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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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it is the mother the daughter that is critically injured. police did catch up to two out of thehree suspects. a k-9 police dog bit the suspect with a felony warrt. one suect, though, is still a-wol at thisoint. we'll bring you more details as soon as w get more informatio exclusive.nbc bay area toxic chemicals in mountain view later tonight, the epa will tell residents of a specific mountain view neighborhood wh they found. we havthe information that stems from atory we bke nearly two years ago. investigative reporter steven stoc joins us with the new information. steven, as you know,his isn't someural area. toxichemicals in the middle of >> reporter: that' exactly right, raj. as w first reported back in february, the epa discovered thesnew hotspots of the chemical tce, located here in mountain view, outside t original boundaries of t m.e.w. superfund site located in
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we have the new levels to report tonight. we can tell you that the epa test found levels ofhis tce at 110,000 parts per billion in the groundwate and that leaves question here tonight, how did thetce get the outside these bounries? it's a toxic pme of chemicals that setches a mile and a hal extending under highway 101, and beneath moffitt field. the ple is made up mtly of tce, trichloroethylene, fen ar decades the ep monitorednd extrted the toxic come vent from the ground swrn wawater beo tce was ud by the semiconductor ree decades ago. it's been linked to cance and when evaporates can clect in buildings in a process called vapor intrusion which can cause heart depoformities in unborn
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children. the epa has remod ton of tce from the soil under this neighborhood b admits it still has a lot mo to remove. >> we accomplisd a lot to date. we cleaned up over five and a quarter billion gallons of contamated ground water and treated over 100,000 mounds of contaminants. reporter: the new aas concned stretch along evandale recent tests shows levels up to 110,000 parts per billion in the groundwater there. the epa considers ything over 5 rts per billion unsafe. rlier this year, epa officials admitted t us they missed hotspots of tce found int least two homes located outside the originalsuperfund plume. that area was also along evandale avenue. ere t highest tce level thathe epa measured in the groundwatereached 130,00 again, the epa considers anything over 5 parts per
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billion unsafe. and toght, here at the adobe buildingn moffi boulevard in mountain view, the epwill have a public hearing. that hearing is scheduled to start at 70 where t epa will tellesidents in moreetail about what they found and what they did not find. we can also tellou the epa did not find any tc in new homes or buildings. did not find any new buildings with vapor intruon in them. but the agency does say it's it still does n know why this tce is now found outside the superfund tic plume. we c also tell you the epa will be handing out these brochures which will outline how they're going tory to attack is problem, a new method usin oxidation injected downnto t soil. hoping to consume this e withoutaving to d up more soil and more ter. we, of coue, will be covering it all and bri you the late ef
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at 11:0 for now, i'm steven stock, in mountainiew. back tyou. >> ay. thank you. >>new at 6:00, the family of a san francisco woman killed when she was run over in a park filed a claim against t city. filing a lawsuit.ep tard 35-year-old christy savanamere wa at holly pk with her baby and dog when she was struck by a city truck. the aim says the drir who has been charged with felony hit-and-run violated city policy which mdates that vicles travel only on paths a only with a second employee toct as a lookout. financial damages. ecified today, one of the 49ers st players traded in his jerz city for a su. aldon smith was in a santa clara county courthous to face felony weapons charges. with his parents by his side, he pled not guil. nbc bay area's kris sancz is the judge made an interesting decision whichelps smith. >> reporter: and the 49ers, too.
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appear back i court untilfter the end of the relar nfl season. this hearing today was for the most serious legal trouble aldon smith is cing. two civil sui filed against him and misdemeanor drug and dui charges he faces. these felony weaponses chaes are the ones that could send him to jail. aldon sth said nothing as he arrivedt the san clara county superior court dressed in a suit flanked by his parents and hi attorney. he's here to face thr chaes felony g possession stemming from an incident at a party at his san jose home in stabbed and two people were was shot >> plea of not glty will be entered. >> reporter: in the urtroom through his attoey he pled not guilty to possessing tee high calibe high capacity assault rifles which he allegly obtained legally in ariza. all-pro linebacker would note
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need toe in cou again until ter the regular nfl season. it'sn accommodation theeputy district attorney said is not uncommon. neither smith nor his attorne woulsay whether the guns are his,ow they were obtained or whether they were transported from azona to california on the 49ers charter. >> aldon's very interested in answering to thesecharges, and you have to understand that this is a process. and toy's court appearance was the first step in that process. >> reporte at that january 15 court date, smith will also face unrelated miemeanor dui d drug charges stemmg from a september inciden which checking himself io the depy district attorney said he won't scuss whether there might be a plea deal in either case. >> once aln and his attorney have seen all the information, seen all the discovery, we'll have a meangful discussion and figure o where t go next. >> reporter: smith ifree on a
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$75,000 bond. 's free to continue pying football until at ast january 15th. the end of the regular season. the niners, by the waytake on the int this sunday. in san jose,ris sanchez, nbc bay area ws. no an nbc bay area follow up. the oakland teen accused of settinanother teenager o fire on an ac transit bus was back in court today. the judge apinted a defense attorney for richard thomas thomasas been charged as an adult with a hate crime enhancement. 's accused of setti 18-year-ol sasha flish fleischman skirt on fire. sasha intifies as agender. as a result of the attack,asha suffed severe leg burn thomass set to enter a plean friday. on this da 77 years ago, the bay bridge opened. nowrews are tearing things down. a live look n at the bridge demolition started today on the old eastern span.
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the canalever portion. workers used heavy equipment to early next year t contracr will cut the bridge in half. at that poin crews wilbegin taking it aparfrom the middle and methodical and will take about three years. >> this is a very preci suical process. we're not going after this with crowbars and wrecking balls. this is prision, you know, work. this is surgery. >> once t bridge is cut in half, workers can conne the new sp's bike lane to yorba buena island. after all said and done, asphalt, concret and steel will be removed. flooding damag oakland police headquarters for the second time thiyear. this lesteak started over the weekend in pump room. officials initially tught it was fix. monday, water started seeping through the ceilings and floors agn. the policeeadquarters is still openo the public, but more than a den investitors had to be moved. flooding, you'll remember, als
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caused the building to be closed for nearly a week ba in june. san francio police are asking forhe public's help in locating a misng man. his name is -- he's derek shao, 20 years old. he's been missing since thursday. he was last seen walking to a bus stop. police say sh lives with his fami and has always kt in contact with them. ey also say he missed all of his csses at city college of san francisco. they also say he has no history of mentalillness. so if you have any information on shao's wherbouts, you are urged to cal the police. gunni for sea lions. another a lie whereon on gunninfor sea lions. other sea lie whereon is recov in sausolito. the imal's plight is reveal a disturbin tre along our cot. >> reporte that's right. the folks at the marine maml center say when the sea lion arrived here 12 days ago it cod barely move. was very weak and extremely underweight. thankfully tonight that sea lion
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is on the road to recovery. >> he's improving. he's gainingeight and he seems to be moving better overall. is getting nursed back to health at sausalito's marine mammal center after surviving an unthinkable act. >> it's very sad for us to see, because we really want t help these animals. we want to put them back in their natur environment. animals is very disheartenin to us. >> reporter: nezzie was found unded on a beach inanta barbara county late last month and transferr to the b area for rehabilitation. overseeing his care. has been >> we clned up the wounds and we left the bullet where it was dending on how he does, and if we're concerneabout infection around that, we may or may not remove that in the future. >> reporte nezz isn't the only sea lionhat's become a target. center see a handful of similar
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lion found listless on a beach in sausalito in 2010 and this guy who survived a gunshot wound to the fe and now lives at s flags discovery kingdom in vallejo. >> in the last 2 years we have had 21 gunshot incidees admitted. only two of tm were able to be released and three for placed in permanent mes. >> reporter: now, wle nezzi es's future is still uncertai the folks here are hopeful he will maka full recovery. and eventually b able to be released back into the wild. reporting live insausito, jodi hernandez, nbc bay aa news. >>hank you. still ahead here at6:00, sun, sapd and suspicion. >> new questions tonight about a vacation retreat for state lawmaks. plus -- >> so this is allusteally exciting and moving fast.
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>> been waiting by the phone f decades. now a bay area woman who made history in world war ii needs just one more thing to make her wish come true. also -- >> reporter: did you note some raindrops lling from the sky this morning? well, they probably didn't last i'm chase cain. that may mean that california record.on break a very gloomy nd we'll also talk more out that droht and most importantly about anoer storm system that's starting to develop out heren the fwugulf o aska. details on that coming up if just a few minutes.
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take a look. this cell pho video captung the dramatic sce at a apartment fi in haywar it broke out overnightust before 3:00 a.m. on whitman street near mission boulevard. someeople had to jp to safety from the second sty. thankfully no one was seriously hurt, but nearly 30 people are
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homeless this eving. the fire may he srted in the kihen of a downstairs unit. 16tate lawmakers tonight are packing for a trip to maui d a watchdog group isot happy abt it. the independent voter project sponsors maui trip every year. sponsors include chevron, beer and beverage distcters, &e among otrs. the executives say a tri includes a ban on discussing specific bills and lobbying but critics say the tp gives the aparance of imprer inflnce. whers the water? drought concerns are growing around the bay area. this is now the driest year on record in california. our chi meteorolost jeff ranieri haa look at the numbers for us. we beginhis evening with chase cain in san jose. chase, how bad is it? >> repter: well, it is so bad that w are nearing baking more than one record in terms of the longest dry streak we've ev seen here in the bay area and acrs the state of california. no for now, water management districts are not putting any they say if ts pattern lace, but
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contins, that we will all soon be forced cut back on our wateuse. >> i wouldn't trust any forecast out beyond about a week. >> reporter: step inside the meteorology departme at san jose state, and ask how much rain we'll get soon nothing., nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. nothing, thing, nothing, nothing. nothing, nothing. and so forth. >> reporter: dr. allison bridger isn't being a ssimist. she's just being realistic. >> when we have a lo,ry period, we'reore than 50% lily to have a dry winter. >> reporter: psibly adding to what she says is so far, on state of california everfor the >> it is not good news, and in my persol impression is we real haven't had any rain since christmas, so, but we're cused now on our current rain season. the previous rain season was a bust as well. >> reporter: espially month we showed you thlow water levels at almadon, adeloupe, and calero
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reservoirs. water managementxperts say there is still enou water in reservoirs forow but the problem is if we go through the next few months and there's no csignificant rainfall to brin the water leve back up, experts say we could be in big trouble. bob ebert already knows people in big troubl his pumping company services wells. wells already running dry. >> most of our customers up in e santa cruz mountains, the wells are directly related t how much rainfall occurred in the previous year. this year, the last few years, actually, are pretty dry. this year h been the worst that can ever remember ithe 32 years i've bn here. >> reporter: the wor he can remember in 32 years. ande also says that if this ray season that's coming up doesn't, in fact, prove to be rainy, that se people whooe pend on the well for their people may be fced to drill a new well and that can cost $30,00 live in san jose, cse cain,
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nbc bay area news. >> some stp numbers there. meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, we did s a few raindrops this morning. obviously it's going t take a lot more tn that. >> yeah, most certainly. u can see it only added up to .13 in sunnyvale. not too much me re. we heard the predictionses are somewhat dire at least i the short term. as all of calornia is curreny under some sort o a drought. right across theay ea. we are in aevere drought from santa rosa dn tard the south bay at this point. there is hopnow. no in the lae elatest forecast f possibly getting showers. in the gulf of alaska we're trackinghis latest system developing that coul eventually bring us a little bit of rainfall inur forecast. u should also remember we usually don't start to pick up some of oureaviest totals and strongest storms until january, february, and also march in thatforecast. let's gea look right now outside that weather wiow.
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see low 60s in san fncisco. clear skies across dotown. incredible view tonight. th we'll alsoake you, let's go to the south bay. shall we? see ght aoss the silicon now with temperatures in the low 60s. now as we headhroughout tomorrow's foreca, what you will find is plentyf sunshine in that recast. numbers in the upper 70s forhe east b and also for the sth bay. mid 70s. we'll go with mid 70s as wel fothe north bay a this point. so let get tha 24-hour focast in here. across the south bay, wll art with low 50s, a mix of sun and clouds. low 70s.ternoon, numrs in the a grt afternoon shaping up for us in the south bay. throughout the peninsula, we'll have some of the coldest weather here with upper 40 expected ere. and areasf clouds lining up at the immediate coastline. by the afternoon, n as rm. with temperatures in the upper 60s. then you can see for san francisco, we'll reach that daytime high by the noon hour. then as we head throughout 50 p.m., those mbers start to drop. we'll also get a few more of the
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microclimatein here. see the north bay as we head throughout tomrow will be one of the coldest lations starting off with 4 4 degree by the afternoon, low 70s. take a look down at the tri valley. the afternn tomorrow, sunny skies an mid 70s coming into the forecast. we talked about the potential of that next storm system lining up. it looks like by saturday, the gfs forecas model i showing we could have some rainfall off to the nortby saturdaymorning. it's a storm that's going to move from theorth to theouth ross land. that's where t problem gets even though it's pnting a lot of green here, if this storm system moves about 100 to 200 mis more inland, we could be left with ary enario, but on the current forecast track, it actually cou mean some rainfall as we head toward the upcoming weekend. of course, we'll have more on thatoming up inhe full foreca, you guys. >> okay. seyou in a little bit, jeff. cleared for takeoff. up next, a deal that wl create the world's biggest airline and wh it cod mean for you. also it's about the number amount of weddings around the bay area today.
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it's on to plan "b." warriors revised theirew arena plans. smallernd shorter. planning to build it just south of the bay brge. these new renderingshow the arena slimmed wn and significantly shter. terms of the building being shortened by 15 feet. developers s there will be more than an acre of public covering a practice facily and 500 underground parking spots. this revised plan comes aer san francisco voters rejected measures "b"nd "c" last week relating to the height of warfront buildin. getting marrie on a tuesday might not feel ial for se. bay areaouples who tied the knot today this was a perfect day to get mared because of the date. sunnyvale couple has been together 17 years and decided t say i do today at the santa clarcounty chapel. >> i said today's date p
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11/12/13nd she said yes. >> get it? this bride from morgan hill says she picked the date bause she knew her new husband would never rget their anniversary. santa clara county pformed 23 press marriages today. 17 couplesot married in couy chapel. san francisco saw a spike in marriageas well. 50 people got marriageicenses today an 35 couples were wed at city ha. nextear we'll have so you can book it now. >> okay. still to come here a 6:00, tragy meets technology. some of the bigst names in the bay are are coming together to help victims of the supeyphoon. lus -- >> tonight wenvestigate what firefiters are calling the cancer station. we asked the city of san jose what it's doing about it. and it's not eve day you get invited tohe white house. a bay area woman who broke barriers in world war 2 lii is
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getting her shot. whit's not a done dealjust yet.
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for more tha a decade, fifighters have labeled ithe cancer station. tonit, we investigate. one of the bay area's busiest fire stations and we're asking the city of san jose for accountabity. tony kovaleski joi us now.orter u spent six months reviewing these documents and talking with lot of firefighters. serious health issues here. >> raj, yes.
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here's what we do know. there'no direct connecti and no scientic proof. we also know this firehouse has had that label for me than a decade. and firefights say t city has ignored their concerns. tonight, we investigate. san jose's fire stion 5. there is no cure for my cancer. >> reporter: mike cunningham s what's the reputation oftation 5? >> two words come to my mind. a dump and a place to go get cancer. ere's a lot of older guys who know if you worked at that station long enough, there's a good chance you're going to come down with cancer. gallbladder cancer. >> m life's chang. it's altered. it will never behe same. >> reporter: they're two veteran firefighters, both retired, both now fighting f their lives.
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both snt time working at station 5, and they recognize the fact firefighters are at a greater risk for cancer, b they want the cy to explore why statn 5 has earned the unusual reputatn athe cancer >> wyou kn, when youork at 5, you can't wait to g out to go to some oth station. >> anybody who worked a san jose fire can remember a friend that had died of cance who at some time had worked at station 5. >> jose was one of t most trusted people i'vever known. >> i looked him and i said, your poppy's comin home to die. >> reporter: melissaartinez broke that news to her 8-year-old son, jonah. her husband, captain jose year.nez, died i austf last two months after doctors diagnosed him with senovial sarcoma, an extremely aggressive cancer. >> just in a quick moment's time,e was gone.
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i became a single mom with three kids. reporter: that was august 10th 2012. jose martinez died just two weeks aft melissa gave birth to their twin girls. sophia and ivia. station 5,o you wonder?ow about well, it lingers. it lgers in the back of my mind wonder. reporter: martin, cunningham, and wardl. they're all pt of a growing listf firefighters diagnosed with cance and having fire station 5 on their resumes. during the past s mohs, the nbc bay area invesgative unit hainterviewed dozen of current and former san jose firefighters, trying to station 5's putation.on o we found at least 16 station 5 firefighters diagnosed with cancer.
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>> scientically looking at it from a technical point of view, would you say i developed cancer as a consequence of being at probably not. ion? >> reporter: dr. mike wilson direct and serves as lead investigator for uc berkeley's occupational and environmental health progm. >> could you sayhat there were exposures or m have been exposures th happenedt this fire station that contributed to the development o cancer? that's plausible. >> reporter: a epidemiologists coacted by the investigative unit say connecting cancer t the fire staon is extremely difficult. they also pointed out that cancer clusterin general are rare. but several san jose firefighters s the concerns at station 5 are not lited to cancers. they also point out a series of environmenl exposures during more than a decade. >> the repation was that it was a dir place to work at. a place to stay away from if you could. and thatf you worked the, you were going to bexposed to things you wouldn't be at oth
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stations. >> reporter: fire ation 5 sits in a highly industrl part of the city. for years, firefights have sent memos and raised concern about proems with air quality. and the bay area air quality management district has determined station 5 is located in a, que, toxic air contaminant zone. but several air quality studies duringhe past ten years have not identified any harmful lelevel s of ntamination. perhaps their greatest concerns center on the leaf tha station 5 responds to more high-risk chemical fires than any other stion in the city. do you know a firefighter who said i won't work at station 5? >> ye just becse ofhe hazards aroundhat station and the ation, itself. >> reporter: a those concerns credible? should they be looked into? >> i think they are certainly worthy of attentn. >> repter: the city recently addressed concerns over environmental exposures in and around station by spending re than $1 million redeveloping the facility.
6:33 pm
but firefighters concerns go deeper. >> it woulbe nice if the city uld step up and admit that there was a probl there. >> reporter: is it acptable >> no,nd especiall it's not, hat when it could be preventedor guys in the future. >> when a group of firefighters isaising concerns like this, it's incumbent upon e city to respond and investigate their concerns. >> repter: former firefighrs dealing with cancer had the courage to sit in front of the camera and sa something nds to be done here agree? >> i agree. >> reporter: acting fire chief ruben torres alsopent time working at stati 5. after learng the concerned raised byurrent andormer members of his department,hief torres has asked the city to take a closer look. should your fire dartment track cance and look at what's happened here at station 5? >> oh, absotely. absolutely without a doubt. if there's anythin we can do to
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track,o stop that, to never put aame on a wall that says canceror at least we catch it early enough, absolutely >> d mike wiln says it's a significant development for s jose to start tracking cancer and firefighte. yes, experts we spoke wit say connecting cancer directly to station 5 is aeal long shot, but they ao agree there is a value in a database showing the fires they fought and any connection to potentially carcinogen exposures. it ces in the shaw of a recent national studyracking ncers with firefighters in philadelphia, chicago and san francisco. this puts thean jose fe department out front on the issue understanding cancer exposures with firefighters. raj? >> if you have a tip for ty kovaleski ornyone else in our instigative unit, cal us at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail dectly to now to a devoping story.
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the aftermath of typhoon haiyan. the ate department confirmed that two americans we killed in that superstorm. as for the death to, the president of the philippines says it will probablye 2,000 to 2,500. far lower than the early estimate o 10,000. survivors, though, are growing decemb desperate and frustrated. od and water are in extremely short supply family membersho live in the bayrea are worried including jennifer davies, whose mother lives in tacloban. one ofhe hardest hit areas. >> we need to geter out of there. it's not safe. there's been loong going on in the streets. the roads are bad. many countries are helping out, but it's been difficu to access the devastated areas. the "uss george washgton" carrng relief aid is schedul to arrive in the plippines by thursday as you c imagine, the need is great in the philippines. here in the b areaseveral tech companies a playing a crical role. not necessari by blding anything new, but by attracting
6:36 pm
eyeballs our business a tech reporter scott buan joins us from the red cross in san jos to explain. scott? >> rorter: well, good evening, raj. if you're running a company that does business on the intern, yes, you wanas manyyeballs or vwers to come to your site. it's similarf y're raising money. bring as my peopleonboard, and then make it easy to donate those dealing with typon damage are desperate for help, and inside the san francisco office omozilla, theyave a way to get the words out to millions. a browser. >> it means a lot in a position to help. >> reporter: when y open fire x, made by mozilla, y'll find one thing, a way to donate to the red cross. >> there was a global tragedy. 're in a position where we have lerally hundreds of millions of users every day on that realestate. and a vy robust global
6:37 pm
counity of people who really care. a lot. >> the reason they're in high-tech is to make things to >> reporter: that' cynthia shaw of the red crs. she spoke to us as people walked in to write checks. maybe becausof firefox. ybe because apple put a way to page.ntly donate on its itunes it all gs to help. >> it is really importa for us to use high-tech to be high-touch. to aow people t activate on their compassion to see theimages. >> reporte it's wide-reaing technology givg you a way to reach out. and the red cross confirms it is ney that they need the most. they say it'soo early ithe current campaign to kw how much money has come in, but they say aer superstorm sandy, tech donations helped come intoore than $4 million. reporting live in san jose, scotbudman, nbc bay arenews. >> tahank you, scott. americanairlines and us airways
6:38 pm
airline i the world.rgest handful of statesere opposing tha merger fearing it would cause airfares torise in agreement, however, the new airline would have to give up dozens of flits in the nation's biggestities to help keepompetition tighter. the meer, however, still requires approl by a fedal finalized next month. ted to be >>still ahead, how onereat american city loss is another city's gain. and, gooevening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbcay area weatr center. well, we're lookinghead tard so dry weather morrow. ere is a ssibility, now, of some weeke rain. we'll break it all down for you in jusa few minutes. presents...
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so dlicious, they won't even know it's chicken. 50% lesfat... 100% johnnville taste.
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the tallest building in america will be 1 world trade center in new york ty. the desion had to be debated first because theillis tower in chico, known as sears tower, actually stands taller, but a height committee determined the spire onop of the w world trade center is a permanent fixtur not a removable antenna and therefore should be counted well. it now stands a symbolic 1,776 feet. the birth year of america. the towerxpected to open early next year. >> didou say there was a height committee? >> a hght commtee. hopefully they're not coming here. th doesn't apply to people. stand very tall ea and every ou da >> otionally. >> always. >> take it away. all right. a live look outside at our sky camera network. look aour building standin pretty tall there. we're gog to talk more about raindropshat could get this wet. the big changen your weekend forecast. you don't want to miss it in a feminutes. hey, j? all righ a's manager meln up for a big
6:42 pm
award. how things end up for him in the voting. plus the 49ersoming off a tough loss to t panthers. now they're making some very tough decions rarding their football team. we're going to break i all down for you, coming straight ahe from the xfinity sports dk. [ male announcer you can change your tomorrow if you do something today. and there's nevebeen a better time because th year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. and is degree can make a difference. 2012, 90of devry university grads
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> okay. for decades bay area woman has been waiting for her invitation to the white house. >> phyllis is one of the few remaininreal life rosiehe ri riveters. the -year-old has an invite. what she needs now ithe plane ticket. reporter: in19, phyllis goldas one of the fst six wick to break union barris and kaiser shipyardelder as the tting that job wasn't easy. the union told her ty don't hire women. >> then i wen back another time
6:45 pm
and it was, no, and the third time i went tohe hiring hal and i went up t the wdow and theyaid, no. and i started crying and some man, i don't know who he was, says, go back up there. and i did. and they gave -- they hired me. >> reporter: s worked for three yearsntil the war came to an end and ss she took pride in her job, believing t this day those women were better welders than t men. >> i think most of us were becauswe'd done needlework, and if i did something, i wted it not only to be good, but to look go. and men just wand to get it done. >> reporr: this group of women became kno as the rosies. adopting the rie the riveter icon a their maot. today, tre are five ross who still ve in the bay ar, and are activ in seading the word out their work during world
6:46 pm
war . over the last seval years, she group some recognion. get the >> i thought, where is t representation for us? we were a important part of winng thewar, a we're dyi of just like all the soldiers. >> reporter: goldtarted a letter writing campaig to the white house trying to get meone's attention. in tober, she did. >> phyllis, ts is joe biden. >> reporter: a personal phone call from e vice president who bay area ross to washington. >> so he called, and he talks and he talk >> reporte the call lasted about minutes. shsaid in her letter she had asked the vice presiden for a bigiden hu and he agreed. >> i've seen him on tv and hs you know? he likes to hugpeople so, sure. and hopefull there's a picture
6:47 pm
of it. >> reporter: the five rosies are capital in april, but most of them are on fixed incos so they're hoping for a corporate sponsor or benefactoro help make their visit possible. bay area ne. kimrly terry, nbc >> obvioly if you can help our local rosies, we would love to hear from you. hugger and maybe even a crier at so point. >> ptty good assessment. let's bring in jeff ranii, chief meteorologist. how you doing, jeff? >> we're doing good in the weather department. we have word we may actually have another sto system coming while in the shorterm, it's all about the clearing and rming here in the forecas we'll take you out to the gulf of alaska and we do have mewhat of an active wther pattern there. again, now there are beginning incations that we may actually get a storm system way out here dropping down as whead into this upcoming weekend. more on that coming up. let's take a look at the curre conditions right no after a few raindrops thi moing, we started t clear out. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. san francisco right now 10iles
6:48 pm
and plus visibility. lookg incredible acrs downtown at the current moment. we'll so take you here across the east bay. the bay bridge.akland toward see we're not dealing with any fog at the curnt moment. and, again, 62 grees. ase head throught the next 24 hours, i really do think it's gog to be an awesome day. let's look a that forecast. as we head thrghout torrow. we'rgoing to have upper 7 os inhe east bay. and look at even san francisco in the mid 60s. the north bay mid 70s. at this point.cting 75 degrees so let's tak you into tha as of today, theres a huge shift in the thinking of how that weatherefinitely could shape up. so let's get to at least t next 24 hours. we'lsee this rge of high pressure move up from the south. that will give us warming in the short term. but, begiagain, it's t going to last long. what you're going to see the next graphic is the shifwe're going to undergo as we head throughout the fst part of the weekd. let's go ahead and take a look. see liveore on thursday. 81 degrees. then by saturday, down to 67.
6:49 pm
n jos from 78 to 67s ll. oakland, from 75 to an expted 63 degrees. the thinghat's going to drop these temratures and also bring us the next chance of rain is in newly formedrea of low pressure wehink will dro down here acros theay area as we head throughout saturday's forecast. the thing to note about this, and any kind of storm system across the bay area, that moves from the north to the sout just a slight deviation in the track. if we see itove more out toward pacific, it will oop up more moiure for us. if it moves furtherinland, it will be a der storm track. at thisoint we're goingo split the fference. at this hour we're thinking we're gog to call for showers forecast.d int satuay's let's take a look at the microclimate forecast. we head throughout the south bay for tomorrow, can argue with a forecastike this in november. while we need the rainfall, mid 70s in san jose. los gatos 73. palo alto, 75. san frcisco, mid 60s. mix of sun and clou. let's get the other microclimates in her
6:50 pm
across the east bay, 71 in oaand. walnut creek, 75. for the tri valley, 77 in pleasanton and if you wan more weather like this, oh,yeah, we got it for you. coming our way. let's go and take a look across the rest of the st bay. san ramon up to 77. sinol 74. concord, 74. berkeley, mostly sunny skies a 70 degree let's go aad and get a look as we head thrghout the weekend. we talked about the changes coming in the forecast for the first half. right now looks like the best possibility showers coming our way would beaturday with a mix o sun and clouds and again the possility of sprinkl and take a look at those temperatures dropng. all the way dn into the 60s. the other thing we suld nice ase wrap thingsp is the wind throughout saturday's forecast. at the coastline, about 15 to 35 mileper hour. for those interiorvalleys.ere by all accounts, we' going to closely monitor the storm system we head intohe next couple ofays because saturday could be shifting to more of a stormy
6:51 pm
scenario the at this point. don't forget, scrolling seven-dray forecastt the bottom of the screen all the ti, guys. >> yeah, sure. eff. let's get to sports jim kozimor in the comcast sportsnenewsom. >> let's get thi thing rolling. natial football league tion. not easy when you lose games in the nfl. 's been proven time and time agaithat the nfl was a tough and sometimes cruelbusiness. today, the 49ers annouing they waived wide receiver kyle williams. williamsost his punt return duties to la micel james this past sunday. the team also announcing the have waived defensive back and activated linebackerick moody. eric rice shoul see more time which is a sn the 49ers trust his ability. >> you know, truthfully i don't knowow its or isn a clear sign of, you know, unfortunately with the way this game is, you have hard roster moves and
6:52 pm
decisions to make. i oiously wish him the best of luck. he's bn a great g to me. >> all right. stanfordardinal coming off a huge win against the oregon ducks. ey now sit atop the pac-12 north standin and contr their owndestiny, but shane saystanford isware of how important wiing the rest of their games is. >> every game you kind of, your chances to play in the big end of the year game kind of liv and die with every single week, every single win or loss. especial considering we hav one loss, i think it's that much morelear to us we have to be prepar every single week or we're out of the picture. >> all right. let'get aittle baseball going. a's manager bob melvin, finist for the american league manager award he won lt year. but the winner of this award ended up being cleveland indians manager terry francona. world series champion john ferrell o the boston red sox
6:53 pm
took home sond place. warors hav announced guard tyouglas will be out for two weeks with a stress reaction in his left tibia. the team has als lost two straight gas. somethg mark jackson hopes comie inings to an endtonight. wherehe warriors host the detroit pistons. >> i believe in m guys. going to have goodights and bad nights. you know, if iwas trial and error, tony douglas wouldn't have been my backup pnt guard the first game of the season as bad as he looked in the preseason. so i believe in these guys. ultimately i believe they're going to get t job done. finally to the ice. happy 20th birthday to sharks roie sensation, tomas hertl, a fan favorite, nicknamed by some as the teenage mutantinja hertl. cat call him that ymore. they grow up so fast, don't
6:54 pm
they sharks and calgary. getting ready to starthe second. we have highlhts tonight. sharks and warriors coming up at 11:00. at's it from the xfinity sports desk. >> a lot going on. >> wel done. >> thanks, jim. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcastspornetay areaonight at 10:30. >> ande will be right back.
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cing up tonight at 11:0 we go in-depth with aook at the new sta law allowing transgder students to choose which bathroo or locker room they wish to use. also the efforts to repeal
6:57 pm
that new law. and we'll loo at whether is equitablfor all stunts. tonighat 11:00 after "chicago fire." one last check in with jeff ranieri. haven't said this in two months. rain >> yes. we did see it this morning remember for a little bit? we had a few sprinkles. this upcoming weekend, forecast modelsre shifti. may actually see anhere from abo a tenth to a quharter of an inch. it'sn early indication ere's still time for thi to change. los at by thipoint, on saturday, we'll he a chance of rafall coming back into the forecast with a mix of sun and clouds. and after some warming, this upcoming wednesday and thursday, where temperatus will prarily be in the 70s we're going to see numbers w think at this pnt drop into the60s and then also eventually some of this wind building back into the forecast you can see byaturday, early , we'll get wind buiing her across our coastline at this point. so warmer nextwo days. by satuay, possibility of rain back in theforecast. >> ok. thank you, jeff e you tonight at 11:00 a well. have a great evenin >> bye-bye.
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alecaldwin's explosive courtroom faceoff with his acsed stalker, now on "extra." she hunt him down at home, delud him with phone calls and disturbing e-mails. now, alestares down the obsessed wan who terrorized his family. >> her crazy oburst in court and whshe screamed at alec as he testied. barbra seisand proving her rriage is not on the rocks. we'rinside streisand's big night with lady ga. >> who am i? >> you're lady ga. >> but bbra streisand. >> gaga's candid newell-all about drugs, her boyfriend, taylor kinney, and who told her


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