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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> back ups, spin outs and flooding. at 11:00, rain falling across the bay area and more is headed our way. >> it has been sloppy and sluggish does commuting mess. our first significant rainfall in 11 months. >> we have live team coverage for you. >> that's right, and we are tracking the storm system right now and the radar is scanning
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around heavier wandebands of ra right up through the bay area. as we stop the radar scan. for the south bay, you are in some of the heaviest rainfall we have had all day long and at this hour, we expect zones of the rain to continue as least for the next two hours at this point, with the more consistent rainfall before we get clearing in here for tomorrow morning. a as we get a look at the overall rainfall totals. it has been impressive across the bay area. across the north bay totals have surpassed in some cases 1 inch. and san jose at .16, it has about the sub moisture and that plume of moisture is moving to the south.
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eventually showing signs of clearing. we will look how long it will linger coming up in 15 minutes. >> the rain may have been a factor in a deadly accident. a man was walking when a car hit him and dragged him nearly mile. this happened just after 6:00 had evening on broadway, fire crews had to use air bags to lift the car off of the victim. medics pronounced him dead at the scene. no word yet if the droifr was at fault. >> a mess on the roadways and we are live in san tran -- live in san francisco, rain is making a mess of things. >> yeah, light rain as you can probably see. earlier it was coming down much more heavily. and across the way from me, you see a tow truck pulling over this way. over there they have pooling water that is causing problems for drivers coming off of the
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exit for eastbound 80. this is an example of what happens if you do not give yourself more time. the problem at at&t was whether the car was going, it was whether the show was going to go on. and it did. ♪ >> rain did a lot of things tonight, but it did not wash out the blondie, green day concert. several thousand people turned out, some under over hangs and some in the rain. >> didn't stop me. if i have a hat, if you are a true music lover, no weather can stop you from seeing you are your idols. >> it came down hard. look at this shot coming out of the tunnel. the chp said there were a number of spinouts and crashes as a result of the weather. the new eastern span of the bay bridge received a shower and at seventh and bryant streets, cars
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got a bath. localized flooding here and there throughout the city. this viewer found out it's not wise to ignore the forecast. >> i heard it would rain, but i didn't think it would. >> okay. so now you are? >> dealing wit, i'm -- dealing with it, i'm soaked. >> now i will tell you something you have heard ten thousand times before, when it rains after a long period of dryness, the oils come up and the roads are slicker, give yourselves extra time and leave extra room. driver on of this truck knows all about it tonight. live if san francisco, terry mcsweeney. >> thank you, terry. one way or another au, you have slow down. you can can get the latest updates on >> new tonight at 11:00, a
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fraternity prank involving a stripper cage goes too far. students are upset and the fraternity is apologizing. but there's more to the story. we have the details. george? >> well, raj, the cage in question has/?í destroited for the last three years the fraternity would put up the cage up for halloween parties. while they say it was a halloween prop, others say it was offensive. >> it was what i saw every day walking to school. >> what she saw stand in a lot was this, a wooden cage with hanging chains and a stripper pole, and words painted on top that are too vulgar to say on television. >> i was like, it's too long for it not to be up. you take it out of that context and it was more horrific and offensive. sonia asked the people that live
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in the home, members of the fraternity to take it down and when she refused she told her friend who was equally offended. she saw it as a symbol of human trafficking. >> they are held in cages that look like that. >> she expressed anger in her blog, and when the fraternity saw the blog, they destroyed the cage. the president of the fraternity said that the cage was just a halloween prop. >> they are connecting sex trafficking with that halloween prop, what a stretch. and i really did not appreciate. there's a lot of people associated with our fraternity and a lot of people's reputation was tarnished when she made thatizatithat accusation. >> if it did not look that kind of cage, then women would not have had that reaction. >> we are not going to defend
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the language. but it was destroyed immediately also. and i do apologize, if that statement offended anybody. it was recommendless and silly. >> she accepted the apology but said there needs to be a bigger conversation going forward. >> i think there's discussions that need to take place at the university, and i hope that this will lead to the discussions. >> now, this incident happened off campus, but university put out a statement saying, quote, the cage came to the antagonize of the university this week and is totally counter to everything, sorry about that, we have a lot of students running around me. this is counter to everything that the university stands for, students living on and off campus are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the goals of our institution. a student that is found responsible for violating the student conduct code is subject to discipline. >> thank you, george.
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hundreds of protesters in san francisco gathered in front of the mission police station tonight to demand an end to what they say is a pattern of police brutality, it's prompted by a youtube video. this man was detained for failing to stop when told to do to by cops after riding a bike on the sidewalk. hostile crowd gathered and this man came up bloody. the mother of the two men arrested said she wants justice. >> why the desperation to avoid the police contact. which would be a simple citation for riding on the sidewalk. >> no word on what charges the men will be facing. a man who saw a patient in a san francisco general hospital
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stairwell. tonight, the hospital said that police have interviewed a witness who now admits to seeing lin's body in a stairwell. he is a ucsf recher that works on the campus. her body was found four days later. she disappeared from her hospital room, several weeks earlier. tonight, san francisco general released a statement saying we are very pleased to report this progress in the case. it will get us closer to learning all the facts about what happened to lynne spaulding so that we can take whatever steps are necessary to make sure it does not happen again. the space ship is cleared for landing and construction begins tomorrow. the city council approved the plans. that means more green for the city. the city gave the annual tax break a cut.
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that means that coopertino will get more money every year. tonight, city officials approved doubling the parking rate to $2 an hour. drivers will pay to park on sundays now and parking enforcement will go until 8:00. the city of oakland stepping up and volunteering to host the tra transgender day. it's prompted by flthe violence that was imosed on fleishman tomorrow's event takes place in city hall, beginning at 5:00. ahead, it's called a kill switch, it could stop thieves
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from stealing your cell phone. and walmart's attempt to -- >>batkid's side kick, the secret weapon that kept the little super hero going strong. >> he is what they call a secret weapon even from the sidelines but a stanford football player may be able to give his team the edge on the field. we will be back in a moment.
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>> his memory, allows him to take snap shots of the opponents plays and focused on the defense. >> try to figure out what is this defensive coordinator thinking, how will he react and hopefully be in the second quarter and third quarter, we are thinking two steps ahead. >> he started jotting down plays and giving his coaches the intel during the 2011 season opener against san jose state. a game during quarterback andrew luck's senior year, which the cardinals won 57-3. >> it's like chess, you want to not be thinking one move ahead, you want to think five moves
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ahead. >> >> he distances himself from taking credit. >> he is off to the races. >> a game that set a school record treated. -- >> communicate that, without witnessing on film the next day, we need to talk to somebody else, it rare. >> a rare talent, he thanks mom for, she banned video games when he was a kid, limiting the time
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with his siblings or reading. >> so i read a lot as a kid, i was consuming information on a daily basis. a lot of information. >> a skill he believes would not have delivered the same result on any other team. >> being able to play with 107 that are my brothers, and going to war with them every saturday, it's a special experience. >> as for what is next, his major is public policy. that could come in handy his next big focus may be helping his father, mike mcfadden who is running for u.s. senator in california. if you are headed to the game, look for the guy with the white board in hand. >> thank you, that's a fun story. >> turning it over the jeff, not so fun right now. we have the weather wall fired up and you see on the radar,
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plenty of rain moving across california. back behind us, you can see a line where we are getting clearing and eventually that will bring the better news in the forecast for tomorrow. let's look at the doppler scan, and you can see the heavier pockets showing up. that is heavier rainfall tracking through the north bay and east be. i want to take you down to the south bay, and right now, you are in it and pretty good here from palo alto through an san jose. we continue into the overnight hours and we will take you through the east bay, this is where we have had heavier pockets of rainfall, right now in the 680 corridor, you can see areas of yellow and orange. and intense rainfall that will track to the south impacting san ramon as well. let's go to the overall weather picture and there's no better with spot to do it here in the nbc bay area than our sky camera network window. what you will see here,
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throughout san francisco, east bay and also from the peninsula. dealing with the areas of showers and temperatures in the tthe 50s. we have a possibility of showers lingering in the for cast. let's look at the overall pattern. it's been all about this storm system, finally getting us rainfall. after over 55 days without any significant rainfall, the storm dropped to the south. a bit of sub tropical moisture moved in as well and that is what boosted the storm system up, as far as the future cast goes, i don't think that we are going to be in the clear tomorrow. we will still have to worry about rainfall on that morning commute at 6:00 a.m., areas of scattered rainfall from santa rosa to about san jose, not as skipt as tonight, but you will run in to some intermittent areas of rain. through the afternoon hours you will see things clear out, but we will have heavier pockets available through san jose, and
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by 5:00 and 6:00 in the evening, we will have a mainly clear picture with areas lingering in the forecast. how much rain have we seen so far? it's been impressive. the gauges are reading over 1.5 inches. so far, and then you can see, whits all said and done, we are expecting 2.15. and napa, .64 and by tomorrow, .75 aefr all and mill valley, you have picked up 1.25 and we are looking at 1.75 for a total. under micro climate forecast, a lot of numbers on the pages, find your area. and then take a look and you can see, most of the icons are showing us here a mix of rain, sun and also clouds. so that is showing the more optimistic view, and by the afternoon, we will start to get
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sunshine, it will stay cool overall with the temperatures in the low to mid 60s. napa is expecting clearing as we go to 2:00 p.m., while we start off with the areas of shower you will have clearing by the afternoon. another look at the areas, san francisco expecting 60s and also here across the peninsula, the temperatures in the low to mid 60s, so, we will have a chance of showers to begin, and we will start to get sun by the afternoon. and by the way, if you are a skier, we got a bit of snow up across lake tahoe. but only a few inches. we didn't see too much in the way of snow, because we had sub tropical moisture from the south. it was not good enough to give us a foot of snow, you guys. but a few inches, that's enough for skiers. >> we will with take it. thank you, jack. parents versus kids. new research giving kids bragging rights when it comes to fitness. back in a moment.
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. >> a food drive is raising questions about how much walmart is paying employees. the food drive is for the workers of the store. the boxes are in employee only area, the boxes are asking employees to help coworkers in need. it circulated the picture of the sign and the bins. it's for employees for whose spouses may have lost their jobs. >> there was a study that compared test results from the 1960s through 2010, over time, it found a big drop off in the cardio fitness level. the kids today cannot run as fast or as far as kids from 30 years ago. the fitness levels declined more
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than the average of other countries. so, there. >> we are going to hear from the giants' new big name pitcher. feldy joins us next and so does jay. >> we are honored on have president bush and first lady bush tonight.
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>> dave feldman joins us. it's steph curry bobblehead tomorrow night? >> don't say that. >> no, it is. >> will he be there? >> i don't know, i will keep one at home, but jess, i will bring you one. good and bad news for steph curry. his ankle is fine, but his head is not, so he will not play tomorrow night against the grizzlies, he has been diagnosed with a mild concussion after
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hitting his head in the game in utah. and no word as to when he will return to the court. today, the 38-year-old said in a conference call he is eager to join the team that he thinks can make another trip to the fall classic. >> staying in the national league had a lot to do wit, having an opportunity to still pitch in the national league and you know, san francisco giants organization do things right as well and they put out a winning ball club year after year, and you know, i'm excited about the potential of us getting to the playoffs and you know, ultimately winning the world series. >> hey, remember when mike tyson bit off holyfield's ear? the two have finally come together and reconciled. >> i'm sorry. it's your ear. >> my ear.
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>> i kept it in formaldihyde. >> thanks. >> heartwarming and gross at the same time. a quick note, lopez close to a deal that will bring him back to the giants. that is it for the sports.
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>> okay, he is batman and for the first time he was is side kick, eric johnson is the man that dressed as the cape crusader and led batkid through the streets on friday. he said that miles fed off of the massive crowds that showed up to see him. >> we were finishing our lunch and he was getting kind of low on energy and he said, i don't know, i don't know if i want, you know, more adventure today, and then when he looked at the crowd and he saw the police chief's message and he strapped
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on his armor again, he said, i have to go, we have to go. >> yes, he is. the opera made his outfit for him. >> very cool. >> i still have the camera that we mounted in the car. thank you for joining us here at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
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