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tv   Today  NBC  November 13, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, th is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live frostudio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> well, we wokep to a little snow here on booze day tuesday in new york city, november 12th. really stunning. ver saw that one comg. >> we opened our eyes. the snow was falling. the ee is here. >> yes >> the holid season -- this was eaier today. >> looks like gotham city. >> you saw out of the wind of yourpartment building this morning. >> our apartmentuilding. u were already up and about.
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you were probably in the gym. you know what, i missed it. but en i looked outside at the crowd it was fun to get a litt in the spirit. we'rgetting closer to th holidays. >> we're getting closer tons of people areoming to e city. tons of people that live here are leavin >> we're going to nounce our teacher of the year. we've be telling youbout this contes we're exciting about that. >> our guys tell all panel doling out their aice. i don't know if anybody ever learned a thin hoda is going to tell us about two pele who inspired her and changed r life. they arepecial. >> they are terrific. >> tl me about your big night lastight. hoda is always out and about. >> okay, here's my thing. i nt to the glamor wom of the year award ceremony. usually i go to these things, beuse we have to wake up so early, i go a little while then leave. this one is at carnegihall. >> so it's big. >> i it's big! so i thought there, i'll stay for about a half hour 45 minus, then i'llo. i didn't leave for the whole thing. cindy levy throws a eat, great, great event.
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>> she's editor in chief from "glamour." you look beautul, hode. >> iore the same thing the nit before. >> i was going to say. >> same shoes and everhing. they honored smany people. mala, the pakistani girl who was ot in the face. she stood up in ont of everyone at carnegie hl, look out and said i'm not afraid. i got shot in the fa and i'm not afraid. girls deserve to learn. it was such a beautiful and tearful cemony. the was a teacher from newtown, from sandy hook. she haall these first graders. when the shooting stard she put them all ia tiny bathroom. probably not mucbigger than, like, 15x15. she said she wand the kids, the last words for theto hear was that they were loved. she kept saying i love youi love y, i love you. the kids all survived. on the sge was her and all t parents of those kids. >> oh,ow. >> it was unbeevable. then lady ga was there. >> lov her outfit. >> okay.
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i took that piure myself. i just want you to kw i took that picture. >> that's a goodicture. >> okay. >> not blurry like yours ually. >> the next one is. the next one ibarbra streisand. let's see if you can finher. you ow what? that was unnecessary and unkind. >> but always funny. >> hers was on purse. ne, not. i tried to get a picture of barbra streisand. she was also one of the ople th was honored. that it. she only likes you to take r picture from an angle. that'sot the one she likes i don't think. >> she didn't know i wasaking it >> melinda gates, kerry washington a lot of great ladies were honored. >> you werbusy last night, too. >> i was, too. i went to -- i rarely ay in the city. is was an event put by a de friend of mine. the event for thamerican federation for children. my friend betsy devause. she and her husband dick do more good for me people. that gentleman is kevin shavuz.
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i'm not sure how he pronouns it. i think it pretty much birtisan agreement in our world day that our educatial system is not working. it's broken. and we have got to srt putting our children first. so i'mery much excited abo the work tt they are doing to make the most impoverished, ner city families have options how help their children get a fine edution. what exciting about it, you have evebody from rand paul and dianne feinstein agring together, les make this possib. because we will have no ture in this country if we don't start giving our children an education that matters to em. >> also, wwant to give a big hug and kiss to a robach. amy worked anbc for many years. good friend to a lot of us here. she was agnosed with breast cancer. she and i had a conversation last week about it. because she was lookg for doctors and stuff. amy's one of the coolest strongest people inow. so i just -- i said something to her that someone said to me when i was diagnosed.
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made me feel so much better. i never forgott. he said, hoda, i kw a lot of men with breast cancer. they all have one thing in common. i said, wh's that? he said, there still here. i never forgot it. thought, you know wh? if you catch it early, thas the thg. we wish amy all the best. >> special praye on thursday wh she undergoes the dble mastectomy. >>witching gears a little, two of our favorite people -- >> quite the segue >> jimmy falloand billy crysl. >> that's gic right there. >> they do this weird skit. it's called lip flip >> thetrade lips. >> they trade lip. want to see how it rks. >> jimmy, would you like to sing a song with ? woulyou? >> yeah, sure, sure. >> you start off i'll follow after yo >> of course.
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♪ thank you, to all the girls i've loved before ♪ who've traveled i and out my door ♪ [ laught ] ♪ i dedicate this son to all the girls i've loved before ♪ >> oh, my god! >> loo like rudy. >> oh, my gosh. that's funny. we wondered if we shld do it. maybe we'll sing that greaneil sadaka song "where the boys are." >> how does that go? ♪ whe the boys are do one for me. >> i don't knoyour crappy songs. >> do thatne. wee ready. what do we do? >> you stay put. let them find you. ady? ♪ love, love will keep us
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together ♪ think of me ba whenever ♪ ♪ some sweet talking girl comes along, singing a son♪ ♪ you've got to be strong, just stop, because i really love you ♪ stop, because i'm thking of u ♪ >> cane get a split screen please? >> no, they can't. >> oh, gosh. all at for nothing. >>hat was good. i kind of ked it. guess what? good news. there might, mightmight be a reunion of sorts. abba could be reuning, okay? there was some talk. >> we don't know their names. >> they told german paper that the band could reunite next year for their 40th anniversary. but don't get too excited,oda woman. >> nbceached out. because that's what we do. were tough, hard nosed journalists. we reached out. anda called somebody. they said there were no plans for such a reunion.
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>> wouldou come out to see them? >> yes. >> i know i woul i wouldn't come out toee many ople. that i would definitely do. >> good for them >> they don't need theoney. "mamma mia!" is l over the world making billions of dollars. they would only do it for fun and chuckl and giggles. >> we ve a doll here we ne to discuss. >>es. this is a new baie doll in the shape of or in the personhood of jennifer lopez. >> yeah. here's the controversy. there's thdoll. they say the doll doesn't lo like j lo. it'sade to look too thin >> not as rvy. her mous curves. >> the pblem always has been lately, especially with barbies, it's an realistic way for girlto think a person shld look whenou get clothes for barbie, et cetera, et cetera. so we looked at it. and i don't kn. >> my first thought was it looked more likeeyonce. they're both beautiful beautiful women. w i'm looking at theace a little closer. it does look like jennifer.
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agn, she's -- we've met her several times. she's a very, very voluptuou woman. >> so is beyonce. >> i say put a lite more booty on both of them. >> you know what that is? that's fabric. >> i'm feeling the booty. maybe it a little more than barbie doll. you know what,'m actually enjoying it. all right. you want tknow what your man really wants fm you besides you ow what? >> s-e-x. our hunks are back to answe your relationship questions when our guys tell all. the teachers inspire tir students every d. one of them will go home wit $10,000 school supplies. >> wow! >> yes. when we announce our teacher of the ye. first ese messages. >> excited.
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so if you have alat tire, deadattery, need a tow or ck your keys in e car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. need a tow or ck oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can u find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good fore. what do you ink? geico. fifteen minutes could save y fifteen percent more on car insurance. ♪ the wait iover. it's time to reveal our teacher of the yr contest winner. after poring through a of the great submissions, we dinarrow it down three amazing finalists. >> we're going to meet eveone in a moment and announce who you chose as the winner of10,000
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in school supplies. just a reminder justow wondful these ladies, the teachers are and why they were nominated. take a look. >> i feel at ms. billie yardley deserv to be teacher of the year because e not only couraging students tdo their best but be thr best. e lets them step outde the box and be creative. this year has been especiall difficult for her because over the summer her classroom collapsed anshe lost 30 years' worth supplies, personal items. she arted over this year with nothing, b she did not give up. ♪ >> mrs. bull sees that all children have the ability to arn. and she positive impacted our lives in jt one small school year. i have a child wh special needs. susan found a way to teacher.
2:18 am
she came to us so shcould figure out what uld motivate, inspire and challenge her. she ca home a different chd. ♪ >> ms. debor young is an integral part ofy children's life. not only does she care about her studts' well-being, she cares about theifamily life as well. in 2011 i lost a son. she and a feof her colleagues made sure that iid not have to worry about having to ok dinneror my family for a couple of eks. and that was a wonderful thing. no one sws kind gestures lik that anymore. >> so deserving. >> love eryone. >> billie yardley was minated penny inman. >> susan bull is aecond grade teacher at duke public school in duke, oklahoma, minated by richelle johnson.
2:19 am
>> and deborah young teach fourth graders at j. thompson elementary in texas. her nomination courtesy of laawnda pringle in washington. >> hi. >> hello, ladies! >> this is a tough decision. ho and i are very glade didn't have to me it. >> we certainly are. billie, what d you think when you were nominated? >> i was totally flabbersted. it meant so much katie even d it. to think it would get th far. >> you didn't know? >> not at l. just the fact katie and penny did it to gin with was absoluly so humbling. >> how long ha you been teaching school? >> 36 years. >> okay. >> long enougho know how to do it. >> susan, the videis just beautiful. that richelle to about how you brought something ouin those children. just tell us about what you do. i just -- i just feel like god has given me a passion for kids. and he's given me a gift to work with them.
2:20 am
and so i go every day tryi to get the mo out of each kid at i can. because i want to build responsibility. i want to build respect. and touild character in ea kid. and in each kid, i always tell every class that i have, that every one of you is gifted and talented in some way. and 're going to find out what thats. that's so empowering. righfrom the beginning. >> listening to richelle talk about it, you were moved rewatching ts tape. tell us about ur child. >> oh, shes -- she's a mirae. she's a miracle that she's here. and that susan jussaw something in her that tycally scar people. and she said, no, this child has potential. >> you saw theiracle of her. >> i'm going to teach her. she was inspired. >> butiful. >> a deborah. >> look deborah. >> waiting patiently. >> y certainly are. why did you dede to be a teacher? what was it? >> many reasons. my dad was a colle professor. my mom worked in the ecation field. ever since i wasittle it was always what i want to do. >> well, you're nervous.
2:21 am
you're terrific. we love u. first of all, you guys are all perfect. it was one of thosthings. >> an impoible choice. >> so we are goi to announce a winner. and we'rgoing to do that right this minute, aren't we? drum roll, please. and the winner is --oing to show up right here behd us. >> billie yardley! >> billie, cgratulations. you have a crown. >> like miss america. >> a cwn. a sash. like miss univer. >> and i tnk your husband and your son are here, aren't they? they want to come in and wish you all the best. >> oh, hi! >> hello. congratulations, dear. >> gs, just because we -- we loved billie, we le all of the teachers, so, guys, we decided there have to beifts for everybody. everybody come on out.
2:22 am
>> everybody else gets $2,500 worth of supplies for your classroom. >> everybody's a winner. for what you do, wcannot thank you enough on behalf of the children. so inspiri. thank u all so much. all righty. who is hoda's inspation? >> you're going to have to wait just a second to find out. but these two people defitely did change my life. >> these guys are channg lives one lousy relationship at a time. >> that was a terrible segue. >>'m just embarrassed. >>ur men are back. they're ing to answer your burning questions. >> did you he to equate that with my inspired by sty? realized they needed one fast. mom, need a bathroom. [ me announcer ] that's when the charmin tailgating potties rolled in, priding real relief to everyone. it felt like i was at home. that was an aweso experience! [ male announc ] clutching victor om the seat of defe, charn saved the day. we scored a td with this tp. [ male announcer ] tailgating potties. one more way the armin relief project
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oh. what a relief its.
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♪ time to find out what your man is really thinki with our "guys tell a" panel. >> today's handsome hunks are the married kyle martin. nbc sports analyst for the prier league. maied dad, comedian, actor, pal rick younger.
2:27 am
>> always good loong, bob. host oflay boy's hap hour on play boy radio, and still can't get a date. finally the sing but if you watch s show, the shahs of sunset, ke. >> fir things first. befo we get to the questions, "gq" came t with its awesome cover deal. they picked a bunch different cover guys. but justin timberlake was one. what do you think the section? >>ill ferrell. matthew mcconaughey. >> i c't believe bob's notn there. james gandolfini. >> jes gandolfini. >> you like those choices? >> james gavelol feeney, yes. >> i thought that was cool. >> let's geto some questions. across the street to se people. hello. >> hello. i'm melissa from mississippi. and i want to know, if you could would yotrade intelligence for looks or looksor intelligence? >> oh. >> that's a horrible question. >> you know what, though? looks fade. intelligence -- well, eventually
2:28 am
dementia sets in. but it takes a lot longer. so i'm going to go with -- how give me a real smart 6 1/2. how about that? >> you know, hopully you can find at least a 5 on bh scales. you're shooting r the moon if you' doing that. >> i have a feeling mr. shah of sunset disagrees. >> i have to wake up next to h every day. i thk i'd rather go for the looks. we'll lookn intelligence. we'll have a read. >> what if she can't read? >> how about your intelligen? that's an issu too. you have somethingo say about that? >> i think that i likehe intelligence thing because if you're going to go f looks, like you said, it's going to deteriorate much faster than intelligence. >> so will yours, guys. i hate to break to you. >> are we going tonother estion across the stet? >> iope so. >> e-mail! >> wait a second here it is. oh, my god. th is long.
2:29 am
sarah says, my husband and i met at the height of our fitness and physique. we'll fallen off the wagon. i'm trng to get back to eang better and more exerci, but he seems to be not into it. his physique is not the same a when i m him. i don't know how to tellim i want him to rk out without hurting his feelings. what should she ? >> take him to the gym. let him see otr guys seeing you and you seeing other gs. >> but do it together, you're saying. >> i thi you subscribe to men's healthnd fitness. have it laid out a get him a trainer. >> or you uld get him one of thoseuro bathing suits. >> a sedo. >> it may hurt a guy's feelings ifou say, look, honey,ou need -- every time i'm -- when i've been mried, every time i g married and let myself go, i just get divorced and get skinny again. it's fantast. depression.
2:30 am
>> we're on a roll! >> maybe thaexplains why you keep getting divorced. >> we're going to right back with me of these burning questions. why, i don't know. after these messages.
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2:32 am
♪ we're backith more of "today" on the boo day tuesday ady for more brutal nesty from our "guys tell all" panel. >> the marri kyle martino, rick youngerbob guinea and mike shouhoh. >> let's go across t street for a question. >> my name is kimithfrom texas. if you were stranded on deserted island, what three things would you want with you? >> my wife. i'll say that first of all. my wife has to be there. >> wife and son. ana way to get kentucky fried chicken. [ laughter >> i was going to say some random beautul girl, pizza and vodka. >> that'all you need?
2:33 am
>> bob wouldike three eligible bachelors. he can go on a date with each of them. make out with all of them. >> angela's question via e-mail. my fiae and i lived together for seven years. i uld love to get married since we're a coup of a ceain age. >>unning out of time. >> he's a hoarder. and refuses --ultiple issues. refuses to get rid of his junk. i've lost a two-car garagend guest bedroom to this. >> a seven years of her fe. >> soundlike this guy's really -- he got commitment issu. he can't commit to throwing stuff out. can't commit to geing married. >> maybe he'committed to his stuff. >> maybee needs to be with his stuff. >> hoarding is like a whole separate iue, i think. >> a least he's not hoarding women. >> y don't know what's ithat garage. >> is it too late to just leave d not do the marriage thing? >> seven years enged is a long time.
2:34 am
>> you know, somimes people hold on to relationships just because of the time involv. i don't want thato be a waste of time. after a while, a you have is the time. that's the only thin >> you're right. >> what was the lasthing she asked, hoda? should leave? should i stay? >> what can i do. >> she says she's leaving if he doesn't change his ways she'll find o if he's the man for her. >> he's prably not going to ange at this point. seven year >> at ast she can have a chance to find some ppiness. >> another question across the street, ga. >> hi. my name is mary n om traverse city, michigan. my question for yotoday is, why ist that men want thei women to look sexy and autiful, however, after marriage, men thinthat eatshirts and sweatpants are hot? >> well, hot on men. >> on men. >> we look hotn that stuff, for re. >> for a l of guys, it's the joy of the cha. you know, it's like we kind of get a little lax. but you have to remember, i ink guys, it's impornt that
2:35 am
we remember that just like you liked yourife and wanted your woma there's somebody else out there who's willg to do what you used to do. if y don't do it, they will. >> what's sexy for me is my wife in sweat pts sitting on the couch with me. what are you, the pfect man? >> i actually age with him. the's a time and placeor everything. casual comfy is great. that's actually ally sexy when you're with someone who you love and care about. it's also nice when they get all dolled up. >> i absolutely agre i love it when my girlfriend puts her hr up in a pony tail. jogging pants. i don't have to wa for two hours to get ready. >> doggy pants? >> jogging pas. >> oh, i thought that was a new l.a. tnd or something. >> all righ kiddos. >> on the next episode you'll se the doggy pants. >> thanks for joining us >> a lotf times every time you guys show up. >> if you want to send in a question for the next "guytell all" panel go to klgandhodcom. al housewives of atlanta phaedra parks.
2:36 am
on how to be a pper southern belle. >> and i get to introduce you to two people who inspired me t most, coming up ter this. en min could saveou fifteen percent or more onar insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tr falls in the forest and no one'sround, it does make a soun ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm fallin everody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteeminutes could save you...well, you kn. anybody? prove it. enough is enough con baits are specially formulated to kl in one feeding. guaranteed. con. get out. mike's being healthy and chewing like a man. wi one-a-day vitacraves for men! it's a gummy mulvitamin... withore b vitamins, which help convert food to energy, and help mike do manly things,
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like wrele bears and take out the garbage. get $2 off at
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♪ now to o special series we're calling "inspired by," ere we pay tribute tthe peon or persons who made the biggest imct on our liv. ok, da woman has to be different. she picked two people. >> iure did. both very,ery special to me. two people that i chose th i met just by chance. they made such aifference in my life that i realizethat inspiration is all around us. ♪ >> i wasll with breast cancer. i didn't wt to talk about it. i didn't want to discuss it. when matt lauer asd me to go on a wheren the world is matt lauer, i washrilled. because i wante anything not to be sitting in my apartment healing, y know. i s on the plane ride home, not feeling good.
2:41 am
all i wanted to do was curl up, put my headphoneon and put the -- and sleep the pn away. you know when youeel like that. i was right here. i hear the guy next me go ow you doing?" i go, hey. >> she was just putting in those -- maybe one ear plug was in or maybe not ear plug was in. clearly the ipod was out. >> you worat the "today" show? i go, yes. >> i didn't know whether she wanted to be in the conversation or out of e conversation when we started. >> he ked me questions about myself. i said, i d an operation. whatind of operation did you have? i go, my god. i go, okay. i had breast cance >> we began to talk about her cancer. and her fight with cancer. and ere she was in her le. >> he said, breast cancer is part of you. heaid, it's like going to college or getti married or working at nbc. ani will never forget what he said. becausit changed the course of my life. he said -- >> don't hog youjourney. share yourourney with others. you're a powerl example.
2:42 am
think of what you're able to accomplish. >> and that statement anged my life. changed -- i could, like, it's funn a story you've repead and thought about anstill makes you feel like that? anyway, but -- and sce ken had that conversation with me on the ple, i walk in breast cancer walks. i speak at breast cancer events. if i hadn't ve gotten sick, if i hadn't he met ken, if i hadn't have goen brave, i wouldn't bwhere i am. >> i met hoda in the cayman islands at a breast cancer gala i was invited to. >> it waso funny. because when i look at jill, all see ishe light from her eyes. and i waed to be in her aura, in her ccle. and knew that she'd had breast cancer at some point.
2:43 am
anif you look closely,ou see one breast. the other is ft. >> i show my scars, it's going to help so my other people out ere. because even if u don't have a scar on the outside, you might have one on the inside. >> sheaid, you know, they ld me that i ve, you know, months to live. and the room just was dead silent. i'll never forget what she said after that. >> i'm going tdie the happiest woman in t world. so thank you so much [ cheers and appuse ] >>he weird thing is, i think she -- i think she w the luckiest girl in the room. and i looked at her,nd i thought, younow what? i'rather live to be 35ears old and be jill than live to be 65 years old ande that cranky woman who was just cplaining out the dinner. >> i keep a journal that i write in for my nieces. i'm not around, thedvice th i would give them. i will always be the angel lookg over you.
2:44 am
>> every time i had a thought in my mind, something i wouldell them, i go and write in the journal. whenever they would want task me something, they can just open up the journal and there's my answer. >> you know she's ill and you ow that her time is limited. but mehow you want nothi more than to be like her. >> i stapositive because, to me, it's t word "life." i ha life today. >> if you had the medil problems that jill has, who wouldn't be shaking their fist at god saying, why me? but not her. >> you just take every moment and you cherish it and don't worry about the stuff that you n't have. focus on what u do have. >> she just lives. d you go, oh. i'llave what she's having. >> go, gl! >> wow. >> oh, hoda, that was beautifu >> i want to thank "elle" for doing that piece. the first time i'd seen it was just right n. but, anyway. >> okay. she's totally alive.
2:45 am
how my of us who go through r days every day could say the same? e you totally alive? she is. >> to jillnd to ken, thank you very much. la, la, la, la, la! tomorrowkathie lee is going to introduce uso a fantastic person that she nds the most inspiring. i so want to know re about this man and kath is going to introduce us to him morrow. >> we'll bright back, everybody. septic system breaowns affect over 1 million homes a yea
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♪ all ght. thers a lot of shouting d cat fights on "t real housewives of atlanta." one of the show's stars, entertainment lawyer and self-proclaimed southern bl phaedra parks says a real lady never raises her voice. >> no. now she's sharing her old fashioned etiquette advice for modern wom in her new book "secrets of the southern belle." >> congrats on "the real housewives of atlant" the ratings arsick. >> phenomenal? >> what is happenin
2:50 am
how high are they? >> 3.3 million on r sunday episode. our seco episode. 31% from last year. >> here's the thing out reality shows. people tune in because there are fiery sparks and arguments and smackdowns. what you're sang in your book is t complete opposite of that. you say don't raise your voice. don'raise a hand. >> don't throw a table at somedy. that's unseemly. >> exactly. >> and couldause damage. >> you got it down pat. >> how do those two things work together? >> well, i think on every reality showyou do have the crazy person. but you have, you know, multiple personalities. that's what makes it work. >> like life. >> it looklike you're about to get a fight with kenya. you and kenydon't get along, do you? >> no. we are not -- we don'tee eye to eye. >> you're not kired spirits. >> we're definitely not. not my cup of tea. but you see how she's even saying that. she's more aressive thayou are. how would a southern woman gue? what the right, proper way? >> you know, in my book, i think
2:51 am
it's page 21 and 26, i give quk translations on what it real means. so, like, if say you're such a free spirit. you're tramp. >> oh! >> give me another one >> you kw, i've got lots of them. you know, she's a healthy girl. >> a little overweight. >> you know. you're southern. >> no,'m not. >> you're not? >> you have southern sensibilities. you do. >> bless your heart. >> any time u have three names, people assume y're from the south. >> kathie lee. mm-hmm. >> what else do we need to know about southern women? >> wl, you know, to be from the south ings a whole, you know, code of nduct. there's certain stdards when u prescribe to being southern belle. so i talk about is in my book because not everyonerom the south is a lady. not everyone from the south is a southern belle. soou have to subscribe to that waof life. that just ans having an aura of self-confidce, living
2:52 am
tranquil in e midst of storms. >> mm-hmm. >> and always being epared. >> whereo you get that inner peace from, phaedra. >> jesus. >> there you have it, ho. baby jesus in the cake. in the mardi gras cake. >> i've been telli her! >> , no,he doesn't know. i believe in jesus, too. the king cake. mardi gras. ho thinks it's a baby. i said, it's baby jesus. >> iit the baby jesus inhe mardi gras cak >> i never knew ito be the baby jesus but io love a little me cake. >> something for everyone to love. nice to see you, phdra. good luck withour book. >> tnk you. >> you're very welcome. nice talking to you. what stirring in the tchen? >> chef mi tsai is here. he's got a healt dish you can make in minutes. >> come on nowphaedra. first this is "todayon nbc. >> hoda won't sait.
2:53 am
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2:56 am
♪ we've made our way into todas kitchen for a little salmon and sakwith the always fun ch ming tsai. >>ing is here with your dinner me for tonight. he's a chef ambaador for family reach foundation. he recently de his meal at a charity benet. now he's going to sh us how to make an easy mea too, ming tsai. yes, ming tsai. how are you? smells fantastic. >> great. it's so simple. okay. >> i going to put you toork. you can mix the marinade. oh, a littleake. >>ake to us. >> they say in japan -- actually means dry gss. but you don't have to kill it.
2:57 am
>> not yet. >> s soy, sa, lime jui and honey. that's t marinade. >> areou using the low sodium soy? >> i am. sometimes they even use mar. it's wheat free. if anybo has allergies. swish that aund for me, please, kathie l. this is thmarinade. you're going to ur it on top of t salmon. only 20 mites is all you need. >> hoda, that's ur kind of menu. >> i love this. >> i've already taken the salmon out and i've aeady cooked it. it only takes about eigh minutes. >> i've ever cooked mine before. >> i like it all t way cooked. >>hat i love about thiis in th same pan, now i'm going to take the marinade wi the lime jue, we're going to rece a little bit to make a sauce. >> dyou know how to reduce it, hodaoman? >> just tu it up and stir it. >> good girl! >> as soon as this reduces by half, we'll add me butter and add a little scaions. >>hat am i making? look at this, kath. >> you're gointo make scrambled egg for the fried rice. you might think this is lot of oil.
2:58 am
don't rry. you're not eating all that o. we'll do this and flip t egg. give me the seconds. >> till it gets hot. >> gahead. >> i going to pour an egg. >> you see this egg. look how these eggs pu up. you're almost, like, frying th egg. >> okay. >>hen you have oil likthat it just puffs up. gives you really fluffy eggs. >> okay. >> again, that was like six tablespoons of oil. but you're going to drain it o this paper towel. the are basically done. >> can i add thi >> almost. ve it about 30 more seconds. >> loowhat he's doing here. getting rid of that oil. >> all thistrains off. in the same padump a little bit of ginger and all those scallions. >> love ginger. >> scallions and gingers go in here. w add the butter. almonds. asted almonds. that perfect. all of them. yeah. >> what abt this? we're going to put rice in first. >> rice in >> so good to ha all these chefs. this is a grain rice.
2:59 am
long grain basmatirom india. >> love basmati. give me four of those. >> onetwo -- it smells so good. >> we're basically done. look at r sauce. you've added the butr. nice buttery sauce. >> scallions. >> thas perfect. gi me the soy sauce there, please, hoda. we addhe eggs back. >> we just have out 30. as you're adding that in, i can't belie we did that. kath, would you like to try? >> yes >> look that. look how delicious. >> ming knows his stuff. >> that looks so good. >> give it a try >> we're trying it down here. >> we'llry it, in the meantime we wanto give a big thank u so for their incredible generosity honoring our tehers with thousands dollars in school supplies. than so much. great wory cause. tomoow from the hit nbc show "blacist" actress meghan boone is here. >> and the person who inspired kaie lee the most is on. so looking forwa to hearing about him. >> also "the biggestoser" trner. dolvette. sorry if i'm not pronouncing it
3:00 am
right. how to che on your diet which i'm about to now. and sexy style for the bedroom. hoda is gointo tell you all about it. >>wesome. esome, awesome. steve: i'm theory help. -- i'm here to help. [applause]can get through this


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