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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 20, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check in with christina loren. how is it looking out there. >> watch out for some deep pockets of moisture out there. puddling, ponding out on the highways. the good news is we won't see that heavy steady rainfall over the course of your morning drive. that will move in later today. we are watching the radar. i want to set this back to the past six hours so you get an idea of how much rainfall came through the bay area. we had quite a bit overnight. the highways are slick. we had numerous power outages. i want to check in with anthony slaughter live in san jose where there is quite a bit of aftermath out there for commuters to deal with. not just that, people left without power. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about that.
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crews behind me are still trying to restore power. in the south bay up to 15,000 customers were left without power during the peak of this event. now that number is down to 1400. even in our last report it was up to 1600. crews are working quickly to restore power. the thing you will find out on the roads this morning f there are power outages in your neighborhood, a lot of the street lights are not working. once the traffic gets heavy, you have to keep that in mind and add patience to your travel time. the storm wasn't as powerful as some past storms have been. some of the top wind gusts in the south bay, up to 30 miles per hour. that's not strong at all. when you think of power outages, you think of strong wind gusts. it's a testament of how dry we've been across the bay area. even though this is a half inch to an inch in some locations, we have not seen incredibly powerful winds. a strong testament considering
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how dry we have been across the bay area. we will stay here and keep you updated as the pg&e crews continue to restore power. they are hoping to have that restored by 6:30 this morning. i'm anthony slaughter, "today in the bay." >> a lot of people don't want to be waking up without their necessary ingredients, the blow drier, the curling iron. mike, you know what i'm talking about. >> i do. especially the curling iron. it just won't take in my hair. looking at some wet roads. as anthony said, not high winds, but wet roadways. the weather giving us a break, but oakland did get some more rain in the last half hour. moist conditions all over the bay area. that means slicker roadways, especially the on and off-ramps. the green highlighter here because the weather and traffic are tied together. talking about wet roads for 580,
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880, and the maze. no major incidents through the area. the caldecott tunnel is moving smoothly. on the san francisco side, same thing. green all over state and north bay. down towards the rest of the bay, a smooth drive. watching for that rain later in the south bay. back to you. >> stay with "today in the bay" all morning long. we are tracking that storm and keeping our eye on the roads for you. you can also get the up to the minute information on our website, our weather tab there will tell you when the rain is going to arrive at your front door while the traffic tab will help get you to and from work or wherever else you're going. construction on apple's new cupertino headquarters is scheduled to start today, hours after the city council approved plans for the new 2.8 million square foot spaceship campus. bob, when do you think we'll see progress on this? >> reporter: could be as soon as
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today when the cupertino city council gave approval last night it was pretty much a formality, because it already gave tentative approval on this campus last month. we expect work to begin sometime today. but you will not be able to see it. apple has tarped it. they have done this within the past month and have elected a large green wall around its new site which is just off 280 this is where hp used to be headquarters. yesterday heavy equipment arrived, presumably to begin demolition of the old hp building to make way for the spaceship campus which was the brainchild of steve jobs. the centerpiece of this $5 billion project is that so-called spaceship. a large ring of glass and steel that will encompass 2.8 million square feet. as part of the approval, apple will have to pay more taxes to the city of cupertino.
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for years the city gave the corporate tech giant a 50% rebate on its taxes. that rebate will be cut back to 35% which means roughly an extra $2 million a year for the city. >> tremendous indirect benefits. the hotels are full here during the week. restaurants are full. businesses do well. not just cupertino but surrounding cities as well. >> this project is expected to be completed in the middle of 2016. it would be home during the day to 14,000 employees. coming up in a half how we'll hear why there are concerns that this new campus could hurt people who live in this area. reporting live in cupertino, "today in the bay". >> thanks, bob. it is 5:05. a mascot controversy is making headlines in the east bay. today a school board will decide if vallejo high school needs to change its mascot.
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marla, why do some find this one offensive? >> we've seen this quite a bit recently. the redskins in the nfl being urged to change their mascot, and at home, the vallejo high school apaches, that's been their mascot for decades, but that could change. after 5:00 tonight, the board will vote on whether to approve a name change for the controversial mascot. it's become an emotional and divisive issue on and off campus. some say the apache represents a sense of tradition and school pride. others say it's hurtful and humiliating to american indians. >> they ask me if students go to the school. we've heard that they're embarrassed about the whole thing. they're afraid to say they're native american because they will be ridiculed or teased. >> i think it's a little over the top to complain. i don't think it's a legitimate
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complaint. the vallejo apache high school has never tried to represent or do anything in representation of the mascot itself. >> reporter: timothy banks has been videotaping vallejo high sports for years and said he never heard anything derogatory in the stands. officials tell the vallejo times herald if the mascot change is approved, the school will likely retain its colors, which are red and white. the big question is what will the new mascot be? so far an alternate has not been named. we talked to the vice president of the school board, he told us voices on both sides of this issue will be heard tonight 59:00 meeting. if you're planning to go, expect it to be a packed house. jon? >> thank you very much for the update. it is 5:07. san jose city council has put off a decision on a new controversial charter school. "mercury news" reports that the council voted to defer action
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last night when it fell a vote short of approving construction. rocket ship education wants to build a new k through 5 school at the intersection of goodyear street and pepitone avenue. some say there are enough schools as there is, and a new one could cause traffic jams. a large part of the downtown area could be soon developed. council made few last-minute tweaks but ultimately approved a plan to built on 8.4 acres along el camino real. there will be a parking garage, residential units and a commercial space. there are also works for another project, which would include retail and more office space. electric vehicle charges in new homes is surging along. the city council endorsed an
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ordinance last night. if the city council approves the law, all new homes would come with all the components needed for a single level 2 charging station. it would add about $500 to the cost of a new home. new home, old home, make sure that roof is good. >> yeah. don't want rain drops on your head inside. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> that may be the case for tonight, then the rain clears out of here. not dealing with it all that much longer. showing you where the heaviest rainfall right now is concentrated. mostly over the east bay. all the shower activity is race noo raceing into the san joaquin valley. you can see some light green over castro valley. all of that will be clearing out of here. we have a stronger wave of moisture headed our way this afternoon. and a subtropical moisture tap
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associated with it. we could pick up a quarter inch to a half inch of additional rainfall even here in the south bay on the valley floor. just want to give you an idea of what you're working with this morning. slick conditions in the north bay. 55 in san jose. this afternoon, only climbing into the 60s. low 60s in places like san jose. make sure you have your umbrella and that coat for today, otherwise we're looking good. if you want to know about the warmup trend, catch our seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of your screen. let's check on your drive. it's slick out there this morning, mike. >> definitely. a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we don't often see it there. we know it's due when we have one of those cash lanes opening up late. things are clear as far as the lanes. look at the wet roads and puddling going on there. let's look at the maps, overall the bay area moving smoothly. over towards the north and east
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bay, highway 4 over the carquinez, wet roadway conditions throughout the area. east shore freeway moving better. a lot of water around the maze. one shot here, a live look out here as we look at the peninsula. an easy drive. south bay coming up. it's 5:11 what we're learning this morning about a new injury to olympic skier lindsay vonn. >> and the u.s. navy dropping off aid to the philippines. >> and a look at business news. ,
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back here tomorrow morning, a bit of light activity in the east bay and south bay. the whole thing clears out of here. looking good there. nice warm up headed our way. check your seven-day forecast scrolling for you at the bottom of your screen. here's mike inouye. let's see what the showers are doing to your drive. >> not a whole lot now because of the lighter volume of traffic. earlier morning crashes have cleared out. we have wet roads all around the bay. no major incidents along the peninsula.
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that's a smooth drive. 280 as well. that green highlighted here. you will see that throughout the maps. tied in with the weather system as far as the traffic center goes. wet roadways as far as you're concerned. over here, the green sensors mean a smooth drive for 101, 87, 85. santa cruz mountains, a tough morning a tree has cleared from the summit, still slow towards santa cruz, if that's your commute, plan on a slower one. a typical drive over livermore. that green highlighted over here through the oakland area, approaching the caldecott tunnel. no big crashes. that's good news as we head towards the maze and bay bridge toll plaza. a live look outside shows we're building the volume and the wet roadways are an issue. the north bay, watch the wet north bay roads as well. back to you. >> 5:19. new this morning.
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more aid is arriving in the philippines. crowds gathering in a remote town in the central philippines this morning. u.s. helicopter dropped it down. local police had to hold people back as volunteers unloaded the much-needed supplies. typhoon haiyan hit that region on the 8th displacing about 4 million people. they're desperate for help. >> it's awesome. i couldn't ask for more. >> it is awesome watching families reunited. it was a happy homecoming for about 250 soldiers from 3rd brigade combat team, 1st infantry division out of ft. knox, kentucky. the soldiers there just returning overnight. they've been deployed in afghanistan for the last nine months in support of "operation enduring freedom."
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it's 5:20. now an exclusive investigative unit report. allegations animals were kicked, left out in extreme heat and nearly died. that's what one pet owner claims happened when she flew with her animal animals. >> 91 degrees in houston. the dog is out there. >> this is some of the cell phone video that pet owner janet sinclair shot this summer. sinclair was relocating from california to boston. had to fly with her dog and cat. she said she saw her two animals sitting out in the runway in 90 degree heat and claims one of the handlers kicked their crate. her cat suffered dehydration and her dog barely survived. >> her entire create was filled with blood, feces, urine. she was urinating and defecating blood. she was dying literally in front of me. >> tonight more on what happened to the animals and what the
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airline is saying about the incident. watch the full investigation tonight at 11:00. it is 5:21. coming up on "today in the bay" a possible new setback for skier lindsey vonn's quest for another olympic gold medal.
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good wednesday morning to you. it's 5:24. we are less than 80 days away from the winter olympics in sochi, there's questions about whether skier lindsey son will be able to defend her downhill gold medal. vonn reportedly injured her knee in a training run earlier this week. she is being evaluated by a doctor and will know soon how bad that injury is. earlier in february she tore two ligaments in her knee. she only began training again
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last week. now to the summer olympics, where there are indications that baseball and softball could be returning to the games. the new president of the international olympic committee said he is open to the idea to the two sports being included in the 2020 games to be held in tokyo the committee will be talking about that issue over the next couple of months. the raiders game will feature the return of bo jackson. the former running back will light the al davis ceremonial torch before sunday's game. he's the latest in a long line of raiders players and coaches invited back to light the flame. jackson played from 1987 to 1990 when the team was in los angeles. he also played baseball for the royals before a hip injury eventually ended his career. >> had he not had that hip injury, would have been one of the greatest during his time. so fun to watch. all those great nike commercials. >> bo knows. >> knows how to light it up this weekend that will be fun.
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let's check the forecast. we've been so concentrated on this week. i don't know if we peek at the weekend here yet. >> you can start thinking about it. it's wednesday. it's okay with us if you think about it on monday. got news is we'll be done with this rainfall as we get into the weekend. you'll be able to go outdoors, enjoy our beautiful bay area. now, we did need this rain. some cities picked upwards of an inch and a half. i'm talking about mill valley, potentially another half inch on the way. even places like san jose, getting into this afternoon a little bit of a break from the rainfall. more on that way, we'll time that out coming up. right now, good morning to mike inouye. could be a rough drive out there this morning. >> definite limit even if it's not actively raining where you drive or live, those wet roadways continue from overnight and will continue throughout today. you have some glowing lights. a lot of moisture in the air. 880 and 580 on the maps, that's highlighted in the green, you
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will find some slick roadways there. as you come over the carquinez and benicia bridges, the same thing. and the radar there, we had some activity over there in the middle for the morning commute. >> look at that. coming up on "today in the bay," workers at a number of bay area hospitals getting all set to hit the picket lines. and the new details we're learning about just how much it cost to turn san francisco into gotham city.
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a live look outside this morning. that's in san francisco. kind of a soggy start to our day. the north day getting much of the rain. in oakland there are still wet streets this morning. in san jose, cloudy skies after some light rain overnight. good morning to you. thank you very much for joining you the.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning to everybody. the rain expected to return later this morning. meteorologist christina loren has been hard at work tracking the storm for us. >> we needed this rainfall. we are still in fire season right now. so this is a welcomed sight to see over an inch and a half of rain in the bucket for mill valley. napa, over 0.7 inches. that's impressive for 24 hours. picked up some good totals, menlo park and campbell. a half inch of rainfall over the course of the past 24 hours. we're getting a bit of a break at this point. want to show you all that rainfall is racing off to the east, out of the bay area. more is on the way, but i want to show you san jose, where our own anthony slaughter is this morning. he is at julien and 10th. what are people dealing with?
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some power outages? >> yeah. right before this report, all of the lights in this particular neighborhood came on. so crews are working quickly to restore power in san jose. at the peak of the outages, last night around 9:00, 10:30, that's when a lot of this happened. we were up to about 15,000 customers without power in the south bay. that number is down to about 1400. even, i would expect with this area just becoming lit, that that number continues to go down. crew also continue to be out here all morning working to restore power. the most interesting thing i find, me and christina, we're used to tracking weather and big storms. this storm, more of a rainmaker, not a windmakerment when you think of power outages, you think of strong winds. the strongest wind gust in the south bay, 30 miles per hour. that's not that strong. so, it's really a testament and speaks volumes of how dry we've been across the bay area.
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just this bit of rain is causing major problems here across the bay area. of course we'll track this all morning long and let you know how the power outage also play out. i'm live in san jose, anthony slaughter, "today in the bay". >> looking dry where you are right now. most of the bay area has slick conditions. let's bring in mike inouye. >> good morning. looking towards the bay bridge. we have our wettest conditions, as far as the live shots go. water on the lens, still taking time to dry out. the roadways, we have some puddles. as the cars pass by, you can see the water kicking up, the tailpipe as well as well as coming off the treads of tires. watch for that that will be an issue. we'll look at the maps, we see a smooth flow of traffic on the map. green indicates smooth travel,
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northbound pass the coliseum, some more rain. on the peninsula side, san francisco down into millbrae, south of there, 101 should be dry, damp at most. coming off the benicia and carquinez bridges, wet weather has created some puddling up there. back to you. we will have continuing coverage all morning long with updates on the approaching rain and a look at roadways, plus visit for up to the minute weather and traffic. construction on apple's brand new cupertino headquarters expected to start today, hours after the city council approved plans for the new 2.8 million square foot spaceship campus. we have seen the designs. now they will build it for real. bob, will we see some progress today? >> good luck trying to get a glimpse of construction of the new spaceship campus in
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cupertino within the past month they tarped one of the main gates here. if you look beyond that, you can see a tall green wall that we know encompasses at least some of this campus. in campus is south of wolfe road in cupertino. yesterday heavy equipment arrived, presumably to begin demolition of the old hp building to make way for the new building, a large ring of glass and steel that will encompass 2.8 million square feet. city council gave approval to the campus here last night. there are still concerns about traffic and rising rents in the area. we have an affordable housing emergency in this county. this is going to aggravate it. the steps that have been taken
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to mitigate it are not adequate. >> apple says it will run a shuttle bus for employees and encourage workers to carpool or bike into work. as part of the approval for the new campus, apple will have to pay slightly more in taxes to the city of cupertino. for years the tech giant got a 50% rebate on taxes. something that started back in the '90s to help apple when it was struggling. that will be cut back to 35% which means an extra $2 million for the city of cupertino each year. >> thank you, bob, for that. this new am headquarters has been years in the making, and a dream of steve jobs. in 2006, apple began buying land in the area to get set for apple 2. in june of 2011, jobs made the plan public and made the project
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available to city council. on october 2nd the planning commission finally recommended approval of this project. apple receiving the initial approval from the city council back on october 15th. last night final approval was given. it's 5:36. the alameda county coroner's office is working to determine the cause of death for a missing college student. the body of derrick shao was found on friday. shao disappeared a week earlier. he was last seen in the bayview district. one-day strike at ucsf today is forcing the hospital to reschedule surgeries and other procedures. about 21,000 medical technicians walking out for a one-day strike, at ucsf, uc davis and three other medical centers. nurses will be on the job, but workers who operate x-ray and ultrasound equipment will not. workers say the strike is over
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patient safety. a uc spokesperson says the issue is over pensions. this morning we now know how much it cost to turn san francisco into gotham city. the price tag to make little miles a bat kid's dream of becoming a superhero come true was $105,000. the chronicle reports that the big ticket item was the civic center celebration where mayor ed lee presented the key to the city to that young cancer survivor. look at all the people that came out. the city, though, they'll pick up the tab using money charged to conventions at the mosconi center. it was part of make a wish. this little boy's dream came true. >> it us with priceless. i would like to see more of those. what an uplifting thing. >> making a difference. love that story. 5:37. bat kid will live on forever in
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our memory. christina loren here to talk about weather, rain, and more coming down. >> san francisco looking a bit like gotham city at this point. we have heavy rainfall coming down. only up in the north bay at this point. the showers are going to continue to clear out of here. as we head throughout the day today. right now, drizzle over the bay area. want to show you what we're expecting from that rain as we head throughout the day today. i promised a futurecast and i will deliver on that promise. i looked at a lot of different commuter models. this one agrees with me the most. we are stopping the clock at 8:00 a.m. at that point, heavier rainfall down in the south bay. that's the case in the north bay as well. as we head throughout the second half of your wednesday, starting at about 1:00 p.m., moist of that moisture races off into the sierra nevada. maybe two feet of fresh powder up in tahoe. otherwise we're looking pretty good.
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4:00 a.m. on thursday morning, it's clearing out of here. if you're interested in that warming trend or your weekend forecast. we have your seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of your screen. every area across the bay area is covered. let's get to mike inouye. it could be a rough drive. so far so good, huh? >> so far so good. we do have a smooth drive on the peninsula. it's 101 through palo alto. it's damp. not completely dry, not a major concern. watch the off-ramps coming off the highway, slick conditions. grease and oil washed off early yesterday. the entire bay area looking good as far as the green sensors go. the yellows and oranges sticking around the 880 area. typical traffic around the south bay. east bay, traffic and weather tied together. i do have access to the radar, we have activity over livermore,
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but no yellow. brentwood slowing on highway 4. typical there. bay bridge, the wet conditions on the roadway. a slight build up for the cash lanes. back to. it's 5:40. coming up on "today in the bay," remembering president john f. kennedy. president obama and president clinton today paying special tribute. the details coming up in a live report. and the iconic san francisco neighborhood that is taking new moves to keep tourists out.
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today is a day few people will forget. friday marks 50 years since john f. kennedy was assassinated in dallas. today both president obama and
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clinton will come together to pay their own respects. tracie potts live right now on capitol hill with all the details. good morning. friday is the day, the actual anniversary of the assassination. but there's a lot happening here in washington today. president obama, as you said, with president clinton and their wives headed to arlington nashal in cemetery to lay a wreath there in memory of president john f. kennedy and the presidential medal of freedom, the highest honor that any civilian can get, run jfk revamped himself and was due to present in two weeks before he died. today that medal is being presented by president obama to a number of people including president clinton, oprah winfrey and sally ride, the first female
5:44 am
astronaut in space. today the president is sitting down voluntarily with the volunteers from the peace corps, and later today he will speak at smithsonian museum of history talking about jfk's legacy. >> thank you very much for the update. happening now, the u.s. coast guard is searching for victims after a small plane crashed off the coast of florida. the plane carrying four people was headed to cozumel, mexico, when it went down about three miles from ft. lauderdale last night. rescue crews recovered the bodies of two passengers. the search for the other two is expected to continue throughout the morning. new details this morning. san francisco's board of supervisors making a decision that will disappoint a lot of tourist tourists. >> people all over the world know this scene made famous by the tv show "full house." among the landmarks show, alamo
5:45 am
square. those painted houses there. thousands of tourists show up every year to take snapshots of that neighborhood, now it will be tough to get there. "today in the bay's" christie smith has details. what's going on? >> reporter: good morning to you. this neighborhood is to famous it's hard to remember that it actually is a residential neighborhood. there's no businesses around here at auchll. these are private homes. but these are also the painted ladies famous in hollywood. soon tourist also have to walk if they want to see them or find another way besides the tour buses. we are talk about these beautiful victorians with the views of downtown san francisco behind them. but the municipal transportation agency's board of directors voted to ban large tour buses from the area, including alamo square. the park across the street we're standing in. residents wanted the ban because of frustration over noise and
5:46 am
xus from t exhaust from the buses. tour operators are not thrilled by this. saying this is really a popular destination for people who come to san francisco internationally. it was in the open of "full house" featured in movies. lucrative in the tourism industry. so what we're talking about, the no tour bus zone includes the area north of fells street, south of golden gate, and west of webster street. that ban takes effect in about 30 days. the residents are saying it's not the tourists they mind, it's the tour buses. one of the suggestions they offered is perhaps they could walk in, take smaller shuttles or maybe navigate the muni system. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay". >> they have to get creative. >> always good to have options. 5:46 right now christina loren is back talking about the moisture in our skies.
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how are we looking? >> looking like the free car wash will continue as we head throughout the day today. because it hasn't rained in a while, take it easy out there. lots of oil left overon t on th highways. we got close to a half inch in campbell, menlo park, a half inch for you and san mateo as well. we will add an additional half inch as we go throughout the day today. getting more spotty activity along the peninsula. a lot of that moisture is racing into sacramento. very, very light activity. just to the north of san francisco. this will continue to be the trend. light showers streaming onshore. by mid to late morning heavier
5:48 am
rain mafall moves through. temperatures today will be cool enough for a jacket. starting out in the 50s. limited sunshine for the most part. overall looking good to hit the 60s later on. temperatures should be comfortable for outdoor plans. you will get some breaks without the steady rainfall moving in, the best opportunity is tonight and later this evening. >> the bay bridge, we have a smooth drive. these cars will keep building. fastrak no metering lights, but standing water. right here, as you transition over towards the parking lot, the curve right there could be an issue because of the wet roads. watching that, but so far no major incidents reported. looking at the maps, smooth drive. green painted on the maps through oakland, slick
5:49 am
conditions still reported by our road weather index traffic and weather systems tied together. talking about wet weather and conditions through here over through vallejo, fairfield, the carquinez and benicia bridges. slick spots for 680 and highway 4. southbound 101, slowing here, approaching lincoln a ladder in the lanes. that may cause a traffic bake in the next few. so far traffic is light. back to the maps. the bay area proper, along the bay, smooth drive. south bay starts to drive. 101, a live look out there, the volume of cars kicking in now. another burst in a half hour. back to you. >> thank you very much. it is 5:49. today is transgender remembrance day around the world and in oakland it has extra meaning this year. last night the city of oakland voting to co-host a remembrance day event in response to an attack on 18-year-old sasha
5:50 am
fleschman. sasha suffered third degree burns after another ten lit her skirt on board on a bus. transgender day remembrance honors victims of violence. the event has been held worldwide every november 20th since 1998. tonight's ceremony will be held at oakland city call starting at 5:00. in san jose. city's sports hall of fame inducting a brand new class today. among the honorees, stanford's women's basketball coach, tara vanderveer. she had a stellar career winning two national titles with the cardinals and coached the u.s. women's team to gold in the 1996 olympics down in atlanta. other inductees include all-american quarterback frankie albert. soccer star paul child who played for the earthquakes back in 1974. and high school basketball coach, gary cunningham. he coached the bellerman prep team for 21 seasons winning more than 500 games. >> it's 5:50.
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today the nfl could decide whether to fine ahmad brooks force his controversial hit on saints quarterback drew brees. it happened late in the fourth quarter during sunday's game in new orleans. brooks hit brees just below the neck and was flagged for a 15-yard penalty results in a first down for new orleans. the saints went on to win it 23-20. brooks said the penalty was a joke, and ray lewis agrees. he said he will pay half of any fine brooks receives. 49ers safety dante whitner made national headlines when he announced he would change his last name to hit-ner. now he's backing off that move. whitner to withdraw that request because a judge said he would not be allowed to change his name unless whitner was in the courtroom himself. he now says he'll wait until the end of the season.
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5:51 right now the prime minister turning to silicon valley tech for help instead of the u.s. government. and why stock buy backs are like making gravy.
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welcome back. giving a live look now over san francisco. you can finally see the city. earlier it was very foggy. now we can start to see the lights shining. the sun soon to come up. haiti's prime minister
5:55 am
grilling tech giants in silicon valley hoping to get them online to help can his country. laurent lamothe is meeting with apple executives today. yesterday he spoke at a tech conference in san francisco. the hope is to get haiti wired. right now fewer than 1% of haitians are online regularly. >> bay yahoo! plans to buy back $5 billion worth of stock of its own shares. it already bought 3 billion so far this year. in a stock buyback the shares cease to exist, which makes the shares out there worth for. it props up the price and
5:56 am
everybody is happy. it's like making reduction on the stove. the more you boil away, the stronger the sauce will be. check your amazon account, perhaps they're offering you a free trial of the kindle. some customers are getting an offer for a no-questions asked free trial of the kindle. amazon doesn't have the stores, so it's harder to get people to try the kindle. watch wall street at 11:00 our time, that's when we will get the latest minutes of the med meeting. we are looking for the reduction of quantitative easing. a couple of things. we got the latest inflation data. prices fell. inflation is a side effect of that money, you flood the markets with cash, you get inflation, except we didn't. the other thing we're watching is ben bernanke, yesterday he said some nice things about janet yellen. he agrees with her. it was not unexpected but nice
5:57 am
to hear the current fed chairman, you know, give a shot in the arm to the expected -- >> passing the torch. >> yeah. i got your back on this one. >> instead of tag, you're it. i'm out of here. >> yeah. >> thanks. >> coming up on "today in the bay," a bay area school district talking about changing their mascot. and a live look of the bay break. you can see a bit of rain on the live camera out there. traffic picking up as well. we'll check in with mike when it comes to the traffic. christina has a look at traffic. and the federal government delivers. we'll tell you about the new office in san jose that will make life easier for silicon valley companies. breaking g
5:58 am
5:59 am
flying saucer style building in the south bay.
6:00 am
we'll tell you when work is expected to work on apple's brand new campus. and a name change in store for a high school mascot? and we have rain in the forecast for today. temperatures that will be cool enough for a jacket all day long. only expecting to reach the low to mid 60s. more rain on the way. we'll time it out to your doorstep coming up. >> we also have slick roadways puddling and the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll talk about the morning commute as things shift and build. and the south bay, in san jose, wet roadways there as well. more rain on the way? we'll find out for this wednesday, november 20th this is "today in the bay." a very good wednesday morning to you. thank you very much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. this morning we are watching that weather for


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