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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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now. > it the last thing commuters wanto hear in the wake of t two recent b.a.r.t. strikes. but a glitch in t contract uld derail the deal. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. just whe you thought it s smoothiding on b.a.r.t. comes a bump in the contract. questionss to wheer the b.a.r.t. board will approve the new deal. jean elle is le with this deloping story.
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board of direcr tel us that t. six weeks of paid familyeave ended up in the contractdeal, a deal union members already voted on and appred. tonight, b.a.r.t. management is not telling them it's a deal breaker t at this point, he says anything is possible. b.a.r.t. passeers may be in for anothe rough ride. the b.a.r.t. board of directors says the new labor agreement, already approved b union workers, has a mistake. six weeks of paid family leave is not supposed to be part of the deal. >> abili to be away on family leave, i believe f six weeks, and he that paid. at was negotiated out of the contract. but it somehow maged to be in there. >> reporter: now that b.a.r. says there's an error, the question is is it aeal breaker? he says it depends onhe
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financial impact. >> we notnow if it's frivolouin impact, moderate or extreme. >> rorter: while b.a.r.t. bulates the cost, union aders are standing by the contra. in a statement, the president said -- >> rorter: riders who already endured two strikes, hop the unions and b.a.r.t. can wor it out. i'm not too happy. >> i'm definitely disappointed this wasn't caught earlier. >> reporter: if b.a.r.t. demands a change notes taken at the tae maye all it has to make a case. >> we do tend to kp notesf the other side kee notes, as well. so i'm sure there is history there. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. board of directors has a special
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cled sessioneeting scheduled for tomorrow where they'llearn more about the cost of thi family leave item they are supposed to voten the final contract on november 21st. if that will happen remains to be seen. jean elle, nbc bay area ne. >> thank you. also new at 11:00, love is more powerful than hate. take look at this video. is is the message several hundred people delivered tonht as the march through the stres to honor sasha, the teenager set on fire while cherryl hurdoins us with more. >> reporter: the people behd today's march not only wanted to send a message but teach the community and the lesson was clear -- it's okay to different. it wasbvious that everyone who came out tight doesn't march to the beat of the se drum. everne here is different. but their motivation was the
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same. they want people to kw that they stand with sasha. >> it doesn't matter what we look like on the outside but what we are on the inde. >> reporter: the 18-year-old' father says he's orwhelmed by th support. >> this is reall about letting peop be who they ar and not being aaid of that. i think there's a lot of fear of the her, of anything different. >> reporter: sasha stood out in some crowds, off seen wearing a skirt. police bieve that' why sas was t on fire. to hear that someoneas set on fire, and it sounds outrageo on itsface. but a t same time, we don't ow what the motivationsere or what the thinking was. >>eporter: police later arrested 16-year-old richard thomas, an oaklan hh school student facing a hate cme
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charge two of his friends told me if he's guilty of anything, it's of taking a joke too far. that's why the oanizers of tonit's walk and dipper wanted to use this as a teaching ment to let others know it's oy to different. >> this comnity and all this grt support, but we can't forget how wre failing our youth, too. we need to fix at. reporter: the suspect in this se is scheded to be in court tomorrow sasha's parents tell me tonig that sasha may be he for thanksgiving. reporting live, i'm crryl hurd, nbc bay area ne. >> thank you. so who is h and is he still on campus? questions being raised as pole release aew sketch of a sex sault suspect wted for an attack o the college campus. this is what they think he looks like. the victim said she has inracted with the man in the past and thinks he goes by the name johnny. the assaul took place las week in a women's bathrm at the
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school's media and learnin center. the victim says the map burst into a stall and suddenly assaulted her. followup, citynd county leaders are questioning san jose's gang crime statists. it com after we expos the police department for sleading the public about gang crime being do in the bay area's jenna?t city. weeks gang related homicid r were downore than 40% from last year. creditg gang suppression efforts. ficials touted that success at community meetings. tonight s the fourth and final townall meeting on gang violence, a no mention of the iressive sts. it comes after we exposed the police department used new stricter criteria to classif gang related crimes and cpared ose numberso last yes, which revealed a dramatic drop. e department did not tell the
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public until we startedsking questions. can we talk to you just for a >> no, i have meeting. reporter: the meeting didn't start for another few minutes and he slipped out aft intro duck shuns. saying the city needs to come clea >>f there is something to high, it's aull blown scandal. that's what we're all afraid of. on top of everything else that's ing on right now, to have a ll blown police scandal i terms of these kinds of statistics and people allegedly oking the books, it would not just be demoralizing for the police department, but for the resident of the city of san jose. >> reporter: he ys he also
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supports this memo. he wants the san jose police department to update its gang crime statistics. back to you. >> tha you, jenna. it'sappened again. thieves have broken into a san se elementary schl classro and stolen laops. this time they hit galarza elementary scol. officials say during the weekend, someone broke inside a locked classroom and took 19 apple notebooks. one student, not hpy when he heard t news. >> those aren't cheap. they cost a lot. some cost like $000. >> the tft happened two weeks afte one at river glenn elemtary. 31 kinr books wer slen
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there. new details on a story we reported tsday night. a missg college student from san francisco has been spotted reportedly in the south ba some people have come forwa saying they may hav seen him in san jo. they told police heooks confused. however, his family ys he does not have a history of mental illness. apaward winning journalis facing prison time for protecting his soues is in the bay area tonight "the new york mes" rorter is fighting a demand and talking about the government prosecuting the press. at uc berkeley tonight, he says public's right tknow what the government is up to. virtually everything, dilosed ed
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virtually everything. the american public would know most nothing about the way the united states ha conducted the war on terro if it wast for the press. >> a federal appeals cou ruled he must give up his sources. u.s. supreme court.eal to the schools versus students. i'm vicky nguyen. up next, we investigate how some districts are delaying or denying education. and ready toave theday. for the first time, you'll hear from a 5-ar-old boy transforming the bay area into his own ser hero. andurning all your credit change the way you pay. to we're backn a minute.
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it's the law, but too often the most vulnerable kids are n getting the basic education omised to them and paid for by tax doars. >> tonight, we expose syematic problem the way special ed is provided in california. aeason why so many parents are frustrated. >> vicky nguyenoins us no is is a polarizing issue. >> a very emotional one, as well. you'll hear from three diffent famies in three districts with striking similities in the experience when it comes toow they had to fight for their children's education. even if your child isn one with speci needs, y should know what happenso these studts affects all kids public schools. >> went to the school begging for help. and the school district foughts tremendously. >> it's just an overwhelming
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procs. >> reporter: for parents with students with disabilies, getting the education their children are promised can be contenous. about 1 in 10 students in the state's public schools receives special educion. >> can you put it on the first page? >> reporter: that's almost 70000 kids eac year. including her son red, diagnosed with autismn fifth grade. >> i used to write lters about my children,an you hel ? and no one would answer me. >> reporter: despite the dinosis, he was placed with children who wereiagnosed as emotionally disturbed. court in a dispu she o eventually won. >> so many school districts seriously. law or don't take it >> reporter:chools versus students. a scene played out in courtrooms stewide. fedel laways schls have to
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identify studentsith disabilities and provide them but more than 10,0 families have gon to court t fight for at education. >> they're not fighting me or the sysm. they easte're fighting 6-year-o. that's kinof silly. this is regular protol to ge turned downver andver until they allow you in. >> reporter: she says the district later promised to prove counselling for andrew so he couldeep up in a main stream class. but her son never reived those seices. >> it's not okay to py games, especially when younow that this child needsservices. >> reporter: delay and de.
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a tacc that'secome common i some districts. the federal department of special education issued this memo, warning schools to stop. >> reporter: jane's son was diagnosed with depression a bipola season hill ified but it wasn't until she filed a lawsuit that richard received help. >> this time and space, my child ll never be able to get that back. >> reporter: the investigative unit analyd records from the ree dtricts that had the most lawsuits. since2010, oakland unified spent at least $850,000 on san jose spent about $551,000. and s francisco spent about $460,000. compare that t the $22,000 a year it costs on average to scol a special needs student.
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the amount spent olegal fees that time period could have provided serviceto 83 studts. would schools be better served providing e services than fighting them in court? >> most of the situations tt end up in court are cases that could have been resolved earlier and eaper. for parents, there's just an absolute feeling of betrayal. the system is n working the way it's supposed to. >> it's an emotionalissue. >> reporter: thi is the interim superintendent for morgan hill unifie he sayshe district has worked to improve scial ed services. including offering ,000 hirg bonuses to recru qualied special ed teachers. >> districts sometimes actively delay or deny these services to students. as a administrator, ve you
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happen?at and why does that >> iave seen that. i don't believe that that i ethical. it's not professional. >> repter: he says funding is challenge for all districts. the federalovernment is special ed services, but on average, only chips in 17%. but he says tight budgets are no exse to day or deny seices. >> equityoesn't mean erybody gets the same, it means that everybody gs whathey deserve toelp make tm the most successful. >> reporter:obin hanson now writes a blo to support parts and arm them with the education th need to ensure their children get the schooling they'r promed. >> when you have a child, you power to raise that child and you nt them to be independent whenhey grow up. education is the answer to that. >> reporter: most of the bay
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area distrts we asked to speak with about these challenges, including san se and san francisco, ignored our requests. in the meantime, we have put together a list of resource on ou web knight, >> it is a tough subject for parents todiscuss. t i understand there is a stat lawsuit going t court >> there is. about two dozen families in california, includi one of the of the statewide suit, and par ey're alling that the state department of ecation is allowing the schls to shirk their responsilities. soe'll be following up toee whatappens in that ca. the hope is we can get to another place where these sorts of stori will bece a thing of thepast. >> if you have a tip for vicky nguyen, we urge you to give ua ca. youee the number on the screen. >> >> time to check with meorologist jeff ranieri and time to get thosecoats? >> its getting cold out here
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ght now,learing conditions. thfog is gone right now. and as we pull up that san ancisco skycam, current temperature 53 a clearkies across the east bay and 54 degrees. to les take you into that forecast fortomorrow. skies start in the south bay. temperures in the upper 40s. by noon low 60s. so what you'll notice is it's not going to be nearly as warm as it was at t noohour. 'll get warming in here in san francisco, but not a whole lot. let's take a look acro the north bay. were expecting upper0s for tomorrow morning, notverybody will see those upper 30s, but what you will find heres right acss the napa valley, that's where we are expecting temperatures primarily around 38 degrees. it wil be shelters fm some of thewind.
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that's why temperatures will drop a little bit there. we head throught the east ba temperatures in e mid 60s, as we go into the afternoon. what we haveappening right now is a lot of cold fall air diving down from thi storm system. it's just not going to happen this time wh this storm system. it willrag down plenty of chilly air throught the next starting to disturb the e, it's atmosphere. so let's get a look at the wi. 10 to0 miles per hour in san francisc about 15-me-per-hour back her towa parts of the east bay. we're just beginning now to see it looks like throughout friday'sforecast, focus in on these colors where the orange and red is, we' see t strongest wind there for tomoow, also for porons of the north bay, as well. let's fin your city across the soutbay. if wean't get t rainfall, itt
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will fee like fall outside, with 60s in the forecast. 67 in s jose. 60 to 65 ross the ninsula. for san francisc 64 degrees andunnyskies. take the jacket and layers with you. across the north bay, 68 in napa. 67 in santa rosa. for the et bay, 63 in kland to 65 in fremont. we are looking potentiallyo push up to 69 deges for tomorrow in the tri valley. we'll have a few areas of fog, for oakland and napa, with temperatures in the low 60s. by all counts, saturday afternn looks very sunny in the recast. at's great news forarts of your weekend. >> thank yo ff. up next, bat kid prepares t ve san francisco. we'll he from the little guy next. u. it's wherehe said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her rst day of school. ittle girl) bye bye!
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made a best iend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where s grew up. what (annncer) the subaru forter. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love it what makes a subaru a suba.
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yo tired o having that big purse orallet filled wh
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cred rds? just one card is the solution. it's called coin, and it's developedightere in theay area. it wor with your smartphe to xwip all of your cards into one. it keeps the magnetic information for each ofour cardin its memory and allows you to retrieve the data by swiping it tough small device on your phone. it isxpected to be available next year f about$1. there i is, the iconi call downtown san francisco. nown it's apreview of the comic book advente being orchestrated for one little boy. thousand of strangers will make aishome true for one small pint-sized fan. what are you doing here in san francisco? >> 5-year-old mes is in the bay area right now. he's been fighting leukemia nce he was a toddler. ,000 people have signed up to
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trsform san francis into gotham city. >> he loves super hero. he likes to save and be a super hero. he isne in our minds. >>hat mes him a super hero? >> he's beat anwfuldisease. >> check out the eview. batkid saves the city. >> looking forward to at. a lot of screamingn the bay area tonight. diyou hear it after the warriors' last-secd shot. fun show night. craig ferguson is on the program. an jamie alexander. music featuring flo rid
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did you hear any screamsn
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the newoom tonight? >> i heard y screaming. >> notme. this warriors tm might be prty good. great night in sports. we start with a thriller as the warriors p their undefeated record on the line against oklahoma ci. game back and forth, all the way downo the end. fourth quarter, under 10 sonds remaining. webrook getting the pass, and he nails it. the okc taking a one-point lead. two are you goi to go t andre igudala drain it. warriors win 116-115. run onhe court and hug somebody. a minute to play and the teenager turned 20-yr-old, overtime.had a birthday, fcing in the extra period,harks on
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the wer play. pavelski finding dan boe. the sharks win the season sies withhe canucks. to footll, the raiders secondar going to be short handed on sunday, d.j.ayden out with a groin injury, and he's going to be out for a whe. the coach didt give a timetable, but said he will not back soon. we have better news. quarterbackerrell pry return to practice today. he is expected to start on that's it for sports. more news after this.
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