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tv   Today  NBC  November 12, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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a meeting is set for today. that what's happening "today in the bay." goodorning. winter white. millions wake up to the first snow of the season as temperatures plummet across th nation, from the midwest to mae to the deep south. new danger. another system threatens the scue and recovery efforts in the philippines as the death toll there rises. we'll be there liv >>and no slam dunk. a hoops trick gone wrong sends a mber of the hoor lem obetrotters to the crt. yes, the globetrotters win. tuesday, november th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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this is "today" with matt lauer d savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. morning, everyone. welcome to an ic tuesday morning. ong site matt lauer and natalie moralis and al rer. >> i'm matt lar. ere are snow flurries in the shot. >> that's righ you're looking at the top of the rock at 850 feet, but here on the ground it'actually raining. >> yeah. don'rub it in, matt. i want you to ow back here at home we are keeping you in o thoughts. it is always bathinguit weather for u. >> that's right. >> oh, tha you very much. i apprecte that. going to be 80 degrees here. i might n that suit a little bit later on. >> no. no. no. >> iot crazy. it's early. sorry. all right. we do want to talk about t weather. it is our p story this morning. the deep freeze d the first
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blast of snow impacting a big area of the weather. the weather chnel's mike seidel is in a clly new buffalo, mhigan. >> good morning, matt. it's the first lake effect snowfall. so far seval inches on the ground. we're looking foas much as 6 inches of snow. yesterday chicago got their first flakes with lf an inch. this morning in nohern minnesota thtemperatures have dropped down to zero wh subzerwind chills. >> i didn't beeve the forecast until i saw it coming down toda >> reporter: resents in the midwt are used to snow and sleet. that wasn't enough to prepar them when the recast called for wier weather in early november. in indna, snow and cold temperatures forcesome to get epared early. >> six bags of tube sand smy truck won't slide around when i drive to schoo >> reporter: in ilnois as the winds picked up and e snow dropped, the temperatures stared residents. there were fender benders. >> it was raing when i came in. when i came out there was snow on my car. >> reporter: in minnesot
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emergency crews responded several crashes along interstate 90. in milrd township, nnsylvania, snow flurries fell this morning. there have been snow flurries this morning outside of philadelphia. is morning the first flakes flying in centl park. all ofhis cold air is heading south. by trsday morning we cou see freezing temperatures as far south as thelorida panhandle. savannah, back to you. all right. and here wgo, al. it will be a busy couple of days for you. >> it sure is. folks are going to be breaking out the nter woollies and al sorts of winter weher ware. this arctic front, temperatures dropped 12 degrees. 52 last hour, 39 now. take a look. let's go here again. top of the rock. want to show you one more time. looking at snow flurries now throughout the northeast really as this cold a makes its way in. here's what'happening. this is going to be brutally bone clling air. the first set of it. we'll sh you on the map. temperatures are goi to be plunging, plus, the winds are going to be bris
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so minneapolis, 14 right now. feels like pea low. 26 in chicago. 9 below. elkinswest virginia, 27. 11 above. during the day today tempatures not going rebound ry much. boston, 38 feel like4. cleveld, 32 feels like 17. mphis, 44 and 30. look at these temperatures plunging tonig. look at th. ncinnati, 25. chicago, 26. chleston, 43. 30 in atlantwith 18 and then for morrow those temperares stay chilly. it's going to real take about the next 72 hours for temperatures to moderate. matt. >> al, thanks veryuch. we'll get to your local forest in jt a couple of minutes. first, more now on the unfolding crisis in the philippines. a new tropical system is hammering parts of that isnd nation this morning. that's adding the miry or adding to the misery caused by that devastating typhoon. nbc's harry smitis in manila this morning. harr good morning to you >> reporter: matt, good morning
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to you. i'll tell you at, it's five days now in this part of the world since the stm hit on friday morning, d the situation inhe storm zone, especially in the hard hitity of take clclobans getting more d hit. this is thbefore and this is e after. there is no gasoline, dwdling supplies of food and water and the is a growing sense of desperation, of frustratn, and of fear. help can'tet here soon enough, but in manila th morning, some signs of proess. opening up the supply chn has been dficult, but now that those doors are starting to swinopen, we've got pallet after pallet. you've got water. you've got instant food uff, ri. all nds of supplies are going to be loaded on these c-130s and sent down into the srm zone. the planes come ba loaded with storm survivor
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she had to bre a window where she was to escape the rising water. >> reporter: d you think you were going to die? >> no, i did not. >> reporter: why? >> i have my baby. >> reporter: you're pregnant? you had to save your cld? american missiary john wynn and his family are thankfuas well >> the tv cabinet began to float and we all climbed on it. as it floated towards th ceiling i was able to punch holes inhe ceiling. >> reporter: others like david gellison, retired air force colonel, are despera to get into taclon. his wife is there. >> when you see the horrendous pictures, it'sbviously very frigening. >> rorter: he did get a at on a transrt headed south. marine general paul kennedy, who is hding up relief operaons for the united states,ays time is his biggest enemy. >> i need the rest of the work
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world, the international donor community to get mobilized to help the philippine kns in eir hour of need. a week from now will be too late. >> reporter: the "u.s.s. george washingt" and other navy ships are steaming into the storm ne as we speak. they'll be on scene about two days. that will help get aetter look some of these more isolated areas but, quite frankly, sannah, once they get there, we have no idea what they're gointo find. now back to u. >> desperate suation. harry smith, thank youor that port. if you want to contribute to the disaster relief effort, fi resourceon our website, move on to politics. it takes a lk at the 2016 presidential field. there are surprises on the republican side. joe scarborough is host of msnbc morning joe. the right path, from ike to reagan. how republicanonce mastered politics a can be again. good to have you. >> it's greato be here. >> we're polling 2016 ready.
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>> it's only threeears away. >> christie against clinton, clinton 44%,hristie 34%. how likely? we don't know. in 2011 we we all talking about whether it would be mitt romney or not in 27 famously we a believed rudy giulii was going to take on hillary clinton. this could change a lot. republicans have a lot of their same challenges. did you inside the numbersn the sa polls. where does chris christie win, he winwith the old people, white guys and the rich. not actly transformative. >> no. when you look deep into our poll, the republans aren't exactly united around chris christie the way democrats seem to be around hillary clinton which kind of es to the heart of what your book isbout. >>ight. >> it ses to me you're calli on the repubcan party to do some soul searching. yourrgument seems to boil down to do you want to be ideogical pure or win ections? that's what it comes down to.
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we've had ideological witch nts. people have id if you don't agree like us th we have to shut down thgovernment to stop oba care, you're not sufficiently conservative. as i've been saying over the past couple of days, that's like a football coach deciding if you dot run up the middle en it's fourth and 31, that somehow you en't sufficiently toh. that's not the case. we have totart playing smart. it's not about compromising. it's not aut being liberal, it's abo figuring out how to reach the middle of the electorate the w chris christie d new jersey. >> have never known you to mie words and you don' disappoint in th book. >> good. >> you let theonservative media have it. >> but you have never known me to do is. >> n i haven't. >> how many pictur of matt do you have? >> you know whatthat's an early holiday prest for you. >> you know whati'll skip the hoday and go straight the new year. >> let me read as rt of your book. you go after conservative media. you say, this may come as a certain shk certain ideology and profit driven hosts, parties
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win the white house by nominating candidas who win the most vot, not feeding endlesslon the talk radio. yoseem to be saying ta radio is part of the problem. >> not part of theroblem for them. they make llions and millions of dollars i don't knock that. let everyby make millions and millions of dollars. when they start pushing their world view on republicans acss thcountry and start sang, you either have to run up to the barricades andight to the death every single time or you're not sufficientl conservative andou actually ve politicians listening to that and not understanding that a profit motive. t them make their millions of llars. weave to stop feeding ery single little resentment if we want to get ck to the white house. we can control the house of representaves, but as we've seen over the past couple of months, that's not enoug if we want a me conservative country ana better world, if you're a conservate. we have to win eleions. >> before i let u go when a politician or a revering politician, i have twonder.
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are you thinking about running for presidenyourself? a absolutely not. too manyictures like that. why would he do that? >> oh, thought you were talking abt your presidential run. >> no, the pictures. >> that's for you, joe. don't sai never gave you anything. >> are you saying that's a definitive no, you're not running? >> not tt. not that. >>o, i will never dress -- who let him do thi what's wrong wh you people? >> i'm notoing to let you keep that keep this up. willou run for presidentn 2016? >> no. absolutely not. >> thank you for being definitive. i have a 10-year-old daughter. she has to get out of high school. >> we'll look into the pictures. natalie is following a story in the u.s. linked to al qaeda. >> good morning, eveone. a nortcarolina man is in custody this morning accused of aiding terrorists overseas. the fbi says the 29-year-o tried to join al qaeda rebels fighti in the syrian civil war. nbc's pete williamis in washington. go morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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natalie. itay seem surprising at the same time e u.s. is aiding rels in syria, it's al arrestg people in the u.s.ho want to go help them. th say sheik of north carolina a legal permanent redent of pakist wanted to join an a qaeda affiliate group too it. court documents say he was arrested at the raleigh durham airport where was prepared to board the rst of several flights to take him to leban. from tre he was planning to get to syria. he wand to join up with jat al nusra which is affiliated with al qaed the fbi said he didn't hide his desire to fight with the syrian rebels. he posted messages andideos about it on facebook natalie. >> pete lliams in washington thanks so muchpete. >>lawyers for boston mathon bombing suspecdzhokhar tsarnaev are headeto caught to ask the judge to ease pris restrictions as he awaits trials. the so-called special
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administrati measures are impairing their abily to defend him. the measures are oen used in teorism cases and restrict access to thmail, the media, thtelephone and be visitors. tsarnaev is caused in the twin bombin of the april marathon. 260 people were inred. the secretary defense is confirming that the son of u.s. senator jim inhowas killed in a plane crash in oklahoma. according to the deparent of defense website 52-year-oldr. rry inhof was piloting the plane that went down near tulsa on sunday. the cause ofhe crash is still under investation. well, here's one you have to see to believe. a michigan state trooper cses a suspect over a guarail 30 feet to the ound below. take a look. this novemr 1st incident was captured on the oopers dash cam. policese spike strips to stop the driver. he rused to pull over. the suspect got out of his car,
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climbed over a guardrail. when the trooper tried to grab the suspect the two fell over together droppin30 feet. both wertransported to an area hospital. police say the suspect was on probation for alcohol arges. the stattrooper has been released from the spital. is he revering at home on pa leave. pret miraculous that they survived that. > a member of the wod famous harlem globetrotters is recoring this morning after a slam dunk gone wro. as you saw earlier, this happened during a game in houras. you can see he dunks t ball. he holds onto e rim. he puts his feet up on the glass and the whole ing comes down top of him. the coaches, referees ru to s side. he sufred a big cut over h left eye. eventually as yosee got up, waivedo the crowd. after getting bandagedp he watched the rest of e game from the sidelines. seems to be doing okay. nothing keeps m down. >> shockingly, the globetrters win the game. >> did thereally? >> they di >> amazi. >> they got right back up. >> thank you so mu. busy day for you.
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let's hear abouthe weather. that's right. in fact, for all those fks in the ilippines, we have me bad ws to talk about. why? because we've got a lot activity sti going on there in e tropics. so we're goi to be watching this system that's makinits way across. it's not quite a tropical storm, even a depressn, but it is going toring about another 6 to 8 inches of rain throughout much of central and the southern philippines. that's going to impede the reue efforts. you can see another big storm mong into the pacific northwest right now. we have some aas right along the oregon/washington border picking one to two inches o rain. generally abt half an inch to a quarter of an inch tre. we'rgoing to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. this trade or what it ls you check stats whilyou talk trades... harrisor kruz? hi mom write do the details while you chat... four cups of breadcrumbs. drag and drop pictur so you canhare faster. and follow t recipe while seeing how it's done.
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right, so... oh celery. now feating over $600 in addedalue. and follow t recipe while seeing how it's done. includinsamsung hub and google play. good tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist chrtina quite a bit of rainfall moving over theay area. travel ctiously thismorning. i want to zoom in on the south bay as we have a big bat head our way. will be rainy. eady rainor the next 15, 20 minutes least. temperatures now in the 50s, 're going to see aice finish ending in the low 70s. hope you have a fantastic tuday. anthat's your latest anthat's your latest weather. matt? all right. al. we're learning about the mia dolphins bullying scandal and what the team's owr is doing to address it. kerrsanders is down in tpa. kerry, good morning.
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>> reporr: good morning, matt. call it tuesday mornin quterbacking, but aftelast night's loss of thdolphins, 22-19 to the previously wiess tampa bay bucks, it's likely tht today's topic will return to the scandal surrounding the dohins organization. things are tou for the miami dohins. with two of their keoffensive players, jonathan main and ritchie incognito conspicuously absent, the buying and hazing scandal aguing the team was just below the surface. >>he continuing nfl investigation for other three weekor so swirls as thiseam on the field tries to win games. >> reporte from the tailgaters. >> it makes the dolphins the laughing sck of the nfl. >> reporr: to sports bars, talk of the scanl is everywhere. >> you just want to see your team move pasthis. >>eporter: for the fir time monday night dolphins owr sten ross spoke about the controrsy. he sd he was appalled wh he heard of t vulgar voicemail
7:18 am
incognito left on rtin's phone. he now plans to meet witmartin torrow. >>oing there, you know, with an open mind and i don't have a decisi what i want to hear i want to hear t facts. >> reporter: ross says right now he has total confidence in his staff and he announced he' formed an visory committee that includes football royalty, legendary coach don shula, ll-of-famer dan marino, and to dungy. now with nbc srts. considered by many to be footba's moral compass. >> we all know tt the football locker room is different workplace than most us are accustomed to, and basally i don't want to make any excuses, i want to know that our workplace going rward will be the best workplace that you can find in thnfl. >> reporter: on mondayitchie incognito was clr across the cotry strolling down r day owe drive in beverly hills. newly released portions of his
7:19 am
fox orts interview includ one critical qstion he woul't answer, whether the dolphins coaches ordered him to, quote, touen up jonathan martin. >> true or false >> i'm herto talk about my relationship with john. there's an nflnvestigation and they will get to the bottom of all of that. >> reporter: butn the meantime the dolphins struggled to ep their eye on the ball. >> this another test. are weoing to pull tighter together or are we going to separate? i think we'll pull tight together. >> reporter: dolphins owner steven ross spoke about the scandal for 13 mines during his news conference. he mentioned jonathan martin name ten times, but when he referr to ritchie incognit he didn't you thor his name once, matt. >> kerry sders on this story for us fm tampa where that game w played last night. kerry, thank you very much. les go back to new york and savannah. guys, if you haven looked the calendar. today is a special day, 112/13. i think we have a prty cool way to mark the ocsion.
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we have more on that. >>ovember, not typically a very popular month for a wedding but today is different. 11/12/13 is the da according to the knocom. there are out 3,000 weddings scheduled in americaoday. that's way, way over average thisonth. this morning oour program at 9:10, you see we're continng with the theme, on 11/12/13 we are going to have a live wedding in our studio. this will be theappy couple. chanelle menzano and ellio bryant. this is when they got engaged in paris. they will be here with their families. their dog wi be the ring bearer. we spared no expen for this wedding all. we want to heayour best wedding ideas. #oraeroom, gift ideas, whatever you wanto say about th wedding and this da. it's a very popular day. as you canee here, we've spared no expense. >> nice. the confetti. >> here's idea. how about weddindress in orange. the bride wore orang >> that might be pushing it a little. >> maybe a little t.
7:21 am
>> willi thank you. we'll check in in a little bit. >> they were planning to get married on this da so we decided to invite them here. >> thankfully it's indoors in the orange room. >> exactly. matt, what's coming . >> or you can bring the whole group out here. it will be 80 degrs? sorry. >> coming up, our roton report investigatioexposes the rise in violent smartphone robbies. this morning some new action being taken to protect you. and whh city can lay claim to the tallestuilding in america? is it new york or chicago? the battle for bragging rights is goi to be settled this morning. but, first, is is "today" on nfc.
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coming up is aeunion in the works for abba >> keep myingers crossed. and a big behind the scenes tourf "the voice." first, your local news. voice. but first ur local news. and comewith office,ws
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with beautif skin from jerge, u'll always make aentrance. jergens®. the autiful difference. the time 7:26. od morning. m jon kelley. totalf 2 people now looki for new placeto live following a two alarm apartnt fire. this happenedn whitman street near mission boulevard in hayward. this is shot one of the people that had to evacuate two units gued. the red cross so far fou hotels for 17 of t displaced people. the rest rig now staying with friends and family. we can tell you nobody was seriously hurt. >> the 16-year-old boy accused expected to ente a pl.e richard thomas standccuse of lighting sasha fleishman'skirt on fi.
7:27 am
according court pers thomas says he did it because he is he is not a hateful pers. says child intifies as gender neutral. arraigned on weapons charges. police found several home last year.fles in his right now l's say good morning and once again check in on the weather with christina loren for the tuesday foreca. >> good morning to you. stl tracking showe ahough weeone with the moderate infall for w. san jose, goi to be scheduly rainfall in that area. at least for the next 15, 20 mites. mostly cloudy. we're starting in the mid-50s headed to a comfortle finish. ifou are lking for the seven-day foreca find it scrolling her at the botto of our screen. around 72 in the south b today. the east bay about 76 drees and 75 f the north bay.
7:28 am
let's eck the drive. here is mike. tough one. folks took a vacatio yesterday making upor trfic. we have crashes clear but look at the sluggis drive all the way up past the coliseum. use 580. on the peninsula south 101 in the last mutes very slow down through po alto, no major crashes going on but a major slowdown. for the b.a.r.t. system this is the staon at el rrito closed because of aajor medical emergency. >> thank you. we'll have ather local update in one half hour.
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> it's a masve prodtion. do you see this on our plaza? could we do something like this with the big lamps and heat lamps? >>eople ask me all theimes abou the "today" show setting. it's no frills compad to what is happening in nbc entertainment. >> that's big time. that carson daly showing off a ttle bit as he showed me around "the voice" stage. more of our tour coming up including a place nobodyver asked him see before. m matt lauer in los angeles. savannahal, and natalie are back in new york. i made a mistake earlier in the progm. i said it was going to be 80 degreehere in los angeles today. 86 i'm sorry. >> thank you so much for th. >> wt a guy. >> you're a good man. pile i on. >> here's a look at what'
7:31 am
maki headlin this mornin a powerful colfront as matt keeps reminding us as temperatures pluing from the dakotas and the northeast and the deep south as we. millions are dealing with the first snow of the season. >> it was ahaotic scene at the airport in the philippines overnight. thousands typhoonurvivors tried to getn fligh with seats for om a few hundred to escape. and ba here, the owner of the mia dolphins hasroken his silence on the bullying scandal. he called the allegations from jonathan mtin apauling and plans to people with him tomoow. ming up, w continue our series called inspired by a i get to iroduce you toy uncle pierce. we'll tell y all about him. >> we wt to hear your stories as well. use the #inspiredb on twitter and facebookr go to today >> let'segin with a rossen reports exclusive. law enfoement companies
7:32 am
manding action fromell phone makers saying they'reot doing enough to protect you from crinals. today jeff rossen has mo on this. good morning. >> matt, good moing. the numbers a staggering. more than 1 milli phone stolen each year. more than 100 every sine minu. it gets violent. ere is technology outhere that could stop this crime. but me of the biggest cell phone companiesaybe draggg their feet. so this morning, aorney general in 31 stes are taking actionaying those companies are putting profits overour safety. >> reporter:e've shown you how fast it can happen. criminals snatching phones right out of people's hands. onrain platfos. on busystreets. in some cases, beating victims senseless. this reformed iphone thief told us stolen smartphones c fetch hundreds of dollars a piece on a black market. >> horble as it may send. tend to look for women.
7:33 am
the older the better. if i think that you can't catch me, i'm going for you. >> reporter: autrities say there's technology that could curb tse attacks right no >> dyou think the cellhone make are doing enough to stop this stuff? >> clearly n. the crime wave h become an epidemic >> reporr: that's new york's attorney general. he says if all smartphonesad a simple kill switch we would all be safer. here's how a kill switch would work. if thief steals your phone, you report it and built in technology would detivate the phon locking the thieves out and making useless. no matter how many times it's wiped and reoted. but officials say compies stl haven't installed it as a stdard feature. >> they have no financial incentive to do it. in fact, they have an incentive to keep things the way they are. so when iose my phone i go back to them and buy another one. >> that's a huge part of their business. >> do you thinthis is about money. >> this morning, attorney genels from 31 stas are
7:34 am
demanding action sending this letter toeading cell pne kers samsung, motorola and miosoft. take all steps necessary to put consumer safety and security ahead of corporate profits. in response,icrosoft told us itas ftures to proct peonal information and they're working to address the issue. motorola and samsung declined to comment. ifhey don't comply, the say they'l consider legal tion. >> they can do it the easy way or the hard way. samsung has developed an app that actually locks thieves out of your phone. but experts say that'sot enough. you have t pay extra for tt app. apple is actually doing a much approxate better job he. if you have an iphone, there's something you can do right now at home for free which we love it's a setng you m not know about. it can make your phone useless to ieves. i want to show you how to do it. we have an iphone here onhe set. let's call it upton big board.
7:35 am
home scre, all you do is you hit settings and get into this and thencroll over here to icloud and get into that thing he. hit tt scroll down to find m phone. there it is. find m phone haseen around fo aong time on iphone but on the newer versions if you downad the ios 7 operating system, the new one, they have a new feature in find my one. you click it on and hit okay by the location services. automatically right now no matt how many times the thief f they steal it and wipe it cleaand reboot it, youave to typen you apple password to get back into this phone or else it's deactivated. but this isreat stuff officials say buthey wan apple and the other compani to gofurther, matt. they want it so wn you get the phone you don't have to go through this. as easy as tt was, it's automatic and tha will protect all of us. >> great information this morng. jeff, thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> announcer: todas weather is
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brought to you by keurig. >> and let'show you what we've got going on. our steady cam guy john and his cable guy are just runni like crazy. they're running le crazy to get from one end of the studio to the other. u can see thi front. we have precipitation a along it. let's go to boon, you're seeing rain now. upper elevations, snow and oudy conditions noon. it will clear out night. at's the good news. but we've got cold air coming i on this system. once that front mov through, look at all the coldir watches and warnings. weave frost and freeze warnings all the way down to houston, texas,ew orleans and northern florida. so it is going to be a cold one overnight d into tomorrow. for today, rain in the pacific northwes windy conditions. look for windy conditions in the central
7:37 am
happy tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. still tracking a few showers on the showe are starting to let i want to zoomn on thisbatch. watch out for slick condions. we're starting out mild, the temperatures mostly in the 50s. you can see from o skies the differen myio clates. later on today we'll see aice finish inhe 70s. hope you have a fantastic day. and that's youratest weather. matt. >> thank you very ch. cong up, may the best city win the battle between new york and chago for bragging rights when it com to theallest building in america. >> and then on trending, say it is so. the legendary super group abba set to reunite? untithen,atalie and i will just sing dancing queen any time we're music ♪
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7:42 am
[ female announcer ] resisting the magical taste of silky smooth ve® chocolate is difficult. but choosing which o is even hard. we are back. ere will you find the tallest building in america? they're aouncing the final ruli on that today in one corner new york's world trade center here in new york. it's aymbolic 1776 square feet now in the other cornere have chicago's willis tower which rise to 1450 feet. theommittee must decide if spircounts as part of the buildi. there'pride and bragging rights on the line. katie is onhe new york side
7:43 am
ankevin is on chicago side. >> what'st stake here i new york's reputation as being the biggest and the best. this tower behind me stands at 1776 feet tall. it is the tlest building in america and itill stay that way just as long as thehicago folks rule a we all knowhey should. >>2 years in the making, 104 stories of stl, glass, and hope. one world trade isn't just a building. it ia monument t new york city's resolve after 9/. our ability to bounceack no matter the horror. the spire toppinout at 1776 feet might a well be an exclamation point. bolted down live o today just last spring wh matt on floor 104. >> just in time for sunrise. reporter: so what wl this chicago-bad committee of architects decide on exactly? well, wther or not the spire is a removable broadcast antenna
7:44 am
and not part of the building. >>f the tmost structure is clasd as spire, nework wins, if it's classed as an antenna, nework wi. >> we should be the largest. we're the nber one city >> rorter: once again leavi chicago not st second in name but by noon, skyscrar surveillan superiority. >> the second city has the second tallest tower. it's clear. >> reporter: that's right. it's clear that you cannot squash a new yorcity person's pride or building height kevin, what's next? are you going to start saying chico's pizza is better? >> well, katie, on ts wintry morning in icago, it's time for a little history lesson for you from pfessor tibs becau the rld's very first s skyscraper was built here in the ndy city and eryone knows that our beloved willis, or some
7:45 am
may still call it sears tower is th tallest. >>eporter: they may call chicago e second city but when it comes to scraping the sky, we're number on right? >> that was always a bragging right. >> it's a great city, n york, second to us of course. >> reporter: everyonknows when the original sears tower opened in 1973 it was the tallest building on the planet. ese days, is called the willis tower and witht's 110 stories, it'six stories taller than the new one world trade ceer. the big willy is our icon. >> the willis tower is one of the mos important tall buildings inhe whole of the u.s. >> reporter: if you wanto see how tall it is for yourself, head up to the 103rd flo and peek out over the edge on the ledge. though when it comes to a building kno as the freedom tower when it waseing built, some belved it would b appropriate to defer to new rk. >> wt happened on 9/11 is a
7:46 am
real important symbol. so i think it should be the tallestone. >> reporter: okay. of course, whatever building is deemed the tallest, w will all stand together here except, of course, when i comes to the yankees and mets, giants and jets, rangers, knicks, and don't even mention our pza out ere in new york, savannah. >> allright, katie and kevin, may the best -- nevermd. we're all winners. find the next hot dog. ich city has the best hot dog? coming up, who is o your list from musicianso visionaries? we'll reve 's men of the year and we're helping our bri we'll[ male announr ]the pepcid® present the burns family bbq. guys, you took tum® a coupleours ago. why keep taki it if you know yr heartburn keeps coming back? that's how it works. you take some tums®. if heartburn comes back, you ke some more. that esn't make ansense. it makes plenty of sense if y don't think about i
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7:51 am
11-12-13. the 12th of november,2013. an interesting day. so we're thring a wedding in studio 1-a. >> that's right. our hap couple will tie the knot at pcisely 9:10 so their anniversary will be 9:10, 11-12-13. happy wding day shanel. you look beautiful. >> tha you. >> lucky me. i get to be with the bride. you look gorgeous. just over an hour fro now you'll be shanel brnt. how does tt sound? >> it feels differe but i a good way. it's a new chapter in my life and i'm excited. >> why did you want to get married on this date >> we both like incremeal numbers and fluidity a if you add 11-12-13 it equaleans life. >> enjoy being married and
7:52 am
remember even in the chaos that you love each other. that's gre advice and natalie refereed this. why are so many peoe getting marriedn -12-13? it's easy for the guys to remember. >>hat's what it's all about. we'll t you go back and get ready. we'll say hello to the groom coming up after this. >> hs wearing a blind fo. don't want him to see the dress just yet. >> that's not romantic at all. >> speaking of being ru, is it rude to ask your hse guest to take o their shoes? we'llet into that. andt 8:15, my inspiration. a mber of my famil ♪ we're just looking, right? ofourse. this is the leo diamd. [ woman ] wow. it's the first diamond ever independently certified to be visibly brighter. 's...perfect. it even fits. that's because... ♪ ...i already had it sized. will you mar me? [ fema announcer ] the visibly bright leo diamond. handcrafted by the maer diamond artisans at leo schacter.
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7:56 am
the te 7:56. good morni evybody. i'm jon kelley. crs cleaning up after a units and lves 27 people without places to ve. this happened on whitman street ar mission blevard in hayward before 3:00 a.m. this morning. 17 people staying in hotels thanks to the american red the rest are forced to stay with family and friends. the re may have started in the kitchen of a downstairs it. kids may have to stay inside duri certain hours if an oakland city councilman has his wa the safety committee meeting to consider new rules thatould fine kids if they ar found unaccompanie during school hours or beten 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a. during week days. kids could also fac community servicor evenail time. >> let take it out and get tuesday morningforecast. christina loren is here to tell
7:57 am
all. >> gd morning t you, jon. good morning to you at home. tracking lht showers though to let up we have one cell to the south of richmo and shower activity headed toward vermore. keep that in mind. ovall temratures are close to 60degrees, once the sun comes through by about noon we're talking about a nice finish to the day with temperates climbing into the 70s. we expect about 68 degrees in san frcisco, elsewhere 70s. south bay 72 degrees.sula, let's check the drive. you know when it's rainyt can be rough. >> all overhe bay we're looking at a slower ive. slow drive in most spots including across the bay, san mateo and dumbarton bridges. the south bay i the foreground. 880 both drixs between the san mateo and dumbarton bridge a series of crashes. they cause slowing. lily the slick roads caung a problem. news, weather d sports 880 jammg up through oakland and back to yo
7:58 am
>> forhe heads up we're ba in a half ho.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's:00 on "today." coming up -- all our lives we adored pierc >> who are you inspired by? i'll introduce you the man who ma my life better. plus, sidecades in hollywood, more than 16 vies and a star in ""downtown abbey. and -- matt checks in on carson doing that other job. behind the scenes at "the voice" today, tuesday, november 11, 20. >> hey good morning. >>ood morning, kids. >> mom and dad love you, have a
8:01 am
good day at school. >> good morning seattle! >> good morning, st. john's newfndland. >> we want to party with al! ♪ >> andl wants to party with you. good morning. welcome back to "today." i'm savannah gutie alongside al roker and willie geist. matt is t in beautiful los anges this morning. >> that's right, guys. good morning to you. bund up. we'ltalk about that visit to "the voice" in a second. but i know all of us want to take a mute this morning to mention our very gd friend amy robach. she was part of the nbc family i think for nine years, a lot of that time waspent here at the "today" show she has moved on, bushe is still very much in ourearts and on monday, as ma people have hea, amy revealed she is battlingreast cancer. so we want to sender our love and pport and we're thinng of her and our family.
8:02 am
guys, even as , you know, don't shave for the month of november to bring atntion to men's health issues, amy said it waa decision to get a mammogram at allowed her doctors to detect this disease iner. >> a amy is incredibly strong and brave. so we'reooting to her. and wishing her our best. >> yep. >> let us take a turn anget a check of the weather now >> let's first in natalie and get the top stories. >> that's a grt idea too. >> i'll take it fr you guys and also send prayers to amy as well. a new round of rough weath is threatening the philippines where the death ll from typhn haiyan is soaring. survivors face critil shortages there. chief medical editor dr. nancy snydermahas more. >> reporter: good morning, with the roads blocked and ferries
8:03 am
not gog, we decided to get into the chopper and check o the possibly of an upcoming health carcrisis. >> we tried our best, but it i our diffult times. >> reporter: dr. francis visto continues to treat the people in the face of adrsity. no generator, no light? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: no power, no security, not even potable water. in the five da since haiyan stru, those devastated by the storm have come for aid they desperately need. its ors are open. >>e did our best to make them understand we are ving a calamity here. even as the doctors -- we didn't even go to our familie immediaty. we stayed wi the patients. >> reporr: treating the sick, the dying, even the soon to rn. contractions over now? patients come in now and they're hungry and they have had no water, and they're hurti, what
8:04 am
do youay to them? >> we say we're sorry. >> reporter: the storm's ruin that taking the toll bh physically and mentally. do patients die because you couldn't treat them? >> some have cause we were out of resources. we just made the most of what we had. >> reporter: as sad as coitions are right now, another ncern is an approaching weather syst that may brg more rain and with that the concern of dysentery and other illnesses. natalie? >> heart breaking tuation there in the philippines. thank you, dr. nancy. >>police and garment wkers classed bangladesh, one of the top clothing procers. dozens opeople were hurt there. a government pan voted to raise garment workers' minimum raise to $66 month. the works however are demanding $100 a month. the owner of the miami
8:05 am
dolphins has broken hisilence. stepheross said he was aplled when he heard aut the vulgar voice mails that suspended lineman richie incognito leftor jonathan martin he planso meet with martin tomorrow. >> we rely care about this organizati. it is important me and what's gonen is really somethin you know, couldn't have been a worst nightmare. >> the nfl is still investigating. incognito has fused to say whether coaches dered him to toughen up martin. hawaiienate is expected to ss a bill to legalize gay marrge. the final step beforsending thmessage to the governor neil abercrombie. would allow same-secouples to wedext month. a sptacular crash caught on cama. take a look. britispower boat racer kei riddle w going more than 130 les per hour when hiboat somersaulted and then land top down in e water.
8:06 am
remarkably, escaped unharmed. imagine that. 130 miles per hour. let's go back tside at 8:05 and get a checof the weather from al. >> thanks so much. we have friends om here. berkeley college, what are y doin >> we're here celebratin national distance learning week. >> peoe tell me to go away all the time. go as far away as possible thankso much. so you see snowflakes cong down finally reaching the surface. top ofhe rock, it's snowing there. about 850 feetp. were seeing the snow. where else are we seeing the ecip? all along this frontal system. and you can see it stretchesll the way om midwest and the plains into the noheast. les go up the coast into connticut. hampden, connecticuta little snowflake there. by noon, it will be cldy and toght, clear and cold. a few shows, snowflakes in northern new england. wet weather along e pacific northwest coaswith windy
8:07 am
>> 8:06. good morni to you. temperatures are still pretty mild we have a nice finish to the y. just want to show you what we are expecting. your hour by hour forecast tells the stor on the peninsula. we'lsee pretty comfortab conditio out there jumping om the upper 50s to t 70s looking good there. as we head throughout tomorrow, temperates are going to be comfortable as well, and then we're going t starto see pretty much arage temperatures for this te of year. for today 76 degrees in the et bay. san francisco, 68 degrees. >> and tt's your latest weather. >> the weather, it all i can think about. this is the first snow of the season. >> crazy. i found a w job -- umbrella holder. if this doesn't work out. >> yeah. >> coming up nt on "trending quality, gimme gme gimme, is abba planning a reunion tour?"
8:08 am
savannah and natalie are dancing on the s. and my inspiration, how my uncle pierce insred me. and at 8:3 what has shirl irl shirley mcclain aski what if. it's shirley and me tyson ain. >> it's the sign of the apocalypse! >> but first, these messages. ♪ oh oh oh o ♪ that's my kind oholiday, ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪hat's your kind of holiday? like our new sta fe chickequesadilla, burger bites sandwiches, and more,
8:09 am
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8:12 am
with 100% taste and zero artificial prervatives. ey break the walls! oh oh oh!) ♪ we're back now on a tuesday morning from new york and from los angeles. it'sime to talk about wt's
8:13 am
trending today. >> matt, you're really missing out. the dance party -- >> you'vgot to keep it goin >>exactly. we d't need a l of excuse to play abba around here b mama mia or ♪ mama mia >> there w ror of a possible reunion. >> big fans, huh? >> the singer told a gman paper tha the ban could reuniteext year. that would mark 40 years since their hitwaterl won the european song contest. earlier this yr matt you inrviewed two of the iconic fourso foursome. >> i askedhem about rumors of reunion. here as what they td me. >> there's no chance that.
8:14 am
>> i'm the oy one sayin no here. >> you're saying . >> ion't think so. all four of us i weeally think about , no. >>ome on,see, they wt it everybody wants it. if we twist your arm hard enough perhaps. oh well. >> he'sot saying no here. >> okay. >>savannah, i tri and freda was all for it. >> three of t four want it to ppen. >> well, he said there's no such plan for reunion. >> how do we nothowhe video of natalie dng karaoke. >> that was the highlight of trip. [ music playing ] >> oh, no, let's move on. next topic. >> all weave to saybout that natalie is -- inaudible ] -- >> the holiday season begins
8:15 am
wi thanksgiving in a couple of weeks. a lot of folks will have family and frien over at the hoes. heres aimely question for the group in n york. is i rude to ask your house guest to take up their shoes at the doorr are you annoyed when yourost asks you to do it. >> i don't think it's rude. i do it. >> often, though, it's uncomfortable. it's uncomfortae to ask people to do it. >> i don't tnk i would ever ask someone to do it. >> i think you should do it and provide nice little slippers >> yeah, perhaps pedure station. >> really fun stuff. >> i go back to our airplane story. i don't want your dirty socks walking ound my house. >> but i d't want dirty feet eith. >> you'd rather have their dirty shoes walking aroundour house? >> no, there's certain arom. >> message received. >> oddsre they have showered. >> you don't know my friends. >> wesked people oine is it rude to as guest to remove
8:16 am
thr shoes? % said, yes, it's rude. >> interestin i don't think it's rude. >> i don't think it's thabad. >> yes. >>kay. so wre about to get a first look at magazine's annual men of the yea issue. michl haney is here to tells who owned 2013. michael. >> michael. >> good morning. >> i was going to take my shoes off. >> so j.t.? >> justin timberlake. we have five this year. >> tre's nothing he can't do. a great event here las night where willie stopped by and he shows up with justin biel so what can he not do. >> cool. >> and also he's #hashtag of th year. you ha leading man of the year. matthew mcconaughey. he's back with tworeat movies.
8:17 am
dallas fire club and wol of wall street. so he has gone from that sky who played bongo naked to really fun leading man. >> and you have a tribute to james gan dolfi. >> yes, a kendric lamar. he came out withis album. >> last but not least, one of my favorites. >> will ferrell. >> is it wl ferrell or ron burgdy? >> ion't know. they're one in th sa. >> has he ever hostethe show in he should come . >> exactly. >> hey, al, how much would you pa for michael's hair? >> i wld give a amount of money. >> i didn't get the memo. >> matt, your facia hair is almost reaching th height. that level. >> no, it's g a wayto go. >> that'nice.
8:18 am
michael haney from gq, thank yoso much. >> thanks for having me guys. w our special serieshis week inspiredby. this morning i get to tell you about my inspiration who i call my darling uncle pierce. he was born with down syndrome and he was a reay important part of our family growing up he taught me by h example about everything that matters in life. and while he passed ay many years ago hetillolds a very special place in my heart. >> reporter: pierce was bor july 5th, 1933 and my andmother used to call him her litt fire crackerecause he wa born so close to the 4th of july. the doctor tol her this child will never walk, will never talk and my grandma would say no he'll do everything just like any ttle boy can. >> m mom and dad's philosophy from the beginning was heoes where we go and tha was h he spent his life. he wasuite the world traveler.
8:19 am
>> he lookedt life like it was one big adventure ande was essed to be born int aamily that agreed with at. he was able to achve evything he could achieve and then some. >> after my grandfath passed away, he and his mo my grandmother, mov to tucson arizona full time and lived with me and my sister and my mom and brother at home in thishouse, actually. >> it was a hard time. their father, my husband had also just died. there's a cerin bittersweeess to it but i have to say pierce was reallyhe highlight of that because all our liv we adored pierce. i've sai that pierce was emotionally wi and nsitive. he knew tt my dad had passed ay and we were all sad. and sometimes he wld say, i remeer charlie. i'll say a prayeror him. it was just his way of connecng. >> i do remember. >> loo at that. isn' that cute?
8:20 am
>> pierce had an exceponal sense of mor. alst mischievous i would say. >> he used tsay where do i sit? on the roof? he had this way ofightening everyone's mood. he was fullf life. and love. he loved everybody. >> he was very affectionate. >> loved the pretty rls. >> loved the prey girl we'd have our friends or in high school a he'd say do yo got a boyfriend? anthey would say no. and he would say, ah, me. he wasust complete fin love with basketball but more with the atre. >> when we were little gls we cided to py a tck on him and hide h basketball uniform.
8:21 am
he was so mad at us. he was walking around ying mom, where's my stuff anwe wereiggling. we were lile. >> that excuses us. >> he taught us w to be mischievous. >> yeshe did. i talk about pierce all the me because i think he is really inspiring. en you love somebody who has a disabity and you experience how they experience the world, 's instant perspective about how toake lifeonderful even when you've been given incredible difficulty. >> i think my uncle pierce was a simultaneously exuberant person and i think savnah is that way. she has this incredible deep calm that set people at ease. >> pierce just lovedpeople. and see that in sannah all the time. >> i don't think i woulde the same person if not for my uncle pierce. when i got t job at the "today" show rognized it was an opportunity to rai some
8:22 am
awarens. i went to the buddy walk this year and just giving hugs and tang pictures. advocacy matters so that people understand what this condition is and aren't afraid. when youook at what people with down syndrome are doing now. living o their own. having jobs. having families. having relaonships, it takes your breath ay. if i can be a vce to say you should get to knowhat person wh has down syndrome cause your life may be dramatically transformed for the better then i'd lik to be that voice. >> that was beautiful. >> oh my gosh. >> it's aonderful opportunity to get to say tha was my uncle and he mattered and he lived and he made such a differce. it's just a real privilege t i'm so happy toet to introduce people to him. >> how many peopl he touched and went on from there.
8:23 am
>> so many. >> i know there's so many people in kentucky right now watching who will rememberpierce. he was the charmer of the neighborhood everyone adored him and my grandparents were ahead of their time. when he was bor my grandma was told he'll never walk or talk. peopleere told there's nothing you can do with these children. they said forget it. hes the number one member of the family. they're the rson heecame such a successl person and i just adore him. >> heived a good long time. >> he did. heived a really long time. s late 6s. if youant toearn more about down syndrome wch you can do to raise awareness go to and hoda you are going toell us about your inspirion later. >> yeah, at 10:00 today. mine is a little different. i dided to doome people if you blink you miss them. it's like a stranger you happen to be sitting next to on a bus car a if you didn't say hello them your life would not have changed and'm going to introduce you to two people that changed the course of my life because ias sitting i the rit seat at t right time. yoll meet them later today.
8:24 am
>> and because your heart is open, hoda. that's the reason. >> yeah, that's it. >> we look forwarto that. natalie gets to share her inspiration tomoow with kathie lee too and we hope this inspires you tohare your inspiration. use the#inspiredby or telus at we'll head over to willie doi wedding duty this morning. >>reat story. thks. we'rless than 45 mutes away now from our weddi live in studio on this day, a speci day 11/12/13. some 3,000 wdings in this couny. even tugh it's a tuesday i novembera lot of people getting married. we're joined n by the groom. how areou feing? >> ready to do it. >> no cold feet. just a little nerves? >> no. >> you have the blind fold off. tell ushy you love your bride-to-be somuch. >> she is my rock. she's my cosel. i go to her for everything. if i ever have a problem, she's my solution. >> you guy versus known each othesince high school in califoia but just srted
8:25 am
dating a couple of years ago. >> yeah. >> what happened in the space between? >> well, we separated and went in different directions but we kept i contact and somehow found each oth again and reconnecd. >> tell me abo the proposal in front of the eiffel tower. that must be incredib. >> i went well. >> it wt well. we'll let you get back. you have aew minutes to get ady here. ve a good one. >> thank you so much. >> we cannot wt for the wedding savannah. >> we'll he to wt a little bit more but it will happen when? 9: 11/123. >> mike tyson and shirley mcclain. we'll hear from them both. but first, your lol news and weather.
8:26 am
good morning to you. 8:26. i'marla tellez. the old bay bridgeill come downbout an hour from no cal tran cws will start removing the upper deck of the the island.the section nearest don't expt the bridge to be gone tomorrow. it will come down section by section. the process will takehree years and cost $240 millio ca trans wants toake room for a bike at pedestrians path on e new span but says the old one is i the way. let's stick wit the traffic topic and send it over to mike. you have problems in palo alto. >> cars that a in the way of you getting to work. it'sery slow. you see th over on the left side of the scre in both directions into and through
8:27 am
cali. the northbod route starting to ease a little bit. that's betternews. we have a ttle light rain, and that causedlowing through the entire area. watch for slippery conditions for 880. another crash clearingrom lincoln avenue a whiple as we. very sw there as well at the split. thsan mateo bridge has a slow drive. better news for the track. that station has reopened resuming regul service now for theichmond line from richmond down in toward fremont. back to you. >> that's definitely better news. mike, thanks. we'll be back wit our nt cal news update at 8:56. will see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's 8:30 now on a tuesday morning. 12th o november 2013. 11/12/13. the tree with scaffolding around here. that comes down early in dember. the tre gs lit onecember 4th. looking forward to that with a cold and snowy, rai weather in new york. starting to feel like the holiday ason for the crowd outside. i'm mattauer in los anges. the rest of the gang outside on the plaza.
8:31 am
>> good rning to you, matt. coming up,e have a dynamic du in the orange room tother. we have mike tyson and shirley mcclain. >> book club. >>ho wins. >> tyson is out with an auto biography and revealing is not e word. look at this batt. a heavyweight fighting. down goestyson. >>whoa. >> no, that's not rit. >>his is television. >> think of tchildren. >> wow. >> all right. well, then we do have a sequel some 15ears in the making. a lot of people want to know what took them so long. the cast of the best man holiday are all here. we'll talk to them coming up. >> fit one of the reasons i'm here in los angeles, a qui visit to theildly popul show "the voice". >>e'll take you to the stage andou can see the voice logo
8:32 am
everhere. >>ll right. >> thank you. you n see thenormity of the set. in this room now has become like a hot thing to get. >> with goodreason. you he a lot of star power and great entertainment. >> we love to do that. >> where are the prime seats. >> if yo notice behin us there's me gs. >> right. >> you can see blake shelton's desk. >> when the show is going on and cooking an going artist to tist you take time where you're n on camera. where do you hang out? >> no one has ever asked to see my area. that's ne ofyou. >> it' all about you. >> my little area. >> no minibar? no bridge. no, blake shelton has full barn tha chair. >> blake shelton. >> it's le my sunda football chair. >> so one more area, i'll show you the sprin sky box. >> okay. how do we get the? >> there is our version of the orange room.
8:33 am
>> this is really cool. soal media from up here. >> this ow differentiates itselfrom other competition shows because more than any other one it's about the coaches. do they have bigger role o is show than judges o other shows? >> i think people in america like them more than others because ey see what they're trying to do. th're tryg to pass down words of advicend mentoring coachingnot judging. that fee goodn america's living rooms. >> how are we going toderail team blake? >> he derails himself. he's a ltle boastfulhis season and arrogant. >> wow. >> i think he is getting a litt lazy. >> oh >> complacent. that's what he is. >> clearly my track record doesn't speak for itself, matt. there's almost a separation from lose to the wners side of
8:34 am
the table, you kw what imean. >> i le you studio audice. >>o you ever worry that in someays because so much attention isaid to you four that you m overshadow se of the artis and by the way, on the show you call them artists and notontestants but at the end of the comtition when you crown the winner, what do we talk out? blake won again. >> because our profil are higherhan people competing on the show, we're going to overshadow it a little bit. has someone bece a massive super star yet? no. but people arelways better off after they've had their experience on theshow. as far as m concerned it's a victory with anyone with this posure. who is winning. >> me. >> me. >> me. >> somebody ony team is going to win th. >> s fferent. >> very good. >> ceelo. >> that wasgood.
8:35 am
you get the ia that bla hait somehow figured out. he is the master of this. i want to thank carsonor his hospitality. you can catch the voice and hel make an instant save tonight at 9:00, 8: centralime on nbc. >> we' jealous. lots of teenagers that are mor sensations. >> really good. this is the ti, right? the check of the weather. yeah. all right. let's take a lk on the u.s. satellite radar and you'll see we've got clear skies right now. front pass through. the same front tt's affecting the northeast. it's also passed thrgh denver, colorado thanks to our friends at ka. a nice shot of their suise. #today suise. weo have lake effectnow showers intohe great lakes into thenorthet. rain into the pacifnorthwest. gorgus dayhroughout much of northern florida.
8:36 am
8:35 on a tuesday morning. i'm metrologist christina loren. can you see w still have lig showers streaming onshore, but up, and as weead throughout t e second half of the day, temperatures are going toarm nicely as that sun breaks through the clouds here in the south bay. 58 dreesight now. expectin 67 with noon and full sunshi and 72 by the day's end. elsewhere forecasting about 72 here in san jose, 70 for mlo park. 75 in santarosa, and 71 in salsalit >> and that's your lates weather. sannah. >> all right, al, thankou so much. now let's say hello t a true icon. car winner shirley mcclain shes out with a really interesting new book called what if. aifetime of questions, speculations, reasonable guesses and a few things inow for sure. it's so nice t meet u. thank you for beinghere. >> thank you, savannah. >> where do you find all the
8:37 am
time? you have atar turn in downton abbey and you decided to write your 13th book. it just came spilling out of you? >>hat's just about it. i wanted to take a experiment and sit down and not think about it and just, i guess, chann it. >> do you have wrer's block ever? or is this o of those things when you decide to sit down and put pen to papert comes out? >> i command whatever it is i wa to say tbe said. but,ou know, i'm a dcer and i'm very disciplid. so i put aside like four hours a day and jus sithere and let it all happen. it's like norman nayr told me once. i don't writmy books. something el in me or around me or above me writes them. i just l it happen. >> well,he book poses a l of provocative questions. some you answer and some you let hang out there. but let's go through a few of them. you say wt if we could all live to 150 or 200?
8:38 am
would you want to if you could? >> boy, that wld depend on how the world's going at the time i make that decision, you know? i think we allave -- i think we he gotten eprogrammed decisions when to leave. i . >> a destin >> well, i that's what you want to call it. little more complicated than that. i don't think mine is coming up so. but i n't thinkso. >> you ask what if sex isn't meant to be monogamous. do you have a conclusion? >> yeah. wait a minute, they did a story -- now this isretty good, did a whole reseah on this and they concluded after interviews, after daydreams, night dreams, ntasies, et cete, that e-third ofhe human ra is monogamous literally. one-third is seriay
8:39 am
monogaus, that's what i wa and one-third is promiscus. if you're going to marry somebody and promise that you're gog to be faithful tt you should see if you fit i that category >> find t which third they beng to. this is good. what if make-up were illegal. >> apparently make-up, if women are stripped of the abily to wear make-up, it' more frightening to them than almost anything. >> if makep were illegal i uld be hauled off to prison right now. >> isn't that interesting how we have this sense ofantasy about our appeance? >> you write about living alone and it really feels likeou have fnd the place you like -- or places, you live i new mexico and californ. do you ever ink about marrying agai >> plea. i kw what catory i'm in. that's not it. >> there's another question in
8:40 am
the ok, what ifhe old testament contains evidence abt extraterrestrials on earth. i read the book. you quote scripture. you mean that literay. >> well, i read scripture. ke tyson and i were just talking out this. >> were you. >> very interestein this stuff, you know he's fascinatingly curious about himself and what happened to hi and all of that. okay, so it is a pural word. will fashi man after ourselves. i tnk that could be some very superior, probabily genetically engineered sophticated star people. ieally think that should be loed at. we don'tnow where we came from so why notive that a shot. >> i ponr that and there's a lot to ponr inhis book. it also says in the title there's a few things i know for sure. gi me just one of them before
8:41 am
weend. >> that we're ending t show. that's about it. >> literally. >> i can think ofne right now that i'm sure about. i'm su the world's little bit in trouble ande better get our act together. i'm sur about that. >> its a very tught provoking book and entertaining d we learn more about you as well. thank you for being here. >> thank you, savannah. >> really appreciate it. coming up next, as shirley mentioned, mike tyson is here and he opens up aboutis gre grtest bates in and out of the ring. and we have the cast of the best n holiday he. but first, ts is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
itas cleared up here you'll be glad to kw in new york city. we come back at 8:43 with mike tyso when he entered a boxing ring he instild fear in opponents and awe ong spectators.
8:44 am
he's pulng no punches writing about his lif in the new autob autob autobiography. were just talking aut a young mike tyson walks into rings and lays it t people you said i don't remember tt guy. >> he's like light yea away from me. it's like a blur. all of that stuff. all of that insecurity,anting to be the best fightern the world. i don't even think on those terms anymore. >> i think when people think that memoirs are coming out. ey expt a whiwashing of history or -- >> no, nobody that reads that book is going tbe envious of me. that's notoing to happen. >> you put it all in there and yosaid something incredible, you said working on this book makes me think my whole life has been a joke. what did you mea by that?
8:45 am
>> don't know. i tried so desperate to be somebody that i really wasn't and i never reallyound out w i was. but i want to be this imagine of wha i thought was glorious d fantastic, you know? it was just conquering people. becoming the best. and even if tepped on myself, my own feelings, i destroyed myself. i wanted that agine. that imaginef being the greatest fight that god createand all of that crazy stuff. i mean, it's rememb-- i believe another life. i believe i wa born to do this. >> you feel differently now? like a totally different person. >> feel like asmuck. >> why dyou say at?
8:46 am
>> for inance, i didn't chose being afighte it chose me ptty much. somebody tol me this is what you're goingo do. you're good at this and i can make gat things happen and i'm from suc a deprived neighborhood in brooklyn i wanted sething great for my life. i didn't wan to be that person anymore. so i wen on thatjourney. and that journey took meo such a perspecve of myself. >> you tk a lot about the book. there's a running theme about mike versus iron mike. iron mike created in part by the trainer that became a fatr figure to you. how difficult was i for you to turn off iron mike outside the ri? >> almost impoible. almost impoible. he just followsme. he even follows m when i perform on stage in broadway. i don't know. that's my alter ego when i'm afraid. >> how did iron mike mifest himself outside the ring?
8:47 am
not talking aut boxing but when you took yourself outside of the ring, some of the tuble you got into in your life. do you owe that to -- >> i owe that to myself. can use ironike asn excuse but i owe that t all the self-gratification i got out of being that peon. it took me awayrom being that scared ltle kido being a feared person of which i thought was a respected person. >> mike, there's some stuffn theook aboutourelationship with men. a lot of women, frankly, will probably be offended when they read some of the ways tha you confess that you treated women over t course o your life but you say throu therapy you have veloped a better relationship with women. ere are you right now? >> we, listen, oy thing that happened to me, i judgedy the way my mother was being treated. so i thought that's how women should be treated. en you see the bigst wom figure in your life being treated pretty disrespectful and she's accepng that you realize this is just what it is and this
8:48 am
is just how it. >> and yet over the course of your life you talk openly about the chaes that sent you to jail. you didn't treat women that way. are you better with wom now than you were. >> listen, i'm married with kids. i haveive daughters and i le to deep dow believe that i am. ieally would like to believe that i am, you know. mike tyson, ts books all out there. you tell it all. you pull no punches. people will enjoy rding it. they might not like everything they se >> but that's who i am. people don't like what they see in meut what you see is what you get. it's just what it is. >> the books the undisputed truth. mike tyson, goo to s you. >> coming up next, the ct of the best man holiday on tir new movie 15 yrs in the making. but first, this is "toy" on nb
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
t has been nearly 15 years since the bes man was released and now the cast has reited r the long awaited sequel. it's called the bt man holiday d they're brought together to lebrate christmas life and frieship. weave taye digs, morris chestnut, terree howard. what took 15 years for the sequel? >> it took that long to do taye and terren's contract. >> and terrence's hair. that takes time as well. >> and w were tryg too mething about more than taye's hairut couldn't t him to cooperate. >> trying to grow it ba. >> when they appached you about doing a sequel to this movie, who immediately said yes? >> i di i said yes because i felt like howreat would it be to revisit
8:52 am
these charaers 15 yrs ter. pick up where you left off and kind of see where these frien are now. >> do you think peopl will be surprised at how the sries have developed? >> think they wi. malcolm, he's such a great writer. he grew these characters up so perfectly. it mak sense. ever cracter makes sse where they a in their lives. and i think tha people will recognize themselves as we as people that they know in these characters a the situations they're going through. >> i want to tell everybody there's lot of laughs in this movie but bring your tissues and yo issues. >> yeah. >> i understand it whenou all met with the director to talk about the sequel the dl got sealed when you got liquored up? >> it didn't rt. didn't hurt. we hadt seen each oer in awhilend he called us all and told us to come to dinner and basically pitched us the story ofhe sequelnd we all kind of
8:53 am
signedn right then. >> well, you had the premiere the other day and it goes without saying that you look fabulous. >> well, tha you. >> but i have to talk about morris, what are your beauty secrets because you have to play a star nfl football player 15 years later. we do have a shot from the movie. >> that's . >> there y go. this is m favorit part. i love th. >> so you've been just lking that way for 15 years? >> yeah, i walk aund like that all the me. >> his wife is a vy happy woman. >> he was doing push ups all the time in betweenkes. >> this is the hard part i'm trying to diet and everybody here is just eati. eating donuts and allf that stuff. >> did you like being the nine month pregnant woman in the vie? >> absolutely not. when malcolm told me was going to be nine months pregnant, i said, what do you mean? like four months pregnant? like a cute little bump >> like i just ate a doughnut?
8:54 am
>> exactly. but they gave me a prohetic mp that was true to life and very hvy and ho it was like my own persol sauna and i got punched in the belly 12 times a day. >>ou guys are real charmers. >> yeah, they got a sic pleasure out of it. >> i was going to ask i the chemistry wastill there but it is. it's really fun and touching. it's an honor toave you he. >> tnk you. >> do i hear best man part three? >> we'd do it. >> yeah. >> just bring the alcohol. >> the bt man holiday opens nationwiden friday. we'll be backn a moment. this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do sothing today. and there's never been a beer time
8:55 am
becausthis year, devry university has $45 million llars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants availablto those who qualify. d this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking emploent had reers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th d find your career success in the bay area. visit devry.ed
8:56 am
wedding bells are ringing. >> our 11-12-13 bridelong with her fath there ithe orang good morning. i'm marl wra tell. counciembers will talk about ether sthe can knock down t youth sports complex to make room forarking at the new home for the 49ers new stadium in santa cla, or if they should movehe complex t the area that's apreserve nearby. the council is expected to approva feasibility study tonit. let's checkhe forecas with meteologist chrtina
8:57 am
loren. some rain in e forecast. >> yeah. you know, it's starting tolear out, but we are looking pretty good for a ne sunny finish to the day, and temperatures right now are in the upper 50s to low s. expecting a nice turnaround. beautiful rebounding numbers ending uin the mid 70s later on today. i'll he another update forou in just a few minutes. when our little girl was bn, we. it's where sheaid her first wo. (little girl) no! saw her firsday of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever.
8:58 am
thback seat of my subaru is where she gw up. what? (announc) the subaru foreste (gl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen ort utility of the yr. love. it's wt makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>>nnouncer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie moral and willie geist. live fm studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >>elcome to today on this tuesday morng, november 12th, 2013. yes, it's 11/12/13. >> wow. >> not just an ordinary day here by the way >>his is a big day. i'willie geist with al and nalie. this is a popular day fo couples get married. the says almost,000 weddingsill take place today. you don't sethat on a tuesday in november obviously. we'll have one oour very own in just a few nutes. >> that's right. >> this is a coue planning on getting married on this day anyway. elliott bryant and shanel manzano. th 27 years old.
9:01 am
they knew each other as they were children, grew up and grew apart. then in t last two years they managed to reconnect and got engaged lt september. today cpleting the honor >> there is the beautiful bride-to-be. >> the gom is blindfolded because we don't want him to see what she looks like. >> no peekg. >> no peeking yet. >> he's a special ed teacher. shanel is a senior account manager. they knew each oth growing up in california. i always loved stories like at. >> that'special. with shanel and elliot they'll come shanelliot. kind of brangelina. >> has a nicsound to it. we're looking forwarto that moment. we're ing to let the weddi happen naturally. but at 9:10 we would like the i dos. then they have a 9-10/11/12-13.
9:02 am
so wwant to stick with their request for the incremental numbers. >> there they are on the night of their engagement in paris back in ptember. it's a nicday if you're the guy to rememr your niversary, 11/12/13. >> no mistaking that one >> my sogeorge was born on 7/8/9. i said hang in the a little while. we have to g it on this date. >> i don't think she w really hangg on that. >> not the date? >> no, icheduled my second c-seion with luke on 9/98 justo make it easy with everyone. >> today is also another ver specialday. >> it is. >> it's a year a today one willie geist joined -- >> it only feels like aecade. i mean thain a good way. >> so many memorable moments. thiss where the dream seence takes place. >> what's happened in year. >> willie geist'sirst day. i call it willie appreciation day. >> i'lcuddle you. >> he's goinfor it. >> he'going for it.
9:03 am
>> it's a wa rug. it really is. it's a sg carpet on your est. >> natie, what are you doi over there? >> great job. >> say anything. ♪ pappa willie >> play it cool. do you know what i mn. ♪ wiggle it just a little bit >> i'm a twerking purist. ♪ this magic ment >> it's a pinch. >> oh, this is what it's like -- >> willie g. andulk hogan. >> wow. >> do you know what, youe really gro on me. >> i'm not sure what's more disturbing, hulk hogan ripping your shirt off or you two kissing. >> i think that was very natural.
9:04 am
>> should we reenact that? >> no, i d't want any rug burn there. >> not to mention, y guys have had a real bromance with the cuddling and coes. we're keeping it live around here. >> that was a finenterview. my favorite moment with you is seeing you try to climb t mount evert which was our small little walon the plaza. i thk it took you -- i said seven ies but they countedix tries. >> was it six? >> yeah. >> but as i said there's a little nice piece. >> a you disturbed that took you more times than me? >> you were right up. you know why? i'm not that athletic. >> i sti have the scars. you scraped up youregs. >> i scraped up big. wasn't getting a lot of help at the top. if we want to go through histo here. >> sto celebrate your anniversary -- >> there we . >> it woul't be an anniversary without your favore.
9:05 am
>> oh. >>ou need a hulk hogan lunchbox. >> i'mot sur what thisdvd is. it says adult content. >> kanye west. >> we want to make sure we get 9, 12, 11, 1213. let's do the weather, shall we? how about a littleight at the weather area? there it is. it's 43. bliss, missouri, lots of nshine. a betiful day. groo texas, sunny and 45 degrees. we have a beautiful day t st. les check to see what life is like in phoenix. nny skies, #today. d you have a beautiful day. degrees today by 6:. not too bad.
9:06 am
rest of e country, we've got some light snow showers throughout t northeast. rain in the pacifinorthwest. look for some fog inentral colorado. fog also in northern florida. >> good mornin i' meteorologi chrtina lon. still traing lig rainfal in morin county. mo of the bay areatarting to t a pretty significant break. no temperatures rightow are pretty comfortable. we're most in the 60s across the ard. 60 degrees right now on the east bay. in the south bay. headed towds a nice comfortable afrnoon. we'll clb into the 70s for the heat of the day. we're talking about 72 degre in places like san jose. 70 degrees along the peninsula, and 76 in the east b for today. all right. that's you latest weather. do we have tissues ready? >> i feel le i need the >> dyou like a good wedding? >> i'm a crier. >> her father reggie wl walk her dn the aisl as s gets ready to wed elliott bryant.
9:07 am
[ music playg ] >> would you like to remove your blind fold. >> let's get arted. welcome to this very nework celebration ofour marriage. your commitment to each other and to building a joyful life together. today represents the culmination of youreep love and friendship
9:08 am
through actions and words you have already committed to one another to share your lives. toy you formalize that commitmentnd embark on a new phase of your relationship as husband and wife. shanel, do you choose elliott this day to le and confide in to hold on to and to reach out from? do you choose to believe in him and to sre with m, to learn from and grow wh him? do you choose this d to give him your whole heart? i do. >> elliott, do u choose shanel to love and confide in? to hold on to and reach out from? do you choose toelieve in her and share with her and lrn from and grow wh her. do you choose thisay to give her you whole heart. >> i do. >> i invite you now to join your hands and you hearts a you speak your vowso each other from tha deeply connected place. >> i elliott, promise to take you shanel to no other than yourself in all the ways life
9:09 am
may find us. i promis to tend to you in sickness and rejoice to you in healths long as we bothhall live. >> i shanel prose to take y elliott to be no other than yourself in all the ways life may find . i prise to tend to you in sicknessnd rejoice with you in heth as long as we both shall li. >> elliott, may i have the ring. >> my hope is that whenever you lookpon these rings y'll be reminded o the strength ofour love and theromises that you've made today. would you each please repea afte me take thi ng. >> take this ring. >> as a symbol of my lov for you. >> as a symbol of my love for you. wear this ring. >> wr this ring >> as a reminder of the
9:10 am
promises. >> as a reminder of the promises. >> we made day. >> we mad today. >> eiott take this ring. >> elliott take this ring. >> as a symbol of my love for u. >> aa symbol ofy love to you. >> wear this ring. >> wear this ring. >> as a reminder of the promises. >> as a reminder of the promises we made today. >> elliott and shanel may you be blsed every step of your path together. may your heart sing and your heart bs warm and every day be filled with joy as you gw forever young together. and now by the per invest in me by thetate of new york, i now pronounceou husband and wife, united in ling marriage this day and forever more. you may now share you first wedded kiss. [ applause ]
9:11 am
[ music pling ] >> congratutions. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> how did that feel? we you a little nervous? >> no. it wenty fa. >> and you made it at 9:10 exactly. >> well, what a beaiful thing that you share with us. we want to thank your family as well and fend who is are here too. >> congratulations to you. >> it's so special to youven if itas -- we've got our backdrophere. >> it did. >> i cld see theeal emotion. >> are youappy you did it this way? >> yes. >> where's the honeymoon? yes. >> just yes. >> and are you cool wit natalie dancing at the reception? because it gets a ttle weird sometimes. >> we're totally cool with that. >> jt don't play any abba. >> wll definity dance. >> congratations you guys. thank you for sharing your special moment with us. enjoy today andhe rest of your
9:12 am
lives. >> and to our minister, we also appreciate you. >> thank you, deborah. >> thank you very ch. congratulations. we'll be right back. >> mr. and mrs. bryant everyone. cheers. you hearhat a lotve this time of year. you ow what? you hearhat a lotve completely over our heads. st of us have only bn out of diapers for a fewears. so let's taltoys. ok. kmart has nice selection i. lego friends, furbyoom, or... holiday rbie... and work the system! jo shop your way! free mbership for all! kmart. get in. in your coact lenses, at you wear to bed is your business. so, if'g ask abt the air optix® contacts so breathable they're approved for up to 30 nights of continuous wear. serious eye oblems may occur. ask your doctorand visit am for safe information and free one-month trial.
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supe poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more fo particles o you're more comforble and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made the kiwi an enjoyable experien. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligr. ever get a sharp pain in your chest or feel a bad bump and run to the interneto che out your symptoms? >> that y cause needless anxiety when there's nothing to worry about. >> scary symptoms you can stress less about. she is t contributing medic editor for hlth as well as a today contributor. >> nice to s you all. >> you feel tymptoms and go online and google whas wrong with y. is that a good idea? >> generly no. especially people that get xious and worried about these
9:16 am
things. really, en you g on the internet and put in a symptom, u get so muc information. most of it does not apply to you as a particular individual. remember, the people that post things on the internet usually have quite severe or serious versions of yoursymptoms. so you don't want to go down that road and cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety. >> let'set to ourirstf the scary -- some what scary symptoms. single blood pressure reading that's a little bit elevated. if you kind of tak it time a day and it's a little bitigher an normal. how concerned should you be? one single elevation isot a reasono worry. we do want our blood pressure around 120 or or under. but if you have that elevated 130 or 140 it could be due ton anous mood. we cl ithite coat hypertenon. when you go to the doctor it's elevated but at home it's fine. i'm not going to say don worry about high blood pressure. discuss it with your docto but don't pic if you're at a health fairnd you get one
9:17 am
single elevatn. >> what about low pressure? your blo pressure is too w? >> i haveeadings in the 90 range anthey say oh, it's too low. that means it's good. that means your heart is not hang to work as hard. your arties are not working a hard. of course if it's very low and you ha symptoms of faintingr dizziness you need it checked out. >> next one is nausea, vomiting and diarea. ift lasts less than a day or two yourokay. >> yes, i get calls about this all the time and isually say waitt out for 48 hours. these things resolve on their own. if you have a hig fever or see any blood going to the bhroom or throwing up thenou need to seek medical attention but of theime it will work it'say out of your sysm quickly. >> let's tk about painless lumps. sometimes they appear under the surface of the skin. don't rt at all b you notice they'rthere. >> especially weet older we tend to develop these things and it could be a little fatty deposit.
9:18 am
it could be a cyst. if it's paless, if it's not hard and it' not growing rapidly it's probably nothing to worry about. bring it up with your doctor but don't stress too much. anythingn the prbreast are get checked t rightaway. >> you have this sharp pai in your chest that starts to increase wh a cough. >> right. >> should you b concerned? >> che pain we always take very seriously and everyon thinks about heart first of all but oftent's due to things in your lungs. especially ifou're getting more with a cough. it could be a lung iss or muscle issue. so that's not a concerning as the heart issue but certainly chest pain in general talko your doctor about it. make sure it's not your heart. >> another one is rashes. that puts pple into a panic. when should youorry and when shouldn't you worrybout a rash? >> a rash slowly developing might be due to a new product you're using on your skin or n dergent so that is not s woisome. wever if it's rapidly increasing throughout your bod
9:19 am
it could be hypersensitivity an allgic reactionhat's severe. something rapiddeveloping, talk to your doctor. >> if you're having a new medicine and havg a reaction, you want to seeour doctor, right? >> that's right. >> tha you so much. >> thank you, good to see you. coming up, natalie has all the news you need before you walk out thdoor. >> plus the five things you need to know how do you when it comes to taking care of your car. bufirst, these messages. this, a man who doesn stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillatio-- an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart val problem. thatuts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine td him o a monthly trip to e clinic to g his blood tested. but now, with once-aay xarelt®, jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto®. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xelto® is the firs and on once-a-day prescription bloodhinner for patients with ib not caused by a heart valve problem.
9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:23 am
taking a look at your headlines, vamins are a multi-billion-dollar indusy in the u.s., but now health experts say there is little or no evidence they can prent heart disease orancer, the two top kills of americans. t many do agree vitamin sulements can help ense that pregnant women have healthy babies and do help people with vitamin deficienes. but the ndings suggest a healthy balanc diet and not supplents is the best way get essential nutrient some startling nbers this moing about drug poisoning deaths in e u.s. according a study, drug poisoning has rin by more than 300% in e last three decades about 90% of all poisoning deaths are because of drugs, legal d illegal ones, but st drug overdose aths are linked to prescription drugs. today an expert mmittee of architects decided that one world trade center in new york ci is the tallest building in e u.s. it says thathe 408-foot needle on t of the building doe
9:24 am
count tord its total eight of 1,776 fe, officially making it taller than the 1,450-ot willis tower in icago. new york ws bragging rights for tallest building men are doing more tn gobbling food on thanksgiving. a new survey says mo are helping to prere the meal. one in four men -- y, al, i kn you do it all the te -- ys he helps in the kitchen more than he did few years ago and half will play a key role. 85% say they're involved in some aspect of getting the al ready. which city has the best taxiin the world? the wier, according to, is london. for the sixth year in a row,ab drivers there have to pass an exhausted examhat could involve 24,000 streets, 50,0 places meanwhile, taxis in new york city came in secd place and ose in tokyo came in third. so wre not far behind. >> gd cabs in london. they've got l that leg room. >> i love the way they positn
9:25 am
the seats there. new york, you check your ls and put them in thtrunk. speaking of ich, the five thgs every driver shou know how to do. >> after your local news and weather. ♪ female announcer ] let betty do the measuring and get a headtart on delicious hemade cookies. visit for fun holiy ideas. betty crocker cookie mix. just pour, betty crocker cookie mix. theand thkids always eat sky their vegetables.
9:26 am
because the salad there always served with the original hidden lley ranch. a new place to live after a two-alarm apartment fire in hayward. 's straight near mison boulard. this cell phon video was shot by one of the people that hado evacuate. four more damaged by smoke, flames, and war. the red cro has found hotels for 17 of the 27 people splaced. the rest of the peop, they're stayinwith friends and family. one man ss he actually had to jump out o t second story wind. no one was seriously hurt. the 16-year-d boy accused of setting another teen on fire is expected to eer a plea this richard thomas is accused of lighting sacha fleschman's skirt on fire.
9:27 am
acrding to courtpapers, thomas did it bausee is hophobic, but his family says he is not ahateful person. the victim's mother sayser chd identifies as gender neutral. >> 49ers star aldonmith is also expted in court tay to be arraigned on weaponsharges. semiautomatic rifles in his san jose homeast year. smh will also face another judge next weefor a dui charge. we'll have a look at the weather and trafc after the break.
9:28 am
> looking for yr ven-day forecast, member, youan find it ctrolling right here at the bottom of our screen. looking pretty good. we're going t continue. as what heed throughout t next to really srt to dissipate.we especially over the north. that's the only pla we're watching for that as w head throughout the next cple of hours. 60 i s jose. looking really good f a nice comfortable temperature fo the second hf of the day. warming you up into the s. the only place in the upper s,
9:29 am
thimmediate coast a san francisc let's say good morning to mike. good morning, folks. look at the slow drive westbound 92 at foster citon the approa off of the san mat bridge. we have a big slowdown. another burstf traffic come over from the hayward side as the morning commute starts to wind down. ea 92the earlier alert ha cleared there. sout 08hrough fe metrolitan heading down past mission and in towards the south bay. is is a late burst of traic there, and oakld, 880, still the slow drive from n leandro into downtown oakland. the earlier crashes have cleared. >> very good. thank you. we'll b back at 9:56 th our next local news date.
9:30 am
11/113. you saw our wedding earlieron. i'm willie geist with al and natali do you remember last month we swabbed arnd the studio. >> yeah. >> we did the candy jar. >> yeah. >> the camera a well. here you and i are natalie doing that. >> i did your monitor. youreather nitor, al. >> i wasn't he for that day. >> we sbbed it and they're going to be sent to the international space station. it's part of a joint experiment. th found bacteria on the samples in the candy jar. i don't know if there's a surprise there. >> the candy j is -- inaudible ]
9:31 am
-- >> i think it means teila. >> yeah. we're told it's a useful bacteria. >> let me g back i there. >> you're the one that swaed it. >> o the weather monor -- inaudible ] -- >>hat's not a rea word >> thawas on your monitor. >> right under the rd runner and the coyote. >> they sa it's actually good bacteria that c actually be used -- it kind of snds gross but they can produce a compound eful in removing blood stas anit also kills bad bacteria inreliminary tests. does this mean it mesur immune system tter? >> in case you cut yourself a bleed. >> so many are going up to the space stion, astronauts d more tests. why, i don't kno but we'll continue to do tests. >> set your microgravi on bacteria. >> think that's great. >> whatever that is.
9:32 am
>> sure. >> all right. keep eating the candy and putting our dir fingers in there. >> notice i haven't gon in. >> it's like a spoon. >> i'm okay. >> you use a spoon -- >> right? let's show you what we've got as far as weather is concerned. you can see todaye've gotome ft overnow shower rain in the northeast. rain in the pacific northwest. beautiful day i cenal florida. sunny and ld in the plains. tomoow much of the snow is over but the eastern two-ird of the country all the way t the southeastnseasonably cold, anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees colder than usual. that's what's going on around the untry. here's what's happening inour neckf the woods.
9:33 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> how many of u don't know how to check our oil? . change a tire? me. i think i can do th. we're going to get you in with five thing you needo know how to do. >> she is here with what every driver ought to know. >> hey there. good morning. >> gd morning. >> cars are so complex. weust throw u our hands and say there's nothing we can do but there's things under the hood and as far as maienance is concerned you can te care of yourself. >> here'something on a day ke today that's really impoant is the wiper blad. 90% of driving decisions are based on havingvisibility. >> sure. >> so being able t see, if you have squeaks, or smears coming from yourwindshield, well that an indication that they
9:34 am
need to be changed. so the driver's side and passenger side, they're different sizes. so go to yr local parts authity and pick up wiper blades. and always make sure that you have full washer uid. >> yeah. >> especially this time of year. >> especially once you get under the hood. >> ablutely. talkg about fluid, motor oil is the lifeline of your engine >> how do u know when you need to cnge the oil, en? >>right. dierent kinds of oil b checking it is always the same on all the cars. >> right. >> it'sind of like a ring on youringer or it says motor oil on it. when you pullut the dip stick the fir ti, don't even look at it. >> okay. >> we're gng to take it out. we're going to insert the dip stk back int the dip stick cu. the second time is when it counts. >> all right. this time we're going to take a look and you'll see there's notches a css tch. that indicate what is t oil leve . if the oil level is low, well, then it's time for your oil change or if it looks lik chocolate syrup.
9:35 am
>> okay. shouldou check your oil when the car ha't been started or after it' been running? >> you want to cck your oil when it's cold. >> okay. >> and on level ground. >> okay. wh you're done after wcheck it we'll put itll the way back and we're do. >> a we're done. >> while we're underhe hood -- >> sure. >> l's talk about battery. >> your ttery. exactly. >> time of year with a lot of deadatteries as well. >> it's a commonproblem. >> sure. >> i'm always scared to do this. i'm always worried i'm going to shock myself orsomething. is that a worry? >> of urse it is but i'm going to give you a tip so that you nevehave to worry again. i call it playing the match game. so it's le this -- do you want to help out? >> sure. >> here we go. >> so it's ready. red to red, black to black. as lonas you remember that, positive to positiv negative to negative le the mchame you can ner go wron you're going to put the red to red. e positiv to the positive a
9:36 am
it's indicated on the battery. >> okay. >> and i'll put mine on the black. >> put you on to the black. >> okay. >> theree go. >> there you go. >> i think it'sn there sort of. >> going to screw it tight. >> the gloves make i slippery. >> thereou go. >> nowou're on >> that's . >> red to red, black to black. >> and y're not going to worry about grounding or anything lik that. >> in this situion, aolutely not. >> you want to turn erything off thoh when you're doing at. >> that's a great point. the event th, you know, you're having trouble starting, shut off the air conditioner, shut off the rio and have all the accessories off s that you're not drawing any excess power. one more thing to remeer is once you have the car runng, u're going to take the cables off and keep the car running for like 20 minutes to rechar the battery. >> keepst going. >> t tires, you g a flat tire. i ha to change my tire this summer -- you did it yourself? >> i did it myself but i have to ll you, the jacks that are in the cars today, it's like you're
9:37 am
doing --t's a science experiment. >> well, they do make it so that it's all compact andometimes there are complications when it comes to that. but at's super coolbout tiress tire pressure. if you havehe rig pressure in your tires it's going to save yo like 7%n fuel economy. having the rig pressure is easy to check. >> this is an interesting gauge. >> this is digital and you get it froyour local parts authority to pick up a rular uge and to check the pressu, you put the valve stem ono the gauge. >> right. >> right. >> reayour mber. >> now the te pressure -- >> how often should you check e pressure too? >> check it seasonally. >> okay. >> the tire pressure for your car is fnd on the sticker on the door jam. >>hank you so much. >> how do you make sure your lug nuts are loose enough -- should you loosen -- tighten them? when i was trying to get the tire off, that was the hardest
9:38 am
pa. >> thais the hardest part and i le totep on it and make sure that is on the. >> that's what i ended up doing. >> use all of your weight. >> aren't your lug nuts aays a little loose. >> i set you up for that,idn't i? >> i was holding my breathn that one. >> better thatt was you than me. coming up next, horsepower of a different kind. we'llhow you a speal type of erapy making auge difference for kidsith special needs ght after this. and just give them the basics, u know. i got this. [tnking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinkg] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he sad enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyoers, whether u're just starting your 401(k) or you a ready for retiment, we'll help you get there.
9:39 am
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9:42 am
on our series he to it, how an he quea program is change lives of kid with special needs. >> but for o 9-year-old a spial bonwith horsesas proven to be a rea break through. >> reporte his friends call him the horse whisperer. >> he's a very calming influen and i think horses feel a connection to that. the bond beten a hse and a rider is really somethi special. >> i like the way you're nic andentle with r. >>e's just got this glow on him. >> he has a beautif voice. inctious laugh. >> reporter: early on isaiah's pares noticed something was wrong. >> he didn't respond to his name.
9:43 am
there w lot of tantruming because his expressive language was poor. his older brother was diagnosed with aism when he was four so we knewhat to look for in isaiah. >> you struggle to find a breat through. there was this coming out party that wasike -- that was a lot of fun. >> isaiah, a you ready? >> yeah. >> it's hard to get that news but there's a l of places tha will -- excusee -- a lot of great services. >> horse ability is an organization tt prodes therapeutic horsebackiding services to children a adults with special needs. >> we fou horseability and mediately isaiah took to the horse. >> reporter: isaiah's
9:44 am
perfornce in the ana also improved his work in the classroom. >> he is now ableo focus better on reading. with child like isaiah it's imperative that you go beyond the four walls of the classroom. my husband and i like too watch him in his horse shows on the weend. i just see how the horses are helping him in the assroom. >> okay. are you ready? have some fun, all right? >> isah recently competed in a long islanhorse show for riders with disabilities. jts classmates know him as isaiah that won the hampton classic. >> you look at what their ability is and you g with that. you lookor it and you keep pushing. u want to continue to motivate ur kid and never ever give up on them. >> nice isaiah. >> isaiahan be absutely anything heants tbe. the progress i have witneed is monumental. >> wo the therapeutic riding program has helpe kids with a variety
9:45 am
of physical and social disabilities. they also run a program to help seniors with dementia and aleimer's disease. and the horseability for heros program helps mility veterans with posttraumatic stress disoer. >> beautiful a to see that kid and the differencet made in him. >> no boundaries. >> for the whole family. see how difficult this can be on parents. it helps everybody. beauful story. ve nicely done. coming unext, o a lhter note from honeymoons to babymos orne year anniveary, affordable tps t across america people are taking charge of their typ2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my ood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. said victoza® is different than pills victa® is proven to ler blood sugar and a. it's taken oe-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen. victoza®,
9:46 am
but it may help you lose se weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine wh used with diet d exercise. it is not recommend as the first medication to tat diabetes and shld not be used in people with type 1 dietes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza® has not been studied victoza®s not insulin. doot take victoza® if you he a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction may include: swelling of face, lips, ngue, or throat, fainting dizziness, very rapid heartbeat, probls breathing or swallowing, severe rash or itchin tellour doctor if you get a lump or sweing in your neck. serious side effts may happen in people who take victoza®, including inflamtion of the pancreas (pancreatitis), whicmay be fatal. stop taking victa® and call yo doctor right away
9:47 am
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9:49 am
from neutrogena®. so may you've got aig birthday coming up orike my pahere you're celebrating a milestone anniversary, why not celeate it with a memorable vacation. >>ravel and leisure magazine s great hot destinations for less than $200 a night and jackie is t senior editor. great to see you. >> thank you for having me. is this aew trend? this milestonetrip? weook a babymoon. i had never heard of a babymoon. >> yeah, people really wan to celebrate the milestone get aways with their family a friends. they have been becoming more popular. >> maybe you're celebting a special birthday. you like this inn in key wt florida. >> key west has the magic inedients. it's a collection of six hotels. they're al under $200 a night. it includes breakft.
9:50 am
they have pools. cheerfulooms and you're right the heart of old town so you n walk to everythg which is fantastic. any trip to keyest is a good one. how about for affordable honeymoon. this place is $139 a night puerto ri coe. >> it sitsn gorgeous gardens. coles can head outailing and snorkeling and stand upaddling rightt the beach. >> let's moveon. you want to cebrate your retirement. you look t historic inn and organic farm in new meco. >>e do. when you retire you want to rest and recharge but maybe pick up a few new hobbies too and what's great abt this inn is its set on a worki farm and they offer classes, cking classes. there's a field sketching academy where y can learn to skch and paint with water colors and you c work with the farmer tre is to garden and it's fantastic.
9:51 am
>> cool. >> and $16 a night. that'sincredible. let's look at now the babymoon. yo like hilton head. >> yes, we'oving the weston hion head island rest and spa. it's bee thrgh a $ million renovation right onhe ocean. $130 a night. if youant to go for the package it's $239 a night and that include a massage for mom, beach yoga and also the restaurant. >> what does dad get? >> fally in honorf my pal's one year anniversary, you say let's go skiing. >>et's do , al >> yeah. it's fantastic. the hotel madelines slope side in mountain village. they have a ski valeto help you with your gear when you get off the slopes. 95 guest rooms with bathrooms and soaking tubs. every room has a motainview. >> beautiful. >> momtails.
9:52 am
jackie gifford, great to see u. >> thank you for having me. >> we're bk in a moment. this is "today" onbc.
9:53 am
to those who've ited... worried... poked and prodded... taken sks... and lived in a state of "what ?"... welcome to a new state... of hlth. the place to find quality,of affordableoverage. california. financl help for those ineed. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-exting condition. enroll now or call 1-800-752-66.
9:54 am
we h a scial dayere o 11/12/13. a wedding live. 9:10 11/12/13. >> i wonder what they're doi now. >> you had to go there. >> it's been a few minutes. >> a beautiful moment. >> now that's a kiss. >> they're taking photos. >> a beautiful minute. >> it hapned right here in the oran room. >> right here. >> nothing is mor romantic than r studio. >> also it was free. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> keeping the magic alive, aren't you? >> yes, i am. we wish them all the happiness in the world. >> you guys, everybody needs
9:55 am
that in this world. we have an insred by pce today. mine are two people i met by chce. my bichany chance meetings. often you miss aoment that could change your life. so i got to meet two people. >> i think i know them and you're right. >> i have nothing. >> oh, the show has someing. we're goingo crown our tcher of the year. >> this is a big deal and we have our guys tell all. >> and the j.lo doll is here and we'llexplain. [ female announce] now your most dazzling accessory can your smile.
9:56 am
colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over shades more than a leading itening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with tic white mouthwash and t whole cogate optic white line. it is 9:56. go morning. i'm marla tellez. crews are cleaning up after a two-alarm apartment complex fire gutted six units and lef 27 people without a pla to live. this happene on whitman strt near msion boulevard and
9:57 am
hayward just befe 3:00his mornin 17 people are staying i a hel thks to the american r cross. the restre staying with family and friends. now, officials say the fire may ve started in e kitchen in no one was seriously hurt. well, children might have to stay inside ding certain hours. the city's safety committee is meeting this morninto consider w rules that wld fine kids if they're fou unaccompanied in public durin school hours or on week days..m. and 5:00 a.m. kids could also face community service or en jail time. their parents could face similar punishnts. let's check tha forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. the rns moved on, huh? >> we still have some lingering showers, but they e getting out of here nice, marla. as you can see, san carlos looking good. we still have activit near petaluma. should be clearing out this afternoon, and highs are going to be mfortable. ght now we have plenty of 60s across the bod. as we head intohis afternoo expecting the mid 70s in some
9:58 am
cities. moly in the east bay. that wl be the war spot. 68 degrees in san fncisco today. les check your drive. here's mike. bay bridge toll plaza where he there's a really b backup. whatappens is a fire crew arrived on scene, and they correcd the chp incidenand direction.for the eastbound it's actually the westbound deck as you head towards treasure isla. that's why yourommute into san francisco is rlly slammed down. big baup ere. two lanes are blocked. nor injuries reported, but the fire crew on scene at least two lanes are blocked. meanwhile, the east shore freeway continue to recover as theaze and the approach still slowing north 808 from t boom of your screen through oakland cause of an earlier jam. still got clear though. slower drive kras across t san mateo bridge. >> thanks. we'll be backt 10:26 with our next local news upte.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> annncer: from nbc news, this is "day" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockeller plaza. >> well, we wokep a little snow here on boe day tuesday in new rk city, nomber 12th. really stunng. never saw that one coming. >> we opened our eyes. the snow was falling. the tree isere. >> yes. >> the holiday season -- this was earlier today. you saw out of the window of yo apartment buildingthis morning. >> our artment bulding. you were already up and about. you were probably in the gym. >> you know what, i missed it.
10:01 am
but when i looked outside at the crowd it was fun t get a little in the spirit. we're getting close tor to the holidays. >> tons of people ae coming into the city. to of people that live here are leaving. >> we're going to announce our teacher of the year. >> our guys tell all pal doli out eir advice. i don't know if anybody ever leard a thing. hoda is going to tell usbout two people who inspired her and changed her life. th are speal. >> they are terrific. >> tell me about your big night last night. hoda is aays out and about. >> i went to the glamour win of the year awar ceremony. usually i go to these things, beuse we have to wake up so early, go a little while then leav this ones at carnegie hall. i thought i'll stay half hour, 45 minutes then i'll go. i didn't leave for the whole thing. cindy levy throws a great,
10:02 am
grt, great event. >> she's etor in chief from "glamour." you look beautiful, hode. >>he exact same outfit wore the night fore. shoes, everythg. theyrdered so many people. malala, the pakistani girl who was shot in the face. she stood up in front o everyone at carnegie hall, oked out and said i not afraid. i got shot in t face and i'm not afraid. girls deserve to learn. it was such a beaiful and tearfu ceremony. ere was a teacher from newtown, from sand hook. she had a these first graders. when the shooting started she t them all in a tiny bathroom. probably n much bigr th, li, 15x15. she said she wted the kids, the last words for them to hear was that they we loved. she kept saying i love u, i love you i love you. the kids all survived. on the sage waser and all the parents of those kids. >> oh, wow. >> it was unbievable. then lad gaga was tre. >> loved her outfit. >> okay.
10:03 am
i took that picture myself. just want you to knoi took that picture. >> that's a good picture. not blurry like usually. >> the next one is. the next one is barbra streisand. t's see if you c findher. you know at? that wasunnecessary and unkind. >> butlways funny. >> herswas on purse. mine, not. i tried to get a pture of barbra streisand. she was also one of the pele thatas honored. that's it. she only lik y to take her picturfrom an angle. that's not t one she likes i don't think. >> she didt know i was taking . >> melinda gates, kerry washington. >> you were busy last night, too. >> i was, too. i went to -- i rarely stay in the city. this was an event p on by a de friend of mine. the event for the american federation for children. my friend betsy devause. she d her husband dick do me good for morpeople. that gentleman kevin shavuz.
10:04 am
i thkit's pretty much bipartisan agreent in our worltoday that our educational system is t working. it's broken. d we have got to start putting our children first. so i'm ver much exced about th work that they are ing to make the most impoverished, inner city filies have options how to help their children get a fi education. what's exciting abt it, you have everybody from rand pul and dianne feinstein agreeing together, let's make this poible. because we will have no fure in this country if we don't start givingur children an education that matts to them >> also, we want to give a big hug and cuss to amy robach. amy worked at nbc for many years. good friend to a lot of us here. she was diagnosed with breast cancer. she and i h a conversation last week aboutit. because she was looking for doctors and stuff. amy's onef the coest, strongt people i know. so i just -- i said somhing to her that someone said to me wen i was diagnosed. it made meeel so much better
10:05 am
i neveforgot it. he said, hodhoda, iknow aot of women with breast cancer. they all have one thing in common. i said, what's that? he sai they're still here. i never rgot it. i thought, you know what? if you cat it early, that's the ing. we wish amy all the best. >> special payers on thursday when she undergs the doub mastectomy. >> switching gears a little,wo of our favorite people -- >> quite the segue. >> jimmy fall and billy crystal. >> that's gic right there. >> they do this weird skit. it's calledip flip. >> they trade lips. >> they trade lip. we want to see how iworks. >> jimmy, wod you like to sing aong with me? woulyou? >> yeah, sure, sure. >>ou start f. ll follow aer you. of course. ♪ thank you to all e girls
10:06 am
i've loved before ♪ ♪who've ever out my door ♪ to all the girls i'vloved before ♪ >> oh, my god! >> looks like rudy. >> oh, gosh. that's funny. we wondered if we should do it maybe we'll sing thatreat neil dakus song, "where the boys are." >> how does that o? ♪ where the boys are >> do one forme. >> i don't know your crappy songs. >> do that one. we'r ready what dwe do? >> you sta put. let th find you. ready? ♪ love, love will keep us
10:07 am
togeth ♪ thin of me babe whenever ♪ ♪ some sweet talking girl comes along, singing a song ♪ ♪ you've got to be strong, just stop, becausi rely love yo♪ stop, because i'm thinking of you ♪ >> can we get a split screen please? >> no, they can't. >> oh, gosh. all that for nothing. >> that was good. i kind of liked . >> guess what? good ws. there might, might, might be a reunion of sorts. >> abba could be reuniting, okay? therwas some talk. >> they told a german paper tt the band could reunite next year for thei40th anniversary. but don't get too excited, hoda woman. >> nbc reacheout. because that what we do. we are tou, hard nosed journalists. we reached out. amanda called somebody. they said there wer for such a reunion. >> would you comout to see
10:08 am
them >> yes. >> i know i would. i wouldn' come out to see many people. that i would definitely do. >> good for th. >> they don'teed the money. "mamma mia!" is all over the world making billions of dollars. they would only do i for fun and chuckles and giggles. >> we have a dl here we need to discuss >> yes this is a new barbieollin the shape of or in the personhood of jennifer lopez. >> controvey. there's the doll. they say the dolloesn't look like j l it's made to look tothin. >> not as curvy. her famous curves. >> the problem always has been lately, especially with barbies, it's an unrealistic way for girls to think a peon should look. when you getlothes for barbie, et cetera, et cetera. so we looked at it. and i don't know. >> myirst thought was it looked more like beyonce. they're th beautiful, beautifu women. now i'm looking at the face a little closer. it does look like nnifer. again, she's -- we've met her
10:09 am
several times. she's a very, ve voluptuous woman. >> they trie with t dress. >> you know at that? that's fabric. >> i'm feeling the booty. maybe it's a little mo than a barbie doll. you know what, i'm actually enjoying it. all right. you want to know what your man really wants from you besides yoknow what? >>s-e-x. our hunks are better to answer when your guys tell all. these teachers inire their students every day. one of them will go home with $10,000 in schol supies. >> wow! >> yes. whene announce oureacher of welcome bac how is everything? there's nothing like beingour own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really mas my life asier. maybe a promotion is in order. good ne. i got a n title. and a rais
10:10 am
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10:12 am
so we listened wn you said gort should have only natural colors d flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. thanks,om. yeah. i heard about progressive' "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range o options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it ght now. oh, yeah? ah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name yourrice" tool, making the world a litt more progressive. thwait is ovr. it's time to reveal our teacher of the year contest winner. after poring through al of the great suissions, we did naow it dn to three amazing finalists. >> we're going to meet eryone in a moment and annoce who y chose as t winner of $10,000
10:13 am
school supplies. just a rinder just how wonderful these ladies, tse teachers are and why they were nomited. take a look. >> i feel that ms. billie yardley desees to be teacher the year because e not only encouring studen to do their be but be their best. she lets them step outside the box and be creative. this year has bn especiall diffict for herecause over the suer her classroom collapsed and shlost 30 years' worth of suppes, personal items. she started over this year with nothing, but she did not giv up. >> mrs. bull sees thatll children hav the ability to learn. and she positively impacte our lives in just one small school year. i have achild with special
10:14 am
needs. sun found a way to teach her. she came to us so she could figure out what would motivate, inspire and challenge her. she came homa different child. >> ms. deborah young is an integral pt of my children's life. not only does she care about her students' well-being, sheares about eir family lif as well. in 2011 lost a son. she and a few of her colleagues made surthat i did not have to worry aout having to cook dinner for my family for a couple of weeks and that was a wonderful thing. no one shows kind gestures like that anymore. >> soserving. >> love every evyone. billie yardley was n named by enny inman. >> susan bull is a secondrade teacher at duke public school in duke, oklaho, nominated by richelle johnson. >> and borah young teaches
10:15 am
fourthgraders at j.c. thompson elementary in tes. her nomination crtesy of lashawnda pringle in washington. >> this is a tough decision. hoda and i are very glad we didn't have to make it. >> weertainly are. billie, at did you thk when you were nomined? >> i was totally flabbergasted. it meant so mh katieeven did it. to think it would get this far. >> you didn'tknow? >> not at all. just t fact katiend penny did it to begin with was absotely so humbling. >> how long haveou been teachi school? >> 36 years. okay. >> long enough to know how todo it. susan, the video isust beautiful. that riclle told about how you brought something out in the children. just tell us abouthat you do. >> i just -- i just feel like god has gen me apassion for kids. and he's given me gift to work with them. and so i govery day trying to
10:16 am
get the most t of each kid that i can. becaus i want to build responsibility i want to build respect. and to build chacter in each kid. and in each kid, always tell every class that i have, that every one of you is gifted and talented in som way. and we're ing to find out what that is. >> that's so empower in right om the beginning. >> listening to richelle talk about it, you were moved watching this tape. te us about yr child. >> oh, she is -- shs a miracle. she's a miracle at she's here. and that susan just saw something in herthat typical scares people. and she sad, no this child has potential. >> you sawhe miracle of her. >> i'm going to teach her. she was inspired. >> beautiful. >> and debor. >> look at deborah. >> waiting tiently. >> youcertainly are. why did you decid to be a teacher? what w it? >> many reasons. my d was a college profsor. my m woed in theeducation field. ever sce i was little it s alwa what i wanted to do. >> wel, you're nervous.
10:17 am
love you. first of all, you guys a all perfect. it w one of those things. >> an impossle choic >> so we are gng to announce a winner. and we're going to do that right this minute, aren't we? drum roll, please. and the winne is -- going t show up right here behind us. >> billie yardley! >> billie congratulations. you ha a crown. >> like ss america. >> a crown. a sash. like miss universe. >>nd i think your husband and your son arehere, are't they? they want to come in a wish you all the best. >> oh,i! >> hello. congratulations, dear. >> guys, jus because we --we loved billie, we love all the teachers, so guys, we decided therhave to be gifts for everybod everybody come on out. >> eerybody else gets $50
10:18 am
worth of supplies if your classroom. >> everybody's a winner. for what you do, weannot thank you enough on behalf of the chdren. so inspiring. thank you all so much. all righty. who is hoda's inspiration? you're going to have to wait just a second to find out. but these two people definitely did change my life. >> the guys are changi live one lousy relationship at a time. >> that was aerrible segue. >> our n are back. ey're going to answer your burning questions. >> did you have to equate that withy inspir across america pple are taking charge of their type 2 diabet with non-insulinictoza®. for a while, i tooa pill to lower my blood sugar, t it didn't get meo my goal. so i askedmy doctor about victo. said victoza® is fferent than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day,ny time, and comes a pen. and the needles thin. victoza® is not for weight ls, buit may help you lose some weight.
10:19 am
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10:21 am
[ female announcer ] let betty do the measuring and get a headtart on delicious homemade cooks. isit fofun holiday ideas. betty crocker ckie mix. just pour, mix...lov i have a big meeting when we land but i am so stuffed up, can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unuff your nose. they don't? alkaeltzer plus night fits your worstold symptoms, plus has a deconstant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. time to find o what your man is really thking when you "guys tl all" panel. >> today's handsome hks are the married kyle martin. nbc sports analyst for the premier league. married d, median, ctor, pal rick younger.
10:22 am
>> always goolooking, bob. still can't get a date. playboradio. finally the single but if you watch hisshow, t shahsof sunset, mike >> fst things first. before we get to thequestions, "gq" came out wi its awesome cover deal theyicked a bunch of different cover guys. but justin timberlake was one. what do you think of the selection? >> will ferrell. matthew mcconaughey. >> ian't believe bob' not on ere. >> james gandolfini >> jam gandolfini. >> i thought that was cool. >>et's get so some questions. across the strt to some people. hello. >> hello. i'm memilia from mississippi. and i want to know, if you could would you trade inteigence for looks orgob looks for intellige? >> that's horrible queson. >> you know what, ough?
10:23 am
looks fade intelligence -- well, evenally dentia sets in. t it takes lot nger. so i'm going to go with -- how -- give m a re smart 6 1/2. how about that? >> y know, hopefully you can fi at least a 5 on both scal. you're shooting for the moon if you're doi that. i have a feelingr. shah o nset disagrees. >> i have to wakep next to her every day. i think i'd rather go for the looks. we'll look on intelligence. we'll have read. >> what if she can'tread? >> how about your intelligenc that's an issue, too. you have somhing to say about th? >> i think that i like the intelligence thing because if you're gng to go for looks, like you id, it's gng to deteriorate much faster tha intelligence. >> so willyours, gu. i hate to break it to you. >> are we goingto another question across the street? >> i hope so. >>e-mail!
10:24 am
>> wait a second. here it is. ohmy god. this is long. sah says, my husband and iet the height of our fitness a physique. 'll fallen off the wagon. i'm ting to get back to eating better but he seems to be n into it. his physique is not the me as when i met him. i don't know how to tellim i wantim to workout without hurting his feelings. >> take himo the gym. let him see oer guys seein you a you seeing other guys. >> but do it togeth, you're saying. >> i think you subscbe to men's health and fitness. get hi a trainer >> or you could get him one of thos euro bathing suits. >> it may hurt a guseelings if y say, loo honey, you need- >> every time i'm -- when i've been married, every time get marrie and let myself go, i just get divorced and get skinny again.
10:25 am
it's fantastic. depression. >> maybe that explains whyyou keep getting divorced. >> we're going to right back with more of these burning most hypnotilips! new color ixir creamy lip lacquer from maybelline new york. the magic? a secret triof concentrates creates the hyper-saturated color and shine of a lacquer with the addictive cushiony feel of a balm. it's everything your ls crave, inne spellbinding swee new cor elixir creamy lilacquer. in 20 mesmerizg shades. lipnotic! maybe she's born wh it. mae it's maybelline. ♪ ♪
10:26 am
♪ i see it on sale atalmart someplace else.and get this: so i take my receipt and the ad i saw and went right ba to walrt. and guess what? do y know what they did? do you know what thedid? do you know what they did? they matched the price and ge me the difference on a gift cardwow! now, that is a great story i know, right? buy top brands with confidence with our nechristmas ad match. even if you find a ler advertised pri later, we'll give you the difference o. >> construction is underway on san francisco e newest high-rise, and it could change it's called 181 the steel and glass 54-story
10:27 am
office and residential tower is goingp to the new trans-bay transit centernetween miion and howard streets. at 802 feet, the high-rise will office and housing building on the west coast. 18fremont is scheduled to open in 2016. eaking of changes, demolitn has begun on theld bay idge. this is a live loo at the bridge. it's pnty hazy, so hard to get a gd look. we can tell you that crews are removing t uer deck of the roadway on the stion nearest the island. the bridgeill come down sectioby section. it's a practicehat willake threeears andost $2 millio cal-trans wants make room for a bikend pedestrian path on the new path, but says the old e is in the way. we'lcheck the forecast and roads after thbreak.
10:28 am
10:29 am
we had showers earlr. already starting for parti clearing. we'll see plenty of clearing getting into this afternoon. sunny and warmer for your wednesday by 30 to 5:00 deees. as we headhrough thursday, a.m. fog willake way for a beautiful, sunshiny day. temperatures are going to be nice. as we head through this ternoon, expecting t low 70s in the south bay. the pensula atbout 70 degrees. 76 in the et bay, and 68 in san francisco. now let's check your morning drive. here's mike. toll plaza, that'still bked e up. it looks like it's stopd. look at the mapshere the actual images are moving. the lanes have cared up the stbound deck towards treasure
10:30 am
island. a new crash wt of 5 0 as you come inhrough oakland, and also slowing. and the maze. for the east bay that's a good flow of tffic through kland. back to the today ow. we're back with more of "today" on the boo day tuesday ready r more brutal hesty om our uys tell all"panel. >> th maied kyle martina, rick younr, bob guinea and mike. >> my name is kimitha fro texa if you were strand on a deserted island, wh three things wld you want with you? >> my wife. i'll say tt first of all. my wife s to be there. >> wife and son. and way to get kentucky fried chicken. >> i w goingo say some random beautiful girl, pizzand
10:31 am
vodka. >> that's all you need? >> bob would like three eligible bachors. he c go on a date with each of them. make o with all of them. >> angela's queson via e-ml. my fiance and i lived together for seven yers. i would love to g married since we're couple of a certain age. >> runningut of tim >> he's a hoarder. and refuses -- multiple issues. refuses to get ridof hisjunk. i've lost atwo-car garage and guest bedroom to this. >> and seven years of her li. >> sounds like this guy's really -- he got commitment issues. hean't commit to throwing stuff out. can't commit to getting married. >> maybe he's committed to his stuff. >> maybe he nes to be with his stuff. >> hoarding is like a whole separate issue, i think. >> you don't know what's in that garage. >> is it too late to just leave and not the marriage thing? >> seven years engaged long
10:32 am
time. >> you know, sometimes people hold on to relationships jt because of the time involved. i n't want that to be a waste of time. after a while, all you have is the time. >> you're right. >> what was the la thing she asked, hoda? should ileave? should i stay? >>hat can i do. >> s says shs leaving if he doesn't change his ways she'll find out if he's the man for her. >> he's obably not gog to change at this point. seven years. >> at least she can have a chce to find some happiness. >> another question across t street, gang. >> hi. myname isarynn from traverse city, michigan. my questn for you today is, why i it that men want their wometo look sexy and autiful, however,after rriage, men think that sweatshirts and sweatpants are hot? >> well, hot on men. >> on men. >> we look hot in that stuff, for sure >> for a lot guys, it's the joy of the chase. you know, it's likwe kind of get little lax. but you have to remember, i
10:33 am
think guys it's important that we remember that just ke you liked your wife and waed your woman, the's somebody else out therwho's willing to do what you used to do. if you don't do it, they will. >> what's sexy for me is my wife in sweat pnts sitting on the couch with me. >> whaare you, the perfec man? >> i actually agree with m. ere's a time and pace f evything. casual comfy is great. that's actuay really sexy when you're with someone who you love and care about. it's also nice when theget all dolled up >> absoluly agree. i lovet wheny rlfriend puts her hair up in a pony tail. jogging ants. i don't have t wait for two hours to geteady. >> thanks for joining us. >> a lot of times every time you guys sw up. >> ifyou want to send in a question for the next "guys tell al panel go to
10:34 am
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no to ourur special series we're calli "inspired by." where we pay tbute to the person o persons who made the ggest impact on o lives. of course, hoda, she picked two people. >> they're very scial tome. twoeople that i chose, that i in the jt by chance. and they made suc a difference in my life that i realize that inspiratiois all around us. i was ill with breast canr and i didt want toalk about it. i didn't want to discus it and when matt lauer asked me to go where in the world was matt lauer bause i was thrilled didn't wt to be in my aparent healing. you know? i was on the plane ride coming
10:39 am
home and i w not feeling good. and a i wanted tdo was to curl up in a blant, put my head phoneon and just sleep the pain away. you know when you feel like that? i waright here. ani heard the guy next to me go, how are you doing? i go, hey. >> she was -- i think one ear ug wasn, but clearly the ipod out was. >>ou're on the "todayshow? ah. >> i didn't kn if she wanted to be inr out of the conversation. he asked me about questions about myself. i said had an operion. and he asked what kind? i said i had breast cancer. >> w began to tk about her cancer and her fight with canc and where she was her life. he said breast cancers part of you. he said it's like going to college or getting married or working at nbc. and i will neverforget what he said becauset changed the course of my life.
10:40 am
he said -- >> don't hog your journey. share your joury with others. yourower of example. ink of what you're able to acmplish. that statement changed my li. changed -- i could like -- it's funny. a story you repeateand thought about and still makes you feel like that? anyway -- and since ken had that conversation with me o the plane, i walk in breast cancer walks. i speak at breast cancer events. if i hadn't gone sicor met n, if i hadn't gotten brave i wouldn't be where i am. >> i met hoda at a bret cancer gala that i was invited to. it s so funny because when look at jill, all i see is the life i her eyes and i wanted to be in her aura in her circle.
10:41 am
i knew that she had had breast cancer at some point and if u look closely, u see one breast and the other flat. >> if i show m scars, it's going to help so manother people out there becau even if u don't have a scar on the outside, you might have one on the inside. >> she sai you know, they told me that i have,ou know, months to live and the room jus was dead silent. i'll never forget what see said after that. >> i was going tdie the happiestoman in the world. thank you souch. >> and the weird thi is, i think she -- i think she was the luckiest gir in the room. i loed at her and i thought, you ow what? i'd rather live to be5 years old and be jill th live to be 65ears old and be that cranky woman who is just complaining about the dinner. >> i keep a journal tt i write in for my nieces. i'm not aroundhe advice i would give them. you will always be that angel.
10:42 am
looking over you. >> every timi have a thought in my mind that something that i would them, i'd go and write in the journal. wheneverhey'd want to aske something,pen up the jrnal d there my answer. >> you kw she's ill and he time is limited but somehow, you want nothing more an to be like her. >> itay positive becse to me like it's life. i have liftoday. >> you had the medical proems that jill has, who wouldn't be shaking their fist at god saying why me? but not her. >> you justake every moment and you cherh it and don't worry about th stuff you can't have. focus on what y do have. >> she just lives and you go, oh, i'll have what she's having. >> go girl! >> oh. hoda, that was beautul. >> i want to thanthem for doinghat piece. that w first time i saw it toda
10:43 am
>> shes totally alive and how many of us go through oudays ery day could say thsame? totally alive. she is ali. >> tjill and to ken, thank you so much. morrow, kathie lee is going to introduce us to a fantastic person that she finds the most inspiring. i so want to knomore about this man and she'll introde us to him tomorrow. >> we'll be right ck, everybody. ♪ my wish for e world ♪ that peace will nd its way ♪ fill the air with joyful noise ♪ ♪ ring the bells and raise your voi ♪ ♪ let there be peace earth ♪ let there be peace on earth [ female annouer ] inspired by t best feelings of the season. glade. sc johnson. aamily company.
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all right. there's lot of shouting and cat fights on the real housewes of tlanta. e of the show's stars entertainment wyer and self-proclaimesouthern bell phaedra parks says a real lady never raises her voice. >> no. now she's sharing her old faioned etiquettedvice for modern women in her new bo "secrets of the southern belle". congrats on he real housewives of atlanta."
10:48 am
the ratings are sick. >> phenonal? how high are they? >> 3.3 million on o sunday episode. our secondepisode. 31% up from last year. >> here's the thing abt realit show people tune in because the are fieryparks and arguments and smackdowns. what you're saying in your book is the complete opposite of that. u say don't raise youroice. n't raise a hand. >> don't throw a tle at somebody. that's unseemly. >> exactly. >> and could cause damage. >> you got it down pat. >> how d those two things work together? >> well, i think on every reality ow, you do have the crazy person. but you have, you know, multiple personalities. that's what makes it work. >> like life. >> ilooks like you're about to get a fight with kenya. yo and kenya don't getalong, do you? >> o. we are not -- we don't see eye to eye. >> you're not kindred spirit >> we're definitely not. not my cup of tea. but she's mo aggressive than you are. howould a southern woman
10:49 am
argue? at's the right, proper way? >> you know, in my book,hink it's page 21 and 26, i give quick translations onwhat it really means. so, like, if i say you're suc a free spiri you're a amp. >> oh! >> ge me another one. >> you know, i've got lots of th. you know, she's a healthy gl. >> a little overweight. >>ou know. you're southern. >> no, i'm not. >> you're not? >> you have southern sensibilities. you do. >> any time you have three names, people assume y're from the soh. >> kathilee. mm-hmm. >> what else do we need to know about southern women? >> well, you know, to be from the south bngs a whole, yo ti know, co of conduct. there's certain staards when you prescribe to being a southern belle. so i tk about this in my book because not everye from the south is a lad noeveryone from the south is a southernbelle. so you have to subscribeo that way of life.
10:50 am
that just means having an aura of self-confidence, living tranquil i the midst of storms. >> mm-hmm. >> and always being prepared. >> where do you gethat inner peace from, pedra. jesus. >> there you have it, hoda. baby jesus in the cake. in the mardi gras cake. >> thankou. >> no. she doesn't know. i believe injesus, too. the ng cake. mardi gras. hoda thinks it's baby. i said,t's baby jesus. >> i it the baby jesus in the mardi gr cake? >> iever knew it be the baby jesus. >> something for eryone to love. so nice to see you, phaedra. good luckith your book. >> tnk you. you're very welme. nice taing to you. what's stirring in the kitcn? >> chef mi si is here. he's got a healthyish you can make in minutes. >> come now, phaedra. fit this is "today" on nbc. >> hoda won't say it.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
we've made our way int today's kitchen for a little salm and sake witthe alwa fun chef min tsai. >> ming here with yourinner menu for tonight. he's a chef ambassador f family reach foundation. he recent made his meal at a charitbenet. now he's going to sw us how to make an easy meal, o, ming tsai. >> yes, ming tsai. how are you? smellsfantastic. >> great. it so simple. >> okay. >> i'm going to put you to work. you can mix the marinade , a little sake. >> sake t us. >> they say in pan -- it actually means dry gss. t you don't have to kill it. soy, sake, lime jue and honey. that's the marinade. >> are you usg the low sodium y? >> i am. sometimes they even e tamar.
10:55 am
it's wat free. if anybodyas allergies. swish that around for me, please, kathie lee. this is thmarinade. you're going to pour it on top ofhe salmon. only 20 minutes is all you need. >> hoda, that's your knd of menu. >> i've already taken the salmon out and i've alrea cooked it. it only takes about eight minutes. >> i've ever cooked mine before. >> i likit all thway cooked. >> what i love about thiss in this sampan, w i'm going to ta the marinadwith the lime juice, we' going to reduce a little bit to make a sauce. >> do yoknow how to duce it, hodawoman? >> just turn it up and stir it. >> good girl! >> as soon as is duces by half, we'll add some butter d add little scallions. what am i making? look at this, kath. >> you're going to make scrambled egg for the fried rice. you might think is is a lot of l. don't worry. you're n eating all tat oil. we'll do this and fl the egg. give me thr seconds. >> till it gets hot. >> gahead.
10:56 am
>> i'm going to pour an eg >> you see ts egg. look ho these eggs puff up. you're almost, like, frying the egg. >> okay. >> when you have oil le that it just puffs up. gives you rlly fluffy eggs. >> okay. >> again, tt was like six tablespoons of oil. but you're going to ain it on this paper towel. these are basical done. can i add this? >> alst. give it about 30 more seconds. >> look what he's doing here. getting rid of at oi >> all this strains off. in the same pan mp a little bit of ginger and all those scallions. >> love ginger. >> scalons and gingers go in here. noadd the butt. almonds. toasted almonds. that's perfect. all of them. yeah. >> what out this? >> we're goingto putice in first. >> rice in. >> so good to have all these efs. this is arain rice. long grn basmati from india. like sta, right? give me four of those. >> one, two it smell so
10:57 am
go. >> we' basically done. lo at our sauce. you've added the butte nice btery sauce. >> scallions. >> thas perfect. give me the soy sauce there, please, hoda. we add the eggs back. >> we just have about . as you're ading that in, i can't believe we d tht. kath, would you like to fr >> yes >> look at that. look how dicious. >> ming knows his stuff. >> that looks so od. >> give it a try. >> we're trying it down here. >> we'll try it, in the meaime we want to give a big thank you so f their incredible generoty honoring our teachers with thousands of dollars in school psupplies. tomorrow from e hit nbc show "blacklist" actress megn boone is here. >> and the person who inspired kathie lee the most ison. so lookingorward to heang about him. >> ao "the biggest loser" trainer. dolvette how to cheat on your die good morning.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. new at 11:00 a 16-yeaold oakland boy stas accused of fire. another teenager on he is nowack in court this morning. nbc bay area'schristie smith life outside that courtroom in oakland, and, you just got out of that urt. can youell us exactly wha happened? >> reporter:ell, i have to tell you, jon,his is one of the shortest court appearans i've ever seen fore. mayba minute,ossibly less. we did not hr from richard thomas. the suspect in this case. instead a judge p an attorney of record onhe case, and everyone will be back in court in fact, we tried tope.


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