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tv   Today  NBC  November 20, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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he coached san jose's bellingham college prep for 21 seasons. good morning, breaking overnight. a jet crashes into the ocean off the coast of florida. at least two are dead. others missing as the coast guard searches for survivors. busted, a member of congress chged with cocaine possession set to face a judge today. comeback crash, lindsey vonn takes a tumble during a training run in colorado. could her return to the olympics be in jeopardy? and jay and w. george w. bush makes his first appearance since leaving the white house. >> president obama is getting all the jokes now. >> better him than me. >> and the former president
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shows off a hidden talent today, wednesday, november 20th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie along side al roker and natalie morales. horrible to hear that lindsey vonn had another accident. crossing our fingers and praying for her. >> in training and 78 days now from sochi. obviously in discomfort there after coming down in a sled so. we keep our fingers crossed. >> she's a fighter. >> we're are rooting for her no doubt. now to "today's" top story. that's the search for survivors from the jet crash in florida. julia bagg has the latest in florida.
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what can you tell us? >> reporter: u.s. investigators still have not confirmed who was on that flight or exactly what happened. but hours later the coast guard still has not given up hope of finding survivors. the learjet carrying four people left ft. lauderdale airport just before 8:00 p.m. tuesday night bound for cozumel, mexico. but shortly after takeoff, a mechanical failure. >> so you're going back to fort lauderdale? >> reporter: the pilots attempted to return to the airport. >> maintain 4,000 and left heading 3-3-0. >> not possible. 180. >> reporter: but three miles northeast of ft. lauderdale the plane crashed into the atlantic ocean. two bodies were discovered in the wreckage late last night but two other people are still missing. >> this is a medical flight involving a medical crew.
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>> reporter: the coast guard fanned out searching the area by air and sea. >> this is still an ongoing search and rescue case. rescuers have been on scene overnight and continuing to search for survivors in the water. they're not going to stop until we have saturated the area. >> reporter: the plane is registered in mexico but it's unclear who owns the plane and the identities of those on board have not yet been confirmed but it is believed that two of those aboard were pilots. matt and savannah. julia bagg, thank you very much. >> in other news, a florida congressman is expected in court today after being charged with cocaine possession. nbc justice correspondent pete williams is at the courthouse in washington, d.c. hey, pete. good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning
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to you. the congressman that was elected just last fall appears this morning in a local washington d.c. courtroom accused of buying a small amount of cocaine in late october. he does not deny it. >> hello. my name is trey. how are you doing? >> reporter: trey radel is no stranger to being in the public eye. elected with 62% of the vote in ft. myers florida but facing a judge on drug charges wasn't the attention he wanted. he was observed in late october buying cocaine from a drug ring already under investigation. when ring members were arrested one of them told authorities that the congressman was a customer. federal drug agents say they later watched as radel made a purchase from a member of the ring. in a written statement, radel says a struggle with alcoholism led to a extremely irresponsible choice. as the father of a young son and a husband to a loving wife, i need to get help so i can be a better man for both of them. >> i knew washington was broken before coming.
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>> they don't have to. >> reporter: his first campaign and hard fought republican primary ended in victory with support from tea party members. the charge he faces today is a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of six months in prison. his florida neighbors responded to word of his arrest. >> i think it's going to be a new career for him. there's no way to recover from that. >> reporter: he got the sentence first offenders in these cases usually get probation with the charges later dismissed if there are no more violations. as for what happens next, the house speaker john boehner says that's up to the congressman, his family and his constituents. >> pete williams outside the courthouse this morning. we move on to the war in afghanistan and an agreement that might keep the u.s. there for another decade or longer. richard engel broke this story and joins us from kabul. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. thousands of afghan officials
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are starting to gather here in kabul to vote starting tomorrow on a joint u.s.-afghan security agreement that if passed by both afghanistan and the united states could keep u.s. troops in this country for a lot longer. at a base in kabul, u.s. troops today training the afghan air force and doing what they're famous for, coping with whatever comes their way. >> we came here for a mission and we take care of the mission and then we go home. >> reporter: news of possible u.s.-afghan agreement that could keep u.s. forces in afghanistan for years taken in stride by the sergeant melendez from georgia. >> i think every soldier and sailor understands what they're doing when they sign, you know? sign the contract. >> reporter: but american troops may need to keep that resolve for a long time. a draft of the agreement ed by
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sweeping relationship with the u.s. paying for forces staying on as trainers and movements restricted valid through 2024. the exact terms of the deal are still being negotiated but afghan officials tell us they want about 15,000 u.s. troops to remain here on bases for another decade at least. u.s. officials say they're considering 7,000 to 8,000. without the u.s. troops, the afghan government could collapse. >> we still need to have a very presence here. it's very important. >> reporter: the war in afghanistan doesn't seem to be ending but entering a new phase that could see tens of thousands of troops deploying here over time and cost billions more. >> and richard, there is a report that afghan officials want an apology from u.s. officials as part of this security agreement. susan rice says the u.s. has no
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need to apologize and no apology has been drafted or delivered. what are you hearing about that? >> reporter: this is a very strange episode and another episode from the president car karzai. he apparently wants president obama to have some sort of written apology in order for this agreement to go forward. what we're talking about right now is an agreement that could keep american troops in this country, commit billions of american dollars to this country but in order to have the privilege of american troops leaving their bases in order to conduct counterterrorism raids which would benefit both the united states and afghans, he first wants an apology from president obama saying we're sorry for previous abuses and we'll make sure that there are no abuses in the future. some afghan officials we have been speaking to are embarrassed by this. >> richard engel in kabul this morning. thank you very much. natalie is here with important developments on the issue of abortion.
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>> good morning. two major decisions on abortion tuesday that could have an impact nationwide. in albuquerque, new mexico, voters there have rejected a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. abortion opponents hoped that would create momentum nationally in the long-running fight. also the u.s. supreme court refused to block the texas abortion law. they voted 5 to 4 to leave it in effect. a provision requiring doctors who perform abortions in clinics to have privileges at a nearby hospital. streets in tacloban are bustling with activity this morning two weeks after the typhoon hit the philippines. the storm left people in the city without food and water for days before supplies started to trickle back in. most goods are selling at least double the normal price. authorities estimate the storm killed more than 3,900 people when it made land fall on november 8th but estimates of
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the death toll varied widely. president obama and first lady michelle obama will visit the grave side of john f. kennedy today. they'll participate in a moment of silence and wreath laying ceremony in honor of the president. joining them will be bill clinton and hillary clinton. friday is the 50th anniversary of his assassination. coming up, an inside look at the building where lee harvey oswald opened fire. two hikers are safe after a dramatic rescue in the mountains near vancouver, canada. a man and woman called for help when they got lost and realized one of them wasn't dressed warm enough for the temperatures. the terrain was too rugged to land for the chopper so they had to be plucked out by a long line. one of the hikers probably wouldn't have made it through the night. now this one is going to make you guys uncomfortable. golf is a game of inches and one legendary golfer learned that the hard way. take a look at what happened as chi chi rodriguez made an appearance on the golf channel.
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>> oh, no. >> right in the chi chis. >> he is known for that famous trick shot. unfortunately this time it fired back at him bouncing off the glass. some of the football players on the show were very sympathetic and cringing along with him. >> he still manages to get up. >> impressive. >> wow. >> that looked painful. >> i could have gone all day without seeing that. >> we warned you. >> that story came with a warning. >> i gave you full warning. >> al is here with a cool down in many parts of the country. we have amazing video of the tornado that hit in washington, illinois. that ef-4. this guy, kris lancaster is taking video. he is on his porch. this thing is traveling at 60 miles per hour. his family is already in the basement and when he realizes it's almost too late. he dives into the basement. his 19-year-old son pulls him in.
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but this is a textbook example of why we don't want you doing this. this could have easily have ended very badly. his home was destroyed. so we continue to beg you don't do that. it's a catch 22. we show the video but we don't want you getting hurt. we have a developing winter storm coming out of the west. much needed rain for parts of california into oregon. but we're also looking at a decent amount of snow. aspen, denver, about 3 to 6 inches. and in the wasatch mountains up to 9 inches. minneapolis just on the northern fringes of that, parts of wisconsin also looking at snow. the other big story is brutal cold coming in here. we're talking about temperatures as this arctic air pushes in. they're going to see temperatures dropping anywhere from 15 to 30 degrees below where they should be. 35 new york. 32 lexington. atlanta 36 degrees. we'll get to your forecast in the next 30 seconds. on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here.
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whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors who compare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses. talk to your cvs pharmacist, call, or go to to get your free, personalized plan comparison today. call, go online, or visit your local store today. good wednesday morning to you. keep that umbrella handy. right now we're sandwiched between two bands of rain. a short break from showers, but there's more on the way. you can see it developing offshore. futurecast tells this story. from lunch time to 1:30, the moisture moves through. the south bay will see the brunt of it highs today ending up in the low 60s.
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>> thank you very much. a state senator is recovering in the virginia hospital after allegedly being stabbed by his son. we have kristen welker with more. >> reporter: matt, good morning. a family tragedy. the state senator creigh deeds is recovering at the virginia medical center. one hospital official is telling us he is listed in fair condition this morning as investigators try to figure out how this could have happened. creigh deeds is a fixture in politics. he made a high profile, but unsuccessful bid for governor four years ago. now he is at the center of a family tragedy. tuesday morning, he was stabbed multiple times, apparently by his own son, austin "gus" deeds. >> we are looking into this as
7:15 am
an attempted murder and suicide. >> reporter: it all started here at deeds' rural virginia home when an altercation between father and son turned violent. >> deeds was able to leave on foot. he encountered a cousin nearby driving along the highway. stopped and picked up deeds. >> reporter: he was air lifted to the hospital while authorities tried to save his son. it was too late. the political world expressed disbelief. >> i'm pulling for him. >> reporter: "gus" as he was known, was seen side by side with his father on the campaign trail. a banjo toting college student. there may have been hidden problems. on tuesday, the richmond times quoted dennis cropper, a county official, saying the son was evaluated on monday, but was released because no bed could be located across a wide area of
7:16 am
western virginia. cropper declined to confirm the report for nbc news. whatever the cause, deeds' colleagues are mourning. >> you face a loss of a son. that is the toughest part. >> reporter: now governor bob mcdonnell who beat deeds in the race released a statement calling this utterly heart breaking. a white house official from the president on down sending thoughts and prayers to the deeds' family this morning. now investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fight between father and son in the first place. matt and savannah, back to you. >> kristen welker, thank you very much. a sad story. and the developments in the george zimmerman case. he appeared in court after alleged fight with his girlfriend. we have kerry sanders with more. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. george zimmerman allegedly
7:17 am
pointed a gun at his girlfriend. he denies it. he faces a number of charges. meantime, at the court complex, prosecutors say it went beyond that. they reveal in a bond hearing that he allegedly attempted to strangle his girlfriend. on top of that, there are reports this morning that that girlfriend, samantha schot. it is tryischott is trying to s an interview and trying to sell before she dialed 911. george zimmerman posted a $9,000 bond and left jail with no comment. he walked this route before. when he left jail prior to his acquittal on the second degree murder charge in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> do you have a question about any of these rights, mr. zimmerman? >> no, your honor. >> reporter: in court prosecutors said not only did he threaten his girlfriend with a gun on monday but he allegedly tried to strangle her ten days
7:18 am
ago. >> the victim had indicated there was a prior domestic violence incident that occurred a week and a half agatha ago that involved a choking that she did not report to police. >> reporter: prosecutors fear zimmerman is a threat. not only to his girlfriend but also to himself. >> he also has mentioned suicide in the recent past. >> reporter: zimmerman's lawyers say they have seen no impression of that. >> i didn't get the impression that he was suicidal. >> reporter: he is not allowed to have guns or ammunition. he has to stay away from his girlfriend and her home and he has to wear an ankle monitor to track his movements. in documents filed with the court, zimmerman says he's broke with only $144 in cash and a debt of $2.5 million. his new lawyers are state paid public defenders. >> i would not characterize my client as a loose cannon. he is presumed innocent on these matters and we're confident he's going to be acquitted.
7:19 am
>> reporter: for months george zimmerman has been elusive. even his estranged wife didn't know where he was but on tuesday before bonded out she knew he was here at jail so she had him served. she has filed for divorce. savannah, matt. >> kerry sanders in sanford, florida for us. thank you. in other news, former president george w. bush paid a visit to the tonight show last night. willie is here with more on his appearance. >> good morning. a lot of people look forward to pursuing a new hobby when they retire. matt, for you, canasta. >> well, since leaving the oval office, president bush has been exploring his creative side. >> i do take painting seriously and i brought a painting for you. >> you did? >> did you paint that? well, look at that. >> it was an artistic debut fit for a president. in his first late night show appearance since leaving office,
7:20 am
former president george w. bush told jay leno he was inspired to paint after reading an essay by winston churchill on the subject. finding an art teacher in dallas. >> i said i'm thinking about painting. there's a rembrandt trapped in this body. your job is to find him. >> the first subject, barney, the family dog. >> i can't see where you painted over the number. >> reporter: and keeping with the pet theme, bob, a stray cat found on the family ranch. >> why is he called bob? >> so i can remember how to spell it when i got older. >> reporter: president bush made a splash when these self-portraits appeared online. >> is that second on your credits? painter on your resume. >> depends whether you like the painting or not. >> reporter: he also displayed his lighter side. >> president obama is getting all the late night jokes now.
7:21 am
>> better him than me. >> you look much more relaxed. >> no kidding. >> no, but i mean -- >> duh. >> reporter: and while things turned serious when former first lady laura bush was asked about the president's recent heart surgery. >> it was scary. >> reporter: that mood didn't last long. >> i wasn't that scared. >> you had obama care? >> looking at those paintings those are good. legitimately good. >> yeah, he was perfect. >> one thing we know he hasn't been doing is criticizing president obama. he made a point of saying i know how hard that job is. that's one place i'm not going to go. >> class act and full of one liners. >> good for the president and jay leno. lindsey vonn injured in a crash while training for her
7:22 am
comeback. are her chances of competing in the olympics in jeopardy. and a rossen report investigation on tire repair shops. what we found have never happened to us before. and tamron, what is ahead in the orange room? >> we're getting sexy in the orange room this morning. al roker is here but seriously, our twitter survey on who is the sexiest man. my pick is number one but people magazine has revealed their selection. cool, confident, sexy and it's adam levine. we're going to talk about it. but first, this is "today" on nbc. pretty picture there.
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your worst cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol cold®. it is 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. a drowned tree causing a big mess for muni rider. christie smith is in san francisco right now with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that tree fell because of all the rain we've had. it blocked the cable car track. they had a chain saw out here this morning and they cut it. up there, you can see the cable car. this is hyde street near broadway. it hasn't moved since we got here about 30 minutes ago. crews have been working to cut it, to clean it up. also there was a tree that had a branched snapped along time ago, they decided we'll cut that one down as well. they got a lot of work going on
7:27 am
here. the estimates are, this should be cleared out within the next 30 minutes or so. in the meantime, if you have to get by, use the shuttle. you can hear all the chainsaws buzzing in the background. they still have quite a bit of work. i'm christie smith, back to you. >> thank you for the update. that rain causing a mess with that tree and also causing some wet roads and also conditions that we want to be prepared for. >> looking good out there. a chain saw, that will wake you up. want to show you the sky in san francisco, that's fogged in. overcast sky there. at the 500 foot level, you will find thick, low clouds out there this is san jose, seeing a bit of sunshine. it won't last long. more thick clouds rolling in as the showers head our way. temperatures will climb into the 60s this afternoon. real time doppler radar, we're
7:28 am
sandwiched between rain bands, before now is on the way. lunch time in san jose, it will get hairy. here is mike inouye with traffic. >> low clouds that you were talking about. drivers are doing all right in oakland. not too bad. a typical wednesday. we do have that rain out there. 87, we had a bad slowdown, but it's thinning out now the big deal is the north bay, south 101 through san rafael, two lanes blocked around casa buena. >> that's it for now. another update in a half hour.
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so matt lauer goes up to toronto and interviewed mayor rob ford for the "today" show and the "today" show had the interview with rob ford about the smoking of the crack and that business but then the interview i thought took a very odd twist. see if you can't spot the odd twist. take a look. >> you have brought disgrace to this office and you know that's true. >> i take full responsibility for that. we've all made mistakes, matt. >> did you spot the odd twist? >> wow.
7:31 am
>> david letterman. >> i take responsibility as well. i just don't learn from them. i keep repeating them over and over again. thank you, david, appreciate that. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie along side matt lauer, al roker and natalie morales. >> florida congressman trey radel appears in court today after being charged with cocaine possession. he calls it extremely irresponsible choice and promised to get help. at least two people died and two others are missing after a jet crashed into the ocean last night off the coast of fort lauderdale florida. and nbc news obtained a draft of a new u.s.-afghan security deal that would have the united states pay for afghan security forces and be there longer. it's official, adam levine has been crowned people's
7:32 am
sexiest man alive. what the people on the voice did to mark the occasion. blake shelton is a little jealous. >> congratulations adam. let's bring in this hour with a big scare for the u.s. olympic team. lindsey vonn being evaluated today after a training crash less than three months fwfr opening ceremony in sochi. >> reporter: is lindsey vonn's olympic dream over already? she crashed tuesday. her arms around two people, vonn had to be helped off the slopes. according to vonn's spokesman he was not admitted to the hospital and is currently being evaluated by her doctor bill sterett. in february he had a frightening crash at the world championships. >> and she is down heavily. >> reporter: doing serious damage to her right knee tearing her acl and mcl and fracturing her tibia. we spoke shortly after the surgery that followed. >> i have been injured a lot in my career. i know how to bounce back.
7:33 am
i can get back from it. >> i'm happy to be back. >> reporter: with her sights set on sochi vonn returned to training in the last several months but did she push herself too far too fast? it's a question i posed to her several weeks ago. >> do you worry you push yourself too hard? >> getting injured is part of my job. i know it's going to happen. but as long as i'm not going to be, you know, cripple when i'm older, i'm willing to push myself to the limit because i only have a short amount of time that i'm going to be able to be at the top. >> it's what makes her great and it's also what makes everybody hold their breath. if he ever airs, it's always on the side of danger. >> reporter: vonn's goal has been to defend her olympic gold medal in the women's downhill in sochi. an accomplishment that could be in jeopardy. >> when will you have to get back on the slopes so you can be ready for the olympics. >> honestly in a worst case scenario, if i trained a week before the games i would be fine. >> reporter: with hose games less than three months away,
7:34 am
u.s. fans are holding their breath yet again. >> it's just part of the job. i have fallen a million times and i'll get up a million and one times. >> now the u.s. ski team has yet to comment on the injury or vonn's chances of competing in sochi. on the one hand you've got this fierce competitor who drives to get herself back. on the other hand you worry does she drive too much. >> she has to take those risks if she wants to compete at that level. she was here a few weeks ago and excited. >> keep our fingers crossed. >> wish her the best. >> let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by keurig. >> a gorgeous day. new york city, a few clouds overhead but it will be a lovely day with plenty of sunshine. temperatures on the chilly side only into the low 40s for highs today. we're also looking at unfortunately for our friends in the midwest where they're still recovering from the deadly tornadoes. they have showers and
7:35 am
thunderstorms making their way in so we're going to be looking at wet weather from michigan all the way down into central oklahoma. icy mix and snowy mix into the rockies. beautiful day in the pacific northwest. 44 in seattle. look for morning clouds and fog in los angeles. temp good wednesday morning to you. i'm christina loren. gray skies across the bay area. a bit of sun in the south bay, everything will change. highs in the low 60s all across the board later today. want to show you radar. right now a break from the showers. it will be brief. more rain on the way throughout the second half of the day. look at this. moderate rainfall on the way to the south bay. by 1:00, make sure you're ready for that. otherwise clearing out overnight. that's your latest weather. any time you need to check that forecast go to the weather channel on cable or online. >> always good advice. thank you very much. straight ahead, a rossen reports
7:36 am
first as our hidden cameras investigate tire repair shops. we have surprising results in this. >> then on trending, what do you know about zombies? the family feud answer that left the hosts and audience stunned. but first these messages. [ doorbell rings ] donuts? ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] new special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? how ya doin'? mmm. [ birds chirping ] okay bye bye! [ female announcer ] help satisfy your hunger longer with special k protein bars and shakes. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? it's so much more than coffee.
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where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ back at 7:40 and this morning on rossen reports, a hidden camera investigation before you hit the road for
7:41 am
thanksgiving. today national investigative corr correspondence jeff rossen tells us. >> that warning light pops on your dashboard. it's completely natural. the fix is easy. just add some air but would repair shops do the right thing? this morning, our hidden cameras are rolling and what we found has never happened to us before. >> sir, jeff rossen from nbc news. i want to talk to you about a customer that came in a couple of weeks ago. just wait until you see what his repair shop did and this mechanic astonished us. >> reporter: we set up a scenario with this 2010 chrysler minivan and hired this certified mechanic to inspect it along with the tires. >> the car is in perfect condition.
7:42 am
it needs nothing. >> reporter: then we had her rig a simple problem. >> we're going to let air out of the tires. trigger the dashboard light to come on. >> this is a common situation because this time of year when the temperature drops tire pressure drops. >> that's it. >> what's the fix for this van. >> the fix is free air. >> that's it? >> period. >> reporter: we wired the van with five hidden cameras underneath, inside the side view mirror and even behind the tire capturing every angle. >> how are you? i had an 8:30 appointment. >> reporter: then we sent this female producer to six shops around new jersey. from car dealers to national chains to independent garage with that warning light on. >> i have this light that came on in my car. i'm not sure what it is. >> reporter: things start off promising at these two chrysler dealers. >> in the cold and the heat the tire pressures change. all you have to do is go and put air in it and that's it. >> that's all you need to fix
7:43 am
it? >> that's it. >> reporter: the dealers don't charge us anything but will we will as lucky at the chain stores? >> you don't need to fix it. >> reporter: it gets even better at this firestone. this shop even taking off our tire to inspect for leaks. so honest. >> i don't need to fix anything? >> no, just keep an eye on it. >> reporter: and it's >> reporter: it's all free. jeff rossen from nbc news. we were watching on our hidden camera saying i wonder if they're going to charge or say she needs new tires. you put air in it and sent her along for free. you did the right thing. >> she'll come back. you got to trust your mechanic like you trust your doctor. you got to go somewhere where you trust the person. >> reporter: what happens next at this independent shop truly surprised us. >> if you could tell me what i made it to do to fix the car -- >> reporter: our producer tells them she's clueless, making her an easy target. >> i don't know anything about
7:44 am
cars, so -- >> don't tell the mechanic you don't know anything. you're going -- we are not like that. >> reporter: that's right. he just gave our producer free advice to avoid getting scammed. and diagnosed our problem correctly. >> you don't need tires. we can tell you to make money, but if you don't need it, you don't need it. >> reporter: jeff rossen from nbc news. his to meet him. you told her, "don't call yourself clueless. you'll get scammed." why did you go above and beyond? >> that's the way i brought up. >> reporter: that's the way you were brought up. to help people? >> to help people as much as you can. >> reporter: thank you for being a good guy and doing the right thing. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you. in the end, every single repair shop did the right thing. a rossen reports first. even our expert was stunned. >> to see that they were really trying to give great service. helping out someone who really didn't know was really wonderful. >> reporter: so what if this happens to you? you wake up one morning and your
7:45 am
tire pressure warning light is on. you can fix it yourself. we've posted a simple how-to video on our website now. takes just a few minutes. savannah, anyone can do it, even you, even me. >> okay, jeff. thank you very much. coming up next, people's pick for sexiest man alive is out. it's adam levine. and we've been researching all night to determine why he's the most sexy. talk about it after this. to determine why adam levine is to determine why adam levine is the ♪ ♪ you get your coffee here. you get your hair cut here. you find that certain thing you were looking for here, but actually you get so much more. when you shop at these small local businesses, you support all the things that make your community great. the money you spend here, stays here. in this place you call your neighborhood. small business saturday is november 30th. get out and shop small.
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7:50 am
hearing it from his friends on "the voice." >> good morning, guys. i'm with kate coin, senior writer for "people" magazine. we're thumbing through the pages of this edition. so adam levine, he's adorable. but the sexiest man alive? how did he fit the bill? what was the criteria? >> he's somebody who women absolutely swoon over. if you've seen him in concert ever, ladies lose their minds. and viewers of "the voice," you know, have been shrieking over him for several seasons now. he's got the confidence that we're looking for. >> swagger is what they call it now. >> swagger, yeah. >> it says here he cries at movies, can't wait to be a dad, and loves being naked. >> yeah. >> how do you know that? >> well, he told us. so that's one of the ways we found this out. >> okay. >> the loving being naked, even if he hadn't told us, his instagram tells the tale. there are quite a few shots. and he got naked for us. that's also how we know. >> he did. a couple of other guys naked, also stunning, nevertheless.
7:51 am
he's acquired taste because of the tats. >> more of a slender build than some of the past. not as burley or brawny. >> beefcake type. okay. >> yeah. if he is your type, he is fully your type. >> speaking of types, we have a survey on this is what our viewers said. indress alba, also my pick. adam levine came in second with our survey. >> there you go. >> j.t., blake shelton, liam payne, chris hemsworth, which i think we should be the brothers next year. what do you think of our list as it matches to who you picked? >> i think we did pretty well based on -- a lot of those names are in the issue. so even if adam isn't 100% your guy, there are other guys this there. >> i think he's our cup of tea. what do you ladies think? >> we agree. yeah. >> unanimous support on the right here. >> thank you so much. coming up on "trending," what took so long. a new video 48 years in the making for bob dylan's biggest
7:52 am
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7:56 am
the time is 7:56. the alameda county coroner's office is trying to determine the cause of death for a missing san francisco city college student. the body of 20-year-old derrick shao was found in the waters of san leandro on friday. he was last seen in the city's bayview district where he was headed off to school trying to catch a muni bus. today is transgender remembrance day around the world. in oakland this one has an extra special meaning this year. last night the city of oakland voting to co-host a remembrance day event in response to the attack on 18-year-old sasha fleschman. she is a student who suffered third degree burns after another teenager lit sasha's skirt on fire while riding on an ac transit bus. let's check outside, clouds in the sky, christina, and some
7:57 am
rain. >> we do have some rain behind you in san jose. a pretty shot. we do ha as we head throughout the afternoon, highs will be cooler. you will need your jacket and umbrella today let's talk about where the showers are now. not a lot of activity at this point. that's likely the case as we head throughout the first part of the day. showers stream onshore this afternoon, be ready for that otherwise we look good. here is your drive with mike inouye. we had a few drops of rain, not a deluge. low clouds around. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. we have our screen shot here looking at the water on the lens. the slow drive because of murky conditions on the east shore freeway. we do have an accident on south 101, it's slow approaching san rafael. there's the south bay.
7:58 am
>> appreciate the updates. we'll have another one for you in 30 minutes from now.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on today, coming up, a it's 8:00 on today. coming up a window into history. >> this represents the darkest day in the history of dallas, texas. >> inside the infamous location where lee harvey oswald changed america forever. michelle obama opens up about her first date with the future president, as well as her biggest fashion regret. and 50 and looking good, john stamos is crowned one of people's most beautiful people alive and he's here today, november 20, 2013. >> hi, washington, illinois, we love you. stay strong. >> i'm turning 30 on 30 rock today.
8:01 am
♪ >> i want to hug al, kiss matt and take savannah home. ♪ >> this is way better than school. yeah! ♪ >> we're back now, 8:00 on a wednesday morning. and check out what we've got on the plaza this morning. we've got the bat mobile. at least a souped up brand new version of it. >> i cannot wait to take a ride in this thing. complete with operational flame thrower jets -- >> we can touch it? >> yeah. it's a bat phone. absolutely. >> does it have gps? what's going on in there? it's really cool. >> well jump in this in half an hour and you might want to stand behind it with a marshmallow.
8:02 am
>> i'm matt lauer with al roker and tamron hall and savannah guthrie. >> you will find john stamos in the latest edition. and we'll catch up with him. >> i need to know what supplement he is taking. he turned 50 years old. he looks so good. >> i'm not sure he's real. >> he's digital. >> natalie has a check of the headlines. >> all right, good morning to you. good morning. the scale of damage from sunday's tornadoes across the midwest is becoming more clear. authorities now say at least 26 twisters touched down in indiana and at least 11 hit illinois. on tuesday, authorities in washington, illinois, finally allowed homeowners back into the hardest hit neighborhoods. nbc's kate snow was there. >> reporter: for too many it's about gathering up what little they have left. authorities now say the f-4 tornado that tore through here sunday damaged or destroyed at least a thousand homes.
8:03 am
>> we just had a big tornado come through. wiped out the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: carla writer used all her strength to pull the bathroom door closed. >> i put the pillows over my head and i walked out and it was all light. >> because there's no roof. >> reporter: on tuesday she went home for first time. >> that's kyle, my son. can't you just kiss that little face? >> reporter: her son is an army sergeant now, stationed in georgia. her daughter a military wife at camp lejeune in north carolina. her family far away. until they can get here, she's relying on strangers, sleeping at cross roads united methodist church. >> everybody here has just -- i don't know, has taken us into their arms. >> reporter: she was hoping to find her grandmother's teacup in the cabinet. >> i have a piece of it. this didn't survive.
8:04 am
but i did. this can be not replaced, but new things, new memories made. >> reporter: kate snow, nbc news, washington, illinois. search and rescue crews are combing the waters off south florida this morning after a lear jet went down. it crashed three miles northeast of ft. lauderdale's airport with two pilot and two passengers on board. the crew had reported engine trouble. at least two bodies were recovered. nbc news has learned that the u.s. military role in afghanistan could last far for years beyond the end of the current mission in 2014. a draft of the u.s./afghan security deal would let thousands of troops remain in afghanistan to operate military bases and battle al qaeda. in return, u.s. taxpayers would support hundreds of thousands of afghan security forces. white supremacist killer joseph paul franklin was put to
8:05 am
death this morning after the supreme court refused to intervene. the 6 -year-old franklin was executed for a 1977 sniper murder outside of suburban st. louis synagogue. he targeted blacks and jews in a cross country spree that claimed as many as 20 lives. franklin admitted shooting and wounding vernon jordan and hustl "hustler" magazine publisher harry flynt. prosecutors said the first-term republican bought a small amount of cocaine in washington, d.c. last month. he was sentenced to one year probation, and radel said his struggle with alcoholism led to an extremely irresponsible choice. a cleaning crew struck gold literally tuesday in the bathroom of a jet airways 737. here's what they found. 24 gold bars worth more than $1.1 million. now, these were stashed inside two bags aboard a flight from
8:06 am
thailand to india. officials confiscated the gold which they believed was left by a smuggler trying to avoid the high tax on imported gold. you're up to date now. now let's get another check of the weather with al out in the plaza. >> today's weather is brought to you by disney frozen. experience disney frozen in theaters and 3-d november 27th. >> i think we can be co-stars in the movie. i'll tell you. i think i've got this in reverse. you got married on the beach and you're honeymooning in new york city. i think it should be the other way around. >> i agree. >> when did you get married? >> saturday. >> congratulations. >> well, welcome. welcome. let's see what we've got for you. see if anything is going to warm up. let's check our pick city of the day. anchorage, alaska. ktuu channel 2. friday, it's going to be warm. just about as warm in anchorage as in new york city. periods of snow. 33 degrees.
8:07 am
rest of the country look at the afternoon temperatures. going to stay in the 30s today, teens and 20s as you get into northern plains. 80s in florida on into southern texas. wet weather making its way from the great lakes all the bway don >> showers continue through part of the day. clearing, though, overnight.
8:08 am
>> the guys over here said -- >> it says on and off. >> that's for the bat computer. >> it's got a cd player. >> anyway -- >> wow. >> coming up next on "trending" the answer that led to the awkward and hilarious moment on "the family feud." >> at 8:17 we'll go inside the book depository. what was it like for one family to witness the assassination of president kennedy? and one of the newly crowned sexiest men alive, john stamos, he can ride shotgun with me. but first, these messages. >> i'll show you how to get out of the car.
8:09 am
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8:12 am
[ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener.
8:13 am
splenda® lets you experience the joy of sugar without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda™ back at 8:13 and here is what's trending today. >> back at 8:13. here is what's trending today. >> let's start with a photo generating some discussion in the army. take a look at this. do you see anything wrong with this photo?
8:14 am
general, ugly wo men are perceived as competent while pretty women are perceived as having used their looks to get ahead. >> the colonel goes on to right it might behoove us to select more average looking women for our communications strategy. in other words when it comes to pr strategy she thinks gritty is better than pretty. the army tells us this is a internal discussion and not reflective of policy. >> it might behoove you to choose your words more carefully in annin internal memo. >> coming from a female. >> wow. >> yeah. >> and we're used to seeing first lady michelle obama looking stylish and picture perfect but in a new interview with b.e.t., the first lady admitted, there is one particular look that she now regrets.
8:15 am
>> sometimes i forget i'm the first lady and i'm like running around in shorts. i know the first time we went on a family vacation i had shorts on getting off of air force one and that created a huge stink because people are like she is wearing shorts getting off of air force one. and i thought we're on vacation. >> well, remember that happened back in 2009. the first family, she said they were on vacation in arizona. it was over 100 degrees there. so that explains that. but the first lady was also asked about her first date with the president and she revealed more about their day long adventure than she ever has before. take a listen. >> he layed it out. he covered every base. he took me to an art museum and then he was talking picasso. so he showed me his little cultural side. and then we went for a long walk and we went to see the opening of do the right thing, spike lee. he showed me his swag side. we had a deep conversation about that and we ended it having
8:16 am
drinks on the top of the john hancock building in chicago. that was our first date. >> wow. >> yeah. >> not a bad date. >> yeah. >> everything from picasso. >> what do you do for an encore at that point. >> you become president. you think that's good, watch what's coming up? i'm going to be president. >> we have something cool for you. bob dylan is going to the website and created a music video for his classic song like a rolling stone. it came out 48 years ago but it's got a new twist. let me run over to the orange room. if you haven't seen the video, it is quite impressive. take a look. >> okay. ♪ now you can change the channel and when you change the channel you see a different person
8:17 am
singing the song and -- hang on. >> go figure. my tv. >> here we go. so you change the channel and it's in sync. dylan teamed up with a 27-year-old tech wiz to create this interactive video. so you click and see all of these tv personalities. from the chef world, whatever. but here's a factoid you didn't know. they wanted to include the "today" show team on one of the channels. >> and someone said no because it's already such a classic. ryan, get over here. >> he said no. >> he was worried. >> you can't ruin a classic. >> ryan osborne. >> ryan, you wept in for us? >> the song is sacred. i hope you can hear me. >> the song is sacred and i give them a lot of credit for pulling it off. when i first heard the idea i have to say that i -- i was skeptical. but they really did pull it off. >> you are amazing every day so this one mess up i'll let you pass. guys, this is cool. you have to check it out.
8:18 am
>> that was a great last decision, ryan. >> come on. he's our guy. >> scrooge osborne. >> you know the words. >> he's going to kill me. >> that is what's trending today. >> now a young girl i think we can all learn from. meet tanya role jordan south. she accidentally found a christmas gift hidden in her mom's closet but instead of keeping it she decided to auction off the american girl doll. she wants to raise money for our troops overseas. so jordan and her mom amy are with us now. ladies, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so, jordan, you're snooping around the closet. you find this gift. this little american girl doll was the thing you wanted more than anything else for christmas, right? >> yes. >> and so, how did you decide to give it away? >> well, i saw the donation boxes empty and they weren't as full as i hoped so me and my mom brainstormed up an idea to put her in an auction. >> why was it so important for you to raise money for troops, jordan?
8:19 am
>> well, why wouldn't it be important? i mean, they don't get stuff that we get every day and it's really great that we can give so such a great cause. >> i know your whole school is taking part in this effort to raise money for the troops. how much have you all raised so far? >> i think about $1,500. >> that's great. >> are you surprised at how many people have responded to this, jordan? >> i am definitely surprised. >> but mom, you're not too surprised at jordan and how generous she is and what a good spirit she has. you said this is just in her nature. >> jordan has always been a giver. it's just what she likes to do. she has been involved in several different community service projects and she started it and has never looked back. if she has something that somebody needs, she is happy to give it.
8:20 am
>> i know it was sage, right? that was the doll that was so important. so we have a surprise for you. if you look on our camera, we have not one but we have two dolls. so we are going to get you those. do you have a sister? >> yeah. >> all right. well, there's one for your sister too, okay? >> that's amazing. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. no, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> great job. thank you for having such a good heart. >> bye. >> great job. >> really inspiring. what a doll. by the way, you can learn more about if you want to contribute to jordan's efforts head to our website >> let's take a turn now and have more at the week long look of the assassination of jfk. 50 years later, building where lee harvey oswald opened fire now houses a museum. for visitors it's a step back in time to a day that changed american history. >> november 22nd, 1963. >> the president's car is now turning on to elm street.
8:21 am
>> in a matter of seconds, promising day for president kennedy takes a deadly turn on the streets of dallas. >> several shots were fired today. >> reporter: as shots ring out in deally plaza, bill and gail newman lay down in the ground sheltering their young sons from the gunfire. >> as the car got in front of us the gunshot behind us hit the president in the side of the temple. >> i thought it was a fire cracker and i saw the blood and i had the baby and i just ran and i got on top of him and laid on the grass. it scared me. it was terrible. >> reporter: today the newmans are in their 70s but the events of that day are still clear in their mind. >> i heard mrs. kennedy say, oh my god, no, they shot jack. that's when she jumped back. it looked like she was trying to get out of the car. >> our oldest boy bill asked me
8:22 am
did you see all of that blood? he said, why did they shoot that man? i tried to explain to him there were bad people in the world and he was safe and we would take care of him. t the. >> the newmans' memories are being taken care of in a project. >> reporter: the museum is located in the former texas school book depository building on the floor where lee harvey oswald fired his fatal shots. >> when the idea for a museum was launched on this site, was there a feeling that it was a bit of a morbid idea? >> some people thought that. but the real concern is while we don't want it to be something that will embarrass the city yet again with this subject. >> that's the snipers perch. that's where lee harvey oswald positioned himself to take the shots that killed president kennedy. this represents the darkest days
8:23 am
in the history of dallas, texas. some people said let's tear it down. let's demolish it. but others said, wait a minute, it's history, let's capture it, let's preserve it. >> we hope our visitors have a good understanding of the basics involving why kennedy was here. what happened during the shooting. what the investigations were like and what the kennedy legacy is like. >> i know nothing about this situation. i would like to have legal representation. >> reporter: at the center of the investigations, lee harvey oswald taken into custody and fingered as the prime suspect an hour and a half after the shooting. >> did you kill the president? >> no, sir, i didn't. people keep asking me that. >> how would lee harvey oswald given his background, how could he have brought down the leader of the free world? >> when you look at his life he was at the end of the road. his marriage was failing, he had two young daughters and no future and we know now that people walk into a school with a gun when they're in that kind of position. maybe that's just the simple
8:24 am
answer, matt. >> in this home movie taken a few seconds before the shooting you can see the motorcade pass in front of the texas school book depository and that 6th floor window. >> did anybody ever stop to enhance the pictures to see if lee harvey oswald could be seen in that window? >> yes, the fbi blew up the frames. you can see a shape there but you can't even tell if it was a person. turns out it was the boxes. >> reporter: they have hundreds of still photos and home movies taken that day in dallas but there may still be a missing piece of the puzzle out there somewhere. >> does that haunt you that you can look at some of the images and see people standing with cameras and know that 50 years later, those people have never come forward to reveal what their cameras might have captured? >> matt, you have no idea. it bothers me a lot. and every time people come to us and say i have this picture. it's probably not very good but would you like to have it?
8:25 am
we say, oh, yes, because every picture can tell a story when a question is asked if the future. >> have you been in that museum? >> no. i want to go. >> it's extraordinary. the collection of images they have. the photographs. the model that the fbi built of the location to try to figure out how the crime was committed. it was a fascinating place. >> the other day we were talking when we had the clint hill story and there were the xs on the roadway there. apparently the dallas officials have removed those xs. they're not official. people keep painting them there. clint hill said he wasn't sure. he thought one of them seemed right but the other one didn't. but because of this anniversary, the city decided to get rid of them. >> tomorrow by the way on today, lester holt examines the legacy of jfk, the first president of the modern television era. a time that came to be known as camelot. >> all right. coming up this morning, we are going to talk to john stamos and get his secret. how does he do it?
8:26 am
how does he stay so fit at 50? how did he find himself in the pages of "people" magazine again? zishlgts good wednesday morning to you. today a school board will decide if vallejo high school needs to change its mascot. some say the apache represents a sense of tradition and school proceed. others say he is hurtful and humiliating to american indians. if the board aproves the mascot change, the school will likely retain its colors, which are red and white. the big question is what will the new mascot be? so far an alternate has yet to be named. let's see if you have to find alternates to your morning commute. what's traffic looking like? >> it's not so bad considering we had rain overnight, and we had power outages in the south bay, like you said, but we'll show the pictures here. this is a bay bridge toll plaza. you have some droplets on the
8:27 am
lens. not officially rain, but enough mist you have to use the windshield wipers, and slick roads. low clouds in the area. no big surprises aside from the berkeley curve. we do have a crash right around poul. blocking one lane. north 8808 jamming up over the coliseum. soupy conditions farther north as you head through downtown oakland. that's to be expected. going southbound to 101 through palo alto, really gumming up around university and then clearing and then mountain view, and here's the south bay with san jose northbound 101 and also 85 and 87, guys. very slow. >> soggy morning out there. we'll check the forecast the neck time we're together. that's at 8:55. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
and we are back. check this out on a wednesday morning, 8:30. cruising down 49th street here in midtown manhattan in one of the coolest cars you will ever see. this is a rendition, a modern rendition of the classic bat mobile. >> holy replica batman!
8:31 am
this is road worthy. $200,000. you can pull it into your own bat cave. >> handles like a dream. probably not great on gasoline. but it's got amazingly cool features as i pull upright over here. hello folks. let me figure out how to put this thing in park. >> got it up to 14 miles per hour there. that was really exciting. >> we didn't want to put the rocket into play. >> savannah, go around back for a second. >> no. >> check this out -- >> no, don't do it -- >> don't get too close. >> do it do it. >> get a shot of the rear end of this car. >> here we go. >> is it working? >> no. >> it's too cold out. >> okay, here we go. >> nice. >> wow. >> now we're warming up a bit out here. >> that's cool. >> impressive. >> we got the bat scope here.
8:32 am
check it out, look up here, we have the bat antenna. >> where's the bat phone? >> the bat phone has bluetooth. >> that's right. >> this is very cool. >> nice. >> mr. freeze would be happy with this day. >> they got this cool store over on 57th street here in manhattan. renovated the whole thing in time for christmas and $200,000, this could be yours. >> does it come with batman? >> no, just the car. >> here's another classic, the sound of music. nbc is going to put on a live show of the sound of music starring carrie underwood and to mark the huge event we're searching for our own sound of music family. send us your best performance and you could be asked to perform right here on today. head to our website to find out all the details. >> it's so cool.
8:33 am
>> we need you guys to shut your von trapp. >> are you freezing? >> yeah. >> we're looking at today a lot of shower activity through the midwest. minneapolis, you'll see showers. eventually it's going to turnover to snow as you check it out. we're looking attempts getting up into the low 40s today with rain eventually changing to snow. for today, wet weather from the great lakes on into the mid-mississippi river valley. rain also along the california coast. tomorrow, icy conditions from mississippi river valley back into northern texas. fridged conditions in the plains and descent amount of snow. areas from 3 to 6 inches. 8:33 on a welt wednesdays
8:34 am
morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures in the upper 50s across the board. we're only going to climb by an additional five degrees. we head into this afternoon. only climbing into the low 60s. that goes for the san jose area, the peninsula, east bay, san francisco, and the north bay. make sure you have your umbrella with you. as can you see here, getting a break from the rain, but there's more developing just off shore. that will start as we head throughout this afternoon. look at this. we stop the clock for you at lumpl time. heavy rain moving into san jose. i think savannah wants to be batgirl. >> i do. i wonder if you can fix your lipstick in this mirror. >> matt. >> all right, al, thank you very much. earlier this morning we told you that adam levine is people magazine's sexiest man alive. the issue comes out on friday and includes more than 100 other guys including our next guest mr. john stamos. >> hey. is that a snap on beard. >> do you want to touch that. >> i do. i love touching you.
8:35 am
>> not bad, huh? >> congratulations. >> well, people magazine have been so good to me over my 78 year career. every year they try to figure out a way to like sexiest guy that looks like he's wearing a wig but he's not really. but this year they said let's have a sense of humor about it and i said i'm in for that and as you can see we did sort of a -- >> you're telling them how you remaino sexy after the age of 50 which we'll talk about in a second. >> right. >> what are your secrets? >> my parents are great. >> you have good genes. >> i have good genes. i'm very lucky. >> you turn 50 in august. >> how old are you? >> 55. >> you look better than anybody. >> this isn't a mutual admiration society. i can't believe you're 50. i still think 33 or 34 years old. >> should we make out? that would be weird. >> halloween. that's all for halloween. seriously you have a very
8:36 am
youthful appearance. did 50 bother you when you turned 50? >> not really. i was excited about it. i had a great party. other than my father not being there it was the greatest night of my life. tom jones sang and the beach boys sang so i was really excited. it's hitting me a little now. >> you joked a second ago about your 78 year career or whatever it is. you have been in the business how long now? >> 31 or 32 years. >> has it gone by in a snap or do you stop and remember each of the periods along the way? >> it's gone by pretty fast but i'm just grateful. every day i'm just so grateful. i think what's made it's really special is i get to do different things and come to new york and do theater and television. music. i get to play with the beach boys. >> i think longevity in this business is something that everybody would love to have and so few people can actually attain. if you were giving advice to a younger guy right now, that 22-year-old, you started when
8:37 am
you were young. so give advice to that young person now, what would it be. >> my dad said to me -- i started on general hospital when i was 18. i said what do i do, give me something. >> he said you street the janitor the same way you treat the producer and that's what i have tried to do most of my career. >> i can vouch for that. when you come here you're always nice to everybody in the studio and i think when you leave we always end up saying nice things about you. that's worked very well. your dad was a smart man. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. >> did you show sagget? >> do you have the picture -- there were a couple of funny pictures for the issue. >> there you go. >> we did some like it hot. and that's bob there. look how beautiful he is in the dress. and that's me. >> does this mean you're putting in an early bid for sexiest woman alive next year? >> we could have a face-off on that. john stamos. always good to have you here. >> thank you. >> congrats again.
8:38 am
and up next, all new steals and deals. a beauty package at 70% off. you need to check that out john. bu
8:39 am
8:40 am
we are back now at 8:40. jill's steals and deals time. discounts for your holiday shopping. maybe a little something for you too. jill martin is today contributor and editor for people style watch. so how does this work? >> are people uninitiated at this point? >> just in case there's one or two. go to right now. we'll link you to the retailers website. up to 90% off of some of our deals. >> steak knives. you cook steak all the time. >> constantly. >> this is a great gift for you. beautiful. already comes in the gift box. the retail is $225. 9-piece carving set. one cork crew. so it comes in this beautiful
8:41 am
black velvet lined case. all stainless steel. it's 73% off. >> it's so hard to shop for guys and guys would like this as a gift. >> people tweet me all the time about gifts for men. load up on these for the holidays. >> sharp knives. sharp knives for men. >> never know when you're going to need those. >> what is this? beauty products? >> the retail $115 so you get the body wash here. this is the body butter. >> okay. >> so you have the body wash, the shaving cream, and it comes in this beautiful box already with the bow. i'm trying to get everything prepackaged. fans include ashley oleson and selena gomez. the deal 27.50. 76% off. this is getting good. >> i'm sorry. it's early in the morning. >> i got too much lotion.
8:42 am
>> okay. so that's great. and the bracelets. >> the bracelets. >> okay. i have them layers here. >> cute. >> you can tell. i love the layers look here. retail $85. and it's different ones are engraved. believe, live love laugh, lucky. everyone gets a different thing. >> they kind of go with everything. >> i love the layers look. this is great. retail $85. the deal 25.50. >> towels, everybody needs these. >> going into the new year it's so nice if you're giving a house warming gift just to have a fresh set of towels. the retail $84. it's a three-piece towel set. the bath towel, the hand towel, the wash cloth in a variety of colors just check online. we spell them out and i love this blue. the retail $84. the deal $25. 70% off. >> so for $25 you get the set.
8:43 am
>> and it's all of these colors. you see the detail in the towels. just very pretty. >> it's soft but not too soft. you know towels can be too soft. have you ever noticed that? >> yeah. >> it doesn't really absorb. >> this is getting exciting. 320 to 360. the choice of three different sizes. dual spinners so they spin around in addition to wheeling them. variety of colors. retail 320 to 360. the deal $79 to $99. that's up to 75% off. >> that is amazing. >> we want 15 of our viewers to travel in style on us. >> okay. >> i'm going to go to the orange room and meet with tamron. >> hi. >> there's nothing in here. i'm just going to lift it. >> okay so we're doing our caption contest again and 15 people will get this 21 inch blue luggage. so here's the photograph that we took this morning. and we're asking you to caption
8:44 am
what we could possibly be thinking or doing here. you can see jill's ensemble and you see mine and let us know and the best captions, the first 15 -- >> that we pick. >> the 15 we pick you'll get this nice carry on piece for thanksgiving. i'm gone, carson is back. there's the hint about my luggage. >> your boots go perfectly with that basket. >> because they're made for walking. >> ladies, thank you so much. we've got the knife set. the beauty package from whish. those bracelets. the towel sets. and the 8-wheel spinners from travel pro. if you want more information or have questions on past orders go to our website coming up next, we'll answer the call of the
8:45 am
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8:47 am
all right. back now at 8:46 with today's call of the wild. this morning, hour our animal friends adapt when the weather gets older. >> he sprung a leak. >> yeah, i heard that. julie, good morning. >> why always you. >> ironically it's on your shoes. >> oh. >> we're not going to say what those shoes are made of. >> just regular leather. >> yes, they are. >> we're all bundled up out there and these guys have to deal with the cold. even though he had cold snaps in florida a few years ago but we were rescuing mammals, alligators did really well. they actually go into a state of dormancy -- >> savannah is freaking out. >> that's a big alligator. >> they actually dig into the side of the banks.
8:48 am
they'll find a spot which is facing the sun so they can warm up as much as possible but they won't eat for many many months if it gets below 70%. that basically means they're just chilling out. >> what happened ifs the water freezes. >> what's really cool is you see these nodules on the top of their nose and their eyes here. >> yeah. >> they'll rise up to the top of the surface of the water and let those stick out while the water freezes around them and they can stay like that until the water thaws out. >> wow. >> thank you very much. >> >> rest easy. >> no warning about that. >> okay your left arm. >> okay. >> i'm afraid. >> we've got an animal here who is actually a migrator. so rather than dealing with the cold weather he's going to fly away from the cold weather. >> this is the turkey vulter,
8:49 am
right? >> oh, that was fantastic. you just came over. unbelievable. >> he's not going to migrate too far this year. >> i got nothing more. >> oh. >> these guys are migrating and of course they're going to the place where they have more food. obviously he's not going to make it this year. >> he's a smart one. >> we have two animals that are trying to avoid the cold weather, right? our next animal is actually one that thrives in the cold weather. >> wow. >> isn't this a beautiful animal. >> can i touch him? >> why don't you come on this side? >> well, i don't know about that. >> he is actually very sweet but i never recommend touching anything on the face or around the mouth, you know?
8:50 am
>> absolutely. >> but he has this thick fur. you can see all of the that soft, thick fur. the huge paw with fur on the bottom of the paws as well. that keeps him insulated. he can withstand temperatures minus 65 degrees. so he is well adapted. and coming up on the holidays, people will probably be a little bit upset to know that these guys hunt reindeer. >> do they? >> yeah. >> little animal taking on a reindeer. >> she is going to fill out more and males will get a little larger than the females. so we'll let her go off and we're going to bring off our next animal -- >> savannah -- >> come on savannah. >> no. no. >> come on. come on. >> all right. >> ladies -- savannah --
8:51 am
>> i'm sorry. >> hey. >> down boy. >> we have jumpers. these are bull frogs. they go and dig into the mud underneath the water and hibernate throughout the winter. >> if the water freezes they can just stay under there all winter long? >> they can because they can breathe through their skin and water will allow the exchange of oxygen. >> not happy. >> there are species of frogs -- why don't we put them all in. there are some species of frogs that actually can freeze and their breathing stops and heart rate stops. >> they thaw out. >> and they thaw out and find the nearest breeding pools as soon as they can. >> wow. so amazing. >> maybe he'll turn into a prince. >> yeah. >> we hate to torture people here. actually, no, that's not true. >> all right. this is fascinating. this really is. >> we do the survivor shows and we think people are so brave
8:52 am
when they can withstand the elements for a few days. these guy versus to live out there all winter long. >> they're beautiful animals. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> up next. >> one of the most awesomely awkward answers in family feud history. we're going to show you that but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
okay we're back at 8:52. did you get it off. >> the alligator pee. >> there's no way to get into this next video. it's about the undead. take a look. >> name something you know about zombies. >> black. >> they're black. okay. >> i don't know if they're white or -- it's up there. it's up there. >> you shut up lady. >> and the survey says -- >> zero. >> steve harvey is -- he's genius. he handled it well. >> always wonder -- you push the buzzer, you're not sure of the
8:55 am
answer and you blurt something out and then as the words are coming out you're wishing take them back. take them back. >> classic. all right. what do you guys have coming up in the next hour. >> i'm going to lean in. another day. another twist in the mayor rob ford scandal. >> also have you seen the kanye west and kim kardashian new video? >> racy and steamy. >> yeah. >> and that's the tame part. >> she doesn't have a lot on. >> yeah. >> i'm going to run up to my dressing room. >> stay tuned. >> all right. well, we'll look forward to that and a whole lot more. >> it's not funny. >> yes it is. >> no, no, it's not. by the way, who picks frogs for the call of the wild segment? >> everybody. >> we voted on
8:56 am
good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we've had a power outage. the transformer blew last night. no word yet when lights are supposed to be back on. students are being told to stay at home. want to check the forecast now with meteorologist kristine loren. >> good morning to you at home. across the greater bay area,
8:57 am
look at all this rainfall developing off shore. that's going to move in as we head throughout the next few hours. looking pretty active between about 10:00 a.m. and 178 p.m. mostly in the south bay. temps in the 50s. you can see we're fogged in. mostly cloudy here at san jose right now. headed towards the low 60s throughout the day today. we should start to see those showers clear out as we bet into tonight.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to today on this wednesday morning, november 20th, 2013. breezy and cold outside in new york city. i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales. how are you guys doing? >> great. >> it's freezing out there today. >> now the beard feels good. >> i know, you feel sort of wintry and cozy. >> i just want to put on a flannel shirt. >> maybe friday. >> lumberjack friday. >> bearded men. >> go for it bearded men. >> oh, yes. >> it will suit you. >> did you guys see george w
9:01 am
bush on leno last night. >> he was so great. >> he was on the tonight show with leno last night. he spoke about what exactly he has been doing since he left the white house in 2009. he joked about his new hobby which is painting. some of us heard about this. >> like portraits. >> he was joined by his wife laura to talk about his recent health scare. but jay asked him why he finally chose to accept an invitation. >> so i was actually pleasantly surprised you accepted our invitation. >> only because of you. >> well, thank you. that's very kind. that's very kind. >> i mean, you're about to head out to pasture. wanted to see what you looked like before you got to the gate. i take painting seriously. and i brought a painting for you. >> you did? did you paint that? look at that. >> when the president had that
9:02 am
heart scare, how scary was that? >> it was scary. it was very scary. >> yeah. >> i wasn't that scared. >> you had obama care? >> good laugh there. >> there was something sort of oddly titanic about the i painted you a portrait of you. just for you. >> that's a great portrait by the way. portraits are really hard to do. most start with landscapes. he is doing portraits already and leno is not an easy face to paint. >> he has no distinctive feature. >> none. >> you start from the chin and you work your way up. >> so last night your watching george w. bush on leno. you stay up a little bit and you watch al roker on fallon. >> on fallon. >> nicely done. >> check it out. >> moving on to weather, a cold front is set to hit the northeast this week. here for a short weather report is short al roker. >> hey, jimmy, how you doing.
9:03 am
good to see you, bud. hey, hey. hey. i'm over here. hey. hey. well, thank you jimmy. so temperatures are expected to be in the upper 20s and the lower 30s by this weekend. i'm short al roker and that's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> can you recreate that voice? >> i can. i guess they put a little filter on it. sounded like you've been sucking on helium. >> and flicks you right off the desk. >> i love all the stuff they come up with. they do a good job. >> busy night of late night around here. >> we have to give you an update. rob ford watch. it's like panda watch from anchorman. rob ford watch. he lost his power and staff and everything and now after one wonderful episode he lost his television show. ford nation axed. they said the show was --
9:04 am
expensive. >> expensive and difficult to produce. >> he's standing in front of a desk. >> how is that expensive? >> because it's made of -- >> difficult to produce, i get. that, clearly. >> yeah, you point a camera at him and let him talk. that's tough. do they have different standards in canada? what's going on there. >> got to come up with something better than that. >> the two brothers will appear as regular guests. so i guess they'll still -- >> there's nothing regular about those two guys. >> well, yeah. without saying. >> the good news is another one made an appearance on late night thanks to david letterman and his interview matt had with rob ford. >> so matt lauer goes up to toronto and interviews mayor rob ford for the "today" show. the "today" show had the interview with rob ford about the smoking of the crack and all of that business. but then the interview, i thought, took a very odd twist. see if you can't spot the odd
9:05 am
twist. take a look. >> you have brought disgrace to this office and you know that's true. >> i take full responsibility for that. we've all made mistakes, matt. >> i brought my pail. >> did you spot the odd twist? >> matt's reaction, priceless. >> right back to matt. >> and he can't blame that on a drunken stupor. >> no, totally sober when he did that. >> i think -- >> that was great. >> good stuff. so let's talk about vacation time. we don't get enough of it. nobody gets enough of it in this kr country. >> well they get it but they're not using it. >> compared to other countries. but a lot of us are leaving the little vacation days we have unused. the survey found here in the u.s. worker who is are given 14
9:06 am
vacation days took only 10 days off a year. they are leaving four on the table. reasons include stock piling days for the future, too difficult to coordinate time off with the family and financial worries. >> sometimes they cash out on them as well. >> right. >> by the way in france, denmark, spain, they got about 30 days annually. italy gets 28. australians get 20 days off. >> and they always go on amazing vacations and they disappear for a month. >> plus they sleep half the day anyway. >> those europeans. >> well, willie, you're leaving money on the table, though, when you're not taking the vacation days. >> yeah. i probably will end up leaving a couple on the table. >> really? >> yeah. i think so. i put it all in the summer when i know my kids will be around. >> no, i steal a couple of extra. >> nobody's counting al's anymore. >> nobody even this i'm working. >> but you work so hard around the clock anyways. so even when you're on vacation.
9:07 am
>> well, a lot of folks in this country do and they really should keep track. >> true. >> because if you have extra time to watch the latest kanye west video. >> which is important. >> in order to get the full effect of the kanye west new video called bond to featuring his beautiful, absolutely gorgeous soon to be wife kim kardashian, i feel like we should step in front. >> let's take a look first. [ music playing ] >> so by the way, that's the very carefully edited -- those are not the good parts.
9:08 am
>> we did blur out on our own some of the more sexy shots. >> but basically the whole video is him sitting on a motorcycle. >> like what's behind us. >> facing the wrong way topless. so we went full kanye on this. sitting on a stationary motorcycle with a fan over there. she's on top of him and it's four minutes. >> what do you think? cheesey? corny? >> intentionally so. >> this is beautiful. i'm liking this. >> al, you be kim and -- >> no, no. >> i thought we were going to reenact that. >> no. >> okay. >> it was very racy though. when they're on the motorcycle, the motorcycle is moving, it's racy. >> it snchis. >> he watched it about ten times. she was in her dressing room having a cigarette. it was unbelievable. >> relax natalie. >> that seasoned 50 shade of grey. just saying. >> al, a look at the weather. how about this. >> let's see what we've got
9:09 am
going on. pardon me as we head that way and some people don't really want to see the video, but you have to watch it and really judge for yourself. our friends in denver are going to be looking at a little snow over the next 24 to 48 hours. but right now, basically, skies are going to see an increase in clouds. temperatures will be in the mid 50s and then they are going to drop. look at these snowfall amounts. we'll be looking at anywhere from 6 to 9 inches of snow in the rockies and this is going to make its way on up into the northern plains and the midwest. wisconsin may see anywhere from 9 inches to a foot of snow. the other big story is arctic air pouring into the eastern half of the country. i mean, we're talking temperatures are going to be anywhere from 15 to 30 degrees below average. new york by sunday, 35. 17 degrees below average. lexington, kentucky. 32. that's 21 degrees below average even as far south as atlanta. a high on sunday of 46. that's 16 degrees colder than
9:10 am
>> good morning to you. it's chilly out there. we have rain-cooled air coming up in the area, but really getting kind of a break. all of this moisture is slated to move on shore as we head throughout the next couple of hours. want to show you what your futurecast looks like. at this hour not a lot of activity, but look at what happens between about 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. a lot of moisture headed our way. especially down in the south bay, so keep that in mind. otherwise, we'll see a nice amount of clearing as we get into tonight and highs will be comfortable. especially in the 60s in the south bay along the planes and in san francisco for today. and that's your latest weather. >> al, we have big news about you and hoda hosting the tournament of roses parade in passadena. have they told you yet? >> yes. >> i'm really excited. i have done this about 25 years and i'm looking forward to hoda coming along. i think she will be drunk. >> one would imagine. >> but it's the granddaddy of
9:11 am
all parades. >> we have a look at the voices living the dream float. >> nice. >> very cool. >> i like the look of that. >> and as al mentions, it will be good to see the 125th rose parade broadcast. look for it at 11:30 a.m. and 8:30 pacific time. >> >> nicely done. >> coming up next t holidays are about here. that means a lot of shopping and traveling and hassles but you can protect yourself if you know [ female announcer ] making a pie that pops is surprisingly easy.
9:12 am
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for safety information and a free one-month trial. let the holiday rush begin. thanksgiving is next week which is the start of the busy
9:15 am
traveling and shopping center. >> whether shipping your package or signature at the airport you can count on delay and hassles. >> and here to let you know how to get what you paid for. good morning. >> good morning. >> more and more people are back to how they're going to do their shopping this year. shipping is always a concern. you want to make sure your packages get to the person you're sending it to in time. what are your rights when it comes to that? >> the big takeaway number is $1.6 billion. that's the amount people are expected to be shopping online for black friday. so of course you're going to be concerned with if the shipments will be coming to you or not. so it's a federal mandate that if you order something that retailer has to give it to you in the time you specify or within 30 days. if they do not, you have the right to not pay for it or you can wait and get that -- for that shipment to come in. either way you're going to be okay. emotionally i don't know if the people waiting for those presents are going to be okay
9:16 am
but financially you'll be fine. >> a little wrinkle on this is sunday delivery. same day delivery. delivery within an hour. do the rules still apply? >> rules still apply and you're right. amazon is doing a collaboration with the united states postal service. you'll be able to order something on friday for delivery on sunday. they're rolling it out in new york and los angeles and for the rest of the country in 2014 but walmart will do same day delivery. and denver, minneapolis and some areas of san jose. >> ebay is doing the one hour delivery. it's crazy. >> let's talk about price matching. they say we will match the lowest price you can find anywhere. first of all is it true? second of all, how can you be sure you're getting the lowest price. >> right. a lot of the larger retailers want to price match. they want to make sure that they go ahead and get the best. their customers come in and one retailer in particular, speaking of walmart is going to go ahead
9:17 am
and do that. now last year, the study, $87 million was spent on walmart and walmart wants to make sure that that number increases. so what they're going to go ahead and do is if you find a product that's cheaper at a different store, bring that product in and they will give you the difference. so the cheaper product that comes in, they'll give you the difference between the walmart price and that cheaper product. also you can go and if you see an ad you can go to -- send them an e-mail saying you saw this less expensive ad and they will give you the difference in a gift card. >> okay. good to know. what about buyers remorse? people want to know return policies. are they still going to be in effect? >> well it's not a federal mandate that retailers have a return policy. but because you want to make sure that your customer is happy they do have the return policies and as a buyer you want to make sure that policy is easily
9:18 am
displayed and that you're able to see that. >> let's get to travel. one of the things i hate, you're on the flight or you get to the airport, your flight is cancelled. does it depend on what the cause of the cancellation is? >> it does depend on what the cause of the cancellation is. unfortunately you're on your own. if it has something to do with weather. but if it has something to do with the airline, the flight crew doesn't show up. there's a mechanical problem on the airplane. the airplane will compensate you. it depends on what airline you're flying. unfortunately weather, you're on your own there. >> you talk about tweeting and calling. do everything in your power to get that done. you're stuck on the tarmac. there's been a lot of talk about this over the last several years. what are your rights as a passenger if the plane is sitting on the tarmac? >> well, a couple of years ago the fcc passed a law called the passenger bill of rights so. that protects passengers when they're sitting on the tarmac from sitting there for six or seven hours. after three hours, the plane has
9:19 am
to turn around and people have to disembark and they have to give you water and let you use the restroom after two hours. so you're covered there. >> all right. well, thank you so much. we have all of this information on >> and coming up next, we'll get you caught up on all the headlines you need before you head out for the day. >> it may be time to get rid of the festive holiday sweater once and for all. three guys get a style [ lane ] do you ever feel like you're growing old
9:20 am
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taking a look at the headlines, black friday the coming a week early at one big retailer. walmart says it will cut prices both in it's stores and online to match some deals offered at target, toys "r" us and best buy. it is also bringing back it's christmas ad match as we just talked about. as for black friday itself one walmart official called it their super bowl adding we intend to win it. >> an important recall to tell you about this morning. they're voluntarily recalling 42 and 48 inch side by side refrigerators with water and ice dispenser. electrical connectors can overheat and pose a fire hazard. the recall comes after 27 reports of electrical shorts and four fires. if you do have one of the appliances officials say unplug it and contact them for a free repair. go to viking for more retails. >> booking a room at one hotel chain might be as easy as a
9:24 am
tweet. under a new social reservations program at lowe's hotels and resorts they can use twitter to bathrooms. all you have to do is tweet with the #booklowes and a hotel travel planner takes it from there. >> the cars for tomorrow are highlighted today at the tokyo car show. they're electrical and fuel cell vehicles. more than 400 cars are there including the all electric blade glider. and toyota's fuel cell concept car as well. a trip to kansas city kansas may be in you future. this is the world's fastest and tallest wide slide. in german the name means insane or wild. it's being -- make sure i say
9:25 am
that right -- >> careful natalie. >> which is what you will feel like saying when you're going down that thing. 17 stories tall. pretty cool ride. we're back right after this. there are seniors who have left hundreds of dollars of savings on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors who compare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses. talk to your cvs pharmacist, call, or go to to get your free, personalized plan comparison today. call, go online, or visit your local store today. you feel...squeezed. congested. beat down. crushed. as if the weight of the world is resting on your face. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. liberated. released. decongested. open for business.
9:26 am
[ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] powerful sinus relief from the #1 pharmacist recommended brand. sudafed. open up. city council approved the plan for the new 2.8 million square foot building. from 50% to 35%. a one-day strike at ucsf is forcing administrators to reschedule surgery and other procedures. about 21,000 medical technicians are walking out for one day at ucsf and uc davis and uc medical centers. nurses will be on the job, but workers who operate x-ray and
9:27 am
ultrasound equipment. workers say the strike is over patient safety. turning san francisco into gotham city reportedly costs $105,000. chronicles here and ross reports the big ticket item was the civic center celebration where mayor ed lee presented the key to the subcommittee to miles, aka batkid. the city will pay for that tab using money charged to conventions. i bet they do it all over again. we're going to have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
9:28 am
taking a live look at the radar. every region covered right at the bottom of your screen. now, for right now we're getting a little bit of a break from the rain, but look at what's headed our way. all this moisture developing off shore, that's going to roll in as we head you tloo the next few hours. to the futurecast, stop the clock for you at 1:30 and look at this. everywhere from oakland to san francisco south to san jose. getting that moderate to heavy rainfall that as we head through the overnight hours a lot of
9:29 am
this will clear out of here. by tomorrow morning, looking nice and comfortable, but temperatures will be cool enough for a jacket all day long. 60s across the whole bay area. here's mike and your morning drive. >> we do have a backup there. paulo although wroe, much more sun. much smoother drive. you have a little slowing nearby a lot of slowing, i should say. bay expressway at university assist you get off of that dunbarton bridge, we have that crash. a major crash there. it's still has your westbound lanes blocked up, and that's what's gotten folks all tied up. use the san mateo bridge as an alternate. i rarely say that. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update coming up in half hour. have a good morning.
9:30 am
welcome back to today. it's wednesday morning, november 20th, 2013. a week from tomorrow it's thanksgiving. >> wow. >> i'm willie geist along with al and natalie. i love this new foot locker ad. it's gone viral. it features a series of famous faces in the world of sports living in a world where all is right. >> take a look. >> i'm sorry evander. it's your ear. >> so mr. rod man, a round trip to north korea. >> one way. >> one way. >> are you okay? >> it's great. a man's got to know when to walk
9:31 am
away. >> yeah. >> my ear. >> i kept that. >> one way. he said one way. >> he's never coming back. >> thanks. >> all is right in the world now. >> oh, so good. >> i love the dennis rodman. bye bye. >> i love that ad. >> are we going to do the weather now do you think? would that be something we should do? okay. let's do the weather. >> that ended rather abruptly. there's nowhere else to go. >> do the weather. >> go do the weather. >> let's go do the weather. check it out. see what's going on. all right. we are looking at some clouds as we get into southern california. all in all, though, not a bad day. who doesn't love san diego. knsd one of our favorite stations. a little on the foggy side today. 61. oh, we're checking out traffic there. look at that.
9:32 am
we do have some with the marine layer and another beautiful sunrise. here's what we've got. here in the east it's going to be really chilly, especially in the northeast. windy conditions. wi windchills are in effect. we have the cold arctic air behind this front. snow will be making its way through the rockies. wet weather, central california into southern oregon. beautiful day in seattle today. sunshine and a temperature of >> 9:32 on a wednesday morning. i'm christina loren. we're getting a break from the rain for now. can you see in san jose a little bit of blue sky breaking through that softer deck of clouds. as we head throughout the day today, temperatures will be on the cool side, and those rainshowers will continue to roll in. only expecting the low 60s for today. you can see right now a batch of moisture developing off shore. that's going to move on the shore. as we head throughout the next few hours, expecting pretty heavy rainfall in the san jose area by about 1:30.
9:33 am
and that's your latest weather. >> you know who you are. you wear the same football jersey every weekendment you kick back in a bath robe and slippers around the house and to you that is perfectly acceptable. >> well, not for your partner. today we roped in three men willing to trade in the treasured item for clothing for an upgrade. tyler is here. he's the men's editor of and the tallest editor online. >> good to see you guys. >> i don't know what it is about the holidays. it doesn't always bring out the best in men's style. we're going to fix that with three guys. important work here today. >> let's start with athena and george. your husband wears this sweater. and not ironically. >> not even a sweater. >> so this is george's holiday sweater. i guess the main reason i don't like it is the dinosaurs and the snow flakes. >> good reason. >> this is not the way to do it. >> does he really like it?
9:34 am
or is it a funny thing he does around the holidays. >> i think he likes it. >> really. >> i'm surprised it comes in grown up sizes. >> why don't we bring out george and see his style upgrade. tell us what we got here tyler. >> oh, yeah. >> boom, right there. so we're going to ditch the dinosaurs and bring in a modern rif of a traditional knit. this is from h&m. it's a great deal at about $40. holiday spirit with the stocking cap and the dark green chinos. >> i love the shoes. >> great from h&m. it all ties nicely together. it says christmas without screaming it. it will serve you well in january, february, through the rest of the winter as well. >> do you like the look? >> i love it. >> willing to get rid of it? >> yeah. >> let's get rid of it. >> all right. >> dump it. >> yes. >> very nice. >> looking good.
9:35 am
thank you guys. let's move on to matt. what's the big complaint here? >> it's a little too casual. slippers and a robe. >> camo slippers. the sloppy old ratty robe. and, you know, if tony soprano wore it you should avoid it. that's what we're going to recommend here. >> how often are you seeing this? >> daily. >> he wears this every day. >> daily. >> oh, man, byron get out here. >> byron, let's see what we did here. >> there we go. there we go. >> so this is the christmas morning look. this doesn't sacrifice style for some comfort. got the red shirt, the sweater from old navy you could wear to the office and the sweats are something that a lot of guys are actually dressing up and wearing out of the house. that's the theme here. virtually everything you see on byron you could wear out of the house. maybe not the slippers. >> walk the dog. >> they're better than -- >> do you like it? >> yeah, it's more layers but
9:36 am
i'll get used to it. >> you look good, man. >> the slippers too, right. >> all going. >> the whole thing. >> it's all going. >> byron, very nice. >> okay. now, finally, we've got emily. emily. wow, crocs really? >> he loves his crocs. >> is he 12? >> no, why would you say that. >> that's nice and probably an expensive jersey. >> it's a classic. >> it's great for the game but it's probably a do not try at home or definitely do not try at the first thanksgiving with your future in laws which is what we're talking about. >> he doesn't want to wear this to thanksgiving dinner. >> no, he would. he loves it. >> got to put the jersey away until after the wedding. he hasn't married you yet, right? >> not yet. >> matt, dude, come on. >> he's getting invited back to thanksgiving. i don't care whether you're a host or a guest, it's all about comfort and function and you
9:37 am
have to put in just enough effort to show a sense of occasion. wear the blazer, show up wearing the blazer. take it off in it's a casual scene. this is from h&m. we have a great sweater from the gap. the pants are from top shop. everything is well under 100 dollars. that's what the pocket square is for. >> are you uncomfortable? >> you look a little uncomfortable. >> it's different for me. >> you're walking around like how are you doing. >> this is great. >> were you really going to wear that? >> yeah, i definitely would and they live in california so they're l.a. kings fans and why not sport -- >> rub it in their face. >> after the wedding for that stuff. >> that's a classic. i would say let's not throw it away but are you willing to put it away and toss these. >> give me the crocs. >> yes, fantastic. >> real quick before we go, the motion
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
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9:42 am
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9:52 am
or verbally abuses about the finances that's the problem. and you have to deal with what's going on here. it's not about your guilt at that point. they're protecting it on to you. >> where is the line, then? if the person who is making the money in the family, does he or she have some right to say let's control what we spend every month? >> i think each person in a relationship needs financial autonomy. otherwise you get into this dangerous situation where one person is the parent and we know a lot of these couples are headed for divorce which is risky. if you feel inside that you're being bullied, you're being bullied and you got to get some help. >> all right. well, good starter conversation. thank you so much. >> good to be here. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
kathie lee and hoda help you figure out what to do during the holidays when your partner and parents don't get along. >> and
9:56 am
i'm marla tell ze. the alameda county coroner's office is working to determine the cause of death for a missing san francisco city college student. the body of 20-year-old derek
9:57 am
schau was found in the water at the san leandro marina. he disappeared a week earlier. he was last seen in the bay view district where he was headed catch a muni bus on his way to school. today is trans-gender remembrance day around the world, and in oakland it has extra meaning this year. last night the city of oakland voted to co-host a remembrance day event in response to the attack on 18-year-old sasha slishman. the student suffered third degree burns after another teen lit sacha's skirt on fire aboard an ac transit bus. let's go ahead and take a look at that forecast now. meteorologist christina loren. has the rain gone away? >> we've got a little bit of a break from it, but there is more developing just off shore. you can see that here from your radar picture. showers, though, starting to push into marin county. want to zoom in and show you what i'm talking about. as you can see here, those showers are mostly right along the coastline in marin, and we're going to start to see the activity push 101 throughout the next hour or so, but the main event, the bulk of the moisture, comes through later on today.
9:58 am
expecting that mostly between about 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. look at this, getting some red and orange embedded in the green. that's heavy rainfall. on the way mostly to the south bay and the trivalley. keep that in mind. otherwise, we're looking pretty try. north of the golden gate bridge. here's mike. >> on christina's map for weather, means red and orange for the speed sensors more than likely. red is westbound -- that crash still going on blocking the westbound lanes. very slow all the way across 84. 92 is your alternate. san mateo bridge mostly clear right now. farther north through observeland area, you see the slowing north 808 as you pass the coliseum. low clouds hanging around, and christina said not a lot of rain that is coming again this afternoon. be prepared for the afternoon. back to you. >> all right, mike. thanks. we'll be back at 10:26.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. you made it to wines day wednesday, november 20th. we're delighted you're with us today. >> we certainly are. >> country music star trace adkins is going to sing for us in a little bit. >> i love when he sings. he has that low voice, sexy tall drink of water. >> he knows what he's doing. he knows his way around the song. >> speaking of sexy tall drink of water. >> hoda is beside herself, because later today we get on a
10:01 am
plane and i'm going to be with jay leno and hoda is going to be with blake shelton. >> blake shelton is going to be on "the tonight show" and so are we. >> he's our opening act is the way i look at it. >> do you know what jay and blake have in common, i think? >> no. >> they both have kind of wide faces. don't you think? >> i think of jay's as long, but if you want to say it's wide, okay. >> well, i don't know. there's a new study out that says women are more attracted to wide-faced men. >> not to marry, though, just to -- >> cause -- >> go to poughkeepsie, if you know what i mean. >> wide faced men seem to be in charge and -- that's a wide face. >> but, you see, it's also very long. >> it's long and wide. okay. >> like his talent. >> oh, see, isn't that a wide face? and a good -- i mean a good -- i
10:02 am
don't think wide is bad. >> well -- >> no, it's not. >> the mayor of toronto has a wide face. and i don't find him particularly attractive. >> here are a couple of examples of wide-faced men. one is simon koul acowell and t other is colin firth. >> see, i think that's thinned. >> see, we thinned him out and made him longer. >> don't touch him. don't touch colin firth. >> you have to. let's make him long. >> no. no. we want our other colin. >> he looks older in the long face. how about our boy, willie geist? he definitely has a cute wide face. >> yep. and has a -- oh, no. >> what's he look like? >> i don't know. nobody i -- no. just leave people alone. don't you think? >> but it is interesting when you look at someone immediately what kind of appeal they have.
10:03 am
>> we've always talked about this. what is a thing in a person that you look at first and attracts you the most? >> probably -- don't say girth. that's not usually it. i know that's what you were thinking. >> you like the mayor of toronto? >> no. >> you would give him a run? >> i don't want guys who are so thin that you could snap them over your knee. they're very cute, but very thin. i like meatier, more -- you know, they could be muscular or not. it doesn't matter, as long as they're bigger than you are. what do you look for first? >> you know what? >> what? >> i guess a smile. >> yeah? >> i guess a smile, eyes. i love hands. i'm big on -- >> and height. i like height. do you? >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. lot of things i like. >> of course you do. >> of course, i can't remember what they are. that's what happens to you at my age. you know the social butterflies and more quiet, reserved people
10:04 am
have a different brain? different brain. >> they did brain scans to find out how people who go into a party and flit around and just people who have lots and lots of friends are very sociable. >> that's a study from the neuroscience. >> is that bette midler? >> singing about friends. >> well, let's hear it. otherwise, i think some pervert is out there, singing. >> anyway, are you a person with lots of friends or -- >> i have a lot of acquaintances but have a few core friends. that's the way it should be in life. if you can count them on one hand, you're a very lucky person. >> i agree with that. sometimes you can go to a party and enjoy being at a party and enjoy being sociable. >> hoda can for five minutes. >> i know. i have a time limit. but i do enjoy it while i'm there. >> you're not a social
10:05 am
butterfly. you're a social hummingbird. you are -- butterflies linger. linger. flip flap, flip flap, flap, flap, flap. she is -- >> and then -- >> oh, bye! that's you. >> i do that. do you know what's funny? we're away for the weekend and i was ready to go. i like how -- you're like, she's leaving. you just let it happen. you don't go, really? you're leaving? we're in the middle of conversation. >> do you want to talk about the dinner we had the other night, what frank said? >> i am still post traumatic over it. >> we were having a lovely dinner, eating stone crabs, shrimp, having salad. cassidy came in from california. christine is there, my husband is there, your new friend is there. and there's -- after about two hours, frank has no filter anymore. >> none. >> none at all. >> none, none. >> frank goes, so, are you guys
10:06 am
going to have kids? >> literally, like that. >> and hoda, i, i, i -- and your friend boots went -- >> he said well, you're in love, right? like the hits just keep coming. >> i know it. >> it was scary. and then he said -- he looked around and goes, what? the conversation was getting dull. >> that's my guy. all righty. do crowds stress you out or make you happy? >> crowds can actually make people feel happier. >> they don't make me feel happier. do they you? >> when i'm at a concert and everyone is in to something, i love -- because i like that sense of community. because i'm very suggestive. if i'm around people who are enjoying themselves, i do. i'm like that about everything. if the movie gets panned, "sex and the city 2" i loved it. i was sitting with people who were enjoying it and laughing
10:07 am
and i enjoyed it. i like going to crowds. i like how they make me feel. >> i do, too, but i meant -- >> i'm just ignoring you. >> keep going. >> at sporting events and musical events is the two times i love crowds. >> i think you love them one more time, too. >> when? >> thanksgiving parade when you're with your nieces. >> yes, i do love them at the parade. only one time did i feel overwhelmed in a crowd, first or second times at mardi gras. when the streets are so crowded that you honestly can't walk the way you want because it's a wave, you are walking -- >> you get caught up in it. >> you go where they push you and i thought oh, my god, there's no way out if you slip and fall. everyone is drinking and laughing, but you literally cannot -- you literally don't have to walk. you just get shoved in the direction of the crowd. that's the only time i don't like them. >> sheep. >> why are you making a bird,
10:08 am
hummingbird, sheep -- >> wednesday -- do we have to do this? >> would you sext? if you're between the ages of 50 and 75, there's good news for you. more of you are sexting. >> good news? how is that good news? most of them can't see. they're driving and sexting their genitals. >> 50 to 75? >> anthony's laughing because he knows. we don't need any more people sexting anybody, hoda. >> sexting intimate photos of themselves. >> i just said that. >> there's nothing wrong with it. >> they aren't pretty after 60. stop it! stop it! >> obscene messages. >> lord have mercy. >> i think it's cool. it's very trendy. >> what if it's your mother doing it or my mother doing? >> good. let her sext. let her sext. let her do it. if it gives her pleasure, they
10:09 am
should sext. that's how i feel about it. it's fun. if they're with someone and they want to do it, why not? >> do you do it? >> that is not your concern. no. can i tell you something? i'm terrified because my phone is an nbc phone and i'm terrified of anything i do on that phone. i really am. because, you know, they probably can read our stuff and they know what we're doing. they know what we do. see? if you have an nbc phone you're not sexting. >> even if you don't have an nbc phone and the nsa knows what you're doing. >> does texting, not sexting, but texting hurt a relationship? >> yes, it does. yes, it does, hoda. >> you're right. >> chances are that your relationship is doomed if you're doing that. it's an artificial way of communicating. you're not talking to the person. and if you're sending disgusting pictures of yourself -- >> they're not disgusting. >> what is your relationship based on anyway but a bunch of dirty pictures? >> what are you talking about? >> that's all i'm saying.
10:10 am
>> let's go back to texting for one second. this is a great scene from that movie "just not that into you." take a look at this. >> i had this guy leave me a voicemail at work. so i called him at home and then he e-mailed me to my blackberry and so i texted to his cell and then he e-mailed me to my home account and the whole thing just got out of control. and i missed the days where you had one phone number and one answering machine and that one answering machine housed one cassette tape and that one cassette tape either had a message from a guy or it didn't. and now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. it's exhausting. >> so true. >> true. >> do you know what else it is? >> what? >> lot of things but one thing i really miss is a remote clicker with an on and off button, that's it. and a little volume. little volume control. my idea of heaven. >> the one in florida, there's a
10:11 am
tv clicker. remember, it's an ipad. the clicker is an ipad. >> i know it. >> we spent all weekend trying to figure out how to mute it. where is the ipad? you couldn't change the channel. >> finally cassidy did it on her phone! >> she did. she went to her cell phone and pushed the button and suddenly -- >> we got to watch "heat." the movie "heat." >> i love that movie, sandra bullock and melissa mccarthy. please rent it. it's vile and hysterical. >> now you know why we're drinking called trinty oaks. or trinity? >> i think it's trinity. >> if you drink a bottle, you plant a tree. >> here's to a forest. >> 10 million trees so far. that's a lot of wine. all right. speaking of it, what have we got? >> scratch and sniff book. to turn you into a wine expert by richard best. >> okay. >> it says wine is a grocery,
10:12 am
not a luxury, is the way they look at it. >> yeah. >> what they do is -- so you go to the red. >> there's your pinot noir that you like. >> scratch it and you smell it. you do it. is that the wrong thing? >> no. maybe you have to really scratch. >> there's nothing on here. i think this is a joke. >> and no. and i feel bad for the people that wrote the book. with an arrow? >> sticker with no arrow. >> where is the arrow? >> you have to realize who you're dealing with. >> scratch one, it says. oh, here, here, here. here, here, here. okay. i found it. okay. okay. here. it's right here. >> oh, my gosh. >> smells like a cherry. >> cherry, yeah. >> anyway -- thanks, amanda.
10:13 am
>> $15, >> i'm sure they're going to sell a load of them now. guess who's coming to dinner. >> how to handle sticky situations when your parents, uh-oh, don't like your partner. country music star trace adkins is here. >> he will sing a song from his first holiday album. terrific. we'll be right back after these messages. ♪ [ mom ] time for breakfast. [ male announcer ] mary larson will never forget the fateful morning that deliciously simple made her a believer. she couldn't believe she could pronounce everything in it. ♪ and she couldn't believe her daughter chose pancakes over her phone. you're being weird! [ male announcer ] new deliciously simple from i can't believe it's not butter! with 100% taste and zero artificial preservatives. it's time to...believe.
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that's why there's new duracell quantum. only duracell quantum has a hi-density core. and that means more fuel, more power, more performance than the next leading brand. new duracell quantum. trusted everywhere. new duracell quantum. what can i do with my $7 a month anemail the school. acfone? call the doctor. text the groomer.
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find gear for soccer. send invites to a party. post karate pics. help sean with history. battle of hastings... 1066. all that with my android from tracfone... now with three times the talk, text and data for as low as $7 a month. unbeatable nationwide coverage without a contract. the new huawei glory. tracfone. do everything for less. so the holidays are just around the corner and you know what that means. >> lots of family get togethers. >> which is good new force some and not so good news for you. what do you do when your significant other and your parents don't get along?
10:17 am
>> here to help us with this. >> what do you think about the sexting thing? >> thinking that what my woman would like to see is a picture of my neglect therlandsnetherla >> no? >> no. what woman is saying, i hope that's what i see? i'm at lunch and i get this. >> look like it could be -- >> no. no. >> let's get to some of our questions. the first one comes from nana. >> right. joann or amanda. brittany. we don't think you're really out there, nana, but we like the idea that you are. hoda, what do they ask? >> our family is a mess. my daughter is 36 years old, recently married, does not like my husband, her stepdad. her husband is just okay with
10:18 am
me. we don't even talk. how do you get them into the same room together? can this be fixed? >> you can never fix the relationship between two different people. that's called a triangle and a recipe for disaster every time. >> what do you do? >> you go to one and say i don't like your behavior, but you can only talk about it in terms of how it's affecting you. you can't say you need to do that better to him. when you cannot seem to get along with my husband, it hurts me. >> uh-huh. is that okay then at that point to say, listen, if it's going to be like this at every holiday, we're not going to allow it to spoil everybody's holiday and until you guys can get along here, please -- >> no, no. i would say you're absolutely welcome. i do want you to act like an adult. we're calling people to adult behavior. >> and think they are acting that way? >> then we can have a conversation about that. >> this is from deanna. my son's new live-in girlfriend
10:19 am
has two children that are absolute terrors nochlt one else in the family wants to be around them and we've stopped having family get togethers because of these kids. any advice on how to spend the holidays as a family and deal with these kids? what do you do? >> again, talk directly to your son and say -- and it cannot be in the moment. >> it has to be beforehand. >> after the kids are bad, enjoying that after-dinner glass of wine and say, hey, is everything going all right with the kids? >> what if the kids are just spoiled brats? >> nobody wants to be around that, especially around the holidays. >> this is family. >> not really. she's a live-in girlfriend. >> yeah, that's true. >> i don't call it family until -- >> there's a ring on it? >> yeah. >> i agree. >> here is one from stephanie. my husband's mother hates me from taking her baby away from her. well, news flash, momma bear, he couldn't wait to get away. this is from stephanie. >> that's just more proof that you don't need to be an adult in
10:20 am
order to get married. momma bear, i'm stealing -- that is a recipe for disaster. >> what should happen here? >> before you're going to confront anybody, have you to confront yourself. is this something that is just a vague personal preference or do i have something specific that i want to address that i think is endangering your well-being, right? then if you're going to talk about somebody else, can you say one thing positive about that person? think about that. and also recognize, look, my job is to help preserve the relationship. i have no choice over who you choose to bring into your life. i want to continue a relationship with you and i want to do my best to welcome both of you in. but i do have these concerns. >> all right. >> you're grown up, hal. >> let's invite hal for thanksgiving. >> no, thanks. mine is bad enough. >> thanks, hal. >> thank you. put your knowledge of geography to the test when we play "who knew." >> and she only has eyes for you. our girl, bobbie thomas, shows you how to make your eyes
10:21 am
sparkle for the holidays. >> she would know. for your fist christmas?be e you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! [ video game sounds ] whoa! campbell's has super mario soup. m'm. gotcha! [ video game sound ] awww. m'm! m'm! good!
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10:24 am
don't know much about geography? >> it's time to find out. and take our "who knew" quiz for geography awareness. >> we have a question. which three u.s. state names contain the letter p? >> one is obvious, pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania. >> the other is -- where you got your first job. >> mississippi. >> yep, yep. and also about state capitals.
10:25 am
we want to find out. we're going to come back and play "who knew." >> what's the the other one? >> i don't know. we'll go to the crowd when we come back. what does that first spoonful taste like? ok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
10:26 am
cupertino headquarters is expected to get started today. the green light for apple also
10:27 am
means more green for cupertino, as in money. they cut the annual tax rate is gives apple from 30% to 65%. >> medical technicians are walking out for one day at ucsf, uc davis, and three southern california uc medical centers. nurses will be on the job, but workers who operate x-ray and ultrasound equipment will not. workers say the strike is over patient
10:28 am
10:29 am
. 10:26. i'm christina loren. our break from the rain is over. take a look at this heavy batch of moisture that just developed. it's all starting to push on shore in san francisco, and as we head throughout the next hour, hour and a half, it will cross over the san francisco bay making its way into places along the east shore, so it could get pretty hairy. make sure you travel cautiously. we'll time this out to your doorstep and let you whn the raindrops will fall where you live. first your drive with mike. >> looking over to the san mateo bridge. you'll use that if you want to get to the peninsula. at the top of your screen, you want to avoid the dunbarton bridge which is still slam packed because of a crash bay front and university. that continues to avoid westbound highway 84 heading into menlo park. the crash still there on the roadway. the north bay moves smoothly.
10:30 am
just slowly through san rafael. early morning rain caused a slowdown and never quite recovered. back to you. >> it looks so dark there. someone needs to turn the late on. we'll be back at 11:00. ♪ we are back on this wines day wednesday ready to plair play our trivia game called "who knew." it's geography trivia week. we're testing your longitudinal and latitude knowledge. $100 to those who get the answers right and to those who don't, kathie lee's cd. joining me is mark erwol from travel & leisure. what three state names contain the letter p? >> pennsylvania came up. >> of course it did. >> mississippi. >> and the third? >> new hampshire. you get double points for
10:31 am
mississippi. it has two p's. >> i knew that. didn't i, hodie? never mind. okay. this gentleman is from minneapolis. and he was a geography major in college, so no pressure. china and india have both surpassed 1 billion in population. what country is the next most populous, brazil, russia, united states or indonesia? >> indonesia. >> no, no, no. >> so sad. >> it's a wonderful thing. >> the correct answer, united states. >> united states. of course, 317 million people. it's been that way for a while. you know what? coming up fast is nigeria. by the middle of this century, by 2050, we might see nigeria actually surpass the united states. for now, 317 million united states is number three. >> that's amazing. back next to kath. >> lady from boston. what's the largest national park in america, yellowstone national park, gates of the arctic,
10:32 am
denali national park or rangel st. elias national park? >> i am going to say yellowstone. >> but that would be wrong. but it would be excellent. >> the correct answer, i'm ashamed to say, i don't even know what this is, the rangel st. elias national park. where is that? >> in alaska, bigger than the entire country of switzerland. yellowstone is the oldest but only the eighth largest. wrangel st. elias is the largest. >> back over to kath. >> gentleman from connecticut. america's first paved transcontinental road is celebrating its 100th anniversary. it's will known as america's highway. what is it? >> route 66. [ buzzer ] >> oh! >> gee. gee. but when you do get in your car, play this. >> all right. the correct answer there, the lincoln highway. >> the lincoln highway. back in 1913, it would have
10:33 am
taken you 34 days to drive across the country and most of that would have been on dirt roads. they actually formalized a highway, linking together the paved roads across america. they went from times square to lincoln park in san francisco and called at the lincoln highway. it's been surpassed by the big, federal interstates now. but you can still find some parts of that original lincoln highway going back to 1913 if you want to. you can get across the country a lot faster now. >> i would say so. >> lovely lady from tennessee. i'm going to have trouble pronouncing this. what is the world's newest country, palau, quebec, south sudan or eritrea? >> i'm going to say quebec. [ buzzer ] >> ooh, no. >> i think this may be -- >> some of my greatest hits on it. >> it's a clean sweep for kath. the correct answer, south sudan. >> the last 50 years, it's been going through turmoil, couple of civil wars but it's been proclaimed the world's newest
10:34 am
nation. quebec is not its own country. it's part of canada. >> i think we can squeeze one more in, kath. from san antonio, the world's smallest country, andorra, vatican city, lichtenstein or taiwan? >> b? >> no. i had a good day today, i don't know about you. >> she had a great day. correct answer, vatican city. >> 109 acres, the size of an 18-hole golf course, completely surrounded by the city of rome and, of course, very small population, 839 people including the leader, pope francis. >> mark, you're a great guest. >> thank you. >> thanks so much for coming to see us. country music star trace adkins will light up our studio and bobbie thomas will light up your eyes for the holidays, right after this. facial oil: new age perfect glow renewal. renews skin's dewiness and youthful glow. incredible restoring power of 8 essential oils.
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willpower. what will you gain when you lose? how ya doin'? mmm. [ birds chirping ] okay bye bye! [ female announcer ] help satisfy your hunger longer with special k protein bars and shakes. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? thanksgiving is next week. >> wow! >> holiday parties begin after that. before you know it, we'll be ringing in the new year. hard to believe. >> it's time to break out of your regular makeup routine and try something a little new and different. >> how-to tips for your eyes. "today" style editor and author, bobbie thomas. you want to put these babies on, right? >> because that's what you do. >> we get so many questions about how you do your eye makeup, how i do my eye makeup. >> how mary does her eye makeup. >> these are go-to guides i picked up. these are ones you can buy to
10:39 am
make sure your makeup doesn't get on your cheeks. they're butterfly guards, great for mascara. >> comfortable until you -- thank you. >> you don't get mascara and shadow all over your face when you apply. >> oh, you're not supposed to wear these to the party? >> no. >> oh, bummer. >> i was really excited to find this eye explosive. you can also diy guards before i show you these using post it notes at home. literally, i do this. i always have a post it note in my makeup bag. people think i'm crazy, but it gives me the opportunity to line up where i'm going to put my eye shadow. get these eye explosive stencils and you'll see once you put these on -- they're a little sticky but they're almost not because i used them already this morning. you simply shade in. for people who are sort of afraid of the shape and how to put it on, they are kind of amazing. because after, all you have to
10:40 am
do is take the guide and blend it in. this saves you so much time and even -- i do my makeup all the time. you've got sort of an instant smoky eye. >> look how good that looks. >> in seconds. we can do the other. >> that looks good. >> again, whether you want to buy these to boost your confidence or not. >> and then you'll know how to do it. >> it's really easy. another big thing you should know, you should prime your eye. i happen to use bare minerals concealer on the lid. this helps to give it primer so you avoid creasing. i like bare minerals because you get bang for your buck but clinique and too faced are great products, too. your eye shadow will fade by lunch otherwise. this is really cool. i want to talk about eye shape. when it comes to shadow, it's
10:41 am
supposed to flatter and frame your face. >> right. >> take a look at what i have here. this looks like three sets of eyes that are balanced, right? >> right. >> now take a look. if i reveal the line, you'll see that actually the bottom two, one is close set and one is wide set. what i did is i wanted to show you how you should shadow your eyes based on where they're placed. you want the shadow to help you create the illusion that your eyes are sort of pulling in more versus what you want if you're close set. we want to help to lift our face and cheek bones and extending up, which will give you sort of that face lift. the idea of sort of extending on the outside your shadow, it's about pulling it out here so that you can contour your face. it's a really simple thing. go on our website to find them. last, but not least, when it comes to applying shadow, the best tip ever, wet/dry urban
10:42 am
decay, all you do is apply a little water to eye shadows that are baked for a wet/dry look. add them like a liner. it's a fast sort of pro secret. and then just blend in. these are double-ended brushes here. you'll get more bang for your buck. you can use the dry on the other side of the palette to blend it in. >> i wish i had bobbie's eyes. >> i know. >> this is really easy. everything is on our website. and i'll answer questions. >> thank you, sweetheart. someone we're keeping our eye on, trace adkins is singing a christmas carol for us. the. cooking for thanksgiving and hanukkah, which is also known as thanksgiv-ukkah. the intense ache made it hard to do the things that i wanted. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain.
10:43 am
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10:44 am
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10:46 am
time to take you into "today's" kitchen to show you how to celebrate two holidays with one dish.
10:47 am
thursday is both thanksgiving and hanukkah. >> also known as thanksgiv-ukkah. >> we like to say that. >> this won't happen until the year of -- we were supposed to read that together. >> i thought it was french. bad french. melissa clark will make the dish that you all voted on, apparently. >> they voted for this one. >> they want to see the turkey pot roast. i'll show you the turkey pot roast. it's not hanukkah without latkes. before your regular thanksgiving meal. >> with apple sauce. >> celebration. >> that's delicious. >> that's really delicious. >> that has pomegranate. >> happy thanksgiv-ukkah.
10:48 am
>> happy thanksgiv-ukkah to you. turkey breast here. this is what it looks like ben in. this is what it looks like bone out. tie it up with the skin. your butcher will do this. you can buy these at a supermarket, too, just like that. i have some spices here, some clove and nutmeg. all spice. >> tie it up like you did? >> yes, so it's easier to maneuver. if you flip it, it's going to fall apart. >> are you going to rub that? >> i'm going to sprink it all over, but you could rub it, let it sit, absorb that good flavor. >> look at that. >> i know. >> how many does that feed? >> that is going to feed ten. say you have 30 people coming for thanksgiving, you have a turkey in the oven. do an extra breast, recipe on the side, extra white meat and you can have it for sandwiches. all these browned off. >> i'm going to rub. >> thank you. >> of course you are. >> garlic, onion and sweet
10:49 am
potatoes to make it more thanksgiving-y. you could use white potatoes. >> okay. >> it goes into the oven for an hour and a half. white wine and water. >> yes, you do. >> of course you do. >> this will keep it nice and moist. >> don't say moist! >> that's a banned word. >> it's going to keep it tender and juicy. >> succulent is good. >> i like succulent. >> 30 seconds. >> oh, my gosh. that's what it looks like at the end. here are some veggies put it right over it. that's gravy, by the way. take the pan juices, cook it down, you get the gravy. while you're having this, i'm going to show you really fast, pumpkin bobka. i put pumpkin in it, cinnamon swirl, toss it in the pan. you put this here. you guys just eat -- >> and go. >> perfect. >> do you want to try that
10:50 am
first? you're all done? >> we love you. delicious. >> thank you very much. >> happy thanksgiv-ukkah. >> thanksgiving and hanukkah celebration, it's time to heat things up with country music star trace adkins. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. trace adkins has a barritone voice that can soothe the soul. >> recorded his first holiday cd "the king's gift," classic celtic carols. >> well, hello, hello, hello. >> hello. >> country music comes from the celtic area, right? >> all music in this country comes from that, really.
10:54 am
you know, all the music in the scots and irish came to this country and they brought their music with them and then the music started to spread via the waterways and spread across the country and it turned into bluegrass and country and then it turned into the blues and -- i mean, it all came from that. >> we can't help but notice you have a huge band here, 12-piece. >> we're excited. >> we can't wait to hear. what are you going to play for us? >> old tannebaum. >> merry christmas. >> maybe next time we come back, we won't talk as long. ♪ oh christmas tree
10:55 am
oh christmas tree how lovely are your branches ♪ ♪ oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree how lovely are your branches ♪ ♪ and do not fade in winter snow oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree how lovely are your branches ♪ ♪ oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree your candles shine so brightly ♪ ♪ oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree
10:56 am
your candles shine so brightly ♪ ♪ each bounty hold its tiny light that makes each toy sparkle bright ♪ ♪ oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree thy candles shine so brightly ♪ ♪ oh christmas tree oh christmas tree such happiness you bring me ♪ ♪ oh christmas tree oh christmas tree such happiness you bring me ♪
10:57 am
♪ for every year the christmas tree fills each house with harmony ♪ ♪ oh christmas tree oh christmas tree such happiness you bring me ♪ ♪ oh tanenbaum oh tannenbaum how lovely are your branches ♪ ♪
10:58 am
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right now at 11:00 after a brief respite, rain returns to the bay area. we give you a live look at three different locations -- oakland, fremont, palo alto. all getting ready to see a good amount of rain at this hour. good morning, and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. we do have a team in place to cover all the latest storms. meteorologist anthony slaughter is out tracking rainfall totals. bob riddell is in place right now to update power outages, including one that's actually canceled classes at a local school, and christie smith is also taking a look at how the rain now is making an impact out on the roads. we'll get things rolling and started here. meteorologist christina loren with a look at exactly where this rain om


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