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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> i'l give you the live look as far as the sensor speeds and how to get through that jam as you ce through oakland. >> plus, dastation in the midwest, a string of deadl tornados tearing through the area. coming up. on rovery efforts >> that is trifying stuff. right now a live look outside. that i sfond that damage, the tornados in the midwest slowing up flights causing delays. on this monday, november 18th, this is "today ithe bay." >> a very good mondayorning to you. thanks foroining us. i'm ura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. od morning. an update o the breaking news right now teang up the early sh morng commute in oakland as we eak. this happening jus before 1:00 this morning on sthbound
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interstate 880 near the fifth avenue on ramp. and that is where christie ith is liven oakland. it's been quite t scene out ere. have ty reopened the freeway let. >> reporr: not just yet but the two tow trucks that re out here for bh of the cars invoed in this accidenppear have moved on so we're seeing progress in starting to clear this deay accident. it's causing major backups on 880 through oakland. this is before 16th avenue. three different vehicles e involved, t it was the speeding driver in a bmw possibly going more than 100 misn hour on northbound 880 that's when the 911 call started coming in about a horrie it's near fifthvenue f. you know it this is in the area of lany college in oakland where the freay starts to decline. e chp says the driver in the
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bmw lost ctrol and clipped the back of a big rig, even with that impact, the car didn't stop it went airborne >> when he hit the truck it used the vehicle to start flippi end over end, and when he hit the truck he passedhe the center divide wall head on into the crv, as of right now we havewo decease parties. >> reporr: two people were killed in this wre including the drive in the bmw, we're also tol thathe second person killed was the driver in the crv an they were both the only people in their respective vecles. down to one lane b wcan see int caltrans o thereorking on it. we're hoping and hearingt may ear soon. you can se all of the vehicles still gng very slowly. we are here onhe frontage road. around it because the wait was
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quite long. we had to get off to get here and make a live shot. this i'll turn i over to mike. >> good morning. i forgoto ask you but we can't talk directl here theay thingsre set uput shes over off embarcadero cove. i don't want to say tha for sure. that's the frontage road. so embarcadero cove on the west side or o the other side. let me show you on the maps. christie'shot there past 14th at the6th avenue overcrossing. it's down to one lane, that' why you have the big backup and it's starting to build heading past the scene. international boevard, that's a big road there so i'moing to e that as a great alternate. take 12th over toward the freeway and tn watch for the signfor the feway on ramp. there's a lot of overcrossings. watch for the signs or eastbound 580 ay fro the maze down through oland and cross over
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farther down toward fruitvale and 98 a allf the other avenues or even 238. that's the way around that we'll track that until they clear the lanes. the rest of e traffic coming up. >> thanks somuch. 5:04. th morning san jose police are searching r spects in the city's 43rd homicide of the it follows a violent weekend across the cityhere there we 2 homicides and deadly soting involving depues. bob redell is live in s jose with more on the deadly good morning. >>eporter: good morning. all three people who died inan jose this weeke were st and killed, we're at the scene of one of the shootings, the first shooting tt took place at a strip mall on west san carlos. someone lit a candlend lef flowers. this happenefriday night. thvictim a man in his 20s driving apickup truck through the pking lot when someone shot him in the head. he die aboutn hour and a half
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later making h the 42nd pern toe murdered in san jos ts year. police are still trying to identify a suspect. the next shooting happen add few away on cleveland avenue.le saturday morning the santa clara coun sheriff's office is respondingo aall of someone breaking into atriplex, the caller her glass, a woman yelling. the duties were forced to oot the wom because she wouldn't drop a knife they say she was wieldi. >> as they were approaching t triplex they were confronted by the deputies ordered the subject several times t drop t weapon, she did not comply. >> i don't know if she h a knife f. she had a knife there we three officers, she's 61 i doubt that they were threatened. >> friends of the woman whoas ot and killed by the deputies say she had multiple sclerosis
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and r behavior was out of charter. others on the call are on d two administrative leave whi the ooting is investigat. then less than 24 hours later, early yesterday, another person shot and killed in the city's 43rd homicide this year. th happened on the 100 block of goldenrain. police found a man in a home at that address shot. he died on the sne no. arrests in that crime eith. w enforcement doesn't know if either of this weekend's homicideare gangrelated. reporting ve in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> this morning the midwest mother nature after tornados.of a ok at theamage and video of a tornado bore it touched down g. morning. so far at least six people are reported dead, dozens injured, this death tolls eected to
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rise. it's too earlyo tell. all of the dths so farre in illinois, thoug the tornadic actity was felt in 11 more states. waington, illinois was one of the hardest hit. bites 16,000. 0 miles southwest of chicago. and notuch of washington i left, dozens of mes, businesses wiped out. this video youe seeing here is shot by a local man hiding in his basement. you see the tornado. and as you are about to hear, the man is praying f his life. >> give us this day our daily brd and forgive us our trespass as we forgive thoseho lead us not intotemptation. it's hard to hear. he goes on to pray the hail mary. in allite tornados were repord bumore thak 30 to 4 actually touchedown across the dozen states from michigan to western w york. right now fema crewsre onhe
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grnd surveng the damag this the goverr of illinois has deared seven counties state disaster areas which of course will help reliefnd aid g to the areasquicker. quinn is gng to hold a press iefing to give the latest esmates on damage and then at 11:00 this morning.asngton cong up in my next report, 5:45, we're going to hea from nbc corresponnt jay gr, he is on the ground in washiton so we'll see the damage first-hand. and then il get t latest on local flight delays in case you have a flight to catch this morning. >> tnk you. like a chainaw ripping through. it looked like t tornado pulling houses out of the ground. >> right now right here not bad in comparison. want to check o temperatures with meteorologist christina loren. good monday morning. we have a storm system on the way but foroday looking nice
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and dry. temperaturewise, right now mostly in the mid-40s, upper 30s in theorthbay. it'sold enoughor ajacket. you'll pbably need one throughout the day. an idea of where we're headed, 50 degree, cool, cool at lunch i want to show you all across the south bay temperatures will be cool enough for a sweater or coat only about 65 drees in sunnyvale today. we're looking prey good. once the sun starts to set at 4:45 it gets pretty chilly. by about 5:00, 56 along the peninsula. san francisco good by noon in the 60s so make sure you bring the coat but you won't need your umbrella until tomorrow. if you don't want to wai for the seven-day forecast you don't haveto. it'scrolling here for you at th bottom of your screen. tri-valley good, 5:00 p. about 58 degrees. uniform temperatures expected acro the bay area. by tomorrow even coolerith
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shower i'll send t ver to mike inouye folling that traffic aler >> soubound 880 ts live look of the eeway, down to one lane southbound over to the 16th street overcrossing thrgh this is jammed up on th map. you see it starts with the jam from bore you get to 980 as you head off of the curve, and from the oakland bay bridge this will be ajam. you want to take eastbound 580 international boulevard or and get on pas the scene 12th well take you to the freeway. watch for the signs for 880. take eas580 that's great. it's starting to pi up you see that off of the maze. and continuing down toward highway 13 thrgh the area of oakland. we're folwing the chp says they hope to open shortly. you still see the big slowing. here n a big deal but this is the tri-valley.
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i thinkhey are staing to build out of the altamont pass. oakland farther south, we're looking at clear drive fro the coliseum fast san mateo bridge. westbound, those headlhts come ofof the high re a smooth drive to the peninsula moving at speed for 101 and 280. >> thank you. a new plan toaxugary drinks in san francisco isbout to b introduced. a supervisor will announce the plan. it is mu like the onehat pervisor scott wier tax.oduced, a 2 cent per ounce the plan would distribute the up $31 million between health education efforts, physical education initiatives and poorer neighborhos. the plan to divide the money. >> the time is 5:11. coming up shockingrazy scene during last night's jets/bills
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game a. fan up high falling from a top tier right onto a fan bew. it is bizarre. we'll tell y what the team is now telling us about this. between israe and the t talks palestinians. wh we jt learned coming up >> we are this clo to dow 16,000. crazy stock mark. we'll take a look coming up.
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>> facebook feed.e arrived o your your own post may be used in advertising. coming.cgrew, we knew this was i'm sure a lot of peoe will b surpsed the first time ty nd themselves hawking
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dishwasher soap on line. >> comes down to what you like if you say something nice abo a prodt and tking about dawn dishwasheroap i don't know but any time you say sething nice or you like aproduct, your endorsent may be st out to allinds of your friends as a sponsored post. facebook and advertisers figure a personal rommendation is the best kind of advertising. facebook announc changesome time aut they took effect on friday. sony says it sold more than a million of its new play stations over the weekend. the deviceent on sale friday at 12:01 a.m. microsoft started selling its x x this friday. we're close to 16,000n the seema mody is live at cnbc headquarters. >> it's amazing to see how the bulls he been in control and once again we'reooking at
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futures high areas t markets come o six straight weeks of gain. the dow closing in on a milestone about 40 points fro 16,0. the focus on the coumer with rerts from retail les, existing home sales a earnings. the dow rising86 points in friday's tde and the nasdaq up 13 getting close to surpassg which is a milestone in itself. scott. you.ll right, sea mody, thank we'l look at the upcong christmas shopping sson coming up in a bit. doesn't look real hot. that may be oneoncern for wall street. otherwise they keepn going. >> i know. the songs are playin the lights are up. >> you're handing out the list of what you want >> i got it done thi weekend. >>f course you did. you're alws ahead of the game. >> i know. >> what'she weather like? some rain cong?
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>> shopping for an umbrella? >> i saw your eyes light up when you said christmasshopping, ura. we're getting intohat time of year,4 hou a day christmas music. we'll have more on that coming up. as we head throughout this afternoon temperatures cool in the city, 59 a lunchtime. looking prett good, iant to take you through your forecast, south bay, mid to upper0s, we're going to see a nice day along e peninsula,ow 60s headed your way. richmo, in the low 60s inan fransco looking comfortable, up in the north bay mid-60s headed youry, east by 64 fremont and 6 degrees on the way to pleasanton. today wi be cool with increasing clouds. ke you into your tuesday. that's when showers move in. by wedsday that widespread rainfall moves in. i want to show you what we're working with. stop the clock at noon tomorrow a.ood amountf rainfall even
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in the south bay. stophe clock getting into wednesday, loo at these totals, imessive numbers. remember, if you look at the seven-day forecast we have it at the bottom of your screen. looks like every region acrs thbay area is going to get a half inch so we're looking really good as we head throughout next cple of days. we nd rain. >> we do. a big note for folks through the area, a look outside -- am in the wrong spot? we're looking toward the maps, we have a smoo drive. th first rain comes in arod the bay, we're going to have to watch forlick roads. here, this is a traff flowing southbound towd 16th avenue overcrossing, going on verylow drive now because of the lanes affected by the earliercrash. you lookt that youee the truck staing to move. look likes a sweeper truck also is on scene due to a double
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deadly crash southbound 880 around0th seet exsut. we're on earcadero cove one of the surface seets on the west side of the freeway. let's look at the t maps. we're zooming in, t slowing from 980 all the way past, but 16ergeant the overcrossing. e international or sevth or 0 to get around that. as you travel the rest of t freeway getting fast colium, easy drive toward the san mateo bridge. at's a good flow. the rest of the uth bay t the northbound routes for 101, 280 and 85 no real slowing yet. we'll see that build for 87. we'll give you live looks at the peninsula. no problems as you hea over the dumbarto bridge. along 101 as well. and 101 to the north bay smooth as well. travelg down toorth san pedro road, no problem for speeds in san rafael.
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>> paltinian official says his country will parcipate in peace talks wh israel despi israel's settlement expansion into lands palestinians want f their stay. a spokesperson says mahmoud abbas will complain about the settlement today when he mts with the freh president during a visit to israel yesterday the president id statement could complicate a pea deal between israel and the palestinns. a couple of football fans in the hospital after a bizarre scene. one of them falls from the top after stadium landing on top of the other one a this is someing that could have be avoided. this happened during the bills d new york je. you can see your screen the man sliding down a rail which is beyd ridiculous, flips owe verks hangs on before the bil say thatoth fans ended up being taken to the hospital. this is not use of t game.
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but yeah, theans were taken t the hospitalor further evaluati. the man who fell was barely hurt ffering ahoulder injury the man below sufred a head jury. rit now no details how serious the he injury is. >> now a unit exclive. cyber attacks, we're filiar with the alete our iormation on line b what about government computers from the dm storks social services. government computer systems are storing your data. is it protected? ves gaetive unitequested the breaches for eac state agency. what we found nearly 24,0 californians hav had their data kprom mized on big compute during that time. everhing from personal alth records, social serity numbers and t records. how hard is itor the state
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do. keep upith an evolvin threat. >>'ll be hone. it's a cllenge but i tnk we as a state do a very good job, again we have diligent folks in the organation and we take it very seriously. >> tonight at 11:00 the investigative une breaks down mother of the nuers. the types of attacks and how much it's costing taxpayers. bay" we'll tell you how the e recent shutdown in washington has helped out one park in the bay area. we went out andsked people a simple question:
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how old ishe oldest person you've known? we gave ople a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing but even though we're living longer, one thing thahasn't changed much is the officiaretirement age. ♪ the questiois how do you make sure you have the moy you need to enjoy all of thesyears.
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♪ welcome back everyone it's 5:24 now. san francisco's coit tower now closed. the famed landmark wl dergo a 5-month restoraon project. starts thi morning. crews wil repair a upgrade windows, plumbing lighting and
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otherthings. thebuilng's murals wl be reored. the clong was timed to avoid peak trist season. in five months you can head back up. the bay areaark ranger who shot t fame now drawing crowds. >> got to love this lady. 92-year-old betty is the oldest full time national park ranger. she endedp making all of t talk show circuits anduring the gridlock. the times now reporting that she has becomene of the biggest draws the rose the riveter histor park. that is wrighthe works, doing a gat job. since that her lectures on the history of e homefront during wod war ii drawinguge cros of nearly 100 peoe so extra publicity, turning a bad thing to a good thing.
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rose the riveter world war ii home front national historic park. >> mht want to go with an acronym. >> good day to head to thepark. let's check in with >> before the rain mes in, . od morning to you, jon and laura. good mning to you at home. i want to te throughout storm system. this is the weather story of the day. much needed raiall on the way to the bay area. stop the clock for you getting into 1:00 a.m. tuesday mornin that's what we're expecting the rain to start to move into the san francisco area. throughout 5:00 p.m. on tuesday at rain continues to press to the south. d then we get another punch. the's two pulses headed toward the bay area. and the second one has more ergy so the wds will pick up and we're going to get a good dousg of ra. showers for the first part of thursday, then a of the moisture. could be measuring t fee so get tse skis and snow boards ready. let's check your drive. >> right now get everythg you
5:27 am
need ready to get o the door if you travel southund 880, things are jamme up with the live look, we see a few trucks there but we're dn to one lane. lookt the map. around the 16th avenue overcrosng it's jammed around the be out of oakland approaching 980. use east 580 as yr alterne. there is the south bay. much lighte back to you. >> tnk you very much. >> it's 5:27 coming up recover efforts under way after the deadly tornados rip righcross themidwest. we're going live to one of the hardest hit areas coming up. to the areas hardestit by ay typhoo haiyan. new video jt in. we'll have the latest details.
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two people deadfter an early morning crash on 880. a speeding car goes right int the back of a semitruck causing it to flip over into oncoming
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traffic. good morning to you. than for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybod we can tellou the crash happened justefore 1:00 this morng on southbound interstate 880 nea the fifth avenue on ramp. and that also ishere christie smith is le at oaklan athis point a you hearing are they clearing the scene zbt. >> reporter: not y but the have been ted ay and we're seeing fewer emergency vehicles here. still down to just one lane on southbound 0. i want to tell you iot offhe phe with the chp. he tell me that the drir in the bmw they say caused this wreck was going 100 to 110 miles an hour. and at ts point they s they are not ruling out dui because of the speed and the time o day of the accident. but they say an autopsy ll have to determine at. e chp says a driver 18bmw w
5:31 am
going nohboundn 880 before 1:00, cpped the back of a big riin front of it. that set o a chain reacon where the bmw fli owed ver the avenue.divide on 880 before 16th >> the bmw traveling northbound at a high rate of speed and rr ended a semitruck, when he h th truck it caused the vehicle to start flipping end over end and when he hit the truck he pass the truck flipping, an bounced over the center divide wall and went head on into the crv. >> rorter:he two people were kied, driver the bmw and they believe both were males and both solo occants of the cars they were in. the chp isked when they might reopen. they are hoping too that soon.
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in the las couple minutes we notid that caltrans has some trks here that look like they are beginni to start to pick up cones so we're seeing me activity actually look les a second lane may be opening up so again, it looks lik -- they starting to see that happen. that's the latest from here reportin live in oakland, christie smith, "today the bay." >> sad and unfortunate sne for the commute side othe sry over to mike inouye what are you seeing? >> i'm seeing what christie talking about, the value of having a live reportern the scene, chpshristie was talking gave us theupdate they consider a lanes cleed a we did watch the crews clear. christie was hoping that would be the lastf the crews and los like that's the case. we look at the maps. first theive shot behind me was the oakland area. that will get a burst of traffic. toward bay brie you're fine a far as your commute direction toward that sp. it's south of theay brie around 7th where you sta to see slowing around the bend past 980 where it jams up toward
5:33 am
basicallthat 16th avenue overcrossing cse to where christie was. with a of the lanes reopen but if youant to use seventh and take that through the city and back on sth of all of the slowing. so international blevard or eastbound 580. it look likesrom what christie sa on scene all lanes are starting to reopen but expect slowin down toward the coliseum. thank you for that. it's 5:33 now. this morning san jose police now searching for suspects in the city's3rd homicide of the ar. this follows a violent weekend acro the city. there were two homicides and a deadly shootg involving deties. bob redell is live in san jos th more on these deadly shootings. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. yes, law enforcement haset to idtify any suspes in either of the two homices that took placehisweekend. here in the south bay. that include this is one a ts
5:34 am
strip mall west san carlos. the most recent homicide this happen 24 urs ago o the 100 block of golden rain. this was early sunday morning when police fou a manhot in a home athat address. he died on the scen becoming the 43rd person to be murdered in san jose this year. as i menon in order arrests yet. turn the clock back and you have another pers shot and killed. this was after midnight saturday morning, t sta clara county eriff's office responding to a call of seone breaking into a triplex on cleveland near olive. the caller heard glass breang, a woman yelng and nging. deputi tell us they were forced to shoot herecause she wouldn't drop a knifehey say she was wielding. >>s they were approaching t triplethey were confronted by a female holding a weapon. the deputies ordered her to drop
5:35 am
the weapon. she did not comply. >> i don't knoif she had a knife. there were three officers. doubt that they were reatened. >> friends of the woman s she her behavior was o of and that charter. the deputy who shot h andwo others on the call are on adminirative leave while the shooting is investigad. this weekend's thirdhooting less than a mil away at the strip mall. this is around 7:30 friday night, the victim a man inis 20s was driving a pickup truck rough the parking lot when he dd about an hour and a half later ming him the 4nd perso to be murdered in san josehis year. agn, police are still trying to identify a suspect. law enforcement doesn't know if either of this weekend's homicis are gang related. reporting live in san jose, bob redell"today in the bay." >> thank you for that update. >> this morning san francisco lice on the lookou for a
5:36 am
hit-and-run driver. the driver of ahite v hit a bicyclt last night nea 7th d mission streets. the cycst was rushed to the hospital but no update on his coition. police say the van likely has mage to the fnt and possiy a shattered window. >> the california public ilities commission meeting with a state senate committee t talk abo proving safety following that san bruno peline explosion, tt deadly scene. in a report released lt month the committee criticizing the utility commission for its, quote, lack orogress since that deay explosion backn 2010. the explosion ultimately killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the report finds the comssion d not treat sety as a >> 5:36.. today marks the5th anniversary of theones town massacre a. perm nat memorial stands evergreen cemetery. it's engraved with all of th people who died on november18,
5:37 am
1978 including jim jones. jones is a san francisco minister responsib for t mass suicide in yana. more than 400 victi are buried at evergreen. last year a permnal morial was unveiled. >> much needed supplies, you want to do this? i'm on the camera.s since much need suppliesre finally arriving at hard hit areasf the philippines as video just in of people rusng toward the town of san jose and also t arrived intacloban. a lot of peoplthere tryin to get back to normal even close to as normal as humanlypossible. markets and gas stations they are finally reopening. look athese peopleesperate for supplies. it's very difficult to watch. the couny's energy secretary is promising to restore power to the region by december 24th, resign. he fails, he will
5:38 am
but that's a long time from right now. need to get it up by then. theeople so beyond despera for water,supplies. >> food, clotng, to rebuild. >> anhing. >> let's toss to better ings. meteorologist christina ren, sunshine synod >> a lot ofard times for people throughout due to the weather. we're going to te a close look at the torna outbreaks we. very blessed to wake up in the bayarea, not tracking low cloud cover, youan see we have all of t microclimatesovered th live pictures here. really no thick fog so we're looking good. throughout the afternoon just want to show you what we're heed. by about lunchime ithe south baytill cool enoughor a light jacket, 62 deges there. 5:00 m., 57 degrs, not too cold t. ep in mind we he rain on the way. 59 at lunch time along the peninsula. about 56 degrees at 5:00 p.m. getting rea to go home aft
5:39 am
what should be hofully an easy monday for you. lunch time about 60 degrees. teeratures are goingo range in the low 60s byhis afternoon,eally only expecting about 63 in the forecast high in place likes santa sa. an idea of some ofur highs in thetri-valley. pleasanton 6 degrees, 66 in livermore and 64 deges in dublin. so we have a rainmaker onhe way. kind of a one-two punch. two areas of low pressure headed toward the bay area i'll show you who is expecting e most. i can tell you rightow upwards the stout ba that's the ven in forecast. so stick arou. your seven-day fecast at the bottom of the screen >> a big deal once the rain comes . first rain after two months. looking to the bay bridge, t the cash las, no problems for the comme, at the toll plaza, it's headi away fro the bay brid as we look at the map as
5:40 am
slower drive southboun jamming up from seventh all the way down to the sce of t earlier crash. we saw chp reports a lanes open asou passhrough downtown. by the time you get to 16th a better break. you might want to avoid 880 southbound, take international or even eastbound 580 fast aa becae new crash repted at fruitval adding to the mix betwe the coseum and downtown. we get a live look we'll see how ings are shaping up for the drivfast colium. you see tt southbound sid with t headlight muc more coested. we'lwarn you about this burst of traffic toward the san mateo bridge as thing let up for downto oakland. >> 5:40now. coming up wll tell you about the one bay area city considering equipping officers with cameras. >>nd we continue to keep an eye on the blest people across 12 states are worki to clean up the damage. we'llave live reporfrom
5:41 am
one of the hardest hit areas next.
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welcome back everyone od monday morning. 5:43 search and recovery teams pouring thugh rubble aoss 12 state this i morning after a deadlytorm system swned dozens of tornados from t deep south to chigan. jay gray is liv in central illinois which took the mos severe hit. good morning, jay. reporter: goo morning. good to talk to you. and you'reright, six fatalitie associated with this storm all from here in central illinois and thers concern this morning that numr could climb as teams get in. work through the debris left behind as they ctinue to try to asss the extent ofhe damage. the devastations widespread
5:44 am
d overwhelming. >> within less tha minute everything started collapsing inside the house. cracking, the next thinge know it's light inside the house. >> reporr: at least six people are dead dozens injured after a string of violent storms including 40 tornados or more ried across eight states sunday. central illinois took the most severe hit. >> all of a sudde the wind started pickg up. >> reporter: when it spped communities like washington a new minden wereor the most part wiped away. >> it's pretty bad as faas people not being able to stay in thei homes. the roofs are gone. church steeple is gone. some damage on the inside. yeah, would sayt's pretty >> reporter: a path of splintered homes, and communits leveled by the tense storm stretches fro kentky to michigan whe more than250,00 famies wereeft
5:45 am
without power though ty understand hundreds of families have lost a lot more. it's a tragedy thateally is fema teams o the ground here and across the region. thwhite house has sai the president continues to get updates on the situatio live in washington, illinois, jay gray. laura, back t you. >> it's hard to see and fathom. >> if you happeno he plans to travel back to the midwest o expecting guestto flyn from that region we can tell you flight delays are a real possibility. marla tellez is in the newsroom with all of the things you can expect. good morning. >> as of ts minute i have mostly good new to report. i have cheed in with all three of o mor airports and so far ere is just one maj delay, this one out of sfo, a 6:00 a.m. flight on united flight 1167 bound for chicago's big o'hare airport. it's delayed more than two hours, two hours and four
5:46 am
minus because they are waiting for the crew to arrive. to be fair the duty manager on the phone tells m at sfo that he not sure if this is because of the midwest tornados but still it'something to tnk about. or cancellations betweenhe s midwest and the bay area. i wen on early this morning, those fligh out of chicago's midy airpo bound for the bay area, they air as we speak.they are in the and all of the 6:00 a.m flights from bay area are lted o time. of course thisould change at any minu. one ofhe managers tells me it's typally not until after 6:30 a.m. that delay kick in so. you know what i'm going to say, alwa best to call aheadr call me. i'll check foryou. >> there you go. better b careful. t that. >> she need as switch board. >> your one ring h ngy.
5:47 am
at's another ing. sights rough back there. let's chk in with meteorologist christa loren checking that out in the midwest. unbeevable this time of year. >> it really s. it's really lat in the season to have this much acvity. i waed to show you 40 tornad, they had over 81 storm reports but 40 tornados yesterday. two of wch were powerl ef 4's to give you an idea. this was once a community now leveled. so yeah, 6-mile-per-hour wind speeds, ithe bay aa looking better. tempatures are nice and cool to start the y. we're going to see a nic finish. temperates reachg the mid-60s. we have rain hded our way. i'll get to that in nute. rightow, though, down to mike inouye >> let's look out here and see we see a smooth drive around the bay. overall pretty much wt you wod expect. 'll see some slowingn the south bay. you see at e top of the screen, a live look out there.
5:48 am
and there you see it. you travel nthbound underhat 680/280 terchange. that's pretty standard. we get back to the maps, a wider look. going into another trouble st the east bay. southbound 880 is jammed up over to the 14th or 16th avenue owe veer crossing area. there was a dble deadly crash. christie smith is giving us ports all morning. the way down to th scene. traffic is letting lse now beuse all lanes are clear. that's an issue heading to the coliseum. st 580 as your alternate. i would suggest you try onef those r the next few minute you are heading out. tord the bay bridge toll plaza a smooth drive no. problemss far the fast track lane time of morning.typical this we'll see if theetering light turn on. another look outside, the ninsula as we. palo alto, movg north and
5:49 am
southbound. did show youhe south bay, >> 5:49.u. two major issues on palo alto city council agenda tonight. it will csider buying bodyounted cameras for its police office. if approved nine offics would try out ttechnology. police are asking for funds to upgrade patrol cards. earlier this yr the council outlawedmoking in parks and ineased the no smoking buffer around public building entran entrances. it wants to elimite the small pockets whe it's allowed. that would include universy and cifornia avenues as well as side streets in that area >> to foball now the 49ers first time since losing last year's super bowl. th end up on the wrong side after nail biter. the 9s grab t lead. colin kaepernick fires it off to
5:50 am
vis, that is a touchdown. the saints keep i close w. 3 seconds left a -yard field goal thatails the coffin shut on the niners. they go dn 49- -- excuse me, 23-20 falling to shix 4 on the season. >> for the raiders with terree pryor wiout ainjury, matt mcgloy got his start and he did not disappoint hifirst pass for a touchdown. ce way to start. he finishe with thr tds on the day leading the silr and black to a 28-23 victory ove the struggling texans. >> or anybody that feeloods to get that win for the silver and black. >> 5:50. controversiabitcoin making its bid to become an aepted currency in the united states. >> storesorry it's a rough holiday seas.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
currency and it's possible tual criminalse is taking center stage at a senate aring. the primary focus here will be on bitcoin, an online digital currency. bitcoin receid a lot o national scrutiny after an online drug marketplaceas scovered operating out of san ancisco. it's called the silk rd bsite. it sold everything from heroin to pot. e the man charged with running itad more than $28 million of tcoin currency on his computer. >> t the world of real money ere scott mcgrew aost real money. >> yeah, the fed doing all it
5:54 am
n to pour money into the american economy with quantitative easing. i ink a strong argument that's no rl ney. on the stock market t dow industrials on a six-week winning streak. we're on the cusp of the dow aching 16,000. the nasdaq is really close to 000, that's not a record, i is a mistone, not a record. during t dotcom boom of the late 90s you'll recall we saw a nasdaq5,000. no to be outdone the s&p 500 is near 1800. we could cross all of those simultaneously the only tng wall street doesn't like is our christmas list. lots ofnalysts and polls showing we're scang back this season. the decorations an't in stores to makeou feel fesve remember, they are thereo make you feel anxious so you buy more. pa of the problem is shoers figured out when sres get anxious ey cut prices.
5:55 am
walmart start a program guaranteeing it would match any future price if you bough now. again,o get you to stop iting. and totart buying. apple has reportedly bought the company behind the original microsoft connect technology. it used technology to make the games where youeed no controllers. ittarted to use in-house technogy. bloggers predict apple will use this for gestures offer iphone but kp inind apple can buy a company just because it's curiou about the technology. it doesn't have to use it. lastuarter apple made $83 million in profi every day. it's like you know, whatever will takeou about three day salary, that's what apple bought. it's not a small amount but it's not a rea big amou. >> a few more days for us >> all relative. >> want toheck the forecast with meteorogist christina
5:56 am
loren. how are we looking? >>retty go. getting read for a major pattern shift. good morning toyou. today we'll b cool with increasing clouds athe storm system starts to roll on shore. it's going t becool, 60s, i don't needhow you the map. only ramping up in the 60s today. tuesday cloud showers, then widespread rainfal as we get to yo wednesday. i'm talking about.ow you wha temperatures in the 40s f today. only ending up in e 60s. clouds rolli in just about all daylong. our first shower eected in the north bay was we get into tochblt i'll have your fl forecast coming up. right nowack to you, jon and laura. thanks so mu. >> it's 5:56. another s francisco supervisor taking a lot at taxing sugy drinks. >> a shocking scene at the buffalo bills game. aan falls, landi on top of another fa wh we're leaing this morning about their conditio
5:57 am
>> also, a violent and deadly weekenin the south ba threseparate shootings over three days. we'll let you know what we' now hearing from investigators. >> wre keeping o eye on 880 after a horrie accent in the south ba traffic is picking up. we'll have a update on what's going ons well as across the bay area. [ male announcer you can ange your tomorrow
5:58 am
if you do something today.
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and the's never been a better time cause this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and meribased scholarships andrants available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a differenc 2012, 90of devry university grads actively seekingmployment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time apply by january 6th and nd your career succe in the bay aa. visit isted met, shattered glass and a stretchf interstate 880 shut down after a dely crash. we'll ll you how a bmw wound up smashing into a setruck and another car.r itself onto >> prayers as powerful tornados rip through the area, devaation across the midwes a live report as early cleanup
6:00 am
>> and we're kicki off your mondayn the upper 40s across the bay area. not sere weather but we have twstorm systems headed our way. i'll detai when rain moves into the foreca. >> big changes, slowingor the oaklandcommute. the nitz and the bay bridge toll plaza hing a lot of activity right now. >> checking t aivity outside. this is 280 interchange near 880 inan jose this morning. waiting forhe sun's arril. monday morning. november 18,his is "today in the ba" try t pep it up i gus. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> i'm jon kelley.non. good morni everybody. i want to update y on breaking news, all lanesf south bound 880 are now open at this ho llowing a crashhat kills two


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