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tv   Today  NBC  November 16, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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>> announcer: fr nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford doda ko. from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hello, erybody. you've madit to try day friday. it's november 15th glad you're th us. >> it's a big day. >> it is a huge y. 's national clean out your reigerator day. >> mm-hmm. >> yep, yep. >> that's what you're supposed to do. so we took a photograph of your refrigerator. >> rht. oh, please. >>hat is just annoying >> why? >> because everything is lined up and nhing is green and
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molding. i li that. >> everything's in t back. the green and moldy stuff. >> bleu cheese. >> my refrerator did not get photograph because -- >> because? a couple of reasons. ery wednesday rosa comes and helps clean out. and the fridge preosa is hideous and gross. i don't know how she even goes inside there >> she has aazmat suit on. >> post-ro it's empty. so i h nothing going on. but this is a picte of our office rrigerator which is comparle to mine at home. >> oh, okay. >> just some icky junk. >> you live in the city. yoeat out so much. >> and i order in. >> you order in a lot. shhas cozy nights at home. >> sometimes you think, that will last one more d, one more day. and th you shove it in the back and you forget. that's what haens to me and i look bacand go what is that? >> it's sprouting.
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it's got ling things on it. this is very unusual month. >> we did ask viewers to send in photos of their refrigerators. these are the ones you sent . we're going to tl you a little later what to ke in your idge -- that looks like mine. that's a bachelor's -- >> is there dog in there? a dog is in the frid. sad. >> anyway, so we'lget to that. >> oy, hoda woman. at else are we going to talk about today? >> you may not known but this year thanksgiving is known as thanksnukkah. oh, my gosh. we should have a menor with that. >> in combination cker's bakery has combined tw deliciouthings stuffed into
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one donut. >> i don'tike the concept. >> spiced pukin doughnuts. one filled with turkey and gry, one is filled witturkey and cranberry. >> they're $5 each. >> f one? >> yeah. they're ki of moist. >> they're moist but they're not hot. i ke my turkey and stuffing hot. i really like my gravy hot. >> get ithere. get involved. you try it. >> ian't. i really -- i really can't. can we heat it up d i'll try it? >> it's okay. >> yeah. anyway -- >> ismells good. they're a hit. that's all youeed to know. we'll get them heated up. i just can't look ateat like that, coagulated stuff, mot. let's say it again. moist is t worst word ever. thank u. >> gerrard? >> i'm going to heat it for yo >> oh.
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>> he'll always be fred flintstone to . >> all right. so there is caaign out there to end the word "moist." we've talked about our least favorite wds are "moist," and i'm starting not to like "phlegm." >> and you know at else? "hole." i knowt is gross. whole foods should change its name. >> no, just hole without the "w." >> there a whole website, buzz feed. it just feels good d it mit have something to do with oi sound in ointnt or goiter. >> it makes you thk more of bodily fids than cake. and finall you feel like you need to wash up after hearing it. moist. it com from the word mucinous. which meanslimy, moldy, musty
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and gives us the word mucus which should also banned. >> you shod go to our facebook page, whater the facebook is. >> facebook portion. >> go toonnect us and connec with us. >> tell us. we're going to read yourords on monday. >> may not. depends how our ekend goes. so we ha yet another survey. half of rents sing pop songs to their babies instead nurserrhymes. >> we should finish them. ♪ >> is that you? ♪ >> all right. here's why this is s. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> that's not from my luaby album. that is fromy "my way home" album and that's a song i wrot to my daddy when he was dying, but thank you very much. thank you.
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>> can we stophat song, somebody? >> let's lten for a moment and enjoy it. >> no. >> this is the 11-year anversary of my daddy ssing, ani -- you know when y're little, your parents take care you and then your parents get older and they get sick and al of a sudden you'reoing -- they want the lhts on or they don't want you to leave. so that's lled "good night daddy." my sisr and i and my brother became the caretakers to my dad. thank you, produce >> i love amanda anywher don't care what anybody says. i think she's awome. and i'm going to fight for her when she's ling her job, i rely am. which might happen shortly. these, by the way, are the most popular. >> let's hear something better than that. >> rihanna's "amond." and brunmars' "just the way you are." >> you've trying to get them to sleep. >> you know, the song --
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>> someone like yo that's good. >> it's also very rangy that that's a good one. >> i love it. come on. ♪ when i see your fac thers not a thing that i would change because you're amazing ♪ >> that i thk is adorable. >> but i used to sing to my cousins when ty were little "i wear my sunglass at night." they loved it. they madme sing it over and over becse it was nighttime, you know hower about's going to bed. doesn't it feel kinof -- >> it's eurorash stuff. ♪ i wear my sunglasses at night ♪ that's it. that showsou how the world has changed. did yoknow that one in five people have mitted tt? >> that's okay. >> it's not great thing. >> here's something -- >> speakg of survey. >> oh, oh, gerard.
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he friend, flex for me baby. yes. no, ll use my imagination. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. do thalittle thing you do for me ahome. i'llee you at home, baby >> all rht. try them before they get cool. all you said is if they heated them up,ou'd be glad to eat that meat. >> tt's another word to baed. meat. i dot know. it doesn't loogood to me. >> no. okay. anyway. you know what it's time for -- >> oh, no. oh, no. oh, no. >> i'm very soy. i'm sure lovely people made it. wash it down. >> yeah, that's what i'm going do. okay. geready for friday fun, everybody. >> i love this. okay. drink up. >> sent in by facebook fan anna from queens. >> i like it.
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there was a captain sailinon the sea when a huge battle began. when the captain saw thenemy ships getting closer he screamed to his servant, bring me my handkerchief. thservant ran off and turned withhe handkerchief. as he ed it around his forehead, he said, this is the secret to the battle. never let your emy see you sweat. then he said, bring me my red shirt. he said, sir, why do you want the red shirt? >> he saidwell, if i get shot the enemy won't see me bleed. finally as the battle raged on said captain, we see 50 more enemy ships on theorizon. said, servant, bring me my brown pants. want to thank anna for that joke. that's funny. >> i like that, anna. you rocked it. it's time for johnson baby
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now we celebrate new mo and adorable new additions to their falies. our rst johnson's first baby of the week dalton michael husbands. born october 23. weighing 7 pnds 3 ounces. he loves to be eertained by his sisters. next up is mary grace long bo september 28 in cinnnati, oh. what a little daisy she is. her mom says she has days and nights confused. how fun. she wants to stay up allight. born sepmber 29, turner layn rehart. wh his 6-year-old brotr kisses him othe forehead, he immediately clams down. >> isn't that precio? our last johon's babe is eleanor june midgett. we tried to inoduce her a few weeks ago and due to a technical glitch hericture did not air.
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so here she is. she was born on september 23rd in robinson, illinois. her mom and dad cknamed her ellie and said she's t best baby er. if youeft her alone, she wld sleep e entire day away. if you want your baby to appear, go to klgha. >> break out the trash bags. it's time clean out the refrigerator. nd out how to make that produce last a little bit longer. >> yea >> right after this.
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today is national clean yo refrigerator d, and who doesn't want to lebrate that. >> wo. americans thw away about 160 biion pounds of food ery year, and you know who you a. where it turns out, we're probab throwing way some gd stuff well. >> here to show us what to toss,
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at to keep, and where to keep is it "real" magazine stephanie cisco. >> hi, stephanie. how are you? >> let's get srted. >>e emptied out the fridge behind us as you can tell. >> the frie is empty. we likusing that. >> so we're just ting to gure out what we should hang onto and wt we should toss. >> first of all, leftovers. they only last three or fo days. you want to toss tse -- >> even if there in a bacteria container? >> yeah. bacteria can be odorless. you don't nt to risk catching something. >> here, you throw it. >> toss away. >> nice. >> this one too? >> yes. >> oh, no. that looks delicious. >> what about eggs? >> eggs actually can last upo three to fivweeks. that may take them a little more thanhe expiration date that's stamped on the package. >> you won't see it on the outside when it's bad. >>t will turn spotty or cracky.
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>> these are fine. >> these are fine. >> bacon? >> you don't want to take any risk with meat. toss it. >> i fl like we're wasting. >> that expired in september. >> anything th looks like that. >> yeah. these are a ttle wilty and brown. unfortunately lettuce has too when it gets that way. >> look at this green pepper. >> absolutely. >> you can tell when they're all -- >> the knicks could use me. >> but with produce, you can keep -- >> this isood. >>eppers are good. that nasty. >> you can actually -- >> ew. >> ewwww. >> you can wrait in a damp paper towel. >> don't say damp or mst. >> no? >> kind of wet. >> stick it in plastic bag in thcrisper. >> talk about lemons and limes >> lemons and limes n last about three weeks the fridge. but also use your judgment. >>hey start to have mold on them. how much judgment doou need? >> it's pretty simple. toss these. >> you're reallyn a roll.
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what about butter and cheese? >> butteis an odor absorber. you want to keep it -- >> it is? >> mm-hmm. your butter will tas like your meatloaf. >> keep it in an airtight container in the dairy door on thdoor of your fridge. >> dairy door. got it. >> that's right. dairy door. and with cheese. >> chees please, people. >> and moldy cheese. >> and moldy. >> you can't say anything. >> hard cheeseoes get mold and the mayo clinic says we can cut ofan inch and an inch d a half to cheesend you can -- >> if you cut ofall cheese, you can cut off annch or an inch and half of yourself. >> exactly now that the fridge is empty, you can take time to clean it out. >> let's take a lo.
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we have some picture from me viewers that sent in pictus. this o looks good. >> actually she's got a fe things that we want to poi out. >> what's wrong? >> first of all her lk is kind of front and center. the coldest part of your fridge is toward the back and lower. she'll want to move that back and lower. >> unless you use itll the time and you don'tant to dig all around. >> you want to go through it quickly. >> that's true. and then next we have -- she so has tupperware. >> okay. today's friday, so toss the tupperware. then dowhere she's got a hodgepodgef things. >> i do at. >> take the ketchup and condiments and put them in the door. >> orgize things. >> these a things that can last lifetime. >> these can stay out of the fridge. you want to keep your onions i the pantry, same with the garlic. hot sauce has a natural preservative. bread you want to keep on e counter too. >> thank you very much. from oust your caning to cleaning up your act. want to tell you wh you need to make it big in tv.
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>>it's friday and it'sime for "bobbie's buzz." >> the arrival of the holiday season can breally, really stressful. here to share a few finds to calm your nervess yle editor and author bobbie thomas. >> all righte're liking it. we've got these little sess balls. >> the are stress busters. we start witoil-infused balls. can't beat them. >> these are sort of this rubber coating. they're soft and they have t benefits of aromherapy. >> what do you do withhem? >> rl them on your wrists, your hands, your back. you can slp on them. and i am personally obseed. but this iyour mini massage anywhere. so iyou can't get to the spa -- >> oh, my god. >> y can zone out.
2:28 am
oh, da. >> does it feel good? >> i love them. >> next a clever idea. this coue came up with when ey have an issue, one of them want to discuss it but maybe it would sta a fight, he would bring out the elephantn the room. >> how adorable. >> when somebody came home and saw that the other partner left it out, th knew they wanted to talk. but even better, when you take the elephant out, only one person can talk at a time. >> not interestein your game. >> handsff. >> i want to see if you can get thugh a whole chat. >> that's a really cute idea. >> that is really cute. >> it really is. >> very. >> nt -- >> let's do it again. >> oka >> this is called th this is called the baby shusher. a dad was trying to gea little one to go to sleep he found the ancienart of shushing. he turned this into a device that helps the baby go to sleep. >> it sods like the ocean.
2:29 am
>> this is all abouthe rhythms. >>hat would be a cute ft. >> last but not least, i gave blake one. >> i le these. >> during the holidays whethe doorbell is ringing and this i going, this is the most genius dog toy. you sh it off and it can't makehe noise. so fido can still ha his toy, but you don't have to hear it. >> all right. thank you, b.t. >> tha you, bobbie. >> say you want to bon tv. talent manager and hosting coach will puthese nice folks we plued off the plaza to the test.
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we're back on this try day frid with more of today. talent manager a hosting coach rkie costello who's trained everyone from cee lo gre to ll and melinda gates. >> very sy. the granddaughter othe famed lou costello, the famed abbott & costello, she gives you
2:32 am
look at what she does best in her new e! series "the dram queen. >>ey, girl. >> it's so nice to have you. >> so nice for you to have me, ladies. you might not be so happy with me in two minutes, but- >> you've worked with a lot of celebrities. what do they usually want? what are ty asking from you? >> thing when a celebrity has be themselves front of the camera, you know, it's harder for them, d i sort of teach -- my media training is all about when you learn tput the audience fir you have your own way. even nerves are about you an when you can go it's not about me but it's abt wanda in wichita. that's my job to give wanda in twach this formation, whether it is fashio food advice or news. that's when you become a star in this arena. >> you connect with them >>hen you learn to reveal you get relatable and relatable equals ratings. i teach it is balancing t.
2:33 am
>> i always hear pple want to be on . what is the number one mista? >> themight about them. how do i say that word snow how i look? i want to say this funny joke and they think. when you're in your head y're sort of saying, rew you, audience. i'm in my head we as the view aren't in your head a so you're out. >> then it not authentic at all. >> right. >> is your show like blood on the floor or whahappens? >> blood on thfloor? >> that's a ntastic laugh. >> you know, they tested the show and my laugh tested the worst part. they go, everybody hes your laugh. whatt's really about is in this day and age, everybody thinks -- are we watching? >> no. we're with you. b-ro. >> b-roll. sorry. everybodnow in the year 2013 thinks they can be famous. >> i know. well, unfortunately it's easier than it used to be. >> a lot of people can b >> but somebody has to be -- my grandfather, hworked his butt to get what he wants and my mom married dean marn's oldest
2:34 am
son. my dad was a record producer. i grew up in this business. work eth is everything. >> it's everytng. >> whave two little ladies from the plaza. they want to have our jobs. clearl they are sitting in our seats. summer is here from kentucky and angel is a nativof ireland living in philadelphia. they're going to read off the prompter. >> iaven't given them any tip but i want to give them a tip before they start. wherever you see punctuation, i want you to say audience. i want youo connect with the audience. connect with the audiencnot mang it about you. good luck reading the prompt. nobody watching. >> good rning, welcome back. i'm summer covering f kate lee o mysteriously disappeared with a btle. >> i'm angela whs in for hoda who's currently dealing with her
2:35 am
hair emergency. this could take a while. at's coming up in the next half hour? >> well audience, angel, first we will sprise al roker a matt lauer with ambus makeover. >> oh, anks, summer, audience. sounds le fun and try day friday segme where w teach savannah h to do a kick stand like a lady. but first, audience, let's send it back t kathy and hoda who seem thave reappeared. >> that was fantastic. >>ery well done. >>t first i thought th wen't going to hear and take the direction of putting audience in. you see when they did, how it sort of comes life. it tak the pressure off of you. >> markey, thank you so mu. ank you, ladies. >> "drama queen" this sunday on "e!" >> don't let the door hit you the waout. >> i see writ tested, that laugh. does your guy need help in
2:36 am
the wardrobe department and whose doesn't. we've got some expert advi for the holiys. audience gives us a turkey call and we're put thugh a test for a healthier thanksgiving, audienceright after this. >> audience, audience, audience. >> audience. [ coughs, sneezes ]
2:37 am
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♪ thanksgiving marks the ginning of the eating season, soow can you enjoy all those tasty dies without packing on the pounds? >> knocking our door with a game t the guide us through making better food choices is nbc's health and dieeditor, madelyn fernstrom. what you have is turkey caller. i'm going to have my way with . i'm going make it scream. >> give it aittle try. >> i he a triangle. >> that's a dinner belon a farm. >> let's do it. >> anywa we're going to see who's calling at our
2:41 am
thanksgiving door. >> somebody's at our thanksgiving door. >> someone's at our thksgiving door. >> w is it? we have grdma. who'bringing an appetizer. so which one of these two favorites ve fewer calors for the same sving? is it the low fat onion dip and chips or cese ball? >> this one. >> it is. 's the onion dip. >> it's a picture. >> we get it. >> okay. >> let's see who at the next door. someone's knocking. how about a cocktail? one these is lower in calories. is it the hot rum-spiked cider or the bloody mary. >> the bloody mary is right. skip the h rum cider. someone's at the door. who's at the next door.
2:42 am
>> who's that pervert, our cousin eddie the. >> he's got turkey two ways. >> i bete does. >> which oneas fewer calories, same serving? is it the da meat turkey with out skin or the whit-- >> i've got it >> no. the skinless. >> oh. inless, hoda. >> even though -- >> oh, lord. >> skin is what u want to get rid . >> who's at the door, i wonder. ooh, that hu. >> who do we have here? >> i don't know. >> anyy -- >> oh, our next-do neighbor who's got two farite side dishes, creamed spinach or the green bean casserole with crea of mushroom soup. which is lower in calories? >> this is so delicious but it's loaded. cream of mushroom soup. >> you're wrong. it'she green bean cassere. >> how couldhat be? it's the soup -- >> it's got the soup b that's
2:43 am
got thfried onions. this hasot a ton of butter. >> someone's at the door. >> i can't wait to see. somebody's knocking. >> okay. >> good-looking guy who's got two side dishes for ustwo side sauces. either chuy applesauce or cranberry sauce. which has fewalories. no question about it >> cranberry, no queion about it. >> you would be wrong. i wanted to say tha >> applesauce. >> cranberries are slow in sugar yore always going to add more. you will ve 100 calories. >> this is the tie-breaker. >>omeone's at the door >> i don't know who it is. >> i d't know. >> that perso that is always coming over. today she has mashed potatoes with butter or trational bread stfing. whh is the lower calorie choi. >> i'm going to go with the butter and mashed potatoes. >> you are correct.
2:44 am
especially wheit's in the turkey >> now we're into our last question. it's a dessert question. which dessert has fewer calories for the same size. you have to answer first. is it the pumpkin e or pecan pie? >> pumpkin. >> pumpkin. you would be right. you can take it of it ithe pumpkin. >> here is your gift. >> oh, nthank you. >> but, hoda. not for you? >> that will ggreat in hoda's apartment. >> that's not nice. >> thank you, madelyfernstrom. how about this >> you can take them home. >> we'll get your guy stepping out in style >> how to ess up your man for the holidays. >> right after this. stop playing with that thing. please, take it away.
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have hail damage to both mtheir cars.ted ted is trying to get hold of his insurance agent maxwell is not. he's on settg up an appointmt with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company.
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the holiday season brings party invites d company gatherings. >> and dressing for all those conveniee can be a bit of allenge especially for men who em to have it easierhan we do. >> they do. here to help y dress the guys
2:49 am
in your life while you still have some extra time is the fashion and grooming director. >> hello. >>t "men's health" bri. >> hello, brian. >> good morning. >> guys like to beomfortable and don't want to spend a lot of money, but they want to look good. >> there are a lost pictures taken and a lot going onver the holidays. i put together great stylishut affordable outfits. >> let's start off with a holiday cotail party. t's bring steve out. >> steve is oking good. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> steve is wearinone of the big trends for guys right now which is bold ght colors. we've done it withhese gap chinos. this great emerald green. my tri when i'mearing a bright color i you want to pr it with sothing neutral. we he done that with ts navy ue sport coat from gap also. >> love the plaid shirt. >> it is festive but not too
2:50 am
loud. >> thank you, hon. >> charlie is in his 20s. this is crlie an mark. >>ark is here, too. hi, mark. >> they're both going ton office christmasarty. so charlie doenot work in a corporate environment so hcan be a littlmore casual, but we want to dress it up with this fair isle tie. it's a tongue ister. but i think the star of the piece is the great burgundy caigan which we ask drs up hereut you can also pairt up witheans. this is all from asos. >> i think he needs ascot. >> i think he can pull off anything. >> mark's a su and tie guy. >> mark's a suit and tie guy. mark's dressed a little more formal mark, if you couldust -- there we go. >>hank you. this is a great navy blue suit. >> he looks very handsome. >> the wholeuit is only 160 doar which is amazing. >> wow, ni. jewel tones. the purple striped shirt. >> and like the pocket han.
2:51 am
>> it's the little details that make a look. >> gentlemen, thank you. >> thank you. w, for a neighborhoo dinner party, we've got marina and lou. >> they never met. >> no. they a married and they're going to be going to a couplof holiday parties in the neighborhood. shs wearing a smoking hot dress from asos. >> that's a good coloror the winter too. >> emerald green. all jewel tones for men and women. >> they ke each other, hoda. >> this is something neutralso she gets thepotlight, right? >> right. she gets the spotlight. he's in a aps sweater. they look perfect together. they coordinate but they don't mah. >>hey look adorable. have fun at thparty. >> h about dinner with t in-laws. >> do we have to >> yep, yep. >> when you're having dinner with the girlfend's parents you nt to look put togetr, not too formal. it's the holidays.
2:52 am
it's casual. this is my idea o what a good christmas sweater los like. he looks like ralph lauren ad or something. >>here's nothing ironic. you can ar it after christma >> it looks affordle. every piece is under $100. >> tha you. >> last we have the hellsberg family complete with their dog. >> oh, thelook cute. >> oh, m god. it for christmas morning. for christmas morning. they're with theirog kismit. >> where do you gethese? >> from the mpany store. i like it because it's nontraditional. >>ou can use it for a christmas holiday card. we can take your picture. >> we'll do it for you let's bring everybody ou thank yoso much. fun. beautiful stuff. >> you wt to turn your household junk into thanksgiving treasures? >> guess who's here. dannis here. >> he wl show how to upcycle useful stuff in to something less useless.
2:53 am
he's in for a spanki today on nbc. ♪
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
time to find your crafty side our favorite up cler is here to tell us how to tn old stuff in tuse. w to turn old stuff to use. use what you have guide to decorating, gift giving and entertaining. we know we tease him a lot, but love him. >> yes, we do, dan. >> i love you guys too. >> oh, isn't that nice. what we're going dos take ese boring candles. one for you, one f you. sethis craft glue? you're going to cover it with glue. this iregular kosher salt and i'm making eco-fridly cheap glter because most glier is full of these crons and plastics. so for kids if you take st and
2:57 am
mix it with this, really, really well and bake it, you can custom make your o colors. you cover itnd the -- >> is hoda doingt right? >> yeah. this is what the finished product looks like. >> but. why is it unusual mine is already finished. you're still painting. >> you canake this -- >> i like do it. >> but you see it -- there's some here. >> loohow perfect it is. i like it rfect. mine is easy. >>ou can do lots of colors, upda the cheap candles. >> y ruined it for me. >> i have one for you here, two for you here. >> what are we making? >> it's a fun d's product. u're taking leaves a embossing themnder foil. it's great kid's project. get really large specimens you wa them to be veiny fo them to work. do you hang this on the wall? >> i want know, where do you find the scimens?
2:58 am
>> of course you want to know that. >> i want to know. >> in the woods. you know, i'm just getting it. >> okay. >> so you glue them onto a brd and th you -- >> you glue the specimen onto the board. >> take uminum foil and you're going to take yo fingers and b it, not too hard. you're going to rub because you want the veiny things -- >> of your specimen. >> can we move o >> no. i'm going to spend aot of time with my specimen. >> oy. how is your specen? >> it'a good one. >> the goal to have a clean segment? anyway, let's move on. >> thiis a really simple thing. this is basically jar lid rings and you take a piece of rope or hoop and twist them and make this gat little wreath or centerpie. this is mething for you guys. your leftover tree bags for thanksgiving, you can glue a doily on and i hava stamp here
2:59 am
if you want to stamp your name on your treat bag. >> what are we 3 years old? >> like what >> okay. >> you stamp it on. basically it's a simplway of taking genic craft store bags. >> it needs to be damp. >> yours is back ward. >> it'not damp enough. >> just did ho-ho. >> you know, you have tw"k"s. let's not do anoth. >> let's do k.o. this is great book ds. take this rock, this glue. >> just ck? >> wow. glade got rocks. wow. how ng did those take yo >> oh, my god. >> next up, guys, a perfornce trace adkins and key log loggins.
3:00 am
>> plus we're going to go country. >> have a great weekend. >> have an awesome weekend. >> hope you recove poor danny. >>ad. >> so sad. >> i here to help. u and i will gethrough this together ♪


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