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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 13, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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i'm jon keey. >> i'm marlatellez. >>police in san jose are inveigating the city 40th homicide of the ye. this happened last night on east san antonio avenue right near the 680 on ramp. nbc ba area's bob rdell is live athe scene in eas san jose now with all the new informion. bob, good morning. >> good morning tu maa. according to family, this was it happened here in this cul-de-sac in the 2100 block of ea san antonio street. the son and dghter of the man who died arrived here this rning to see where their
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faer died and asked the family of the murderuspect what happened. >> we both lt somebody, okay? let's just put our heads together and fin out what's going on th's my dad. want to know what the hl can i get some info? >> accordingo family, the man who was lled last night was joe toes, 49-year-old handy man from san jose he apparentl got in a fight with his wife's son from a previous marriage. this was around 6:00 last night. both men were drinking at this home here. th argument became physical. ey had an argument. it became physic. there s a fist fight according to fami, and torres was killed. >> h gets out of hand, and my dad get out of hand when they drink. i don't know who startedit. i don't know. >> just want to say, man, he was a good guy. we allot of him. if you did it, please come forward and tur youelf in.
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>> the suspect'sother tells us police are looking for her son. we have contacted police. they will not confirm this. they won't confirm his identity. reporting live here in san jose, bob riddell, nbc bay area ws. >> thank you, bob. just io our newsroom, a small eartuake has hit the east bay. about 90 minutes ago a 3.4 magnitude earthquake hit near san ramon. take a look this map here. you can see h some have reported feeng the quake as far south fremont. so far, though, no injuries or reportof any damage. for lunch, we have a new recall to tell you about. whole foods announcing a new call stemming from the recent one issued by richmond glass onion catering company. whole foods is recling its wheatberry salad a its sohwest soo-foo sad. both are being ralled as a preventive measure becau they uld be contaminated with e.
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coli. no the recalled items were sold at tenf the company' 40 northern california stores, including th ones that you see on your screen. i will list them. fremon los gatos, redwood, walnut creek, lafayette, oakland, napa. now, if you have eitr of these prodts i mentioned, throw or you can bring them back to the storfor a refund. ght now it's moread news for people in the storm area hit of the philippin right now. it has been ub believable over there. bad weather deying desperately needed aid from reaching those victims, b as nbc's kerry smith report there is some progress. trying desperaly to get o ofll the hard-h areas. where money can't buywater, medical treatment, or food. only food. food. money. no places. no televisions. no cell phones. no technology.
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food. we nd food. >> reporter: help is now neen some of the hardest to reach locations where these u.s. veterans are headingo provide assistance. search a rescue >> we respond very quickly before se of the largerid organitions. sxwloot u.s. milary has now begun running round t clock relief organizations. >> we've got expeditiona runways to allow planes to land at night. >> the filipino army has been can reach those who need it most. some are trying t clean up, and it's an almost futile exercise in thi staggering mess. others have just begun the sorrowl task of recovering and buryg the dead. his daughter was ripped from h arms. ramohas been traveling across the philippines for three days to make it to his hometown.
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he had n idea if his family was dead or alive, or if hihouse was stilstanding. >> tre is his youest son. hisaughters and his wife. >> thank you, lord. >> reporter: there's more bad news. the uss george washington,he giant aircraft carrier thatas steaming here, we thought was going to arrive tomorrow. well, it will not get into the storm zone for seval more days because it has encountered bad weather as well. harry smith, nbc news the >> simply unimaginable. harry, thank y vy much for that report. meantime, in san jose, closer to me, there will be candlelight vigil for the victims of typon iyan. people gatheri outside of dr. martin lutr king jr. library tonight at 6:0015 to talk about how their families havbeen impact and also how toelp out. more details on how you at home can help as ll. we have the latest details from overseas. just visit our website, nbc bay
11:06 am, and search haiyan. > a warning for women at u.c. santa cruz. campus polic say recently they'vreceived a number of portsf students havg their drinks spiked. they don't knowhat kind of drug is being used, but in at least one case the vtim said she wasexually assaulte th chief othe uc santa cruz department urgedtudents to be caful, and he says if you see someone who is unable to take care of themselves, step in and lp. official saz if you think you have been drugged, here's what you should do. you should see immediate medical attention. call 911 oret to a hospital because you just never know h you are going to react to drugs. incident, tell the police immediately, and try to prerve any evidence, and, finally, the chief says to get support through a variety of resources available at uc sany why cruz. happening rig now. the san francisco special victims unit lking for a college student who has been missing for almost a week now. the family of 20-yeaold
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garret schau sayso one has that's when he wa last seen ligue his family home in the bayview. that was about :00. he did g toatch the 29 bus over to city college, but he never showed up to class. now, people say cell phone -- police tell us cell phone three different ars in the bay view on thursday afternn, but since en there h been no activity. there's no reason for him to be at candlestick recreational area >> i an, like, it' either you rely sleep, you barely -- you just want to know that he is safe. >> his family alsooints out that he has no history of mental ulness or any htory of running away. they he been posting flier to tr to help out hoping anyone with any kind of information will come forward to help them inheir search. >> we have new details about the emergency landing at j.k. we first told you about it on
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"today in the bay." since then we have learned the delta flig had to circle back because the cre smelled a smoky odor inhe cockpit. the plane was headed to minneapolis and hn't gotten veryar when the pilot turned around. passengers, as you c see, they were bussed bac to theerminal no word yet on the sourc of that smell. execuves are back in the bay area a in a crtroom toda and, yes, this time it is all out the benjamins. we're talking aut moneyow. we have details coming up o this e. the go news, you he an the bad ws. have you seen the stock price? we'ltake a look coming up in buness and tech. > also, why these flight attendants on one virgin americ airlines plane --hy they are catering to tiny canines? we'll tellou coming up. >> oh, i love those little guys. good wednesday morning to you. loren.teorologist christina toted is the warmest day of the week, but temperatures are
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slated to crash. we're bringing in the showers. i'll detail it all in your seven-day forecast coming up in just a few moments. to those who've waited... worrd...
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poked and prded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome covered california. the place to find quality, afrdable coverage. financial help for ose in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-exisng condition. enro now at or call 1-80752-6631.
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for the most part it's been a good week a very solid debut for the bay area's newt sino, but we can also tell you tts a little bit of a snag last nit when the power went completely out forcing gamblers to simply walk away from the table. nbc bay area's christie smith is live outside gratoncasino, and we're hearing the casino is now ying to work hard just to make sure everybody gets their money they won,right? >> ah. that's rht. a spokesperson for the casino apologized for any inconvenice and saidhey'll do what it takes to maket right for anyone who had any mon left in thelot machines when the power went out. right now the parking lots filling up here at the graton casino and resort. it's business as usual.
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earlieramblers felt le they we just out of lu. i just cashed out from a slot machine. i went over to cash in my check, and the light went out, a evybody went, whoa, because it looked aittle darker and everything. out one out of ten machines was running. theiblack jack tables covered up. >> now, this is what started it all. to the outage, according ariver who slammednto a utility pole about 11:00 last nit in northern -- the dver didn't stick arod to expln. that person ran away. with power lines down, about 3,600 pg&e customers were left in the darfor about 90 minutes, iluding the popular new cano. customers std outside as emergency backup came on, but gamblers insid said it rep mained dim.
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>> we turned off the slot mache and tk their full contact formation so that when we turned o their dedicated slot mhine when the per was fully restored, we had theull balance, a wenvite our guests who were on the slot machineshat we took their information. it is available at their convenience to come back into the casino to the cashier cage and square up with us. >> a little frustratingor players that were confused by what was going on. players atard tables cashed out late last night. busiss gets back to normal. e casino also saying they plan to reach outo tho on the list they made last night o players, and there is no exration date on being reimburse the. my gss is they won't have to lo too hard for tho with money in the machin. christie smith, nbc bay area news. money-saving upgrade coming
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to the steph oakland. today cre will swa out more than 30,000 -- the light bulbs in t lamps to l.e.d. give off a much brighte light, which could help public safety. the bulbs are being toutedor using half thenergy tha older streetlights. oakland grows the list of bay area cies that switch to l.e.d. stree lamps. >> if you are using netflix for your entertainment, be prepared the lo gados company rolling out itsompletely redone interfe. that's rolling out toy. user you wil notice, the movie selections will have mor detailed information a more reviews, and the next episode of the show willutomatically start once the credits rollt the end of the prious episode. toys "rus is setng a new standard for retairs. will open its doors for black it fridayuper sales a 5:00 p.m. on thsday. that's on thankiving day. traditionally the friday after thanksgiving, blk friday, is e of the biggest shoppingays of the year, but over the pt
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opening times earlier a ushed earlier io thanksgiving itself vyin to be the first sto for shoppers. >> that's good. turkey, t a side of tickle me elmo. >> hands fullf other stores en thanksgiving nigh well, twitter users are most likely waking up happy this morning. the company announcing it is going toet users make custom melines. you'll still be abl to read tweets the old-fashioned way, but now you'll be able to creat new timeline that is let you follow specifi topics. the gls to g people more control over h tweets a orgazed and also let you see the tweets mostelevant to you. >> all about controllg. well the billion dollar patent fight between t world's two biggest smartphone makers resus in a silicon valley courtroom today. lawyers for apple and samsung, they are scheduled to deliver opening stements today in san jose. the trial isoing to determine how much samsung owes app for copingital iphone and ipad
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features. a previous jy awarding apple more tha $1 billion after determining 26 samsung pducts had infringed six apple patents, but a judge miscculated and now a brand new trialas been ordered to figure o the proper amount. > another bay area company made its debut on the stock market today. >> you got that righ scott mcgrew. there's a lot o similarities between these. >> about the only similary betweethe ipand the twitter ipo is they bot chose the new york sck exchan. here you see dan rosenswag shaking nds as he openshe w york stock exchang chegg st had a tremendous oblem this morning. in the early trading. fell down about $2 from $12 to $10. not theipoou really want to see. let's ta aboutcio. that company will forcerofits afr the closing bell today.
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we wated cisco very carefully because it's san jose's largest employer, and when you look worldwide, i employs about 75,000 people. sort of a canaryn the coal mine when it ces to hh-tech reporting. back to you. >> thank you, scott. >> appreciate it. you ard the expression, ve is in theary. there was actually a song about it. >> a loc airline providing support and love for lot of lile puppies that need new homes. >> this morning a flit left near heading to manhatt in s, hopes of findingomes in time virgin america has teamed up with san francis animal care and control to takehe dogs to the east coast where demand exeds supply. >> as ch as we're able to ace these dogs pretty successfully, it takes a while, and so they sit in knelled for a long period of time until they get adted, whereas they're lining up on the east coa to get them. >> do you know the last name? >> it was cats. >>wow. irony o it all.
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>> virgin america has helped out with operation chihuahua for several years. the last one was in 2011. >> i'm guessg flight attendants they were offering em maybe chew toys and scooby snacks. >> christina ren, a lotf nice weather. >> yeah. you know, ioing to get out with my little chihuahua mix later on today because look at these numbers. such a beautiful dayhaping up. want to sho you some sights. 61 degrees in san francisco right now. as we head throughout the afternoon, just a beautiful clear day, but you will notice camera shake from time to time, and that' because we've got an off shore wind event happening. wh's happening is the high pressure system, you get all that wrap-around activity. as the windsump from land to sea, they warm up along the way. everytng changes, though. get one me day tomorrow. ase head fro friday through saturday, anher storm system comes through. this one drops our temperares like a rock, and potentially bringing in showers. rit now the chance n't could change.reat, but that
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about 10 to 20% shot of more shower activity getting into your saturday. look at the diffence between today andsaturday. 80 drees in livermore for today. 63 degre forecasted high for saturday. down to 60.ill see 72 degrees. as we get into ts weekend, and lo at us here in san se. 59 degrees. that it for your high come this weekd. maybeou're trying to make those plans. after all, we areetting oh so ose to the wkend now. temperatures are looking prett fwood for friday. if you want to hit union square, want to show you the seven-day. remember, you can fd your seven-day forhere you live rolling rht here at the bottom of your reen. every single region across the baarea is covered. however, if you wanto head to san frcisco, do a little ice skating, looking goodhis friday. temperatures will be comfortae. not looking at any showers. noon on friday, 61 degrees out there. thice skating rink by 5:00 m., 59 degrees, and 55 degrees at 10:00 p.m. we always have you covered on nbc by click on weathe
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back to u, jon and marla. >> thank you. m a big - >> iold on to t side >> still to come, paid to cuddle. we loo at the new trend o people ping to be close to one anothe >> how nice.
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welcome back. scorons are scary looking creatures that, of course, ca --ow about this could save your life.venom the company is harvesting venom from caribbean blu scoions into a serum. that is cled exozine. itlaims to boost the body it says it's working to get the fda to startlinical trials. >> medicine i a beautul
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thing. we'll tell you this a south san francisco police -- th police now loong for the woma at the center of what's believedo be an elaborate rental scam. the mercury news sd that woman list aid five bedroom home on san fransco drive on craig's list this happenedack in october. she eed up giving a full tour 19-year-olds who ended up rentintwo of those rooms. now, those vicms they paid that woman $1,800 and then moved in november 1st. ey only lived there for about a wk before the real owner discovered them. now, police say that the property was beingold and was sitting vacantor twoonths and appantly that was enough time -- it's likel this isot the first time she has pulled off a scam like this. >> an orego woman knows how to cuddle like a pro. if the price is right. >>rofessional cuddr. >> this is a ltle strange. 's part of the small trend people getting paid to spoon. there's very little talking. there's no sleeping. no inapproprte touching.
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>> okay th's good. >> wow. look at this. it a skill people a willing >> single parents a lot of times. people with clinical depression i get lot. when you are in the in between stages in life, it's nice to have something for kind of pick you back up a litt. >> iuess it's similar to a massage,right? her next goal -- >> i don'tnow about that. >> what abo this, cuddling in >> that's what she wants to do? professional spooning. >> yeah >> scizzor costs extra, i guess. still to co, what would you do for a free ride? we'll tell you about the feat commuters are tryin to pull off just toet on the subway without giving up a dime. 'll explain what we' talking about ming up.
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>>this morning here's question. what would you do for a free >> i think i would just pay f it. >> yeah. probab would. howbout this? squat and givee 30.
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>> yes, the russian olyic in the moscow subway to do 30 ne uats to get a free tiet. >> how does in a work? >> look a that. >> this dude is -- he i profsional. >> tn russian champn synchronized swimmeraria unveiled the machine, and then e showed how it works. she ys the idea is to encoure fitness and connect ordiry russis to the olympic the machine will operate until december 30th. >> ladies and gentlemen, that is a chockfull sw we've got. subway rides for free by squatting. >> we have cuddling. >> you goto pay for the cuddling. we coveredhe whole spectrum. well-rounded here a nbc bay area. >> wow. get your squads in shape. watching thecuddling.rtable >> it's motivang. >> motivating? okay. >> got t get in shape someho >> the squatting part auto. >> our next newscast is at 5:00 tonigh have a great day, everyo.
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