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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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look like the storm stem lining up offshore is going to val that. take you in cler. see across the north y, moef of the consistt rainfall is point. santa rosa at this as we put a storm tracker on this, what you're goi to be able to see is to the south of point ara, see showe make it across the north bay. we think as we head throughout 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 for tonight. it's going to be a slowmover. eventually we'll get rainfl across the bay area. as we get a look at the live doler scan, see showers offshore, the lower atmosphere ben beginning to moisten up athis point. early look of the totals o the firs round of rainfall. rth y, firstn tap with the rain drops where we could see a quarter to potentially a half inch of rainfall we'll talkore about san jose's rain cnces and whenhat's ing to increase coming up in the full recast. >>ee you in a little bit. we continue the coverage of the new storm on our website. click o that weather tab. select a map and theradar.
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there you can watch the storm roll in in our intertive all of this on no to an nbc bay area exclusive. a political scandal with a new twist. for months, she's been investigating former san clara county supervisor george shirikaw andavier compe campos. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us from san jose. have any laws been broken here >> reporter: it doesn't appear to be the case athis point. i found the documts filed at the city's clerk office atan nothing illegal, in the terest of publipercepti, she should have recus herself from this case. at issue a these anonymous fliers sent to vietnase-american voters in 2010. ey gave t appearae carasco who was runningor city council
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was aligned with communist assistantd.a. karenaid the a of former countysupervisor george shirikawa was on one of the flyers so lt month she hauled carasco's opponent i that case, xavier camposo teify who was also an aide to shirakawa, now sving time for other crimes. >>r. campos wascting on my advice. >>eporter: campos' lawyer told m to pleadhe fifth at the grand jury hearing last month. nbc bay are uncovered these stements from the campaign in 2010, showed sinunu-towery did her husband, james towery. >> question might be, who is the best person for this job? rhaps it is meone who is senior i office. thens there anyone else who
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has not been involved inny of the races? >> reporter: jud nadler is a gene your fellow at santa clara county's government ethics center andants to know if there's a ptocol in placeo ma sure there are no interest in the d.a.'s office. but law professor ff hazard was re direct. on t phone hazard said though the donation was minimal and a long tim ago, prosecutors are held to a higr standard and mu remain ave the fray. and to protect the integrity and reputaon of that office, sini-towery should have stepped ade in the mailer se. >> i think the peoe would expect theersons i charge of that investigation would be free of any biases orotential prejudices again the persons who e the target of the investigation. >> reporter: the d.a. wouldot grant an interview on camera, but in a statent jeff ren said he knew of the donion back in y. "because ms. sinunu-towery never
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had political relatnship with carrasco and her pitical contribution was minim i determined removing her was not reired by statute or case law. while some may dfer on what it maintain appeances, my job is to follow the california law on conflicts and make my decision in the best interests o an effective prosution." >> thinkhat th raises some troubling questions as to whether or not the investigation is impartial. >> reporter: you can read all of jeff rosen's statements on o website, an insider in the campos file a grievance wh the state bar. cannot comment on any possible cases theyight see. liven san jo, damian trujillo, nbc bay area ne. ne details on a violent crash in terstate 880 in kland. tonight we've leaed a former kland raider was onef two people killed. the chp says former linebacker
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thas howard was driving more than 100 miles an hour when he nbc bay ea's kris sanche headquarters in alameda where there, kris. till sking in >> reporter: hi there,jess. th raiders cp not officially reasing word about thomas howard'sdeath, b many of the folkwho played withim on the field and knew himff the field are responding with sadness and disbelief. former oaklandaider thomas howard's speed on the field w rerded with points on t scoreboard, but hiseet on the the california highway patrol said he was driving more than 100 miles per hour when he lost control of hisilver bmw, crasng into a semi truck, then flying into oncoming traffic. he hit died in their cars befe emergency crews could geto them. >> when he hit the truck, it actually caused the vehicle to startlipping end over end, a when he hit the truck, he passed
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the truck flipping, and bounced over the cente divid wall and went head o into the, on the crv. >>eporter: a statement "i am very, very saddened by the news of thomas howard's death. i knew thomas howard toe thoughtful, intellent, intellectuly curious young man who had wonderful hopes and the nfl but ithereafter."ime in he stayed th the teams through 2011 and joined e bengals a lcons who waived him a week ago. on twitter, this like, great teammate, u will be missed. you wille missed bro. what a great guy. tell you people how you feel because you never know. howard had his own charible foundati, but he also made donations to children's causes here i the bay area. and though he left the raiders in 2011, he d keep his home here in alameda. reportinlive in alameda, kri
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sanchez,bc bay area news. was it a clericalrror or change of hear whatever the ca, there was little progress today as b.a.r.t. and its twoargest unions workedo fix a contract issue tt could derail this new labodeal. b.a.r.t. and its unions are in a disagreementver a provion of this new contract. it's regarding paid family ave. it would require b.a.r.t. to pay for emploes to take up to six weeks off a year, paid time off, to care for a sick famil member or bond with a new child. b.a.r.t. says the provision w not aeed to and it was a clerical error. onof b.a.r.t.'s unions disagrees. >> we never thought it was a miste. we looked at the terial. we looked at rtas and were stunned and remain stunned error could be posbly made. >> one tng is clear the union made an agreement a unions voted on the awe greemt based on the undersnding the words were in there. itan't be a simpleuestion of that was part ofn overall
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package. >> it's another mess in thi messy dete. b.a.r.t. says this provision could cost the agenes $44 millioover the life of the proposed contract. b.r.t. wants the unions to renegotiate and warn if something doesn't change b.a.r.t. worke could be fced to vote the whole contract down. b.a.r.t.'s board is s to take e board thursday. trage for parents atn east bay elementary school. a 10-year-d boy reportedly sick of being bullied got his hands on an eight-inchnife crest ementary at 8:00 this iew morning. marianne vro joins us live. rents are still angry hou after all this. >> rorter: that's right,ess, that's because they are upset the school to inform them about what happened this rning. about 100 parents are inside the school right now meeting with the superintendent and the principal. and many are wdering how 10-year-d boy was able to co
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to school, obtain a knife here on campus, and tn roam the has with it. >> it was like this and the blade was t this way. >> reporter: parent volteer leslie phillips was stunned to see a 10-year-oldoy walking the halls of hillview crest elementary school this morning holding an ght-inch knife. he ss thankfully a alertad sprang into action. >> i just saw one of the oth parents come up bind him and kind of tackle him and got the knife from him. reporter: the dad suffered school staff calledpolice. investigators sa the boy had mentioned he w tired of being bullied by other student poli also say thehild got the knife fromhe staff loge. >> that is, you know, extrely shking, you know, and it' -- it makes you even worry that the school is n able to create a safe enviroent. >> reporte ages 7-year-old so attends the schoolnd says if administrators don't make
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security change she plans to pull him out. the school district ys safety is the number one priority and issued this statemensaying "at hillview crest today, staff and parents worked together to address a situation ensuring the fety of all involved." >> i'm calling all parents to make sure you are aware of an incident that occurred this morning. at about 8:00 a.m., one o our stents was seen with a kitchen-type knife. >> reporter:his ternoon, the school princal sent out this automated call explaining wha happened, but many parents we upsethey didn't get the call until nearly six hours after the incident. >> you drop off your kisds thinking th, you know,hey're environment, there going to b in a learning environment instead of this,ow that i exrience it, this dangerous environment that can be life threatenin >> reporter: i sat in on tonight's meeting for a short time. i can tell you that the principal vowed to bring in a
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panel of ex peperts to talk aut bullying ands going t look at how improve security measures here at campus as for the boy who was found wh the knife, the school is recomnding he be pelled. that i the decision thechool board must approve. reporting live in haywd, marianne favro, nbc bay aa ws. on the peninsula, tre are contradicting reports tonight of the safet o the gas piline at runs under the cy of san carlos. the controversial line 147 that runs underneath britton avenue was shut dowlast month after was deemed dangerous. the oakland tribune reports the pg&e and puc's safety and enforcement division are saying line 147 is se to re-open. hover, a senior engineer from a different puc department is ing red flags. the engineer believes pg&e, the records they keep on that pipeline are incomplete and flat-o wrong. a stat senator is now calling differing opinions. plain the
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>>still ahead at 6:00, growing concer about the face of a bay area school. >> we a living peoples. we are not mascots for entertainment. >> tenon coming to a head. a date happening aoss the country. should offensive mascots be cut from the team plus -- >> reporter: i'mcott budman. coming up, why a new record on wall street is good news for silicon valley. we'll take you where theobs and good evening, i'm chief meteologist jeff raeri. we a tracking rainfall developing offshore right now. we'll have t full timeli on this for your tuesday forecast. coming up in just few minutes. and i'm meteorologist safeway in belmont. from the shelves for local foodanks helping famies in need. i'll let you know how you can meet your favorit nbc bay area anchor as we g into this weekend and let y know how ea it is to help out.
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it's boosting your 401(k) d likely the value of your home. stock mark is on fire and hitting record highs. today, hitting 16,000 for the first time. our business a tec repter scott dman is here. scott, do we ride the wave? or does this bubble burst? >> raj, we hear two things these da. country issluggish.e, but the that is the rest of the country besides e bay area. where we've seen growth i jobs, startups, an stock prices. if you wan to know how wall street kee hitting rord highs, check out dream force. whertech giants salesorce shuts down entir san francisco city streets to show off its new technology, san jose's equinix, adding new buildings and employees to keep with demand for its date to storage. >> in fact, growing so much tha we've had to bld multiple new data centers, new what we call
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behind me ishase t of our siliconalley facily which we just opene up not too long ago. >> reporter:hile our country is stunted by sluggish job growth a proppedp by federal stimulus dollars,echnology continues to roar ahead. both in the stock market and the job rket. >> economicrowth is driven by innotion, and the bay area is the biggest hub of innovationn th world. and so you get new oducts, you get products thatnable new companies to be creed all over the world. >> reporter: equinix, for example, isusiest when other compans need its data centers. the more blinking lights you see here, the more money is liky to be generated re. >>nd it's that gwth that made us inves more mey and, frany, moreiring to keep up with t demand. >> there's always a fear,ill ther be something next? but there always hasbeen, and technologyas always bee part ofthat. >> reporter: the ecomic engine driving the economy, job by job,
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as is common when stocks get hot, there is talk of a bubble, of course. are in one? we'll leave that for debate. will stocks godown? that's sier. yes, they will. tech is strong and it's likely we'll s job creation for some time. raj? >> okay. thank you, scott budman. scott taking par of movember for cancer search. >> coming up at 6:30, the marketare blazing. we heard that. whenill this crash happen will it contin to rise? our "reality check" wh sam ba brock in 15minutes. w push to end a sugar rush in san francisco. eric marr introducing plan to tax da and other sugary drinks, hoping to get it on the city balloin 2014. he says mon from the tax would pay for programs to promote gettinkids active or learning about nutrition. he said the big coalion of supporters because he expec soda companies toight the plan. last month supervisor scott --
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pports the plan. let's tur things over to chief meteorogist jeff ranieri. the rain is coming. os gosh, we haven't h significant rainfall in a couple months. >> sin september the 2 1st. live doppl radar fired up behind me. notice a few returns just offshore. there's more of thatay off to e north. great news for the rainfall season. of course, the driest yrs on record. we'll take you to e north. see a decent bd of moisture moving in wi our storm system. it's tappi into subtropical moisture and will enable this throughout tomorrow t give everybody some sor of raindrops at thispoint. so let's get you into thatky camera network right now. the biggest change here from parts ofhe weekend where we had lots of sunshine is that francisco right in san it's more of a mid to high-level cloud deck. you'll see we get in on shors we head throughout 6:00.m. tomorrow for t city at thi point. let's two ahead andhift into the rain focus. a lot of you want to kno
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expect?w morning what can i it wl be a big dealhen the rain hits the ground. been so long. a lot of oil is going to get brought up. looks like northay commuters from santa rosa, petaluma, napa and sonoma, heading let's say toward san francisco at around 6:30 inhe morning could see about a tenth of an inch of rainfall athis point. you'll notic this storm system tomorrows going to be slow moving. by 10:00 a.mtomorrow, trace amounts, parts of san jose, also well.arts of the east bay as eventually everyone will see increasing chances of rainfall rough 5:00 p.m. for tomorrow. temperatures are goingo stay on the cool cold side from the peninsula to san frcisco. make sureou have the jacket for tomorrow and kee the umbrella handy. the best possibility, agai of rain from the mning hours, right into the eveng, is going to be the north bay. from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for morrow in the forecast. and a realuick look dn here to the tri valley, n warm at all with temperatures just in the mid 50s.
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we've been tracking coming up later on, you guys. >> thank you, ff. whave two meteorologis working the newscast tonht. thanksgiving is approaching. once again our community nds help. thsands of hungry families need some food. >> so we've team up again with safeway for our annual holiday food drive. see there meteorolost christinlorenoins us fm the safeway in belmont with more on how you can help and is going to explain why we only have raj posters ther >> aot of raj fans at lmont, i have to be hones with you. jess wl be out at livermore on we're teaming up for good cause. 750,000 families per month actually use food banks right here in theay area just want to ge you an idea of some of the dferent items in these bags. $10 perbag. and really we're talking about a need here in the bay are that is rather great. 250,000 of those 750,000 are actually children, and these bags are only $1 and they feed
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one full family jt in time for e holiday months. w, it's not just us from nbc bay area and safeway, thousands of volunteers fro all across the bay ar, including tse fine folks from notre dame university join fors saturda to g as much food aumulated as psible to feed the hungry in the bay krarea. you wpped up a cheer for us. let's hear it. >> all righ bay area, get togher, help us. very nice, very nic we'll be back out here live one more time. we're going to talk a little bit more about the need in the bay area and how eas it is for you to help out. i'll send it bk to you, raj and jess. >> i'm excited. >> great che. great cheer. >> thanks, christina. > coming up, birthontrol worries. the new health riskinked to taking birth control.
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today, dozensf people gathered in oakland's evereen cemetery to mar 35 years since the jonestown massacre. a memorial for the victims overlooks t city. large snes are engraved wh th names of the members o the ople's temple whoied along with leader jim jones. jones was a san francisco religious leader who orded the mass suicide. more than 40 jonestow victims are bied at evergreen. today's memorial was dedicated to the 300 children who diedt jonestown. follow-up now on google. paying up a total of $17 million the mountain view company was finefornooping on millions of peoplesing apple safari web settlement stems from the allowed googleo get around privacy stings to get users' private infoation. google agreed to the fine. the coany claims it did n
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collect personal information from apple owsers. >> still ahead at 6:00, what's in a name? th controversy on campus at a bay area high school bause of its mascot. i'm janelle wang. george zimmerman is backehind rs. what the man acquitted o doing. martin is now accused of andevastation and heartbreak in t midwest. the latest on the deadly toadoes in our orld tonight." also -- >> i've gotten responses from all over the world, and they've all beeno amazing. >> a local mometting worldwide feedback. the story behind these snapshots.
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's been a debate for decades, but now it's back in the nationalspotlight. in 1972, stanford was among the first schools to change theame of its mascot from the indns the cardinal. now, vallejo higschool might be dropping its mascot, the apaches. here's nbc bay area's jodi herndez. >> that'surtful to them. >> reporter: that' how mildred wagner says t vallejo high school's apacheascotakes native american students feel. as secretary for the inner tribal council of solano county, she's heard thr complaints. >> w asked students that go to thschool and we've heard, you knowthat they're embarrassed about the whole thing. they're afraid t even say that they're native american because >> reporter: t vallejo school board is set to vote this week on whether to scraphe mascot once and f al
6:29 pm
with the washiton redskins debate bnging the issue t the national forefront, vallejo school boardembers say they're ready to consider makina change. >> the bottom lin is that full inclusion, and hearing everyone, and respect and honor for everyone. >> repter: timothy banks has been videoting vallejo high hool sports for the cmunity access station for years and says he'severeen or heard anythingderogary. >> and i've never had any problem with thechool or seen anything derogatory, racist, o anytng like that. >> it's the opponents that are ry, very disspectful as well. you know, ty'll say scalp them and stuff like that. you know, things that make the kids feel embarrassed when they'rsitting there watching it. say the vallejochool board has the opportunity to ben t right de of history by not allowing the apache to b vallejo high school's mascot any longer. >> no peoples should b
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referenced as mascots. are living peops. we are not mascots for entertainment. >> that wa jodi hernandez reporting. the scol board is expected to vote on this issue wednesday on whether or not to change the name of the mascot. public cment is allowed and they expec a full house. happening rig now, there's aeetingoing on i which police in palo alto will find out if they may be wearing soon.camerasn their chests cameras are for themo recor thei police work, especially arrests and encountersn the street. these will be similar to what use.ce in menlo park aeady they're asking the city council topprove nine camera units on a trl basis. some for patrol officers but most for motorcycle cops since theyon't have dashcams. police department is also asking city council to replace the dashcams in all 28 squad cars so they can shoot forward, back, left and right. if approved the cameras wou costhe city jus over $300,000. the death toll is now at eight after re than 80
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tornads touched down in t midwest. the frantic search for survivors continues toght. nbc bay area's janelleang is here with our "world tonight." >> crews have ge through almost a of the degrebris. they don't believe the death toll will size. x of theead are from illino. two others from michigan. warning sirs went off on suay. a dozen stes rorted tornadoes. two of them were rat ef-4s. hardest.illinois was hit the specically the town o washington. from theair, you can see the path o desuction that one tornado left. illinois' fwomgoveor says this the deadliest seriesf tornadoes er experienced for the month of november. >> kind of hit hard and fast. just all at once. e wind hit. >> i told my husband ie never been so scared or prayed so hard in my life. tornadoes are not rare in vember, but just not as frequent as they are in the springme. george zimmerm is back behind bars again. this time arrested for assault and battery. today police respoed to h
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girlfriend's hom in florida after she said he pointed shotguat her. zimmerman has had several brhes with the law sin being acquitd of murderi teenager trayvon martin this past ju. just in the past few months his estranged wife accused him of domestic violence and heas pulled over twice f speeding. if you can't getnough of tonto mayor rob ford, his life is hitting the small screen. his reality show appears in canadaonight. he's not givg up on politics though he admitted smoking crack cocaine, buying illegal drugs and getting stripped of all his powers by his city council. he dreams of being prime minister one day. at today's cy council meeting fordas animated as usual, at oneoint accidtally knocked over a councilwoman but picked her back up. overse in ance, a search is under way for this gunman who opened fire bank and the headquters of a paris newspaper. see the suspe casually walk by an elderly man before firing
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shots inside the bank. no one was hurt the, but one person was seriously wounded when the gunman fired shots at the office of the liberion daily. the motiveonight is unclear. and th is your with the world thank you, jalle. people are getting rich these days. not just the hea honchoest thecompanies. the stk market has been booming. that's the questi. bay area's sam brockxamines nbc trend or fo's gold here? >> i wish i knew the awer to we'll put it this way. the claim now is the market mania can be sustained. weeed to askhy are stock pertoforming so well? achieved high marks.ave largely the fed has been creating new money like it's going out of yle. what happe when the fed cuts back? maybe modest correcti, may a huge correction. for the investors on wall .se
6:34 pm
street, and the regular old joe at home, this is a pretty welcomed ght. theow jon industrial average time ever imidday tradg.irst but before you go and get yourself in a zzy, let ask why the dow shot u nearly 150% since its great recessionow along with similar growth in broader indices. >>ne is the federal reserve systems, a low, and theres no other place to put your money if you want any return. >> reporr: longtime san clara university economistario belatti pnts out under ben bernanke the fed sshed interest rates to basicallyero for years mang stock market returns more attracte but that policy won't last. >> thi is a virtually unprecedented situation. >>eporter: under soon to be fed chairmananet yellen, a fed policy that propped up our
6:35 pm
econy and financial markets for months. you see, quantitative easing or qe occurs when a central bank like the fedssentially creates new money. in this case, $8 billion a month. as you see in this investepedia explainer, thatoney is used to buy bon and other finanal products from banks which in turn loan out the cash, deepeningeveryone'sockets and spawning an atmphere where businesses and consumers are spending. but the fedan't jt kp creating money forever. so what happens when it stops? >> and in that case, the interest ratwill start >> what hpens when interest rates go up? >> when intere rates go up, prices will g down and market prices will go down >> there's a correion coming? >>here will be some corrections. >> reporter:he extent of a stock market drop wi kpend on how high interest rates jump and remain.lthy corporate earnings ma no mistak a correction is coming. >> the stocks are quite high. i mean, the marke is hi.
6:36 pm
it's nots -- but i is high. i assume that the expectations is for the stock market price to correct. maybe 5%, maybe 10%, maybe15%. but there is going to be a correction one ofheseays go up.e you cannot continu to >> the oth side of the coin here is the fed won't cut off the ney supply until the ecomy has gained more action, unemployments lower. esumably at that point in time, the stock market will be even higher. the fact remainshe fed will pull the plug at some point on when that happens, economists sait will come with a price. probably an expense one for you and for yourortfolio. i'm sam broc that's today's "realitycheck." back to you. >> sam, tnk you. still ahead a6:00, she's like any other mom buter platform is a little bigger. how these otos of a baby and a puy are inspiring awes from aww.he world.
6:37 pm
i'm meteorologist christine loren live from safewayn belmont. $10 could feed an entire family. 'll tell you how. and how you can meet your favorite anchors like jeff, jessic and -- >> ra-ra-raj! grt to see you tonight, of course, you know w hav rainfall on the way. look at the le ppler. it's starting to build off to details on your morning commute and how much rain we could get coming up in that full forecast.
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in "hlth matters" birth woman's risk of developing a seous eye disease. researchers iludingt uscs
6:40 pm
studied women over age of 40. those who hadaken the pill for longer than threeears were twice as likely to be diagnosed with glcoma, leading cause of blindness. researchers sa this doesn't mean the pill causes glaucoma. research i sayomen who are on the pill should be screened for that disease. as we head toward the holidays, this is one othe most helpf and productive community events there is. a quic$10 can help feed a needy family on thanksgivi. >> we're teaming up again with safeway r our annual holiday food drive. meorologist christina loren joins us from the safeway in belmon >> reporter: yeah, hey, guys weave a really, really good portunity for everybody across the bay ar. and it's very simple. al you have to do is show u at your local safeway just asou normally do. fill up your grocery cart. while you come to the front, you' going to see all these brownbags. $10 per bag. one bag can feed an entire family. i'm joined with elizabeth valentirom notre dame university and some these are herstudents.
6:41 pm
why is it important for you guys to take partn this event? >> well, notre dame university is a catholic university, it's rt of our mison and commitment to thcommunity to lp those in need. and our studes actually have been doing community service throughout the year. ey clock in over 100,000 hours ofommunity seice. and they actually get to see firsthand a lot of the people who the second hvest food bank serves and provides. this i a great opportunity. >> reporter: yeah, i is. there are a lo of people that are hungry in the bay area. even though it's not right in our immediate faces all the time. so once again, you can meetour favori nbc bay area anchor. we're going t be scattered around safeways all across the bay area come this saturday. and we're trying to raise money and food. everything stays local. and we'd love to see you out there. right now, thgh, back to you, j and jess. >> okay. thank you, christine e we going? >> i'll be the o in pleasaon. i'll make sure i he a raj poster wit me. becae i don't want to disappoint anybody. i'm goi to have m raj poer,
6:42 pm
doing cheerleadi there with my >> i'll be in beont. you'll be at the bell park safeway. >> i made my own post. screen. big as our neweather >> oh, yeah. >> raj, you're b ontwitter. a lot of our tea members. you reeeted this. >> i love that photo. >> what kind of clouds are these? the answer, altocumulus. has a l to do with our storm system for tomorrow. nice retweet, by the way. up. fair warning here.
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this next story has a high cuteness factor. it's aut a santa cruz mom whose sonormed a bond with a faly's new pet. nbc bay ea's joe rosato jr. shows us, it's drawing awes fro l around the worl >> reporter: in e hierarchy of photograph photography, there's nothing that trips the cuteness meter
6:45 pm
more than a photo of a kid or puppy. like any proudmom.sica is just >> i love to take picres especially of my kids. so, i've been doing it now for fo years. >> reporter: she pos phos of her threeids on ore blog caed mamas gone city which ronicles her family's life in new york and recent move to nta cruz. it was there t weeks agoife anged when she and her husnd adopted a puppy ned thee wro fr e santa cruz animal center. >> he jumped rightnto both laps and had a very mild personality but also a very sweet face. >> reporter: theo immediately hit it offith the uple's 23onth-old son, beau, soon they started sharing naptap. >> he crawled into my lap onop of beaund justell asleep it.face -- i tk a photo of >> reporter: that's same scene plays out every day around 11:00 a.m. theo and beau cuddled up. mom snappingpictures. >> i don't know who wouldn't take pictures.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: just last weekhe can sharinghe photos oner blognd instagra and immediatel generated hundreds ofhousands of hits an ftures they resonate with the stay at ho mom who spends evernap time watchg theo and beau. >> i think it's just sweet innocence. u know? fr, and you know that it's not orchestrated at all. >>eporter: she hopes the photos will inire more people to adopt pets, but mostly she hopes they'll move people t sa way they moved her. >> it'sne of those things that it's really rd not to b around. you justind of wt to be in that peace. >> reporter: joe rosato jr nbc bay area news. >> just wt to squeeze them both. so cute. >> jeff ranieri is here. the rains coming this time. you mean it, don't you? i always mean it. when wsay there's rain on the way, its on theway. whether or nott's going to hit the ground across the bay area, th has been debatable.
6:47 pm
the past couple of weeks. we've now been 60-plus days without anything more than half inch here across the bay. as that live doppler radar scans around, we have rurns off to eventually we are going to s t. some of that moving our way. so let'so ahead and get a look at that samera network tonight. of course, what you're going to tice is what erybody's saw today that cloud cover increasi from the north bay to san frcisco. the east bay. all the way down to theouth bay. with current temperatures in the mid 50s. throughout the eas way, wh you'll note is it's not any kind of major fog moving in. it's midoigh level cloud cover with temperatures currently holdg in the upper 40 a little bit chill by for parts of theast y. stay pretty cloudy with also the possibility of showers and mperatures staying ithe 60s. make se you have the jacket fothe north bay all the way over towd the south bay. the overall pattern has this storm system that we he been watching now for over a week getting even closer right now. what's going to b going on with this tomorrstorm, it's going t
6:48 pm
cler to the bay and surgeut imlses of energy as we head roughout the next 36 hours. with that said, don't expect nonstop rainfall oe it starts inhe north bay throughhe next 48 hours. what we'll see iwaves of looks like the first wave will arrive 6:00 a.m.tuesday,orth bay at this point, santa rosa to san francisco. the afternoon hours, that's when the southern peninsula, south bay an also the et bay wl see the increang chance of showers. as we head throughout weesday morning,hat's when it looks like parts of the south bay could have a zone oheavier rainfa moving across. so wedneay morning, for the south bay, san jose, right up to about palo alto, over here even toward the east bay, that's again where that raiall will be picki up in intensity. overall totals will be the highest across the north bay santa rosa, point reyes, san francisco, hal inch to an inc in the forecast. as we gethe numbers to come up here. also for the south ba possibly a half inch, and even for the
6:49 pm
east bay as well at is point. les go ahe and getour microclimate forecasin here. see for the nor bay, again, the best zone for rainfall as we look at that forecast. mperatures in the l s. r the east y, you'll see it that increasing chance of uds. showers throughout the ternoon. for the tri valley, wel see the creasing chance of rainfall with a mix of sun and clouds and temperaturesn the low 60s. for napa, specically, this is going to be one zone from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. where you'll find so of the heaviest pocketsf rainfall. weould see about aalf inch add up at this point. now, as we get a look across the other microclimates, s throughoutan francisco, tempatures in the low 60s. peninsula, temperatures remaining in theow 60s. seehe same thi replicated with the increasing chances shower. s. you're headed to s francisco, they're goi to have benefit concert as we hea thughout tomorrow. temperatures are going to be dropping into the 50 and so far,or the uc benefi as we head throughout still need to bring those oul
6:50 pm
showers if you're one of the lucky os headingout, youl see ondie, green day,lso we hear there's gng to be a perfmance by emcmc hamm. know youl need to take the umbrella in the forecast. >> do you have tickets to the >> i don't, but i don't i c't touch it. that was a bad joke. >> l's get to sports. ane ahmed freed is on fire tonight. >> it was too legit with tha wholething. >> you're right, you're right. guys.'re going to go to sports wee all trying here. from the year 2000 to the yr 2004, the big three a'sitches domina dominad the american league. in 2007, barryito traded his green and gold for orange and black. after letting zito go this off season, giants have another member of the b three to take his ple. tim hudson signed a two-year
6:51 pm
deal reportedly worth $23 million. over his last fou seasons with the braves hudson tallied 57 wins with a 3.33 e.r.a. a's were hot and heavy over hudsonetting him bk. miffed about t passer penalty that changed the complexion of the 4ers gam against the saints telling t san ancisco chronicle, quot e way they call stuff these days, it's wered down. it ain't real no more. what does jim harbaug think about the play? here's aerin. >> reporter: with a night of sleep, jim harugh does not agree with the game-chaing penalty on ahmad ooks. >> he made a great play, and didn't get the result. ahmad, hithe right level. you know, h at the shoulder level. shrunk down and, you know, that the official's call to make. that counts in the nfl, the official's view. >> we can't argue that. this is -- you knowthat.
6:52 pm
you know i can't stand up here and, you know, make these comments. reporter: but the 49ers are in familiar territory coming off back to back losses for the situation coach hbaugh chooses to embrace. >> advsity, yes, we've got that. always look at that asn the show the steel in that's what we're going to have do. look forward to that chalnge. >> rorter: the last time the 49ers lost t straight game they did go on to win five in a row, and getting last year leading receiver back on the field, that would definitely see michael crabtre py monday to night against shington, coa harbaugh says it depends o seeing him getting him out her every day and seeing just how much of a load hean hale. in santa clara, nbc bay ea. >>hank you, erin. > yesterd matt mcgloin did sothing no rder quarterback had done since 2009, row for
6:53 pm
three touchdowns anno interceptions and did it in his firsnfl start. be next sunday, coach dennis allen noommittal. >> i'm going to wait andaveton opportunity to visit wit terrelle. i haven't spoken toim yet. i n't know where he is physically. i will say this. i will say, youknow, obviously with matt's performance, he's certainly earnedhe right to b in the discussion. that's for sure. > the warriors and jazz currentlynder way with t warriors up by 15 points in the first half. going to have highlights a 11:00. more newafter this.
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
any of us a familiar with cyber attacks, people hacking rsonal accounts. what about on government computers? from the dmv, social services to e chp, government comter systems aretoring your da, but is it protected? tonit for the first time, we uncover some of the numbers. investigive reporter steven the a previe from >> the investigate ef unit requested the numbers and types of computer data breaches for ea state agency going ck five years. whate foundas thousands of cybe attacks on state systems. nearly five a y. the state numberslso show that far this year, one, nearly 24,000 individual califoiaens had dataompromised on state computers,verything from personal health records, to social security numbers, to tax records. how hard is it for the state of lifornia to keep up wh at's essentially an evving threat? >> to be honest, it's a 
6:57 pm
challenge, but i thinke as a state do a very goodjob. again, we have dilent folks dispatched in the ornization. an we take it very serisly. >> now coming up tonight at 11:00, the investigative unit breaks down numbers further. we show what kinds of cyber tacks are taking ple, which state departments and agencies are coming under the most attas and we'll show you the taxpayers wn the systems , break down. at's tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. >> thank you. let's check in one last time witheff about the rain. >> it's starting to line u fshore. as youead throughout night, we'rexpecting thiso eventually move intoarts of san francisco as we head roughout late tonight, also into early tomrow morning. of course, more on this storm >> thank you, jeff.11:00. have a gre evening. hope to see y back here at 11:00. >> see you then. bye-bye.
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
angelina leaves bra near tears. >> my love. >> now on "extra." "extra" "extra." >> brad,ngelina and a sudden grown maddox. >> mad,here's nogreater honor in this rld than being your mom. >> angie's new interview as she bears her soul about h man, her kids and her late mother. >> i thinkf my mother and i think of how proud she wod have been. >> breang couples news, tim and faith today, taking on the divorc rumors. what finally iggered them to speak out. >> new video, lady gaga warmin up her pipes for "snl." ♪ >> heroo ho for tv moment th r. kelly,


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