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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 19, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good tuesday morning. coming up on "early day," aftethe storm moving forrd and still searching for survivors from the frce midwt tornadoes. the dramatic11 phone calls involving george zimmerman and his gifriend. plus stocks on a tear. as recordsontinue to be shatters. toronto's mayor, rob ford, stripp by the city council. and moy python fans, get ready for the dream of lifeti. "ely today" starts right now. is is "early today" for tuesday,ovember 19th. good morning everybody, i'm richard lui. we begin witbreaking news overseas. two exosions that apparently targeted the embassyn beirut just a short time ago.
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at least3 people were killed, 146 woundeby the blasts. security officials say the attacks were carried out by two suice bombers, one on a motorcycle andne in a car. iran's ambassador was not hurt in this, but the country's cultural attache was killed, and damage to t compound, and the lebanon group, affiliated with al qaeda, is claiming responsibility. even with winds of 0 miles per ur, you can see clear path of destructionrom the tornadoes. outside, tes are standing and cars remain in parking spaces. those images were from the ha-hit city of washington illino, and that's where nbc's jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: aeerie silence settled across thetrike zone this morning but that silence will soon giveay to families returning to sift through the
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splintered remnants of the lives scatter for miles by more than 50 tornadoes that cut a path through at least a dozentates. >> hard to look at. this is oucommunity. >> reporter: washington, illinois a community ravaged by a massive twister. rped open a path fi miles ng and a tenth of a mile wide, destroying hundredof homes. >> it happened at church time when we had people not at eir homes. >>eporter: but not nearly enough. evywhere you look it iimpossible to escape the evidencef the tornado's fury and a raw emotions of at so many have beenhrough. >> i w waiting for it to bust through the ll at any second. >> reporter: and te you with it? >> yep. i mean and just like that,t was over. >> reporter: while the storms have passed, the trady is still far from over. the cleanup is only st beginning. >> we will recover. we will prevail over these rnadoes. >> reporter: signs of resilience
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soany will need as they begin the lo and difficult recovery here. jay ay, nbc news. washington, illinois. people screame the word "shame" overndver as toronto's scandal-scarred mayor was stripped of his powers. mo bizarre behavior from rob fo. he mimed the acte drunk driving that you see there, and then later,harged acrs the crowded chamber, he knocked over a femalelawmaker, he left her with a swollen lip. he helped toick her up later and apologized for the accident. ford ao vowed revenge against anyone who voted against him. later in an interviewith cbc, he said he had his, quote, come to jus moment. >> i'm tining every day. i haven't touched a drop of alcohol in three weeksand i n't do drugs. >> the last time you did drugs was? >> a year ago sometime.
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>> would it have beenhis indent with the crack? >> probably, yes. i don't know exactly when it was, but pbably about a year ago. >> add to that, ford nohas his own reality tv show airing on canada sun news network. and during a premierepisode, he said he refuses to te a drug test. coming up later on the "today" show, don't mis this. tt lauer has one-on-one interview with toronto embattled mayor. george zimmermans expected in courtoday following an arre for assault. last night we heard the dramatic 911 calls. zimmerman's girlfriend called poli saying he pointed a shotgun her during an argument. >> you just broke my gss table, you broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the [ bleep out. this is not your house. now, get outta her >>ou heard her pleading with zimmern to leave her home. she told t dispatcher he had a
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shotgun and ar-15 and two handgu. >> are you [ ble ] kidding me. he pushed me out of my house. he knows how to do this. he knows how to playhis game. >> zimmermanalled 911 saying she has gone, quote, crazy, him. she saidhe told him she is pregnant wh his child, which she denies to authorities. >> i never pulled a firearm. never -- when i was packing it, i'm sure she saw i i keep it next to the bed. she broke a glass table, because she threw something on it. i don even know if it was mine or hers, whatever it was. >> monday's arrest ithe latest woe for the former neighborhood watch volunteer. he andis estranged wife involved in a dispute september. no charges were filed then. and mmerman wasulled over twicin the past few months for speeng. a jury acquitted him in july in the shootindeath of 17-year-old trayvon martin.
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there is fresh fallout from the rollout of obama care. president obama's approval rating has fallen to 42% i a new poll. it's one o theowest points down sixoints in just a moh, an13 points since the start of the second term. mr. obama is alsoaking a hit personally. mo than half of respondents say he is not a strong leader, and half fin him dishonest and untrustworthy. in all harkens back to his promise that americans could keep their heah plan if they liked it, in addition with other problems wh the affordable care act, aaw that now 57% oppose. this morning, princeton university sd it would allow a non-fda proved vaccine. the vaccine has not officially been approved for use in t u.s., but t school says th cdc remmended this plan. seven casesf the re strain have been confirmed sincemarch, the most recent just last week.
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none fatal. r a look at the weather, nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. we h concerns of rain, or maybe some -- >> yeah, rn in the forecast in safrancisco, and w kind of thought maybe it would beere by now. >> no? >> napa got some rain, oer ars. >> nothere? >> , not in the downtown area, and the rar doesn't look promising now. you can see the radarecho, greens and blues in the mounins, but not down inhe bay. there is still hope. there is rain out ther a big chunk of the rain went too far t the north. eureka got gd rains, cscent city, and the higher elevations in t sierra, and some snow towards thepeaks. the ason i say we'reot done, look at the isture, just a moisture feed coming off the pacific. a big zonal flow, and all of that is still going to have s targetn the san francisco, california, northern area. and th's why we still thin there's a chance for additional rainfall. e computer estimas, you
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know, nothing heavy, but i do thk the highest amots again wi be in the mouains over the next 48 hours. possib of 1 to 2 inches from ftbragg,northwd, closer to an ch, half an inch, and san ancisco downtown, maybe at leasa quarterf an inch over the next two days. there is rain out ere, but not in downtown s.f.ns have moved out. and we'll haveore on the forecast in the days ahead comi up. >> you kno how it goes in the bay area. >> it'tough to make it rain. >> yea and microclimates. >> yeah, we're not done yet. well said. the football ralry that could land you a fe car. plus, the feud among the cheney sisters escalates to the former vice prident and his wife. details next.
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welcome back. former vice esident and his wi cheney are, quote, paine by the feud between marheney and h wife. ck cheney says this pushea private issue into the spotlit. in the past, liz cheney said gay marriage is an issue that she and her sier disagree on. dratic video of a plan crash in russia monday. thplane can be seen hitting the ground at almost vertical angle. the plane's black boxes have been recovered. five days after a man fell out of a plane in orida police believe they have found s body. while the medical examiner has yet to make a full report police say ere is no evidence ofoul play. > nasa sent a new explorer on mars. the maven orbiter wl hopefully answer the questions of, why mars' climate changednd if the planet ever suppord life.
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anoxford dictionary ha announced the wo of the year is selfie. defined as ahotograph that one s taken of oneself, and found on social media, le instagram, twitter, andacebook, and they e often -- who knows? now, for business and ema mody. >> the stocks moving full team on monday, focusing in on mments by billionaire investor carl icahn, who says stocks could be in f a big drop. although he said it's hard to edict short-term mov. jpmorgan and t u.s. governmen are expected to announce terms of the mortgage settlement. reports say $4 billion will go toconsumers, offer low monthly morage payments and molish homes i blighted neighborhoods. lastly, hyundai supposedo start selling an v, a decade before anyon thought was poible,owered by a hydrogen vehicle.
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richard,ack to u. >> all right. thanks a l, seema. > outgoing new york city mayor mike bloomberg will sign gislation that will make it illegal to sl tobacco products to anyone under thege of 21. it sets a minim cigarette price of $10.50 per pack. and one toya dealer is pulling out all of the stops for the beloved auburn fooall team lynch toyota that is promising if auburn shutsut alabama on november 30, they'll pay for the new-r purchase between today and the endf the month. it's cled theron bowl. this deal brings new meani to that, doesn't it? just ahead, the morning headlines and a monday night football tiller. stick around
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i think i speak for everyone when i say iope the hair came from his hd. [ laughter and applause ] [ groans ] i don't know if it was a football game or a "real housewives" reunion. that's my weave. >>hey can put it bk in, so he say monday night footbalyou got your money's wth if you were wating. r three quarters it s all panthers. led by qb ted newton.
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six points here after tt pass, they led by four. patriots' tom brady tryi to hit rob gronkowski. heomes up short. so the question, was there pas interferce? holding even? the refs look at it, a they say, nada, zero, zilch, the egg. carolina upsets, 24-20. tom brady not ppy. and mississippi high school girls basketball coach rigns. shocking allegations say doyle wilberton bit one of his players on theace a week ago. the sheriff's repo says he was angry at a gamand that happened. he grabbed h by the shirt and bit her on the right side of the face. the girl was taken to the hospital. her family is not pressing charges. miami head coach sayin plers are cooperating the nfl investigation into bullying. the dolphins want the hearing rkz delayed for richie incognito. who's fighting the indefinite suspension. a flip-and-play game to sho
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you. he ran, he flips. yes, to avoid the tackle. he gets other dozen yards ter that. lincoln beat southwest baptist, 51-28. duke ainst unc, bal boy in black, yeah, he tried to ru run, son, run. he got out of there. and no injies. because we love this stuff, our weekly graitous ama ball half-court shott halftime for large amounts of green. that one right there, $20,000! he ran away smilin and t sochi torch taking a plunge with help from a brave men, donning swi trun, taken inton icy river as it continues on its jrney through russia ahead of the sochi olympics. ooh, must have been cold. just ahead, theoliday classic moe you thought would never get sequel. ll, it is. that's next.
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welcome back. we had a very mild fall so far. so far. in alaska. but that'sll changed in a hurry. it isxtremely ld. the cold's been building, too. this will be the hh temperature fairbanks today. minus 10. and yestery, in barrow, alaska, the last sunset they had. it will be pch darkns until the middle of january. we wish them wem. i don't know how they do it, but they do it. anchorage cold at only 8 degrees, of course, some light rain in the west tay. can you igine that, in rrow,
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alaska, saw theast sunset until the middle of january. >> bill, every time you show aska in the wther, i know you're basally saying to everybody else, "see?" >> yeah, suc it up. over a half century and waiting, the sequel t "it's a wonderful life the 2015 will ar karolyn grimes. she was in the 1947 original. she played the daughter of jimmy stewart's charter, george bailey. her famous ne, "everyime a be rings an angel gets his wings." well, grimes gets hers. she plays an angel inhe sequel. "real housewive of new jersey" stars tesa and joe deudyce facing charges. james franco is known to be a cat gu sollen brought his love of cats and good lks into a 2014 calendar. interesting. fans joy, the s of the original cast of "mty
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python: flying circus" will review night after 30 years apart. the funer die website realizes a houseful of bhelors that one gup has yet to be represented on t bachelor. apparently a houseful of men poses chalnges. >> derek, u accept this rose? >> adam, will you may me? >> oh, my god, yes. absolutely. i love you. >> i get that you are trying to be progressive but this premise doest seem to work. prince william revealed he would love to get theew ps4, but hesaid,quote, i'm n sure how my wifwould feel about that. mayor rob ford and van dam have one thing icommon, their perfect splits, of crse.
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>> i've had my ups and downs, my fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds. >> i mean, this can go on forever. >> yeah. ck-and-forth, ba-and-forth. >> yeah, originally, it's too d chris farley isn't around. he can just playhimself this point. >> when you watch some o the videos, i look at them, a i go, you cannot tell fromome of the spoofthat sbrnmade, but nevertheless, he gives us story lines. >> a with his own shows, it will continue. >> maybehey don't do spoofs on "snl." we hope it's just your first stopf the day on nbc.
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leading the news on, google maps showing replacing satellite pic of a ain teen. the body of a bay area boyhot and killed turned up on a goog map. his distraught family asd to replace the map and theyre rushing to comply. memberof the young conservatives of texas club will wander the campus wearing signs that say illegal immigrant and students who capre them will get $25 gift certifites. golots of people talking about that one. topping our news, breaking news overnight in e lebanese capital ofeirut.
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two deadly explosions rocd the iranian embassy. e lebanese health minister said the blast kild at lst 23 peoe with 146 others unded. an's ambasdor was not hurt, but the company's cultural tache was kill. andeportedly widespreadamage the three-story compound. toronto mayor rob ford is stripp of the majority of his powers after a boisterous city council meetg. he charged across the crded chamber, knocking over a feme lawmaker leaving her wh a fat lip. after he bumped into her there, he lat apologized for the accident. police believe they und the body of a man who fell out of a small plane fivdays ago. the medical examin has yet to make a full report police s there is no evidence of foul play. in case u missed it oxford dictionary's word of the year is seie. yeah. >> i cou see that coming. >> yeah, definitely. two tiger cubs areaking strides during public debut at the nation's capitol at the smithsonian debut the
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cubs look happy and healthy. the younbrother and sister a viewed as huge conservation success stories becae the zoo -- yeah, mom is little bigger, little faster. me for a look ahead d a lookack. thousands are expect in pennsylvania today for cerenies to remember the gettysburg address. 0 years ago president lincoln gave the best-known sech at the civil war battlefield. onhis day in 1985 the fit summit between presidents ronald reagan and goachev as ported on the "today" show. >> when the two men first met today, o course, at the first session they had, a handshake outside, a little bit of itchat, and then went into the one-on-onesessions, and we're told it wen for one hour and four minute,uch longer tn had been scheduled or even expected. >> nbc's andrea mitche there. happy birthy to ryan ward, 34, jodie fost 51.
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i'm richard lui, alongith bi karins. you ha
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breaking ne. aiolent and deay morning in lebanon as explosions rock the iranian embassy in beirut. >> new dails about the crash that kills t people including a former oakla raider. we'll let you know whathe faly of thoma howard is sayi. >> she disappead 25 years ago and still no answers. we'll tell you how friends and family are coming together this morng to honor her life. let's take you liv outside for a look over s francisco. some lights dancing. a crisp morning around the city this tuesday, november 19th, this is "today in e bay."


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