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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 17, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. coming up next on "today inhe bay," new details onhe suspected burglary shot and killed by sheriff's deputies. the suspect was a woma why depies sayhey fearedor their lives. >> plus the b.a.r.t. contract standoff coinues. more on the family lea clause that's keeping the two sides om inking the deal they both agreed to last month. > to a strike that may not happen. the deal that got thousands o nurses to agree n to h the picket lines. this is "today in the bay. frombc bay area, this is "today in the bay." goodorning to you, and thanks for joining u i'mris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. ere's a beautiful sunrise over san se this morning. >> wre seeing l clos
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across the b area, but as you mentioned, san jose sing a little bit of a sunshine breaking thrgh atop those ouds. 46 degrees right now. you can see the low clouds in downtown san jose. our temperatures hour by hour in the sth bay, climbing io the low 60s aroundlunchtime. around the pensula, also low 60s with mostlyunnyskies. san francio, a bit cooler, upper 50s f most of the day. we take you off into the north bay andtri-valley, se of those locatio warmi into the mid-60s. low clouds to get the morning started,e'll break out the sunshine for the afternoon and mo low clouds fill in for tonight. rain-free for nowut we're forecast as weatch a weather system taking shape offshore. it has a lot of moisture to work with and this is t system that going to be coming in later tomorrow into tuesday that may bring as much as an inch of rain for par of the bay area. we'll show you the timing of this big chae in the full forecastn a few minutes. kris? >> thanks, rob.
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new details on that ficer-involved shootg in unincorporated san jose which we told you about yesterday morning. investigators would the santa clara sheriff's office say the suspected burglary who was shot and killed was a woman. itappened on cleveland avenue st after midnight saturday. a calle repted suspicious activity saying they heard glass breaking and loud pounding noise and suscted a burglary was under way. thealler reported hearing the female suspect yelling and baing on something. ree depies arred and that's when they say ty were confronted by that woman aed allegedly with a knife. deputies say they ordered her to drop it and when she refused, one of the deputies opene fire. despitmedical aid at the scene, tt's where t woman died. >> some of e questions we have are what was she doingt this triplex, doe she live the? was she vising someone? >> the three duties involved
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in the shootg are now on standard paid administrative leave as the investigation continues, but if you kno anytng about this shooting, the santa clara cnty sheriff's fice wants to hear from you. poce say one woman is dead and another is inritical coition after a shooting in san francisco's south of market neighborhood this morning. officers say they responded to a report of a shooting in the area of 6th and jesse seets just after 2:00 this morning. when they arrived, they found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. both were transported to a hospital for treatment. one of theomen died the other is in critica condition. no arrests have been made. four eastalo alto police office claim they suffered racial discrimination at the hands of their former chief. they are african-american. so is the former chf. form chief ron davis left the department earlier this year. according to the palo alto daily ws, the discrimination complaint from november 1st accuses him of creatg hostile environment for
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africaamerican ployees. davis served as chief for more than eight yrs in that department before leang for a federal posion. nowo a developing story and th dispute over what a.r.t. calls a clerical error that has union officials crying foul and b.a.t. riders fearing there could be yet another strike that will cpple their commute. the dispute centers on a provion that provides six weeks of pai medical leave per year to.a.r.t. employs. b.a.r.t. claims it's negotiators signed the wrong tentative deal and that provision should not have been in the final draft. b.r.t. also claims the provision could cost the agenc much as $44 million over fr years. the unions though claim the fire is more like $5.6 llion. bonding with a child, a foster ill parent, spouse or child.usly everyone at b.a.r.t. does not have that scenario. we're talkg about a small number of folks. >> it is provision of family
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lee, not medical leave. at this point the unions are not threatening to strike, but they want the contract signe as-is. the b.a.r.t.oard ischeduled to meet on thursday by the way, they are pullingn a new chief negotiator. to stay up to date on the story, y can go to just te b.a.r.t. in theearch and you will get the lest news onhe negotiations. new this morning, strike averte officis at the univeity of california say ty reached a tentative agement with the california nurses association. thefour-year lab contract affects nrly 1200 nurses. it includes salary increase of 4% for each ar of the deal plus additnal step ineases. the deal is also containing a no-strike provision prohibing the nurses fr striking during the lif of that contract. e contract still h to be approvedy cna members. the two sides, b the wa have march.egiating since late international aid conties
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toour into the ctral philippines more than a week after typhoonaiyanevastated the area. the "uss george washington" is moor offshore. officers say they have bught in 28 ts of aid so far as well 1200 aid wkers and medics. the big challenge for crews on the ground though, getting supplies from the runway to the areas torn apart by the storm. there's also an internatial effort to treat the more than 12,000 people injured b the storm, and one of the mor concerns for dtors on the ground, iectious diseases a infected wounds. a team of doors, nurses, and techs from kaiser left from sfo last night. they're heade for the philippines d tacloban is thr final destination. the team leader told us her family is helping coordinate suppli and medical treatment. >> i think i have a million >>hat have they told you about what has happened? >> sohey said there's a lot of destruction. the is not a lot of
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communication coming out of the area right now, but they said pleasering medications because the medical needs are jus very severe. >>he team members say they are ing their own vacation time for this tri an last night thearriors also tried to help those in the philippines. it was filipino heritage night at oracle arena so they had traditional filipino dancers take the crt at halftime. the team is also selling shirts on to help support the effort financially. a ferrybo was i the right placat the right time t make a dramatic rescue onhe san francisco bay. the rescu on their camera ht phones. coast guard officers received a mayday call from a man on board the sailboabefore he fell into the ter. the ferry crew was closer, so they helped that sailo out of the water and took him to the ferry building. paramedics rushed him to the hospital.
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no update on his contion this morning but we can say his boat watowed to treasure isnd. a popular bay area ride shing -- lift will begin requiring users to pay a minimum fare for their ride. the mpany suggests an amount they should donate. less than that or even nothin however, that's about to change. riders will not be able to pay less than the sgested amount for their ride on lift. one of san francisco's most well-kno landmarks is set to close tomorrow to undergo a face ft. repairs to the 80-year-old coit tower. they plant to fe cracks, upgre the plumbing, and accessibility.or lightingnd the building's iconi interior muls will unrgo storation. the renovations were timed to
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avoid closure during peak tour season. theenovation will tak five months. >>still ahead on "todain the bay" -- >> so this is all just really exciting and moving fast. >>he has been waiting b the phe for decades. now a bay area woman who made story in world war ii needs st one morehing to make her wish come true. plus - >> i'm sco bman with bay area technology that can precisely track where gunfi occurs inside a school. 'll show you how it works coming up. good morning nelly! ah.
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the bay." >> good morning. looking live from our camera i emyville at san frcisco. is squished down, lks like a low ceiling this morning. years ago it used to carry somef the country's bigge aircft, and this wkend the
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"uss hornet" played host to one of the biggest celebratis in its long history. former cre members gathered on th retired aircft carrier for the 70 anniversary of its commisoning. the carrier is ao celebrating 15 years in the bayrea as popur tourist destination in almeida. of the hornet including world s war ii a vietnam throu the apollo i apollo 11 and 12 recovery missions returned the ship. >> ts was recommissioned after theirst "hor"hornet" sank and i served fm late 19 through 1945 and it was demissioned in 1970. >> itecame aational landmark in 1991 and the museum opened in 1998. > well, ishere aay to limit the damage of schl shootings? one bay are company says yes. th company wants to implement a stem on campus which is alreadbeing used in some
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high-cri areas in our cities around t bay. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, has more >> reporter: this is what sho tracking technology snds and looks like from newark-based sst ose shot spott technology is already bng used to help police late gunfire on the streets of several u.s cities, including st palo alto and richmo. now that technologyas been modified tbe able to track and loca gunfirenside wh the al of hping offers in case of a school shooting. >> it detects gunshots. >> repter: the ceo ralph clark explained how his comny is trying to sell schools on the idea of inalling shot spotter, which for $10,00 a year will ert officers almt instant and let them know when and exactly where shots have been fired. >> just like our outdoorystem where we put a dot on map, a very precise dot on a p, we
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will put a preciseot on a map on a flo plano you will know it was the first shots fired might haveeen in thi particular room versus another pa of the room. >> reporter: lik theutdoor version, this technology can't and trackin the gun blas, it ng will likely help find tt shter faster. speaking of tracking, the ac has alread weighed in on the shot spotter school propol wondering if students' voice could also be trackedy the technology. >> l meust be very clear about this. the systems, these sensors, areetecting gunshotsnd gunshots only. they only tgger on an impulsive event. >> reporr: it's technoly aiming toelp law enforcement an help keep students safe. scott budman, "today in the bay." >> the comny says they are in lk with bay area schl districts to put shot spoer inside one individual school, but so far no deal. sti ahead ontoday in the bay," see t effort under way
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to bring back some oyster species in t san francisco bay. and we're waking up to me low clouds outside rightow. no rain justyet, but rai is certainly making a comeback to the seven-day forecast. we'll let you know when the rain will come back inhe full forecast whe we come back in just a few minutes
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yore watching "today i the bay." >> good morning to you. looking live at palo alto, and we can see it's finally staing to lk a little bit like fall. some of the leaves are changing colo. there are enough leaves on my lawn to tak my back, but now whatould really complete e forecast.s a little rarn in in >>e'll see ife can get the winds to pick up and help you out with the leaves. we'll see rai coming back into the forecast, not this mning though. we have areas o low clouds arou the bay ea. the san jose camera has been ry pretty to look at this morning. yore seeing two bands of clouds from here running on the bottom of the screen 46 degrees a some patchy
7:18 am
midlevel clouds and some low clouds there mixing into the picture. as you can see, little sun hitting the cloud tops, no rain. the clouds will continue to break up. right now the low clouds all the way inland int theri-valley and around midafternn into the easterrly evening. king mosy cloudy conditions and i say unfortunately because this time o year we do have the leonid meteor shower. it's bn going on from last night. it wl continue into tomorrow morng. if you have clear skies, if you look off tthe east aft midnight, maybe, jus maybe, you will see a few meteor shower going on tonight. so we'll hope for some clear skies t it does look like the low clouds will filln once again. now, eventlly we'll see increasinglouds as we go througthe day onmonday. moay right now still looks relative dry, but offshore you can see the systemhere that's on the approach tt will bri us some rain our way and the computer models now getti a
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little more aggressive withow long the rain will be sticking around forhe bay ea. into monday nit, youan see some of thatain approaching the north bay. of the golden gate for tuesday. watch what happensuesday night into wednesday. it will be thiseriod with this next weather system coming in for wednesday that appears to be event for the south bay.rain that's going to beuring the y wednesday and it will continue probably at least now until about thuday morning. so rainfall estimates if this pans out suld be close to about a half inch of rain for parts of the nor bay. yo see the are there in blue into napa and santa rosa. san frcisco and oakland, between now and about thursday morning, mayick up a third of an inch of rain. san jose maybe justnder a quarter inch of rain. we hope this ps out. we do need the rain. the sierra could use the ow. it looks like sw levels will be closer to 000 to 7,000 feet. the syst coming in fairly mild around the bay area. as we get the rain to come in on tuday, you will notic not very chilly.
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th storm has some tropical today partly cloudy skiesor the morning and we'll see mperatures eventuall in the low 60s. into the afternoon, s jose, 62 degrees. safrancisco running a little cool today with an all-day sea breeze. highs around t mission for highs. peninsula, low 60s as we take you over to theorth bay, santa rosa, 64 degrees. tri-valley in the mid-60s. fremont, 62 and the bigger changes ben to show upn the seven-day focast approhing tuesday and wednesday. so if yore going to head out to the coast, areas ofow clouds today, sierr travel just fine. high in the mid-50s around lake tahoe, b come tuesday snow vels probably close to 6,000 to 7,000 feet with rain and snow moving into the sierra on tuesy. rain coming bac to the bay aa as early as late in the day monday for the north bay. kris? >> i'll st tuned to see if it's a umbrellaind of rain or rainacket kind of rain when you lookt the b,
7:21 am
you might not know how much of it haseen filled in. along the way the populations of some species were virally wiped out, including some oysters. as "today in the bay's" joe rosato, jr. shows us, a group of scientists are working to bng ba some of th oyster though not theind you will find on menu. >> reporter: at first glance the shoreline near s rafael reveals nothing unual, but as the tide gs out, an unusual experint pops up. just over a yea ago environmenlists created a series of reefs jus offshore withhe hopes of aracting oysts. >> we actually have over 2 million oysters that have settled on the project in the past ar. we're thrilled wh the results. beds cover an ager. oyster malyn of the california coastal conseancy says it's all part of afiveear, $1 million stud >> t goal is to create healthy habitat for not only oysters and eel grs but also a big variety of crabs and shrimp and
7:22 am
invertebrates and birds and fish. >> oysters kind of connecting ad shells. >> reporte researchers use bags o oyste to attract live oysts. >> the main thing is to ount t oysters, meare them, see how they're doin in terms of owing. >> repter: aside from creating a welcoming st for critters, the project has implications for climate change and sea level rise. >> thiis an attempt to see whher we could basically create habit for species that also would have an effect of mitigating waves andecreasing erosion. >> repter: researchers say similar reeves could be used around the b as a buffer against rising tides. they estimate theay was once the gold rush.yste up until >> some of the theories of why they declined are the overfishing and then alsohe gold rush. hang tn fry was the favorite it's oysters and eggs and cheese >> reporter: because of bay pollution, these oysters weren't meant fordinner. rather, an attempto enlist nature against nature's cnging
7:23 am
world. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area ws. still ahe on "today in the ba" it's not every d youet invited to the whi house. but now a b area woman who broke barriers in wld war ii is getting her shot at a visit, but it's not a done dealet. ♪
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the bay." watching "today in >> the call finally came. r decades a bay area wan has en waiting for her invite to phyllis gold is onef the few remaining real life rosie the riters. as kimberly tere tells us, the 92-year-old has a invite. now what she needs is a plane ticket. >> reporter: in 1942hyllis goldas one of the first six women to break union barers and be hired as a weer. but getting that job wasn't ea. the union told her they don't hirewomen. >> went back anoth time, and it was no, and the third time i
7:26 am
went tohe hiring call and i went up to t window, and they saidno, and i started crying, d some man, i don't know who there, and i did, andhey hired me. >> reporter: she worked for three years until the war came an end and she took pri in those women were better welders than themen. >> i think most of usere beuse we'd done needlework, and if i did somethg, i wanted it not only to be od, but to to get it just want >> reporter: this group of women became known as the rosies, adopting the rosie the riv vetter icon as their mascot. toy there are five rosies who live in the bay area and are acti in spreading word of
7:27 am
thei work in worldar ii. >> i thoughthere is the representati for us? weere an important part of winning the war, and we're dying off just le all the soldiers. >> reporter: gd started a letter-writi campaign to the white house trying to get someone's attention. in october s did. phyllis, this is joe biden. >> reporr: a personal phone call from the vice prident who invited her and the other four bay area rosies to washington. >> so he called, a he talks and he talk >> reporter: theall lasted about 15minutes. she says i her letter she asked the vice president for a big biden hug, and he agreed. >> i have seen him on tv, and he's a hugger. you know, he likes to hug people, so, sure. anhopefully there's a cture of it. >> reporter: the five rosies are hoping t get the nation's capitol inpril but most of
7:28 am
them are on fixed incomes, so they are all hoping for a corporate sponsorr benefactor to me their visit possible. mberly tere, "today in the bay." >> several fan injur while rushing e field after a dramatic finish to the stanfo/usc game last name. >>and an outbreak at princeton. theesperate measures the school is taking to stop the spread of meningitis.
7:29 am
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om nbc bay area, thiis "today in the bay." > good morning to you. looking live at san francisco, and it is a lovy start to the day there. well, but we need some rain, and it snds like we may finally get some. than for joiningus. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. you finally have some goo news to reporin the rain deptment is. for weekend plans.ork out well right now we're really not
7:31 am
talking about rain. we have low clouds around san francisco. prettyiew the. 50 degrees, the s baking through, and we willee more sunshine through the afternoon. the low clouds start to break up approachi lunchtime, low 60 n francisco a bit cooler with an all-day sea bree. highs closer to 60 in t north bay an also towards the that will be some of the cations seeg some othe warmest tperatures of the day. the inland temratures in the mid-60s. low clouds for now, clearing briefly through 50 this evening, and then the low clouds fill in once again tonight, and we'll wake up to patchy fog for tomorrow morning but bigger changes off on the horizon as a weather syem tapping into tropical moiure offshor will aim in on the bay area le tomorrow starting off in the north bay a i think you could be surprised by some of the rain totals we' finly watching for the middle part of the week. 'll have a full look in a few minutes from w. >> thankou very much, rob. new tails this morning o an officer-involved shootg in
7:32 am
ininkoi the suspected burglar who was shot and killed was woman. it happened at a triplex on cleveland avee just after midnight on turday. deputies say a caller to 1 reported suspicious activity hearing glass breakin and loud pounding noises and suspected therwas a burglary underway. th caller also reported heari the female suspect yelling a banging on something. three deputies arrived and that's wn they say they we confronted by a woman with a deputies say they ordered her to drop the knife, and when she refused, one flt deputiespened fire. despit medical aid at e ene, the woman died. some of the qstions we have are what was she doing at this triplex? does she live there? was she visiting somebody? al of these kind of things that will be awered once we >> three deputies involved in the shooting are now on paid administrative leave. investigation contues. as the if younow anything about this shooting, the santa clara county shiff's department wou like to hear from you.
7:33 am
new this morning, police sas in critical condition after a shoong in s francisco south of market neighborhood this morning. officers responded t a report and jesse streets after 2:00 h this morning. police say when they arrived, they found two womenuffering from gunshot wounds. bothere transported to the hospital for treatment. sfpd says one of the women died, the her is in critical condition. no aests have been made. and now to a developing story. that dispute over what b.r.t. says is a clerical error has union officials cryingoul and b.a.t. riders fearinghere could be another strike to complicate their mmutes. the dispute centers on a provision that pvides six year for b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. claims its negotiator sign the wrong tentative deal and that prosion should not have been in the final draft. b.a.r. also claims the provision could cost the transit agency as much as $44illion over four years, but the unions
7:34 am
say that's not true. the figur is more like5.6 million. this is for people that ar bonding with a child, a foster child, aerson with a siously ill parent, spouse, orchild. evyone at b.a.r.t. ds not have that scenario. we're talking about a very small number of folks. at this point the unions are not thrtening to strike, but they say they want that ctract signed as-is. the b.a.r.t. board i scheduled by the way, the dismissed that chief negotiator. they're bringing in somebody else. to stay up to date on the story, u can go to just type b.a.r.t. i the search and you will get the latest ne on the negiations. new this morning, officials the university of california sayhey reached a tentati agreement with thealifornia nursesssociation to avoid a strike. the ur-year labor contract affects neay 12,000 nurses working at uc medical cente and studentealth centers. it includes a salary incase of
7:35 am
4% of each year of theeal plus additional sp creases. it also iludes a no-strike provision prohibits nurses from striking during the life of the contract. still, it' not a done deal th contract has to be ratified by cna members. theegotiations for this deal began in late march. > a mystery has take andra mattic turn after the remains of a missing san diego family were discovered. monday through a remote ng las california dert spotted the remains. bones buried in shallow graves lied to a family that vanished in 2010. summercveigh. joseph and o of the oer remains are belved 4-year-old and a 3-year-old. it's clear w the family disappeare nearly four years ago but officials insist they never spped searching for them. >>his was probably one of the most, if nothe most
7:36 am
extensively, exhaustively investigatedissing psons case mayben our history. >> san bernardino county eriffs say that the family was killed b declined to comment the possible cause of dea or wther the family may have been targeted by a drug cartel. n the last nine months, seven people have gotten sick with a rar strain of meningitis on the campus of princeton unersity in new jersey. the c is importi nonfda approved vaccine it hopes will stop the sead of that potentially fal disease. dan shenemanas more. >> reporter: night fall at princetouniversity and the nearly 8,000tudents who cl the ivy league campus home have much more an grade point averages to worry about. a potential deadly strain of jeni >> i si-- meningitis. >> parent shld be concerned. >> reporter: while studentsre required to have aeningitis vaccine, it does not cover the
7:37 am
strain found at isston. >> meningitis b in young adults is very usual. reporter: the cdc is taking the unprecedented ste of imported a vaccine licensed for use in europe and australia b t yet approved by the fda. >> i think if it'seen approved in europehat's fantastic and theyhould do it. >> reporter: the board of trustees met on satury to discuss making the vaccine available. >> hopehechool handle it quick l i students aren't taking it as seriously as they should. >> reporter: the board's decision is expecd within a tter of days. dan shenemannbc news. >> one student remains hospitalized with meningitis. according to the cdc a strains ofeningitis are deadly in 10% to 15% of the cases. t some breakingews where the san jose police departmt now investigang the ty's 42nd homicide of this year. it happened arod 3:05 thi
7:38 am
morning according to the san jose pz department. the 1 center received a repor a person ha d been shot in the goen rain area of san se. upon arrival, officers say they from at least one gunshot wound. he was pronounced dea at the ene at about 3:55 this morning. thcircumstances surrounding the shooting are not yet clear. police say it is too soo to say whether this is gang related or whether it could be an incident of domestic violence. ey have brought in the homicide investigation team. it is the second homicide inwo days. san se police also investigating a homicide of a n who washot in his tck on westan carlos yesterday. we'll bring you more details on this one as we get them in. nearly a dozen peopl were rt during the stanford/usc game last night. look at the video of the fs
7:39 am
ter uscupset stanford wh a field goal with just seconds left on the clock. they rushe the field. los angeles fi department says at least five people were injured after the game when trojan fans rushed onto the green. it is unclear, hower, how these folks were hurt. rtainly very dramatic. cing up on "today in the bay," we have the highlights o that upset loss, and the warriors connue their winning ways at oracle arena. the question now zt come at a price? >> when you're called a terrorist and when you'realled an antiemite, that's the rst. >> uc's newest regent stands up to her critics. with sadia saifuddin.nterew [ wind howling ]
7:40 am
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you are watching "today in the bay." >> and a liv lk this morning at odot co.
7:42 am
at skcary moment during the fourth center. jermaine o'nll goesown wit an injury, and it looks painful. the medical staff say he spsored a strained knee and a strained groin. the warriors win the game but lo o'neill. >> i got guys that i believe in. i know they're more than capable holding the fort down if th's the situation. it would be a great portunity. we talked about it at every position, it's a lg year. that's why it's so important for guys totayeady because when their number is callednd when the oppounity presents itse, yocan take off running. >> after knocking offhe oregon ranked stanford cardina put themselves in contention for a national champnship. all but over., that dream is now stanford in l.a to face the usc
7:43 am
trojans, a pla where the but with the game tied late in the fouh quarter, stanfd quarrback kevin hogan throws an interception. the trojans would then move onto -- into field goal rge and andre heidari hits the game-winning kick. ther it is. the crowd stos the field. e cardinal essentially knocked out of that national champiship consideration, as we mentionedearlier, as this sea ofsc fans went onto the field. five people were injured. > cal takingn the colorado buffaloes in boulder and both teams came into t game winless inhe pac-12, but it was the bears o continued their dismal season. colorado wins in a rout over cal by a score of 41-24. the bears as th phase stface st next saturday. to college hoops now. st. mary's hosting drake
7:44 am
a big lead early and hung on leading scorer . mary's bt drake and improve to 4-0 in t season. love basketball. still ahead ontoday in the bay," fighting prejudice to ght for change. our interview with one high-pfile student making waives across the system. ves ac.
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to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and ved in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a n state... of health. weome to covered califnia. thplace to find quality, affordable coverage. and nobody can bdenied because of ad. prexisting condition. enroll now at
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you are wating "today in the bay." looking live at a beautiful star to the day over the south bay. some clouds now dissipating, b there are bigger, puffier ones that willring rain midweek or so. >>many people have no idea it's happening. homeless students on uc campuse a reality, also rising tuitn, but now preside janet
7:47 am
napolitano is being pressed by e of the n eest regent. raj mathai has the intview with regent sadia saifuddin. >> reporter: it's easy to get lost inhe crowd, tolend in but for 21-yr-old sadia saifuddin, blendin in means standing out. >> i knew there would be se people who would be uncomftable because ofay i look or identity or my politi i never knew it would b a defation, smear campaign in e media. >> reporter: her dream was hmet with politics and region. he's the first muslim-american uc regent beating out 30 other udent applicants from the ate and she's quickly challenging what she views as the highly pd ucxecutives. >> when we have students who a homeless and students who take showers in the gym, students who go ngry, i tnk people nd
7:48 am
to reconsider why they're working and y they do what they do. >> reporter: what shwants 20-to-do is shed newight on old problems. what do i bring to thetable? it's like to be a struggling a student, a that's somethi that the regents don't understand. th rents are very successful they are ceos, real estate managers, you know, promine in hollywood. have someone who has had to work threeobs during the daytime and two during the evening to make sure i could pay rent at the end of theay. >> reporter: a lot o people supported you during this, and thoseho didn't, i'll read one anti-israel boycott campaign, an extremist vement that denizes the jewish state, rejes dialogue and fosters bigotry. that's what soone said about you during the nomination process. true, lse? >> people can say that if they like. i am not anti-semic. i have a large nber of jewish
7:49 am
friends i work with. i'm on great terms with the rabbi at hillel and berkeley. so these are things i know people are going to say, a ey are tryg to defame my characteand who i am because they're uncomftable with what the new face of leadership looks ke. >> was it hurtful? >> yeah, definitely. i mean, when you're called a terrorist and when you're called an anti-semite, that's the worst becausi know what it's like to experience prejudice and, you the last pson who would ever way. to make someoneeel that >> reporter: janet nalitano, new to her position. i know you have met with her. anhow was the initialeeting? >> it was good. i really appreciate that she understas she'soming from a place where students are feeli a little uncomfortable about her background. but she's lling to do what she can to alleviate the tension and really listen to students and figure out some solutionss to the requests they're making. reporter: is the uc system healthy right no >> it depends owhat you mean. >> reporter: i'm askin you.
7:50 am
you take it wever you wt to take it. is it a healthy academic institution right now? >> financially, no,t's not. and i would say tha because our tuition has gone up almost80% over the last couple of years. it is so sad to know that a system found on the master plan which guaranteed free tuition to everyones now something that has become almost privatized. people do not go to the uc systemecause they think they canet better asses. at that point it's unfortunate we're losing talent. >> reporter: you're t a pushover, are you? >> no, i am not. >> sadia say she appud napolitano's pposal to freeze uc tuition. you can see all ofur segnts on our website, stillahead, honoring the next generation of baseball giants. w the game makes aifference in young lives.
7:51 am
and aiew around san franciscohows you patchy low clouds. a ni finish to the weekend. but we have som much-nded rain on the w as we wat some changes in your seven-day forest. a look at that when we come right back. good morningelly! woah.
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we're seeing t sun now finally eaking through the clouds around the bay area. kind of a chillytart though early around the north bay. 30s around santa in the seeing just aew patches of low clouds leftover from mostl cloudy skies about an hour or so ago. you e the sunshine as you loo f towards the south out towards campbell for your sunday morning. san francisco now partly cloudy, sunshine overdowntown. 50 degrees. climbing into the low 60s around the peninsula, but low cloud cover thick in a few spots around the eastbay. this will breakp as we go throh the afternoo right now youan see the low
7:54 am
clouds, and we will see clearg conditions awe move into the afternoon. now, we hope weet clearing tonight because wit the low clouds in place,t may bck the few of e leonid meteor shower. this is ongoing. best viewing will be from morning as sand gra sized he rticles hit theearth's upper atmosphere, you see the flash of light hopefully. wi the low clouds due in after sundn tonight, may not get to see this but we'll keep our fingers crossed. we'll see partly cloudy skies maybe around midnight. then the clouds fill in toward we will see bigger changes in the forecast late in the d tomorrow. as the weather system here packing a lot of moisture fm the subtropics get pulleinto the weatherystem. that's going to pubump up the rainfall totals monday night, tuesday, wednesday, psibly into parts o thursday. the next rain event for the north bay comes in perhaps as early as late tomorrow. you can see it the. mainly areas north of s francisco. a few scatteredhowers in the south bay through tuesday.
7:55 am
approaches the coast and it will be this time right into wednday morning. oks like the wednesday morning pretty good areas of heavi downpours offshore. that's going t sweep across the south bay and bring us our highest rainfall totals of the we very likely f wednday. the rainfall estimes now, unlike the system that came in st week that only gave us just arace amount o ra, this system between let's say tuesday into early thursdayringing i perhaps as much as a half inch of rain o more for parts of the north bay. picking up a third of an inch to a quarter inch of rain. again, the timing a early as monday night inhe north bay andushing souward into tuday and wednesday. around the bay area today, no worries about rain. we'll see clear i sing skies. samateo, 62. downtown san francisco, low 60s. into the north bay, we will see highin the mid-60s around santa ro, 64. oakland also 64.
7:56 am
we should manage mid to upper 60s around the tri-vley. living room andleasanton near 65 degrees. if you're going to hd out to the coast, we're still expecting patches of low clouds around bodega bay and santa cruz. sierra tral today just fine. close to 6,000 feet.n and snow, kr is? >> thank you very much, rob. a big honor for some future baseball greats. hundreds of outstanding coach and players were hored at a luncheon yesrday for tir skills on and off thefield. here are some of the recipient of the junior giants wil mac ard. the ward named in honor of giants hall of famer willie it is presented t players and coaches who west exemplify confidence integrity, leadership, and teamwork. >> this pgram and this league means so much to me and our
7:57 am
counity and everybody and all of yo i have never been a part of such a phenomenal program, one that better at being a person.o get to be great people. >> they're so te. more than 125 wlie mac award winners and their families were at yesterday's luncheon to celebrate th year's achievemen. months oedication and area students who wer named national finalists in the siemens competiti in mathd, science,nd technology. andrew j and steven wang eaed top team honors and $6,000 scholarship for their research on a chemotherapy drug combination. they are now invited to prent their workt the national finals in shington, d.c., in december. they could win partf the $500,000 in scholarships that will be awarded, and i that cancer combition works, thas even better. thanks so mu for makg us a part of yr morning.
7:58 am
no 5:00 or 6:00 tonight because it is "sunday night footbal night in america" speci editioof nbc b area news follows after that. have a great weekend. use chase freedom select department ores and get 5% cash back this quarter. so y can give her an evebigger surprise.
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acvate your 5% cash ba chase. so you can.
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lowest moment of his presidency. >> i am not a perfect man and wilnot be a perfect predent. >> the obama care crisis and the white housein retreat. we fumbled the rollout on this health care. >> democrats are in revolt as the clockis ticking on the government's bsite it does feel like t president is fiting on all fronts. his credibilitys lower than ever before. and we d't know if obama care will even work. and h do you get young peoe to sign up fomething they don'tecessarily wan in a moment, i'll posethose questions to nancy pelosi, leader of the house mocrats. plus, perspeive and


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