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tv   Today  NBC  November 15, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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cogate optic white line. >> announcer: from nbc new thiss "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kb live from studio 1a in rkefeller plaza. >> hello, evybody. that means you. >> yes. >> is thirsty thursday, november 1h. big, b show today. we've t the latest contestant elimined from "the voice." we have jonny gray. >> we love him. >> love, love, love. >> people tweet eir questions and we have ambush makeors.
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we have lots. >> we have a lot to talk about hoda. >> all right. first of all, they're keeping us in the daily new >> well, i wondered because we are no longer illiant. >> and we're no longer on the front page. >> we're fading, but we're sti there, okay? so, again, there's some inresting and humorous- >> yes, i like t one about matt. is matt was a littllater one. >> yeah. that is an ugly won. >> ion't want to hurt her feelings, but matt is an ugly woman. frank was sitting there with me on the phone and he said, but he's got great legs. he does. all right. so you were ofto lunch without me. >> christine, it was a little business lch. my favorite thing in the world is tintroduce people to
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favorite little -- >> it's too late. >> neary's pub. what's lefof my lamb chop. >> first of all, i like when one eye is open. the classic kathie l look. >> i thought she was only taking a picture of the bone. no. >> you got in ere, too. >> i get in the car ter and i get an e-mail from a gentleman who said i waited 50 years of life forhe greatest lamb chops. >>eary's. you know about the fla mobs th happen. there was a unique one that happened at caegie deli. >> cats deli. >> there's a group called improv everywhere and ty wanted to reent the scene fm "when harry t sally." >> when they're the deli and they're talking about faking an orgasm. >> poughkeepsie. >> hoda. >> look. take aook at this. >> i can tell. >> oh. >> are you all right? >> oh. oh, yeah. oh. oh. oh, yeah. yeah. okay. >> oh ah.
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>> they all -- look this. >>es. yes. >>h, yeah. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> oh, my go >> i'll have what ey're having. >> oh, that's great. >> c you imagine if you were sitting there ju having your meal. >> i'd start doing the same thg. why no that's so funny. all right. so apparentlmiss mariah is not going silently into the night. >> yes. no. she was talking abt her time as a judge on "american ol." you remember it was contentious. it made someeadlines. she hasn't really spen about it. >> you never know homuch is accurate. the fire. whether there's smoke or apparentlyhere was a fire. >> if you listen to what she had to say on hot 97, she spoke
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about her time o"american idol." take a look. >> did y like it? >> no. honestly, i hated it because it -- >> rlly? >> here's whatt was. i was led to bieve i was the first person who sned on. i don't want to saanything that going to -- heaven forbid peop look like i'm sayin something gative but honestly i ought it was going to be a three-person panel. they gave me a nice dangling monetary moment and i was st like, okay. this is the thing. randy jacksowill be there. known him forever. he used to plabass for me. this i't a big deal. this will be notng. but it wasn't that. it was like -- it was like hell, like going to wo every day in ll with satan. >> really? >> wow. >> well,or going to hell wit satan she made $ million on "american idol." >> that's a lot of people's idea of hean. >> she did s she enjoyed
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working with the contestants. it's unfortunate. shs so blessed. nobody wants to hear -- >> yes, no one les to hear complaining when you'rmaking 18 million. >> so, so, so much on the oer side of that coin. >> what? >> are we going to tk about rk wahlberg? >> yeah. >> he waat an event. >> q and a for "ne survivor." >> while tom cruise was making -- it's involved. >> tom cruise was ing a deposition about suri becae he was suing the tabloids because they said wasn't a good father. all this stuff is coming out in t deposition. he said sothing along the lines ofe has to work long hours and he somehow likened it to a soler in afghanistan. >> yeah. >>'m not sure exactly the context. somewhere he made e parallel. soark wahlberg heard i >> everybody hea it. >> we -- >> the entire wahlberg family heard it. they tk umbrage. i lo it when they do tha
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>> this is what mark had to say. >> my job is dficult as somebo in the military [ bep ], you know? while you're sitting in the makeup cha two hours. i don'give a [ bleep ] if u get your [ bleep ] busted. yoget to go home at thend of the day. >> okay. >> yeah. there it was. >> sometimes is hard for us to sh you these clips. we have to bep out so much it's just -- >> yeah. >> anyway, he apolized for the rant. said he was swept up in the emotion of the film. i di't see the film going on but, yeah, i mean, come on. we're all blessed yond belief in ourusiness. we have bad days but nody wantto hear about them. >> i'm wondering if m cruise has regretted that dosition. er sings he did that, he's answering headlines thahe don't want to make. scientology is back in the spotlight. all of those tngs, i wonder if heaid -- >> he's suing them for50 million, money he doesn't need.
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again, when it strikes that chord in you whe you live, your pride is, ego, putation and i guess that'st. he just says, m a good father anthis is -- yeah. like i told you, sue wn it's about your children, not y. >> we have to talk abo these nes because how can not? we're going have a wine drink off, okay? there are twwines on our table. one is fm "duck dynasty" and and o is from downtown abb okay? >> both of them in the wine buness. >>e don't know which one's which. >> no. the downtown abby one is blanc white and it's $14.99 and the "duck dynay" is called wood duck chardonnay. it's available at walmart. >> of course it is. >> i can tl you which one i'm
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ing to like just frothe color of it, a. >> a. >> okay. that was a. and th is b. >> like b. >> i like b, too. i think this one -- i was wrong. this one i thi is "duck dynay." >> ihink b is "duck dynasty." whats the answer? >> b is "duck dynasty." >> oh, my gosh. they beatdowntown abby? >> "duck dynasty." >> you heard it here, folk >> oh, my god. we have no skiin the game, as they say. >> no, we don't. weere looking out the window, i n't think they're outhere no there were two wom that had signs that said theyad been iends for 70 years. this goes into the ihoda. it's great song by kenny rogers and dolly pton. the title this song is beautiful. it's called "you can't make old friends." and if y have an old friend, think about that person wh you'reistening to this song. here it is. ♪ >> like it alrea.
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music, hoda. ♪ what will i dwhen you're gone ♪ who's gonnaell me the truth ♪ who's gonna fish the stories i start, the w you >> pretty. ♪ when somebody knocks at the door, someone new walks in ♪ >> so much tenderness in hivoice. ♪ i will sme and shake their hand but you can't make old friends ♪ ♪ can't makold friends ♪ can't make old friends
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♪ it was you and since way back wn ♪ ♪ you can't make old fries >> i't that beautiful? it's beautiful. >> but i don agree with it. >> i knew you were gng to find something wrong. >> i love thsong. >>ith it. >> you are relatively new friend to me. >> yeah. >> you feel like you've been my friend forever so >> oh. >> i love you like i love my old friends. >> oh, mgod. so i disagree with . >> me, too. disagree with it, too. >> so ere you go. >> all right. >> hey, hoda, is it okay or not okay to bear midriff in your 40s. >> here's whate had to say about it. >> not if it's drifted too far.
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>> inow. i li. if you have a midriff at mid life, it's okay to bear it. look at you. me n so much. >> what are you talkg about? >> well, all rht. >> o >> win some, lose some come to nd? >> yeah. >> okay. so the bad newwe've talked abou jonny was kicked off "the voice." he's here with us. here's his twitter handle. jonnraymusic. >> hashtag the orange room. too much to do. hean answer some of your questions. >> sometimes le is not fair. >> like when i have to listen to all thother ihoda songs. life is not fair why do we have a hard time dealinwith it? >> how dwe teach our kids to play fair? we're going to g some answers. >> cee lo green didn't thinkt was fair after one ohis team members was sent packing from the voice. >> jonnyray will tell us what's next after this.
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♪ most of us are broughtp to play fair. >> the truth is fe isn't alwaysair. it illustrated in thes
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classic movies. >> nothi happens to boys. >> the boy's 35 years old. >> it's just not fair. >> lost agai >> is not fair. he's bigger th i am. it's not fair. >> ah, but nobody er said life was fair, tina. i'm bigger and i'm faster. >>h. >> a meaner, too. >> h do you teach your ks the concept and protect them from being disappointed. >> and h do you handle them yourself as an adult. ychologist jennifer hartstein has some advice. >> lovely to see you. >> it's something weeach our kids from a young age. you want kids to play fairbe fair, are, all those kind
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thin. you say sometimes turn into the fix-it mom. >> we do. we turn into the peoe that jump in instead of lting the kids figure out and fight their own battles. >> that's it. >> we saidn the tease that we want to protect them from being disappointed but being disappnted is a good thing. it helps them. it teaches thea lot. ife want them to play fair, we sometimes have to let them figure it out onheir own. >> is that what -- >> yeah. the playground is kindf like ord of the flies." going around taking toys and beg mean to each other your instinct is to jump in and make it okay. that's doing tm a disservice. u can't always fix it. they mig not always be able fix it. th's okay. teach th early otherwise you're setting them up f a world of dispointment. >> you don't want them to feel likeverything is unfair,he rld is unfair. metimes you can over it in that deptment. >> you don't want them tbe charlie brown withhe storm cloud so i think what's really
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important to point out what it is that they dhave, right? if there's two cooes in front of them and a sibling gets the gger cookie, they still have a cookie. >> it's not ir. >> tt's not fair. >> l the other one give you a biteut of the bigger cooe. >> iwe fix it all, how do they learn how to solve their own problems. >> the kid says, i want a bite of yours. >> wl -- >>hen they say no and we can let it move on. i think it is so important. we don't want it to doom and gloom. weave to be real lists the fact is life inot always fair. at is the truth. >> it's also greato teach your children that you can make it more fair for other ople by thway you live your life, which is that second little sub story of the whole tng. it may not be fa, but if you do this nice thing for that person, guess what? now you n impact that. i thk that's the most important thg you can teach. >> pay it forward. >> gratitude and impact other people's livesnd their self-esteem goes crazy. >> my husband and i were really focused on teachg this whole concept of fairness. we have millionsf readers who are paranoid that they should teach their kids the right thing and beair. we wanted to teach o kid be fair, en if it's wrong, mean, unfair, w would you feel if ur friend did that tyou? the second part of that lesson
2:22 am
has alwa been, when something happens to him, he runs me crying, that's not fair, i tell him, i don'twoop in, i say, you know what, you are old enough to figure this out for yourself. >> it is all about the age of the children. what's rig for a 2-year-old is different from a 5-year-old. >> as a grownup, let's say two people work the same office, one makes more than the other, that's not fair, we work the same hoursdo the same thing. >> we know that this happe with women. we knothere's this divide. we know is happens all the time. you have to effective. sometimes u might have to go and ask for what you want and
2:23 am
the enronment's too powerf and you stl get told no. u have to almost radally accept that this is what it is in this mont. could that still chang sure. can i find another place? but if i stay stuck in that 's not fa moment, i'm going to stay miserable. how will that help me? psych yourself out. >> we all work around people who throw tantrums at rk who clearly di't learn how to cope. what you can do asn adult, you need to take a step back. as a friend or co-worker you need to tell tm, relax. >> i told you, hodie. >> that's what i tught you said. >> thanks, ladies. >> we did tell you about the pulai viewers. if they ach themselves that life is nofair. >>is strong vocals and guitar playing weren't enough to keep him in the cpetition. >> that's okay. nowe get to meet "the voice's" joy gray. two women reveal their hot new ambush makeovers right after this. >> i can't wait. on car insuranc. mmmhmmm...everybodknows that. well, did you ow that old macdonald was a really b speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. ..o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnait. geico. fifteen minutes could ve you...well, u know.
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the countdown has ben and it's now dowto ten on "the voice." >> this week the fans sent two performers hom one of tm was air force veran jonny gray from team cee loho is not happy. >> now he ge to be with us and 's not happy about that either. >> verhappy. >> glad toave you here. what a ride that must have
2:28 am
be to be on "the voice." >> it's en surreal, the whol expeence. i never imaged i would be doing someing like this. it'seen great. i've been having aood time. >> now you served in saudi arabia. >> and kuwait. >> so yodidn't see combat, thank goodness. >> no. >> you took youruitar with you overseas. >> i always had my guitar. i smoked iand played for everybody and boosted morale the best i could. >> what kind of songdid you sing for t guys? >> a lot of dave matthew a lot ofearl jam. beetles,f course. >> now you're going hit the road and play music w that "the voi" is over with? what are your plans there? >> i was working on a record befo "the voice" started with. i put that on hold >> you're a songwriter, too? >> yes, ma'a >> you were raised in a nice family. you id yes, ma'am to botof us. >> it's the military man in . >> goo >> finh up the record and hit the road in 2014 and travel around and go see everybody that's bn supporting me. >>ill you play a little somethinfor us? i know y have your guitar wi you. >> little new tune i've been working on. okay.
2:29 am
♪ stay with me one moreay ♪ we'll always be the same ♪ our love is crazy, but you and i ♪ ♪ stay with me e more day ♪ we'll always be same ♪ ♪ ♪ >> interde. i li it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:30 am
>> beautiful. ♪ sy with him one more day ♪ stay with him o more day eight more seconds. >> o more day. >> jonny gray.
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2:32 am
we are back with more on "today" on this thirsty thursday. we have two love ladies off our plaza. >> working their hai makeup magic as always. >> you know the song sing along. louis licari, la la la la la la. >> author,ill martin. >>o much contributing going on. >> there's lot of that happening. >> it was chilly this morning, hats and gloves on. >> definitely. we we talking how we have to defitely get our winter ats
2:33 am
out. >> yes. >> oddly enough we fnd two dies from upstate neyork who are so useto the cold today was probably spring day for them. >> balmy. >> the first one is pat van ormon. she's from auburn, new york. she wants a, quote, better lookg everything. now thathe's 65 she wants to turn it on. >> wah. >>isten to her story. >> it's a girls' trip d what a treat, right? >> yes. yes. >> okay. so, first, why does pat desee this? >> well, just day this morning pat was telling me how her hair doesn't have the curthat it us to have. and she says, i real need somethg to be done. >> okay. >> so this is perfect timing. >> perfect. >> somody must have heard me. perfect. >> i know your husba is watching. what will hehink? >>e's going to be very happy for me. yes, he will. we've beenarried 45 years and a new look is good. >> surprise! >> all rht. she is here wi her friend joanne who's actuay also
2:34 am
tting made over and two others who are here, jane and jenny. >> they artrouble, those two. you can tell. >> ladies, please keep on your blindfold. here is pat van ormon before. >> pat, let's see you. >> wow! >> all right are u ready? >> take off your blind folds. >> oh, my gosh. >> ready, pat? turn around. >> oh,y god! >> so hip. >> you are hip >> you're happening. >> sn right around and look at came 12. >> wow. >> tell about the hair. >> well, i just waed to give this upstate girl some glam. lightened her hair. bridgette gave her this great haircut. it accents her eyes and cheek bones.
2:35 am
her two best facial features. yolook beautiful. >> wt do you guys think? love it! gorgeo. >> jill, telus about the leather. >> oh, my gosh. >> she actually picked this out. >> where are you going? don't go away. don't go awa >> we ve a little leather. this is from andrew mark. it a great layering pie. you cawear it over and the jeans are nydj. you can wearpanx to give you that little bit. >> like we did. >> a lite bit of extra shape just sayin'. >> big round of applause. >> thank you. >> face the wall if you wodn't mind. your other friend is coming out. her name is joanne vanschaick. when we asked her whater daily routine was she said, ll, nothg. she was thrilledor this opportunity to get a bnd-new yle. let'take a listen to her style. >> okay. 's joanne's turn. pat, you tell me why you want this for her. >> because joanne isne of the most nicest, most generous people i've ever known in my life and she deserves everything. >> it's alady a love fest. what do you think about is
2:36 am
whole new look? >> oh, my goodness. i'm so exced because i have d the same hairdo for like 30 ars. >> love them. group hug. next time you see em you are going to look totally different. oh, my god. >> oh, my goodne. >> i c't believe it. >> all righty. she's here with her iends. pa jane and jenny. all righty. let's take one last look at joan. and let's bring out joan vanschai. >> whew! >> all righty, ladies. ke off your blind folds and you can turn arounnow, pat. >> oh, my gosh, joanne! i love it. >> wow. >> you want take a look at your sf? there you go. >> look at her. >> what a great laugh she ha >> who is this? >> look at the difference there. yes. all right, louis. >> this proves that blond isn't always the answer. going darkerorks so much bett on you. you look so pretty. what we did we worked with the color, bridgette did. shworked with it giving her
2:37 am
swept away bangs. the new pall, all of the soft, rm colors. >> that dress, that lace dress. >> i love that. >> this is great for the holidays. >> i love it. >> this is by maggie london. if you have a smaller waist,ut a thicr belt. beige or gd shoes. >> what do you think >> beautul. justorgeous. >> why d't you step right up here. >> thank you. >> to louis as ual and to jill, thank you so much. if you neesomething to be fixed, guess who's here. >> lou mfredini is here with quick tips from the pros. i love that. time now to ask loabout [ female announc ] this is laura.
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l those pesky problems around the house you wish you could fix yourse. >> he with some quick fixes is "tod" contributor and ho of the show "house smar" lou
2:42 am
manfredini. aaron askshis question, how do you chge a light fixture. >> i know you're nervous about this, but this is sothing you can do if you have a healthy respect for electricity. behind you that's your existing fixture on the wall. you see the knob in the middle of the fixture. that comes off and that whole fixture comeoff. >>hat's the only thingeeping it othere. >> right. yowant to make sure thpower isff. >> so important. >> the switch. correct. you n't want these wires to be hot because you will get electrocuted. >> yes. >> you will use a ster to make sure they're not hotnymore. then these two wires are going to get connectedo your brand-w fixture that also has two wis on the back. >> that's it? >> i like the other fixture bett so don't change it. >> i understand. what i want to show you is there's going to be white wire whicis called the neutraand a black wire whi is the hot. those corresponding colors, if yosee what's coming ouof there, the black and the whi, you make sure you do tha you twist those wires together and you e what's called a wi
2:43 am
nut to hold it in ace and then you put it back on there. you tighten it up and you're od to go. >> okay. >> then you put the breaker on, thswitch on. >> you didn't show us how to test. >> this is the tester u will y. you take the pros and you'll hold it on the we, hold it on the box. if that does not light up, t power is dead. >> are they always bck and white? >> fixtures are typically black and white. in the wall it's white and the color. may not be bla but it's a color. >> next question ifrom connie. how do you tl if your dryer pi, is clogged up? isn't that how fires get started? >>t does. is is a big deal. there's thousandof fires that occur here. if your dryer is taking longer to dry the clothes, wow, iad this on for 40 minutes andt didn'tork, there's a good chance that this ducwork is clogged. this is vinyl duct work. if you have this, replace it. i don't li it. >> why? >> it getsoo hot.
2:44 am
this, to me, my opinio is a fire hazard in itsf. you ne a metal piece of duct rk. is is connected to the back of ur dryer. you're going to pull iout. you'll see all this lint in ere. >> yeah. this is a flexible brush that tually goes into thipipe. you work it in with a vacuum cleane i have a shop vac in front of us that you take d dry that. this ithe vent that's outside. this iwhere the air blows outside. there's all kinds of lt here and then they also hava brush at's available that you can go inside and clean that out. >> once a ye should you do that? >> twice a year. here i want to show yoa cool safety device. it's called a lint alert. this product you plug yo dryer in. when you te this hose off, you put this sensor on. you plug this lile hose into
2:45 am
this you ug the dryer into that. then if it gets clogged,f it senses that the air is not flowing, it sods an alarm to remind to you it. >> that's great. >> whave less than a minute. andrea asks the water prsure in my show is terrible. is there any wayo improve it? >> chances are it's your shower head. go ahead and take the shower head off. tightens onto the shower arm
2:46 am
here. a trick is to take somblue tape, wrap it aroundhe shower head and arm, when you use the wrenes, you'll damage it. soak it in a cleaner like clr. flood it f 20 minutes or so. then take an old toothbrush and ean it out. if that doesn't work, buy a new shower head. you'll be amazed. >> it's not a water problem. >> how do you get a cigarette burn out ocarpet? >> you don. you fake it. thiss the greatest produ ever. this is a sewing macne in a bottle. >>hat? >> is called hair mender. any piece of fabric that is torn or separated, the m on a skirt, take this product and go there. it will go awaif it's on my fing. where that burn mark is i'll take somscissors and i'll cut fibers from where i don't see. i'm going to take thhair meer and put it on to this porous material. i'll takthose fibers. i'm going to stick it on there. attach it. >>hat? >> i going to work my way around this. i wish i could do this with my balding head. would be awesome if it worked >> yeah. >> you'll put thatn there. it will not come out. >> oh. >> great. love our lou. thanks so much. >> if you'veot questions for lou go to >> italian dinner for any special occaon. >> if you want to shop, find out how to spend your money. ock or shop? >> theifts that keep up giving right ter this. >> alaska's a very extreme environment. >> 30 foot ss, hurricane force winds.
2:47 am
>> you go in in really bad situations and we always pl it off. >> easy do. >> hit the ter. game on. >> go. go. >> watch it. underwater, ! >> the reason why we all do this job is to save lives. >> aot ofhe times the coast guar comes before a family. >> when he isut flying i do pray.
2:48 am
>> . >> fall is finally here. >> and for every season theres a reason to watch. "wake up withal" weekend day mornings on the weaer channel. >> all ofour local weather and travel updates. >> you just c't beat this kind of weather. >> everything youeed tonow first thing. >> here is one ofhe big pictures. >> tap into us. >> wake up with al with staff knee abrams and al roke only othe weather channel.
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ether you're buying gift or having a big thanksgiving. we're going tell you how to stretch a doll in a game we call stockr stuff. >> sron is here to show us whether it's better to spend on holiday products or invest the
2:51 am
same amount in the company that sells ose products. >> we love this. >>ricky, sharon. >> it is a little icky. a lot of folksant to know about thisow because now is the time you might wt to buy a ft of a stock for your child for a good friend. you can do that. you n buy one share of stock and you can go onlinlike a company like or >> give it as a prest. >> $40 and the stock price and you can do that. it's a pretty easy thing to . >> so ready to py the game. >> is this aut the monetary value of what that would cost? >> what we're looking at wh all of these comnies, we're going to start dowhere, is what the stock price would hav done in the last six months. why we're loing at that short period of time? stocks are doing well in the last couple of yea. we're looking at record highs. some of these compies, not so good. you have to be careful. williams sona. what do you ink, stock or stuf >> stock. >> stuff.
2:52 am
hoda is right. we are lking at stuff. stock price is down 3% ithe last six months. >> oh, it is? christmas season wi go up. >> retailers very competitive. stock prices can move arou. bed, bath d beyond. >> stock. >> sck definitely. you are ght, hoda, once again. >> i love that cpany. >> we are lookg at a company that's befitting from the housing marketetting better. whole food organic natural foods. how many people like that? >> i'll just take itnd i'll say stuff. >> no. thistock has done really well, actually. the stock is uabout 17% in the last six months. a lot of folks like this organic natural foods. >> i like ittoo. >> very compitive. a lot of new companies gting in
2:53 am
>> i'm going to sit down. >> sarah lee is now owneby hillire brands. >> definitely stock. >> well, you actually wod not be right about that. it hasn't done that well. 's down about 9%. this is also a companyhat owns jimmy dean and ballparfranks. ople need to realizet has different pructs as well. >> okay. >> nike. after thanksgiving you want to work out -- >> sck in nike, please. >> stock definitely stock. stock's done really well the last six months. almost 20%. and neral mills, pillsbu crescent rolls. thanksgiving. >> heryou go. re you go. what do you say? >>tuff. >> no. >> oh, yes! >> ts stock is up a litt bit over the last x months. it's not done incredly well. > winner take all at- >> stock. >> 1-800-flowers. >> thas because you know the brand. it's such a competitive market. people getting in. stock down 20%. >> she still wins. >>ho won? jane, what d i win? >> no priz"today" on nbc. >>e'll be back after ts. >> thank you, sharon. >>haron, we love you. >> some turkey. >> what else is new? ♪
2:54 am
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2:56 am
♪ it'sime for today's kitchen and a little sometng
2:57 am
for ur thanksgiving table. meatballs and gravy. >> a lot of famies like to lebrate with a meal at reminds them of their heritage. >> like pete. it'she owner of a cafe in fort uderdale. he'll show us thanksgiving italian style. welcome. i'm very honored to be next to yotwo beautiful ladies. >> thank you. >> have some meatballs. >> i want to make italian thksgiving. the italian americans that i know, we didn't haveurkey until late, te, late at night, 11:00. >> okay. >> how we had it, we hadur soup, then our macaroni,eat, sad. the me for turkey, you were too full. >> all right. what's in your meat mixture? >> careful >> veal,eef and pork. you have to ha three kinds of me. >> why? >> it gives flavor. the pork gives it flavor. >> all right. >> mix a that up. >>ou have two eggs in ere.
2:58 am
>> two eggs, grod meat. this is stale bread. take a littlbit. i want you to moisten that up together fore please. >> g it. >> what i wa you to do, take me cheese, put it inside. >> yeah, baby? the whole thing? >> fresh cloves. >> oh, no. >> no, no, no. >> you threw ithe meatballs. >> you're in trouble. you'ren trouble. >> just watch. ju watch. you gethis. go like this. squeeze all the water out. come on. come on. we've got to go. let's go! let's go! >> she likes getting yeld at. >> the bread crumbs. >> are you sure? >> you have that. >> what do you want us to do? >> i've got it out. >> this no? no or yes? >> yes. >> the whole thi? >> no, little bit. parsley. >> do you cook at home?
2:59 am
>> a little. i make one thing. >> little bit salt. >> you know that that esn't ve an s, right? hato get that in. >> come on. >> wait, wai wait. grulated -- >> we ha a minute. >> mix it up. mix it up. >> take this. >> take that. >> take that. >> no, roll . roll it. >> rl it! >> go like this. >> do i put it in? >> you put it inere. fry it. >> in the hot grease? >>es, fried meatballs. >> got thave them. >> lisn, i made yous a nice sala >> sou philly salad. >> come around the back and show us all your dishes. >> ce on. >> are you ready? >> oh, that salad is delicious. >> fantastic. >> soups. you have your macaroni. rigato. >> ssages. >> you made the sauce for it. >> thank you, sweeeart. thank you, tnk you. >> thank you. >> all righty. >> here's your meatballs you have to taste it bore we off the air. >> all right. t in there. get a bowl. >> come onnow. oh, my gosh.
3:00 am
>> eat the meatbalwith the salad. >> on tv. >> delicious! d i'm here to help. you and i will get thrgh this togeer. ♪


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