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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 19, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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changes to s model s sedans ter a trio of car fires. >> light rainfall so far. there iseavier moisture on the wato the bay area. we'll let you know when this slated to arrive and how many days of rain we're couing on this week. >> new incident for the south bay, this is a crash involving a semi, and a wall. we'l bring you the detas. >> we take it nth a little bit to san francisco, the bay bridge in the distance, the lights ncing around to get y going on a tueay, november 19th, this is "today in the ba" >> happy tuesday and good morning. always appreciate you having a ride with us. i'm jon lley. >> i'm laura garciaannon. we begin with breaking newsn lebano two scide bombings outside the iranian embassy in beirut left several dead including an anian offici. the blasalso injured mor than
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0 others. marla teez is live in the newsroom with the late-breaking details includi who could be bend these attacks. >> in the last hour al qaeda linked group has come forward to claim responsibility officials say the bombings pear related to the conflict next door in syria. so far 23 people are rorted dead, 146 injure this video here just in to the newsroom in the last ten minutes shows the scene soon after the double blast rocked the iranian embassy. you casee the aftermath, you see the charred cars, a mess of rubble and emergency crews this video here sho the scene right after the blast. says the first guy pulled up on a motorcyclearrying five pods of explosive right near the main gate and blew hielf up. then less than five minut lar a second attacker drove up in a car. allegey rigged with10 pounds
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of plosives. parked at about 10 yardsway and ignited that vehicle. among the dead a newly appointed iranian cultural a ta shay. iranian amssador. with the he was onlyn the job for about a month. this neighborhood here is a strongholdor the militant grp hezbollah which backs syria's bashar al assad. syrianebels say blasts in this area have bee nothing but retaliation for hezblah's involvement in helping group fight in the civil war. new infoation is coming so we'll have a newly updated report about 5:30. we'll continu to check with you. thank you very much. this morning a hayward school board deciding whether to expel a 10-year-oldoy found walking through the halls carrying a knife. police say the boy had been complaininabout being bullied. christiemith live now in
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hayward. christie, this one a scary scene at the elemeary school. >>ich: that's right. and parents arehaken u that someing like this happened in the rst place. they are telling us they wh they had been notifiedooner than they we. that 10-year-ol boy, a stent was wking arod on campus with a knife. today the room where he got the knif here at school will be cked for the first time as a precaution. this hpened yesterday morning at hillview crest ementary school in hayward. a 10ear-old boy, fifth-grader, grabbed steak knife and took into the hallway. administrators say the boy was able to walk into the staff unge through one of tee uncked doors and grabbed the knife that had an eight-inch blade. a parent saw the boy and cut his hand as he grabbed thenife out of the boy's hand. parentsay they found out several hours later. >> i didn't get the message until about 3:30. i should havbeen notied at ast saying something happened
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and evything's okay@and don't worry, we'll send you more information. buwe didn't get that unt 3:30. >> the principal and the interim superintendent told parents at anmergency meeting they weret able to get t mesge out quicker because they we still working on trying to get the facts straight first. police say the boy complained about being bullied by other students. facility.n to a psych thschool board has to decide if the boy will be suspended. reporting live in haywar christie smith "today in the bay." >> tnk you very much. >> new this morning, tesla ceo elon musk is ordering big changes to itsodel slectric cars following three high profile battery fires. bob sin fremont. what iin store for the company? >> good morning to u.noced two
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a bl he posted on his weite, tesla c elon mk believes and says that the media cerage of the fires that involving his model s electric vehicle has been overblown so in this blog heries to set the record straight in announcing th changes to its product. to reassure customers that the cars are safeo drive and when compared to gas powered cars are much less likely to catch fire. first, mus says his company put out a software update for the airuspension system i the slightly, giving it gater e car ground clearance making it less likelyo hit debris that cod puncture the battery and start a fire. the warranty will cover fire damage eveif it's the driver's fault and asking the safety the fires.tion to investigate musk believes thatased on government test theres is no safer car on the road. he quote data from the national
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fire protection association that shows since the model s went into production there have been 250,000 fires involng gas-powered cars which killed 40 people and siously hurt 1200. hurt badly in the model s fire if you crunch the numbers according to musk a gas car is fire than his model s.y to catch reporting live, bob redell, oday in the bay." >> thanks, bob. >> 5:. meteorologist christina loren joing us to talk about a cool day and rain on the way. >> yeah, youknow, we need it. oh, boy, do w need this rain. good morning to you, jon and laura. the reon why is as you know, running a deficit, one of the iest calendar years o record. you know around here, all it takes is one good storm system. this one is going to be prey good f us. it's the next one we're eye balling, thou, to potentially
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tap int se subtropical moisture. that couldroduce heavy bouts of rain in the sth bay in particular. so tt's what we're watching for. is morning do count on light owers along 101 between santa rosa headed south to san francio overall mostf the bay area isry for now. all ofhat activity wil continue to spread to the sth as we head throughout morning the temperatures are pretty nice out there, not toobad. the only place iis raining now is in the north bay at 50 degrees. elsewhere your microclimates show you can see we don't have a loof thick fog thisorning but we have plentyf clouds overhead. you'll see that as the s makes an appearance throughhe next half hour or so. but temperares later on today, ol enough for a jacket. just like yesterday only wrapping up in the low to mid-60s. so we track the showers as they co in this morning, and we'll talk morebout the heavier round rain for tomorro in my next report. ght now let's check your drive and sayood morning to mike inou. >> we're looking live look sws heading toward san jose state. for the south bay area, we have
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an easy driveo far. but this is one issueor 680 northbou as you leave san jose upo lpitas, right around that off ramp reports of a big rig thatit the sound wall. debr reported. may be debris fromhe truck, also reports of a fuel spill so you will not be seeing flares out ther you'll be seein a crewith cones, flashin light and maybe long ter cleanup. sods like this will take a bit of time. we'll track that and i'll let you know this isounter commute flew the area as fol leave san jose up to milpitas. most of the folks southbound in theorning commute. looking to 84 and 580 a smooth drive through t dubli area. no big surprises. live look outside shows you the front area, 880 with taillights taft the truck scales. and a nice dveown to east shore freeway through berkeley to the berkeleyurve as well. >> san francisco's distct attorney trying t determine
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whether or not a group of firefighters will be facing chars for trying cover for back in june here'she de, michael quinn was allegedly drunk when he crashed a ladder truck into a motorcycle rider in the south market area. quinn was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving but has yet to face dui charges. the chronicle reporting an unspecifd number of colagues cod face discipline actions for allegedly tryg to cover up the circumstances surrounding >> tonight the san joseouncil is expected vote on the devepment plan that cou get in the way of an owl habitat. the piece o land is near san jose santa clara wat pollution plant. environmentalists say the plan would call for the city to build a road right through the habita the owls are a classifd as a species of concern which means they are nearly enngered. they nest near the bay. the council menre prosing an
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alternative to the plan which would put off t decision on the develment for aew years. the "mercury news" reports the marity of the counc wants to go ahead with tonight' vote. san jose councilxpected to vote o aesolution allowing e city manager to apply for state aid after the rim fire in yosemite damaged the san jose family ca. it will aow the manage tear submit a californiamergency management application to help pay for the damage. the rim fire burned more than 400 squareiles caung more an $70 millionn destruction. 5:10. coming up we'll tell youbout new effor to help compete with mobile ride sharing companies and how they are also set up to >> plus, what we're learning about the future of the l gatos tax estate. >> is froth on the stock market. could day be the day you take a loss. wel take a look.
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5:13. welcome back cupertino city council expected to ge the final gahead for apple's unique space ship campus the council all street hear the ordinanc allowing for the development of the corporate campus, a finalote will b following ler on tonigh cupertino will be hiring two new positions toandle all of the extra work load that campus is expected to generate. the $2tw it is expted to be completed by 20. >>ury delibations are expected to gin today inhe apple/samsung ial. closg argumts will be made this morning. then the jury will be asked to deci how much samsung owes for
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copying key features of the ipad and ipho. apple wants $3 million but samsung wants to pay much less th week's trial deals with older technology. in march apple and samsung will square you've off againo time to determine if the newer products copy apple design. >> jpmorgan chase has reached a deal with theovernment to pay the biggest fine ever. billion. rew, we're talking $ >> a sggering sum. we should hear me about it today but a number of outlets say it's a done deal. we talked about this settlement before but today wthink we're ing to see ink on per. at issue tubstandard mortgages that chase sold during the housing bubble. the bank's not in trouble for what happened you the hoowner, the trouble stems from selling those subprime mortgages investments. other words, theain vicms ar investors. to some degree the company did
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herit this problem by buying washington mutual. that bank was onef theiggest seers of subprime mortgages and thei securities. the senate banking subcommittee maed down thursday on the calend as the day t vote on th nomination of janetellen as the next head of the federal reserve. assuminghe passes that vote an most say she will, her mination goes to the full senate as early a this year. let's turn to seema modeee check the markets. she jns usrom cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning. a littleteamn yeerday's lost sessn after reports the dow breaking 16,000 traders focusing on comments from carl icahnho says thearkets are a little lofty and stocks cld be in for a big drop tugh he says it's hard to predict short-term we get data out on employment depot and best home
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the nasdaq fling 32 points in yesterday's trade. >> tha you much. 5:16. congratutions to nick woodma this morning, the kid from santa cruz w the entrepreneur of the year for his invention, and what d he innt? the go pro cara. invention and he a his then girlfriend now wife funded that ttle adventure by selling sea shell belts so he sold sea shells by the seashore. i practiced that. >> i bet you did. >> so early t even try that. >> go pro impressive love the. also love sea shell belts that go with the cklace. still rockg. old schl. >> let part t sea shells, checkingith meteorologist christina loren. >> i like a nice belt.
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>> dre makers arecoming. >> good morning to yo we're looking pretty good. sonoma county.wers mostly in you can see to th south of the golden gat bridge still dry. that will likely be the case for the first part of the day. around lunch time.n right this morning temperaturesre nearly uniform, they are gng to end up that way as well. we're starting o in the 50s. the only place repting rain is up in the nor bay. we're headed tard kd of a cool a cloudy day wh on and off showers starting up in the south bay at about 2:00, 3:00. keep that i mind. we're looking prey good. into this afternoonemperatures are going to climb from the 50s to the low 60s. very similar to wheree ended up yesterday. so yesterd was a cool day. is is where we're headed throughout the nex couple ys. toy cloudy with on and off owers for wednesday, we're going toet a heavier period of rain as we head throughout the firs part of tomorrowmorning. one round of rain, theanother one, a stronger one for the evening commute so keep that in
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mind. by thursday a.m. showers make way afternoon clearing. we cou measure a hafr inch we need the rain at this point. you seell of that blue moving in. that bodes well for u to make up some very, very needed much needed rainfall totals that we've be lacking so far this we'll keep you updated on that. let's check your drive. at the >> good morning. reminder for folks the traffic and the weather system are died together so can show the no rain as christina saidouth of sonoma county. an eas drive, we'll loo here to the south bay where w hav a crash still goingon. th is northbound 680. here is san jose and the south bay. as you leave and head up to milpitas northbound 0 as you approach montague expresay. a report of a crash. no injuries but dage, debri d a fuel leak. yoll find this slowing buto slowing shows up because tre is a light volume right now.
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mo of the commute igoing to start down the southbound side we'll watch thi as th morning develops and see how long this is go withing to take. toward the dumbarton and san mateo brids, move nicely, ttle more company t the peninsula t not a big de. easy drive for 101 through palo alto. northbound away from the camera their but not a problemor in visibility. that's great news. dumbarton and the san mateo brid. a liveook atoakland, a smooth flow northbound, flashing lights. yoll find a smooth drive into downwn. we talked abt the easy ild. u have no prlems. camera has a problem. the drive no issues. back to you. >> thank youery much, mike. 5:19 san francisco is looking to help the city's taxis comeat mobile ri servic. the city's agency will conder
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a license and service agrment to support a smart phone based taxi hailing system. some of the companies use apps this would be the first time all ten dispatch companies would be tracked on one platform. >>empeople in oakland read the protest ty's plan to move forward with a high tech a rally planned at the plaza. several gups are scheduled to attend including civil libertarns and occupy protesters. the surveillance center could allopolice to continuously monitor video camera gun shot defects andicense plate protesters areoncerned the center would turn oakland int a police state. >> tonight palo alto city leads consider newaw cracking down an out-of-contr construction projects. it would fine residents with expired ilding rmits. it comes after cplaints from residentsboutong term constructionrojects in their neighborhoods. they support a new law
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complete their projects on time. supporters say construction in local neighborhds can cse problems. >> now in the hands of a new owner, and owners, now we're learning more about the future of the estate. the new owner w wishes to remain anonymous pns to keep the property's historic pieces intact. the real estate agent telling future of the estate wille in line with what many in los gatos hoped for. the 75-acre property w lted for nearly $9 million. so far no word onhat the selling pric was. >> bay area stadium that's makingpeta'sist of most vegerian friend i.
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>> welcomeback.
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good tuesdayorning to you. 23. petaeleased its list of vegetarianriendly nfl stadiums and one stadium has made the cut. vegetarian stadiums.had we canell you is third thanks to its vegan chocolate ndue as well as its delicious ven dogs, burgers and fajitas. it's the sixth year in row it madehelist. the top spot to lincoln financial eld in philly. they have fake plly cheese stea sandwiches and veggie tas and agies. kc's arrowhea stadium cond, and ford field and qualcm fourth and fifth. goes againstounter culture. >>eople like it. oxford diannounced the word of
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the year. >> first ladyid it with her first dog. hillary clion with her dog. >> the selfy. it's a photograph tt one has taken of ons self. typically oneaken with smart phone or webca and uploaded to aocial media website. >> often overdone. >> researchers say the wordf the year best reflects th mood of the time. so, nooubt we've g to take one here, right now. >> block that. twerking is now in the dictionary. >> we'll not do that. >> no. shoes that after the show. >> we'll toss it over to chriina. >> the tri is to go out as far as possible and try not to get knows for sure. shot so no one me? we're looking gooout there. a little shor activity to the north of the golde gate bridge.
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not expecting much action south of sanfrancisco. until later on today. right around lunch time when we south of the golden gate bridge we'll have to wait until 2:00 i the sout bay for the owers. your seven-day forect scrolling at the bottom of our screen throughout al of my weather ports,very region is covered. so as we head throuout the day temperatur are going to warm up nicely i the mid-60s. won't be too cool out there. count on rai cled air starting about 4:00 p.m. showers spreading to theouth to san jose area. aetter round toughout tomorrow and all of this activity clears out by thursday ternoon. let'look at the morning driv >> i'm pleased with myself because i've got a selfy with i'll post at.s. looking here towar san rafael southbound 101. slight build here. christina's talking abo the north barain. as the sprinkl come in you have t watch it awe look at e maps you'll have to slow because the first in after quite some ti, 60 days i here, that's
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wipers need to be on as well. if the wipers are on we have to ha the headlights on. noroblems for the southay, 680 watching that crash. >> new in fighting at san jose state calling f the system to investigate the university's administration. >> we'll let you know about 22 years after a devastating fire is out this morning finding there's lots more that needs to beone to try and prevent a repeat.
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news in banon. anl qaeda-linked group says it's behind th blast that killed almost two dozeneople and now this group is threatening more violence. >> reporter: fremont-based tesla annoces a chance to its model s in response to three fes involving the electric vehicle.
5:30 am
that story coming up. >> we're getting snow showersn tahoe, light rain swers here in the bay area. d more on the way. i'll letou know how muche expecto accumule between today and thursday morning. >> so th rain's going to affec many commes. we have a crash, a sigalert declared. i'll expla what's gng on. >> taking live look oside christina as she mentioned . watching the skies for us, keep the windshid wips make sure ey are all shinedp for tuesday, nember 19, this is "today in the bay. a very good tuesdayorning to you. thanks for jning us. i'm ura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. w this mninge'll tell you the government has announced it willnvestigate three fires involving sla's model s sedan.
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this is video shot lt month i seattle. now the fremont company announcing chaes to its making to make sur the popular vehic sar. bob redell is live outside the tesla motor plant. he has the latest good morning. >> reporter: good morning,jo sla ceo elon musk jus announced that his model s ground clearance s it will be less likely to hit debri that could pcture its battery and catc fire which happened in two of the three model s fir that receiv so much attention. is would be accomplished by sending out a software upda to the air suspension system. he willover fire dame even rns if it's the driver's fat. musk announced these chang in a blogn hisompany website. he hasalled for the nationa traffic highway safety administration to investigate the fires whichn the past hour it's not clear musk knew in do.
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advae that it would be making this announcement. in hislog musk blames the dia and erreactive coverag of the fires, writing that it's disproportionate to its coverage of fires involving gapowered rs. he crunches dat that shows that gas powered vicles are 4 1/2 timemore likely to catch fire. he belies that based on government tt there is is no safer car on the road than his modes. reporting live here in front, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> interesti story. thank you for the update. >> 32. breaking news in leban. we're learng more about the double suicide blast outside the iranian embassy inbeirut. it killed several people. marltellez is live inur newsroom with more on whathe oup that says is responsible. good morning. >> it is now aqaeda linked
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not going to stop, it will continue such attacks until the iranian backed hezbollah group withdraws fr syria. so far 2 people are reported de and anoth 146 injured. soon after the suicide blasts. a lebane official says two men orchestrated the bombings, the first on a motorcycl blew himself up near the embassy main te. less tha five minutes late are second attacker dro up in a car,llegedly rigged with110 pounds of explosive, parked it about te yards away and ignited that vehicle. among the dead a newly appointed iranian cultural attache. s name is ebra ham onsary. he was only on thjob for about aonth sinceoctober.
5:34 am
this neighborhood whe the predominantly s yit andbeirut is hezbollah stronghold. this inot the first timehis happened. officials say car bombings and rocketlasts have been fairly coon and of course wit this latest threat coming from the al qda group thats claiming responsibility i seems the vience will likely continue. >> tnk you very much. >> this morning hayward school board deciding whether to expel a 10-year-old boy found walking in the hallways with a knife. police say the boy was complaininabout being bullied. christie smith is live in hayward. this is something i'm sure ty were frightened to seet the scho. >> reporte that's exactly what patients are sing about this. and soon t school board is going to have to decide whether this boy shod be expelled for what happened or not. but parents are saying one thing isor sure they wish that they had en notified much sooner that a 10-year-old boy was walking around here a hillview
5:35 am
est elementary with a knife. the incident happened yesterday morning but parts weren't notified untilbout:30 that afternoo administrators td parents at an ergency meeting they were not able to get the message out more quickly becse they wanted to have tir facts straight fit. the principal and superintendent says the fifth-grader w able to walk in the staff lounge through onef three unlocked ors and grab knife that had an eit-inch blade. the school says the doors will w be locked for the first time starting today. a pent cut his hand as he grabbed the knife away from the bullied.h complaid of being parents wondered how the situation went so far in the first ace. >> we've got to getarents to incident like this can tur out toe a gater thing and i don't want that happening. >> rorter: the little boy was taken to a psychiatric facility nearby and put on a 72-hour hold
5:36 am
for evaluation. reporting live in hayward, christie smith, "today in the >> thanks so much. >> 5:36. let's get a che on our weather. christinloren is back toell us much needed and mother natu's answering bringing us rain. we needed thi time of year. right now it's not coming in as later on today. we expect it t but i want to show y ow morning. tempatures right now mosy in the 50s across the b area. i'm zooming on the sou bay. mostly cloudy conditions but no fog toeport as we kk off your tuesday morning. do have changes ead. talk about the shower what is we expecthroughout the day. as you can see here, light rainfall, mostl to the north of the golden gate bridge but plenty of clouds streaming i all the way to the south bay. throughout thiafternoon we're going toontinue the see showers spread tohe south. they should be around the golden gate bridge. by about lunch time today. then the steady rainfall will press into the south bay noo to 3:00 p.
5:37 am
not expecng much from this ve. we have two stronger wes of rain on the way for tonight and espeally as we get into tomorrow. we'll talk aut that coming up. want to show you where teeratures are headed. n't even need to put the temperature map up. i can tl you 60s across the board, low to m-60s at best. at means cool enoug for a jacket as we head throughout the afternoon. then this evening a big event happening at at&t park. green day and blondy at 8:. 11:00 a nice after party with emcee hammer. it's goi to b rainy out. there make sure you have your rain gear ready. i doot believe they aow umbrellas at&t rk. he's a hammer fan, me inouye dies and gentlemen. >> if you get in a jam you should hammer pants and put them overour ad. we'r looking forward the south bay. 80s fashn. we look at a smooth drive wre picking up volume. this is the first we' see. we'll calm down and thenick in
5:38 am
look at the maps.lf hour. an easy drive for most of the northbound utes. the concern is we have this sigalert. people ask me that, what does i mean? it means is going to take at least half ahour to clear. 's name forward a reporr lloyd siund. th's a bitf history. we have one lane closed. the slow lane and the montague of ramp. no slowing, there is a minor fuel link. ross the bay smooth to the fremont 880hows you the volume into the south bay with the headlights. nohbound oust the southbay, a smooth drive past theruck scales the bay bridge tl plaza, a minor backup starting to buil >> thankyou. sad day in bay area history. today marks 25 years since 9-year-old ma kay ra garrett's kidnapping. a memorial will be hd toark
5:39 am
the somber anniversary. fries and family will gather garrett a moment of silence will be held at 10:00 in her honor. people aring asked to hang a yellow ribbon at theite. the se remains open after dna sting earlier this year revealed a bonfragment found in a well did not belong to rrett. finding fire prevention in the hills needs improvemen the aitor says the cy must hazards to avoid a repeat of the 1991 storm that killed 25 people. the performance of the oakland re department vegetation inspection program the past year. it findsudgetary constraints and lacklusr inspections having a negative impt on fire prevenon. state ask the state university
5:40 am
chief to take a look at its administrati. kenneth peter whoerved on the academ told the "mercury news" there is concern about the direction in wch the cams is heading. jose state's predent and me san facult it strsed it's not a vote of no confidenc the president said the sool has a $ million budget deficit that was there befor he arrived in 2011. >> the time 5:. coming up new details o the deadlyrash thatilled former oaklandraider. we'll let you know what his family is saying overnight. >> plus the road t recovery, march in the streets promising to overcome the hardship and thanking the world for help.
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new thiorning survors of typhoon hyan took to the streets to boost morale. marchers sang"we sha overcome" as ty walked through rts of tacloban. a priest said theare living in shelters. more than 000 were killed. about 360,000 have been displaced. aid continu to arrive in the country for survivors, life is slowly getting back to normal. inacloban power is out but a lol bank reopened a atm. the bank is dispatched two mobile atms to evaee ceers. path of destruction started cleang up this morning after sund's deadly tornados back in the u.s. in the town of washington, illinois, an ef-4 twister damaged or destroyed 500 homes. the weather channel reports that debris from the town was found 95 miles away.
5:44 am
at least eight people died. the stor hit sunday mornin as hundreds were attending seah services when the national weather servicessued the tornado warning. however, not a single chuh was damaged. >> george zimmerman, the florida man acquitted in the killing of trayvon martin bk in the headlines d back in court thi time facing felony assault charges. zimmerman was arrestedesterday after h girlfriend called 911 claiming he pointed a shot gun right in her face during an argument. she tells police zimmerman smashed glass tle androke r sunglasses. a ofcer says zimmerman is being checked every hr as he ends the morning in aell awting his next court appearance. a jury made up of methodist decide whether one of their own should beunished for performing same-sex marriage. yesterday the pennsylvania church convicted reverend frank for officiating the wedding of
5:45 am
his own sono another man. schaefer could have avoided this perform any moresame-sex weddings but he did rese, saying three of his four children are i fact gay. >> 5:45 now. time to check t weather. and a change in the fecast today. something we've long bee waiting for. change is often go. >> especiay when it brings rain to a mucneeded bay area. let's check in wh christina loren. >> a lot of people need toring you may have toig it out of the closet. od morning. i want to srt with your radar to give you an example of whas haening. clouds steadily increasing as e front moves in. light rainfallt thisoint to the north ofan francisco. that will be the case throught the rning. t expecting lot of activity at least unt this afternoon. then we'll sore rain offshore and spread into the uth bay between about noon and 3: p.m.
5:46 am
right now temratures are i want to give you an idea of your hr by hour forecast for san francisco, rht now 53 deees at lunch time, a mix of sun and clouds, drizzle at that to ramp up as you head through t noon to 4:00 in thecity. so y do want toeep that in mind. ov overall cloudy with showers for the second half of the day. into wednesday, heavier periods of rain one roundf rain for the morning commute and the a heavyound as we get into wednesday. then thursday, a.m. showers, will makeay to afterno clring. i want t give you an idea of the total wre expecting. looking impressive all across the bay area. especially in the sth bay. looks ke we'll see a little subtrocal moisture and as result aalf inch of much needed rainfall here in the make up some of th totals. to it can be extra slick. >> that' right. last weekend, the dzzle caud
5:47 am
enou of a slick roadway where there was concern but today definitely the grease will rise up. watch e on and off ramps especially. ong the peninsula, a smooth driv the south b we'll look at the slowdown. it'sot a big deal northbound 101, building the vole but the second burst of traffic in about 20 minutes from now. it's northbound 0 as you approach mtague expressway,e off ramp closed at well.and the ere is a big rig that went into the wall there. mino injuries b amall fuel leak as ll. weee slong start to develop in the area as theolume starts to build. we'll ack this but they expect to reopen in e next 15 to 20 minutes. i'll let you know if there are lays headingorth on 680 past montague expressw. 580 and 84 a crashere north 680 at stone ridge. a number of cars, one car gettg its windshiel hit. watch for activity and maybe
5:48 am
eanup crew. we'll d with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the cash lanes starting e usual pattn. back to you. >> thankyou, mike. it's 5:. this morningoogle i apologizing to a father aer a ma showed the body of his murdered son. the image i on googl maps but the company is pmised to remove it within eight days. 14-year-old kevin barrera w shot and killed in rhmond in 2009 but his father only found out about the imagen google maps last week. we blurred the boy's body which istill clearly vible on line. maps called kevin' father le personally to apologiz >> he sa he is going to google map he apologize say soy, sorry aut what happened. >> despite the pain the image caused bhe hopes it willring a
5:49 am
break inis n's killin >> the famyf thomas howard thanking peopleor prars and suppor saying in par quote, during this difficult time we ask that you respect the privacy o family as wel as the privacy of t familyf zeng long liu. continueo pray for both famies. howard was dring and going re than 100 miles an hour whe he lost control of his bmw and crashed in the back of a big rig sterday morning. then sen his bmw flying across the cter divid and slammed head on into liu' honda. ward forhe record he plad for the raiders from 2006 to 2010, heas just released by the atlanta falconsast week. >> one of chins largest tech companies opening up. it will open the doors to a new rearch and development cter in palo al.
5:50 am
the cenr was bui not too tar from palo alto'sv.a. hospital. known for selling electronicings and appliances a ribbon-cuttg ceremony taking place ler this morning. >> a few days from the big game t stanford and cal fans will offer up their blo for their respective teams. 11:00 this morng stanford will kick off the seventh annual rivals for life blood drive. a comtition to see which most blood.ts can donate the this is actually video from the 2010 drive. the annualompetition is a prelude to saturday's big game at staord stadium. their brick, yes, their brickt levi stadium and they are also taking the timeo giveack to the communit you may rememberack in july a group seahawks fans, they started campaign wanting to collecmoney for a personalized
5:51 am
brick at the newstadium. guess what, turns out they they needed so attle, the seate post says that reports of the leftover money will be donated to gias fans bryan stow and his family totaling $800. the lette to stow'samily the group says quote we may not agree on the state of football, on the west coast, but we certainly appreciate a sympathize with the difficulties facing you and your family. so they turn friendly competitio into a nice charitable. >> a nice geste. you know there is turkey day troubl it's rough. t. >> you'r going to gobble it up. the shortage that could throw a wrench into your plans. >> toouch stuffgn wall stet.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
a warng from butter ball this morning. thanksgiving get to the store earl >> butte ball warning. i like it. >> we got off the butter ball hot line andound out the weight gain at some farms i in will ship half as many turkeys this year comparedo years past what are they on a diet? esh turkey wil be in short supply. ozen ones will be available. remember, takes three to five days to thaw a frozen turkey. >> or tow those i one of those deep fryers. may be overheatedhe stock market scott, at least one billionaire warning. >> the rest of us have been talking about fraud but carl icah jumps in with his comments and everybody takes notice.
5:55 am
this on a day the dow crossed 16,000or the first time yesterday. we're starting to hear the firs concerns about a debt.e.a.l. showingdown as well. and that new vote comes in january. yahoo! says it will work harr totop the u.s. government from readinyour e-mail which it does, yao!'s marissa mey announced e company is going tocrypt all information which moves between its data centers. earlier this month documen seem to revealhe u.s. government has tapped th privately owned fiber optdic cables owned by yahoo! and google to read the company's between company couters. anreminder the sales force conference inan francisco, they call it dre force, even if youe not going tot may afikt you as traffic may be busy 100,000 people are going to that's the populationf sano mateo or about 1/8 the
5:56 am
population o san francisco all squished into one spot which i'm sure mike i well aware of. >> exactly. they have that problem of people getting to and from. going everywhere. >> it' always a key. >> we also he a sigalert to tellou about this morning. this happening in t south bay overlookinsan jose. mike's been busy looking at all ofhe traffic maps. how it's for us on >>hings were light until this rst of traffictarting for the south bay. we start loong at the bay bridge toll plaza ich changed the last minutes as well no sigalert but some flashing lights. i'm washing for a crash rerted. we look at the ps, a smooth drive on the apprch. north 0as a concern roorted as many as 10 carsulled over beuse of debris i told you about. one ofhe cars gting debris in the wind shield. here's what laura was talking out, the sigalert causing montagueexpressway.ard
5:57 am
ramp.ane is closed and the off we start t see the slowing because the bk of traffic stting to come through t south bay. that should clear in the next te minutes. back to you zlxthanks so much. an early morning police sas ans most of san clara county. what we just learned. >> we'll tell you about the cheney family at odds on the issue of same-sex marriage. nowhe familiar lieeud has gone national. e big time spotlight with dic cheney and his wife are saying. >>e continue to follow breaking news, a string of explosions outside the iranian embassy in beirut. the latest details from the middle east in live report.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news overnight. nearly two dozen people killed in two suicide bbings in beirut. we'll tellou whos now claiming respoibility for the deadly attack.
6:00 am
>> and change is on the way announced fo tesla inhe wake of three high pfile car fires. the company ceo promised to its >> much needed rainfall moving showers are headed and when more forecast.ain moves into the >> traffic really hitting hard this tuesday forhe south bay as we have crash on 101 that happened and we have aigalert that's continuing for anoth south b freeway. >> looks like a bus start to our tuesday morng. taking a live look outside, soak it in, san francisco, it's a beauful start for this tuday, november 19, this is "today in the bay." a very goo morning to you. thanks for joining u i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon keey. good morning everody. i wanto get you the update ta breaki news


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