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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 12, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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nbc bay area news star now. good ening. thanks for joining us. i'raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. a s francisco college sdent is missing tonight. his family says he hasn't been seen or heard from since thursday now cell phone rords are taking them to places they wod ver expect the 20-year-old to go. jean elle isive with new details on the srch for him. >> reporter: jessica,he san
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francisco police department's special victims unijust got the case tonight from the bay view police stion. bu derek's familyre already posting yers around san seep him and will callith has formation about where the 20-year-old is. >> it's hard. it's either you barelyleep or eat. yojust want to know tha he's safe. >> reporter: jeannie is desperate to find her brother, 20-year-old derek. family and friends haven't seen or hrd from the s francisco city college student since thursday. >> there's no phone activity on his phone. there's noing on his bk statements, likee bary keeps any cash withhim. if he does it's no more than a few dollars. you cannot survi on foodith that lile. >> reporter: he s last seen thursday morning around 10:00, headingut to catch the 29 bus to city college. but he ner shod up for class. hi family says records obtained
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byolice showis iphone in plac in the bay view they the phone was at the candle . stick recreation area on ursday. en near silver at 5:00. and at 11:30 that nit, it was near bancroft and 3rd. >> i'm very worried for him. >> reporter: his csin ss the silence tell him something is wrong. >> to be honest, i don think anything good out of it. there's no reason for himo be candle stick recreatnal area. >> reporter: he never mses dinnerith his family. >> he'll probably beome roughly around 3:00. if he'll with his friends, no lar than 5:45 on t dot. even if he was running late, he would text somebody. >>eporter: and the famy is anxious for ues. he is5'10", 185pounds. he is a big y, but tonight,
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his famy says he's the young nest very large family. they tl me he's not used to king care of himself. if you have seen him, the san francisco police department would like to hear from you. reporting live in safrancisco, jean elle, nbc bay area ws. some real concerns tonight in one of the bay area's most profile cies. it could impact a community's health, water and property values. high levels of toxic chemicals george kiriyama joins us in ea. mountain view withur continuing coverage. george? >> reporter: the epareleased the latest tt results showi no oth homes with high levels of tce. buthe big question in tonight's meeting with neighbors,ust how high level areas of tce happen i these hot spots is not known. underground.of chemicals
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theyre mostly tce, chemical lied to cancer. whent evaporates, itan collect in homes or buildings rough a process calle vapor intrusio tonight,he epa met wh worried neighbors. brian dade is sti not comfortable. >> i'm concerned tha the tce is affectg my health and has been for ma yearsnow. >> reporter: the mos recent tests sho levels up to 110,00 rts per billion. anything over 5 parts is considered up safe. earlierhis year, officials hot spotsound in at least two home located outsid the original area. tce levels here reached 0,000 parts per billion. remember, the epa ss anything over 5 parts is unsafe. during the meeting, we learned
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these sa two homes exceeded the epa's indoor air eanup but the epa sayshe latest run of tts of 60 homes showed none of them exceeding the level. >> our fdings show that based all this indoor air testing that there's - we have addrsed the probm. >> reporter: tce was onc used by the semi conductor industry 30 years ago. the epa has removed ton of it fromnder this neighborhoo but ha more to reve. early ne year for three weeks, the epa will be drilling holes, then injtingodium into t ground toix that with the tce and turn it into carbon monoxide this will happen in a h spot and if it works well there, spots.l u it in the other hot geor kiriyama, nbc bay area news. thank you, george. richmond police are still
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looking for a police invved in e chase in a crash that injured two people. it happened this aernoon on 6th and mcdonald. the chase started wn an officer recognized a man with felony warrant. during the chase, the car driven into another car with a mother one woman is inritical de. coition tonight. two suspes werecaught, a third man is still on t run a vocal and heated debate in oakland tonight. at issue, a prosed curfew for teenagers. it wld apply to unaccompanied minors between0:00 in the evening and 5: in the morning. the curfew would bin effect during school hours. kids could fe fines, community seice or even jailtime if caught. but tonigh the cityouncil says it doesn't support the
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proposal. the issue will be open toublic discussion. ba in 2011, oakland leaders tried to enact a similar curfew but didn't sueed. the family of a mother claim against san francisco d a today. 35-year-old christy was lying on the grass at holly park wither ba and dog whea city truck ran over her in ptember. e claim says the driver violed city policy, which mandates vehicles travel oy on path and only with a second employee to act as alookout. the driver is facing felony hit and run arges. if the 4rs make the playoffs, alden smith might have to take a break for a court appearance. he entered a plea for felony weons arges. his next hearing is scheduled the charges are tied to three
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illegal militarytyle weapons. the cards aren the cable and it's prettyuch a royal flush. after the opening of the $800 million casino, the city is taking stock ofts newoney maker. >> try mcsweeney joins us. the hype is pretty much over. now threal answers. >> rorter: yeah. and another question here tonigh that is why did the lights go out at the casino? we have a power oage here, it happenedbout five minutes to 11:0 the lights went out, still som emergency lights on. pele tell m the slots are not that's gone wrong for this casino. traffic not as bad as they thought it might be. related to this casino.arrested
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tonight, not much goi on. if you were out here last tuesday, you understand. you fill a new huge casino to cacity and thereill be issu, like traffi but preparationade the best of a congested situation. >> good planng by all members of t task force really helped a lo reaching out to all the other state police, fire and ems was a good plan. >> reporter: more than $2.5 million has come into the city from the cino so far. and the dea calls for more than $200 million or the next 20 years. >> we need to get aetter grip on exactly what we're spending, where it's ing, and have some good recor of that. >> reporter: t council will listen to the public on how to
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spend that money. >> it will help the kids out. th way they'll grow up and become better citizens. >> more infrastructure so it does make people t get there in and out. >> reporter: also concerns, that affic might make shoppers stay away frombusinesses. one woman says that's not what she's seeing. >> a l of attention is drawn to the casino, but it's bringg general.of people to the town in force continues in tact.n task they'reeeping an eye onhe situion going forward. the money that people might b spending elsewhere isoingo be spent at this casino. but 2,000 full-time jobs created when thisasino ened. and it isopen, but the slo machines are not working right now because of a per outage. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area i'm stephan troung. new at 11:00, the fight for
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rights for tranender students we speak with a 17-year-d who was born a female and just started using theoy's restroom. at this means for a studen. more americans on more meds. the controversial plan that could putillions on one particul drug. a nice surpre for apple fans. 're back in a moment. to thoseworried...ited...
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poktaken ris...ed... and lived in a state of "what if... welcome to a new sta... welcome covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financiahelp for those in nd. d nobody can be denied becausof a pre-exisng condition. enroll now at now to developing news in the philippines. new reports say the dtholl from that typhoon may not be as high asriginally feared. damage to infrastructure a bad communication are being blamed for the report of psibly
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10,000 peopledead. night, cnn say the death toll coulbe closer to 2500 people dead. is now wednesday in the philippines an relief efforts continue to pick . u. marines are on site distributing water, food and medical supplies. some of the same people who lobbied against gay marriage no have a new mission, overturn the controversial new law allowing transgender students to choos which bathroom they identify with. >> critics argue it isn't fair to some students and some rents are squirming. >> stephanie troung lks into the new state laweing imagined. >>eporter: the governo signed this into lawn stember and itould take effect january 1. but now it may not happen. opponents sayhey are confident they c repeal it. would it impact your kids at scol? we spoke wh a student born as a femal who identifie as a boy
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and he ss this law could save lives. highchool, the best of tes. >> i was absolute literably just pressed all the time. >> theorst of times. >> i hated everything. >> rorter: while peers we dreading tests cane was confronting two different choices. >> what if i picked the wrong answer? >> reporr: should he walk into what seemedimple answer led s? to hisarkest nights. >> i wanted to goo sleepnd never wake up. >> reporter: rewind 17 years so when he was born, a she. was born.katie from the moment i >> reporter: catherine amanda. >> i did love playing with barbies. >> rorter: bute said he ver fel up comfortable in his own shoes.
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so he avoided goingo the bathroom >> drinking very little throughout the day. and en going to the bathroom as soon as got home. >> reporter: somimes avoided scho altogether. >> i would be like mom, i don't want to go to school today. >> reporter: can says not bei able to change with the boys and play on boy's sports teams bore into him almos every night. >> iished i had the courage to take my life, because iwas next day i would have to g up >> reporter:ut then in first state to pass a law that e outlined rights for transgender studts k-12. ab-1266 was introduced if febrry, which allows transgender studentto choose if they want to join a boy's or gi's sports team a choose which locker room the want to use. after it pass, i said if i were toome out at school, i would be protecd.
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this is something thawould help me at school. reporter: buthere's another 17-year-old who holds a ver different pepective. grace la fever is working with in sacramento.source ititute hedad is on the board. it's one of handful of groups working to repeal the law. >> it's a very dangerous law, cause there's no safety ecautions set. so a boy can just say today i feel like a girl, so i'm going to follow that girl into the bathroom. >> reporter: karen england leads the group collecting signatures. she says the law violates every other stent's privacy. if i'm a girl in junior high in the restroom, i don't wt a boy coming in, and don't think most parents want the opposite gender into their chilen's restrooms, locker rooms and shower >> reporter: she also argues current lifornia law mandates hool districts must accommodate transgender students. but supporters say leaving
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individual districts to interpret the law wi deprive trsgender students of their lights. jeff koor so points to los angeles and san fraisco unified, two of the largest school districts in thestate. >> there's not a single case that's been substap shntiatsubs. >> reporter: england adds she is lookinout for students like cane. >> it's unfortunat this child was in a school thatasn't accoodating this school. but it doe't givee or she the right, depending on who the student is, to invade everyone else's privacy. >> rorter: for kate, the new law, still not technically in effect, has changed his life. he came out to his high school's admistrators at the srt of the hool year and n taking p.e., something he avoided
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before. >> do you ange in the locker room? >> io. >> reporter: and he says tre's been no problems. >> reporter: andane wantshat fo others like hi don't i deserve the same safety atchool and same comfort level at school that al the othe students do? >> reporter: the latest for the privacy for all student campaign, the group collected 620,000 signatures toepeal av-626. but it still has to beery feed, so it could take many days to fin out if the were able to pass this ferendum. then it will be up to t vors. >> very interesting bate. thanyou very much, stephanie. same-sex marage is just a signature aw fromecoming legal in hawaii. passed the bill today.ngly marriage will boost tourism by more than$200 million. in illiis, a similar bill is
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awaiti the governor's signature. 14 des with washington, d.c. allow sameex marriage. let's bring in jeff ranieri. looks like we hav aoller coaster ahead of un the weather department. >> tempetures going up, then backown again, then back up again. you n't have to wait for that seveday forecast anymore. it's scrolling rig now at the boom of the screen. these clearing skies.ff with agai clearing skies after a few showers this morning. currently across the north ba 59 in san francisc and currently clear across the eastbay. no fog at all. looking incredle, at least at this hour. morrow's forecast, i think you're going to love what you're gog to see here. temperatures in thepper 70s across the east bay. mid 70s for the south bay. soour -hour forecast. as well. by noon we' be pushing
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temperatures into th upper 60s. a little chilliertart across the peninsula withemperatures the 40s. 6:00 tomorrow, a little cloud cor by the coastline. san francisco, by t noon hour tomorr, we ar expecting the by the afternoon, a slight on shore wind should help temperures cool off. let's get a look at the other regions. for the north day tomorrow, this is the bigge concern. mid 40s expected. weikely could see a few are of ccern getting condens out. by 12:00, 68 degrees. we'll go fm low 70s around t east bay, 72xpected inhe trivalley tomorrow. as we look at the eveoverall pattern, we'll fin some of the warmest weather of the week throhout thursday's forecast. by saturday, down to 64. thatolder trend is all going
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to get kicked off by this are of low pressure. current mel projections are push thing a little bit more inland than we saw earlier tonight. so tt is begningo play with the forecast as we look towards the upcoming weekend. what i want t show vñ you is the frustrationith meteorologists ross the west. we know we need the rainfall. e model hadrace amounts today. now let's look at the european model. you can see this in the north bay. to need two more model runs to verify whether we'll potentially have rainfall this weekend. so tomorrow wille key in the focast whether we'll see showers throughout satuay. low to mid 70the south y, abt 70 to 75 for t lower peninsula. san francisco at 70 degrees and across the east bay,
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teeratures in the mid 70s. for the north bay, napa 76. looking good throughout wednesday. >> thank u, jeff. coming up customizing twitter. the new option debuting night. wee back in two minutes. and there's ver been a better time becausthis year, devry univerty has $45 million dollars need and merit-base scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. and this degree can ke a difference. in 201 90% of dry university grads actively seeking emploent had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. applby january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit
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new medical guide lines call for doubling the number o people eligible to take statins. one in four americans overhe age of 40 already take statins. > an apple surprise today, announcing t new everything pad anyo -- new ipad minii is
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unveiled. twitter announced it's going to let users make cusm timelines that wl let them follow specic topics. the goal is to give people more control how tweets are organized and let you see t tweets mt relevant to u. a big night for the warriors and sharks. dave feldman joins us next. and s does ja good show tonight. actor casey aleck on the program and lly clarkson is here.
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dave feldman joins us. thatas a blowout in the second quarteasn't it? the warriors dominated. after losing the last two on the ad, the warriors returned looking for a little home cooking, servi up some stef
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pistons, warriors with 35 in the first. in the third, warors up24. stef occcurry, 25 pointsnd 8 assists. curry to harrin barnes. joel bought this team three years ago tonigh he's fed up. warriors win 113-95. david lee, what dyou have? >> tonight, coming back with a game and i thoug we tookare of business from the jump. the biggest diffence is we were very unselfish. defensively, w picked up where we left offn the road ip. i thought we played pretty goo sharks visiting the flames. game tied 2-2. in overtime, joe orton, slap
11:29 pm
shot. it pays off, his firstoal of the season. sharks win 3-2. eir first win since october 27 ollege hoops. denver visiting cal. secondhalf, cal up 17. tyrone wallace misses thlayup. david clavish there to clean it up. cal wins 77-50. the 49ers have waivedide receivernd kick returne kyle williams and defensive bk parish cox and activated le backerick moody. back with re of the news after this. take a good lo.
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this is a $142 million in art. these three paintings sold at chris christy's toy for that record the works sol after six minutes
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ofierce bidding in the room and on the phone. >>wow. >> for that? $142 million. >> that's a l of mon. >> thanks for joining us. ♪
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with holiday magic in both parks, the happiest place on eart just got merrier.
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♪ i want you to knowtuff want you to be kind. i want you to be srt. super smart. i want one thing ia doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be aweso. i don't wantou to look at i wathe art before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails want you to keep me doing is for another sixty years. at kser permanente, we want u to choose the doctor that's . find your perfect match at and thrive. >> jay: hey, matt. i thought that was great last week wheyou and al got prostate exams on "the today show." >> i'm happy you liked it. you knowi'm all about proming men's health. >> jay: i want to prote it he tonight, so i thoug we'd give you a prostate exam oour show, too. >> no. ju last week, everything was fine.
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thanks, i don't need it. >> j: no, we have a doct he. doc? >> yeah, allight. let's do it. this thing. >> announcer: it's "the tonight ow th jay leno," featuring rickey mor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- matt lauer, carrot top the music of cults and "does thiselight betty white?" and now, jay lo! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ eers and applause ] >> jay: thank you! ho! [ cheers and applause ]


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