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tv   NBC Bay Area News Special  NBC  November 18, 2013 12:00am-12:31am PST

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why did you write a book about the father of christianity? >> well,o be clear, i am a seller of ligions. he talked about the influence santa rosa university h o his >>ou helped build facebook. and now y're defendg against it? >> what is she saying out her and did she really get her job offer on come cocktail napkin?
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to p that into perspeive, that'sore than fox news, abc news and even our netwk, nbc news. their annual conntions don't st bring in blogger, b big names le president obama, facebook, anichelesandberg. are you surprised o success? >> i grew up in print and then at a time when messa boards were so popul and robust in the first bubble. and at the time, i remember
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i can put up some of the best magazine content o line and i can't t women ute of the messag brds. and iwas fascinating and education educationa because it turnedouwe were the lucy ricardos and the dearabbyes. off own lives. and that is gold right there. >> blogger headquarters by t way, right o t peninsula in redwoods shore the. interesting in attending next ar's coention? it's bng held in san jose. is it a blessing or a curseo have the zuckerberg name. it's a blessing when it comes to her nking account and perhaps a curse wn it comes to creating her own identity. but ranni, ge from facebo, now launching her next project when you look at her facebook time li, it's a lot like everyone else's family
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gatherin weddings and halloween cosmes. >> is there a timeou don't give out your name and you don't want to go there? >> setimes i like people to that's not macest bayed on my last name. has rocked and rolled sce she arrived in the silicon valley. she'sow written two books. part memory and part se-help knave gaiting ks and adults through high tech. but it was randy who went away
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from her brother. >> the most interesting part of your book was when you left facebook or told your kid brother, psident obama in town,hat was a huge thing. especially around here. the tn hall that you hosted and then you walked up, you walked into rk at home. neighborhood.the same i just kind of blurted it out that i felt was ready to ave. it'sne ofhose thi where is you saw something and then you go oh, word go back in. for a longtime.bee in my mind i'm so gratel for the experience had at facebook. so i'm not gng to go there.rist,
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but is it mark's big sister? or is it randi zucker december -- zuckberg. >> i felt iad to live to different level than my colleagues. but it's opened up lot of doors for me. but one thing you have t know about mamazuckerberg, all four of her kids are equal. it doesn't matter if you cated a multillion dollar company, ery kid is equal. which i think i so great about our family. >> tell me the negotiation process when you wereoing to work for facebook, wha would be contra offer and how was it ne? >> i was coming from a basically nimum wanl job in new york. chb know how i lived onhe salary. all i couldhink of was getting a better paycheck. i didn't know anything about stock option silicon valle and start-ups. thatas not a wld i knew anything about. so whe myrother ufred me a
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paage that had equity and salary, i wasn't thiing about the equity. i was thinking i don't want to no makeinimum wage. >> i did not save the napkin, i wish i did. that would be fmed somewhere right now. >> isn't it ieresting you helpeduild facebook and it's changed so my of our lives and against a nse defending i wouldn't say defending against it atall. it's a huge part of mylife. it's an incredible too many to connect. we havfamily and friendsll over the world. it's been been amazing. what i am a proponen though, of using it oughtfully. you're waiting at the coffee shop. you scroll up your news fe or
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i think tech provide great portunity when we us it thoughtfully, but can also veer us a littl far off the end if we jt use it as a habit. >> an interesting read. her oks went on sale last we. the zuckerberg clan are migring from new york. next to mark and area she one of the highest profile transgender actrees in the cotry. >> theresa sparks opens up about her life befor she transitioned and how she's using her perience to help others. i love watching tv outside.
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coate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades re than a leading itening toothpaste. and whiten even me, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. one of the b area's most notablyivic leaders is opening up about her pt. as a man. theresa sparks doesn't hold back. >> it would be nice i pple would stopsking transgender
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people what they have beten their legs. people actually take license to feel like thecan ask somebody, have y had surgery? you know, you want to lean over and say, he you? >> she's blun she's successful d for once i her life, she's finally heelf. in a city that pduces dynamic leaders and til blazers of social causes, theresa sparks fits right in. man, but as a transgender woman. >> i have ctures of myself in my former incarnation and with i'm still a dad. my kids ill call me da my grand kids call me theresa. and i'm not se they can get to the grd dad part. but, you know, i don't deny who i never denied who was. >>he's former esident of the high proleoliceommission.
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t like inn the lgbt community, she came here for a fresh start. >> very successful business person you we as a man. teams, i believe.otball smoked the cigars. 'owe har harley. yes. were you cfused though? absolutely. >> i think most ansgender people think there's something not right. t like i thought you should be a gierl gi. though about what it would be you ow, you,raj, you put on a suit or a tie, no tie. and you never look good to yo it's never right.
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>> was there a secret life in hotel rooms. >> yeah, yeah. you that and it's kind of a cycle where you do stuff, you put on clothing, put on women's clothing, you t on whatever and u hang out. i used to go to paris and get two hotel rooms. one i would have hotel in the ritz that my company would pay r and i would entertain then i would have arappy hotel room that i would ep a secret itcase. >>s there therapy, a shock treatment. >> i had electric shock treatment in l.a. in the '80s. this could do . i went twice and i thought i'm not gng to put myself through this this is barbaric. >> you said it was rough with yo sons for many years. w is it now? >> it's good. i talk to my youngest son every
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night. once w got overhe transion an they mourned their father dying, as they saw i and thi new perso arisin they've come to the conclusion, it's really we don't talk about, you know, cosmetics andigh heels. >> where with rein san francisc you're one of e sleed leaders in the city. >> this mayor has done a great job with economic development. we can't argue that. >> we still have discrimination here. i don't think the leaders today are going to let that happen. i have a lot of confidence in the leadership toy. >> up next, from the b area to the world stage. this author is writing about jesus a the jews. and he's making hdlines. we'll hear from the best selling
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>> youe a muslim, sohy you write about the start of christianity. >> i've been studying the originof christianity for two cades. >> this clip wen viral. that fox newser into view helped propel hisook aboutesusnto sales gold. his newest book called zealot looks at jesus the m and puts his li into historical contt. askewhy he's now a muslim, he wasn't always. christianity only have the jesuits help him rurn to h muslim roots. >> saphat cra true to your heart? >> absolutely. they've made meho i am today. was.just act mably, buthat i
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itas theesuits who encouraged many eto go back to islam. it was the jesuits who caught me justice. principles of social the central message of jesus. was born in iran, grew up in san jose and now a professor at uc riverse. we want to thank all our guests you for watching. e you nd thank monday. good night. bla
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lcome to "onhe money." history in theaking. what a newed share could mean for the economy, the market and your money. president obama defesis health care and, but does it fixfix things? why going social could hold the key to fiing hoday travel bargains this year. how you n get way more and p less. "on the money" begins right now. >> this is america's number one financialprogram. maria bartiro with "on the money." janet yellen made it through her


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