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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 16, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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claim it was alerical error, which is absolutely false. >> the unions fire bac at b.a.r.t. management and claims of a multimillion-dollar mistake. e new dispute that may send bargaining table.o the >> and trying to get the facts straight on the president' health care plan. >> a the uss hornet, recogning its work in th wars and apollo missions. ? good evening. if you thought the commuter nightmare ought on by the b.a.r.t. stre was over, think again. the dispute ove what b.a.r. sa was the cleril error has union offials crying foul and
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noitppears the entire deal reached after months of talks could be in dispute. c's bay area's monty francis live with an update at the b.a.r.t. statn. >> the dispute centers on six paid weeks of medical leaveo b.a.r.t. workers. b.a.r.t. claims the provision shouldn't have been in the tonight union officials are saying they're stunned. >> this is not a glitch, no mistake. for them to do that is totally, totally disgusting. >> despite the claim that this was not a clerical error, b.a.r.t. spokeerson told mow by pne that the provision on medil leave was iluded in a stack of ttative agreements that was mistakenly signe by b.a.r.t. negotiator. the provision enabl b.a.r.t. workers to take up to six weeks of paid time off perear to deal with familyedical problems. as it is, workers have to use their own vacation or sick days
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to get t teoff, b.a.r.t. clms the provision cld cost unions.a figure disputedy the b.a.r.t. strikes haverippled the bay area commutewice and riders we talke about are not ry happy about the thought of it happening again. >> it's not fair to t citizens this community to keep going through the drama over and over it affects their lives, their incomes. it just, it's as criminal as allowing theovernment to shut down. >> so what happens next? well the b.a.r.t.oard voted for its managers to return to the bargaining table. the unions want the contract signed by the board as is. the unions have already approved the language and the tentative contract so if there's a change, they would have ratify the agreement all over again. the b.a.r.t.oard is scheduled to meet on thursday, so we should know more by the end of next week. li in millbrae, monty francis,
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nbc bay area news. a dramatic rescue on san francisco bay. caught on tape by people on ferry. coast guard officers received mayday call from a man on board a sailboat beforhe fell into the ter. closer, they held him outf be the water and took him tthe ferry buildings. the paramics rushed himo the hospital. his at was towed to treasure island. there he is getting o ard. new information tonig on a deadly officer-involved shooting the south bay. santa ara county sheriffs puties say they wer calleto on west san carlos aftervenue midnht. say they were confronted bay woman with a knife. kimberly ter is live on the scene with the latest. >> diane, iestigators with the saa clara county sheris office are still out here processing thescene. gathering evidence,hey've been here since ovnight. puties say one of their officers oped fire on a woman
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in tri-plex they say she was shot after fusing to drop a weapon she had iner hands. deputies arred here at 12:2 this morning after getting a reportf suspicious activity. the caller reportedearing glass eaking, loud, pouing noises and suspected a bglary was under way. the caller later reported aring the fee mailing suspect yelling and banging on something. deputies s they arrived and the woman confronted the or they ordered her to drop her weapon a when she refuse theyay one of the deputies opened fire. >> i camoutside, i was in the room reading and i ce outside and didn't see nothing. i went back insidand heard all the sirens. medical aid was woman, but the femaleuspect did die at the scene. her namend age have not been of weapon the womanas carryinge and are working it fin out if she lived at the tri-ple or knew someone ithe ilding. you know anything about the sheriffs office do want to ounty
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hear from you, they're asking you t call them with any inrmation. live in unincorporated san jose, kimber terry, nbc bay area news. tooth more hp on e way for survivors of typhoon haiyan, a team of kaiser permanente doctors and nurses ll take off from san francisco international rport. their finaldestinatio tacloban, part o a relief injured by the typhoon. 12,000 emergency supplies are flowing into the storm-ravaged aas of the central philippines today. supertypho hit a week ago, leaving 3600 did. u.n. officials say the immediate prrity for the humanitaria distribute od, clean water, shelters and basic sanitation seices to survors. miliry aircraft are ferrying people out of the disaster zone around the cck. in vietm, ao another major storm hit the coastal areas this weekend, causing flooding and landslides there. the government ss 30 pple have died a it ao forced
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authorities to evacuate more than 17,000 peop. the storm hit just a week after th typhoon med over vietnam. the damage from t typhoon was not nearly a severe as the philippines. well ts was a rough wee for president obama's health care plan. pporters are tryin to hp this weekend by reaching out to people who stand to benefit the most. brian moorhas the latest. >> obama care may be getting its share of negative headlines, but that didn't op people with little or no health insurance, straight on their own.acts houston ld a health care reform town hall, to answer ngering questions and clear up e confusion. in baltore, there was an informatiotabling at a >> there's still a lot of more comfortable with meeting peop in their community that are from their communities. >> getng the news out in person has become critical. because of persistent problems with thebama caresignp officials in charge of e website say they've made
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measurable progress, and are fixing glitches every day. website has become a personal and public embarrassment to president obama. he promised this past week that the proble will all be fixed. >> i am confident that by, by the time we ok back on this to say, this is working well.g and it's helping a lot of peop. >> a nationde effort to change the face of health care and save face for obama care. brian mooar, nbc news esident obama is also insurance companies, hoping theh will hp him gethe health care reform effortsack on trk, despi the rough rollout. well, years ago, it used to carry some of e country' biggest airaft. >> today the us hornet playe host to one of the biggest celebrations in its long history drk, former crew members gathered on the retired aircraf carrier forhe 70th anniversary of its mmissioning. the carrier is celrating 15
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years here in the bay ar. the popular tourist destination in aleda. crew members from different eras of the hornet, including world war ii, veet flam, through the vietnam, through t apollo missions. >> aer the first hornet sank, it served through world war ii from late 1943, through 1945 it w decommissiod in 1970. landmark in 1991 and the musm opened in 1998. comin up xt, at 5:00, open for business - the latest edition to the calcott tunnel through the east bay. safer ride plus tumbling off a atv, wn a steep clf, the terrifying rescue tt forged new bonds among fries. one man's quest to prerve a unique piece of th bay area history. it iolves amusement pas.
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and we're seeinging a cool, area right nown the east bay. oakland, 58 degrees, cloud-free for now. we're traing changes ahead as a weather system just offshore breaks through the ridge of high essure, bringing ahance of ra to the west coasts we get back to the wk week, we'll talk about the changes in the forecast, en we come back.
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take a look -- should be a much smoother a safer ride th weekend for drivers on one ofhe busiest highways in the east bay. the fourt bore of e calcott tunnel i now open. ch ushed firstrivers through at 4:30 this morng there are now four dedicated lanes inoth directions at all tis on highway 24. ane is going to drive it tomorrow and report back. >> i will. >> officials say the new tunnel is wider and taller and has briger lighting and better call boxes and escape hatches. long-ti californians may remember the name huel hauser, who was famous for uncoveng eces of california history and culture. >> one man has srted to follow in his footsteps. here'sarvin thomas with this week's bay arearoud.
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>> there are those who like amusement parks. those who love usement parks, come on in. and see what it's all about. >> and then there those le chris roberry. an amusement park that hasn't g been opened for 34 years. >> holy cow. >> hello a welcome to the lost parks of northern california. my name is chris rowberg. >> chris is e brains behind anthe face in front of the lost parksf northern cafornia docentary series. short filmselling the history of the more than twoozen dot the northern california landscape. ones the march of time and the price of land hav since done away with. >> amusement pks are part of america, we invented the amusement park in the united states. we invted theodern roller coaster. we shoul take pride in that and we shoul celrate it. would you look at that? wow. >> on this day, chris and his crew are shootingheir latest
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isode at what was santa's >> it must haveeen an ley. admission ticket at one time? >> the christmas-them traction opened in 1958, the world's first franchised usement park. it drew visitors for 20 years bere finallylosing in 1979. the last buildings still standing, won't beor much longer. >> absolutely incredible. aming. >> chrisnd his crew jumped in front of the bulldozers, it's a effort to preserv history, at least on video. before it's gone. we get to tell this amazing story that people may not necessarily know about. d b, that's incrediy entertning. >> it's got maps behind it. chris and his crew don't get paid to do any of this. it is clearly a hop hobbyorn out of love. chris says heas nothing but
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great memories of visiting par with his fily when he w little. and loves thed that he just might ark those memories in others as well. >> sometimes it's about mor than jt making money, it's about reconnecting people to thr history. >> garvin thomas, nbc bay aa news. and he just sparked that memory for the two of us. santa's village. we remember it well. you bay area proud, go to our website, and search bay area proud. to one steep cliff.rescue next the rescue, caught o tape. >>onoring the nt generation of basall giants, how the game makes a difference in young lives.
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fewinutes ago i believe i heard rob mayeda say t word "rain." >> no, today was a perfe day zlxt not for toda >> we ne rain, but i was out at the ferry building in the city and it was one of tse picture-perfect postcard chamber days. >> it still is outside rig no we're lucking out on the weekend forecast, we d need the rain buwe've had gorgeous weather for theast several weekends. right now in san francisco you see the post-sunse view, 57 degrees, a bit breezy outside. high clos moving by and also some areas o low clouds moving into downtown san frcisco. san se, you see 5 degrees, still 61 in the north bay. san jose toy, in the south bay, our weath watcher calling degrees, it warmed upuite nice4
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southf downwn san jo. one thing you might notice if you've been out this evening, has be the wind has been a little breezy at times. the wind gusts approaching 20 miles per hour aroundan ancisco. to san jose. and we'll see the win speeds ba off overnight and eventually set us up possibly for some 30s as we hd int tomorrow rning. so the winds backing off. clouds holding off for now. but we do have a weather system that will bring us more clouds. over the area for e moment as the jet stam is pumping i cooler and drier air from the north and keeping all the moisture to the east of the sierra. this is about t changes we head into monday and tuesday. so in the metime, relatively cool and breezy contions around the bay area. north, one of the things you may notice again tomorrow morni in theorth bay, especially le we had this morning, waking up to theid to upper 30s and the wind-shelgrred valleys in the sonoma county but for tomorrow, just like we saw today, should see highs in the mid 60s.
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the next chance of rain, uike e system that fized out this week, the nextne has a tap of hour by hour into tuesday morng's commute. chance of seeinging some a infall. so you might notice tt on the seven-daforecast on the bottom of the screen. th main eventith the system coming in tuesday. and into wednesday and the rain totals, these areas in blue in e north bay could pick up close to a half-inch of rain thiss great news for our an impact on your tuesdaynd possibly your wednesday morng coute as well. around the bay area to wrap up the weekend. can you see san jo, auick snapshot shows mid 60s in e forecast around partsf the south bay. san francisco in the low 60s as we show you the weekend forecast for the coast. mperatures in t low 60 on the seashore and degrees if u're going toead down to san luisbispo and the sierra, frh sn, snow levels likely 6,000 feet. while we get rain in the bay area tuesday, sierra should see
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snowuesday into wednesy, nice driving headi into the high coury for tomorrow. back to you. ank you, rob. four frids say they're n more like family after a harrowing atv accident and rescue from 40-ft cliff in utah. >> no, no, no! >> this ordeal was caught on one rider's helmet cam, it started four-wheeler, went tumbling towards the cliff s was able to grab sma branch just before she went over the enl. her husband grabbed the atv to keep it fromumbling on top of he hair frid went after mccall, pulled her back up the hill. the entire incidentasted just seven minutes. it probably seemed like little bit longer f her. >> you think as she was holding on, looking over the ed? >> wow. >> very scary, she w all right. that?ts, henry, can you top you're showing tha type of
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angle. i got a little allergy when it comes toheights,'m afraid of that stf. excuse me for a secon okay. i'm okay now. don'torry about anything. hey, it's colleg football saturday. we've got cal in action against colorado. plus, filipino heritage night arena.e warris at oracle we'll tell you how you can reach out and hel some in ed. and trelle pryor suffered a seack to his nagging knee injury in practice yesterday. we'll ll you the plans for the oakland raiders tomorrow. you don't want to miss it. it's allext in sports. i love wating tv outsid
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and why can you move the tv out here?
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the wirelesseceiver. i got that when i switched to verse. but why? because it's smuch better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you ow? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're hpy now. and i got yothis visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never we. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse for just $19 aonth for two years with qualifying bules. rethink possle. welcome backo nbc bay area. raiders quarterback terrelle pryor out for tomorrow's game against the texs after suffering a setback to his injured kneet practice
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yesterday that means rookieatt mcgloinets his first start of his nfl career. now mcgloin's only pro football experience is gng 7 for 15 for 87 yards again the eagles in week nine. he'll be facing houst signal caller casekeenham, a rematch of the penn state/houston ticket city bowl. he's fallon sth with more. >> the raiders will be looking r another solg i had performance on sunday fromheir defense. as they face texans rooki quarterbk, case keenham. take over the starting job from matt schaub, he's thrown seven touchdowns in no interceptions and in thr straight colts losses against tea with winninrecords. >> i think ce has played well and done a lot ofood things he's made a lot of mistakes, too, that he' got to corrt. been in some clos ball games with the ball in his handt t end of the game. >> ihought he was a good player and had a lot of, a lot
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probably not the bigges strongest, ftest prototypil quarterback that you might look at. but he's effective. >> now with terrelle pryor out, theaiders will also be going with a rookie signa caller in unafted free agent matt mcgloin. the penn state product has gone om just another camp a to raiders starting quarterback. which may surprise many outsiders, b not the raiders. marcel reece called mcgloin a fire and tol me, whe he makes a bad play in actice, you can see him slappinging himself and like that.even get mad at a guy we're confident i matt and know he'll beeady to go. reliant stadium, fallon smith, nbc bayarea. to the college griron, cal taking on colorado. neitheream has won a pac game ts ye. early second quarter, cal down 10-3. muhammed finds t hole. it's a footrace and he will t the first how about a 55-yard trot to the later ithe quarr, swings it
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out to tony jos, runs it into thendone for the scor buffaloes takehe lead, 17-10 and are leading right now34-10. the game ishree minutes into the fourth quarter. all righ it's filino heritage nht at oracle arena opportunity to rai money for those impacted by super typhoon haiyan in thephilippines. now to contribute,ou can donate t unicef usa by texting relief to 864233. once again, 864233. yocan also buy a shirt on support the efrt. there who couldse your he, so if you can do it, please do. we'll is more on the warriors at 6:00nd of cose, full ghlights of the game tonight at 11:00. more news after the break.
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tonight watch a 30inute interview special wh these a big honoroday for some future baseball greats. hundreds of coaches and plays were honored at a lumpl for tir ills. here are some of the recipients of the mack award, t trophy named in honor of wilam mccovey. >> the program and this league -- this progr a this league mean so much to me and and everybody and allf you. phenomenal of such >> one that truly not just wants
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kids to get better at baseball. but to get better a being a person. >> > on this saturday night, mengitis outbreak at aajor university now the school a health oh officials have to decide whether to use a vaccine not appved in the u.s. to stop the spread of the potentially deadly disea. typhoon turml. as some finally t help, many others sll wait for basic reli more than a week afr the devasting storm in the philippine polar excess. we'll take youo the town where law and order is about keeping the bears in their place, even if it means hard time in the pen. thpower of one. how one man is making every minute count for the one who matts most. from nbc ns world headquarters in n york,


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