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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 13, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good wednesday morning. coming up on "early day," t situation in thehilippines is getting more desperate by the hour for tens of thousands of survivors,elivering outside aid remains a hug challenge. a fmer president and key ally takes president oba to ta over his health care promise. >>an incredible $142 million spent on thiat christie's last night. who the artist is. paid in ld to lose weight. important new health information affecting a ird of american adults. anbaby, it's cold outside. where's the relief? "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for wednesday, november 13th. goomorning to you. i'm richard lui.
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the philippines has received tons ooods of --ons of food assistance, but it's not getting to the people who need . we'll go liv there in just a moment, but first, nbc news chief medical editor dr. nancy snydern reports on new problems plaguing survivors. >> reporter: water and wind devastated this countr now there's anothethreat, waterborne infectious disee. we're now aling with a new health emergency and that is lack of good water. when the storm surge swamped tacloban, the already fragile water system was one of the first sualties. clean ter is now very hard to find. and people are drinking from and bathg in the same waterways that are filled with rotting corpses, dead imals, sewage and debris. that has health offials worried. life-threateningehydration must be treated quickly th iv fluids, buwith local hospitals and in rns, there are few places to turn for help. bottled water, when it can be
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found, is only a stopgap. large water tanks e needed, but they require power a there is none in tacloban. water so necessary to life and now also threat to life. >> dr. nancy snyderman reporng there. and the lack of clean water is on part of what's becoming a grea humanitarn disaster. aid rkers are rushing to provide survivors with basic needs. one telling nbc news, it's an endls path of misery. nbc's ian williams joi us live from manila. good morning. what progress is being made? reporter: good morning, richard. aid iseginning to flow, but it is frustratingly sl, unbelined by reports of fresh looting, a few mil up the coast from tacloban. that left eight people dead when a wa collapsed. we believe that mht have been the result of a stampe, desperate people wanting to get their hands on that rice.
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the government is on the fensive. emergency response offials saying today ty are doing their st,laming the ser volume of debris for holding em up. they also said they expect the fl of aid to improve fro now on. they also said that there is now a curfew in place in taclan in order to improve the law and order tuation. for eir part, the u.s marines are going to bring in equipment to enable the airport in taclan to operate4 hours a day, whichill help enormoly. on t other hand, weeard that the u.s.s. george washingto on its way here, aircraft, 5,0 personnel in amphibious landing vehiclesn board has been delayed. this aid effort just getting under wa and the needs are enormous. richard? >> i williams, thank you very much
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more testimony ahead today on the troubled rollout o strong words from former esident clinton on obama care and a promise president obama made but hasn'necessarily been able to keep tracie potts joins us in washington wh the latest. good morning. reporter: certainly democrats and espeally rublicans there, who patted him on the back will have a lot to say about whether the president needs toeep his promise. a lot of the talk in that hearing today is going to be about fixi the website. today, the house oversight committee hears from five top government th experts on efforts to fix the troled website. >> wought to start over. it's not salvagele. >> reporter: even john boehner gave president clion a pat on the back f saying president obama shouldake good on his promisand let people who le their health care plan keep them. >> even if it tas a change in the law, t president should honor e commitment the fedal government made to those people.
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>> reporter: democrat anne feinsteinaid last night she'll back that chan. e white house says they're working on it. the president has tasked his team with looking at a rge of options. >> reporter: but expertsell us keeping your plan may not mean keeping ur doctor. >> there may be potential access problems for patients who oose a plan bas on price, thinking they got aood deal, but then they might not get the physicians they need or the hospitals they want. >> reporter: by we's end, the government should confirm just how many peoe actually bought insurance through early numbers are low. 110,0 most through state exchges, "the wall street journal" repts. half a million were repordly expected by now. and that's a lg way from the 7 million ey had hopedould sign up by the end of march, which is the end of the enrollment period. riard? >> tracie potts amidst vy autiful sunrisehere in washgton, d.c. watching that for us. thank you.
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it was a record-breaking night at t auction house. it is a 1969 paintg by francis bacon titled three studiesf luan freud sold for $142.4 million, making it the most exnsive work of art ever sold atuction. christie's has not dclosed the name of the buyer. a few minutes lar, jeff koons' balloon sculpture soldor $58.4 million. that's the most paid for sile piece of work by a living tist. lucian freud here, bill karins. sitting forward in that picture, very saightforward stuff. >> have zero dolrs in like art and pricing. >> the economy is good,y friend. >> i guess so. afar as your weather goes as y head o the weather this morning, shos and t-shirts if you can get away with it, in southern cafornia. 78 in vegas. we are going to warm it up from here. e rest of the country is suffering om the big cold arthritic outbreak, 71 in
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phoenix,62 in l.a. clear skiesndoffshore flow, you'll have a very warm afternoon, like air conditioning weather. that weak low system went through yestery. because ofhe position of the high,ou have a onshore flow. that's keeping some of those testy swers over i-56789 not so muc near portland but from owe olpia, they're movin out. seattle has a few nearby. now they're mostly up in the mountains and cascades. you may get some rai showers in the motains. that's about it. how wm willt get today? a high of 91 degrees. >> at is th? >> in los anles today. still, unusually hot. at's you
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>> i like it when i get- you're the california boy. wh i get your attention, i like it. >> are ty talking drought at all right now? >> like in san fransco, they're waing for theainy season to begin. it just hasn't. we need it to. >>ingersrossed for those folks. thanks so much, bilkarins. new guidelines for the millions ous worried about cholterol. plus this man has a ticket to ride. but what exactly isoing on in the moscow subway? we'll tell you abo when "early toda returns.
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welcome back jfk's daughter, caroline kennedy, has been sworn in as u. ambassador to japan. secretary of state john kerry recalled first time he met h, morehan 50 years ago, when he was working for her uncle ted kennedy's campaign. >> she was abo to go riding on macaroni. i rememb the pony. all of us . i managed to back into her and step oher foot sufficiently that she broke into wild tears,
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and i thought i uld never be welcome again near her. >> secretary kerry, what are y doing? the amican heart association and american college of cdiology are calling for one-third of all adus to consider taking cholesterol-loweringrugs known as stins. freedom ter nearly a decade in prison for ryan ferguson. he was concted of beating and strangling a sports newspaper editor. a missouri court ruled last week thatrosecutors held key evence from the defense. >> to get arrested and to ge chard for a crime you didn't commit is incredly easy. and you can lose your li very fast. but to get out of prison, it takes an army. worth your weight in gold. a weht loss chlenge in dubai offered citizens one gram of gold for every kilogram of weight they lost. ld worth over $76300 was given to more than 600 weight loss winners.
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i would lose a logram. and in mcow, you can skip the cent subway fare in exchange for, count them, 30 squats in less than two minutes. t no cheating here. a mache monitors you the entire time. it is portedly to increase olympic values ahead of the 2014 sochi olympics. i cat see anydy across t new york subway doing that. now to a look a the new yor stocexchange wh courtne regan. courtney? >> macy's, walmart and other are offering incentives, overtimepay,iscounts and holiy meals throughout their ifts. if your teenage sonr daughter is hoping to find an ad or iphone under the tree thisyear, neay 90% of teens want electronics and the latest iphone 5 a ipad air top their wish list followed by game
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conses. shaken by comments by a top fed official who said the central bank could sta reducing economic stimulusext month, earlier than expected. richard, back to you. >> thank you so mu, courtney. combined us airways and american merger stillas to ear a judge but it could be finalized by december. they have to agree to keoff and lding spots. a $1 billion tsa screening predure does not work. the approach uses observation techniques or basicay just tching how a traveler is acting. according to internet monitoring firman sandwine, dominated b nelix or youtube. starbucks must p kraft
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foods for prematurely endg a contract, tt deal was for kraft to sell bags of starbucks coffee in grocery stores. the late on the miami dolphins bullying ga is next.
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> sunrise onimes square.
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the dolphins organization anging their mind on somethin the owner will notpeak today with player jonath martin, who accuses teammate richie incognito of bullying. the dolphinsceo says they'll wait for nfl investigators, who will now meet on friday with martin. sang a likely outcome is that both wl not be pying for the dolphins. pittsburgh's clinturdle gets a nod, ending a two decade long losing streak for the pites. congratulations to both of the college basketballnumber two upsetting numb one. michigan state's fast brk gets them an alley-oop. brandon dawson with the slam. me tied at 66. state with 3. then seconds left in the game, it is a two-point ga. brandon dawson tips in the extra two points. kentucky loses 78-74. number three louisville ealy takes unranked hofstra. 96-79.
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kevin ware, who sfered that gruesome legbreak, is just week away from play, some say. kansas agast duke in a tight game blue devils trailing by six. drives. wait for it. a reverse layup. just a minute left in thegame, the jayhaw defense pnces on auke slipup. andrew wiggins returns with, yeah, you got it. his own slam. ta that. kansas wins 94-83. the elevator, he says,as notworking. buffalo's play by play announcer by t ice instead of upn the ice. maybe nervous, he wore that helmet. l neede it. gets slammed by a player. first haircut in over 11 years. we'realking aut steelers safety troypolamalu. he is acting like sampn,
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losi his pow there. it runs in the fily, uncing the old golf ball off the wedge club. who is that? wos. make that cheyenne woods, 23-year-old niece of you know who. bam. she hits itight there and -- all right. safe, clear plastic balls. the $10,000 winner athe ckballtourname. alec baldwin tak on a stalker. and this face may never be the same again. say it ain't so. zach east
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well come ba to "early today" on this wednesday morning. much of the we will be dry. few owers up in the higher elevions in washington ste. next two days are drier for the west. toward friday a bette chance of rain with the next storm sysm in the northwest. heat today, very impressive. 91n l.a. of cose, when it gets that warm, loohave been to be concer at the fire danger. san diego will dive dow to the 60s toward the weekend. >> oh, no, not the 60s. nono, no, we can' have that. bill karins, thank you so much. raer macklemore is known for taking a stand on social issues and now he's helping out the aclu. take a listen.
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that's why i carry e aclu card. is the only card th lets my gay friends may the hell out of each other. fresh om rehab, zac efron reportedly spped in a puddle at his l.a. home androke his jaw in the fal it was wiredhut over the weekend. the accident putlans to omote a now seemingly appropriately named movie, "that awkward mont," temporarily on ho. >> that's the worst. >> yeah, you can eat. kim kardashian was ging a speeng ticket after an alleged papazzi chase. several paparazzi stopped to take pictures of her. can you imagine that? alec baldwinas in court yeerday testifying against his alleged stalker. helaimed he never had a lationship with the canadian actress d teared up when he discussed the day she showed up at his home. she heckled him throughout hi testimy. cameron diaz is takingn
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angelina jolie loong quite evil othe poster for her new movie, taking on maleficent. >> hey, tina turner, let's stay together. now a cizen of switzerland. what d you say, bill? >> don't know. >> what did you ? comedy troe improv everywhereas taken real people to re-create this faus scene fr "when harry met sally" scen >> oh. >> you all right? >> oh. >> oh! yes! >> i'll have what she had. >> three times that, please. i'm richard lui. is is early today. we hope 's just your first --
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leading the headlines, in ""the w york times," most federal stm aid still undistributed in new jery. w numbers show only quaer of the $1.2 billion for hurricane sandy relief has been distribud. and in "the orlando sentinel," 1 dispatcher arreste accused of pointing a gun at a reporte happened when a local this happened when a reporter cameo her home, hing for an interview. she was recently suspended from work after a traee under her care made the fatal miste of sending medics to the wrong adess. that pson later died.
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haii's governor neil abcrombie is expected to sign a bill today to legalize gay rriage. president obama said the bils passage kes him even prouder toave been born in hawi. another states and the nation's capital already allow sa sex marriage. and in chicago, agaping siholehuts down an entire street on the city south side. officials believa water main break is the culprit. neighbors sait started as a small hole, but kept growing. some homes we even flooded with as much as two feet of water. in japan, some pooches put on quite a sw during a talent competition. 15 dog and owner teams broug their a-ga as they showed off their be in show tricks. one duo jumped rope together. another danced with her ner. d one even rode a trycle, the winnincanine was the pole that could jump rope and splayed serious balaing skills. >> i had a dog that could open christma gifts. >> was tha becausehere was food inside? >> no, just lik to open prests. >> o man. well, not a bad skill, ght? te a look bk for you, o, right now.
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seencing begins for a boston crimboss. two-day hearing starts after whitey bulgur's conviction in august. remember over 58,000 service members. vietnam veterans memorial wa is dediced in washiton, d.c. toonor those who dietd war southeast asia. and on a much lighter note, to birthdays, happy birthday to gerard butler, 44, whoopi goldberg, 58, angary marshall, 79. coming up later this morning on the "today"how, hear from ryan ferguson in his fst live interview. d natalie morales inoduces us to a man whose passion and ght for life inspired her over the year keept here for more news, weather and sports. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. have a good one.
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. . a live look outside. a little haze in the air,w3 som he lden gate bridge. it is wednesy, the middle of e weekxd already. ngratulations for ming é@ñiit, november 13th. this us "today in the bay."çót(


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