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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  November 18, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PST

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growig. the renewal of millns of policies to beanceled under e current law andt also sells similaraws to new customers. the probl isn't fied and obamahreatens to veto it. joing me now the leader of the democrats in the house, nancy pelo. welcome back to "meet the press." >> good morning. >> goodo have you in studio. there is a crisis and the country feels i about obama care, butt seems to go deeper. democrats votng with the republins on a bill tt doesn't look like it's going forward. has it reached a point where democrats don't believe the president cn pull this o and make obama care work? >> o, i rmind you that 39 voted for tis resoluti the other day. the number has been inhe 30s whenit was to agree with them on the mandate for businesses, the mndate for individus. so this is aroximately the same number. >> but theres some real
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frustration among your democratic caucus. fair? >> that'strue, but youocused on the number, and e number approximately the same of two, three months ago as it is today whenhe republicans put forth a political initiati. people respond to it politically. >> i thin the question is, are democrats long coidence in the president's ability t make obama care work? >>no. let me just say this. on all these specifics, we he to completely step bck and see the bigr picture. what i love about health care professionals is that they are ca. and we must remain calm when we talk about the heal of our country. the affdable care act, as i call it have always calle it, the affordable care act is right up therewith social security, medicare, affordae care for all americans as a right, not a privilege. the ollout of the bsite, that's terrible. but the fact is that will b
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fixed. and that is the instrument of enrollmen as you know. what the republicans did on friday was not a fix. and if i just y, the law does not demandhat all these cancellationsgo out. the law says if you had your plan fore the enactment of the law, you can kep it, and at's what the president said. so tre is a distinction between those who had it before and what this law does is say other people can be enroll in these bad initiatives which -- >> i don'want to get too far in the weedson it, but i want to stick to pnt of decratic frustration. you know from calling t your colleagues about this, they've got to be worri about reelection next ar. are yound others going campaign on obama care in swing districts around the country, and i so, what will the message be? >>he fact is i'll get back t the affordle care act, and the affordable was named that because it makes it affordable.
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the experien in states whe it is working in kentucky, in california, ere we have o n statemarkelace, it's working very well. and i have full confidence, a do my members, hower they voted on this, this is political, they respo politically. but the fact is whenhis website is fixed, many these people in ese bad,ad policies that are coing too much, what the president did, and it's rely important mention this, whathe did in his statement the other day was to allow people who have been in the plans since the enactment of afforble care for there to be a delay inforcement for those. the hers can always stay in. there is nothing in the law that says they can't stay in. but what said was that the insuranceompanies must tell the policyholder whathey are deprived of, that they're not getting preesting ndition, any -- >> but there ar cancellation notices going out.
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theres a million of themn california. >> what ty have to do now is send another letter that says, this is what this is going t mean to you in terms of you n't get preexisting condition discrimination, and here are the other options tt are available to you in the marketplace. >> butthe president has been apologetic, he's been accountable for saying someing that was not the case. you were speaker of the house. you in many ways were seens an architect andey ally on this. this is whatou said back in june 2009 o msnbc. watch. >> what we are talking abt is affordablquality accessible health care for all americans. it's about choice. if y like whatou have and you want to keep it, you ha th choice to do that. >> are you accountabl for saying something tt turned out not to be correct? >> well, it's t that is not correct, it's that if you want to keep it and it's important for thensurance companyto say people, this is what your plan does. it doesn't preventou from
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being discriminated against on the basis of preexisting conditions, lifetime limits, annu limits. >> there is a btom line which people understand and e esident won't acknowledge, and that is i the government has deced there has to be minimum requirements in yhealth care plan, so if you ha something and youike , and it doesn't meet wha the government says you have to have, you cannot keep it. an that's not what you said here. >>f you had your plan bore the enactment of t law in 2010. if you had your plan before. there is nothing in the law that says you ha to. but again, we can go bck and forth on this. >> this is an importanteal beuse the grandfathering has chged. the president is acknowlging, and it doesn't seem like you're acknowledging that people s back i 2009 you can keep what yohave. his is all about choice. >> you cod if you had your plan before the enactment in
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09. grandfathering is for those before 2009. let me say this, an i commend the president. he's gracious and he's tking responsibility. but that doesn't mean tt there was anythingn the law that said you like what you had before 2010 you couldn't keep it. i think it's really important to ke thatpoint. heook responsibility for the big pictu and that's important for him to because that's what people see. but there is nothing -- you said rlier the law says tha you must -- y can't, the law doesn't say tt. but again, nrere nor there. how do we forward? >> the bottom lne is people are getting polics that were canceled and tt's not the representation that was made it was also foreseele, it was part of the debate this would acally happen. >> iwould agree with u for the policy since 2010 bu not for the 2000 before. thepproximately aso said the insurance compans, and many have been responsle, some not so, the insurance companyas to say to you you're not getting the preexistin condition you
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will he lifetime limits, you will hav annual mits, and, by theway, you have to tell people that they can go to the exchange, the marketplace, wre the may qualify f a sbsidy or they may just get a better price. >> the big picture on this is it doesn't seem to beorking right now. you argued a the time, lok, there's lot of controversy aroundit, it's politically hot and people still don't understand the good things at are in it. but ten you said this in march of2010. watch. >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it awayfrom the fog of the controversy. >> and hasn't that idea that you have to pass it before you know what's in it, isn'that really the problem, as you look bk on it, that there w such a rush to get this done,o republicans votin for it, and now there are unintended effects of this that were foreseen athe time that you couldn't know the impact of it d now it's coming home to roost.
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>> what i was saying there is we're the houseand the senate, we get a bill we goo congress, we ping-pg it and then you see what theinal product is. however i stand by what isaid there. when people s what is in the bill, they will ke it, and they will. whilehere is a lot f hoop-de-do and ado abut it, not rprising. i said it would ta a great deal to pass th bill. if we go up to the gate and it's locked, we'll unlock t gate. if the fence is too high, we'll pole vault in. ife can't do that, w'll helopter but we'll get it done. we had to pass the test of the courts, a we did. the rst rollout in the first part othe impmentation went very smoothly. the website has not worked. that's caused poblemspeople ctemplating those changes. it has not turned out tbe
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eay. what happens is what happens at he kitchen tabl of the american people and h ey wi have more afford abiliabilit more ccessibility, better quality car a healthier tion honorinthe founders of our nation, honoring the liberties of a changing policy. >> you consider it a success if 80,000 peop are able to get on and gn up. ithat acceptable? >> that's just by the end of thimonth. >> is thatacceptable? it's not acceptable ongoing, but they're saying with the fixes to the website, they're anticipating that % by the december 1 as we g forward. no, it has to be improvedupon then but, again, the measure wille how many more people can sign up? how fewer mistakes and glitches,
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and again,he shortening ofhe time fopeople to get on. but the thing is, this is a big deal. is is a very impoant pillar of economic and health security for the american people. > well, all the more important get it right. why aren't you concerned at this point at this is in gre danger ofot beingdone right? >> i'mvery unhappy about the website, as you can just imagine the president is. but i kw the makings of the legislation and what it does for people. and, again, look, this republican measure on friday, what mak matters so worse allows the marketplace to be deprived people who suld be there gettin lower prices with better benefits and prhaps even a tax credit. so that wasn't fix, it was a make matters worse. but you're in the political arena and you expect that. but you cn't be knked for a
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loop just becauseomebody is playing polits. if that was t case, we never would have passed it in the fist place. >> democrats won't lose seats next year over obama care? >> i don't think you can tel what will happen next year but i wi tell you this. democrats standall in support of the affordable ca ac we have gre candidates who are unning who are ccerned about our economy and our concern tat the government was shut down becausef a whim othe part of republicans coing us $25 billion to our economy and 4.6% of our gdp growt hey're concerned about overwhelming the people with immigration reform support, background check support, eding iscrimination for people in e workple. all these kinds of concerns are concerns of the aerican people. jobs will be the major issue in the campaign as they always are. and thiss an issuehat has to be dealt with. but it doesn't mean, oh, it's a political issue so we're going to run away from it.
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no, it'soo valuabl for the arican people. wh is iortant about it is that the amican peoe are well served, t who gets reelected. >> leader peloi, thank youery much for your time thanks for being re. >> nice tobe her. next we have senator kelly ayotte. nator, welcome back. >> thanks, david. >> iknow there is a delay between us and we'll bear through that. respond to leader pelosi who, in effect, says there is some hysteria politically around all this, tse things wil get rited andltimately peoplez t -- will see the benefits of the affordable careact. do you not see it that way? >> no matt how much congressman pelo tries spin ths, this is a mess, davi i'llell you what i'm hearing from my constituents. they're iting me about cancellation notices of plans ey nted to keep, rising premiums so some of their deductibles are doubling,
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they're payng more for heah care, pele losing hours because the definition of the wo week is 30 hours. in new hampshire there is only one insurer on the exchange. 10f our 26 hospitals are excluded. so this really is amess, so s canry to spin , but this -- i think it time -- the president said he fumbled t llout. it's timeor a time-out which i've been calling for so we can go back to the drawing board and really talk about bipartisan solutions for healthreform in he country. >> so t political headline this wk was at the latest gop obama care strategy, keep out of theway. is that right? is thiseing viewed as a new way to tryto end obama care and the affdable care act altother? >> well, i thi whate're interest in isctually ere are areas w need todress. rising costs in healt care that's a timeout forhis thing. let's back to the drawing board. l's not forget w this was passed, david. it was passed on purely partisan
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lines, input fr publicans. that's what you get when u try to push itthrough, and as the former speaker said on yourhow a said previously today when you played the cli forher we have pass it so you canfind out what's in it. nowhe american people know what's init. my constituentsre very unhappy with the notices they're receivingnd higher premiums. >> this ishat the "new york times"rote this week about what the president is up against. the failures getting this roll out, but also this. . obama is battling a republican opposition that has refused to open t door to any legislativ fixes to the health care law a has blocked him at virtually every rn. there is no reblican proposal that i'm aware of that would seek address the problems, baically 40illion uninsured americans, th the affordable care ac seems to address. isn't that true? >> well, dav, i would say this. let's start with the princip that in medine the first rule is to do no harm. an politicians addressing health care need to do no harm.
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we would like to get to some birtisan solutions. let's allow areater competition, why can't people buy insurance acros state lines. if we can driveown costs, we can give peopl greater access. why not allow people to be treated the same in terms of tax treatment? let's address prxisting nditions. there were state high-risk pools we c buttress. but there are manyhings the republans are will work on bipartis basis on, but they are so stu on this law and trying to implement it no matter what the cost, no mter what to the american peope. >> what is aiable altertive that really solves the problem? >> i would say let's get to the table on a bipartisan bais and let's make sure we have plan that has more choice, not less. les have one where we're driving down cos and increasing competion. have the insurance companies compe in a way that they aren't right no let's get together and figure out at are the bt models from the state law on the
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high-sk pools to addre preexisting conditions. there are my ideasi think, that we could do that won't harm people that have policies now that they would like to keep. and i think that's the problem th we're seeing is a la that harms so many people who right nowere trying to do the right thing and haveealth iurance, d now they're receiving she's cancellaon notices and higher premium it see to me we should work together to addss this health care reform itead of the way this s done on party lines. >> 're going to leave it there. senatorkelly ayotte, thank you so much for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. cing up here, we're going to go beyond the politicians' talking points to actually talk about th future of the law. that's coming up next. a littleit later n, 50 years after the assassition of jfk, how the world might ve been different had he lived. tom brokaw and chris matthews are here toeflect on that. we're bck here in just a moment. ♪
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at your local meedes-benz dealer. we are back. a lot of cnfusion over some of th latest obama car developments, what they actually mean. joining me to break it down, columnist for the wall street journal da henninger and ed -- editor of the post. is there a wrry about this? >> the big wry is tat people who can't sign up no the peop signing up are older or sicker because they need insurance more. the younger people you have to balanceut the risks t keep prmiums low. in the second yr you he premiums going up in the insurance market. but look, if they get the website up and running in much
3:19 am
better way in t next two weeks, in the next month, you have a numr of months aft that until at least march for people to sign up and get the high-risk pool going. it i think it's much too early to say whether it will follo that trajeory or some other. >> my friend in college said, i would willing to sign up for somethinghe government said i should gn up for if they were running right. they're not runng it right. >> they'reot running it right, and i ink ezra t his finer on the issue and whether they can constru itfrom front to rear, where you go in, price the insurance polics, interact with the insurance companies and the medic providers. this is extordinarily complicated. the is no way they' going to get this done in two weeks or a month. ifhey continue to fail like that, i thinkhat at the margins,he young people, the healthy people who, of course,
3:20 am
are running around usingiphones and applications successfully to redesign their own lives, they'rthe ones that are going to fall off obama care and lose faith init. i think to a great extent their fah to the government's ability to delver an entitlement like this is also being put at risk by the problems. >> ultimately, i'm trying t find one o two things kind keep our eye on, because any one of usan get lost in a level of detail that if you don't have expernce in the policy, the health care background, you st can't keep up th . are premiumsgoing to up or not? e insurance compaes will be ppy toust raise premiums i this thing doesn'twork out. they were told they would get more people signed up. if not, they'lraise their premiums. >> obama care was up against too ma sick people cing in and not young people cong in. one of the things ia risk corridor. if they misprice their inurance, if they prce it too
3:21 am
low, the gvernment will reimburse them abou half the differee. that's a g thing. let's say they think in 2014 this thing will just be a mess. yoll have the exact same oblem of whate're talking about here. but by 2015, y have a tghter andate, uyou have th websitup and bowking because i don't think anody thinks they can't get it in a year. and it mht make a ton of sense for them to keep premiums low in 2015in order to get the healthy people because oerwise they've got the worstf bo wlds, they ha a terrible risk pool. i don't think is automatic what they do, we just don' know yet. >> dan, y and i had an xchange this week a you mde the point that this president has gone way too far in his quest to use government to good, th it's bome cocive, e idea ofhe mandate is the center piece of obama care.
3:22 am
is that t big test of this? >> i think . the theory of liberal politics going back to fdrs they could co up with ids to do good like social secuty and mecare and medicaid, and althought might be inefficient, they could just make it work. the administrati ste, the reaucracies could ke it rk. that has been thetheory. we are seeing a test case right nowith obama care whether this grand entitlement can be made to work by the administrative bureaucracies. if it continues to have the sorts of problems it is, i think a lot of voters for whom government is on the bubble right now, make no mistake aout it, are going to srt pulling back their supportor this basic idea that liberals and progressives ha pushed for the last 80 years. >> i think theris a lot of trh to that. i think sometimes w underestimate how much everybody has at stake in govement trying to dohese things well. if you look at paul an's health ca plan that he brouht out in 2009, it had exanges. the federal and state had to set upexchanges. if you look at the mecare plan
3:23 am
which is also in the udget, it also moves mecare over to exchanges. so republican democrats, liberals andconservatives, they someh need the government to be ablto function well. it's bad on both sides if the government can't construct ese kindsf tas coservatively. >> we need a reality check beyond what the politics are saying, whic lead pople kind of in e argument of confion. thank you both for being here. i apeciate it. coming up here, the esident's legacy. is the rough rolout of obama care compared hurricne katrina. is it fair? we know why we're here.
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> here this morning, tom
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brokaw, koathleen parker, chris matthewsnd mike murphy. back to "meet the press." >> we're here wth our roundtable. a big dal to see the psident come into the white house briefing room ando lay it al out about the mistaes that were made. here's a compilation o it. >> clearly we, and i, did not have eugh awareness about the problems the website. ultimately i the presidentf the united states and they expect me to do something about it. th's on me. we fumbled the rollout on this health care plan. we should have done a better j getting that right on day one. >> tom brokaw,s this the low point of t presidency? >> ll, there have been several low points, but thisis certainly a low point at a critical time ming into the 2014 elections, and lot of democrats beginning to bil on the idea of obamacare. what is striking to me about that statent, we should have beeawre.
3:31 am
i would think, given the importance of obama care or the affordable care act, eight months ago the preside would ha started every meeting with, how we dog? is that going to be ready? that's going to be ou big play for the second term and demanding from kathy sebelius and other people involved in it that they were ready and sending people ov there to take a look at the rollout. that it suddenly landed e way that it did in utter chaos and it's not going to be an easy fix is just inexplicable. >> you wer making a point to me this wek aut where is bobby kennedy? who has the muscle? he did sa theuser of this se is everything. who has the muscle to get it done and get donehat he wants? >> you always go whereou've been arguing before. i've alwa been arguing this present doesn't have a chain of command, a clear line of authority and unique responsility. i remember sebelius, most like her, she's a public serva, but
3:32 am
when asked who was in charge of that committee unr oath she started talking about sobody cns, that this person had rollout responsibities. look at japan. the occupation of japan was simple, but o manin charge, mca. the preside doesn't want to have a real chief of staff like jim baker. he doesn't want to give authority to people,nd i think 's a real problem. >> you can have cris of esponsibility where people don't think you're telling e truth, askyou can have a csis where people don't think you can doanything. this is going to make it wor for the democrats. >> did you buy nancy pelosi's argument that she's going to defend it? >> as a republican, i had a good morning because it's fun to watch nancy rereat faster than a fren general. it was something. so i thinkhey've got a
3:33 am
problem. wt interests me ishat's going to happen next because politics are dynami wh is the president going to do? huge opportuni here, but ife sit aund and high-ve each other about beingight about this, that's a mistake. it's time fous toome up with our own policies so we can move forward, whic we ne to do all the way through 2016. >> i thought it was intesting that ncy poe elosi said there ws nothing in the la that people can keep their policies. the president saidt over and over and over ain. what the republicans a going to do, i spoke to john boehner just yesterday, and they are planning to continue to apply vere ersight and target -- be very aggressive at targeting legiative moves to fill in gaps and help americans deal with so of the flaws. but thiis, i think, just a colossal mess beyond -- the
3:34 am
president made the first promise that we're all famiar with, and then he said you c get it ck, which i don think was true. >> all comparons are impeect. and it is right in terms of a screw-up. ut i thinkt would be accurate to say if george w. bush had rushed into new orleans with a lotf action and a lot of effort and had failed initially, that would be more li it. the problem with katrina was apparent inifference. one thing you can'thold against the president is indifference about health care. he rushed in, pushed through a program with pur dmocratic support and took all the risks involved in it. it's a different kd of screw-up. >> it also got two really important pas. we're talng about the potics oft now. what has notchanged are the enormous economic consequences of leaving health care where it is. 17.5% of our economy now goes to health care and it's only going this one direction. the fact is a lot of leading businessmen who are repubcans say the republican party is not doing its part because they are
3:35 am
standing arod andpplauding and they're not coming forth with a workable plan tt will dve down those costs. not just for indivuals who are rying to buy insunce but for cpanies that have to provide it as well. this is an enormous part of the american political and economic scene as we, and we'll see whether the republican party now does come forth. >> that's totally right, but we have the opportuni now. part o had to be the show, and we're right about this thing. six months ago when republicans we talkingabout delaying it a year, there was ridicule. now it's looking pretty smart. but part twois, it's a jump ball. we need this for mdle class economic policies, but it's open. if we freshen our poli and we go to the working class about we're the pty on your side going forwa, we can fix a lot of democrat problem which are tremendous. >>his is mitt romney's case theast go-rod. he said, look, keepinyour kitkids on your insurance unti they're
3:36 am
26, that' a good thing. this may collapse, but it doesn't get r of the idea of how to override the leading goal of mos americans. >> the website will get fixed but the next thing i going to beow to actually operate this thing for rising costs. when they recalculate these things for risk pools, a year fronow right at mid-term eltions when peop are lookinfor a huge governmt subsidy pump thisp -- >> you are so right,nd t big political queion will be whether when obama goes to the republic house and says i need more fincing here, bause young people are not joining this system. they're goi to say n. >> here's the other political question. ok at the president standing the poll in personal attributes. is heonest and trustworthy? look at thechange.
3:37 am
he was inoctober. now 44 to 52. that has completely changed. people say tis is about katrina. i think it's more like a rock. the comparison iseverybody looked at bush through the prism of a rock. here i ink people are going to look at obama through the implementation of oma care when he wants to talk about something else. >>the war is such a hueal and so separate from everytng else, but i do think people lost faith -- it was the straw, filly that broke th backin terms of whether people felt the administration was mpetent. and th is the comparison that has somme mer, which now people look at obama and say, my gosh, can he be trusted but do these people even know what they're doin >>t also comes at the endof t a very good run r obama, because what happed is he kept moving the red line in sia and then the russians bailed him out. he wagetting cver from all kinds of ples th didn
3:38 am
emanate from1600 pennsylvia avenue. suddenly oma care blew up. he hasn't h in the last year e big triumph that you can say, wow, he's o s second term,nd as you know in the white house staffing ere is still a lot of confusion and infighting going on. >> right now at hillary clint headquarte they're having a mting saying, we're not going to have to knockff the obama bumperticker with a circle and moon ri that every democric candidate has for two yea. nowhe question is where do t democrats go? you're goingo see i thinkhe progressve left in the democratic pty go back t their argument wich is, why dot we do single payer? >> is there not a progressive fight, and i've talked to democratsho say, hey, we finly get to talk about the budget again, and tt's where reblicans seem to direct this predilectionof hurting themselves. they're sort of counting that
3:39 am
coming up in a coupl months. >> i understand why pople turn to politics bause therere no good guys anymore. it used to be someon won and someone lost. in the shutdown, that was the republicans' ti democrats' time to applaud, now theepublicans are laughing at the government's foibles. nobody is aood guy. >> ju think how different things would beright now if presidentbama had said, okay, we're going to delay one year. his quote, not enough awareness, there shou have been, obviously, but they could ha delayed it ayear and preempd t republicans and said, look, e're not quite ready. we've looked into ts, we've got some glitch in the computer system. wee not going to roll this out until we're 100% sure we can re the eople. >> it's not like whenthe republicans said that they were
3:40 am
really therto help. >> wouldn't that have been a better alternative to what's going on right now? >> it's always asneaky trick to politicswhen your opponent is having a bad time, steal it and get credit but this is how they gt in trouble on this, think. they won a campaignso any problem they have theyeach into e tool x, all the things that look gre when you want to rui mitt romney's reputation. but it's hurt them on this thing. now e caaign isover, and they need to move forward in a way, buthey've been defensive. >> you don't think it's in comparon to aq. obviouy everything is differet. but t idea tre was a line going on, the hard lef will say dick cheney andveryone else liedus into that war when, of urse, it's grayer tha that. did obama systemically say i'm going to promise everybody who has heah insurance they can keep it, although i ow it's not true. he wll argue i thought the
3:41 am
market forces would work andit wold offset that problem and i wouldn't have toeal with it. this chacter issue is the real penetrating attac if you can hitobama on character, you can take that 40% wch is already eroding down to about 20. andhat's what theyre up against, the hard people like chen who is up in nbers right now. >> they did know these picies and it would have been so much simpler fromthe very beginning, and i i i felt obama's adviserse president's advisers, they've given him horribleadvic but why not say from the very t-go, look, i can't guarantee you're going to keep the same policies, but under the affordableare act, you're going to get better policies. >> a l of doctors are being pulled out of the sysem by the big carriers. that's below the rar at the moment cause everybody is concentrating on this. we're in for a ry tough year. and frankly, the health care of any country, and especially this country as part of our national
3:42 am
security, if you have half the population or more terrified they're going toet a terminal disease or something at will keethem from worng and they have no place to go to get covera for tha it's more than just a political issue. >> i asked somebody who is in the health care business and i asked him, what is your big question? and hsaid, when does this l get settled? the less certainty theres about this, it's going to affect who is spending where, what theye doing around health care, peopleust want the final answer. i think that ultimately gets to the bigger question about ecomic recovery as well. we're going to take a break here d come back, talk our roundtable a little more about how tings are shaping up for 2016. a possibleightmare scenario for hillary clinton has to do withlizabeth warren. but first a date that will forever be rembered in america history, november 22, 1963. chris matthewsnd tom brokaw ll be back with uso talk about the legacy of fk on the 50th aiversary of his a s assassinat assassination. wel hear big voices from tom brokaw'sew docmentary about
3:43 am
jfk. >> i thoughte was pretty shrewdin making judgments about when not to ke othe people's advice. thought the way he [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we've always been at the forefront of advanced electronics. providintechnology to g more detail... ♪ detect hidden threats... ♪ see the ole picture...♪ process critical informaon, and put it in the hands of our defenders. reaching constantly evving threats before they reach us. that's the val of performance. northrop gmman. maestro of proct management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be th awesome. and from natial. becae only national letsou choose any carn the aisle... ango. yocan even take a full-size or ove, and still pay the
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i'm a pharmacist. saleassociate. i manage produce i work in logistics. there's re to walmart than you think vo: opportunity. hat's the real wmart. ask not what your untry can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> this week mks the 50th anniversa of the aassination of john f. kennedy. the country and the world stood still on thatfternoon of november 22nd, 1963. with the perception of time, how might the coury be different had jfk lived? back to talk about thatis host of msnbc's "hard ball," the elusive chris matthews, and tom brokaw who wrot th docentary
3:46 am
lled "where are you?" welcome to both of you. think this really gets to where were you -- >> you can hold it up i've beenooking all week long the transcrip to the documentary. steven spielberg, who you talked to, talks about the reaction of his mother. watch. >> my mom was in the kitch and she was sobbing at the kitchen table, and she was alone in the house. i rememr putting my arms aroundmy mother and she turned around and jt embraced me. she was just holding onto me and she was shaking, and she was sobbing. >> the befo and after. >> thinksteven's mother was probably around john f. kennedy's age. he was 16 at the time so e identified with him. this is a man, think chr ill agree with us, w arrived at the perfect moment in american politics for all his qualities. it s the television age. it was thend of the
3:47 am
eisenhower-truman-fdr era. he came from this tohless family who was out ther sailing every day and working hard to t him elected. there were a l o john f. kennedys. heas the wealthy playboy, the conic chacter. but he was also a reckless man. he ca in wi the cold war era. and when h left the presidency in a violent way indallas, it was still a work in progress, david. his numbers had gone up, but that was primarily because of he cuban missile crisis. b there was a l of work still on the tle. no civil rights bill, no tax bi had gotten passed, and what were they going to do about vietnam >> we'll get to that in a minute. chris,or me and my generation, i liken it to the before and after idea of 9/11. that's wh i identify with. was it still different tha even can imagine? >> tom said it well, before and after. i can't put the death of john f. kennedy and th autopsyictures and the tabs running now with
3:48 am
the life he l right up until the bullets. wrote my book blinding myself on purpose to what happened to him so could write about his ife. what i worked on certainly was a playboy. all tse things, totally true but i trd to work on the working politician who was ying to get something good done fo the count. that one part of i wasruly idealistic. he w trying to figure out the politics in texa do you want to know why the daily press was so iortant in dallas, why was ft. worth still a yellow dog democrat? he's studying tese questions and trying to get swers like tip neeilo'neil trying to get ings out. he neededtaxes, h needed georgia, probably. just a couple weeks before h got lled, he's on the phone with dick daley trying to not be to perfec on the civil rights bil. he was workingn philly to try to get the vote there. he was realy a working
3:49 am
politician, as you said, deyed th civil right but trying to ge things done. sowhen he died, heas still thinkng how do i get thisill throughnd how do i get reelected? >> i mentioned the what-ifs as such a student ofhistory. he campaignsgainstisenhower as being soft on communism, eienhower, the great general. what does he do in vietnam? >> remembe the iaugural speech, let the world go forth, a new generation wilng to meet anywheren the pursuit of liberty. what does he do about vietn? that's an unanswered question in my mind. i talked to all of his principal advisers bere he died. he was playing the hawkish line right bore his death. he said he believed in the domino theory three weeks before he di because he wanted to g through '64. he was going to run against barry goldwater. the spread of communism i hard to describ to aurrent geration. it was a palpablefear
3:50 am
throughout this country, democrats d republicans alike. at the same te, he was in on the assassinationof the museum. we took out a leader and that country was a cia coup. my guess is he would have continued f a while but not near a long as liyndon johnson. >> you hear him talk about the death of muum,nd he feels bad. kennedy sent bad cables over there. he sent b information that led them to belie they could get away with it. but i tellou one thing, the day he di in ft. worth at that breakfas he said, the day we leveietnam that government falls. he wasas hawkishs he could be unt the end. then you sit back and s, wait a minute, would h have put half a million american troops in and mimicked the french, knowing thdisaster would come if we turned it into an erican r? i don think he would have done ithat way, but who knows.
3:51 am
>> where were you the dayjfk died airs fiday on nbc on friday on nbc at 8:00 p.m. herote the forwardo th book. you can go to flipboard to find it. coming up here, the resof our roundtab discussion. we want to come ba to give you the rest of your 2013 press. we he candidates already jockeying for position. [ tires screech ] ♪ [ malennouncer ] 1. gigawatts. today, at's easy. ge is revolutionizing power. sercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative softwe. using data predictively toelp power entire cits. so the turbines of today... will power us a... into the future.
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>> we're back here with a little bit more timewith our roundtable. i wanted to tal a little about 2016 because i thought there were ieresting maneuvers in th health care debate thi week, and it d to do with bill clinton who tried to dend the president on health care, bute added this. i personally believ even if it takes the change inthe law, the presidenthould honor the commitment the feral government made to those people and let them know what the got. >> that was theound of the
3:56 am
cli clintons unlinng the car from the wagon train, don't you think? >> is this bill clinton saying how you get away from the obama legacy? >> not anything even near that. it nothing do with it. i was over there saving women in the middle eastnd africa. >> they doave a mory of their own experience with health care. they got clocked by it. and they pushed forward very ard. she would not compromise and got her head hand to ed to h during his term. >> kennedy was running against eisenher in 1960 in effect, just like obama ran agaist bush in 200 so does hillary clinton want this to be the continuation of he obama gacy? >> she wantsit bh ways, like george herbe walker bush, i'm goi to have a kinder, geler nation. kinder th who?
3:57 am
ronald agan. he was the reagan third term, but he had the nuance enough to say i'll be a little bit more center than this guy and hillary clinton would be a little more to right. she's already a notch or two to the ght on politics. that's where she staked r posion in the last wa on iraq. t great thing abou bill clinton, his hands are completely in tou with the average american he's ot his hands on the amican experience in a way that obam has probably lost for a whil he knows people are really buged by this promise that wasn't kept he kno it. >> i see two problems with hillary clinton. health care is i her world, too. she's got the problem of bing up ainst ne which is often the most powerful thg in politics. second, chrisis right. she's trying to hold the right side of the democratic primary where there is less and less accident gener oxygen every day i actually think elizath warren is a credible candidate. >> thank yo for leading me right to the cover.
3:58 am
hillary's nightmar a democratic prty who realize their soul lies with elizabeth warren, talking about social equality like she has for years. is it a legitimate threat? >> i thk it's a vy legitime threat. i'm sure you've t elizabeth warren. she's a very warm person. she can reallyconnect with people. wh she's talking to you, she makes y feel yik lulike you're most important pers in the world. she has the abilityo really reach out and feel people's pa, and this will appeal to r base. >> they say that about bo bond villains, too. >> let me remd you it's the 17th of noveer and it is the year 2013. we've got thr years to go before we get there. and who is going toome out of the woodwork, what more we're going to learn about all these candidates and whais going to happen in the orld.
3:59 am
so i love the parlor gae, david, but i d't think we're going to t it rolved here on a sunday morning >> hers a great question for former secretary clinton. would you like a crowded field? a crowded field with lots of sparring partner that you could beat eventually better than a coronation. i don't think the democratic party is theepublican party. democrats are crazy that way. they want to fight, they want turmoil. they would lke see hillary win th nomination, not just get it. i know people think they'll get embarrassed it, i think she'll be embarrassed by not running. i think if she runs, it makes hillary more of a centrist, makes her more plez aasant. >> it does, but it also deletes the card where sheppeals to women >> an earlyappy thanksgiving. if it's sunday, it's "meet the
4:00 am
ess." coming up on "early today." a massive weather front including deadly tornadoes, torrential rai high winds have made its way t the east. and europe's most active volno lights up the night s with fire and ash. and "saturd night live" has a field day with lady gaga and toronto mayor rob ford. "earlyoday" starts right now. > this is "eay today" for moay, november 18th. good rning. i'm richard lui. we begin witthe massive and deadly tornado. as we come on the air this


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