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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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folks driving home on highway 24 at the 680 interchange here in walnut creek, they're definitely giving the windshield wipers a workout. while the rainfall may not be adding up to much, for the most part, it's a welcome sight. >> i love the rain. >> reporter: that's the reaction of many as the pitter patter of rain drops returns to the bay area for the first time in months. catching some by surprise. >> who came repaired? who didn't? >> i came prepared. >> i didn't come prepared. i'm sorry. >> reporter: people broke out their umbrellas after a long dry spell. one they hope won't be repeated any time soon. >> i hope there's going to be more. this wasn't real accomplily muc rain. i was preparing for more. we need lots more so we don't go into a drought mode next summer. >> reporter: the return of the rain is making for slick conditions on bay area roads. oils that have accumulated all
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summer surface to the top. >> you have to slow down in the rain. you drive the same speed you do on dry roadways. >> reporter: tow truck driver, kenneth rick, can vouch for that. he's been busy as drivers fail to lead the warning. >> it's causing problems. it's making my boss a lot of money. >> reporter: and we are back here live where you can see motorists are maneuvering their way rough the wet conditions in walnut creek. again, the california highway patrol is urging everybody to slow down at least by five miles an hour and don't be distracted by your electronic devices. reporting live in walnut creek, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. the storm is pushing through the bay area as we speak. you just saw jodi in the rain. let's get to nbc bay area's jeff ranieri. what it means for rain tomorrow. are we going to continue to see the type of showers? >> the storm system will hang on for the next 12 to 18 hours across the bay rare. decent tap of subtropical
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moisture boosting up the storm totals with the system a little more than it would have if we didn't get the southerly flow moving in. we get a fix on the doppler said. see a few embedded heavier areas of rainfall approaching the north bay coast line. that will eventually impact san rafael and highway 101 corridor. speaking of traffic on our major arteries, we'll take you to the south bay. this is where you are completely stuck in about every direction. we're going to turn on the traffic layer and what you'll notice as we middle this around is highway 101 near palo alto, back toward los altos, it is red here. 280, again on highway 101. down here toward san jose, you're pretty much locked in at this point as well. lots of red showing up throughout sections of the south bay due to the rainfall currently moving over. while it is not extremely heavy, it is good enough this hour to make it extremely dangerous. tonight with a lot of folks slamming on those brakes and quickly. over the past 24 hours we've had about a half inch for parts of the north bay. lesser amounts in the east bay.
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down to about oakland. we'll talk more about our rainfall totals, how much we could get throughout parts of the overnight hours into tomorrow northern. coming up in about ten minutes. >> see you then, jeff. we're going to continue the coverage of our storm on our website. click on the weather tab. select maps and radar. there you can watch the storm on our interactive radar. again, it's another developing story. a protest happening as we speak in san francisco regarding this video. protesters say what you're seeing is a clear case of police brutality. nbc bay area cheryl hud joins us in san francisco, where there are more than 100 people behind you protesting right now, correct, cheryy? >> reporter: that's right. these propesters have been on the move. they arrived here after marching down valencia street. they made their way around the neighborhood. as you can see, they are back. now, let's take a look at why they're here. let's take a look at this video. this video shows paris williams
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who was being arrested by san francisco police last friday. police arrested them after he was told he was stopped riding his bicycle. he failed to do so. the next person you're about to see is a man who was taken down. he comes up bloody. police told him to stay back and he did not. in all, four people were arrested. five police officers injured. two of those officers were taken to the hospital. the crowd here tonight is accusing police of brutality and police chief greg surr is respo responding. >> both of my sons, two of the boys involved in this. my other son, he got out friday night. everything's okay with him so far. but this one, i -- justice has to be done for my children. today it will be my kids. tomorrow it could be yours. >> why the desperation to avoid this police contact which would be just a simple citation for riding on the sidewalk and it turns into what has been
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portrayed out on the video? >> reporter: so a number of people are taking their message throughout the mission district. we don't know how long they'll be here tonight. they arrived here just after 5:00. many of them are speaking out in front of the mission statement right now. again, we don't know how long they'll be here. there have been no arrests and this protest has been peaceful. reporting live, in san francisco, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, chery. one of the most popular professional athletes in the bay area was involved in a serious car crash this afternoon. around noon today, sharks star patrick marleau got in a crash near the s.a.p. center in san jose. right at the corner of stockton and west taylor. sharks confirmed marleau collided with another car. he's okay. the roother driver was taken to the hospital. a tweet said, forward patrick marleau is doing fine, not injured after he was involved in
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a car accident in san jose earlier today. the sharks host the tampa bay lightning on thursday. happenening now, apple's new spaceship style headquarters in cupertino. moments about the coopupe coope know city council. >> reporter: raj, the city council made the decision a few minutes ago. they listened to concerns from just a couple of people, and then voted unanimously to give the green light to the new multibillion dollar apple research and development headquarters. a project that is expected to bring big bucks to the area. it's the final countdown for apple's new spaceship headquarters. tonight, the cupertino city council is expected to give the final green light for the company's new $5 billion research and development headquarters. to give you an idea of the massive size of the so-called spaceship building, you would be able to fit the new levi stadium
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in the middle of it. cupertino mayor, mahoney, says it's a financial win for the entire region. >> there's tremendous indirect benefits. the hotels are full here during the week. the restaurants are full. the businesses do well. not just cupertino, but the surrounding cities as well. >> reporter: but others fear the project will create traffic headache and drive rents up even more. >> we have an affordable housing emergency in this county. and this is going to aggravate it and the steps that have been taken to mitigate it are not adequate. >> reporter: the project is the brain child of the late steve jobs. and after tonight's approval, apple will begin work tomorrow morning, but this time instead of a product launch, the company is focused on a project launch. one of the first changes that you'll notice is that you'll see the closure of a section of prune ridge avenue. that's because apple purchased that for $20 million from the
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city, and that part of the road is going to become part of the campus, reporting live in cupertino, marianne favro. new details in the case of tesla car fires. the public response from the ceo along with a formal investigation into the car fires. our business and tech reporter scott budman is live outside tesla showroom with the latest for us. >> reporter: a federal agency says today it will look into what is causes the tesla fires. meanwhile, tesla went online today to say it is working on a way to fix the problem with a little help from streaming technology. with the national highway traffic safety administration opening an investigation into three recent tesla model "s" fires, tesla's ceo elon musk took to twitter complaining about how much attention his company and the car fires are getting in the media. we asked tesla to comment on the fires and the attention, but it
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wouldn't. tesla did announce plans off camera to raise the suspension of the model "s" at high speeds and, thereby, increase the car's ground clearance via an over the air software update. and how does that work? >> i don't think that any other car is able to empb take steps of this sort. >> reporter: cata knows. he's been in the driver's seat of the model "s." >> you get a popup saying there's a software update available and choose to do it now and it may take 20 minutes to do which means you won't be able to drive the car during that period or schedule it for later in the day. >> reporter: it's why tesla is as much as an electric car, a smart car. and like other high-tech devices, it can update itself on the go, or while you sleep. >> we've often pressed do it at 3:00 a.m. when it's plugged in at night, it updates. in the morning when we wake up, we're actually presented with a list of brooand new features an changes the car has received.
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>> reporter: in the wake of an investigation, making adjustments without you making a trip to the dealer. now, tesla shares have been battered since the first video of the car fire appeared online. today, though, even as the investigation was being announced, tesla shares bounced back, closing with a gain of just about 5%. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. still ahead at 6:00, a sandwich with a scare. subway is upping its security in the east bay. but some people say it's going way too far. also, solution at last. what san jose is putting on the table to keep police on the street. i'm meteorologist christina loren live from the safeway on br brannam. i'm going to show you how easy it is to help a family in need this holiday season. takes 10 bucks, a trip to the store and you're good to go. your full forecast is coming up and we're going to talk more about how you can help people in need.
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a somber anniversary in hayward. sharon merch tied ribbons on the tree in the spot where her daughter disappeared 25 years ago today. michaela garecht was 9 years old. micahela and a friend had gone to buy candy. the case is unsolved. sharon has a blog about her search for michaela and hopes keeping her daughter's story in the public eye will bring her home. will it be enough? after years of battling over money, city of san jose and police union reached a deal in hope will stop the keyfectionde city officers to other police departments. kris sanchez joins us live from san jose city hall with how the deal came together. >> reporter: it came together painstakingly slow. there was an arbitrator involved, state mediator ultimately helped to make it happen. now those officers have to vote
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whether they want to accept a deal that's not offered to any other city employees here in san jose, and the rest of us will have to wait and see whether that deal is enough to keep them with the sjpd. >> you take what you an get sometimes. >> reporter: the san jose police union wants the city to give back a 10% pay cut officers took a few years ago. the city says it can only do that in installments over the next 2 1/2 years starting with a 4% raise as soon as the offer is ratified then 3.3% next year and 3.3% the year after. the city's also offering a one time 2% salary bonus. >> hopefully that will slow down the people that are leaving. we'd like to keep those officers. we want to get back to full staffing then grow the force by an additional 200 officers after that. >> reporter: officer have left the sjdp at a rate of 100 a year for the last 3 years and now there are just over 1,000 officers for a city of more than 1 million people. a pay increase may be enough to
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entice some senior officers to stay, but the union president says the deal may not help the department's newer hires. >> their issue is over the second tier pension, and under inadequate protections with disability. so that has to be addressed, too, and so far this council had shown any inicalclination to do that. >> reporter: if the council accepts it, some council members worry it will bust the budget. others say peace with the police could actually create friction with other city workers. >> if we approve any agreement that calls for anything more than a 2% pay increase, i expect we'll hear from plenty of other bargaining units saying what about ours? >> reporter: the police union begins voting on whether they'll accept that deal a week from today. after that the city council will have to vote to approve it. that could happen as early as december 10th. if they vote no, then the city doesn't have to offer them anything and contract negotiations will begin before
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the contract expires next summer. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. prosecutors are charging a 14-year-old for the armed robbery of an 11-year-old in oakland. police say a teenager used a pellet gun to threaten the 11-year-old before taking the money on the morning of november 1st. it happened here on the map near the corner of 19th avenue and 25th street a few blocks away from roosevelt middle school. police say the victim was walking to school, when the robbery happened. whole wheat, 6 inch, with a side of bulletproof glass? customers at the new subway in downtown vallejo have complaints about the new decor. the issue is the ceiling high bulletproof glass that separates customers from the sandwich makers. the owners run another subway in the city and say the sop there has been robbed three times and the glass is meant to keep the workers say. customers say the glass is unnerving and gives the wrong impression about the safety of their their. >> it sends the wrong message
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about the neighborhood, to the community. you want to have a good relationship with your patrons. i think it's overkill. maybe they didn't know what kind of neighborhood they were moving into. >> owners say the glass can be removed if they feel it's not needed. for years, san jose's lobbied for a satellite patent office. today, the u.s. commerce department confirmed it's going to happen. the new and only patent office on the west coast is getting two years after free office space at san jose city hall. silicon valley's status is the technology hub makes it the world's top region for patent filings. the new office will include about 80 patent judges and reviewers who will help entrepreneurs cut through the red tape. it should be open by the end of next year. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri, he's been tracking the storm. you said we were going to get the rain and it is here. >> yeah, widespread coverage right now, guys. a few pockets with heavier rainfall. now developing across parts of the north bay. we want to take you down into that. what you're going to find are yellow areas, again, a little more intense. we do expect the potentially to
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reach that highway 101 corridor as we head throughout the next 30 to 40 minutes at this point. i also do want to take you over here toward portions of the east bay and down the peninsula. that's where that traffic also continues to back up in these areas of light to moderate rainfall. that is beginning to stack up on our roadways. on our live sky camera network, see pretty much showers and slick roads, in all locations. san francisco, you can still see the city lights. we're not looking at any kind of fog mixing in with this. again, it's mid to high level cloud cover with temperatures in the upper 50s at this point. the other thing we do want to take you to, we talked about the traffic. look at this in palo alto right now. it looks like a christmas tree lit up in both directions northbound and southbound. be prepared for that if you are heading out the door in the next couple of hours. on our 24-hour forecast, we do have that possibility of showers staying through about the early afternoon tomorrow. in the south bay. that also goes for the peninsula as well. with conditions in the upper 50s to about 60.
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you'll see here in san francisco, we will keep the possibility here of some drizzle in the forecast through about 5:00 p.m. with a decent moist flow up against that immediate coastline. now for the north bay, you should slowly start to dry out by 5:00 p.m. for tomorrow. that's also the scenario in the east bay. 7:00 a.m. to noon tomorrow is where we'll find scattered areas of rainfall with the last leg of this wet weather. then eventually you will start to see conditions drying on out with temperatures in the upper 50s throughout the afternoon and early evening. now, let's go ahead and get a quick look at the water vapor satellite. this basically is a lot of moisture in the mid levels of the atmosphere that we're tracking. and it's a river of moisture is what we like to call it. there's what we like to term high "p" watt, precipital water within that. we're going to get our next possibility of rainfall throughout tomorrow morning. my colleague, meteorologist rob mayeda is here tonight and going to talk about the climate aspects of what's happening now and why it is so important and
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he'll have that coming up in 20 minutes or so. >> thank you, jeff. we have jeff ranieri, rob mayeda and third meteorologist, teaming up with our annual safeway food drive. >> christina loren from the safeway in san jose. we have a big food drive coming up this weekend. >> reporter: yeah, thank you, jess and raj. good evening, everybody. the big food drive only happens once a year. i'm joined by all these volunteers. we're kind of taking over the freezer aisle here in safeway. brannam lane in san jose. it's really all for a good cause. see the store shelves are lined with brown bags. tease are filled with foods. healthy foods that are going to feed multitudes of families across the bay area. thousands of families in need this holiday season. let me show you how easy it is. all you have to do is show up to your local safeway.
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find the bag all over the store. in front of the store. stick it into your grocery cart. easy as that. you go to the checkout lane and you fed an entire family for the holiday season. coming up, we're going to talk to volunteers, let you know how you can take part and how you can meet your favorite local nbc bay area anchors. jess, i understand a viewer actually told me you are a very loyal safeway customer. this true? >> i am. hello. it's where i go. i know the aisles back and forth. >> thanks, christina. okay. a big ticket no longer. coming up, the boldface name now slashing prices in the bay area.
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tickets to president obama's fund-raiser next week in the bay area are selling slower than expected. so some seats are now going for half price. tickets for the dnc fund raiser on sale for $500 down from $1,000. the lunchi ineon will be held
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monday. the money is going to the democratic national committee. 20 vips are spending $32,000 a head, though, to join president in a tech roundtable. this will be the president's ninth visit to the bay area in the last 2 1/2 years. no other public appearances are scheduled, though. banking giant jpmorgan chase will pay out nearly $300 million to california pension funds. it's a settlement for the company's role in the 2008 financial crisis. the company admits to selling california's public employee and teacher pension funds bad investments and profiting at the expense of american home buyers. this deal is part of a much larger settlele. in all, jpmorgan chase fined a record $13 billion by the justice department. $4 billion of that money will go to mortgage relief in california and other states. still ahead, chemotherapy canceled. one bay area hospital is cutting back on and why on some essential treatments. state computers under siege. putting your private information
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on the line. i'm investigative reporter steven stock. coming up, we investigate the security of california's computer system. and uncover how many cyber attacks are successful and how much they cost you.
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well, it is a daily war, and those being harmed often don't know it.
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we're talking about cyber attack against government reporters. >> you might be diligent about protecting your personal computer or home network but your information is still vulnerable on the dmv site and other government databases. our investigative reporter shows us just how serious this has become. ? >> raj, we asked the state of california to give us the number of computer data breaches for every state agency dating back to 2007. those numbers show a system under constant attack. and costing the state some very big bucks. so far, this year alone, state officials have notified nearly 24,000 individual state citizens that their data has been compromised while on state computers. the summer of 2012. >> don't double my rate. >> reporter: presidential primary election time. election officials notice an abnormal surge in traffic to san diego county's website. more than a million hits a minute. possible attempt to disrupt the
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election processing. for that same summer, in mime--dade, florida. this grand jury report shows international computer hackers tried to break into county and state computers to access absentee ballots. both incidents clear and present examples of cyber attacks on public computer systems. putting thousands of people's private information up for grabs. using the state of california's own computer data, we discovered similar attacks happening on california computer systems daily. >> we're under attack every second of every day. >> reporter: michelle robinson serves as chief information security officer at california's department of detechnology. >> we should be concerned. >> reporter: robinson gave us a rare inside look at the state of california's main data center, one of five massive computer centers that store every petabyte of data maintained from the state, personal health
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records to criminal charges, to social security numbers, to tax records. california goes to extreme lengths to protect that personal information. >> it's a layered approach, and we're tackling it from all facets. >> reporter: the state of california, like almost every other government in the u.s. suffers through thousands of attacks. attacks you never hear about. the preliminary reports we obtain show 7,357 computer attacks or data breaches from 2009 through may of this year. that's more than 4 1/2 a day. the state's estimated cost to you, the taxpayer to correct those breaches, more than $5 million. >> one of those is one too many. and we strive for, you know, we're going to continue to strive for zero. >> reporter: robinson tells us large data breaches happen rarely. she says most data losses from state computers involve private information of small groups of people. one or two or a handful. >> we are notifying those individuals of that as quickly as possible to take steps to
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prevent any potential harm. >> every person matters. >> reporter: the state's defense of the data breaches does not satisfy julie myers who says she's had continual problems with unemployment benefits using the state computer system. >> this is insane. >> reporter: in fact, according to the preliminary data, california's unemployment insurance appeals board had the second highest data breaches following only the social services department. and just ahead of california's department of motor vehicles. >> it's actually ludicrous, to me. >> reporter: though myers does not believe her personal data was lost, when we showed her the numbers of breaches, she was shocked. >> we expect corporate businesses to run at a high level, and then this just shows me that our own state is in the dark ages. when it comes to computer systems. >> reporter: we went further and broke the numbers down by type of incident, and discovered 1,153 preliminary reports of successful exploits or attacks, defined as an incident that bypassed security control. although it does not necessarily mean that data was accessed or
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downloaded. even so, that's nearly one successful attack a day. >> there are 1,153 that were reported. >> reporter: dave garrett is managing director of the san francisco office. >> there may have been a lot more that were actually successful that the state of california doesn't know about yet. that's a big part of the problem. >> reporter: stroz is an internationally recognized firm focusing on security and intelligence with offices located around the world. >> a huge problem, steve. i think most people have no idea of the scope of the problem. >> reporter: the state's preliminary report of breaches includes 751 case of malware. planted on state computers. 412 instances of state websites, compromised. 90 keylogger attacks. 20 phishing attacks. that doesn't count suspected criminal activity. how hard is it for the state of california to keep up with what's essentially an evolving threat? >> to be honest, it's a challenge, but i think that we
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as a state do a very good job. >> so should mom an dad at home be worried about their data which is currently in a state compute e? >> absolutely they should be worried. i'm worried. as a citizen, i'm worried about what's happening with my data. >> the average cost of one data breach is $188. some cost much, much more. they tell me that the biggest instance of data loss is actually through mishandled paper with private information on it, not computer information. now, we break down the numbers further by types of attacks, and by each state agency. that's on our website, just go to to find all of that. >> very interesting. >> ra swrr >> if you have a tip, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to new details in the case of a patient found dead in a san francisco general hospital stairwell. tonight the hospital says police
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did interview a potential witness who saw potentially lynn spaulding's body in the stairwell october 4th. the man came forward after seeing a flyer asking for witnesses. it turns out he's a ucsf researcher who works on the hospital campus. spaulding's body, as you remember, was found and reported four days later. she'd gone missing, though, from the hospital several weeks earlier. tonight, san francisco general is releasing a statement saying we're very pleased to report progress in this case. it will get us closer to learning all the facts about what happened to lynn spaulding so we can take whatever steps are necessary to ensure it never happens again. a one-day strike at ucsf tomorrow has administrators rescheduling surgeries and other procedures. about 21,000 medical technicians are walking out for one day at ucsf, uc davis, and three southern california uc medical centers. nurses will be on the job. workers who operate x-ray and ultrasound equipment will not. the hospitals are attempting to cut the patient load by 25% for
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the day. workers say the strike is over patient safety. a uc spokesman, however, says the issue is over their pension. george zimmerman is a free man, again, for now, after posting bail for assault and battery charges. zimmerman posted a $9,000 bond shortly after his court appearance today in a florida courtroom. police arrested him yesterday at his girlfriend's house after she called police saying zimmerman has pointed a gun at her during an argument. zimmerman is denying the charges saying his girlfriend is the one who got violent when he told her he was moving out. zimmerman has had several run-ins with the law since being acquitted of murdering trayvon martin this past summer. the most talked about mayor in the world right now, he's speaking out to nbc. embattled toronto mayor, rob ford was on the "today" show this morning talking about his recent missteps. >> i'm embarrassed. not just myself. my family. my friends. my supporters. the whole city. i take full responsibility for that. >> mayor ford says he's not perfect. he also admitted to binge drinking.
6:36 pm
yesterday, the toronto city council stripped the mayor of all his power after the mayor confessed to smoking crack cocaine in a, quote, drunken stupor. he also confessed to buying illegal drugs and getting caught on video making death threats. ford says he's not stepping down, and plans to run for re-election next year. coming up, doubling the cost of parking. one city's controversial plan. also, prohibition may be a thing of the past but some bay area alcohol sellers are still battling an old law. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. our storm system is now moving across portions of the bay area. you can see plenty of cloud cover trailing along with that. we're going to track some of these heavier areas of rainfall. we'll let you know when it clears out coming up in just a few minutes.
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in less than an hour, an east bay city will consider raises parker meter rates and charging drivers on sunday. walnut creek city officials are proposing doubling rates to $2 an hour to push drivers into underused garages. that would help fix parking problems in downtown. if approved, drivers would also have to pay to park on sundays which right now is free. parking enforcement will be extended by two hours until 8:00 at night. well, there are thousands of bay area families that need help putting food on the table this thanksgiving. we are teaming up with safeway for our annual holiday food drive. >> want to check in one more time with meteorologist christina loren who joins us from the safeway in san jose with more on how you can help us this weekend. christi christina? >> reporter: yeah, hey. we're having a really good time out here at the safeway on branham lane in san jose. i'm joined by the branham high school students. everybody is out here.
6:40 pm
it's a community effort. it's really easy for you to take parent. $10 buys a bag of groceries that will feed an entire family. and i just want to kind of talk to some of these volunteers. i'd like to introduce you to leo usef. you are the president of the key club for branham high school. why is it important for high school students to help out a cause like this? >> well, branham high school is really excited to be helping out this saturday, and we as the community and the campbell union high school district in san jose are really excited to be helping the community in any way that we can. it's a great service event. there's many people in need this holiday season. and this is something that we can really do to give back to the community. >> reporter: and, you know, as a young person in the bay area, do you see hungry people on a daily basis? what is your background with that? >> well, as a whole, our district does work with different community service clubs. like sacred heart. and we do see many people in need over the holiday season. so it is really saddening to see. we'd like everyone to come out and buy these bags and help people this holiday season.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: yeah, you know, every single bag counts. it's something we don't always see here in the bay area. there's definitely a need. 750,000 people per month use food banks. and you can catch chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, he's going to be in san francisco. jess, in pleasanton. raj in belmont. aisle be in the safeway in san jose. it's going to be a good cause on saturday. >> it is a great event. thank you, christina, for staying up with us. >> safeway on brownell. new safeway. >> you're at at&t park? >> yes, at mnk trkt & t park. >> i'm on belmont in el camino. >> re living my past. i was a grocery bagger and ca cashier in high school and college. >> let's see if we can -- >> i'm going to beat you. i am quick. bust the bag, make the bottom sturdy and build up. traffic moving slowly at the bay bridge approach. there's heavier traffic across
6:42 pm
the bay. rain in the forecast. rob mayeda with a look at the climate and why the storm is unique. i'm dave feldman. we'll hear from the newest member of the giants starting rotation, tim hudson coming up next. plus steph curry was hit in the head last night against the jazz and his playing status is officially up in the air. we'll have an update on his health next from the xfinity sports desk.
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well, we're known for our legendary wine region. what about a small batch liquor? a new law is opening the door for a different kind of tasting room. here's nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. >> reporter: all across the bay area is wine country, droves of visitors plunk down small fees to taste wines just a stone's throw from where they were made. but under california law, distillers making everything from bourbon, to vodka, were only allowed to give away
6:45 pm
tastings for free. >> we end up giving a lot of booze and a lot of experience away. >> reporter: the 1933 post-prohibition law seemed unfair to lance winners, owner of alameda's st. george distillery. >> the echos of prohibition continue to ring in my ears every single day. >> reporter: but the ringing he will now hear is the ringing of his cash register. governor jerry brown recently signed a bill by assemblywoman nancy skinner allowing distillers to charge for tasting for the first time. the law takes effect january 1st. >> the same way you go to a winery and pay 10 bucks and taste five, six wines, we want to do the same thing for distillers. >> reporter: distillers say it's a good first step, they're disappointed the state won't allow them to directly sell bottled booze to the public like wineries. >> california arguably being the most liberal state in the union is actually on par with states like mississippi and alaska in terms of distilled spirits law.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: for now, customers will be able to pay a small fee to taste. >> we don't want people violating the law with the products but want to get them in front of people. that's what it's all about. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. time to check on the rain making its way to the bay area, how long it's going to stick around. >> a team of meteorologists. rob mayeda in san jose with the science behind the storm. we begin with jeff ranieri. >> the storm system is advancing across most of the bay area, guys. we've needed it so badly. over 50 days without any kind of measurable rain. and it is finally here. as we get a look at that doppler scan, the other thing we want to note is there are heavier pockets here now beginning to push across the north bay. we told you this about 30 minutes ago and right now some of that yellow and also orange impacting areas from novato, san rafael on highway 101. you've also started to get in on showers here across the east bay. granted, it's light to moderate. that's been good enough to make
6:47 pm
the roadways dangerously slick. as you can see across the south bay, we've had a few showers at times. right now we're under a little bit of a dry pocket. but overall, that traffic as you can see, we're pulling on the traffic layer, a lot of red here on highway 101. also 280 from palo alto to los gatos. get ready for lots of brake lights. see brake lights in the sky camera network. scattered showers. it's lit up in both directions. we showed you the traffic stop. here it is visually yet again. then we'll take you to the south bay right now. we have cameras poise ed right the roadways. this is the location where it's been the most dangerous this evening. a lot of oil brought up on the roadways. now is the perfect time to bring in my colleague meteorologist rob mayeda. we were talking in the forecasting office about a few things with this particular storm that's helped it to hold together and finally give us some relief from all this dry
6:48 pm
weather lately. >> reporter: yeah, jeff. you're spot-on with that. we were talking about this watching the storm come in over the last couple of days. what's unique is the system is following up an epic dry season for northern california and the bay area. the rainfall heading up toward santa rosa, rainfall deficits from 9 inches to almost 20 inches of missing rainfall in the north bay. san francisco, missing out on more than a foot of rain since the start of the year. so why the storm is different. unlike previous systems that have come in over british columbia, or out of the fwuflgu alaska, colder air is more dense, does not hold as much moisture. compare that to the system tapping into the subtropical jet stream. warm air holds a lot more moisture. it's like a bigger sponge being pushed over the bay area. once it's forced to rise over the coastal mountains, that brings you higher rainfall totals. unlike previous systems, too cold and too dry, this one is finally making a dent in the rain gauges around the bay area tonight. to let us know exactly how much
6:49 pm
more rain we can expect, let's send it on back to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with the forecast. >> thanks, rob. i like all of the logos you've got there. no question about which channel everybody is watching. that's right. we are continuing to track what rob termed as the pineapple express. many know that will continue to tap into this storm system and keep that rain in the forecast. i do think we're under the heaviest widespread zone of the rainfall that we will get right now. and into the early morning hours. you can see at 11:00 p.m. tonight, there's widespread coverage across the south and also the east bay. and then as we head throughout tomorrow morning, we'll have periods of on and off rainfall in the forecast, but it's not going to be widespread nonstop. again, we're going to see areas of drying then other areas of rainfall moving in. then as we head throughout tomorrow afternoon, we'll gradually see things taper off at this point. overall totals, anywhere from about a wquarter to half inch fr the south bay and east bay as well. a look at our microclimates for tomorrow. temperatures in the low to mid
6:50 pm
60s. gradual drying expected in the forecast for napa. you can expect clearing as we head throughout 2:00 p.m. for tomorrow. otherwise, here in san francisco, low 60s in the forecast. the same for san jose. expects 62 degrees. one sidenote, with that pineapple express, that moisture moving in all the way from the south. we're not seeing too much snow across the sierra because of that subtropical moisture. a lot of warmer air aloft at this hour. so if you're headed up to the sierra tonight, be prepared for a few slick roadways on interstate 80 and also highway 50. >> okay. thank you, jeff. let's get to dave feldman from comcast sportsnet newsroom. a lot going on in the world of sports including steph curry. >> warriors 8-3 among the elite in the western conference. however, steph curry's health is again in jeopardy. this time it has nothing to do with his ankle. that's good news. the guard will not play in tomorrow night's game against the grizzlies. curry has been diagnosed with a mild concussion after hitting
6:51 pm
his head on the court during monday night's game at utah. mark jackson had to say this this morning. >> he seemed fine. even last night, somewhat fine. watching monday night football finish. and then on the plane, you know, his usual self. obviously we want to be smart. i think the right thing to do is, he came in, got checked on and then, you know, sent him home. make sure he gets the proper rest and relax. like a lot of guys around major league baseball, giants pitcher tim hudson has never made it to the fall classic. today the 38-year-old said in a conference call he is eager to join the team that he thinks can make another run at a world series title. >> staying in the national league had a lot to do with it. you know, having the opportunity to still pitch in the national league. and, you know, the san francisco giants is an organization that they do things right, as well, and they put out a winning ball club year after year.
6:52 pm
and, you know, i'm excited about, you know, the potential of us, you know, getting to the playoffs and ultimately winning the world series. more giants news to pass along. giants gm said today the team is fully engaged with reliever javier lopez and hope to have him signed soon. would be a multiyear deal for the 36-year-old reliever who's been with the giants since 2000. the big game is this saturday. it matches a stanford team that's currently ranked ninth in the bcs and a cal team that's won one game. you heard me right. but records aside, both head coaches know come saturday, the big game is not just another game. >> big rivalries, and texas and ou. there's always cal and stanford. to me, that was always, you know, that was the big game. >> being able to play in it and catch a couple passes. just especially going to high school in the bay area, and knowing what this game means to the area. i think it's really exciting. knowing that regardless of the
6:53 pm
records, the environment is going to be electric. it's going it be exciting. world golf hall of fame rodriguez recently took part in the golf channel's big break. trying to break the -- instead, the shot came right back and hit him where it hurts the most. the 78-year-old legend probably had to say, what did i get myself into it? raj and jess, you know, when that type of things happens, it's always nice when a camera's watching and everyone gets to see that embarrassing moment. >> always happens. >> he is okay. he is okay. >> you can always wear a cup when you golf. >> it's a contact sport, right? >> thanks. >> okay. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area with dave feldman tonight at 10:30. >> and we'll be right back.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, he went from andrew luck's waterboard, to what some call stanford's weapon. the story of his incredible brainpower tonight at 11:00 after "chicago fire." any guesses? oxford dictionary's word of the year. what do you think it is? it's selfie. the formal definition is a photograph that you take of yourself typically using a smartphone or webcam and upload it to a social media website. twer can, was a contender as well as bitcoin. the decision for selfie was unanimous. i've taken a sellfy, myself. >> i took selfies 15 years ago
6:57 pm
but with a camera. >> with the big lens. >> let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. >> oh, man, yes, selfies with an auto timer. run back and take it. photo of the live radar. take a look across the north bay. areas of yellow, moderate to heavier pockets. right now we're tracking about a quarter of an inch per hour on this rainfall rate in some locati locations. it's definitely coming up at a pretty good clip here at this our. also, down here across portions of the east bay, you'll notice some light showers here across 680 and also 580. so, yes, we know it is not extremely heavy out there for a lot of the east bay and the south bay with a little bit of rain is making it dangerous a this point. we are going to track more of this rain coming up at 11:00 p.m. and let you know when everything clears out. >> all right. thank you, jeff. a slow drive home. take it easy out on the roads. >> see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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kim kardashian topless with kanye. his new shock video, now on "extra." kim, kanye and the raunchy too-hot-for-tv video blowing up the web. is that really kim's skinny waist or did she get a digital slim down? real tv housewife nene leakes rushed to the hospital. >> it wasn't a heart attack. nene reveals her scary diagnosis. leah remini versus scientology today. >> have there been repercussions? >> well, i don't get to see my godkids. jennifer lawrence in a see-through gown someone else already wore. renee's inside the "catc


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