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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 18, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a deadly crash shuts down a major bay area freey. >> plus, a viole and deadly weekend in t sou bay. three separate shootings over the past three days. >> peopl in the midwe sessing damage as dozens of tornados tearhrough several states. we'll show you how it's making an impact in the bay area. >> right now we'll show you a much, muc more calm scene here. this is the gden gate bridge. nary a car in sight. ladiesnd gentlemen, day one of e work week, monday, november 18th, this is "tod in the bay." > smooth and early.
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we'll take tha for now. about 4:31. good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to geto this morning. let's chec that forast with meteorologist christina loren. go morning. >> hey, good morning t u. thanks for wakingp with us. temperaturesre looking really good to kick off the day. it's gng to be cool, though. you need a jacket just about all day long. an rain on the way as early as toght. we're gng to time out the let's say good morning to mike inouye. >> goodmorning. we'll start with this nice st here at the oakland coliseum. 880 in bot direction without problem and a light volume. the bigge deal is north on the nimitz freeway. bridge down through oaklandse southbound 880 becse there is still a sigalert. three of the four lanes are closed by a deadly crashoing if you can use international through the cy or maybe seventh getting off through oakland an back on around 12th.
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it's a little confusing. close to the freeway follow the signs to the off ramp off 12th. for the reason for the backup you have more information. >> that'the breakin news we're following this morning. two pple are dead after that early morning crash. it happened in oakland actually just befor 1:00 this morning on sohbound interstate 580 near the fifth avenue on ramp. chstie smith is live in oakland. she joins us with the latest. go morning. >> reporr: good morning. on my way ino work i sawhe signfor this lit up in rkeley. they tell you what you need to know, th is that thisbackup ming so slowly tha you want to avoid this area altogether because you may be at a complete standstill trying to 880 right here through oakland. thchp is on scene along with tow trucks trying to clear out this deay accident that has claimed the lives o two people overnit. here's wha we know. p telling ushis started on the nohbound lanes of 880 with
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a bmw that was speeding. first emergency calls started coming in before 1:0 this morning. theriver of that bmw lost control and slammed into big fifth avenue area which if you know it is by lany llege. the bmw hit the tractor-trailer but t impact didn't stop the car immediately. >>hen he hit the truck it flipping end over end and when he hit the truck he passed the truck flipping and bounced over into the crv and as of right now weave two decease parties. >> reporter: firefighters are telling us the had to c the driver out of that bmw because thear was so smashed. traffic actuay opens up again near 16th anues you pass by. it'so slow getting he right now only about one, as you go
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south, one lane open. the test we're hearing is maybe 30 minutes oro before this clears out but again, even whenhey clear out it take as while for t traffic to get moving. something to keep in mind. live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> in san jose police tre now searching for suspects i the city's 43rd homicide of the clea year. a man w found shot to death on golden rain drive yesterday morning. this is near the corner of monterey roord and brandham lane. the nab ders hear the gun fire. >> hea a couple of gun shots li bam, bam, and that was it. a few minutes later heard sirens and cops pling u >>t this point police say they do not know if the shooting was gang related. the victim's identity has not been released. >> new details on ather deadly shooting in san jose, this one involving theheriff's department.
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thisorning a makeshift memorial is grong for a woman shot a killedy santa clara county sheriff's deputy. it happened 12:30 saturday morning on cleveland avenue not car from basm and san car low street. a suspected a call of theyrdered the woman to drop the apon but she did not listen. those who knew her say s was a loving and giving peon. >> i don't know if shead a knife f she had a knife there were three office,1 years old. i doubt that they were thatened. the three deputies are now on adminirative leave during the investigation. in san francisco, police are looking forhe gunman responsible for a deadly shooti near a nightclub. is happened about 2:00 yesterday morning in a parking lot near sixthnd jesse streets south of market. witnesses say a large crowd was leaving a nightclub when somebody opened fire. police say they found two wen
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in aar wit gunshot wounds and morehan a dozenasings on the ground nearby. e woman at the scene died, t condition this investigators sa it appears a fit triggered the shooting but soar no arrests have been made. >> 4:36, san francisco police also on the lookt for a hit-and-run driver. the driver after white van hit a bicyclist last night. a cyclist was rushed to the on his or her contion this ate morning. poli say t van likely had damage to the fro and possibly a shatteredwindow. >> police say they nd help thisorning solving a disturbing case of anil cruelty. a 10 week old pit bull puppy left for dead on a sidewalkn east palo alto. investigors believe he might have been attacked by other dogs. th humaneociety now offering a $1500 reward for any information leading them to the person who let this happen a.
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good samaran found the puppy back on vember 1. the puppy later died from injuries wch included several te wounds. instigators think he m have been dumped at tt scene. >> so sad. 4:37. a senate committee willear idea from the public utilities coission on how to improve safety in lig of the san bruno pipe line explosion. the committee criticized the utility's commission for its lack of progressince the explion in 2010. that explosion killed eight people and destroy 38 homes. e report fou the commissn did not treat safety as a priority. devastating's been a search and recovery teams now pouring through all of the rubble after estimated81 rnados ripped across 12 central illinois the hardest hi stms in that regn killing at least six people, iuring 37 others.
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th video was takenere washington, illins by a man hiding in the basement of his home. clearly shooting out the window there. the path of the hes and communities level by the storm stretching all the way from kentucky up thrgh michigan. fema teams are now on the ground acrosshat region andhe white hoe now says the president continue receiving updates on this situation. terrible out there. meantime, this morning flights getting back out here getting back on schedule a bayrea aiorts after the sever weather ripped through the midwes causing major delays at home. o arriving flights fm chicagoast night they were delayed on avera one to two hours and some passengersn one of the united flights from chicago they were delayed they strong wds at o'hare aport ho damage thard plane while it was still on the ground. >> at least what they td us is that tho strong winds that came through chicago bw the plane from behind and affected the rudder so they had mechanics
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woing on the rudder b were unableo resolve it so they reaced that plane with another one. >> as the storms move east tre are also delays on arrivin flights from washington, c., boston and fro new york. >> in the meantime, several commities hit hard by the typhoon in the philippines mode to ear recovery.rvival every day more aid continues to reach those in need across the ceral philippines. we have new veo tohow you of people that re rushing toward navy hicopters as they unloaded supplies. several communies are reopening, marke and gas stations today. the country's energy secretary is promising to restore power to the region by december 24th, christmas eve, claiming he will resign if it fails. >> unimaginable what those peoplere going through and the perseverance, the ones surviving have tohave. goodness. >> kind of a rough weekend as
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were mentioninghe tornos. it's a tough one. >> yeah, it reay is. it's really late in the season to see anything like that. i'm gng to take through analysis and show you t areas that got hit the hardest on a ma coming up. i want to focus on your current conditionsight now. i want to get y back to work in a timely faion. san francisc 48 degrees. we have low cloudshough it's hard to see right now before the sun comes up. slowly but surely that will be e case. as we head throughout highs cool enough for a swert or a jacket. across the bay ar.rd t 60s 66 degrees in saratoga, menlo park, 63 degrees, cfortable in san francisco,ut still cool enough for a jacket or sweater. we're looking pretty good in the east bay, oakland 64, 66 in walnut creek and 68 degrees in livermore. today or tomorrow,on't even ar think about it. we've got rain on the way. i'm going to detail that.
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first i wanto send it to mik inouye who has araffic alert. >> alert heading through oaknd away fromhe baybridge. here is a look at the lights, this is a live look from christie smith's cw out there off of 880, so southbound 880 traveling down out of downtown heading tord about the 12th or 10th street wre this scene is. theetailed startedn the her side of freeway. blocking three o four las, folks crawling by. if you get on around 1th tngs clear up. we'll look at t map as well. the big swing off 980. if youan get to eastbound 580 that's a great alterna or internationaor even 7th down through oakld. that shod get youast the scene. the rest of th area moves smoothly because of the light volume of traffic on the east bay. we'll look to the south bay as well. your northbound route to the commute direction. northbound 101 around tuy, on tully there is a crash going on affecting possibly approach to
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the on ramp. a lot of debri from what i understand. 101 through the area in san jose is movi. thrtbay,e'll s how southbound01 is. easy drive southund around the curves here approaching nort sanedro road. >> thanks so much. still ahead on "today in the bay," apple's newest gadge aimed at improving w wireless serve in its o stores. >> the virtual currency that made nationa helines in a drug scandal takg center stage capitol hill today. to those who've waed... worried... poked and prodded... taken risk.. and lived in a state of "what if...
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lcome to a new state... of healt welcome toovered california. the place to find quality, affordable covage. financial lp for those in nee annobody can be denied because of a pre-existi condition. enroll now at annobody can be denied because of a
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currency and it's possle rtual criminal uses taking center stage a a senate hearing. therimary focus will ben bit coin, an onlineigital currency. bit in received big time online drug marketplace was discovered operating out ofan frcisco. the siload website sold everythingrom heroin to pot. investigators sa the men charged with running silk road had more than $28 mlion of bitcoin currency o his computer. applnow turng to a new type
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of gadget tryingo keep better connected. this is the i-beacon seema mody is live. good morning. >> goo morning t you. futures higher as thearkets come off s straight weeks of can you believe it. the dow closing on a milestone about 40 points away from 16,000 while the&p 500 is a stone's throw awayrom 1600. the big focus on the consumer this week, with reports from retail sales and earnings from home depo target, and jp penny. the nasdaqddingbout 13. americans may not be savin enough for retementut they don't like talking about it. a new survey finds 70% of people over 25 haven't talkedith their parents aut retirement while more tn half of those 50 and older haven't discussed key financl issues such as wills
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and inheritance with their kids. financially if they or their spse were forceto retire early due t health problems. about a third of people who retire early do so becse of health. apple rortedly installing so calle i-beacons in its stores to improve serce and bot sales. those are transmitters that wirelely connect to yr iphone or ipad when youe in the store alerting you on pri formation, products or workshops to learn how to use w features or apps. users can turn the ales off if they choose. back toyou. >> thank you vy much. taking custor serce to another level. >> there you go. get you to buy something else. want to check in with meteorologist chstina loren. >> good morng to you. good. things are looking pretty we'rgoing to see a mix of sun days you want to keep your those sweate handy. we're mostly in the 4s, couple uer 30s in the nth bay, otherwise it's mosy
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cloudy to start the day. i want to give you an idea of whate'rexpecting as we head thughout this afteoon. one of the ds yeah, keep it handy that jacket necessary at noon today in the city 59 degrees out therp.m to 61 also theouth bay looking chilly. we have a storm system coming in so the clouds are going to increase as we head throughou the afrnoon, only hitting out 63 degrees out there later on today. let's talk about what's comin our way. area of low pressure we have two heade our way. throughout this afternoon, cool tuesday, cloudy with a few showers and then the widespread rainfall moves in for most o the bay areas we head throughoutwednesday. this is what we expect. in terms of showers, noon tomorrow, starting to get heavy ecipitation up in the north bay. alof that sthour activity prsing into the south and we're getting the blues in the south bay but i wt to a quarter of an inch.e up t elsewhe maybe an inch of rain. it's much need up in the north
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bay. wel keep you updated and we'll ok at the tornado outbreak coming up a well. right now back to you. >> thank you so much. it 4:49. in russi investigators are mbing through the charred wreckage of a boeing 737 this morning. the jetliner crashed yesterday as it was trying to land at an airpt about 500 miles east of moscow. about 50 people on board, they were all killed including the so of a provincia vernor. investigators are now looking into possible pilot error or equipment failure. >>entencing scheduledor today for the teege boy accused of kidnaing and killing a young girl in colorado 18-year-old atin is facing life i prison for killing and dismembering jessica dgway. ridgway vanishedast year during walk to school. investigatornow say they arrested sieg aer he confessed to his mother.
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sieg is being charged in the attempted kidnappg after 22-year-old runner. >> 4:49. a big decision is expected this week on wther to give thousands of students at princeton iversity an unapproved vaccine to protect them against a meningitis outbreak. thereave been seven cases of the potentially deadly disse at the university. ththe strain is t covered by approved vaccines so the university is consideri using a newer vaccine bei ud in europe a australia. if approved it wl only be available to those on caus. >> 4:50. still ahead, unfornately more memories in new oeans., bad but on the other side a welcome surprise f the raiders. >> thanks tohe brainsf bay area ientists, we'll explain ming up. >> you're looking at a live view of 880 coming through fremont,
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easy drive here, fas fremont truc scales. north we still have the silert. three of the four lanes blocked by a dlid crash. we'll give you t latest.
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monday morning.everybody on a i want to give you a live look from our emeryville camera shooting back a the bay bridge. a nice look early morning, a picturese way to start your day. christina loren will talk about
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showers so be ready for that 49erback at the super bowl, superdome that is, at the superdome for the fit time since losing last year's sup wl. on the wrong side ain. in the third quarter t niners looking pretty good. colin kaepeick to vernon davis, that is a touchdown. the saints keep this clo w. seconds left in the game, cck ticking out, a 31-yard field goal ice it. and the nins go down 23-20 falling to the new orlns sain. the niners 6-4 on the season thatas a bummer. >> things looking a lot better for the rai irns houston with rrelle pryor without a ke jury. matt mcloin g his sta and he did not disappoint. hi first pass for a touchdn. the day leadingo theilver on and black a 28-23 vtory over the strugglin texans.
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we'll take that. why not. better than the niners. w are we looking traffic wise? >> overall light bause it's this is fromhe oakland g. colium. out to a live look from christie ith off 880. you see all of the flashing lights a the folks stopp on the freeway. that's south 880 around the 12th or 14thstreet. the freeway off of the surface streetshere is a double ddly ash. she'llive us an update but as weook at the maps you see all the slowing approaching becausthree of the four lanes are closed. chstie did tl us that the carsave been cleared from the scenand chp hopes toeopen shortly but christi is on scene. away from the bridge use 580. international blevard will take past thats well bk over to 880 south o let's say 16th to get clear of that. in the sou bay a smooth drive rthbound. buthe earlier crash arod
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tull is around capital expressway. back to you. >> thank you. a monumenta christmas project, operationhristmas child i features sites aoss t south bay clecting gifts, and notes of encouragement to fill 33,000 shoe boxes for needy chdren. this wee is nationa collection ek and you can drop off donations at these locations lied on the screen. foxworthy baptist chch, blossom valley biblechurch, chinese church inchrist, evergreen valley churchnd . thim 0 the's lutheran church. ce the shoe boxes are put together they will be diributed acrosshe world so a great mpaign, great movement to help. >> evebody can do their part. a new mission t mar kicks off. >> crews roll out nasa's maiden
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spacecra on the lauh pad at cape canaveral in orida. uc-berkeley scientists built about lf of the instruments on board s they should be proud of this. they he to learn more about th evolution ofhe red planet and what tt may reveal about th future for plats such as earth. mavens scheduled to take off at:28 this morni and should be in orbit around mars september next ye. >> still ahead, we contie to foow breaking news in the eas bay. wh we're now learning about a deadly ovnight crash has shut down a by bay area freeway.
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> a deadly crash on ierstate 880 overnight a vehicle flips over t center divide into oncoming traffic. christie smiths there on scene now talking to instigators. she will have a live report
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coming up next. >> i'l give you the live look as far as the sensor speeds and how to get through that jam as you ce through oakland. >> plus, dastation in the midwest, a string of deadl tornados tearing through the area. coming up. on rovery efforts >> that is trifying stuff. right now a live look outside. that i sfond that damage, the tornados in the midwest slowing up flights causing delays. on this monday, november 18th, this is "today ithe bay." >> a very good mondayorning to you. thanks foroining us. i'm ura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. od morning. an update o the breaking news right now teang up the early sh morng commute in oakland as we eak. this happening jus before 1:00


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