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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 21, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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chp gave us a new incident on the side of the road. >> right now, i guess we're going to give you a look at the weather. christina will talk about the rain in the forecast, and we also want to give you a live look at the bay bridge. the lights flickering to inspire you as we creep closer to friday. we are at friday eve also known as thursday, november 21st. this is "today in the bay." >> it's 5:00. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with that breaking news out of the south bay where reports of a burglary bring s.w.a.t. team response to a home in santa clara. it's happening on the 2200 block of crocker way, that's right by lawrence expressway just past el camino real. chase cain was first on the scene. looks like officers have that under control now.
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>> reporter: they sure do, laura. they have two people in custody. they believe they are the only two people who were involved in this burglary. we also talked to a captain and he says the reason that the s.w.a.t. team was called out here was because they thought there were people still in the house. you see actually some of the swat and police vehicles leaving the scene. apparently what happened is a neighbor called police when they believed that a couple guys were breaking into one of their neighbor's homes. police got out here, saw some people running, heard running in the area. of course they pursued those two people. they sent a canine after the two people who were running from them in this neighborhood. that canine helped catch these two. one of the two men running was bitten by that canine. we're told it's nothing serious but that is why they called an ambulance out here because that person did have minor injuries. two people in custody.
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it seems certainly burglary would be among that. apparent there there have been several other thefts in the neighborhood. he wouldn't elaborate but bottom line there have been a few thefts in the area of crocker way. so the question today for detectives will be if it is these two men who are responsible for all of these thefts. that's the hope for the people in the neighborhood. the scene wrapping up. the reason the s.w.a.t. team was called out they thought people were still in the house. they were not. that is the latest. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. >> we're learning more about that 85-year-old palo alto man reportedly detained over north korea while visiting the country. he is a korean war net ran on his way back when his trip took a turn for the worse. marla has reaction from his family and the state department. >> the son of 85-year-old
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merrill neuman says his father was on a plane in north korea ready to get back to his wife in palo alto where he lives when a uniformed north korean officer asked to see his passport and pulled him off the plane. this is almost a month ago on october 26. here's a look at merrill neuman who lives in a retirement community near downtown baltimoreo. reportedly in mid october neuman and a friend went on a trip with a tour group from beijing. his son says everything was going well until neuman, a veteran of the korean war started talking about the war. it was then he was taken into custody. i'm saying reportedly and allegedly. north korea has not confirmed his detainment and neither has the state department. the state department acknowledges it is aware of reports that a u.s. citizen has been detained. we spoke to a professor who specializes in asian pacific
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foreign affairs. they may hope to use him as leverage. >> i hope they understand it's not a very smart thing to do under any circumstances. that they will see their way towards doing the intelligent thing. >> for the friend neuman was with he made it back to the u.s. and released this statement. he says quote there has to abterrible misunderstanding. i hope that the north koreans will see this as a humanitarian matter and allow thyme return to his family as soon as possible. north korea has detained six other americans including missionary kenneth bay. the story is making all sorts of head lines and you can see much more of it coming up at 7:00 when the "today" show starts. we'll have more reaction in my section report. i know you're going to talk a little more about ken bay. >> thank you. we're going to do just that.
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that other american still being held in north korea, kenneth bay of seattle. he was arrested in november last year, in may north korean court convicted him of hostile acts, and 15 years of hard labor. bay was hospitalized in prison and that's when north korea did allow his mother to make as have. >> there was a crucial vote affecting hundreds of thousands of people in the bay area. b.a.r.t.'s board will decide. the problem it includes a provision b.a.r.t. says should have never made the contract. christie smith is live with more on today's vote. good morning. >> good morning to you. we've been speaking with b.a.r.t. riders and they tell us they consider this a curveball being thrown at them. he said they were patient, the strikes, the back and forths. they didn't think it would come to this.
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a possible error. the two unions say they will sit down with the transit agency and try to handle differences but only if b.a.r.t. directors rat a fi the contract. today the b.a.r.t. warning to dewhid whether to approve this agreement with the two unions. the director said earlier that part of the agreement that calls for six weeks of paid family leave, that was an obvious mistake. there is no real talk of a strike. but commuters are confused why it's come to this. >> they had plenty of time to get that correct. so pretty sure, on the dotted line they made sure it was to pay what they can. >> it wasn't straight. >> i guess they'll figure it out. i hope it doesn't happen. >> the b.a.r.t. union released a statement that we expect the board to meet their continue to the workers and the riders to approve this all right.
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the b.a.r.t. board here in oakland. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> 5:07. san carlos man recovering after being beaten and robbed. he claims this happened after falling for a gift card scam on craig's list. the 45-year-old arriving midnight tuesday on old country road. expecting to buy discounted gift cards. deputies say two men in a stolen silver lexus demanding the victim's money. when they refused they beat him and robbed him. >> later this morning pg&e will test gas lines in san bruno. crews will work on pipe lines onny state and glenn view dlav. if you live nearby you might smell gas in the air but pg&e
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says it is safe. testing is expected to last through the afternoon. >> time to check back with meteorologist christina loren to find out about our friday even forecast. the moisture up there. >> look what it does to your hair. >> i know. i live it. >> good morning to you. temperatures mostly in the 50s out there. we've got a good looking day shaping up. we're shacking showers in the's bay. it's going to be a cool day, requiring a jacket about all afternoon noon. highs only in the 60s. and the showers that we're -- we're starting to get a little bit of a pushback to the west at this point so san mateo, in the next 20 minutes or so f. you see the batch of rain over san ramon south to police sleasanton.
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a few hours of rain, then a sunny finish, stop the clock at 7:00 a.m. so a showery commute but then by about 10:30, clear conditions. remember, you don't have to wait for the seven-day forecast. we ask it strolling at the bottom of the screen every region including 4 neighborhood is covered. let's look at fierce wind. it's going to wip. let's check your drive. >> good morning. turn the camera to the mission boulevard off ramp. reports after car, single car incident, a spinning out. and we did have slick misty conditions as i drove through this morning. my wipers went on. i couldn't mack it past the building but there is report of activity on the shoulder. the map will show you it's not so bad. approaching mission boulevard or past that.
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i'll track that incident. look at the green at the top. that's where some wetter roadways are registering on sensors out of sunol and pleasanton. slowing into the livermore valley. mostly the backup out of the alta mont pass. the earlier stall has been pushed out. pushed it to the shoulder, now all lanes are clear. we'll have one shot of the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. we can tell you people in southern california guess what they are already lining up outside their favorite stores for black friday deals. beaumont west of palm springs, they have the tent, the chairs, getting comfortable. some of the people there have been there for a week. by the time black friday rolls around they will have camped out more than 15 dies. >> we need something and can't afford it we come on black friday because they have got the good deals. >> also those point out a nice
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way to bond with the community. >> i could think of other ways of bonding. it's 5:11. the president adding a stop in his trip to the bay area. he'll be talking about immigration reform. what we've just learned. >> plus, new video in, a plane lands at the wrong airport. now it's stuck. we'll let you know why it's stranded coming up. >> it happens. we'll look at wall street. the fed talking about tapering, and kids up all night as well.
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it's 5:13. welcome back. we're learning new details about the president's visit to the bay area monday. president obama planning to make a public appearance at the betty
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regular rags center in china town. the chronicle reports he will deliver remarks on the importance of passing common sense immigration reform. president obama is supposed to be here for a fund-raiser at the sf jazz center. not everyone is happy to see him. ticket sales are so slow organizers are cutting prices by as much as half. >> some say the president has retreated on immigration and consider that peace meal solution. >> we reported it to you yesterday, the startling news that president obama said he would accept that piecemale solution. for months he said nothing but comprehensive reform, dealing with all immigration issues together from farm workers to high tech workers, from legal visas to undocumented workers. one group that has been pushing hard for immigration reform is
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forward u.s., that's mark zuckerberg's committee. it's airing new commercials pushing washington to take action. it's sponsoring a hack-a-thon for kids saved by the dream act. you are looking alive pictures from linked in as it hosts that dream act hack-a-thon. they have been up all night coding. we'll have live later. have you seen this on youtube. ♪ this is a commercial for the girls engineering toy called goldie blocks. it has more than 3 million views in just three days as the girls build a goldberg machine. goldie blocks was a kick starter project by debby sterling who said there are too many princess toys in the aisles.
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she says america is not suffering a shortage of princesses, it's suffering a shortages of women engineers. the best of luck to her. looking at business news, wall street reacting to the fed meeting minutes talking about yesterday. and they are alarmed of talk by -- anyone -- tapering. right the fed discussing ending its $85 billion a month spending habit. the fed buys that much buying up government bonds and mortgage securities and knows it's got to stop. in return the fed says it will be keeping interest rates at essentially zero for a long time to come but the end of easy money has wall street nervous. >> interest rates important too. >> reality eventually has to settle in. 5:16. reality is outside. rain in our forecast. >> the puffy hair forecast. >> right. >> full body. >> thank you. >> brek girl. >> take a straightener to this mop. as we head throughout the next half hour the wind is going to
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pick up. the rain is tapering off as we head throughout the next couple hours. do consider that, also consider that our roadways are slick. 52 degrees, oakland, yeah, watch out on 880, you'll find some pockets with some really heavy ponding this morning. south bay looking good at 52, mostly cloudy. the forecast shows by noon 59 degrees, cool enough for a jacket. it will be nice out there throughout this afternoon. showers continue for the first part of the day. clearing out throughout the second half of the day. right now the moisture over the tri-valley and the east bay. we're starting to dry out across the greater bay area. the wind is going to play a factor throughout tonight. you can see on the key where you're getting the warmer colors that's the fierce wind. it will be the strongest up in the north bay. not going to see a lot of that in the south bay from livermore to fairfield to the hills watch out for gusty conditions through tonight. then as we head throughout the next few days we have a gradual warming trend, the sunshine
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returns, i want to show you san jose, 62 degrees, 66 by friday, 68 on saturday. what a great looking weekend we have. up to 70 degrees in the south bay. and a peek at the weekend forecast, you've got it scrolling at the bottom of the screen every region across the bay area. we've got your back. we've got you covered. he's got your drive. good morning. >> good morning. looking here toward the fremont area, a smooth drive southbound but notice mist in the air. i encountered that through the area i had to use my wipers. we have reports after spin-out south of here so that is going on. the lanes are clear as you travel south past mission boulevard. we'll see where we're located. let's look at the rundown, i think i messed things up. a smooth drive along the peninsula. the south bay, easy drive. the green here in the east bay, we're looking at the tri-valley. the slower drive, some wet roads
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for 580, 84 through livermore, 680, we do have this backup that let loose. we had a stall here around north flynn road. we'll keep that in mind. we're looking here toward the east bay. off the antioch bridge, jamming up and again, the green here, wet roadways. more puddling as christine was talking about. close to the oakland area we see that for 580 and portions of 880. we'll give you a live look and see traffic moves past the coliseum, no major issues and the north bay moves smoothly. back to you. a look at 101 south. >> i want to give you live pictures out of wichita, account. you have one of those days nothing goes right. how about the pilot landing this plane at the wrong airport.
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that's right. took a wrong turn. the cargo plane landed at a corporate airport instead of the nearby airport base it was supposed to land at. crews are trying to figure out how to get the plane out of there because the runway there is so short, and this plane is, i mean, these are huge. so it's too big to lift off from the airport so. what, call a tow truck? >> a big one. it's supposed to land eight miles away. 5:20. the announcement over record judgment expected against fraudulent immigration consulting business in oakland. american legal services is ordered to pay more than $15 million in penalties and damage. it comes after a court judge ruled the company preyed on local families seeking residency. the company advertised as a legal service though none of the employees were attorneys and made a false promise of
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citizenship. >> a preview on a report, a new breed of drug dealer growing marijuana crops where you wouldn't think to find them. we're talking about setting up shop not far from hiking areas and communities. lee traveled across the state and found the illegal pot trade is more dangerous than ever. according to law enforcement, traffickers are now growing thousands of plants at a time year-round on near -- on or near public parks. pot grewers are then selling it up to $52 a gram. and they want to protect those valuable graps. >> we've seen it get worse in the last two years. >> why? >> it's a violent activity. it's drug smug ling. this isn't medicinal feel good medicine marijuana. these are people growing marijuana for profit and it's a business for them.
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>> the investigative unit breaks down the number of drug arrests tonight at 11:00. >> it's 5:22. how little girl leaks the details of a major baseball signing coming up next.
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welcome back everybody. i want to give you a live look, crisp clear day out there. moisture around the bay area. that is a live look at the bay bridge. you can see traffic slowly starting to pick up. mike inouye will talk about that. christina has the forecast. let you know if you need an umbrella as you bounce out the door. 5:24 now. former stanford quarterback and colt star andrew luck making a different appearance on tv tonight. >> we're going to have fun today. >> that's right he and a number of colts players doing acting.
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>> needs to work on the arm. >> luck gets to play things up with most of the actors including rob lowe. parks and recs airs here on nbc bay area. >> should be fun. during the off season of baseball, sign and trade rumors always taking front and center on the mlb circuit. this one t way it leaked will probably make you smile, maybe laugh. earlier this week blogger jamie kel broke the news that david murphy is leaving the rangers to sign with the cleveland indians. how did she find out? it was a leak at a texas day care. apparently murphy's daughter told her teachers my daddy's going to the indians. murphy picked her up later that day, he confirmed the news. kelly points out he tries to build good relationships, this happened to pay off. >> i guess. and kids.
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they repeat everything. >> my daddy's getting a new contract, lots of new gifts for christmas, a new barbie set. >> exactly. want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. she has a look at the forecast. a busy week for you. >> hard to believe christmas just about a month away from now. kind of mind blowing. thanksgiving next thursday. what? where is the time going. we needed this rain. we're running a significant deficit. as of yesterday and this morning, though, we took out a big chunk of those totals where we were lacking. we have made up almost all of our average rainfall for the entire month of november. in a couple days. throughout this afternoon it's going to be comfortable but cool. 62 in san jose, 64 degrees in menlo park and 62 in the mid market area of san francisco. fremont 61, warm out in the tri-valley, sunshine coming through by about noon today. 68 degrees for pleasanton. a look at your drive and good
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morning to mike inouye. >> looking toward the metering lights. i saw them switch on to green. watching for those to change the next 20 minutes. look at the red lights from the toll plaza all the way up past the metering lights along that incline. a smooth drive approaching the bay bridge. we'll end with this map as we look at a green flow of traffic. >> thanks. >> 5:27. still to come on "today in the bay" a hate crime investigation at san jose state university. we'll let you know what three students are accused of doing.
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a u.s. state department reacts to news that an 85-year-old palo alto man a veteran of the korean war is being detained by north korea. i'll have the reaction coming up. >> reporter: will b.a.r.t.'s board of directors approve a contract with the union that has a potentially costly mistake in it. what riders are saying.
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>> no delays for the trains now, as you get over the bay you have to wait because the metering lights are on. >> and we only have to wait a little longer for showers to clear. san jose dry this morning, we still have pretty steady rainfall moving through the east bay. i'll let you know when the skies will dry out and we've got a warm-up headed our way to detail. >> look forward to. a live look outside, that bay bridge again, really happy they have gone above and beyond the call of duty. we illuminate your morning on thursday, november 21st, this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning. i want to update you on breaking news in the south bay. two men are in police custody accused of trying to break into a house in santa clara. a neighbor called 911 after 3:30
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this morning to report a possible burglary at a home on crocker way. this is located near lawrence expressway and el camino real. multiple agencies including the s.w.a.t. team responding. authorities thought the resid t residents might have been inside. nobody was home during the time. the suspects, they did try to run away but were tracked down nearby. one of the suspects we're told was bitten by a police dog. >> we're learning details about another american reportedly detained by the north korean government, this time an 85-year-old war veteran whose family says he was traveling as a tourist when he was taken into custody. marla tellez is live in our newsroom with reaction from his family and the u.s. state department. good morning. >> 85-year-old merrill neuman had just completed a 10-day vacation to north korea when he was forced off a plane bound for the bay area. he was on his way home.
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neuman in a news letter of the retirement community in palo alto where he lives with his wife was allegedly taken into custody by a uniformed north korean officer almost a month ago october 26. officials say he went to north korea with a friend and as part of the tour group from beijing. his son says his father is is a veteran of the korean war. when he began talking about the war he was detained. neither north korea or the state department is confirming neuman's detainment. however, the state department released a statement saying, quote, we are aware of reports that a u.s. citizen was detained in north korea. we have no additional information to share at this time. the embassy of sweden and acts as you are protecting power for issues involving u.s. citizens in north korea. we spoke to a stanford professor. he says it's unusual the north korean government isn't owning this. >> parts of this that are a
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little out of even by north korean standards out of the ordinary. >> neuman's son jeffrey says he is also personally in touch with the state department. we can tell you neuman's traveling partner did make it back to the united states safely. and released a statement that says this whole thing is a terrible misunderstanding. coming up the "today" show will expand more on this. >> thank you, marla. this is not the first time north korea arrested an american citizen. last year kenneth bay was arrested and earlier this year convicted of hostile acts against north korea. he is still in prison serving 15 years hard labor. in march 2009, american journalists were arrested for crossing into north korea from china. the two were reporting for current tv at the time. they were sentenced to 12 years hard labor but they were
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released after an unannounced visit by president clinton. >> a rally to demand answers taking place at san jose state after three students were charged with a hate crime. they are white fresh men students accused of tormenting a black roommate. a month long investigation found the students wrote racial slurs on a dry erase board in a campus apartment and held a confederate flag and pictures of adolf hitler in the room. prosecutors say the white roommates forced a bicycle lock around the victim's neck and claimed that they lost the key. last night's black student union meeting those we spoke with, they say they are shocked this could happen on such a diverse campus. >> highly offended by thevents on our campus. it's so close to home and we weren't aware of any of it. no organization on the campus let us know that these issues
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were here. >> the university says the alleged incidents are under investigation but at this point no decision has been made whether the students will face sanctions. if convicted the students could spend up to a year in jail. >> happening today a crucial boat affecting hundreds of thousands. b.a.r.t.'s board will decide if it wants to approve a labor contract. the problem it includes a provision b.a.r.t. says should have never made it into the contract. christie smith is live in oakland with more on today's vote. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that vote happening a little later this morning. i can tell you riders are going to watch it closely based on what they tell us. they say mistake or not she they should not have to pay for it and shouldn't have to wonder what's next. there is no talk of another strike but b.a.r.t.'s two largest unions have come forward in what they are saying is that they are willing to sit down with b.a.r.t. and work something out over this possible error in
5:36 am
the labor deal but only if they ratify the contract. what they are saying is that there was a mistake in the section that allows six weeks paid family leave, that would be in addition to vacation and other leave that could add millions of costs on the labor package. one writer told me the whole thing doesn't make a lot of sense. >> i think it's an embarrassment. >> to who? >> to the management but also these folks need to get honest in what was the spirit of the deal. everyone know what is the spirit of the deal was. go back to that. that slipped in there because somebody didn't notice it, then the union noticed that. i think it would be tragic for the bay area.
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>> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s two largest unions, local 1555 and 1021, they release add joint statement saying we expect the board to meet their responsibility and approve this contract. they are meeting at 9:00, the b.a.r.t. board, and we'll be there. christie smith, "today in the bay" zlxt thank you very much. >> 5:37. time with your weather. good morning. >> good morning. we still have showers on the radar. and we're still tracking cold air lingering across the bay area. throughout this afternoon, we'll see a sunny finish but it's still going to be cool, cold air. i'll show you the day part forecast. a mix of sun and clouds by about noon. 4:00 p.m., mostly sunny but 61 degrees so only a 10 degree climb to where we headed toward the end of the day. all of the rain is clearing out. i want to show you we're getting
5:38 am
significant showers along 580 where it -- we're going to get the exact details but travel cautiously for the time being. we head throughout the morning all of this activity is pressing to the south. it will be in the san jose area as we head throughout the second half of the morning so between about 8 and 9:00, counseled on slick conditions. remember, if you look for the seven-day forecast we have it at the bottom of the screen. every region is covered. story of the day is we have a few hours of rain but i want to show you what we expect. stop the clock at 7:30. starting to get a little activity along the south end of the peninsula. happen that clock 11:00 a.m. and clear conditions across the greater bay area. then we have a warm-up. let's talk to mike inouye as promised with your morning drive. >> earlier than we thought we
5:39 am
have metering lights on at the bay bridge. look at that. the lights are on. we talked about the backup to the incline. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza camera. all the way back past the 880 overcrossing to west grand avenue. about a half hour earlier than a lot expected. we look at the map, earlier crash, a minor crash at the toll plaza. that might have gotten folks on edge. the approach is moving out of the maze and no major problems. from 680 and east. you talk about having traveled through, wet roads through the area. we're looking at a smooth drive and san jose a look at the volume starts to build. >> thanks, mike. >> coming up the transportation company getting into the holiday
5:40 am
spirit aftering free rides. >> new developments in the efforts to pull u.s. troops out of afghanistan. the deal that's in the works and the holdup that could make it all part apart.
5:41 am
5:42 am
meetings in afghanistan this morning could determine just how long troops there stay in that country. tracie potts is live on capitol hill right now with the latest talks about the u.s. troops g. morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. as many as 15,000 troops staying for another decade in afghanistan, the u.s. has reached a final deal with afghanistan but it's got to be approved by their elders, they are meeting today and president hamid karzai told them think about this, take your time, it's our country's future. their biggest concern is what will be the role of u.s. troops
5:43 am
staying there, the secretary of state, the president have said that they will not be there for a combat role. our combat troops are still coming home next year but will be supporting and training afghan security forces. the biggest concern for those in afghanistan, the safety and privacy of citizens in a letter president obama has promised president karzai that our troops who remain will respect the privacy of citizens. >> tracie potts, appreciate the update. 5:43. new this morning, vallejo police asking people to be on alert. this coming after armed robberies and armed robbers hit eight homes and businesses in four hours. police are looking for a group of two or three men armed with a revolver. they are suspected in eight different robberies between 5:30 and 9:00 last night. in all of them four people were robbed outside homes across the city, four additional robberies
5:44 am
outside businesses including a costco, 7-11 and pep boys auto center. one woman was pistol whipped outside a seafood city no. arrests have been made. >> san francisco police looking for what they call an armed and dangerous homicide suspect. detectives say 23-year-old michael green shot two women outside of a nightclub over the weekend. he is described as 5'11", 230 founds, with a beard and long hair. one of the victims, a 22-year-old woman, died, the other was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition this morning. police say green may be traveling in a 2001 mercedes with a california license plate 4 uip 704. >> a follow-up to tell you about, it's up to the vallejo school district to come up with a new mascot for the main high school. last night the school board
5:45 am
voting to drop the tromascot. the current mascot, this one is a source of tension between people who believe that name honored the apache people and those who find it offensive. >> time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. see what we're in store for today. >> yeah, you know, it starts raining, everybody is interested in the weather here. free car wash for me. hopefully for you as well. temperatures mostly in the 50s now. as we head throughout the afternoon it's going to be pretty cool so make sure you have that rain coat with you for the first part of the day especially in the east bay and some sort of a winter coat for most of the bay area climbing into the 60s. the seven-day forecast is here at the bottom of your screen. we don't want to make you wait for it any longer. we have every region covered. there are many microclimates across the bay area. 58 at lunch time in san jose a.
5:46 am
cool day, 62, even in the heat of the day staying cool. right now the showers are still moving through parts of the east bay. you want to travel cautiously. mike inouye is going to be along but count on slowing. 680 and 580 intersect through the east bay. throughout the morning hours a lot of this is going to continue to press to the south, milpitas a little shower activity. to the north of san jose, moving into our neck of the woods. get the little ones prepared for showers this morning. as we head throughout the next couple days the showers clear out and we'll see a cool day, 62 by friday, though, 66 degree, and getting to the weekend a nice warm-up with temperatures saturday and sunday, speaking of saturday, big food drive across the bay area. it's our annual. everything benefits the bay area food banks, comprised of six different food banks. i want to let you know where you can meet laura garcia-cannon. 68 degrees, she'll be out there.
5:47 am
so that's going to be nice. i think you'll be out from 11:00 to 2:00. that's most of the time we're looking at. also you can meet marla tellez, mr. scott mcgrew, inches are going to be comfortable, 68 at the river park plaza and hey, our main man, mike inouye, out in fremont and yeah, looking good. warm, out there with stephanie. a good day for a food drive. the the showers will clear outment we can't wait to meet our loyal viewers. thanks for waking up with us every day. over to you, mike. >> all right. whatever. as we transition to traffic. got me over in the side building anyway. toward the map a smooth drive around the peninsula. the south bay we're starting to build but the concern is here where christina is talking about the rain having to come through the green highlighted all over
5:48 am
shows you immediate conditions so you'll have -- the alta mont pass toward livermore, dublin, 84 starting to show a build for the volume. nothing unexpected aside from the wet conditions. watch this interchange especially as you make those around, tough if you have lower traction. look at this, oakland for 580. again that korean pretty much east of 680. also for highway 4, starting to dry out a bit through antioch. the bulk of that comes in. the bay bridge toll plaza. we had the metering lights turned on early. we had flashing lights. there was a crash. this is another set of equipment. they have -- it's not related to the earlier crash. a smoother drive across the bay bridge. a look at palo alto. look at the roadway you see the
5:49 am
sheen. watch the off ramp as you make those clofber leafs. we've had a lot of spin-outs. >> it's 5:49. today we're set to get our look at a prescreening program available at san jose international airport. the program is open at a weekend a and this morning the tav is showcasing the system. travelers can go through a special process to gain access to expedited lines. approved frequent flyers. >> for some it's best to keep those shoes on. we can tell you a mobile ride sharing service offering rides for $3.99. yes, the company says it's giving thanks for the big response to its new low cost option. starting on monday, through december 1, the company is
5:50 am
covering not one but two free rides. those rides they have to start or end in silicon valley. sign up for your kree ride using the promo code service sv loves you uberx. >> we'll look at wall street. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor.
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welcome back everybody. hopefully spectacular. maybe outstanding. a live look over the south bay. that is san jose with the sun
5:53 am
creeping up. if you are a hockey fan, the sharks hosting the lightning tonight. so enjoy and go blue and teal or black and teal i should say. kind of early for me. >> the world's second largest tv maker investigating claims that some of its smart tv's may be collecting user data without consent. a british blogger says using network analysis software he was able to track how long his smart tv logged channels that he was watching even when the feature was disabled. it collected files in a usb drive. but when the blogger confronted lg the company blamed the retailer for not disclosing the company's terms and conditions of the time -- at the time of the purchase. >> 5:53. the jury in the apple/samsung trial will ender its third day of deliberation today. there is one thing the jury is sure about. >> yeah, it's apparently federal
5:54 am
court practice to serve the same lunch every day, laura, to the jury. so yesterday the jury asked could it please not be served sour dough sandwiches again. the "mercury news" suggests it might like burritos better. the jury is trying to decide how much bread to fine samsung for violating apple patents as it copied features from the iphone and ipad. the x box goes on sale tonight or tomorrow. some microsoft stores will be open at midnight and they will be widely available tomorrow morning at stores. as with the play station 4, which went on sale exactly a week ago, it will be first come first serve unless you preordered. last night on late night they tried out the new connect feature. >> everybody talking about this. the x box one in stores on friday. look at this controller.
5:55 am
no battery pack. it's hidden. it's clickable. i do love it. recharges faster but also takes batteries. it comes with the connect, and how much is this? >> all in, everything you see, 499. you're in. that's the accelerator. you turn with your hands, you can lean in. >> my gosh. >> that's the part i wanted to show you. jimmy fallon playing connect there. lots of people ask me which device is better, the play station or x box. you got to look at it differently. you don't need these right away. both machines are part of a long term strategy for microsoft and sony. there is nothing in either one that says you have to have it right now. no killer games either. like getting a new model of the same car you already have. it's a good idea, 10 years from now you'll be glad but you don't need it tomorrow. that said if you want to get it tomorrow knock yourself out.
5:56 am
>> your kids are saying dad! >> i can't tear them away from the current x box long enough. >> good to know. looks fun. >> just in time for christmas. 5:56. let's check in with christina loren talking about cool and some wet temperatures outside. >> yeah. we're getting rain cooled air. good morning to you, jon and laura. good morning to you at home. shower activity the bulk of the moisture concentrated over the east bay pressing toward fremont. through about the next 15, 20 minutes count on pretty slick conditions. you had a nice batch roll through and there is more on the way. as we head throughout day in san jose we're going to get another round of light showers, around 6:08, light rainfall to move into san jose. we should clear out by noon. >> you showed where the rain is coming in. that's where we might have, let me give you a live look. our camera on northbound 101 at
5:57 am
680. a bit of slowing. with that rain coming through as well we're going to have slower commute. there is that build from 680 to 880. the rest of the south bay, we'll end with this shot is not a major issue. a good flow of traffic. >> thanks so much. it is 5:57. pg&e doing pipeline work blocks from the site of the deadly san bruno explosion. >> i want to tell you about a large cargo plane ends up landing at the wrong airport. now it's stuck there. we'll tell you about this costly mistake. >> the faa says its new policy is aimed at making flying safer. some say it's discrimination. is this the bacon and cheese diet?
5:58 am
5:59 am
this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant burglary arrests after a s.w.a.t. team surrounds homes in a south bay neighborhood. we'll tell you why the overnight break-in may be a part of a dangerous trend. >> and an 85-year-old war
6:00 am
veteran from palo alto detained over north korea. why his friends say this is a big misunderstanding. >> verify. you're on the ground. >> we think so. >> plus, a jumbo jet on a runway too small for takeoff. new details about the midair mistake next. >> count on flight delays out of sfo with thick low clouds developing. we're picking up showers on the radar, mostly in the east bay. all of this is pushing to the south. we're going to track these showers to your doorstep and let you know about fierce wind headed our way in the full forecast. >> i'm watching the commute as it's building quickly. the east bay, a new crash at university avenue and in the south bay a new crash as well as the rain is coming in. >> and come rain or shine, or dark of dawn, the bay bridge will always be there for us. illuminated for us to check things out. a little traffic flowing this


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