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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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tesla ceon an e-ml said he's heading to the hospital to make sure that his employees recei the be possible care. no coming u at 6:00 we'll look at tea's safet record and we'll take a look at their issues and fines for the company. reporting live in fremont, i'm cheryl hurd. >> such a high-profile company. the timing cldn't be worse for tesl les bring in scott budman. sct, this is part of atring of recent public relations problems. >> pr problems probably theest way to put this seeing fe trucks at t manufacturing plant today almost unlievable given what is going on with tesla lately. three insnces of model s cars catching on fire on veo and in the company's latest earning report concerns about the ability toeep up with dema fothe model s.
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all that taken together hitting tesla stock price which trend from $190 a share to today's cling price below140 a share. now, cars do catch on fire and tesla ceo w able to cm inveor fears by denying plans for a recalof the model s. but for a cpany thas been used to success after success and for investorsho have enjoyed a year of extremely strong gains, it's been aough few weeks for tesla. yesterday during a biness conferen in new york, excited investors about talking about plans to build an electric truck in the fupe eer future. i should point out that after a quick dip, tesla stock price recoverethis afternoon holdi steady after hours. >> very volatile market, tnk you. we connue this coverage on our website. a live feed of the tesl building and stories about c fires thatcott auded to and
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also check the compans stock price on alsoollowing develing news in sthern califoia. late this morning, four mares died after som military supplies exploded during a training exercise. here, camp pendleton, which is nortof san diego. the nes of the marines killed will be reased after t families are notified. now eight monthsago, seven marines wereilled in a mortar explosion while training in new a 5:00, digging deeper into series of small rthquakes that have rattled the bay area. the latest o hit nea 1:00 this afternoon near san jose. some say theyelt a quick jolt. th traik swhe trember aced out from san jose to the southbay. but what does it mean? >> i tell you -- in san ramon the topic of t s day, earthquakes. >> i thought it was going to get bigger because it was kind of the low mbler at first and thent stops.
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but, yeah, we'rell a little worried now. >>hat you're looking at is a map o earthquake epicenters in the san ramon valley. reporter: more than a half a dozen earthquakes in hal a dozen ds more than we h a while says memo parks geological surveyut not yet an official swar >> a swa is a series of earthquakes. could be 30, 40, sometimes as many as350arthquakes that last for a period a week or up to six eks. >> reporter: the biggest of the quakeshis morning's magnitude 3.4,nough to ratenerves, but not much else. >>hat's in the ckground. it'snoise. it's the earth kind of, kind of, you know, shrugng its shoulders and moving around a little bit. >> just adjting a bit. bottom line usgs experts are not worriedbout the latestound of small quakes more worried about the magnitude 5 and above. while they haven't doneny damage, a good reminder to prepare for the big one. the earthake country alliance
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posted helpful tips to stay safe. move securable items at your home and office figureut how to communicate in eiddle of an emergency and organize disaster supplies and if aig quakeits drop, cover and hold on o. now to t latest on typhoon haiyan. millions who survived say they're fighting to survive the aftermath. widespread looting, but officials aren't calling those people thieves, rather just people despete for food and desperate tosurve. many say aid is not gettingo the who need it theost. no the government's relief efforts is hampered by debris and bad weher. the death toll now stands at this continues to be a local story. a tight filino community her in the bay area. tonigh in downtow san jose vigil honoring typhoon viims. nbc bayrea mary an f arfavro ist the martin luther king library
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with more. >> several filipino community groups are hosting this vil set to ben at 6:15 tonight and many of th people who will come out here tonight are goi to talk about the impact that the typhoon has already had on their relatives. meanwhile the ceo planso fly to the philippines to bring thousands of doses of an anti-diarrheal product made by his company. they helped people in quakravaged haiti and hopin too.l help in this disaster, >> the most likely place we'll be able to help is with e workers emselves, the relf works. if the can provide protection for the relief works, i think lot. we will have accomplished a >> h says just one dos can opiarrhea inust a few hours. he'slso hoping to bring these life drops whi can be put in clean water and potentily help
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stop diarrhea for thousands of people and prevent potentially deadly dehydration. bay area helping out ithe t philippines. cong up at 6:00 tonight, u'll meet a doctor from the peninsula who isetting together a group of docrs and medical and provide reporting live in downtow san jose, mary an favro. >> much helps needed. janet napolitano had good news for students. she wants to make higher education more afrdable. althis happened at the board of reejce meeti at the mission y campus. goveor jerry brown was by her side today as she proposed tuitiofreeze at uc schools. >> i think we need to think partnership that has existed between the state and the university and the sta and the university both have been through me tough times and we'vseen this dramatic spiking in tuiti. so, i will be fighting a dedicating lot of my efforts
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to make sure that that tuitn freeze actlly occurs. >> and all this needs to be voted on e's banking on new grants and state sport to keep costs down for students in san je tonight, a family tn apart after relatives say a father was kill by his stepson. both sid of the family had a brieexchange today outsi the victim's house. >> we've both lost somebody, okay. so, this is, we're going t have to, my dad. i want to know what happened. >> his sonnd dauter say their dad, -year-old j torres who worked as a handyman. theyay that he and his stepso fought whi drinking last ght. >> he gets out of hand and my dad ts out of hand when they drink. i don't kno who start it. i don't ow. >> i jus want to say, man, he was a good guy. we all love him. he a good person. if you did it, please, come forward and turn yourself in. >> relatives of the stepson deny
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he wasdrinking. police have yet to confirm the details. a teenag takes on. still ahead, t complaint s made to the apple o that prompted the tech giant to call r on the phone. also -- >> do you know wha to do when you hear sirensnd see lights, a lot of peopl know but choose not to do. what to dond the county o santa clara is doingo make sureore people doit. the power outage that cleared out the bay area's newest casino. w gamblers are being assured th'll get their money out of those slot machines. good afternoo i'm jeff ranieri in the bay are weather center. a lot of sunine and plenty of blue sky for today ande're even tracking some hotter weather that thursday forecast. we'll lk more about that fog returning and what it's going to for some of the temperatures plus, our chance r weekend rainn just a few minutes.
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take a look this is one of several videos that are part of a new public awareness campaign in santa clara county they're reminding drivers to remind drivers that literally everyo should already know to pull to the rightnd stop when poli, fire or ambulans are approaing with their lights and sirens on if eryone already knows it, why do we need the campaign? apparely plenty of drivers just aren't doingit. nbc bay area chris sanders joins us live in san jose with a look this proble kr? >> we road along with an emergency crewll day long and say driver after drir failing to pull over to theight and stop whe those lights and sirens we going. but it is the law and anyone who has a california driver's license should know tt to get that driver's licee. in sta clara county a quarter million ambulances, fire trucks andaw enforcement vehicles go on emergency calls every year. >> people do everytng. th will lock up the brakes
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in fro of us, they'll pull in front of us, they'll pull to the right, pl to the left and turn sideways. so will yell at us as we dri by. we want people to pull to the right and stop. it makes it safer f them and makes it ser for the person in the emergency vehicle. >> and it may be something tt are doing it.t notany people the county now lauhing that public awareness campai. the psa that you just saw, incling this one to remind people to pl to the right for lights and sirens. we talked with some drivers and asked them what they did when they saw lights and sirens. they all assured us that they do the right thing,ut they say sometimes people are jt in a sometimes they thi they can get ahead by getting right behind the ambulance and kind of draft them so that they can get ahead of t traffic that's pulledver and doinghe right thing. but, we're told by emt officials that that's noteally a good emergency vehicles oft have to stop srt often because the pele in front of them are not
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puing over to the right and stopping so, wheyou see lights and sirens, do the right thing. reporting live in san jose kris sanchez, nb xrrx bay area news. >> very good remier, thank you. as the holidays approaches drunk driving increasing. mothers against drunk driving revealed this car crash at treasure island. the car that scott looiseras ridi in wn arunk driver crasd into him on the bay brid. the cars housed in a traer bearing scott's picture and the story about the accident. the familyopes this powerful message is areminder totay sober bend the wheel. we can use what happen to him in a way that can and save someone else hopefully save another le. you know, just one person's life mas such a difrence in th world. >> madd urges drivers simpl to plan ahead and if they know you'll be drinking alcohol, designate a nondrinking drive or call a cab. oakland cityouncil membe decided to hold off on a
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controversial plan to keep kids off th street a night. city leaders will not ve on a curfew proposal. it would have affected pple under the age o 18. students.kland canelp heangs supporters say a curfew would help protect kids fm violent crimes. opponents, thoh, claim it will strain police relations with african-american a lino teens. tense momes on plic transit todayfter a muni train francisco without a driver.n it happened jus after 10:00 is moing. the trn stopped to load up ssengers when there was a problem with the doors. the operator hopped out to check and the doors then closed and e train took off in automati mode. itolled towards the forest hillstation for a quart of mile and then a passenger pulled the emergency brake to stop the trai no one w hurt. > $800 million to bi, but the lights stillent out. the bra-newasino is up and running after a power ouge temporarilshut it down happened justefore 11:00
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last night. a driver hit a utility pole and that car caught on fire. yosee the videohere. that knock powerut for thousands of people in the area, including that brand-new casino. and they evuated.lights went dim >> i jt cashed out from a slot machine an i went er to cash in my checknd the lights went out and everybody went because it looked nicer, a little dark and everything. abou one outf ten machines s running, the blackjack table covered up. >> so what haens now with all that money? the casino was back in biness abouan hour late a spokesperson for the casin tells us players who had money in those machines wl be reimbursed the machines can track down exactly how much money was left. we had a gorgeous day today. but i think a cold patte is coming in. let's check with meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> cold weather comi our way we headhroughout this weekend. the seven-da forecast once my
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name leaves the bottom of the screen. not just for your city, but all that special, individualized seven-day foreca. the fog has returned to the cotline and wmer weather before we start toet to the w coer changes. righnow the fog across the peninsula and also for portions of theorth bay. les take you tohe skyamera network rit now. i know you'll love what you see at least on a few of the meras. the biggest problem remains across the north bay. 59 degrees and also those drivers encountering a few areas of drizzle, as well. this will be the source of some of the problems a we ctinue throughout the next4 to 36 hours en you start to ent a fog storm across the golden gate bridge. across the east bay, a glorious evening as you take aook across the bay. marine layert and mainly up toward san francisco and take a look a the south b tonight, nelle mentioned tse blue skies. heret is backere behind us.
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doesn't gemuch better than so, as we get a loo at that 24-hour recast. what y will notice as we head througho tomorrow low 50s and cloud cover forhe south bay. peninsula, numbers dropping into the 40sere by the noon hour we'll beushing into the low 70s and by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, it will start to drop off from the daytimeighs in the mi60s. san francio should also still three hours as we head two to throughout t afternoon hours where we will be closeo about 70 grees in tt forecast so, that i going to be the good news, again, here awe head throhout the noon hour for san francisco in tomorrow's forecast. if we dego ahead and advance to that, wh you will see, agai some awesome temperares with a mix of also some sun and some clouds. all righ my computer is catching up here. that be sky slowing it down today. for the nortbay, some of the coldest weather expected to art at 7:00 a.m. with numbers ght near 40 grees and then fothe east bay,ow 70s by the on hour and mid-70s excted for the tri-valley as we head
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into the noon hour. definitely plenty of warmer weather on the way for tomorrow as we head into the afternn. now, let's get a look atome you can see tomorrow, 81 in santa ro, but, as we head thughout this upcoming weekend, down to66. alsoet red a efor numbers to plummet here in san francisco from 68 down to 61 and let's take a look at livermor from 82 deees down to 67 and how about pallo alto from 76 here on tomorrow's forecast. we'll drop to 64. so, as weforward and advance the story, n only colder weatr coming our way, but we're als tracking some other changes. what we have happening is high pressure is going to be moving leave us and this area of low t presre will get cse and right now it looks like most of the rain should stayff to the north, but i do think one of the most semn bets with this storm system will be theindy conditions coming our way. sarday morning, 8:00 a.m. at the coastline. wind 15 to about 25 miles per hour andhen by the evening hour looks like we could see at the coast winds gusts as high
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as about 30 for the interior valleys 35. with that said, we know we're going to get rain, we know we'll get the windnd colde temperatures but the rain is another ory. yesterday, one of our forecast mols the gfs had a ten of an inch of rainfa. day, another forecast model i now lining up with little to nothing in terms of raint this point. so, yes, i do thi there i a slight chance of some showers as we head through saturday butot great at thispoint. one more graphic as we look and all about the colder d temperatures and just alight chance of showers at this point. we'll ntinue to track thatnd more updates at 6:00.m. still ahead, the race to get ready for crab season. what you shouldexpect to pay this holiday season and when you can ge your hands on it. the dictionary defition at got this teenager so fired cook and she got a response. tim
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some s news for the raider nati. todd christenson the standout tight end durg many of the raiders gry years h died. he died tay from complications e to a ler transplant in his home state o ah. he did not drink, he was only 57 the five-timero bowler helped the raiders winwo super bowls back in the 1980 tech giant apple is responding to a complat by 15-year-oldassachusetts girl who wants the cpany to make a big ange. whil writing an essay about gay and lbian rights she looked up the definitionf gay in the ctionary on her apple laptop. the definition she found said the word was slang for fooli and stupid
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as t daughter of two lesbian moms, she was offended. >>eing recognid as a denition. >> my itial response was, good foryou, you wrote a letter the ceo and theyresponded. that's fantastic. >> in fact,n ale representative responded to becka's letter within an hour apologizing and promising to look into the matter, but the after a week the definition has not beenremod. we checked few moments ago and it still there. in health matters, a scorpion has a poisonousting, but could save lives? some doctors say a serm mad from the venom of a scorpion helpboost cancer. it kills off cancer cells. the cafornia company behind the serum said it tested e conconction on 8,000 people. recall is now expanding for rea to eat salads. this te it's gone from trader joe's to who foods. the recall covers salads made by gls onion catering.
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the richmond-based company detected ecoli in some of their sads. wholfoods is now pulling its artichoke wheatberry and southwest seafood salads off its shelves. that can be traced back to these salads since septembe see the first catch of the d season on the docks this friday. shermen raced around the war of gting ready to go ag. they can pull the traps up on fray. the fst year of statewide crab t limits bay are crabbers have long complaed that large out of state boats wip out the crab population at the beginning of th season. unr these new regulations those boats are now limited to 0 traps. >> tend to be a big glut at the ginning of the season and then we'll get the crab mopped up pretty quk. whereas, you know, it would hurt
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the price and this should slow things down a littl bit. >> and howuch can you expect to pay forrab this season? it could b up t $5 a pound. >> a lot of people a excited about this y. the precious cargo onboard a flight from sfo to new york. we'll show you, next.
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all rightast week the ipo and thi week a n feature. something new for twitter. ers can now make custom timelines. still be able toead tweets the
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d-fashioned way. now create new timelines that will let you follow specific topics. the goal is to give peopl more control over how tweets are orgazed and let you see the tweets most relevant to yo some four-legged passengers loaded up on a plane for a cross country trip t their new homes today. 's called "operation chihuahua aiift." teamed u to ansport nine dogs to new york where loving homes await. the overpopulationf the chihuahu in california has forced animal shelters toook to the east coast for hel where they are in high demand over there. >> as much as we're able to place these do into homes and pretty successfully, it takes a while. so, they sit in knels for long period of time until they get adopted where they'reining up othe east coast to get th. >> wow, ty're flying in style. and the officl pet liaison of virgin amecan do you recognize this, the wod's cutest dog.
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think he still holds tt tiltatilt title. >> ts is virgin america's fih airlift. >> when we see them in new york city walking around manhattan, we'll know ty are from originally from here ande sent them overthere. >> bay area naves. >> palme rainian gets all the love, but the chihuahua just chil. hey, adopt me. jeff, take us outside. can wetart fliing with the weekend. it's wednesday. >> little bit. we'll see this cloud cover that we have right now. stick around at the coastlin as we head throughout the next couple o days but plenty of sunshine expected throughout the afteoon hours as we head throughout thursday and friday's forest, but definitely some windy weather comg our way as head towards this upcoming weekend. while it's not sunny right there, whee who cat love a foggy pictureike that. >> "nightly news is nt with brian williams. >> we'll see youack here at 6:00.
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on ourroadcast tonight- cut off. help isn movin fast enough fothose whoeed it most in the philipnes. tonight dr. nan sneiderman with a teamf american doctors who have just reached one of the places hardest hit. they're out. the numbers are even worse than expected f the health care website, leading some to ask if the program itself is in trble. at what cost, the money spen to thwart potential terroris' airport and where the polar brs roam and a way of life is disappearing fast. nightl news


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