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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 19, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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look at this water vapor imagery. we'll let you know how much this will mean for those totals. and more on the climatology aspects of this coming up. the evening commute is slow going. we saw the peninsula jammed up on 101. here's a live look at the bay bridge. it is moving across the eastern span. drivers are being warned to take it easy. >> reporter: we're standing along highway 24 where it meets up with interstate 680. the traffic seems to be flowing despite the damp conditions. the today's rain was a welcome sight throughout the bay area. for the first time in months, folks are breaking out their umbrellas as mother nature ends
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its long dry spell. >> i did come prepared. i'm happy to see the rain. >> i love the rain. i had to borrow somebody's umbrella because i wasn't sure if it was really going to rain. >> reporter: the first storm of the season means extra slick conditions on bay area roads, oils that have accumulated all summer are surfacing to the top. >> as a driver, you may experience your wheels spinning in locations where they normally do not. the roadway is more slick. >> on a day like this, no way. >> reporter: a tow truck driver has been busy as people learn the hard way. >> it's crazy. the roads are slick. people are not slowing down and not leaving a gap. there's been a couple of rollovers. it's making my boss a lot of money. >> reporter: we're back here
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live. you don't want to be the one that is making the tow truck company rich. the california highway patrol urging everybody to slow down at least by five miles per hour. don't be distracted by things like your iphone or phone. we continue our coverage of the storm on our website. just click on the weather tab and select maps and radar. there you can watch the storm on our interactive radar. all this on new at 5:00, one of the most popular professional athletes in the bay area was involved in a serious crash this afternoon. patrick marleau got in a crash. this is on the corner of stockton and west taylor. marleau is okay, but the other driver was taken to a local
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hospital. the sharks sent out a tweet. former patrick marleau is doing fine and was not injured after he was involved in a car accident in san jose earlier today. we're getting a new look at the wrecked bmw of thomas howard. you can't even recognize the car. it's all mangled up. the chp says howard was, quote, driving beyond reck less when we crashed on 880 yesterday morning killing himself and another driver. investigators are now looking into howard's state of mind before the crash. he was released earlier this week from the atlanta falcons. the family released a statement saying, we are grateful for the outpouring of prayers and love we have received. the city of san jose has reached an agreement with its police officers to give them pay raises in hoping of slowing down
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the exodus. chris sanchez joins us from city hall. >> reporter: 10% of a salary might sound like a big deal, but it brings the officers back to those 2009 pay levels when they took the pay cut the city asked for. i can tell you the city under the current contract really didn't have to offer anything. in a closed door session with a state mediator, they reached a tentative labor agreement that boost police pay. the council approved to a 4% raise this year. plus a one time 2% cash bonus no strings attached. it restores the 10% pay cut the unions agreed to during the economic slump. they're hoping this will stop the growing problem of officers
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leaving for other departments. >> we want to grow the force by an additional 200 officers after that. >> reporter: officers aren't just leaving over salary. they're leaving over pensions too, which are not addressed in this deal. >> you take what you can get sometimes. >> reporter: union members will begin voting on this deal a week from tonight. the public will get a look at it. the city council will vote whether to finalize that. that could happen as soon as december 10th. administrators are rescheduling surgeries and cancer treatments in advance of tomorrow's strike. medical technicians are walking out for one day. nurses will be on the job, but workers who operate x-ray and ultra sound equipment will not
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be. the hospitals are cutting the patient load for the day. the strike is over patient safety. some say it is over pensions. a 10-year-old hayward boy is waiting to find out if he will be expelled from school. he was caught walking the halls with a knife. that's when a parent saw him and tackled him. he walked through a staff lounge through an unlocked door and grabbed an eight-inch knife. the boy complained about being bullied. a somber anniversary today in hayward. it's been 25 years since she was kidnapped. a man grabbed her 9-year-old daughter back in 1988. this year has been especially
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hard because there was speculation that her remains had been found in central valley, but the phone fragments were not hers. >> thinking of her having grown up like that, of course, i have to wonder where she is, if she has children herself. >> her mom has blog about her case and believes the anniversary can be used to share her daughter's story in hopes of bringing her home. still to come here at 5:00, tweaking tesla. the changes the silicon valley company is making. also -- >> protesters expected to gather here at san francisco's mission statement. i'll tell you why social media is behind tonight's rally. plus san jose city hall is about to get a new resident.
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we'll explain. live from the safeway. we're getting ready for our big food drive. it's this weekend. i'll tell you how you can meet your favorite bay area anchor.
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san francisco police are being accused of police brutality and this is why. cell phone video of police making several arrests at the valenc valencia gardens public housing complex. she's live with the latest. >> reporter: the protesters just arrived, walking down valencia, and protesting right in front of the mission substation. the police were prepared.
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they are here in police riot gear. they're crying police brutality. the san francisco police chief is responding. >> when they go to make a simple take on for a simple infraction, riding a bicycle on a sidewalk and it becomes a tremendously resistive situation. >> reporter: it has a call for an end for what some consider police brutality. >> when i first heard this, i was blown away. he's not that type of kid. >> reporter: the 20-year-old seen here being arrested on the youtube video. he was detained last friday when police ordered him to stop riding his bicycle on the sidewalk in the valencia gardens
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housing complex. police arrested four people including this man who came up bloody after being taken down. five officers were injured and two went to the hospital. the chief says the situation is under investigation. >> our rule is that they can use whatever force reasonable to overcome the resistance. >> reporter: carlos says that's too much. >> it's not okay to do this. seeing all the people beat up for no reason. >> we want to raise awareness peacefully. that's our message. >> reporter: more people are starting to arrive here. i believe the crowd has grown to about 100. we have no idea how many people will be here. meanwhile, williams who have taken into custody has been released. he's expected to be here
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tonight. we'll have an update at 6:00. a local company under federal scrutiny. the national highway traffic safety administration will investigate the tesla car fires. tesla says it will stream a software update to its cars which is actually raise the cars as speeds increase, making it less likely to hit debris in the road. we find out what it's like to get your car fixed without going to the dealer or mechanic. it's the final countdown for apple's new spaceship like headquarte headquarters. the project was the brain child of the late steve jobs. the city already approved the campus. it is expected to be completed by 2016. san jose is finally getting some action from the u.s. commerce department.
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the feds announced today they're establishing a patent office in silicon valley. it's getting two years of free office space. it's the top region for patent filings. the office will include some 80 new patent judges and reviewers. over the past two years, we've been privileged to bring you more than 140 stories of people making a positive contribution to our community. >> there are no signs they are slowing down. >> the first story i wanted to update you about is one of the first bay area proud stories we ever told. a virtually indestructible soccer ball. to see one in action these days, you don't have to go anywhere
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dangerous. just head over to the oakland zoo where they began using one world footballs this summer. why? the balls they normally used department always respond to well when being sat on by a tortoise named gus. the ball's resilience si is remarkable. >> it's been extraordinary. >> it is the brain child of tim. some 600,000 one world footballs have gone out around the world. >> even on the harshest of terrain -- >> reporter: chevrolet has signed on as a sponsor. >> it's when you see photographs or video of children laughing and playing together. that was the whole purpose. >> reporter: in february, we brought you the story of mark,
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the mountain view based scientists who has been making a habit of finding stuff in our solar system that nobody has ever seen. last month, mark rediscovered something. a moon of neptune. finally a good news update to a story we brought you in october about a neighborhood in sausalito who had rallied beyond their long time mail carrier. she was injured in a car crash that killed her 16-year-old son. the neighbors not only raised money for her recovery. yellow ribbons were posted all along the route she had walked for 20 years. we hear tonight that tina is finally out of her coma and improving on a daily basis.
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one thing i have learned is people who do good once, they tend to do it over and over again. here's looking forward to the next 140 bay area prouds. a decent amount of raining falling across the bay area this evening. the storm system is currently passing most of the bay area right now with some sort of rain drops. anywhere from light to moderate. what you'll be able to see as well as a decent tap here of subtropical moisture. you can see on that live doppler radar, we have rain from the north bay finally down to the south bay. we'll take you across the peninsula. this is where it is going good across the bay bridge.
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rain drops starting here across the south bay. that's where the most dangerous commute is at least at this hour. we've had some of the driest weather in the past three to four months in that location. we do have a reducing visibility here across the east bay. in the south bay right now, we are finally getting those showers right now. we want to bring in my colleague. rob has more on this extraordinary, very unwelcome dry spell we've been under. it probably feels a little bit weird to have some of those rain drops touching your body right now. it's been so long. >> yeah, i almost forgot what it felt like to be rained on. >> reporter: i can tell you, yes, we do have some light rainfalling right now. we hope it is more than just a light rain. we've been enduring a record long dry stretch for the bay area. you have to go back to last
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december in san francisco at livermore to see any significant rainfall approaching about a .5 rain. some parts of the north bay almost missing 20 inches of the rain. that's from the start of the year until today. san francisco, we have never started a year this dry through this part of fall. keep in mind, the next five months are the big rainfall months for the bay area, november through march. will this storm make a difference? >> it will put a small dent in it. it's definitely not going to solve the overall larger issue. let's get a look at the pattern right now. you can see this area of low pressure. that's going to send in some bouts of rain as we head throughout tomorrow. again, we're going to go through these periods of quiet weather
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and rain heading back. we'll look for the heaviest zones of rain across portions of the south bay. by tomorrow morning, we're going to look at more of a scattered rain situation. i think the models are underdoing it a little bit. your commute will be wet. the roads will be slick. you'll run into areas of drying. by tomorrow afternoon, we'll see our last band of rain swinging through. overall totals could approach a half inch right now. by 5:00 p.m., not only in the south bay, the peninsula and mainly san francisco it'll drying out. one other side note.
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we don't have too much snow here. there is a winter weather watch in place. the reason we're not seeing major snow is that subtropical moisture. just ahead, how a new subway sandwich shop is stirring up controversy in one bay area city. also -- >> live from the safeway in san jose. it's a community effort out here. we want to help people in the bay area just in time for the holidays. i'm going to let you know how you can help people right after the break.
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there's a new subway in downtown vallejo. it's generating a lot of buzz. customers and sandwich makers are separated by bullet proof glass. they own another subway shop in san francisco. the glass at the new location is to keep workers safe. the bullet proof glass sends the wrong message some say. >> people around here in the community have gone to a lot of trouble to clean things up and make it a safer environment for everybody. >> the glass can be removed if they think it is not needed. thousands of bay area families need your help just to get food on the table. >> christina, we've been doing this for several years.
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it is an easy and effective way to help everyone. >> reporter: yeah. sometimes we don't really realize how many people are in need here in the bay area. it's not always right in hour immediate faces. 750,000 people per month use food banks across the bay area. one-third of these people are children. there's definitely a need. i'm joined by community members. everybody is taking part in this. saturday is going to be the main day for this event. i want to introduce you to michelle. tell me why is it important for people to be involved in a community undertaking like this? >> this is our 23rd year in supporting the food bank. even though the economy is improving, the need is still
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high and many families are still struggling to put food on the table. that's why it's critical for everyone to participate in the food drive. >> reporter: we have plenty of students out here from high schools. we're all going to be out. all your favorite nbc bay area anchors. raj and janelle will be out here on saturday. >> $10 for a bag that feeds an entire family. we're back in a moment with an interesting story about a presidential visit to the bay area.
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mr. obama is visiting the bay area next week. organizers are offering 50% off a luncheon on monday. organizers are still predicting a sold out fundraiser for another event in san francisco. vip shelling out $250,000 to join the president in a tech round table discussion. the luncheon will be held at the new sf jazz center. >> 50% off to see the prez. >> what a golden opportunity!
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seriously. you can finally afford to go see the president. good night. on our broadcast tonight, payback time. a big bank is forced to pay a colossal penalty for its role if the great recession. but what about those americans who lost their homes long ago? is there enough money and is there enough time to make any difference? the longest war. richard engel in kabul tonight with news of a deal that could keep the u.s. in afghanistan for ten years or more. sounding a warning. from the faa, about what they see as a growing danger to modern aviation. and a letter from jackie, seen for the first time, written to another woman who lost her husband to oswald's bullets that day in dallas, tonight, she shares her memory with tom brokaw. "nightly news" begins now.


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