest typhoon to ever make landfall >> tough going. thank you on that. meantime, he cannot get the so enough. support for the victims contuing to grow here in the bay area. five groups jumping into their classmates wl drop off canned gooefore heading to
6:33 am
class today. >> this will definitely help them because they d't have food, war, shelter, so hopefully everything we can give them can help them. >> the group will have tables and boxes in frontf the event off ims like canned goods, rop morning in front of the san jose state event center. this will continue tough thursday. the food and supplies will be sent to the philippines red cross. >> ws to help o in that. >> meteorologist christina loren, you're tracking a few showers. >> yeah, radar lit up like a christmas tree. good morning. look a all of this wet weather. make se you give yoursel extra time this morning as the shows are going to continue to come down. i wanted to show you the wide much rainfall we're getting.w we reallyeed it. we're storm trackin as we. look at this batchf rain over oakld. it's actuay going to be pushing to the west as we head
6:34 am
throughout the next half ur. it's about 33inutes from dublin, 26 minutes for san ramon. give yourself extra time. also backtracking this batch here. you casee the llow in the gree that's on its way to milpitas as we head tough the jose so travelcautiously. san but e weather story of the day is the fact that we're going to see a nice finish. tempatures are going to be mild because they are starting out in the 50s. we're headed to mid-70s. spots getting mos of that the rainfall so we're going to keep you updated. tracking showers, we'll be poing on our facebook ge and nonetheless, tffic and weather go right hand in hand. what aou tracking for example.problem in oakland this may be partly due to some of the slickoads as the sprinkng comes in. that the dangerous fine as far as the commute goes. focus on the weather and the
6:35 am
conditions. rth 880 wit a big backup past the coliseum. because of t crashes. onet 23rd and bh have at least one lane blocked. thats the big backup. how bad the slowdown is, the rest of the route not so b especially 580 westund. use that a an alternate if you can. jammed up from the coliseum past the two crashes into downtown oakland. flashing lights and t fact that at least one of those remainwas a car that the cent divided a distraction as well. we look more may head to the san mateo bridge to avoid t backup i showed you. to the san mateo bridge 92down a smoothrive after an early crash is cleared. that's 92 across thebay, the san mao bridge moves, b you can find a little shading of green. it means or index registers
6:36 am
slicker roadsappening all over e bay, over the next hour we should say. tri-valley jming up. 680 downo sun big problem a crash still has at least one lane, maybe two lanesblocked. it's causing a distraction f the northbodside. the commute past 84 where they rge and down in toward the south bay, the northbound route 87 the only iue for t south bawhich started to bui over last few. ththe toll plaza t backup there and all lanes, lights are . >> aldon smith expected in court this afternoon as our inveigative unit told you is scheduled to be arraigned on three fely weapons crges. police found the mi-automaticic rifles in his homeast year during a party he was throwing. charge for a septemberrash and will now fe anoer judge for that one. the linacker returning from
6:37 am
rehab st week. he did play sparingly in a loss this weekend against the pant r panthers sunday. >> former 49ers and raiders player kwa hars is set to be sentenced on misdemeanor domestic violence and battery. he is also a stanford alum. he faces up to a year in prison. theourt says he will probably only get 10 days with pration. the starnl system fm a fig at a restaurt wit his exoyfriend last year. th fight was said to be over tabl manners. >> still ead, did angry valets dump keys in the trash? we'ltell you about the labor road blockhat's keeping a lot ofares stuck in park. go morning nelly! woah.
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welco back. today could be a make or break day for sea world. a world orlando is asking a panel of three judges to overturn sety citions and a ban restricting human interactio with killer whales in perfornces. the injunction is aesult of the death of a veteranrainer agged into the water and killed by anrca she worked with for ars. osha says sea world violated the law exposing employees to a knownazard in the workplace. >> talk about buzz kill to a nice ip. in miami dens of crue
6:41 am
passengers missing keys after in the trash.orkers tossed them employees at the preer parking lot in mii, they dumped the keys during a dispute wh the t owners about not getting paid. when disembarking passengers arrived and got the bad news told their keyere in a garbage size container andhey needed to get them themselves. welcom home. people lucky enough toind their keys, they encntered anotr road block when they discovered their cars parked back to back meaning the ones o didn't have the ks had them bloed in. >> another reasono hop backn thship. >> 6:41. coming up a big change in store r the san francisco yline. >> plus we'lle updating you on th breaking news, a woman, s had to crawl downstairs carrying hebaby and anoer man had to jump out of aecond floor window t escape ring flames. this a happed at a bay area apartmt building. we're live at the scene comg
6:42 am
up next. >> amazing. plus, can the dow keep it up, go to another record on the dow industrials? we'll check your money. >> and we're checking your forecast ery 15 minut for you. you can see here widespread rafall with heavier batches moving into the et bay. we'll tell you where thisatch is headed and how lon we'll be >> and the binning of t end. as we take you outside, give you a live look. the demolitio project years in the makg that will cnge the view from the new eastern sn of the bay bridge. [ wind howling ]
6:43 am
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i want toive you an update to breaking ws. this was a terrifying scene in hayward. 27 people having to find a new place to stay follong this we have t cell pne video ire. from that fire. it was shot by someo who lives in the building. the flames grew so fast and so
6:45 am
intense one ge had to jump out of sond story window. this happening on itman street inhayward. boulerd and 880 bob redell has been live on scene all morning. it's scary. >> som close callhis is morning. go morning, jon. fortunately, everyone is okay. th morning's fire at the itman green apartment complex in hayward h forced almost 30 people outf their homes and cod be a while befe some of them are allow back in. here's why. th cell phone video sho how morning.ive this fir was this it guttedwo downstairs units and caused smoke damage in four more upstairs therwere four people in one of those units, a mher and her newborn baby, the smoke was so thick she had to crawl down the stairs with the baby in her arms. the other two people it was the ther's husband and her brother,hey tried to g out
6:46 am
the ont door a well but the smoke add grown too thick so they went to the back window and jued. about to jump i saw that the fire like it turned from smoke to fire and itas abouto catch fire to the upper unit. so there wasn't muchime so i had t jump. >> reporter: vy lucky. >>yeah. >> reporter: this fire started arou 2:45 this morning. the call came in as a kchen fire. fire investigator has bn here this morning to verify that cause. right now they don't think there is anything suspicious onhe surface it appears accidental. the red cross, they tell us that 27 people have been displaced. 17 of them wille put up in a hotel, the other 10 will go to fami and friends. rerting live inhayward, bob rell, "todain the bay." >> thank you. 6:46. a foll-up to the fe at a
6:47 am
brought you live yesterday we morning. isorning some environmental groups say they are wried the hazaous smoke could affect air d water quality forears to come. the firet sims metal recycling plant started sunday afternoon andurned for aost 17 hours. sending smoke into the air in aleda, san mateo and santa clara counties. the comny is not sure what caught fire but it may include paint and plastics along with car parts and appliances. >> the city ofan carlo gettinan update on the condition of pg&e gas line 147 though. the pipe is operating at reduced essure, some city leade are worried there uld be an explion simar to the deadly one in s bruno three years ago. today theyill get an update on pg&e wking on the pipe because it says it has welds when this should be seamless. the news was public in judge.
6:48 am
a judge for t utility commission said it knew about e problem last year. she's alsoroposing a nearly $7 million fi for what she's calling misleang the publ. the pu will consider a recommendation cing up in december >> it's6:48. i guess it'sort of fitting nearin christmas and christina's radar is lit up. >> it is. good morning to you. i nt to make sure you are aware what if you've got to drive through. give yourself extra ti, take it easy. we're going to eck the morning drive wh ke. i want to start with the heaviest rainfall. right now san jose not getting a lot. this is moving intohe in, tri-valley very quickl concord all the wayouth to walnut creek slick along 680. ta it easythere. we're tracking this batch of rain t the north of san francisco. it's mostly over theichmond distri. to the north bay a we head
6:49 am
throughout the next couple hours it will be in richmond. 24inutes from clayton. througut day temperatures are going to end u comfortable even with therain. that's the weather story of the day. and hey, you want your seven-day forecast? we're not going toake you wait. we he it scrolng at the boom of the reen. every part of the bay aa is covered. now temperatures a mostly in the 50s right now. look at whe we're headed. even wit the rainfall coming in we're going to s a nice finish to the day ending up in the 70s in saratoga, 73, pinsula looks good, 7there, east bay will touch on mid-70sn walnut creek and t-valley looks so good. sotick with us,e'll keep you updated throughou the "today" show. i'm with you all the way until about 11:30 today. let's eck your drif. >> first to the big backup northbound 0 at the liseum. want to show you what it looked like in real live. we have this huge backup that
6:50 am
doesn't usual occur allhe y from basicallyhe san andro area up pt the coliseum. this i causing aig jam past 98, 6 ciumstance, all the way up past3r two earlier crashes have moved f the roadway. big slowdowns so back to the maps. use west 580. look how green that is toward that bay bdgeoll plaza. a lighter flow off of these feeder roads. i'm told i have a live st. i would likeo take tha quickly as we talk about t backup there. the b.a.r.t. stem is experiencing a major problem as you head out the richmond station psing past this statio a major medical emgency rorted there going on for some time. folks aren't taking the roads if they can south and jumng past that then in to the transbay tube. down to emont. back to t maps, one of the otherish yous on the rail.
6:51 am
more avoiding that backup for the proble that's causing more traffic for 884 southbound. contuing into fremont,or the normal build for the nimz. across the base smoot flow. we see some gree that means some wetter roads or damp conditions through the area along the upper peninsu and the city. that wl continue to change as christina is talng about. alto area.ton bridge, east palo here i a big build f the try vall for 580 and 84. eding to 680, this is jammed up all the way down pt to where an earlier crash had lanes tied up. you see theecovery going on but a slow drive through the ea here as well as 84 as you cut through the city. that's a big problem for the try valley. down to the south bay it' not looking good.
6:52 am
speeds in the 50s and where it's red we' below 20 miles per we'll show you a smyth drive on the peninsula i talked out. ybe sprinkles so be reful. >> thanks for the heads u a 16-year-old oaklandoy aused of setting a teen ofire is set to enter h plea in court. riard thomas has been chard as an adult accused of lighting sasha fleishman's cloes on fire. he said h did it becau he was homophobic but his family telling us he is not a fateful person. the victim'sother sayser child identifies as gender neutral. berkeley was wearing a skirt when sasha was set on re. flshman rains in the hospital in stable conditio >> t teen accused of hitting an killi a bicyclist is expected tenter a plea. -year-old cody hall is charged with muer.
6:53 am
police say he hit 58-year-old diana and her husband on foothill road back on june 9, killing her and seriously injuring her husband. he was reportedly driving 43 miles per ho, over the speed lit. twitter about speeding and that's wha led to the murder charge. >> also in court two san fransco health inspectors accused of taking prescribes from restaurants in exchange for food safety certificates. guilty.nd sanders pleaded not there wille a preliminary hearing this morning to determine if there is enough trial.ce for this case to go to investigator say thewo sd certicates to nearly 350 restaurants in san francisco, >> an histoc day today. demoliti will officially bin on the o eastern span of the bayridge as we take you out and give you this live look. which no sits to the side of this bnd new an, the
6:54 am
origal span had been in place since the idge first opened back in 1936. and soon it will be gone for good. christie sth joins us live from yerba buena island. today is no day one but this projt should las for years. >> reporter:t's bittersweet. the old bridge opened 77 years it's going to te three years to bring the old bay bridge down. you can see some of the equipmenout there this morng. it's going toake long because it a delicate operation. it's a little brighter now so you can s how it looks anding in the shadow of the new idge. the work wil begin on the side closest to yerba buena island, e first phase involves removing about 1400 feet of the upper deck, youay see some of thatork going on as you drive by on the new eastern span over the next couple of weeks. it's not just a matterf demoing this like you see the
6:55 am
old casinos go down. this isssentially aow and arrow type of desi with a lot up.nsion involved holding it the steel is old a rusted, each pie is balanced and must be taken out in the right order ve carefull to ense that it doesn't snap apart. contractors ar relying on n technology and mapping to help out but also using oginal drawings and photos from way back in the 1930s t help them the price for all of this demolition work, more tha $200 million. the firs part of the work will take aut six weeks, then move towardhe center of the bridge and finally finishp by moving the foundatns and what'selow the water line that work begins in a couple of hours. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the ba" >> thank youery much. 6:55. we can tell you construction gets under wayhis morning on san francisco's newest high ri. it's expected forever change the iconicskyline.
6:56 am
a ground breaking ceremony being held this morning for 181 fremont. e steel andlass 54 sto going up next to the transbay s transit center betweenission and howard seets at 802 feet tall it will become the tallest mixed use office and housi building on the st coast. 181 fremont scheduled to open in 2016. >> the council will take a lack at a proposal t knock down a youth sports complex to make way for more parking at the fute home of the 49ers. the council is expected to approve aeasibility study tonit. flex on the ulistac natural m area. e city found out the n 49er stadium is sthort several thousandarking spaces. plans to bul doze the com fleex make room for t spots. >> it's a good guess lawyers f ple and samsg had cfee and
6:57 am
now heading to the courthouse. >> the judge expects them the. >> the big trial. th billion dollar case that gets back under way. you recl when this fight started two summers ago. we sai it was going to be a ng one. we are not done yet. in fa, we're starting the penalty phase over again. jurors will be selted to calculate how much money samsung owes app foropying apple patents. th first injury said $1 billion. the judge reduced that to a half billion,hen said you know what, let'startver wit a new jury. apple put its new ipad mini up for sale on its website. it introduced it with the ipad air. it hasn't been on sale until now. apple sres are up about 38 cent ts is morng. theow and the nasdaq slightly lower this morning. looks le a fairly quiet day. weit anoer dow record
6:58 am
yesterda we'll see if we can do it again today. >> thanks so much. talking about numbers let's christina loren on theforecast. >> tracking quite a bit o ower activity ande'll continue to do s every 15 nutes throughout the "today" show. even with all of this rain and the rain-cooled air, temperatures are still in the upper0s and because they are so close to 60ow we are easily gog to hit the 70s later on. 70 ang the peninsula, san francisco 68, like i said wll be tcking it. he's tracking you drive. good morning. >> a big traffic tuesday. with the rain coming in mplicating things, 68 recoring but look how slow it is at pleasanton. an earlier crashas clead. look at this live look at oakland. it i jam-packe from san leandr we tak our coliseum camera up tre fast coliseum. things are sluggish. one at 23, one at fifth. acomplication. uswest 0 if yo can. a look outside our crew at the
6:59 am
statiofor el cerrit forhe b.a.r.t. line. ere are no trains at th richmond or th station. cerrito plaza because of a major medical emergency that' causing delays. course i'll followt in the of traffic center. >> thank you. 6:59 a checkf the top story this is morning. the number of pple kille by typhoon haiyan is 1,744. that number is expectedo climb. close to 10,000 asescue cre survivors. search for the u.s. government is sending $20 million of aid there. it's expected to arre in a couple ys. >> a look at how intense those flames were during a fir at an apartment complex in hayward. this is cell phon video from the fire lt a total of 27 eet. pele looking for a new place to live thi moing. >> garbage wkers on the peninsulare threatening to strike
7:00 am
a meeting is set for today. that what's happening "today in the bay." goodorning. winter white. millions wake up to the first snow of the season as temperatures plummet across th nation, from the midwest to mae to the deep south. new danger. another system threatens the scue and recovery efforts in the philippines as the death toll there rises. we'll be there liv >>and no slam dunk. a hoops trick gone wrong sends a mber of the hoor lem obetrotters to the crt. yes, the globetrotters win. tuesday, november th, 2013. >>


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