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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 22, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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that these attitudes are still prevalent on campus. >> reporter: she said she had roommates that bullied her and called her racial slurs at san jose state. today a smaller group came together to talk about what can be done to prevent this from happening again. much of the anger is over so little was done when it was first reported to the university. after university housing services found out about the alleged hate crime, one of the suspects was transferred here to royce hall. he was here a month before he was moved out early this week. >> that's what shocks me most about it. they still lived on campus after all this was reported. >> reporter: one suspect turned himself into santa clara county jail last night.
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all four suspects remain on interim suspension. the university told us they had provide a statement this afternoon. so far that has not happened. more details now. the southern poverty law center, a major civil rights group, released a statement saying the san jose state university incident highlights a pattern of intolerance. communities must understand hateful actions, language, and symbols with no place in centers of learning or anywhere else in america today. now to a developing story. a plea from a wife to north korean leaders. she wants her husband to be
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released. an 85-year-old man has been detained in that country. we have the wife's reaction. >> reporter: good evening. the wife releasing a statement through the channing house, the retirement community here in palo alto where she and her husband have been living. the family is very anxious. there must have been a big misunderstanding. it's been a month since they last saw and heard from him. his wife of 56 years said he was on a ten-day tour of north korea. he sent postcards to friends describing good times. family and friends say something triggered a change for the north korean government. in a statement, his wife writes, the family feels there's been some dreadful misunderstanding
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leading to his detention and asks that the dprk works to handle this case quickly. their son met briefly with the media this morning. >> i've been in regular contact with the state department since the beginning of the detention. we don't have any new information now. we when do, i'll let you know and we'll make a statement. >> reporter: today the state department acknowledged a u.s. citizen had been held in north korea but declined to confirm an identity citing privacy concerns. as for the family, two big questions remain. one, why was he detained in the first place? and is he getting the heart medication he depends on?
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we have new video of the trail of destruction mother nature left behind. this home video sent to us by someone from lake county. it shows the damage the windy weather did to the rv park. it's made a mess in many bay area communities. this toppled tree on oregon street damaged at least two week vehicles. >> i just got to back end of my car fixed. then that's when i saw the front. it's been a bad month for my truck. >> more than 10,000 customers are still without power in the east bay. in the north bay 2600. south bay and peninsula, just under 100. just how windy was it?
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it was very gusty out here. santa rosa at 53. these are not the strongest winds we've ever had here across the bay area. it was a long duration wind event stretching over 12 hours for the bay area. oakland one example. we had winds each and every hour gust from 20 to 47 miles per hour. that's what helped to produce that wind damage here across the bay. you can expect the worst of it tonight in the north bay hills. gusts in the lower elevations 15 to about 30 miles per hour. the highest concern will still be the possibility of some downed power lines and the potential of more trees to come down. the wind advisory in effect until 10:00 p.m. tonight just for the north bay hills. we'll have more coming down the pipeline here in just a few
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minutes. not just damaging, but this wind has been deadly. two men were killed last night. the deaths were reported been 30 minutes of each other. police found an unresponsive man on the ground and a large tree that has fallen in the area. that man died at the scene. a motorcyclist hit a tree in a center divide and that man died at the scene. today a judge handed down a death sentence to the retired photographer calling him, quote, an evil and disturbed man. naso acted as his own attorney. in august he was convicted of killing four women between 1977 and 1994. some called them the alphabet murders.
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california executions have been suspended for seven years. he will mostly likely die from natural causes. thousands of bay area commuters cramming the local freeway. tonight's rush hour a lot more intense than usual all because of bart. bart trains did not run for much of the morning because of a computer glitch. there was no advance warning. many commuters found out the hard way when they arrived at their stations. what happened this morning and what's bart doing about it? >> reporter: trains i can tell you are running much more smoothly this evening. at midnight bart's computer system failed. it had a complete crash bringing all of the trains to a near halt. it took several hours for all of the technicians to come in and troubleshoot the problem and for all of the trains to get back up
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and running. it was a long ride home for some bart passengers overnight and no rides at all for some. >> i've been at the bart station since 12:00. what time is it now? it's 4:12 in the morning. >> reporter: trains were brought to a standstill. >> we could always run the trains. not knowing exactly where they are, it is not comfortable to move forward with train service. >> reporter: riders already on the trains last night were taken to the final destination, but it took them hours to get them there. the trains had to be driven manually. >> what happened today reminds us of how much we need a modern, efficient, and reliable
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transportation system in the bay area. >> reporter: he says there are two issues here. number one, bart is ageing and the infrastructure needs to be modernized. number two, it needs to accommodate the ever growing number of people who rely on it. >> they can't replace bart. >> reporter: the bay area council meets regularly with transit agencies to discuss future upgrades and potential backup systems in case of emergencies. a bart spokesperson says they are sorry for the inconvenience to their riders. they are constantly doing these system upgrades and it hasn't caused a problem like this in years. from bart's technical glitch this morning to their clerical glitch. the unions are trying to
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determine their next steps after bart's board of directors voted down a provision from the contractor. the provision in question, which is involving paid family leave, was a clerical mistake. do you still consider bart a reliable commute option? you can vote by texting or calling the number on your screen or post on turning up the heat on cold cases. the unconventional tactic being used in the south bay to help detectives solve homicides. remembering president kennedy. how people across the nation are honoring his life and legacy 50 years later. i'm live at campbell at the
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safeway as we kick off the holiday food drive. a small donation can go a long way to helping thousands of bay area residents in need this holiday season.
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an emotional day around the country. a special tribute at the grave site of john f. kennedy. they paid their respects in front of the eternal flame. 50 years ago today president kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade with his wife. in his home state, the governor there placed a wreath at the jfk statue. it was also remembered here in the bay area.
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>> scott budman is here with that part of the story. >> reporter: someone brought these newspapers in from 50 years ago today. their they're amazing to look at. after her second grade class watched the ceremony streamed in dallas, teacher told them a story -- >> i was 10 years old and i was in fifth grade. >> reporter: -- about what happened 50 years ago. >> then we heard the words, the president has been shot. and all of the boys and girls just got quiet, and we listened to the radio. >> i was in fifth grade in elementary school. >> reporter: he remembers too. he remembers not just the shooting, but how it changed the way we got the news. >> this was the moment we turned
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to television truly for the first time as a nation to participate in a major event. >> reporter: newspaper headlines like these are amazing to see now, but if you think about it, given how things have changed, could we really have all the conspiracy theories surrounding the kennedy killing without the mystery? >> there would have been 5,000 cell phones pointed at him from every direction. there would have been cctv cameras pointing at him and at the school book depository. we would have seen it from 10,000 perspectives. >> reporter: it was the moment the nation changed and the way the nation communicated change as well. you saw the san francisco chronic chronicle. coming up tonight at 6:00, why twitter might remove future conspiracy theories and the
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steve jobs connection to november 22nd, 1963. stay with us for a special edition of nightly news. brian williams will be hosting this evening's show from dallas. it begins in 15 minutes at 5:30. the sheriff's deputy has released a photo of the weapon wielded by the woman shot to death by deputies. she refused demands to drop the plastic handled steak knife. she was pounding and breaking glass in san jose. she advanced on three deputies and backed one into a corner. that deputy fired her gun, killing the suspect who died at the scene. grieving families of cold case homicide victims now have a venue to find the killers. the channel will air a half hour
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special every month highlighting two different families. 12 of the cities 42 homicides this year remain unsolved. a 17-year-old was stabbed to death after leaving san jose high school february 15th. the hope is witnesses will come forward after watching the tv program. >> i hope that they see the hurt and the pain that it's caused me. that they'll say, you know what? we need to do the right thing. >> it could be very helpful. the program will begin areaing next friday night. tonight crews are battling two fires in the north bay. the napa county fire broke out around 11:00 last night. so far 250 acres have burned there. the fire is about 50% contained.
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a lot of damage. let's bring in our chief meteorologist again. what do we expect tonight? >> we are going to undergo some improving conditions. i did want to show you this again if you missed the top of the show. 65 mile per hour wind gusts. santa rosa at 53. a lot less in the way of wind, because by the time it got to you, a lot of that pattern began to break down. let's get a look right now. we're still fighting sustained winds in the north bay. 17 to about 21 miles per hour. beginning to calm down in sections of the east bay. the bottom line on this wind, as we continue throughout tonight, it will be the worst across the north bay.
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that's where gusts in the lower elevations are range from 15 to 30 miles per hour. by saturday morning, everyone expecting that wind to calm down. our highest concern as we continue throughout the next couple of hours still in the north bay will be the potential of downed power lines and trees coming down. take it slow out there. there's no rainfall to signal when a wind gust is going to come upon you. be very cautious very sure. you can see we have 67 in san francisco. we just showed you that picture back behind the wind graphic. a little bit of cloud cover moving on by. that's about it. it's all going to get scoured out as we head into that forecast period. we had this area of low pressure that produced the wind. just like a vacuum. that's going to be pushing off towards the south and the east. we are going to get some
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improving weather coming our way with an area of high pressure building back into the forecast and sunny skies. with those sunny skies during the day, cold temperatures in the morning hours. sunday morning 34 in napa. santa rosa 37. then we're going to take it one step farther past the weekend. we are going to be tracking a storm system that's already developing out here in the pacific we are definitely going to be in some rainfall as we head throughout portions of next week. sunny skies expected for everyone with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s saturday. now we'll get a look here across the north bay. 67 in napa. mill valley 70.
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trivalley temperatures in the upper 60s to about 70. it's going to be sunny with a lot of crisp air coming our way. one more reminder, guys, we're looking at that possibility of some wet weather for thanksgiving and an east coast storm shaping up. get ready for another round. still ahead here at 5:00, giving back after receiving so much. how batkids' family is teaming up with the 49ers foundation. we're teaming up with the key club for the bay area holiday food drive. how do you guys feel? >> we feel good. >> they're fired up. we'll let you know how a small donation can go a long way this weekend in a live report.
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the parents of batkid are so thrilled with san francisco's generosity, they're paying it forward through the batkid fund. we want to use this moment to draw attention to other participaparents coping with serious illness. they launched the batkid fund through the 49ers foundation. we are on a mission to make sure no one goes hungry this thanksgiving. >> it is a great program. we have more on our holiday food drive. we have done this for several
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years. $10 goes a long way. >> reporter: it does go a long way. we're here live at the campbell safeway here. joining us live here at 5:00 is our second harvest food bank holiday food drive cochair. thanks for joining us this evening. >> this is an important drive for all of us at barricuda. one in ten families in the bay area go hungry. these are our neighbors and our friends of ours. we felt compelled to help solve this problem. >> reporter: the employees there and coworkers are already starting to contribute with the
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soft launch of the food drive. what else has the company been doing? >> we finished a virtual race this week. we raised almost a half a million dollars. we do a number of events through thanksgiving to ugly sweater parties, creative ideas to try and raise money and food. we're trying to raise over $13 million this year and over 2 million pounds of food. >> thank you so much for your contribution. i saw you earlier in line too giving a bit of a personal start. this is spread out across 156 safeways around the area. last year's saturday we collected 48,000 bags of food for the total of 125,000 bags through the holiday season. it's kicking off officially this weekend. it runs all the way through
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december. one in ten families need the support of our bay area food banks. this is the time to pitch in. just for $10, a bag of peanut butter, vegetables, and pasta and enough food for bay area families this weekend. search for the food drive on back to you. back in a moment.
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coming up at 6:00, we'll
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have the latest on the san jose hate crime. >> have a good night, folks. from dallas, texas, remembering 50 years ago today one of the darkest days in american history. >> from nbc news, president kennedy and governor john connally of texas have been cut down by assassin's bullets in downtown dallas. we'll repeat that. president kennedy and governor john connally of texas have been cut down by assassin's bullets in downtown dallas. >> the assassination of john f. kennedy 50 years later. brian williams reporting tonight from dallas. and good evening from dallas, texas. we're in dealey plaza just across from the sixth floor window in the texas schoolbook depository building where three


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