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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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mateo bridge, and in santa clara showers teamed up with wind to send leaves flying. san jose police also responded to several traffic accidents, including one not too far from here. it caused a section of that road to be closed for a short time. reporting live in san jose, mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. highway 17 usually a hotspot for accidents during any storm. no exception tonight. northbound 17 was closed for several hours after that car right there went over the cliff. 17 has now been reopened. this happened just after 1:00 this afternoon. four people were inside this car. one person seriously hurt. the worst of the rain is now over, but traffic bad in some areas. here's a look at the highway 101-680 interchange in san jose. moving, so it looks good now. the roads still wet. let's bring in chief
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meteorologist jeff. >> we are tracking the storm system moving off to the south right now. as you can see in the doppler radar scan, the heaviest band that hit us from about 11:00 this morning to 3:00 this afternoon has now pushed off towards the south, but we're definitely not in the clear. you can see as we put a scan on the radar we're still tracking some heavy rainfall just to the south of gilroy, gut for most of the bay area, we're just having a few showers across silicon valley, but overall that is still pretty seeing plenty of traffic heading tonight as we put on our traffic layer. what you're going to notice is a lot of red in the south bay. again, that is an indication of some of that heavier traffic that will continue to deal throughout portions of san jose. rainfall totals impressive. mount tamapais. mill valley, 1.5. even getting in on a decent amount of rainfall here in san jose with.49. here is the remarkable thing. the biggest 24-hour total of
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2013 happening in san francisco, the past 24 hours as they did receive .91 of an inch of rainfall. the largest total now since we have seen since christmas of last year. we're going to talk more about another a little weak weather maker as we head throughout tomorrow and what it could mean for our shower chances coming up in our full forecast. >> thanks, jeff. we continue our coverage of the storm on our website. just click on the weather tab and select maps and radar. there you can watch the storm on our interactive radar. all this on nbc bay a developing story now. police are investigating a stabbing on a bay area high school campus. the press democrat is reporting that a teacher has been stabbed and that a 16-year-old student was arrested just a few blocks away from elsie allen high school. this is in santa rosa. the teacher is at the local hospital and is being treated for his injuries. the school was on lockdown around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon while police look for that suspect.
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the lockdown was lifted just before 3:00. new at 5:00, you are looking at cell phone video of a house fire in south san jose. it started around noon on roswell way between highway 101 and monterey road. when firefighters roled up, they saw flames engulfing two floors of this house. a neighbor even helped fight the fire. here's another look at the home. a man, a boy, and a pet dog were inside at the time of the fire. fortunately, they all got out safely. >> there was a fire in the garage. after a few minutes, explosions. from what, i don't know. >> the fire left eight people temporarily homeless. the fire captain says they're trying to figure out what caused the flames and the sounds of those explosions. we have new details this evening on the summer's crash at sfo and asiana airlines. they have released a report on what happens after the crash, which includes what went right and what didn't. nbc bay area sheryl herd got a
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look at what officials found and joins us from sfo with the latest. well, we found out that the preliminary reports actually found out that the airport did a lot of things right on that fateful day when flight 214 crashed back in july, killing three and injuring 180 others. they also discovered that several things could have been done better. for example, the airport gives ichts high marks amongst first responders. the report cited good coordination between local hospitals and quick action to reopen affected runways, but the report pointed out the lack of a streamlined plan from ems responders that came from two different counties. san francisco and san mateo county. the airport website also proved to be a huge problem. it drashed when 50,000 or more people tried to access it. the report also addressed the issue of hotel price gauging
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during the disaster. >> we work through our partnership with the san francisco travel association to come up with some agreements at local hotels to establish a distressed passenger rate to avoid price gauging, so those were some examples on the customer service side. >> the draft report also noted the airport's emergency alert system failed and needed to be replaced. it even recommends that sfo officials keep restaurants open 24 hours to accommodate delayed travellers after a disaster. one thing not mentioned in the self-assessment, the fact that one of those killed in the crash died after accidentally being run over by one of those first responders. sfo officials say that that will be addressed when the ntsb report is released, and that will happen on december 10th. reporting live at sfo, i'm sheryl herd, nbc bay area news. in oakland tense moments after an armed robbery turned into a hostage standoff. police say just after 11:00 this
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morning two men riding bikes and armed with guns robbed a home on 83rd avenue. officers swarmeded the area and the men ran off in opposite directions. police say one suspect was found holding a man hostage inside his house on 82nd avenue. the swat team and hostage negotiators were sent out, but before they did anything, the suspect ran away and was captured. the second suspect is still on the loose tonight. no one was hurt in this ordeal. new details on a hayward shooting that left a teenager dead. officers tracked down two juvenile suspects who were found 70 miles away in modesto. now, on monday police found a 17-year-old boy with gunshot wounds by the baseball diamond at centennial park. investigators say statements from family members and witnesses led them to modesto on tuesday. that's when they arrested the two suspects. sfroo there appears to be some gang undertones. we don't have all the details in right now, so it's all still under investigation. >> officers believe the two groups had a verbal argument at
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that park on monday and then shots were fired. the boy died at the hospital. an autopsy will be conducted tomorrow in the case of a deadly pedestrian accident in vallejo. the man was identified as edwin andrews. officers found the 41-year-old man trapped under a car. he died at the scene. two cars hit him as he walked on broadway near lewis brown road. his body was dragged for nearly a mile. investigators say rain may have been a factor in the accident. parents in east san jose are urged not to overreact tonight to news a student in the allen rock school district has been diagnosed with scarlet fever. administrators at adelante academy sent notes home to parents informing them. scarlet fever is a contagious infection that was much more serious before antibiotics came into general use. experts say it's really just strep throat unless a patient also develops a rash. that's when it becomes scarlet
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fever. >> as of this point we've seen no other cases at school. we also went through a process of cleaning the classroom, of dispin fekting the classroom, the cafeteria and rest rooms. >> not everyone who gets sick with strep throat will develop that rash. doctors say scarlet fever is only dangerous if it's untreated. well, up next, it's video you'll see only on nbc bay area. we have details of this. a shark that washed ashore on a local beach. also -- >> i'm jody hernandez in vallejo where a school board is set to vote on whether to scrap the apache mascot here. is it the meaning or meant to be a tribute? we'll have a live report coming up. plus, it's blastoff for apple. the tech giant gets the official go ahead on its new spaceship campus, and we're getting our first look at the 3d model. >> and i'm scott budman. after the break a smartphone that's way ahead of the curve. unlike any mobile device you have ever seen. stay tuned.
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well, it's happening as we speak. a meeting over a mascot. one that's created a lot of controversy. will vallejo high school drop the apaches. nbc jodi hernandez is in vallejo with tonight's big vote. jody. >> that school board meeting is just getting underway in vallejo as we speak. as you can probably tell through thaiz these windows, it is a packed house in here. native americans are out here in force hoping to convince the school board that the apache mascot is a mockery, they say, of their culture. >> it's demeaning. it's dehumanizing, and it's time to go. >> reporter: that's how melissa mendoza says she feels about vallejo high school's mascot, the apache. mendoza's 17-year-old son goes to vallejo high. she says he and other native american students feel embarrassed and offended by the mascot. >> they're angry.
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they may not express it in the schools because they're outnumbered, but they're angry. this hurts them. >> reporter: tonight the school board will vote on whether to scrap the mascot once and for all. school board president hazel wilson says she is hearing strong opinions from both sides. >> those who have felt that they have honored tradition and that they have not been disrespectful to the apaches and there are those that feel that the native americans who feel that having an apache mascot is disrespectful. we will just listen and then make our decision. >> now, that meeting, again, is underway as we speak. it is standing room only inside this room. students, teachers, and staff are here, community members, to speak their peace. they will get a chance to talk in public comment, but, again, the school board will vote on this tonight. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. picket lines are still up at
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ucsf where workers are stage aing one-day strike. some 21,000 medical technicians walked off the job at ucsf and uc davis and three other uc medical centers. elective surgeries and certain treatments were postponed for the day, even though nurses were still on the job. those on strike operate x-ray and ultrasound equipment. union members say they're striking over patient care. okay. take a look. the new 3d images of apple's new campus in cupertino. we're looking at it for the first time. it's dubbed the spaceship. you can see why right there. the cupertino city council approved the plan for this massive new building last night. the green light for apple also means more green for cupertino, as in money. the city cut the annual tax break it gives to apple from 50% to 35%. that means cupertino gets back nearly $2 million every year. now, today shovels in the ground. they didn't waste any time to get started. hard hats and equipment everywhere. apple's new campus should be
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completed in 2016. >> well, speaking of apple, many of you own an iphone, but get ready for the next generation of smartphones made by another company. our business and tech reporter scott budman got an early chance to play with it, and he is here with a sneak peek. scott. >> we've all got used to the basic shape of a smartphone, whatever the screen size. it's basically a flat block, until now. here's a look at the first flexible phone even before you could buy it in america. >> yes, the screen is nice, but really you can say that about most smartphones these days. what makes the lg g-flex different is its shape. it's curved inside and out. >> it fits reallyering no, ma'amically for to your face. the mike is actually closer to your mouth. the sound is about three decibels better. it's comfortable to hold in either hand, whether you are right or left-handed. >> reporter: you can call it a gimmick, but if you ever sit on your phone or drop your phone,
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check this out. the g-flex bend to keep from breaking. >> the form factor does do -- it actually does flex, which allows it if it's dropped, per se, on impact, it absorbs the impact differently and won't shatter or break as other phones might. >> whether or not the phone itself takes off, the curved screen idea is coming to television and likely to tablets. it's a different way to see, hold, and protect your media. >> now, the down side? you can't try it yet. the phone is now for sale in korea where lg is based, but the company has not flounsed plans for the flex to go on sale here, so we don't know if you can get it in time for christmas or how much it will cost. at this point just a peek into the future. >> very interesting. anything to protect our phones. thank you, scott. >> you bet. >> crime fighting is not cheap even for a point-sized superhero. when san francisco turned into gotham city last week, it racked up some bills. the grand total to turn a 5-year-old cancer survivor into
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batkid was about $105,000. the biggest expense was the civic center celebration where miles scott, the little boy, received the key to the city. the city convention funds and the make a wish foundation will offset those bills. the san francisco boosters say it's impossible to put a price tag on all that good p.r. for san francisco. they received from around the world, especially while it's being skrd the host of the 2024 summer olympics. only on nbc, a rare sight today on ocean beach. as a juvenile shark washed ashore gasping for air in the surf. the shark was large enough that kirk lumbard who runs a sustainable seafood company noticed the sharks he walk by. he quickly pulled over to get the pictures. the shark looks very much like a great white, but it's probably a slightly smaller look-alike, the salmon shark. the shark later died. the cause is unknown. okay. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff. we talked about it at the top of the newscast. some of the damage across the region.
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now we're looking forward to what's happening here. >> yeah, and our storm system is now starting to push off towards the south after those very strong and heavy bouts of rainfall this afternoon from the north bay all the way down to the south bay. we're in the clear at least right now from some of the heaviest rainfall at the current moment. you can also see in that scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen, we are going to get some improving conditions by this weekend as well. a look outside that sky camera network window temperatures cooling offer into the 50s right now. some drying throughout san francisco. a few clouds in the north bay, but it's here across portions of the east bay where those roadways will remain dangerously slick for tonight. it's like the afterstorm in the bay area where a lot of that water will continue to get kicked up on the roadways as well. so let's go ahead and get a look here across the totals today, and what you are going to be able to see, it was very impressive here across the bay area. in fact, some parts of the north bay did get over two inches for our overall storm totals. mount tamalpais, mill valley.
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napa at .94. also a look here across walnut creek, .54 for you. san jose, .49, and sanford at $42. what's up next on tap? we are not completely done just yet. we're going see the upper level pattern, this upper level trough push down towards tomorrow, and it's going to keep a slight risk of thunderstorms mainly off towards the south of us, and also a few lingering showers for tomorrow, so let's get that all-important futurecast in here, and what you are going to find for the morning hours is mainly just some light scattered yashz of rainfall that could develop. as we advance this into about six, and also 7:00 in the morning. again, nothing major, but down here towards san jose, also the east bay, we might get a few of the showers popping. then as we head throughout the afternoon hours, it does look to clear out in the future with sunnier skies and also warming temperatures. let's go ahead and get a look at that microclimate forecast. you want to take a moment, find your city, and take a look at the different regions. the south bay numbers new york the low to mid 60s with eventually sunshine building in as we head throughout the
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afternoon and the afternoon hours. 64, san jose. 63 also just a touch warmer here throughout the peninsula as well. ranging anywhere from 5 is in san hat a wroesh partly cloudy in san francisco with 65 in south beach. midmarket at 64. the one spot i do want to highlight, that is -- since are you the farthest region here to the south, in the viewing area, you will have the greatest risk tomorrow morning of that possibility of a risk of thunderstorms. it's only 20%, but you know if we get a lightning strike across the bay area, that is big news. you watch out down towards gilroy and also for morgan hill as well. now we'll go ahead and get a look at the other microclimates across the bay area. you'll notice for the north bay, numbers in the low 60s. again, a dry forecast for us after that wet weather for today. for the east bay, 62 in oakland. walnut creek, 65, and for the tri-valley, 65 in danville. pleasanton, 68. also livermore, 67. we'll have some of the most warming down towards the tri-valley. now let's go ahead and get a look at the radar view.
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we do have it positioned up across lake tahoe. yes, we did get a few more inches of snowfall. not extremely impressive. as we get a look overall across the sierra, what you are going to find are totals that range at least the most across the southern regions of lake tahoe where they got four to about six inches. overall not the largest we've had over the past couple of motdz, but definitely good news. raj and janelle, we do hear the ski resorts are going to open up as we head throughout this weekend, so a little bit of that fresh powder. definitely some good news for those skiers if you are head the out -- >> we love to hear that. thank you. >> thanks. coming up, feeling the dmfrts of home. thousands of miles away. how local volunteers will make the holidays a little brighter for troops stationed in afghanistan. and who would do this? more than 100 turkeys meant to feed the hungry have been stolen. the story doesn't end there. stay with us.
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thanksgiving turkeys meant for those less frlt were stole know from an organization in fairfield. on monday morning workers arrived to mission salano to find an open window and empty freezers. 100 turkeys, gone. the organization says since news of the theft got out, people have been showing up with replacement turkeys. one in 100 have been donated just since yesterday. we're not going to stop. you know, if we had to get money out of our pocket and buy turkeys, we'll do it because people have signed up. people have said they need help. >> the group is trying to collect 700 turkeys for next week. no suspect has been identified. there's also a need in santa clara and san mateo county this
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thanksgiving holiday. the second harvest is still looking for turkeys. this year's goal the 12,000 birds, and as of right now there are still 5,000 short. >> there are still thousands of u.s. soldiers deployed are not the world who may not come home for the holidays. some people here in the bay area are trying to help them with some holiday care packages. about a dozen volunteers with the nonprofit group called americans supporting americans help pack those care packages. they're filled with comfort goods like games and foods and magazines and personal items that are not easily available for the troops. >> we have to remember that we still have americans in harm's way, and they're over there protecting us and protecting our interests, and this is just our way of renewing that and letting them know we're still thinking about them, and also making their community aware we're over there serving. >> they were productive today. today's volunteers sent out about 300 packages for troops stationed in afghanistan. well, what do bill clinton, oprah winfrey, and sally rice have in monday? we'll explain after the break.
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>> animal rights activists say they plan to line the parade route to protest a float created by sea world. it comes on the heels of a new documentary where activists, again, accuse sea world of mistreating whales badly at its theme parks. they're also protesting the removal of joan jett from south
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dakota's tourism float. ranchers succeeded in getting jett pulled off the float after they question why the animal rights ally and vegetarian was representing their beef-loving state. it's the highest civilian honor the president can issue. the melgtsz e medal of freedom. today president obama handed out 16 of them. among the most prominent recipients was fellow president. you see here bill clinton and talk show icon oprah. mr. obama also honored three americans pos thumusly, the first american woman in space. the medal is awarded to individuals who made exceptional contributions to america's national interests, to world peace, or to cultural endeavors. the award was first established 50 years ago by president john f. kennedy, and it's been given to more than 500 people since its inception. >> very special day at the white house. >> what seems to be drying up a bit, i guess we're through the worst of it. >> at this point it looks like that subtropical moisture really funneled into a lot of the storm
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system for today, and that's what helped to give it added boost and it slowly moved across the bay. while we did get sunshine in the north bay, also san francisco, that marine layer is built back in, and you'll see foggy skies in downtown. you can expect that to stay. also, if you were with the drizzle at the coastline, emeriville, traffic is slow here. no matter where you go, the major arteries do expect that after storm. once the cars get above 30 miles per hour, any water left on the roadways will get pushed up on those windshields, and it will seem like it's raining out again. again, take it slow this evening. you can also see in san jose, we do have cloud top build-off, but, you know, improvingly clear skies expected overnight, and then eventually a slight chance of showers will linger into the morning hours, and then by tomorrow evening we should be in the clear with some dryer and also sunnier weather into friday, saturday, and also into sunday. everybody is super soggy now, but better news on the way. >> it will dry up nicely. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. >> see you back here at 6:00.
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on our broadcast tonight, road rules, a big change coming to the way millions get around in this country. crunch time. something of a natural wonder that folks consume every day. its amazing affects against heart disease and stroke. and a scare for lindsey vonn, now injured again in another crash. an update on her condition. and paying tribute. two presidents and the heart of the kennedy family honoring a legacy that still burns bright. nightly news begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york,


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