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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 22, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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people on trains. christie smith is live right now at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. hoped to have the problem fixed by now. what's the latest? >> reporter: the best we're hearing is soon. i heard from the station agent and he said at this point from him looking at his computer they are not even recognizing the trains on the track yet, the computers. could be a while. i wanted to show you these are the tracks at walnut creek, normally we'd start to see the trains rolling in from the end of the line from the pittsburg, bay point area, picking up passengers heading into san francisco for the morning. you can see the station, well, the gate is still rolled down. you may wonder where the crowds are. we saw them, the station agent made an announcement and a lot of them just took their bags, got back in their cars and headed off. earlier they told us maybe 5:00 this morning. all of this because of computer problems affecting the tracks.
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it started after mid night. that's when they are supposed to end their runs. we shot video at the station where an empty train sat idle and the station was open but nothing moving. at the height of this, 19 trains and up to 1,000 riders had to rye it out as they had to manually crank switches. i spoke with one rider who found out the gates were still down at walnut creek at 4:30 this morning. >> i was called in to work. i told them i'll be in when i can. i left them a message. >> you expected the gates to be open. they would. >> i thought they would. i wait on the platform, catch the first one that leaves. i guess they don't want people going in. okay, i want my money back. i'm not waiting this long. >> reporter: some passengers actually had time to tweet out
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photos while they were stuck on those trains of what they said how they passed the time on the trains. some of them sleeping, some shooting the empty stations. according to b.a.r.t., though, the last passengers that were on the trains have reached their destinations. the question now is when can the morning commute get started? these folks trying to get answers but again, the latest we're told is soon. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. with those trains jammed up the domino effect, here is i guess the snarling up of traffic on the roads. mike is here with a look at how this might affect your commute. >> the flip side what if christie said soon for the trains means not yet. that means as you said folks hitting the road. the bay bridge toll plaza. we expect a burst of traffic later on as folks make their way from the b.a.r.t. stations by car. no word on bridges. no trains running right now and they don't know when that will
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happen. we're looking at the area affected. you come through the maze, you'll see folks heading to westbound 80, that's the bay bridge toll plaza. all of the b.a.r.t. lines for the east bay move in through this area. we got word that b.a.r.t. is going to open at 6:00 a.m. and we're looking at a smoother flow of traffic. but this word isn't getting to everybody if you're not watching. you might not know that, might be hitting the road. 24 expecting more traffic and the east shore. we got word it should be running by 6:00 a.m. but that's to be updated by the system throughout the day. >> oh, gosh, what a mess. you know the issues come a day after b.a.r.t.'s board approved a tentative labor contract without a controversial provision. b.a.r.t. took out the disputed family medical leave provision. it would have given workers six weeks of paid annual leave to care for sick family members. the measure was included because
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of a cleric le error. they are asking b.a.r.t. to interests deal it originally agreed to. >> we're tracking severe weather, a live look outside you can see our camera bouncing because of the high wind. >> that wind is blowing even harder in the north bay where firefighters they are just working very hard doing anything to try to get volume of this brush fire. at least 300 acres have burned so far. crews are being told only have it contained by about 25%. >> the wind has knocked down trees and power lines all over the bay area. two people died including one who may have been electrocuted. >> we have team coverage in place for to you cover all of this windy weather. meteorologist christina loren will at the time us know when the wind will start to slow down and calm down. >> let's start with marla tellez. she's live in berkeley with a look at some of the damage caused overnight. kb morning. >> it is pretty serious.
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good morning to you. crews have their work cut out for them in berkeley. we got a tip from a website that a sizable tree had fallen on oregon street. we drove up about 30 minutes ago and this is what we found. yes, this tree must have fallen over in the last several hours because as you can see, crews have been out, they chopped it up. so now the road, this is oregon street between add align and telegraph in berkeley. the tree is cleared. the road is open. you see the car passing. i got to show you this truck did suffer front end damage. i'm sure this could have been much worse. nonetheless, crews still have to come out to clear the rest of the tree branches. the winds turned deadly in oakland in the 8:00 hour. we have video that shows the aftermath of a downed power line near a motorcycle near east 22nd
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and fruitvale avenue. a man was electrocuted when a falling tree branch brought down the line shortly after 8:00. a neighbor tells us what he saw. >> apparently the guy was getting on his motorcycle or getting off and the tree branch fell over and killed him. so when i got here, had -- everything was blocked off. >> reporter: also in oakland police say about 8:30 a man was killed when a tree fell on the vehicle he was in. this happened on skyline boulevard. our camera also caught signs that were blown over, random boxes flying into traffic. and i just hung up with the pg&e spokesperson and she tells me that tens of thousands of people are in the dark this morning, all because of the high winds, most outages are in the east and north bays, but as of a few minutes ago we got numbers,
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15,000 people in the dark in the east bay right now, 6900 in the north bay. this is over 100 without power on the peninsula. most of this wind damage is seen in the east and north bays. crews are efforting to get all of the power restored but as you can imagine with the wind shouling at this hour they have a long way to go but they are working as fast as they can. they are work twog 50 separate outages mainly in the oakland hills and workly. in this neighborhood in workly the power is on. >> what damage they have. thank you. we are following breaking news in the north day. winds spread. fire burning in napa near canyon road. not far from silverado trail. evacuations on loma vista, shady oaks and ridge drive.
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the fire spread to 300 acres, it's 25% contained. approximately 40 to 50 people were evacuated to napa high school but all of them have found other places to stay 0 so the evacuation center has been shut down. fire officials will have an update in a few hours. we'll bring that to you. we want to check in with christina loren. she has details on all of the wind. >> hey, good morning to you. there is a lot of wind in to east bay. 56 degrees right now. by lunch time you'll be at 60 degrees. 64 degrees at 4:00 p.m. that your high out in oak town so a cool day requiring a jacket. we'll hit the 70s in the north day where the wind is the most fierce. napa rej are 18-mile-per-hour sustained speeds straight out of the north. it's a dry wind. these are going to decrease throughout the next few hours but we're going to see a blustery time frame between now and about 9:00 a.m.
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so keep that in mind especially if you drive a high-profile vehic vehicle. fires wind dies down. the wind is going to continue to drop off throughout today, and into tonight. as you can see from the key you'll see where you're getting the cooler colors so the hod colors, that's where we see the strongest winds. by about 11:00 a.m. they won't be that strong. after 11:00 a.m. we'll see the winds drop off and then later on we're talking with comfortable conditions. so we'll get to your full forecast. i want to check your drive with mike inouye. >> we want to tell you we're updating our website with new video and images, it's on our website, you can also get the latest on how the weather looks in your neighborhood. just click on the weather tap at the top.
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>> a somber day in history, this morning marking exactly 50 years to the day since the assassination of president john f. kennedy. a look at arlington national cemetery where the eternal flame burns. later on there will be a wreath laying ceremony at that site. flags will be lowered to mark this moment in history. there are ceremonies planned coast to coast and just after midnight officials lighting the olympic torch at the coliseum in honor of president kennedy. this one will be burning for a total of 24 hours. there will be a number of special ceremonies in dallas including the unveiling of a new don you want on the famous grassy knoll. there will be a moment of
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silence for president kennedy. you can watch all of that live here on nbc bay area. >> 5:10. negotiations to get a palo alto man released in north korea continued. 85-year-old merrill newman is a korean veteran. he was on a tour when he was detained. his friend said it happened about a month ago but neither the u.s. state department nor the korean government could confirm that. sweden's ambassador has been trying to deliver newman's heart medication. >> the time is 5:11. coming up, some bay area kids getting a special early dip this season. >> a live look at the safe way store in pleasanton. we're gearing up for annual food drive. >> it is on. >> time to strike up the band. we'll tell you how you can help out some local families this year.
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>> plus, you'll be able to soon maybe talk on the phone in the airplane. what do you think?
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for the second friday in a row a big system going on sale. this is important for silicon valley. >> we make the chips, we make much of the sensor technology that allows you to play without a controller and we make a great number of the games that the machines play. microsoft started selling x box 1. it joins the play station 4 which went on sale last friday. in each case people stood in line but you'll find them in the stores this morning. the people and the machines.
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though it is of course first come first served. we're making history, never before has the dow opened above 16,000. the index peaked above 16 k before but it closed there for the first time so it will open there. nothing magical happens. it is just a number. but it's an interesting number. the fcc, the federal communication commission says maybe you'll be allowed to make voice calls on your cell phone from your airplane seat in the air. the faa, the federal aviation association did approve the use of electronics in the flight but it's the fcc has to say it's okay to call. most airplane passengers by the way do not like the idea. >> jon and laura, i thoft emmy awards for clean energy. i did so last night. i know both of you emcee events,
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and you want to stay in control at all times, right. run the show. you are in charge. this guy right here, this is a screen shot off of one of the big panels because i had to get far enough away. he is an energy consultant and partner in silicon valley company. he is in the middle of this award ceremony gets down on one knee, turns to a woman in the crowd and i'm thinking to myself what is he doing? but by the way, she said yes. >> wow. >> i'll show you that bit of unexpected award ceremony drama. >> clean air energy romance. >> it's long distance. so i'm not sure. >> somebody's moving. >> that's fine. witnessing love. >> i like when guys do that. get down on the knee after checking with dad of coursement >> we get a chance to do your grocery shopping, you have a
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great opportunity to be out and help the less fortunate and become an annual tradition here, we're teaming up with safeway for an annual food drive. >> it's easy to do. bob redell is live at our pleasanton store with more on our end hunger now drive and how you can help out. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. can you believe this is the fifth year, trying to get people to fill up these bins at your safeway, the main drive tomorrow. i feel like it's so quiet that we're missing something. if only we had some music. just back up this story. ♪ oh, wow. wow. completely unexpected. that we would have the piedmont highlanders here marching band from piedmont high school bright and early this morning in the pleasanton. can you guys hear me?
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700,000 people rely on the food banks. a huge chunk are children. if you look out, what is the demand like? >> it's gone up. this year we have five times more calls on our help line. we really need people to help. >> why has it gone up so much? we do hear about recession, bottoming out a little bit. you think that maybe with that, the number of people needing this would go down. >> families are still struggling because rents are high, job pay is low, and it just creates need. since more people are going to bay area food banks. >> chief, safeway, what should people do tomorrow or today for that matter when it comes to safeway? >> come in, we have the bags ready. >> looks like this. can't miss it. at the check-out stands. $10, you're on the way. you help the local food bank.
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>> put it in a bin. >> sure can. >> appreciate it. we're going to be at safeway stores. tomorrow, over 160 safeway stores. pretty much all of them in the bay area. they will participate. like you said you walk in, you cannot miss this. and i believe we've got 28,000 bags that have been put in these bins this season so far. we want more than that. what timing. thank you, piedmont high. >>. [ applause ]. >> i love it. they were good. >> we had it only every day. >> that is outstanding. that band give them big props. i like the guy in the kilts rocking it out. >> teenagers up this early. >> i think we might want to think about a band at least on fridays. love it. >> meet bob, i'll be in morgan hill. christina, at river mark plaza. >> river mark plaza hanging out at the safeway on a saturday which is what we normally do
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anyway. i want to show you oakland. 60 degrees at lunch time in oakland. 4:00 p.m., 64 degrees. most of our cameras are pretty steady. but as we head throughout the day today, those winds will continue to play a factor at least for the first part of the day so keep that in mind. we're looking pretty good. i'm going to send it count the line now to mike inouye. >> most of the cameras, here in oakland there we go, whoa. we have the wind blowing it around a bit. this is on a high ritz across from the coliseum. the roadway, you can manage fine. but look at the maps, we're talking about the wind advisory to the oakland hills as well. the east bay and the north bay going to get caught with gusts as well as the bridges. big note for the roadway. you might be bet more company as folks travel. no b.a.r.t. train service right now because of an overnight problem. may be more for westbound 24, westbound interstate 80, the latest we heard is the b.a.r.t. system they hope to get trains back on line by 6:00 but they
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have nothing official. sounds like they are trying to sort out issues. expect more driving to the bridge. earlier wind advisory continues, benicia, carquinez bridge. we had a tree blocking a connector. we're for vallejo, berkeley, marla tellez is reporting so be careful. a lot of debris on the roadways. a drive through the tri-valley. out of the area where we have the wind, 580 west will be an issue out of the altamont pass. in the south bay no major issues, the northbound commute gently building a tad bit out of san jose into sunnyvale. and up the peninsula. looking over the san mateo bridge, gusty conditions off of this high rise but no problems as you head to 101 and 280, those are moving nicely along the peninsula. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:21. dozens of bay area foster children get a fresh start today. santa clara county has a national adoption day event to
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place 48 children into adoptive families. that will happen at downtown superior court in san jose. later alameda county celebrating the adoption finalization of 23 children there. that celebration will take part at the alameda county juvenile justice center in san leandro. it's going to be a great christmas for all. >> love it. 5:22. coming up on "today in the bay," how about shaving it all off. josh reddick, loses the beard. we'll tell you about the big time bet that cost him his signature look. i love watching tv outside.
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>> welcome back. good friday morning to you. luke sky walker and indiana jones, hitting a road block. looking for a new tenant to take over the land where the sports basement is now located. star wars creator george lucas is interested in taking over the
5:25 am
space but now the chronicle reports members are expecting reservations about plans to build the museum. the trust calling the space too big. it's asking lucas to scale back building plans. >> for the force is still with him. he's got that going. a little taste of the holiday season opening up for the cute factor jumping off the shark. the san francisco sbca its annual holiday windows at the macy's. you can see these guys featuring adoptable cats and dogs. they will officially be unveiled starting at 5:00 tonight so go out and maybe get a new pet. >> there you go. >> thinking about it. brian wilson, remember the former giant, he turned down millions to shave his beard. now josh reddick has shaved off his. >> take a look at that. reddick had that bushy beard last month. kind of was a trademark look for
5:26 am
him. now check out this photo. he just tweeted out, reddick a few days of stubble. why did he shave it off? take a listen. >> josh, you may be a fantastic baseball player, you may have won a golden globe, but guess what, you are not the king of beards. >> what do you think. >> battle of the beards. >> that was a challenge issued by wrestling entertainment star in march at taping of smack down this week. it was revealed reddick had lost the king of beards challenge and his punishment was shaving it off so that's why it's gone. >> that's interesting male bonding. i don't know. >> not going to partake? >> i can't grow a beard in the first place. 5:26. we continue following breaking news. b.a.r.t. trains shut down right now. christie smith talking to b.a.r.t. about when things will
5:27 am
finally get back on track.
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>> right now on "today in the bay" we continue following the breaking news b.a.r.t. trains at a stooandstill. >> christie smith is live at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. expects service to be shut down for at least another hour? or half hour? what do you think? >> reporter: we're hearing at least an hour but i have to tell you we also heard possibly 5:00 a.m., and here it is 5:30. so a lot of hurry up and wait. a lot of the b.a.r.t. riders asking me what i know and i just told them to be patient. we're hearing 6:00 a.m. like everyone else. but at this point the gates are still down at the walnut creek station. quite a few people standing around and waiting. this has to do with a computer glitch, the computers that
5:30 am
control the train switchers, so we're hearing that the train operators had to get out and manually switch them. that left at one point maybe up to 1,000 people stranded while they got the trains moving. we're told they are back but the question is when will the service start moving again this morning. here with me is mark. you were here when i was. what time did you get here? >> i got here at 4:20 in the morning and it's been pretty hectic. here waiting for the b.a.r.t. i don't start work till 9:00 but at this rate i don't know if i'll make it to work. >> reporter: i think the video you're looking at is a parking lot. a lot of people trying to carpool or take cabs. what is your plan? you heard 5:00 like us but you're here. >> yeah. kind of stranded here. i got a carpool with my dad because he works nearby in walnut creek. i have no way of getting home unless i contact my mom to get
5:31 am
me. >> have to be patient. >> i got to be patient and wait until b.a.r.t. comes back up. >> reporter: good luck to you. again, so the latest that we're hearing is 6:00 this morning. again, we keep seeing the station agent. he gives an update. he says that the last we heard is that they were still trying to get the computer system to recognize the switcher and he said that had not happened. i spoke with a gentleman earlier and he was trying to get to emeryville. he hopped in a cab and left. that's the situation. we're live in walnut creek. a lot of people trying to find alternates. mike, you have more on that. >> you know, we're looking for the effects. thank you for that live report. we're looking for the effect as the trains are off line and looking for more folks. we see the bay bridge toll plaza and the backup to the cash lanes. we don't typically see this on a friday. sometimes they don't need the metering lights. we see all of these cash lanes filled in to the end of the
5:32 am
parking lot. cash traffic usually means folks who don't normally drive are hitting the roadway, that might be what we're seeing. we look at the maps, we see the approach moving as far as the speed sensor goes slowing in the maze and the transition which we expect off of 580 especially because christie smith was on the side where it says walnut creek, through the caldecott tunnel both of those moving smoothly. the east shore in the top of the screen also along the b.a.r.t. lane alternates, and into the city more traffic there. we'll track it. the rest of the bay is light. we'll track it. back to you. >> thank you. from the traffic to the severe weather we're tracking. this morning crews are busy cleaning up across the bay area after high winds knocked down trees and damaged power lines. unfortunately two people have died including one person who may have been electrocuted. marla tellez is live in berkeley with a look at some of the damage out there and marla, it's been pretty nasty.
5:33 am
>> reporter: very nasty, jon. good morng. we're standing next to what used to be hours ago a standing tree. you can see this, this is the uprooted tree. this is oregon street where we are sandwiched. and we're showing you now the base of the tree, it clipped the front of this dodge truck here. of course the damage could have been much worse but this truck owner has some auto body work to take care of. the tree now in three separate pieces. crews have done their work, they have broken up the tree. there the limbs are on that side and then back here allen is going to show you the rest of this single tree. again, this is on oregon street in berkeley. the best news i can tell you for this neighborhood is that the power is on. that's not the case for much of the east bay. we're going to get to the numbers. i want to tell you the wind did turn deadly in oakland. two deaths reported in the 8:00 hour u. see a downed motorcycle,
5:34 am
oakland police say a man was electrocuted to death when a falling tree branch took down an active power hein and both fell on the man and his bike. this happened near east 22nd street and fruitvale avenue. also in oakland on skyline boulevard a tree fell on a vehicle, killing the man inside. while this was the absolute worst of it, the winds brought out others who welcomed the fresh air including this woman we caught out for a walk with her dog. >> it's been windy but this is extraordinary so we took a walk to feel the energy in the air and just exciting. >> reporter: a pg&e spokesperson i talked to tells me right now 15,000 people in the east bay are in the dark, 6900 in the north bay, also without power. most of the outages are in the oakland hills and berkeley, back in this squant neighborhood in berkeley t winds are howling.
5:35 am
plenty of branches line this street. down further on the way here we saw plenty of tree branches in the middle of the street. we had to dodge a few, and also garbage bins. brace yourself. that's the latest from here. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> good advice for so many driving because of what's happening with b.a.r.t. i think the wind is dying down. >> we hope so. it's been rough. thank you for that report. christina loren is here to tell us what is happening. how we're looking? >> the winds are pretty strong, jon and laura but they are going to taper off. they are doing so. just keep in mind it's a blustery start to the day. fierce winds slated to die down. highs today are going to be comfortable. more as we bump the numbers up. micro climt shows you 65 degree, the heat of the day around 3:00 this time of year.
5:36 am
peninsula, looking good, 66 degree, menlo park 64. mid market of san francisco, 65 degrees for today. and like i said before, the winds are going to start to drop off after 10:00 then we'll see calm conditions develop as we head throughout this evening. so keep that in mind. we're looking pretty good. want to show you what we expect in the north day. 70 in santa rosa. 65 fremont, the east bay looks good today, 66 in walnut creek and 66 degrees down in pleasanton. remember, if you want your seven-day forecast after all you made to the friday. you can find it here at the bottom of the screen. and your neighborhood is covered down there. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> we do have breaking news that we're following. this time in napa county where wind whipped fire continues to burn right now. it is happening near soda canyon road. mandatory evacuations for people living on loma vista, shady
5:37 am
observation and ridge drive. the fire broke out last night and firefighters say the flames quickly spread because of 30-mile-an-hour winds in the area. so far 300 acres burned. it's 25% contained. no word on injuries or if any homes have been destroyed. the exact cause is under investigation but fire officials say they responded to initial reports of downed power lines. >> a follow-up now, three san jose state students suspended accused of harassing their roommate because of the color of his skin. prosecutors say the three called their african-american roommate 3/5 and hung a confederate flag in the dorm room and wrote racial slurs on a dry erase board and accused of putting a bike lock around his neck and claimed they lost the key. students marched demanding justice.
5:38 am
the three white students telling the "mercury news" they are not racists, they were just playing pranks. twisted all the way around. >> 5:38. io receive nasoset to be sentenced today, possibly the death penalty. 79-year-old nasowas convicted of killing four women. the murders happened in the 1970s and 1990s. he acted as his own tofrn. a jury recommended the death sentence. a superior court judge will have the final say. >> lawmakers and community leaders getting together to announce new legislation to regulate replica guns, the state senator behind the bill hoping it will help prevent shootings like when 13-year-old andy lopez was shot and killed by a sonoma county deputy. the deputy says he thought lopez's replica gun was a real ak-47. senator evans of santa rosa will
5:39 am
outline new legislation requiring all beebe guns and replica guns be made in very bright colors or translucent colors. >> dangerous severe weather up and down california. new video in of a water rescue in southern california. we'll have the latest details next. >> right now a live look at the eternal flame burning for president john f. kennedy assassinated 50 years ago today. we'll go live to dallas to see how the country is remember ing the former president of the united states.
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> today mark as dark day in american history. 50 years ago president john f. kennedy was assassinated. there are a string of events planned in dallas where president kennedy was shot and
5:42 am
killed. a look at today's events. it's hard to believe 50 years, leanne. >> reporter: it is. this is not far from where the president was shot in 1963. it's also the location of an event scheduled for later today, you can see they are doing a final preparation now, this is the v.i.p. area, the main stage. not long ago the huge banner of jfk was unveiled. this is a series of events, a joint public private endeavor. they spent years planning it. despite the weather they expect thousands of people to show up and help honor the president's legacy. the scheduled events will include a military fly over, a moment of silence, and a tolling of the bells at exactly 12:30 clock central time. the same time the president was shot all of those years ago. laura. >> thank you very much. looks like a cold morning there as well. >> events happening in dallas and also the entire nation,
5:43 am
pausing in remembrance this morning. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live now in washington, d.c. with more on a special ceremony that's taking place at arlington national cemetery. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the second wreath laying there this week for president john f. kennedy this twim his sister jean kennedy smith former ambassador to ireland, other members of the family participating around the country. here in washington, the focus is at arlington. at the gravesite, the final resting place of president kennedy where the eternal flame is still burning this morning. president obama was there with the clintons a couple of days ago to lay a wreath there, other events happening today, plus the president in a proclamation asks for all government building flags to fly at half-staff. you can see it behind me at the capitol, the flags were lowered this morning in honor of what's called a day of remembrance. jon. >> tracie potts, thank you very
5:44 am
much. we can tell you that there will be a special moment of silence for president kennedy this morning, we'll be airing it live starting at 10:25. >> at 5:44 new video of an overnight water rescue in southern california. you can see a man pulled into a helicopter from the river in colton east of l.a., amazing. san bernardino deputies rescued the man after a firefighter found him hanging onto a tree. they found more people in the brush after hearing cries for help. it's still unclear why they were in the santa ana river bed but boy, were they lucky. >> that's an amazing scene. meantime, heavy rains flooding down in san diego trapping several drivers overnight. police, they were able to rescue this driver from his minivan. you can see it was submerged right up to its roof. the driver as expected, soaked and shaken up.
5:45 am
he sat in the patrol car until paramedics arrived. others were rescued by life guards. >> kind of a crazy week. we had the rain much anticipated. now a windy start to our day. >> it's keeping meteorologist christina loren busy. >> our temperatures are going to be comfortable. we'll hit the mid-60s across the bay area. we're in the 50s, so make sure you pull out a coat, something you can keep with you most of the day. it will be rather cool. wind is starting to drop off as we speak that will continue to be the case throughout this afternoon. the wind speeds are pretty strong. right at the coast you're going to find the strong wind conditions through the higher elevations as well. 24 miles per hour, straight out of the northwest. throughout the day today temperatures are going to creep up by a few degrees from yesterday, then the fierce wind will continue to die down as we head into this afternoon. so we're looking pretty good
5:46 am
there a. gradual warming trend. if you want to see what that means you can check out our seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of our screen. >> let's take you out there and look at the maps. we see the san mateo bridge and the crossings at the bay. a smooth drive now, that's a good deal because we have the wind advisories so watch for that. the big issues you cross the bay. gusty conditions the case as you travel throughout day across to the peninsula side. 101 and 28 moving smoothly. it's a lighter commute, that's better news. we do have the issue here. the bay bridge toll plaza is going to be a problem through the area. let me get you live looks. we're looking at the san mateo bridge. off of the high rise you have a smooth flow. the camera shakes from time to time. the gusty winds here and your bay area crossings as well as the area across the upper east bay and the hills and the north
5:47 am
bay. the toll plaza we're looking at a smoother drive. we have a big book up. we're looking at the traffic as you approach. more folks are hitting the roadways adding to. if you can get back to the maps we'll talk about the area approaching the bay bridge. highway 24 at walnut creek live from the station there, and the east shore freeway, have your flow of traffic as they do and this is going to be unusual for a friday. big problems across interstate 8 o. >> we'll keep checking with you. >> nbc bay area setting out to help end hunger now. a holiday food drink in its fifth year, getting set to get under way at safeway stores. >> bob redell is live at a pleasanton store with more on our drive and how you can help
5:48 am
out. >> it's a bash. >> reporter: it's very easy. come up to any segue store, our push is do it today. you come into the store and the safeway store, 106th, these bags are prepackaged. 10 bucks, pay at the register and put it in. it's to support one of the 6 food banks. talking about the command earlier. you look at all of the food banks or the people, why is the demand so high now? >> i think that people just aren't making enough to make ends meet. high rent, high transportation, high food cost. that drives man families to needing more from the food banks. >> one $10 bag how big a zeal
5:49 am
that for a family? >> it's a really big deal. these are nice staple items. the food bangs hand out a tremendous amount of fresh produce. with these families can hold things together. >> you third music and i thank you, this is the piedmont high, highlanders. the reason why you guys are here you had your own drive. >> true. >> last year we had a holiday food drive and raised 10,000 pounds of food during the holiday season. >> what i got from you, based on your lips moving. 11,000 pounds. why did you choose this as your cause? >> we've done it for a long time. as part of the community we want to give back as much as we can because we feel a stronger oakland is the best way to make way for the future.
5:50 am
>> appreciate it. guys, thank you. the piedmont highlanders pep band. can you close us out to get us in the mood for donating food? like when i'm donating food i need a band, music. like i said, the main push is tomorrow. i'm going to be at the livermore safeway, the one on first street. near 580. jon and laura i assume you'll be out and with. again, $10 bag, they make it real easy. 10 bucks, goes a long way to help these families. ♪ >> there we go wlaxt a song. >> every super hero need as theme song. bob, that's officially yours now. >> 5:50 now. a new major recall that parents need to hear about. >> we have a major gadget as well.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
a very important heads up for parents. a popular baby monitor recalled this morning after a pair of babies die of strangulation. sad there. angel care monitors incorporated now voluntarily recalling 600,000 of its movement and sound monitors. the consumer product safety commission says the sensor pads cord could wrap around the child's neck if pulled into the crib. the monitors they were sold from 1999 to 2013. the canadian-based company is offering to repair those kits free of charge for all customers. >> 5:53 now. a lighter note, it's gadget friday. you suggest that people give
5:54 am
vacuum cleaners? euro >> for your husband i think absolutely this is a cool device. it's very dude centric. it's called the air ran created by a british fellow. i have no idea why they are trying to make a better vacuum. it's cordless. it runs on a rechargeable battery. it has no bag. so it comes with these dirt bales they call them. light weight and then it has a data port on the back, you plug your vacuum cleaner into your computer. it tells you how far the vacuum's gone, how much energy it used. how dude centric is this. how many calories you burn. great technology with an i think you could convince your husband to say i bet it only
5:55 am
takes five kill 0 jewels to vacuum the living room. >> well, that's interesting. how does it work? >> it works really well. i was test running it and it's going to be loud because we haven't got carpet here. there you go. because we have no carpet it would shoot across the floor if i let. i think the obvious question is how much of a charge does it have? i vacuumed my whole house using the charge. of course i have a very small california house. but it did it all on one charge. >> we have video of that? >> next time. >> how much is it? >> $300. >> you want to keep that wired and get guys to vacuum put a video game monitor in the top. >> i have to say it's windows only. >> is that what it takes for to
5:56 am
you vacuum? >> power up. >> thank you. interesting. >> let's get the weather forecast. we don't need to charge up batteries. we have christina loren. >> good morning to you. temperatures are pretty chilly right now. we're in the 40s and 50s headed toward the 60s. the wind will die down as we head throughout day so keep that in mind. here's mike. >> oakland t camera trumbulls. the gusty winds, this is an example of what you're encountering in spots along the east bay hills and especially the bay area bridges. the traffic increasing a bit. look at the bay bridge toll plaza a. wind advisory but the wig issue all of these cash lanes backed up. no trains are taking passengers into or out of san francisco. it's not running so more folks take 24, all heading to the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:57 am
in the north bay we're building southbound 101. watch the north bay for gusty winds. >> thank you. >> 5:57. coming up a lot of people waking up to discover fallen tree branches and downed power lines. we'll tell you about the wind causing trouble. >> it's fuelling a brush fire in the north bay. we have the crews on the scene. >> b.a.r.t. at a standstill. we're following breaking news. trains not running and b.a.r.t. not sure when they start again. >> a live look this morning at the eternal flame. it's 50 years since president john f. kennedy was assassinated. we'll have a look of remembrance coming up. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit breaking news, b.a.r.t. trains shut down right now.
6:00 am
when will the trains start rolling and what triggered the trouble? we'll find out in a live report next. >> and more breaking news from wine country as high winds continue fueling a massive wild fire. we have new detail this is morning about evacuation orders in effect. >> and that fierce wind will continue to be a factor for this morning. you can see our san francisco camera shaking quite a bit. highs are going to end up in the 60s for today. you need your coat but we've got a great looking weekend. i'll have the forecast in a few moments. >> the santa ana wind an issue for drivers, there are more drivers because of the b.a.r.t. problem weeflt have updates how it affects your drive this friday. >> a live look at the eternal flame at arlington national cemetery as we remember 50 years since the assassination of president john f. kennedy. it's friday, november 22nd, this is "today in the bay."


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