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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 14, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good thursday mornin coming up on "early today." the health care numbers are in and they are not pretty. even democrats are upset. we'll give you progress report. the i wants your help. who is this man otherwise known as john doe number 27? >>international aid bely scratches the surfa as typhoon-weary survivors inhe philippines face a life-and-death struggle. a meth dealer mas the life-or-death decision in dragng this cop. and the secr service sex scandal involving agents fm the president's detail. "early today" arts right now. is is "early today" for thursday, nomber 14th. > good morng to you, i'm richard lui. the low numbers coming in are causing a stir democratic lmakers are now
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lining up in greater nbers to challenge thr party's leader, th president. nbc's tracie pos stas us off in washington tracie, how i the white house handlinghe obama carexchange numbers coming in? >> reporr: well, the reality is settling in, richard. and they realize that no one's happy with this, not the critics, the predent or the white house. as you noted now, not even pporters, democrats who have been behind the health law. today the whiteouse gets an earful from senate democrats. >> nobody who supports health care reform and supports suessful implementation of the fordable care act is sisfied th what we've seen out of the website. >> reporter: president obama continues to reassure americans. >> we're working overtime to make se the law works the way it's supposed to. >> reporter: b with less than 27,000 peoe signedp for health insurance through the federalebsite a 106,000 overall, republican critics insist it's time tstart over. >> i'm goingo give it a grade. this was a "f." >> reporter: lawmake say their
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phones are ringing off theook th constituents whoay the website's not the onl prlem. >> called this number because i couldn't get throu on the website. i've waite for two weeks, havet heard back. >> reporter:ill it be ready for november 30th as the administration promised the government's chief technology officer c't say for sure. >> the team is working incribly hard to mt that goal >> reporter: even democrats, supporters, are increasingly frustred. >> my constituents needhis website to work. >> reporter: the white hou is sure to hearore of that today. now, the administration says there are anothemillion people in the pipeline. these a people who wento the website. they were able to put in an applation and even be found eligible, but ty haven't been able to take that last step, richard, and actlly sign up foa health pl. >> as they try to reach that estimation of 9 million the first year. we're watchi all of that. thank you so much, tracipotts washington, d.c. surgeons aomparing the philippines to a war ne. doctors are operating on survivors of the typhoony
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flashlig. here ithe u.s. people are doing whatever they can to help. in chicago hundrs lin up to give food, water, clothes and medical suppes. nbc's ian williams joins us in manila. eia ia good morning. >> reporter: richb ard, the "uss georgewashingt" has arrived off the coast of philippines, and thatill provide a masve d much-needed boost to an de eration that has been all but gridlockedver recent days. cruclly, it has the abili to rify 100,000 gallons of water every day. it will also provide a ptform for helicopte going on search and rescue missions across e devastated regn. and also delivering much needed aid. at the same time, there are now 300 u.s. marines on the ground in the plippines. a nber which will soon be boosted to me than 1,000. the runwayt tacloban airpt, crucial b, has now bn extended so it's ablto take bigger aircraft. and thanks to new equipment p in therey those marines, the
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airport is now functioni 24 hours a day. so filly, this aid operation is on the point of being stepped up. and that will come very, ver welcome news in those devastated eas, richard. >> i williams fors in manila, thk you. authories are looking into how ur marines died during a safety exercise at camp pendleton in southern calirnia. officials say unexplod ordnance blew upuring routine traing. the military says there were no controlled detonations at the ti but adds it happened where artiery is fired. the names of the four have not yet been released. th is the second deadly accident involving camp pendleton marines this year and comes less than a year after seven were killed during a aining exercise i nevada. a singleullet in a hotel room has sparked a secret servicprobe. he washington post reports two agents are now c from president obama's detail. a senior supervisor was off duty en he met a wom at the hey
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adamhotel in washingn this past spring he left behind a single bullet inhe woman's room. "the post" reports h went back and tri toorce his way into that roomlong with ather agent. he also reportedly sent sexuay suggestive e-mails to a different womanho was his subordate. it comes a year after the agency'srostitution scandal i colombia. the secret service told"the post" like eve organization they periodically have isolate incidents of miscondu. routineraffic stop quickly turning into a horrific ordeal for a missouri state trooper. he's fced to shoot a meth addict to ve his own life. >> to this day, i still don't know why i more or less dove into that car. op! stop don't [ bleep ] ve! >> you shot me. >> don move! >> you shot me. >> he was shot. after viewinghe powerl dashcam deo, the presiding judge sentced hamilton to 30
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years in pron. >> everyone's luc to be alive. >> ectly. >> alaska andawaii getting the weatherheadlines. we hava storm system with winter storm warnings overnight. ny areas ofentral alaska and fairbanks dealing with winter weather, sno and freezing rain. outside of anchorag freezing rain, too. as we go throughout the day, unlike the last cple storms that came from the south wh rm air, thisone's coming fro the west. that's why we're able to get more winter weatr out of th. just be careful through alaska. also wita southerly flow and a littleit of a weak storm system. especially near maui. we got heavy rain thi morning. there will beight rain through holulu and a lot of clouds through the hawaiia island chain. one ofhe few times we won't see perfect nditions. lots of clouds. ill very mild as y'd expe. withhe rainfall, not the best of days. in the west yesterday, 92 degrees was the official high in l.a. at has to behe warmest temperature probly until next
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summer. not even close. 85 in phoeni 62 this morning. but we do have clear skies. a little more of an on-shore component today willeep it a little coor today. 81n l.a. 77 in vegas. beautiful the desert southwest. southern lifornia. e northwest, it's not horrible. still dealing th a lot of clouds and just t-and-miss showers. better chance of rain tomorrow. that's your national forecast. now here's anyone's standard. nice there. sedo, too. you're a little jealous of that 92. >> i am. >> that's a little too warm, you know? >> well, i wouldn't mind that right about now. we're in november, and we've had some chill over here in the east. 92, theyl take it. thanks, bill. cocae, oxycontin, vodka and prtitutes, all rolle up into one nht for one nor-
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north-of-theorder mayor. details of that whenearly toy" returns.
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and welcome back. do you recognize ts man here? officis say images of him sexually exploiting a child are being circulated in child pornography forums. thebi says john doe 27 is a suspected ild sex predator. another admission from toronto mayor rob ford told toronto city council dnesday he has bought illegal drugs over the pt two years. theouncil voted 37-5 in favor of ford taking a leave of absence. ford is declining th. "the tonto star" also cites a police report which mayor ford was saido be snorting cocaine, drinkg vodka and using oxycontin all whi entertaining a pstitute in his office and at a bar last year. c.i.p.s john and pon
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wod have never done this. he resigned befor he could be terminated. he could face possible charges stemming from theincident. it looks le he won, too. and a wisconsin m called 911 after a nig of drinking because a special guest he brought home was keeping him up. and not for the reasons one might gues >> it's like i'm trying to wake her u and sheon't wakeup. >> and she's snoring like a ain? >> snoring like a train. >> yeah, that reallyhappened. he lat apolized. policeay the call w a colossal waste of their resources. i'd say. now f business and cnbc's courtney reagan. go morning, courtney. >> good morning. the first head of the federal reserve as a woman. she's expected to defend t fed's aggressive enomic stimus program. yellen say the fed must do me to support the economic recovery before it can retn to a more normal policy. used car prices are hitting a four-year low. d experts say they could go
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even lower next year. that's because mor new car buyers are trading in their old vehicles and more used cars with expired leases are showing u at deals. do you like your latte on a train? starbucks has unveiled its first stor on a train in switzerland. the coffee giantays don't expect to see a starbks on your next amtrak trip. do you like it on a trn? do you le it on a plane? i think i like m starbucks everhere. richard, back to you. >> good customer, courtney. thk you. the snears worn by michael jordan during the game five the '97 nbfinals are up for auction. former utah jazz ball boy preston thurn will auction the sneakers offith a starting bid of $5,000. > the pink star flawss pink sotheby's just sold is for a record $83 miion. >>and boeing's 31,000 machists have rejected an eight-year lor contract that would have eliminated their pensions and rsed health care sts. now the company may build their
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777 x j in nonunion states or ev overseas just aheads sports highlights and the whiskers tha stand between the star pitcher d the new york yankees next.
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>> it seems like eveone's ill pretty upset about the obama care website. itas all of these glites and nody is signing up. they are so desperate to turit
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around that the department of health and human servis e-mailed 275,000 americans encouring them to give it another y. then they said, but one at a time. we don't want it to crash. >> so we got the sports for you so one byone. baseball's cy young winners have been named. detroit's max schzer finishe with a 98. an l.a.'slayton keraw gets his second in his career. both receivi at let 28 first place votes from the baseball writers asciation. todd christensen for the raiders has died. the record-setting tight end succumbed to complications from liver transplant surgery. he was 57. sam hurd who played for the cowboys and bearsas sentenced to 15 years in prison. he pleaded guilty to one cnt trying to buy and distribute cocaine and rijuana. oxer and philippes ngressman manny pacquiao says he's in deep trainin for a
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comeck fight against brandon riosn november 24th. he says that's why he hasn't been able to visit the philipnes after typhoon hyan landed. heopes winning willelp to inspire his country. concussion fallout. pop warner, the nation's lgest youth football program, saw almost a 10% dp in players between 20 and 2012. that's about ove 300 players according toata given to "outside the lines." it's the largest two-year decline sie they started keeping stats. the bee are on jeff waltz. louisville women's basketball coach will buy the first 2,500 beers for fans of legal drinking age at tonight's preseason game. he expecting about a $5,00 tab. got to get those folksn there. the record-breaking olympic torch adventures, th contin. the amenowboarded down a activeolcano in rsia for the 37th of the 12day torch relay. torchbearers were helicopter dropped to that last location. fear the beard.
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the dodgers' brian wilson will not shave for anyone according to he star ledg," th yankees' gm says no she, no offer. the yankees have a strict no-hair below the lip policy. it's not the first time. wilson also gave up a million dollars last career to clear the beard. just ahead, alec baldwin's alleged slker may spend anksgiving in the slammer. pl, mariah carey speakin candidly about doing time on "american idol." it was not all glittery good times. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back to "early today." as far as the rain has gone, and so far halfway through the begiing of vember, we've had a little bit up here in the northwest. really from northern california southwards, very little, if anything. a trace at the a. airport and in san francisco. what interesting, onl twice in the recorded human history in san francisco have they gone all of oober and all of november with n official rainfall measured. we'll have to wait and see if we get anyain in november. >> that's the number. >> ah, haven't had any. none in the forecast either. as far as today go, t-and-miss showers. on-shore flow. cooler in southern california. a little more comfortab we'll call it and 81 today. sa with san diego. we reay cool it down t 71 on friday with a chance of showers up there. here's the san francisco forecast. as we go out into the next fe days. still no shot of rain. everyone waiting. full of factoids today, bil
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karins. >> it's for you. >> that was great. you said you had. >> a richard lui special. alec baldwin's alleged stalker will be spending a few wes behind bars. her constant couroom disruptionled the judge to hold her in contempt and order her jailed for 3 days. now, after the sentence, sabourin took the standnd spoke about her relatnship wi baldwin calling him a, quote, professiona charmer. > ht jeff probst tweet thisphoto. >> is that photospped? looks like a model. >>, whos out just a little. >> too much. >> you'reust jealous, right. the latest issue of "entertainment weekly" is ofring "fifty shades" fans. the movie begshooting cember 2nd. kerry washington clearly enjoying her time hosting "snl." she senthe cast these cupcakes to the cast.
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mariah carey had choice things to saybout her time as a judge on "american idol." listen to this. >> iate it had. randy jacksonill be there. i've known himforever. he useto play bass for me. this isn't big deal. this will be nothing. it wasn't that. it was like helloing to work every day hell with satan. >> bill, c you belie that? >> i think she's just being utally honest. she was not happy. during the show. it showed. >> she got a couple of shuckles for doing that, wasn't it $17 million? >> ye, just a littl change. "mi-5" has announced a fifth installment to be released christs 2015 starring, of course, tom cruise there. hopefully the gloves work next time. >oody harrelson got quite the surprise when he found out that liam and chris, ty're related. >>ongrats to both the brothe. >> liam and chris.
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oh, my gosh. >> never even occurredo me. >> we've all hadhose moments. something random, you never nnected. >> "thor" or "hunger games." actuallybill and i are related and people don't know that. don't tellanybody. we'll get woody around here. >> blood others. >> i'm richa lui. this is "ely today." we hope it's jus your first stop of the day right re on nb
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he lead storyn today's "salt lake tribune," doctors told toet serious with obese paents. medical organizations including the amerin heart associati are out with new guidelines. among them, doctors wil get more aggressive when it comes to telling patients to drop those extra unds. and in "the cistian science monito" scientists in australia find whacould be the oldest known fossils. archaeologists have located microbia communities that are some 3.5 billion years old. they're really, really small, though. some stories we're watching today. before andafter. the dolition of sandy hoo elementary school is nearly complete. a ne school expected topen in 2016 will beuilt in its place. the execution of a convicted child killer is delayed in ohio to decide if it is feasible for him to donate his organs to his aili mother and sister.
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rona phillips w supposed to e today, but ohio's governor extended his life by seven months. and remember that two foot long abandoned alligator found at chicago's o'hare airport? poce are looking for this man. the st person seenith the reptile on surveillance video. shs on the lam, right. shcould face charges. couldn't think of anything funny say. but what she'soing with an ligator? > matt lauer got in touch with his feminine si. he and ellenlayed a little dress-up. what do you think ther >> they're trying to be kathie lee and hoda. >> yeah, but he's got the beard. >> right. for movember. they are mimicking kathie lee and hoda. len was a host on wednesday. the two wore wigs >> i thi matt's pamela anderson was a lot better. >> that was shocking. that was shocking. from halloween. those two large winelasses ere and two large botes to p them off as well. big bottles.
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time now for a look ahead and a look back. sentencing today for crime boss whitey bulger. osecutors call t 84-year-d bulger one of the most violent and despicable criminals in ston history. he faces two consecutive life sentences for his part in 11 murders. on this date in 1995, the government shdown of8 years ago as reporteon the "today" show. as brian and katie mentioned, we're broke. at midnight the mhine tha pumps money into the government stopped. caught in a political battle between president clton and congress. >>att kind of looks like he's wearing a wig there,too, hu so many years back. happy birthday to josh duhamel who is . former secretary of state condoleezza ce, 59. and prince charles is 65. prince charles has yet to become king, but he's made headlines from his birth in 1948 to his marriage with princess diana. he and wife camilla are spending his birthday in india befor a commonwealth meeting in sri lanka. later on "today," batman for a day.
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>> happening now the overnight crasthat left huneds in the dark. we learned the problem won't be fixed until later this morning. >> we have new details this morn in theearch for a missing teenager who disappears on her wayo school. >> trouble fortesla. the ceo gives new details abo the acciden that st three workers to the burn unit and put him on damage ntrol. >> l's take you live outside, that i a bit of foggy loo from the south bay. ust us uer the low hanging clou that is san jose. not a lot of traffic. christina loren is here.t. another beautil day in the neighborhood on this thursday, noveer 14th, this is "today in the bay."


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