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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 18, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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thre two, on main engine start, ignition and liftoff. >> it is a missi to mars with bay area connecon. this is video from nasa's maven spacraft taking off from cape canaveral in florida about0 good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla teez. >> and i'm jon kelley. yes, it has a historic vibe. scientists at uc berkey invested in this launch. that's because the scecraft is full of equipment built by their
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team. the scientistsust watched maven blast f. >> reporter: good morning. they're al smiles. thiss really cause for celebratn here at uc berkeley. i had a chance to speak withne of the lead scientists. i asked him, wt's it like to years finally launch into space? he said, we love it. we're really excited by this type of thing. that because many of th instrumenton the maven specraft were built here at uc berkeley space and sciences lab. maven stands for mars atmosere andolatile evolution. it's an orbiter that may help reveal the mysteries of mars' past and current mosphere. some of the uc berkeley team is in florida for the launch this morning. but st are here watchg a nasa feed up in the hills. we're told it actually takes out tenonths for maven to destination following the launch that happened around10:30 thi morning. it will collect data on why mars lost its atmphere with the loss of magnetic field years
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ago. i talk with the man that designed the software that will try to answer the big questions. >> is there a reason why it lost what was the caus will it happen to earth? ay, it's kind of like global warmi ining martian stale. we're trying to prevent that here on eah. >> reporte and this is a model that they used for educational purposes here in berkeley. according to scientists, mars y have once had an at fos mere similar to earth. today it's red and dusty, a spre much drier an any desert here on earth. maven will actually eer the orbit by nex stember to study the atmosere for a least one earth year. reporting live in berkeley, christiesmith, nbc bay area news we havnew details about those deadly tordoes that search and rescu effts t. continue in illinois, where dozens of tornadoes ripped at least six people were kill.
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central illinois too the most severe hit. nbc bay area's jay gray has more. >> reporter: thecope of what's happeneds hardo comprehend. the just an't supposed tbe this many tornadoes, this intense,his late in the season. event for us,specially in the month november. >> reporter: but the devastation is all too real. communitie splintered and scattered for miles by a string of 40 tornadoes o more that scarrethe midwest sunday. this one capred on tape as it cut a fe-mile path a tenth of a mile wide tough washington, illinois, driving those in its th to the knees. >> forgive us our trespasses -- >> isome instances, we fou people far fng from where they arted from. >> reporter: wn the winds stped, entire neighborhoods were completely wipedaway. >> once i got back int town and pulled in thfirst neighborhood, i literally had no idea where i was at. the houses were gone, street signs were go.
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the peop were in shock. >>eporter: now a day later, understand or believe what's haened. what too just seconds to destroy will nowake years to ing back. >> my neighbor found m daughter's journal that she kept as a ki so, we'll be loong for bits and pieces today. >> reporter: bitsnd pieces of shattered lives tt families search for i the remain of in all, 12 states were affected. and now survivors begin a maive recovery. a week before thanksgivi, many in the wake of storms just thankful they' still here. venounties in iinois have been declared disaster areas by the state. unfortunately, thanumber like soany in the wake of storm could continue to grow. jay gray, nbc news, washington, illinois >> thank you, jay. 11 daysfter tyoon haiyan
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slammeinto the philippines, sident of some rote villas say they still he not received any help. some, as you can see, are making sign pleadingorhelp. and aid has arrived elsewhere, though towns have been turne into tent cities as the estimated number of peopl displaced by the typhoon jumped to 4 million. 350,000 of them are still in evacuation centers. the official death toll stands at almost 4,000. still difficult to watch every time. right now a follow-up to a story had as breaking news all morning long. the chp sayspeed likel played a factor in a deadly crash that shut down the southund lanes of 880 this morning. but athis point they're still looking to see ifnything else y have contributed. investigators say a bmw w heading northbound near oakland going about 110 miles per hour when it rear ended a big rig. the bmw then flied over that center divide and hit a crvead on.
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the driver of the bmw and the cr-v both died at scene. in the sou bay, investigators in san jose are trying to solve two murders following a very violent weekend in the south bay. in the most recent shooting, a man was killed around golden ra ive. the day before, saturday and killed a woman theyay was t wielding a knife. just blocks ay from that confrontatn, someone shot a man in his 2 on friday night. investigators ha not named any suspects in tse two murders. well, law enforcement on the extra set of eyes in their fight against crime within t next several hours. palo alto policewill be finding t if they can be outfitted and outfitome of their officers with bodyountedameras. bob rydell ilive outside of headquarters right now for the poce. what's hpening out ther >> reporter: good morningo you there, jon. tonight the palo alto city department's reqst to buy ninece
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body-mounted video cameras. these are cameras that would be worn on the officers' est, recording what he or she sees when they're making an arrest, approaching a suspect, anything related to police work. the cameras would be simar in ture to theirolleagues a the men park police partment. most would beor motorcycle cops since they don't ve dash cams. this would be on a trial basis. if successful, all patrol officers could some day outfitted wi body cams. police are al asking the cit council to replace the dh cams in all 28 squad cars. the current cams, they're seven technology, and they only face forward. the newystem would incoorate four cameras, shooting forward, ck, left, and rit. police want the body cams and updated squad car cams becse they've been pren successful
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providing evidence. >> any time we have an indepeent record of wt's going on, that's sometng that can be used in court later o as evidence. it's somethinghat can be used for n an internal side if ere's a complnt allegation against an officer. we can investigate that independent record of what happened. it's a goodhing for us. if they are more mindful, knowing they're being recorded, that's absolutely a good thing r everybody. it's good fothe public and good for our cops. >> reporr: the proposal also calls for a dash cam system to be installed into the vehicle of one of palo alto battalion fire chiefs. if approved, it would cost the city just over300,000. reporting live at palo alto police, bob rydell. >> bob, thank you very much. speing of palo alto, the city council wants to eand the outdoor smoking ban dotown. earlier this year, the council tlawed smoking in parks and incread theo smoking buffer around public building entrances. now it wants to expand that ban to eliminate thosemall pocke
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downtown where smoking is curreny allowed. that would include university d california avenues as well ashe side streetsround the arena. > we are followi breaking news now in flida. george zimmerman under arres again, this time aer deputies a home nr orlando.ance call at now, is not immediately known what happened or what sort of the arrest, of course, is the last in legal troub along former neighborhoowatch the volunteer. he was acquitted earlier this year for charges i the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. well, today marks 3 years since the jones town massacre. there's a special ceremony derway in oakland. we do have a live piure to show you, so here it is. this is a live look at the morial. it stands at oakland's evgreen you can see probab two dozen people gathering there. this memorial is engraved with all the names of the peopleho
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including jim jones.h, 1978 jones is the san francisco minister responsle for the ma suicide. more tn 400 jones town victims are buried at evereen in oakland. permanent memorial was unveiled is,he mass grave was marked by one grane stone. ming up at 1:00, a popular restaurant preparing tohut do. cong up, we'll let you know why they justannot stay open any longer. us, having a sugary drink in san francisco cod cost you even more, if a couple of s francio supervisors have their way. we'll explain. both the dow a the s&p 500 crossed majo benchmarks. wel look at the numbers coming upn busins news. and rain is on the way to the bay area. we'll time out rai amounts and which neighborhood could see the most. you'reatching nbc bay area news at 11:0037.
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new a 11:00, a restaurant th's been here for 15 jes closing. they postedthey would have to pay double the amount in rent if they cose to renew their lease. they say they're looki for a new location in mpbell and hope to open a smaller restaurant there. hobee's closed two oer restaurants this year for milar concer. the restaurant's last day will be january 15th. a state senate committee set to hear ideas from the california pubc utilities mmission on different ways on possibly how to imove safety in light of that adly san bruno pipeline explosio in a report releasedast month, theommittee criticized the utilities commissionor its, quote,ack of progrs since that explosion back in 2010 for the record, tt explosi killed eighteople and destroyed total of 3 homes.
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the report finds the commission priority.reat safety as a a sacramento group wins $1.5 million in attorney fees after tf defeats a pposalo sre natural gas under a neighborhood. but the neighborhood associatio and its attorys are unlikely to see that mon because the company foed for the natural gas projec may be on the brink bankruptcy. sacramento bee.""the the neighbors were concerned about ga leaks. they'd be fightingith that we are waiting to learn when bart officials and workers will meet again to talk about the rekindled contract dispute. bart alrea signed a tentive contract butow claims a provision providi six weeks of paid medical leave to employe should not have been included union leaders wt the conact signed a is. on friday bart's board of directorvoted to go back t the bargaining table toork it all out. no wd yetn when or if both sides will meet. a san francisco supervisor
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all se to introduce a brand new plan today to tax sugaryrinks in the city. weiner introced last it means a two-cent per oun tax of soft drinks with that ney going to hlth education efforts, physil education iniatives, andealth food cess in poor neighborhoods. weiner's plan divides theoney tween the park department, publ health department an san francisco school strict. now t an investigative unit excluse. cyber attacks. from the dmv to cial service to the chp, government computer systems e storing your ta, but is it protected? th investigative unitequested the number and types o computer data breaches for each state agency goingack five years. well, what we founlmost 24,000 califnians have had their data compromised on state
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computerduring that time. evything from persol health record social securitynumber, an tax rerds. >> how hard is it for the ste ofalifornia to keep up with what's essentially an evolving threat >> to be nest, it's a challenge, b i think that we as a sta do a very good job. agai we have diligent folks dispatched in the organizati, and we take it very serisly. >> tonight at 11:00, the instigative unit breaks down attacks and how mu it's of costing the taxpayer. the lk of security surroundin virtual rrency will be king center staget a senateearing toy. the primary cus, bit coins. that is the onlineigital currency bit coin received big time national skutny after an online operating out of san francisco. the silk road website sd everything from heroin to pot. investigors say the man
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charged with runningilk road, check these numbers, made me than $28 million off of bit coin currency. he had that stored on his computer. another big day on wall street. >> monster. >> new records set this morning. scott mcgrew, the dow made it across 16,000. >> ah, good morning. a record on the dow. i suppose the natural question is why didn't the nasdaq hit a cord as well? 's because the nasdaq hit its highs way backn the late '90s dunghe dot-com boom. local company opening the nasq is morning. the nasdaq just aroun 4,00 this morning. now, all of the records being seon the stock market today, a lot of is a ldover from janet yellen's testimony before a senate confirmation hearing. she indicated if she ran the fed, the fed' easy mon policies would continue. remember, the f invests -- invents, rather and spends more
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than $80 billion a month. it invents money, putthat into purcsing bonds. money gets into the bas and money gets into the economy. that is going to contin, at least for the short term. and wall street aolutely loves it. back to you. >> smiling o wall street. thank you, scott. >> ablutely. good news heading intohe christmas holiday. keep that cash flowing. speaking of things flowing, anthony slaughter isn for christina loren to tk about nice weather before the rain comes in. >> yes, we'll have things flowing fromhe sky tomorrow we're tracking shors in our forecast. we could aually see some heavy rain come wednesday. let's start you off with what we saw yesterday te place acss the central part of e country. in fact, we had about 40 tornadoes reported across the really, the worst of it comes from washingt, illinois. i want y to look at this picture. this is the before and the after. you can see the devastationthat took place not only in waington, illinois,s that tornado just ripped throug those neighborhoods, but also in
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other locions like this across illino, indiana,nd a the way throug kentucky. so this going to be a very slow process for the folks acrosshe nation's heartland. you can see theornado in shington tops wind speeds of 200 miles per ho. mother nature definitely let her wrath be felt across the nation midsection. looking at a f clouds across the bay area right now. in fact, in san francisco, mostly cloudy skies and we've noticed this marine layer. you can see how tall i stands off the coast. at is our fog. th's going to be moving through as we head wards the next couple of hours. then t rain arrives tonight. temperates today, pick out your microclimate zone and the closest ci to your neighborhood. even in the north bay, we're talkg about low to mid-60s for i want to take you ahead to 11:00 tonight. as you prepare for tomorr, the morning rush hour expecd to be ick. even hvier rain moves in tomorrow evening. this'll be our main story
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through the next 24 to 48 hours. much-needed rain. really, this could be the most rain wve seen all season this is some reay good news. you can always get that seven-day forecast at th bottom of your scrn and any time at back to you guys. >> all right, anthony. still to come,rett fav ops up about h being kd more than anybody else in the nfl is now affecting his life.
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to me, the wa-up call was we were talking recently and she was talking about our youngest playing soccer. i don't remember h playing soer. she pyed right over here >> hard reality for former nfl quarterbk brett favre, openi
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up about fears. all those hit he took could be costing him now. favre tling matt lauer he has serious gs in his memory. he noticed lately he has trouble remembering certai words. favre wasacked 525 times during his career. that's more than any other quarterback in nfl history. just a remind how dangerous this collision sport is he says he cannot assume f are linked resulting directl ems from the hits, but he says, quote, i would aume so. favre said if he had son, he would be leery of letting him play football. heaid he's almostlad he doesn't have a son because o all the pressure he would have. t south afric government says forr president nelson mandela's heth remains crical but stable. the south african president visited manla at his home where he's been recovering since hi release from the hospital
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more than two months o. his exife telling sunday independent news, mandela w still quite ill and unable to speak because of tubes in his mouth that are neededo be there to clear fid from his lungs. shdenied rumors he was o life support. it seems the state of californiaas lost 174,000 tons of lead a other hazardous waste. th isccording to "the los anles times." cords show the toxichemicals werehipped, but there's no dication they arrived at their deination. california officials tell the wspaper they're confent the missing shipments found their way to disposal sites but acknowledged they can't b sure. sll to come, picture-perfect moments caught she has been glowing all morning long, st reveling in the we'll show you wha we're talking about coming up next. kind of cu, huh? >> vy cute.
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ihink it's safe to call this the perfect storm of cuteness. it all blended together. >>1,000%. combine a napping babboy with a sleeping puppy? >> picture-perfect moments and a blog that's gone viral. et new best friends theo the >> wow.nd beau the baby boy. that makes meant to tak a nap. >>hey nap every y together in perfect harmon as evidenced in these otos. >> that's not staged. >> no, snapped by mom of santa cruz. she's local. she posted these preciou pics on her blog. it'seceived 200,000 hits in just two da. even the "today"how and "ellen" picked it up. au is 23 mths old. theo is a mixedboxer, lab, german shepherd. theyre adorable. >> they need to do a calenda they need to do posters. remember that witthe babies . and the vegetables? thank so much for being wi us.
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