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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 16, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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good eving, i'm ter mcsweeney. and i'm diane dwye. authorities are not relsing her name just yet. >> reporter: the invesgators have been out her since overnight. they're here processing the ene. a caller reported some suspicio noises. thatas just after midnight. the caller lated reported hearing the female suspect yelling and bangingn something. three deputies arrived and these when they were confronted by a woma armed with a knife. the deties order her to drop it and when she refused one of those dosit tis opened fire.
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medical aid was giv but s died at the scene. >> the questions we have is what was shedroing? does she livethere? was she visiting somebody? all of these things will b answered once we identify her. in the shootingre ons involved administrative leave wch is standard protocol. if you know anything about this ooting, the santa clara sheriff's ofce wants to hear from you. live in unincorporated san jose, kimber terrae bay area news. several people called 911 to report hring gun fir around 7:30 last night near dana avenue. when police rived, they found the injured victim. he was tak to the hospital where he do died. a witness says he saw the flashing light from hiss hom and went outside. >> i decidedo walk out and see whatas happening.
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obviously we don't know what happed but it's ve scary to see all of this activity behind us. >> we s several people running which is typical o a situation where shots are fired. we do have peopleetained but's clear rightow whether they're involved. >> polic say the victim was a man in his 20s. >>with are following a if you thoug the thrt of a b.a.r.t. sike is over,ou might nt to think again. it appears the deal between b.a.r.t. and the union that was reached is now in spute. monte franc is at the b.a.r.t. station th an update for . reporter: well, good evening. at this point the unions are not threateninto strike but just the possibility that they could for a third time this year is not something that b.a.r.t. requ
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riders want to hear. >> ie always thought it s strange thathey would strike. it ds throw chaos into if it goes on longer tha a couple of days, the we start panicking because everyone has to find al tern ty ways to get >> reporter: b.a.r.t. claim its gotiators signed the wrong deal and that provision should not have been in there. the provision allows b.a.r. employees take up toix weeks ofaid leave per time. as it is the works have tose their vation or sk day to get the time off. b.a.r.t. claimshe prosigs could cost the transit authority $44 million overour years and ese a figure disputed by t union. early tod the union oicials claimethat b.a.r.t. managers were well aware of the agreemt their negotiator w signing. >> this isot a glitch. there was no mistake. r them to do that is totally, totally disgusting.
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>> reporter: b.a.r.t. spokesperson would not go on cara tonight but told me by medical leave was in the stack of agreements that was mistakenly sied. the board societied last night seven to one to return to the bargaining tae. and the union wants the contract signed by the boa as is. we should know more by the end of next week. monte francis, buice. >> thank you. to stay up to date on the story you cano to nbc bay get the latest news on those negotiations. it should be a much smther and saferide in the future on one of the busiest highways in the east bay. the fourth tunl of the caldect tunnel is open. in both directions at all times. e new tunnel is wider and
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longer and it has escape hatches in case of an emergency. thereas a sailboat rescue on thean francisco bay today. it was caughon tape by the people on the ferry this afternoon. the coast guard officers received a may day call fm the man on the sailboat befe he fell into theater. the fey crew happened to be closer so th helped him to safety. ramedics took him t the hospital. officials say he's just fine. his both was towed to treasure island. more than a week since typhoon haiyan left a pat of destruction across t philippines. with the death toll at nearly 4,000, survors need, food, water, medicine, anying they can get with and with help in the u.s. military, they're getting just that. nancy snyderman has more. >> reporter: we're n eight days of the typhoon struck and the death toll is over 3800. the concern is we manever know
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an accurate death toll. now people with chronic to.nesses needo be attended i think it's se to say that th the wear syst is fractured and the health care system is struggling. nonetheless, aid continues to pour in. there hav been planes arriving behind him from israel, the united states, ngapore, australia, the real mplicated ise has been how to get the that have hundreds of milesands away. there this is a complicated to be proud tonighbecause reason they'r depended onhe u.s. military. any conibution we can make, that what we're goi to do. >> reporter: sin if presence ofhe u.s. navy,he u.s. air force and the marines, things have picked upnd i thinkhey can hands say say, thank god for
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the u.s. militar or things wouldn't be gettingone at all. back to you. >> and within the hour, several doctors, nurses and other medical personne are planning to leave the bay area for the philippines. rural areas the.o workn some the same team also volunteered in hay tie. we'llave their story coming up at 11:00. next at 6:00 your fare may be larger the next tim you need a ride. an a fran lamark, this one right there will be undergoing se major renovations. wel tell you what the crews are going to doing to that 80-year-old tower. >>right now we're seeing a cool and breezy area. but we're watching some changes ahead going fromhe clear high to a storm system offshor that will bringus chance ofain coming back to the west coast as
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we get back toward the workweek. we'll talk about the timing o that and fit's going to impact your weekend plans whewe come back.
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new at 6:00, the popular de sharing is requiring user to pay a minimum fare for their
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rides. the coany sgests an amount they should donate. users can pay more or less amount, rely could even pay nothing. under the systemsystem, riders will not be able to pay less than the suggested aunt for that ride. >> one of the san francio's well known landmarks is set to close on monday windows, yp grade the plumbingce and replace some ofhe exterior lights. the renovions wer trying to avoid alosure duringeak season. the renovationsill take five months if all gs as planned. >> well itad has bn an rou week for the health care plan. the disaste rouse roll outi becoming a professionalnd personal problem for the president. present obama has promised this past week that the problems
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will be fixed. >> am confident that by the me we look back on this next year that peoplere going t say is is working well and it's helping a lot of people. >>yesterday, 39 house democra broke ranks to support republican bill that would allow health insurers to continue to sell plans through 2014. the big celebration held on the u.s.s. hornet right here in th air r bay ar. >> and a new doll store in palo alto. more on the crazy american gl crazthat you know tak ove the country each time they ep up a new store. >> learnomething new the winds have been gusty arod the bay area tonight, close to 20 miles ahour in san
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francisco. but weave some bigger chae ahead courtesy of this srm system here. i'll walk you through the timing and the details when we come back. to those who've waited... worried... pod and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state o "what if?".
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welcome to a new state. of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quity, affordable covage. financial lp for those in need. and nobody can be denied because a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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exciting day for some bay area girls and their parent pps the doors opened today at the first american girl doll store in northern california. we got aneakeek at the new store at the shopping center. the sto inclus a salon for thedolls. get dolls' hair they can do a tea service. reservations the are booked
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for the tea serve, are you read for this? -- through march 1. th tourist is based on the pular doll series. they come with a book to tell thei stories and a book abt the history of when the dl w supposed to be living and t dolls cost about $120. it is not inexpensive but quite popular. >> you were amazing on that story,diane. >> can you tell i have dahter? >> yes. today the u.s.s. shore net pled host to one of th biggest celebrions in his history. former crew membs gathered on the retired aircraft carrier for its commission. crew members from different eras of the hornet including world warii and vietnam returned t that craft today. >> this ship was commissioned in 1943 as the second hornet aer
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the first hornet sank and it served through world war ii from 1943 thrgh 1945 and decommissionedn 1970. >> the u.s.s. hornet became a national landmarkn 1991. the museum there opened seven >> what perfectay for it cause it was -- i mean, what else can e with sayt was perfect. >> but rain is on the way. >> we need rain. >> good timing. weekend looking just fine, sunshine earlier today. around palo alto right now, 57 degrees, a littl breezy at times and io san francisco. obviouslyog free,he camera bouncing aund a little bit at 55 degrees as we're seeinghe winds pick up n out of the we northwt. noce the full moonthere over san se. we're going to be watching the brightness from that full moon becaus it may mute very
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slight the meteor shower we havetonight. this is the pebble size grains left behind from a comet. if you don't have any low clos or fog in the way tonight and tomorrow nit, theeak viewing for the meteor shower. but if youe going to head out, you may notice that the wds guy. they're been ywhere from 15 to 20 miles an hour. the strongest has been i n francisco and into san jose. t no worries about rain right now. protected valys in the north bay, it's going to get downright chilly as the cold air spis in from the north. so foronight some o the wind shelters valleys, sonoma county into napa cnty you'll have some 30s for the morning but his in the mid 60s around the
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tri-lley. next cnce of rain looks me promisi promising now. moay night into tuesd and for the north bay mmute, tuesday morning i will be these that have a chance of seeing some moderate rain at times. th will be fm mtly tueay moing through early wedsday and this sen couraging,s blue picking up a hal inch of rainfall and tha may be more than we've seen inix months. it has been that dry around e bay area. maybe about a third of an inch of rn in san franciscond oakland. so tuesday into wedsday we' be watching this pattern closely hoping we seehe rainfall totals in the bay area. closer view here op yourouth notice san francisco see highs in the low six 60s.
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mid 60s around santaosa a and another view will show you that the tri-valle will see close to 67 degrees in vermore. lo out for patchesf low clouds onhe coast. tuesday we're calling it 6,000 foot snow levels and wll hopefully see a foo of fresh powder coming into ke tahoe b the middle of the we. >> i loved that metr speci effect. >> you tughthey was pretty cool. time to play ball. the bay area awds ntegrity, leadership a team wor for the kids and coaches on the field. i love watching outside.
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for two years wi qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>a big honor today forome future baseball greats. >> hundreds of outstanng coache were honored at a luncheon today. take a look at some of the recipients ofhe junr giants
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willie mac award. there's lucille. coaches.nted to players and >> tre's willie mac. >> -- learship and team work. >> this program and this lead -- this program and this league means so much to me and our community and everybo and all you. i have never been a part of such a phenomenal program, ohat truly wants ks not jus to get better at baseball but t be great peop. >> more than 1250 willie mac award wners wer a the luheon. >> we're going to check in wi henry wofford. what's going on? >> you know, you love the cal bears,ght? >> ts is not going to e >> oh. >> it's not going to be good. >> i'm just doing what she wants. she wantso seeighlights of
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the cal bears,'m going to deliver. >> they're looking for their first pac2 win. we'll show you the highlights. it's all next in sports.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the san francisco 49ers are back
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in new orlean the scene of their loss to the ravenss in last year's superbowl. team that has been dominant ts year. here's mindy bock on what they can do to kp the saints fro marcing in. to lose at the superdome this season. the 49ers defense will have their hands full. new orles offense is the best in the league what's interesting is the three leading receivers aren't technically reiverst all. >> they'velways thrn to the back, thomas 23 has caught a bunch of balls, many of them scens. they have an kpeg lent screen game, probably one of the better ones in e league and they utilize it at all times andll situations. >> they can put points up and,
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you know, allow theffenseo beco one dimensional. when that doesn't happen, it puts more pressuren us and i surehey know that. but it's tea game, n, and if one partf the team is not rking then the other half has that's how we look at it. >> eric wright will join the am for the first time this season. but they won't know until sunday morning about eric reed. raiders quarrback is out with a knee jury. at means the rookie gets the first start of his nfl career. >> what about alex smith and the undefeated chiefs, they'll
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taking on pay othe manning on a sunday nightshowdown. that game is going to be here on nbc. here's nfl analyst chris collins worth on what smithpen the chiefs are doing right. >> alex h limitations, we all ubs tha understand that. but he is a guthat believes in getting e ball out quickly, not turni it ove and that formula is wking offensively. they're not liging the world on fire. they're not pay on the matoon t. they're not bad either. earlyecond quarter, kral down a touchdown, mohammed finds the holend races down the deline, game was tied. later in the quarter it was --
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ns it into the e zo, buffalo goes up 17-10, kral loses the ge 41-24 is your final. well after losing their last two on the road, e warriors have co home and exploded offensivelto win two straight at oracle arena. tonight they try to keep that momentum going against t utah >> a lot ofeople look at utah and say that's ane and nin basketball team. but that's a team that's always goingoome out and play hard. they're going crash offensive rebounds off of the board. they're gointo run their set and they have good basketball players. >> don't forget it's filipin and the warriors are using the opportunity to raise money for those impacted by the super
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typhoon. you can buy t-shirts on to sport the fort. and don't forget, highlhts from the warriors games as well as stanford andusc tonight at 11:00 allf your highlightand low lhts for you terry and diane. >> i saw the low lights. thanks so ch, henry. thanks for choingbc because y area news at 6:00. good night. you're watching nbc bay area news special, the interview. >> i'm notown here looking for mone i'm down here looking for tale. >> john mcafee is back and he's >> how much of this isype and
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how much is the real deal? she blazed the trail for the female ceos. >> i would never have believed i would have become a ceo. plus, she's living her life her way. >> i don't deny who was. i've never denied who i was. >> high profile ansgender actor thera sparksalks openly about cnging her gender but not who she is. >> randi zuckerberg steps out from her brother's shadow. >> i'm so gratefulor the expeence i had at facebook i'm no grate tofl my brother. but it was also really iortant for me to make a name for myself o. here nbc bay area's r >> thanks for joining us. we have some trail blazers with us tonight, some house hold names, oers you


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