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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 15, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> our investigative reporter broke the story earlier this nth. it continues to unfold. >> that' absolutely right, ra and ss. no one from t san jose police department would go on camera to talk abouthe inaccurate coarison of gang crime statistics until now. in a candid interview, the chi spoke opey about the mistakes maid, changes toome and a pledge to bring transparency to the department. >> this departmen and community is important to me. >> rorter: acting police chief larry esquivel wants you to know he'ssorry. >> i apologize to our citizens. our apogize to our politicians. to -- we don't wan to hide. >> reporter: apologizing for telling the pubc gang-related homicides are down re than 40% coared to last year. when in reality, the department doesn't know that. becauset was comparing appl to oranges. our instigation sparked outrage from citynd county leaders. someone should hav said, you know, these numbers don't necessarily refct the ye-over-year drop in gang
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crime cause we changed the definition. that didn't happen and that's what'stroubling. >> we shouldn't ve anything to hide. if there'something to hide, it's a full-blown scanda >> reporter: earlier this month used stricter criteria and tment compared those numbers to last year's which didt have the stricter criteria, revealing a dramaticdrop. >> you're right. we probably --t is ales to oranges. it is. and it's not a true or fair comparison. >> rorter: the department did t tell the public until after wetarted asking questions. >> in hindsight, we wouldn't make that comparison. believe me. it wasn't messaged properl in our part, and i take responsibilityor that. we could havdone a better job externally to the public andhe media. that's what we're trying to fix. >> reporr: we wanted to know the department used the sam criteria this year as it did last year to classy gang cases. would gang-related mders actually be down? >> i'm not reall sure becau it is somewhat subjective. i uld imagine, i would tend to
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think the number of eight at last reporting, that those numbers wouldrobably be a couplehigher. >> reporter: you'll remember the department saidor weeks gang crediting game supession efforts. city leadeouted that success at town hall meetin. >> do better than anybo in the country. >>eporter: until lastight when there was noention of those impressive stats. e chief says h wl not use that comparison again. >> so recently we've actuall taken away the gang-related homicides a part of the total percentage change. >> reporter: the chief says addressing gang violenc is a priority, and the plic deserves accuratend fair information. >> is important for meo be correctly. and report is not goingo happen ain.stake reporter: and the police department says it's in the process of removing th from itsebsite.rder statistics government committ will decide next week whether the issue wil
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go before city council. back to you, r. >> okay. thank u. if you have a tip for jenna or anyone in o investigative unitcall us at 888-996-tips or e-mail us at > there are thousands of people who shared smiles and tes today. what we saw and experiencedn e streets of san francisco is rare not only benefited just a year-old boy but a lot of other people. our nbc chopperas overhead down below, san francisco transformed. a sea of people at city ll. a ene similar to the giants world series parade. th time it was to make a wish come true for a boy battling cancer. it was well choreographed, from the first rescue, to rolng aroundhe city in theat where mayor ed l presented l miles with a key to the city. >> it was the journey that captived people across the bay area and reay the world through the eyes of social dia. c bay area's stephanie chuang joins us from gothah city. >> reporter: tt's right.
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good evening to thboth f of you. people went to sleep last night in san francisco, wok up this morning gotham city. bathkid was off to save t y. batkid getng a warm thank you hugs from theamsel from distress he just saved. packed with crime fiting.ay from robbing a bank in the financial distri. and then, saving giants mascot lou seal who had bn kidnapped by the penguin. >> our superho saved gotham ci andan francisco today. >> reporter: our mini superhero arriving in a lamborghini bat mobi with a booer at. accompanied by batman. thousands upon thousands just a glimpse of batkid.get
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who called the shots all day. while thousands eered, it was clear theids were his bigst fans. tiern murphy admired batkid on the front page of the "chronic." >> it was fun because i got to see him ce out the gare in the car and it was really cool. ande were wavg to him. >> i got all tingly, and i jus wanted to jump for joy. >> she is cecia. she's year and a half and she is catwoman. say gato. >> meow. >> reporter: at e end of his jam packed day, batkid, derstandably exhausted, got a piece of the city. gotham city by the bay. ch of the city coming out t who's already shown so much before today.s li, most of it >> miles has always en a
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he fought through cancer. hand that he i a fanf not in only batman, but superhero in general. >> reporter: now back here live, you can see city hall has been lit up in colors in honor of miles, who by the y, is from doctors diaosed miles with eukemia when he was 20 months old back in 20. he fought for threeyears. he had his lt run of chemothepy in june and is now in remission. free.ully soon to be cancer the 5-year-old just began kindergartenhis year. live in san francisco/gotham city, stephanie chuang, nbc bay areanews. >> thank you, stephanie. san francisco federal precutors even got int the spir. isingriminal doodictments for the riddler and penguin. they were cited for too many sections o the cminal to cot. the document notes the can appeal the charges, hever good
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luck with that because batkid i looking out for the citize. credited for drivi much ofhe batkid fever. in fact, a web tracking site says the #batkid makes up 20% of all twts coming from san francisco in the pas 12 hours. even president obamaook notice recording a video mesge on ne. >> whey ay to go,miles. way to save gotham. >> an actor who played batman said on his face bak page que, i heard the riddler is robbing a bank in t dirict. huy, sf batkid. nancy pelosi weighed in, alyssa mil milano and jim hbaugh. some state leaders jumpe onboard. governor browntweed, we could way to go, california, lieutenant governor gavinewsom said great work, day, sf batkid. you made the city a ser place. you are truly a inspiration. our coverage continues online. watch raw video of all the capers today in san francisco. find a link to many stories
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about miles. go to our website, happeng now, b.a.r.t.'s board of directors at a special meeting to talk aut a potential problem with tentative labo agreement with its unions. a prlem that could tear the an issue is a provision in the they didn't agree to.ment says it would require b.a.r.t. provide additional paid famy b.a.r.t. management believes it was mistakenly left in e ntract ratified by the unions. ion leaders disagree, though. >> whate're dealing with rht here, quite frkly, is a piece signatures that was lood at by' the chi negotiator, thomas hawkfor the district, and their attorneys and our attorneys, more than a few times. so the questio right back would be, i' not sure if that's a clerical error. the meeting is in a closed session right no b.a.r.t.'s board is not expecd to vote the final contract untiperhaps next week. a san joseolice officer is recovering tonightfter he was knocked off o his motorcycle by
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another car. thisappened around 11:30 this morning. intersection of north fouh and east empire streets. the officer had his lights on and sirens on as well. as he was responding to a rerts of a stabbing. at's when a c collided head-on with his motorcycle. he is expected to survive. >> the other driver ico cooperative and we're currently conducting ainvestigation to figure out how the collision occurred. the department says the officer is a -year veteran in sanjose. neighbors tell us the empire is notoriously dangerous for cars and other traffic. caldecott tunnelght on the the new fourth bore wl be opening to traffic tomorrow. todas ribbon cutting ceremony, caltrans direcr said the tunn will open sometime during the morning hours. >> when we lookt the remarkabngineering and the thousands of men andomen who helped to bld it,etter highways and skyways and roadways and runwa don't just
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get americans moving, they get the american economy moving, too, and that isot a partisa issue. >> the fourth bore will givehe tunnelour freeway lane no longer havingo switc directions for two tnel lanes depending on the flow of traffic. ahead at 6:00, a prank that went too far. investigation in the east bay. what we're leaing about the suspects aused of lighting a teen ofi. fighting prudice to fight for change. our interviewith one high-pfile student making waves across uc system. i'm sco budman at san jose international aiort. where an emergency landing solved a proem and caus another one. it's all about birds. that's coming up and good ening, i'm jeff ranieri coming to you from o nbc bay area weather wall. you can see were tracking a storsystem 500 miles to the noh. we'll let u know if the rainfall will get closeo the bay coming up in a few minutes. coverage of tkid taking
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over the city continue thousas come out to wat the festiti festivities. coming up, why this story touched many people.
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some scary moments for passengers takingff from san jose internional this morning. thei plane made an abrupt turnaround after hitng abird. the issue herethis is an ongoing problem a sjc. nbc bay area's stt budman joins us from the airport this evening. scott, wt are they doing about th problem? >> reporter: well it is a problem at airports acrosshe countr raj, birds getting cked into the engines of planes, forcing tho planes to make an emergency landin like whate saw he in san se, about 12 hours ago. as planes tak off above san jose international airport, workers back on the grod amine this md-83, which had to turn around shortly after
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takeoff this mning on its way todallas, from san jose, beuse of a bird strike. >> tre's a lou bang. and the whole plane kind of shook. everybody sat up and looked around. and, you know, then we started coasti. shuttering pretty pretty good. and so i think everybody's blood pressure kind of went through the roof. and the plane landed safely., but san jose international has to face questions about how it handles bird strikes. which officials admit have gone atelyuring bird migration seas. >> we are taking them lethally, wh absolutely necessary. our staff, alongith the usda ologists are trained to use fiarms to lethally take birds in the event that they are causing a serus concern to aircraft operations >> reporter: during t first seven month of the year, san jose rorted 46 bird strikes. 138 birds were killed or
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forcly removed from the airport through october. d the effort isgoing. >> we need to ensure tha first ofll that garba cans are not overflowing, that there closed. birds and otherildlife are attracted to those. we need to ensur that on the airfield, micend other critters aren't, you know, aren't living on our rfield. >>eporter: trying to keep things clean on the ground, to keep things safe up in the air. another way to disperse t hazing, where they play loud musi around the runway a then the birds fly away. ey say they've done that to some 5,000 birds so far this ye, alone. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scot thank you. this is an issue we've been followin nbc bay area recently conducted an investigation into the threat that bir pose to airplanes. you can see that piece oour website, just click on "investigations"
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and scroll do. shot and killed in san se. and apparently for no reason man suffering from a gunshot wound was found in front of the santa fe tacoria on sou white emergency crews did tryoave east thman. they wereunsuccessful. sheriffs say hwas found in the parkinlot next to a white toyo camry. at thisoint investigators say it's too early to tell if he's deputies interviewed some witnesses buttill need more information and are hoping more people mayome forward. policefficers wear a lot of eqpment. guns handcuffs and now cameras. on nday, the palo alto city council is expected to appro a contract providing nine offics wi body cameras. th palo alto police department says the ctract would also upgrade cameras on the city's patrol cars which have been outfitted with vid systems if several yrs now. in fact, since 2006. police say veoechnology is valuable for aining, eviden, and oicer accountabity.
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a big thank you to the safeway foundation which brought smiles a new ipadso students at a san jose school. new ipads, in fact. they repled the ones that were stolen fm the river glen elemenry school in willow glen. last mont burglars took 31 ipads, 31laptops and students and pares has raised money to bu safewayoundation heard about the story ancame to rescue. >> while we didn't have tho, is share resources across six different grade levels. >> safeway foundation says it never receive a reption like the one it got today. >> they were screaming a cheering. >> so excited. that waso cute. > jeff ranieri is with us w. this is where we really pay attention we head into the weekend with your forecast. >> s. know. i see your eyes firmly focused on our n brand new touchscreen motor back behind me we're traing a storm system okay, please keep that rain o , f my wkend forecast. though we ed it. i know you le those sunny the good news is mo of the
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rainfall should stay well up into the northwest. as we get a look at the bay area, what we'll preparely get over the nex24 hours is an increase inloud cover across the north bay. e high clouds beginning to pass on by. eventually thatill stream acrossan francisco and down toward theouth y. let's take you outside to our sk camera network on this friday ening. what you're going t find her clear skies. the bay is the still a little bit of wind in san francio. but that wind is going to continue t calm down as we head throughout tonight's recast. mperatures right now in the mid 50 if you're headed out for an evening on the town in the city. makeure toake that jacket with you. otherwise, here as we get a look across san jose, also an awesome night througut silicon valley with aurrent temperature of 56 degrees right now and mid level high cloud cover again well be passing on by tonight. overal a chilly forecast f us here as we lookhead toward see in the south bay, wll start with more 40s. most nobly, that cloud cover here at 7:00 a.m. and then not lking at an tremely warm day in the forecast by the noon hour, temperatur just in the low
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60s. the other thing you want t focus in onn our 24-hr forecast, tomorrow morning we'll have the fog increase athe peninsula d by the noon hour keep a slight chance of drizzle in forecast. again, we' not expecting any kind of hea rainfall across the bay area yo can even see our forecast mode here across the peninsula, only picking up about .01 an inch, right across half on bay. so that's just about it. you knowhe dril when that fog starts to get thick, you'll see potentially those windshield wipers going on for a little bithen you'll be in the clear. as we head toughout san francisco, maybe a ltle bit of drzle through about t noon hour. clearing throughout the afteoon hours. also for theorth bay, morning fog. followed by, well, some clearg in toward the afternoon. we'll see temperatures in the mid 60s for the eas bay and also for the tri valley as well. now, io want to get a quk look here erall at tt turday forecast. if you'reheading, let's say, to carmel, mid 60s. mostly sunny skies. santa cruiz, sunny skiesy the afrnoon.
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heading to chico, to get a vw the awesomeall colors that look likthis, you're definitely going tsee potential sli roadways. tahoe, 48 degrees. sundaythat's going two to be th best day in the focast. widespad sunshine aen temperates staying in the 60s. we'lhave details on the next possible rain inur forecast models coming up a little bit later on, you guys. >> thank you, ff. san jose wants you to come downtown. ming up, the newt selling point the city is offering. als the bay area city that wantto make it illegal t light up in your own home.
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the city of berkeley might expand its ban on smoking cigarettes. some wonder if it might g too far. the city council will examine a proposal to ba smoking in apartments and condos, something several cities have already here's the catc one uncilman suggest expanding the ban to single family hom
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live. children or seniors also that suggeion to ban sking in your home,t would be the first city in the nation to pass a meure. tolls on the goldeate bridge could be going up again in the near future. the board o directors reviewed planto raise the tolls. doing so would make u for a buet shortfall. bridget officialsay fastrack tolls could reach $8 by 2018t they plan to have a serious of public meeting and say no changes would come befor april of next year. ahead at 6:00, defusing bombs, wokking with police and capturing a bank robber. a typical day in the city. thousands of volteers came out to help make a dream came true. what motivated them to take part. plus -- >> i mean, you're called a anti-semite, that' the worst. >> uc's newest region stands up to her critics. saifudin. ntervw with sadia also --
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sat another teen on fire calls e incident a childis prk. i'm jodi hernandez in oakland. i got a chanceo vie the surveillance video of the attack. i'll have thstory coming up.
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it wasn'a hate crime, that's the claim of the defense attorney representing the teenager accused of sting sasha fleishma on fire. nbc bay area'sodi hernandez got a chance to watch the
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surveillance video of that incident. the incident, the suspt's torney insists, was a childish prank. >> it's my opinion tt it was prank, and it was thought that noing serious would happen at all. and then it was a terrible tragedy. suspect's attorney desibes the incident that left 18-year-old sasha fleishman with severe burns. the aorney says 16-year-old richard thom did not mean to hurt aone. andnsists it wasn't a hate crime. despit an investigator's written declaration that the boy said he did it because he s homophobic. >> wheas a matter of fact, he doesn't even know how to spell homophobic, yet alone be homophobic, ere are members of his family w are gay. he has absolutely not a homophobic bone in his body. >> reporter: it was capred on the bus' surveillance vide a
6:28 pm
video we got a chance to watch r the first time today but are not allowed to rroadcast. the video clearly shows th suspect usin a lighter to set sasha's long, flowing skirt re. while sasha tries dperately to pu the fmes out, running up d dn the bus aisle until some passengers finally step in to help. >> it wasn't intend to disable or to burn thi individual at all. on any part of h body. not a single hairs intended t be affected by this. >> reporter: dubois admits the video shows incident. he saysichard thomas is deeply remorseful. >>ith every fiber of his ing, he is sorry. with every ounce of energy he has, he wants to apologize. >> reporter: thos will be back in court at e end of the month, where his attorney will make the case to haveim prosecuted as a juvenile nots an adul in oakland,odi hernandez, nbc bay area news.
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new problems for obama care. today re than three dozen house decrats defecte and vod with the republicans on a quick fix. the hoe will will allow americans whose health care plans have been canceled because obama care standds to keep year. policiefor an aitional president obama supports that, but th bill also allows those planso new customers. about that ovision.ot hpy saying it undermines the presidt's effort to get americans covered by obama care as soon as posble. today, the predent met with alth insurance execuves at the white house tryg to figure out a solution. >> there's going to be a collaborive process. we wanto make sure we get this done so that in the yea to come, ever amerin is going to have the kindf affdable healthare that they all deserve. >> as for the house bill, the democrat-led senate says it probably won't even vote on it. strippedf his powers, toronto ci council voted tod to suspend mar's authority after a series of missteps. the ty council took action
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after mayor rob ford refused to step aside. now, in the st week, ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine,uying illegal drugs and yesterds he used obscene language to defend himself against theallegations. th mayor says he's seeking pressional help but he is not stepping down. many people have no idea it's happeng. homeless students on uc campuses. it's a reality and sos rising tuitn. but now new president of the uc system, janet napolitano, is making waves becse of her e new religion. tonight, the interview wit dia. it's eas to get lost in the crowd. to simply blend . t for 21-year-old sadia, blding in means standing out. >> i definely knew that there would be som people who would be uncomfortable because ofhe y that i look or my identity. i never knew i would be an outright, likedefamation in e campaign and media.
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>> reporter: herream was met with polits and religion. she's the fst ever muslim-american ucregion, beating out 30 other students applicants from around the state and shs quickly challenng what she views as the highly paid uc executives. >> we have studentsho are homeless, and we hav students who take showers in theym because they havowhere to live. we have students who go hungry. i think pple reay need to reconsider why they're worki and why ty do what theydo. >> reporter:hat she wantso do is shed w light on old problems. >> what do i bring to the table? i think that i rlly know what it's like to betruggling student and that's something that the regions d't understand they'rvery successful. they're ceos, real estate manage, you know, prominenin hollywood. but i'm someone that has had to work three jobs durin the daytime and then tor in the ening to make sure i cld pay my rentt the end of the day >> a lot of people supported you during this, but those who
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didn't didn, i'll read one phrase, comment, she's prominent in the -- rejects dialoguand fosters bigotry. that's what someone said about you during the nomination process. true, false? what are you thinking when this was being said? >> people ca say that if ty like i'm not anti-semitic. i have a large numbe of jewish friends i work with on a day-to-day basis. i'm on great terms with the rabbi in berkeley. so these a things i kw people are going to say, and they are trying to defamey character and who am because they're uncomfortable with wt the new facef leadership looks like. >> was it hurtful? >> yeah, definitely. when you're calle aerrorist d called an anti-semite, that's the rst. i know what it's like to experice prejudice and, you wouldn't -- i'm the last pern who wouldver want to mak someone feel that way. >> janet nalitano, new to her position.
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i knowou've met with her. how was the inial eting? >> it was good. i really areciate that she understands that she isle comi from a placehere students e feeling uncoortable abouter a backgrounds. she's willinto do what she can to alleviate the tensi and listen to students and figure out solutions as to the reques th're making. >> is the system healthy rit now? >> depends on what you me. >> i'm asking you. do y take it -- however you want t take it. is it a healthy, acamic institution righnow? >> financlly, no. it's not. tuition has gone u almost 80% ur oaf the last couple ofyears. it is soad to know that a system fnded on the master plan which guaranteed free tuition to everyone is now something th has become almost ivatized. people do not go to the uc system becau they think that they can get bter classes that at a private ititution for a couple tusand dollars more. at that int, it's unfortunate we're losg talent. >> you're not a pushover, are
6:34 pm
you? >> no. i am not. >> not at all. she applauds nalitano's proposal this week to free uc tuition. see our segments on our wsite, a prograing note to pass along. tomorrow night we'll have a 30inute special with dynamic newsmakers including randi zuckerberg, and carly fiorina. tomorrow ening at 6:30 on nbc. cing up a lot of expectation and a little letdown. what slowe the start of cb season. and good eveng, i'm jeff ranierfrom the nbc bay area weather nter. the weeken just upon us in the weatherforest. a few spee bumps. we'll talk more about this chilly fall air and what our chances are ofetting anyind long term in just few minutes.
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hay new year to all you today's opening ofrab season got off to a slow start. many boats hn't left the wharf early this morning. fishermen set out last night. weather rolled in o the other side of the golden gate bridge at kept the bts from going back up to pick up those pots. there's food news, though. >> crab forthanksgiving, because a couple years in the fast we haven't had because they were tied up because of disputes or, of coue, a few years back we had the problem with the oil spill. things a looking good this year. a little day because of weather. >>hen the crab does come , fishermen say crab cou cost anywhere from $6.99 a$10 a
6:38 pm
found. 's a sparkling friday night. when sanjose's seasonal skating rink downtown ice opened night, it looked betr than ever. e halo, ast's called is a musical light show at the circle of palms, next to the fairmont hotel. state of the art tecology allowshe light to dance along the truchnks of the 32alm trees that surround the ice rink. looks nice, huh? 's part of the celebraon of marking 20 years of downtown ice under the palms in s jose. at union square, we can ske here. fore we know it, we'll be in the olympics. that's in february >> i know. we have to go fa. >> it'going to be unreal. i can seeegments coming up. try this o the ice. let's see how it loo. all right. now across san across uon square. the nbc bay area and safeway holiday ice rink. currently clear skies. we'll talk more aut fog rollg in and where we could have a littleit of drize for tomorroworning in a u few minutes. jeff, let's hit som sports.
6:39 pm
the sports wor not left outf batkid main wra. ll tell you that. in a second, wt jim harbaugh, coach o the9ers had tsay about our caped crusader. colin kaepernick wantso look forwardo the saints. today he was dealt one final conseqnce for his rough performance against rolina. 're going to tell y what that is from thexfinity sports desk. giants fans a sing gian players popping up on menus ross the bay area like at three twins ice cream many has become a signature way to e closout good meal. >> i got to meet sergio. he's friend. great guy to work with. the reactionrom the publicas beenamazing. they love the flavor. you're going to s it start appearing a lot more bay area stores. >> mat the melt, ask them to grill up the culinary creation
6:40 pm
of ne other tn bndon bell whose be melt has become a true fan favorite. >> this isn organic thing. we invitsed him toome in. hereated on the spot his melt. and before you knew it,e was tweeting o to his 4500 followers that he'd created it and pele started cing in and asking for it. >> so what's next with giants ayers and future flavors inspired by the orange and black? >> i would love to do something with busterposey, maybe something plang to the georgia heritagef maybe some pens or pecans depending how they say it, and sweet georgia peacs. >> hey, listen, open invitation. any giants players that loves the melt and wants t create their own, we're happy to do it >> on the home of the gian, nbc bay area, m lawrence scott.
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6:42 pm
take a look. our c chopper had qui the
6:43 pm
assignme today following batkid. like the giants world serious parade. doesn'lookike it? massive crowds in gotham city's union sqre. noorners were cut. nearly 12,000, yeah, 12,000 volunteers a fans linin the streets. theyat on shoulders, climbed trees st to get a glimpse of the superhero. people wereatching around the world., our website, got 2 million hs duringtoday's caper. so what made all those people follow the bat signal to san francisco? >> joe rosato jr. shows us why ey were all so moved by miles' story. >>t's the lamborghini, b bile. >> reporter: theyrowded the sidewalks. lked out of jobs away from classes. to witness something fewre likely to ever see ain. >> this , remember, it's the most traffic i've seen down here since the giants won the wor sees in 2012. >> reporter: necks craning. cell phones raised. watching a 5ear-old boy live out his dream.
6:44 pm
>> ah. this is amazg. are you kidng me? we're living in gotham city today. it's awesome. >> reporter: for many, the crowds, bat symbol police escorts cannly be described as -- >> awese. >> awesome. this is definitely awesome. >> any time you have a kid that's suffering, it bngs out i'm proud to be a human today, man. this ithe kind of thing we all should do for kids who are suffering. >> reporter: 5-year-old miles made his way through city streets fighting injustice and tynny, hundreds folwed his every move. >> do anything at this poi in time. >> reporter: when he appeared in the miacy's window looking down onrunion square, the crowd below began chant his name. >> we wanted t help his, ke, he reay -- because he really, , ally, really loves tman. >> everyone's here to support the little man.
6:45 pm
he made a wish, and it's coming true. >> rorter: but maybe it wasn't just miles' dream that came true. in tse fewours when reality was mporarily replaced by a bat mobile and a pint-sized batman. >> i think there's a little kid in all of us that wts to be a superho for a day tha wants there to be superheroes, tha can solve the big problems like tackling cancer. >> reporter: joe rosat jr., nbc bay area ne. the nation'sunprecedented enthusia for baid crashed the website for folks at make-wish. they posted an apolo complete with smiling photo of miling saying they're humbled and overwhelmed by t support and viting everyone to come back to help other children get their wishes come true like batkid did. relive batkid's adventure on our website, it was a wild afternoonn the city. jeff ranieri is her to tak us into our weekend. >> looks ptty good. we have a few speed bumps coming in the forest. mentioned earlier 500 miles off to north. looks like seattle and also
6:46 pm
portland will ge about 1 to 2 inches from this. for us, mainly just creasing cloudover as we head throughout theext 24 hours already starting to see a few clouds develop throughout the north bay rig now. let's get a lk at those current skyamera networks. and it was win in san the flags still blowi around a bit in the downtown shot. certainly not as gust now the system that passed through earlie this morning is now pushing well off t the south. it's calming just for a bit. again, more changes coming our way. as we get a look acrosshe silicon vall, alsoainly clear, curre temperatures in the mid 50s at this hour. nice night o on the town throughout lots of the south bay. les get a look at torrow's avages when it comes to those tempatures. i think you're going to lik wh you see. once we get overorning clouds, possibly some drizzle in san francisco, all areas are expecting sunshine. side with mainl 60s in the ler forecast a this time. let's take a look at the paern. we did have a storm system yeerday. it broug plenty of chilly air
6:47 pm
across the bay aa dropping teeratures 10 to 15 degrees. here comes storm we showed you on the satelle/radar picre early tomorrow morning. it's going t lose most of its energy as it moves from the north to south. higherlevations will squze out available moistu. th only thing pretty mh left at this poi by the time it gets to us will be that clo cover. let's take you tthat future cast and what you're going to be able to see heres by 9:00 p.m. tonig tonight, we'll continuhave to clouds across the north bay. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, mor clouds floating across. possible of drile in the forest is trace amounts to .01 an inch at the coastline. microclima, saturday, pause r a seconds. find your ci, find your zone. the southay peninsula and san francisco. tomorrow, most certainly t best weath across the south ba 67 at morgan hill. also 68 in gilroy. righdown toward thextreme south bay, that's where we'll be sheltered from a kind of onshore wind at thispoint. as you get clor to i y, you'll see mountainview,
6:48 pm
sunnyvale, where temperatures will be slightly cooler in mountain view at this pot. as we getack to the oth micrlimates you'll notice here is the possibility of morning drizzle innapa. temperatures in upper 60s. also for santa rosa. while we do he the slight shower icon, is just representing tt possibility of drizzle the afternoo plenty of sunshine expected. we'll have m 60s in fremont. pleasant, 68. forecast.expecting 68 in the saturday.ading awhere on if t's say carmel, santa cruz. temperaturesn the 60s. mainly mostly clou there in santcruz for the mning hours. sun by the afternoon. up tard lake tahoe, mostly cldy, 48. yosemi, 46. sunday, that i most certainly ing to be the bes day ofhat weekend. 60s.eratures in theow to mid pretty much sunny skies for everne at this point. now, you probly noticed on the bottom of the screen, next tuesday, wednesday,thursday, we e putting showers back into the focast. right no does not look like a big storm, but it certain by
6:49 pm
next tuesday will keep our temperatur in the 60s. jacket weather throughout throughout tuesday, we'llee ead the st possibility of showers here in san francisco, oaklands and also for napa. let's erase this for a second. let's get out of tuesday and get back to saturday and fus in on the y at hand. the first day of the weekend just hours away. >> i'll go to any o those cies you're suggesting we go >> chicos pretty fun. >> even chico. >> leaves like this. >> beautiful. wow. that's impressive, jeff. >> ah. >> all rig. let's get to sports. jim kozimor joins us from the comca ortsnet newsroom. i'm cfused because i thought you were the riddler. that's a good one. look at you guys taking a swipe on a d like this, we're feeling soood, goodness sake. don't you get the feeling jeff is jt showing off now with him and his big weather ard? >> he really is. sketch out later on and show you what's going on spor. let's get it going. the tire city swept up in
6:50 pm
batkid mania toy. the sports world, n differt. ers head coach jim harbaugh delighted t talk about our caped crusader. the young hero. >> good for that youngster, and great for the city of san francisco. the whe region. yoknow, it's -- excited to i love it. it. so good.good. good deed in a wary world. >> tt is great stuff right there. > all right. back to football. on the injury front. vernon dis and eric reid are scheduled to play ainst the saints on sunday. both pyers suffed concussis against the panthers but passed a tests this week. through sunday, they're ree available forhe 49ers not all goo news, though. colin kaepernick is having a hard time putng a tough game against carolina behdhim. today kaep was fined $7,8 for
6:51 pm
his face mask in carolina's a.j. klein. a panthersefender was fined an ual amount for a late hit on kaepernicks well. the raiders. terrelle pryor, quarterback, listed as questionable o the inry report. backup matt mcgloin took the first team reps in practice toda confident the rookie has the ability to step in for pryor. >> he's taking most of theeps up to this point. yoknow, on the show team. but he's de a great job,ou know, he just has a little bit of that, you kn, kind of it factor a little bit about, you know, playing the quarterba position. anhe's got a lot of confidee in himself. we've got a lot of confidence in him. more football news. dolphins lineman jonathan martin of stanfor met with the nfl counsel for more than six hours today. e league is investigating the concerning mart and the dolphins. is unknown what was said in that mting. but upon leaving, martin did
6:52 pm
read this statement. >> todas meeting isonsistent with the nfs investigation ate into my expience as a player on the miami dolphins. although i spent, i went into great dail with mr. ted wells and his team, i do not intend to discuss is matter publicly at this ti. i do, however, look forward to speaking directly with steve ross, tom gar finkle andhe dolphins organization at the appropriate ti. this is the right way to handle the matter. beyond that i look forward to working through the process a resumingy career in the tional football leag. thank you. let's get boxing in he. oakland's andre ward retained his wba surmiddleweight title and hasn'tought yet. his opponent, win rodriguez missed weight by two pounds. the two will still fight, but the title will not be on the line. rodriguez docked 20% of his sacramento kin 90 miles from here attempting to break a
6:53 pm
guinness book of world records record tonht. loudest arena noise. to try to break that recd gng tonight. as they take on the detroi pistons. to help the effort, kings are opening up standing ro ining ro tickets sellout crow. could beoud out there. that'soing to do it from the xfinity sports desk. sharks highlights at :00. sharks go for their third straight wintonight. at will do it. >> two pounds overweht? >> who? >> jim kimo. >> i'm two pounds overweight >> for a full lf hour or local sports coverage, watch sportsne central on comcast sportsnetay area tight at 10:30. >> we'll bright back.
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tonht at 11:00, the badkid's father spes to nbc y area about theittle boy's special day,onight at 11:00 after dracula. the sun set nown gotham city. >>-year-old miles a cancer survivor wished to be superhero for a day. the city turned ielf upsidedown to make batkid's dream come true. he oumartedvillains, rescued victims. a very grateful city. traffic sloweds mil went from crime sce to scene crime in a lborghini bat mobile, the first time the bat mobile was equipped with a car seat. san franciscans me together to make the adventure come gether. some othem highly placed. >> you saved the city. i ha to believe you worked up quite an appete. head onown to the burger bar d tell them lch is on the chief of police. od, veryood chiefordon.
6:57 pm
miles' stunt, sittinghrough a ceremony, a key of the city. he got a second key madef chocolate. >> is that chocolate still avaible tonight? >> thas in his tummy. >> we cover plenty of feel-good sties. this isne of the most unique, for sure. >> thanks for watching bay area news at 6:00. >> hopeo see you at 11:0 good night.
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ec baldwin under fire. pushed to the edge, hiwife cos to his defense. now on "extra." alec provod again by a relentless reporter. >> you're on again dealing with the onslaught of paparazzi. >>ilaria baldwin standg up to her man and breaking her silence about puing their crazed slker behind bars. >> she's putut things like i


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