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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 18, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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ess." coming up on "early today." a massive weather front including deadly tornadoes, torrential rai high winds have made its way t the east. and europe's most active volno lights up the night s with fire and ash. and "saturd night live" has a field day with lady gaga and toronto mayor rob ford. "earlyoday" starts right now. > this is "eay today" for moay, november 18th. good rning. i'm richard lui. we begin witthe massive and deadly tornado. as we come on the air this
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morning at least six peopl are confirmed dead and dozens more injured. a powerful line o storms. the natial weather serce saying there were 81 reports of tornadoes suay. ma of the images are almost surrea we areearing stories of survivors beginnin to pick up the pieces. >> this to will come together. we always do. we'll come back. we'll come bac >> one of the hardest hit ars was north central illinois. that's wheree go to nbc's jay gray le from the city of washgton. good morning to you. >> reporte good morning,
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richard. good t talko you. those six falities you talked about all from this area of ntralllinois. >> reporter: the dastation is widespread and overwhelming. >> within less than a minute, everything srted collapsing within the house. cracking and sputtering. annext thing we know, 's light inside the house. >> reporter: at ast six people are dead, dozensnjured after a string oviolent storms including 40 tornadoes or more ripped across eight stes sund. central ilnois took the most severe hit >> all of a suddenthe wind started picking . >> reporter: when it finly stopd, communities like washington and n minden are fothe most part wiped ay. >> it's pretty bad as far as people n being able to stay in their homes. the roofs are gone. church steeple gon
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some dage on the inside. i would say it's pretty bad. >>eporter: a path of splinted homes and communities leveled by the intense storm stretches from ktucky to michigan. morehan 250,000 families were left without power. though, ey understand, hundreds of families have lost a lot more. yeah. it's a tragedy that's still unfoldg. fe teams are on the ground not only here but across the region. we are told that theresident continues to receive updates at the white house. that is the latt live here in washington, illinois. i'm jay gy. >> sunrise is in about an ho bill karins joins us now. th is a major occurrence. >>f this happened in the middle of spring we would say it
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happen in thatart of the country. thiss m nember and far north. if we get tornadoes in n they are usually to the south a not here in rthern illinois. 81 tornado reports but roughly about 40 or so when it is sd and done. the hail reports were many and wind repor wide spread. the storm started about noon i illinois and then red atbout 65 miles p hour. exing areasround boston, riard. this storm system, the daging windsre fished. >> bill karins will be back wit more weather across the country. video here shows the per the storm rge. survors are gting help.
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>> it's stil as croed inside as it was the oer day. a long line of patients. but a far cry from what we saw last time. >> you have your supplies. >> reporter: even a solar ee ee powered refrigerator has arrive >> hundreds of thousandsf homes were destroyed in the storm. to washington d less than two weeks from the promised date to fixhe tracie potts is ve this morning. >> reporter: remember obama for america turned into organizing for action after theampaign waover. he has a conference call with em ler today to talk about what he cal clearing the noise and to talk aut his agda.
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80% is now the goal. >> this ia fixable problem. oncehey fix i peopleill say i have an opportuty to cover my mily. >> reporter: this week the president suggests extend one year. >> it is a polical band aid but not a permant cure. >> reporter: oextend them permently. democrats defected and agreed with with republica on that. >> reporter: nancy posi insists her party determined. democrats stand paul in support of the affordable care ac >> it is time for aime-out which i haveeen calling for. >> rorter: the president's approval ratings have plummeted.
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ca he regainamerica's confidence? >> paradise lost and paradise regained. >> reporter: republicans s next year'songressional elections will be a referendum on whether the presidt's policies worked. al clear politics. polls fou democrats have slipped four percent over the last month and republicans o perct. embattled toronto mayor ford wa met with yells of support d opposition at a canadian footba game. the canadian fooall league's commission asked h not to attend the game. ford showed up anyway wring that blue jersey with with mayor ford stitched on the back. some membe of the croelled some nastycomments. most cheered and high fived the mayor. as you can tell there, bill
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karins, he smed to love it. he reshes perhaps all of this excitement. >> what a character. >> wait unt we show folks the "snl" stuff. the west coast buzz is rain moving a lite further south down the coas san francio your first significant rainfall heading youray in a long time and very dry. if you can see the white on the map there is a lot of clouds and moisre. the 48 hour rnfall tals are not very exciting for san francisco southwards, real nothing. but from sanrancisco a the bay northwass where we will get rainfall. not today for san francisco. rain moving into the northwest but this time tomorw snow with m
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coming on shore. arizona one of the lone spots holding on to warmth. we were talking about the first ras and slick pavement for the rushour in san francisco tomorrow morning. >> maybe it will clearut all of the bad blood the 49ers are experiencing >> you are going to take a cheap ot. a turkey shoage from butter ball plus a dangerous scene when a fan falls from the stands.
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at least 50 people were killed when a pla crashed and burst into flames in central russia sund. the boeing 73 tried to land several times. on the fal attempt the fuel tank exploded onimpact.
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europe'sost activeolcano shot lava into the air on sund. lavaid flow or the weekend butearby villages were not ordered to evacuate. > a 32-year-oldew york man died sunda while participati in a free dive. he was trying to break no fins depth record. officials believe it was a deh-related inju. and a fan falling from th top level of a stadium and landg on another person in e level below. the reaction sent both people to the hospital the man hit suffered aead inry. he dow approaches 16,000. weurn to sma mody >> good morning. sony sold 1 million playstation 4s in the first 24
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hours and they hopto sell 5 millio by the end of e fiscal year in march. appleal planning to sel beacons which alert you on price information and work shops on how to use new feares and apps. malls offering several freebs including free wifi, free coat an bagheck and fe coffee. >> nothing is for free. than a lot. butter ball wch proces about 20% of all u.s. turkeys sayi there will be a shortage of fresh turkeys that are 16 pounds or laer. butter ball sd tkeys had a decline in weight gain which is limiting suppls of fresh turkeys. a wil day in thenfl. we have highlights but first our
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trivia queion. as we approa the 50th anniversary of assassination of president john f kennedy, wha perctage of americans believe that lee harvey oswald did not act alone?
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and before the break, asked, what percentage of ericans believe that lee harvey oswald did not act alone in the assassition of jfk,
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12%, 2, 47% or 61%? well, according to a new gallup poll, the answers 61%, and at the lowest percentage in nearly 50 years. the last undefeated team ts a loss crtesy of peyto manning. alex smith and his teamould not get i rhythm. the broncos win it 27-17. it was a long day for the bears. a two-hour delay. joe flacco intercted. seconds left in a game aavens field goal sen it to overtime. another field goal gives chicago the win. pittsburgh's belleaps ove the lions. the steelersump over detroit 37-27. and the saints edge out t 49ers on a penalty.
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darren sproles waves fair catch but the niners still tackle it. ten straight home game losses firing up the eagles plays. give me that redskins flag says mcc to a fan. eagles win and take first in t nfc east. the pricef beauty. andreellington's hair ripped out by a ckle. it until you see this. there is the hair rig there. he is n the only one on the hair danger li. espnounted 183 pros with shoulder lengths locked. stanford out of theop five. thisweek's rankings leave three teams in e running for the chpionship game spots. jimmie hnson winsis
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sixth title. he is the youngest ever. he is one away from tying legends petty and earnhardt. toronto mayor provided a lot of material for the cast and lady gagon "saturday night live."
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welcome back. the big storm that produced the tornadoes is exiting the country and a new one about to move on shore in the west.
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with it we will get a lot of rain, not a l of snow. we will see rain further south not today butater tonight and tomorrow morning. we are procing rn for the first timen a while. it is aboutn time. we do need it. will get it. it looks liket will continue in sanrancisco not just esday but into wednesday. the real batman respoed to san francisco'sransformation into gotham bat kid day was for a sick 5-year-old boy names myles. ben afflecweeted that bat kid the best batman ever. > the film about a man with a magical hammer reinssupreme. it was number one at $38.5 million. "the best manholiday" came in cond follod by "last gas".
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angina jolie the last actor to receive the hershal award. when steve martin accepted his honary oscar fans got to see a differentside. >> myife who is as beautiful as she i smart, yea! knew i wasn't goingo make it through thi speech i read it t my dog this morning and we. lady gaga her newest album, art pop, h first time hosting "saturday ght live" was a hit. it broug the strongest ring since justin timberlake hosted in march. here are some othe highlights on "snl." >> show the world what you created, baby.
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i made this. it's a macaroni necklace. >> y'all hear that? she just changed the ge. >> again, i am sorry for how i have been acng. is not indicativ of my position ofayor in this great town o toronto. >> man, i got what you aed for. >> not her let's do it underhe desk. >> this here i grade a premium. >> don't say what it is. >> i got your stuff rig here. >> whoa! th's a lot of ack! >> that was just one of three dierent they had. >>ho is playing on the left? >> she was sitting there stoic. >> hilarious stuff. i richard lui. this is "earlyoday." we hope this is just your first stop of thday on nbc.
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>>leading the news in "usa today," pesylvania pastor facing church trial overay marriage. the reverend frank shaffer could be defrocked ithe jury decides the clergy concts him by breaking his pastoral ws. and in "internationa businessime," a volcano discovered under antarctica ice. cacould increase the ls of ice loss. scientists believe it may be buildingp steam for a massive eruption. some of the newse are watching for you. t at least six people are confirmed dead after a powerful line of storms. the national wther service saying there were 81 reports of tornadoes on sunday. in japan utility woers havebegun puing radioactive
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fuel rods fm fukhima daiichi nuclear plant. and in brazil extreme iling series living up to i name here on the second t last day of the race. the danish team facing tough winds there. look how small theyook falling what might b three stories there. the team w forced to drop ou everybody s accounted for in at capsizing. and a disturbing scene for zoo goers in dallas where a lion killed lioness in ful view of families. witnesses say they thought the two we playing at fit. he may have just turned 65 but thisast weekend prince charles showin he has a little bit of rhythm here. the prince of wes was in a classroom joini in spirited renditn of thehokeypokey.
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the school was part of a center for children with disabilities. nice effort, though. time for a look ahead a a lookback. interviews expected. jonathan martin met with the nfl special investigator friday. on this dayn 1999 lebanon hostage was free from captivity as reported bynbc news. a major breakthrough in the hostage situation in the middle east. you the see the situation in damascus, syria. that's livpictures of the man, the tall man laughing leaning over is terry waite. 52 years old he's been a hostage for almost five years. happy birtay to david orz 38, chloe sevigny turns 39. d "dynasty" star linda evans, . keep it here forore ws, weather and orts. i'm richard lui along with meteologist bill rins. thanks for watching "eay
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today." ha
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a deadly crash shuts down a major bay area freey. >> plus, a viole and deadly weekend in t sou bay. three separate shootings over the past three days. >> peopl in the midwe sessing damage as dozens of tornados tearhrough several states. we'll show you how it's making an impact in the bay area. >> right now we'll show you a much, muc more calm scene here. this is the gden gate bridge. nary a car in sight. ladiesnd gentlemen, day one of e work week, monday, november 18th, this is "tod in the bay." >


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