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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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tonight. >> we'll tell you about a plea for help. a bay area food bank asking for help from all over the area as thanksgiving quickly approaches. >> good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures mostly in the 40s, couple 30s popping up in the north bay. make sure you give yourself extra time. a good looking day shaping up for your holiday travel locally. >> in the south bay my attention on two crashes with two closures as you come through san jose. we'll point out what's going on. >> i'll give you a live look outside. look at that, san francisco, beautiful bridges across the bay area. a lot of news ahead on this tuesday, november 26th, this is "today in the bay." a good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us as always. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning officers in oakland are on the hunt for a gunman who
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sent seven men to the hospital. police say someone opened fire near the corner of 96th avenue and olive street after 6:00 last night. christie smith live in oakland. christie, do we know how the victims are doing? >> reporter: good morning. two of the men were listed in critical condition, and the other five all expected to survive. this one is unusual. seven men shot just after nightfall in east oakland. in fact t police chief came on the scene and called the whole thing outrageous. it was really brazen shooting. happened at 96th and olive. we shot new video. police believe it's possible the men between 23 and 31, may not have even been targeted in this. they say at this point the motive is unclear. police asking for the public's help, asking more witnesses to come forward and help them find the shooters. what a scene.
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witnesses describe ten to 15 shots happening quickly. the trib reports that one man was actually shot in the neck while walking down the street with children. police aren't sure whether the shooter or shooters were on foot or in a car, the victims were taken to highland and eden hospital, again anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police department. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks, christie. >> later on tonight nearly 1,000 people expected to get together to remember a popular bay area high school football coach. marla tellez is live right now by the john f. kennedy campus in fremont. an outpouring of support from students and faculty and people in the area. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i want to step aside to show you this small but touching memorial. right in front of john f. kennedy high school in fremont. this is all for coach john webb, just an absolutely beloved coach here. you can see people leaving the flowers and candles and
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balloons. even a tiny nerf football. he was a well-respected football coach here for many years. we expect this memorial to grow significantly when hundreds if not even more than 1,000 people show up later tonight to remember coach webb. i'll get to the details in a moment. listening to students talk about him you get a sense of how great a man john webb really was. the 76-year-old spent almost 30 years here at john f. kennedy high school, he coached football and basketball and he retired as the athletic director just a few years ago but he continued to teach. and in a tragic turn of events coach webb was being the good samaritan he was when he was hit and killed on 680 near fremont early saturday morning. chp officials say he had gotten into an accident, he was a passenger, he got out to direct traffic along 680 when he was hit by an oncoming vehicle. his friends and students say he died doing what he always did, and that was helping people.
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>> he wasn't just another person. he wasn't just another teacher, another coach. he was like he was a godsend for the thousands of kids and staff members that walked this campus, that walked fremont. the people that ran into him. >> to know we had him to support, like it meant something to us. >> reporter: tonight, more than 1,000 people are expected to attend a candlelight vigil in coach webb's honor. it's 6:00, being held here where he teached and coached, at john f. kennedy high school in fremont. back here live, i wanted to bring your attention to the electronic billboard. it says, "thank you coach webb for everything, you will be missed." the vigil is planned for 6:00 here at john f. kennedy high school. coming up in my next report, we're going to hear from the current football coach who
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actually saw coach webb just hours before he was killed. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> appreciate the update. thank you. >> it's 5:05. this morning the devil slide tunnel open after it was shut down to investigate a deadly crash. the chp says a motorcyclist was killed in a head-on crash with a car south of the tunnel. it happened before 9:00 last night. we're told the driver of the car stayed at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. new this morning investigators trying to figure out what sparked an overnight house fire displacing at least five people. that fire broke out at about 11:30 last night at two-story home on 79th avenue a few blocks from international boulevard. investigators say that fire started in the living room. crews had the flames under control, only took about 15 minutes, more good news, nobody was hurt. >> fire officials say they should have the fire burning in
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wine country contained by tomorrow. the fire has burned over 3500 acres, since it started on friday in the geysers area. five people were hurt but their injuries are not believed to be serious. it's unclear how they were exactly hurt. the fire is now 85% contained. san francisco and marin food banks want to put the word out letting you know they need your help and donations. organizers say their biggest need now is on protein items like meat to help give recipient as square meal. the executive director of the san francisco and marin food bank says food stamp cuts are starting to make an impact. that compounds an already difficult situation. >> i think a lot of supporters feel like since the recession is over we must not need as much help at the food bank. the number of people we see at the pantry is as high as in 2009, 2010, 2011. so to keep up the same levels of service and to help those
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families get the food they need we still need donler support. >> big appreciation to all of the people that helped with that all of the donations here. the food banks they will hand out more than 1 million pounds of holiday groceries this season alone. >> always in need. people are hungry year round g. to remember. >> absolutely. not just during the holiday. >> and cold, too, this morning. to check the temperature, meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning. good idea to check your closet. any coat that's hanging there over two years good idea to donate that. someone can use it as the temperatures are going to continue to get colder as the days get shorter heading into the winter months. 37 in the north bay, san francisco at 48. the peninsula at 45 degrees. i want to show you what we're expecting today in foster city. looking pretty good here. temperatures are going to be comfortable. warmest day of the week around 65 degrees at 4:00 p.m. the clouds streaming on shore ahead of an area of low pressure that is going to bring us showers but not until we get into your thanksgiving.
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elsewhere highs comfortable. expecting plenty of mid-60s in the south bay, that goes for the peninsula, san francisco comfortable and with uniform temperatures, across all of the different microclimates across the bay area. that's because we have a moderate offshore flow happening in mostly clear conditions. no fog, a lot of smog. keep that in mind. it's a winter spare the air day. 62 degrees for fremont, pleasanton, 67 livermore. showers will purify our air quality. you're looking for the seven-day forecast, we've got it here at the bottom of your screen. every zone across the bay area. >> we're going to the south bay zone. i guess. san jose, i know this for sure it's in the south bay, this is north 101. an easy drive as we look at this live shot. a smooth flow under the interchange. the map will show you the area. we're focusing on the map southbound 680, they remove the
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car from the bushes on the side of the road. that is still an issue. no slowing past the scene. have to good back if that's your off ramp. north 85 t transition, there is a crash and debris all across the roadway. chp is putting out flares, they may have to close more than one lane. just the fast lane is closed. a smoother drive for west 580 out of the altamont but a new crash here at vasco, on the shoulder causing distraction and slowing, and the san mateo bridge, no problem across the peninsula. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:09. mobile ride share service uber offering free rides during the thanksgiving holiday. one of the vehicles might be a fire truck. it's giving thanks to south bay riders for the big response to its new cost option uber x. starting monday through december 1 the company offering two free rides to everyone in the south bay.
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rides must begin or end in silicon valley. coming up, bob redell will tell you how to get a free ride in a live report. >> can you imagine getting a ride on a fire truck. >> that's one way to go. >> dreamed about that since i was 4. 5:10. president obama wrapping up his west coast trip. what he's planning to do before he heads home. >> a storyline reads more like a movie script. guantanamo detainees drafted to become double agents for the cia. new report out this morning, next. >> the government says stop but a silicon valley company keeps on going. we'll look at 23 and me ahead in business and tech.
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welcome back. 5:12. the scheduled launch of a new
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space x rocket was postponed four minutes before liftoff. three attempts were made to get the falcon rocket off the ground in the allotted 65-minute launch window. each time controllers were thwarted by a glitch. a new attempt is scheduled on thursday. space x will be carrying a communications satellite into orbit. >> it appears that the testing company 23 and me is still selling kits despite an order to stop. the feds concerned that people will take actions they shouldn't based on the results. >> good morning. the food and drug administration has been trying to work with the company but would appear that too 3 and me is not answering its mail. the company admits in a blog post it has been slow to respond to fda questions and orders as it sells this test for $99. it's still selling the kits this
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morning as you can see from the website despite reports of an fda warning letter not to do so. 23 and me has not commented on the order to stop. it said only, quote, we have received the warning letter from the fda, we recognize that we have not met the fda's expectations regarding timeline and communication regarding our submission. now, the warning letter from the fda, right across the top, says 23 and me must, quote, immediately stop marketing its personal genome services. it has 15 days to respond. let's check the markets. kayla tausche is live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. futures are higher after stocks faded late in the day. all new highs, only the dow managed to close in record territory. the nasdaq did break above the 4,000 mark, at the level it had not seen in 13 years.
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data today on housing permits, home prices and consumer confidence. the dow rising 8 points to 16,073, the nasdaq adding 3 to 3995. that's the latest in the markets. back to you. >> thank you much. hue led packard will report profits. the closing bell, hp has a different calendar than the rest of silicon valley. most reported the same time generally. we have no idea what h sprks going to say but its announcements tend to be huge market movers. they are not on the dow but in the last three or four reporting periods, hp said something either so upsetting or so good its stock made enormous moves. so this should come this afternoon f. they stick to tradition it will be big news. >> there we go. one to watch. thanks so much. >> love me, hate me, don't ignore me. >> let's see how much we love
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that weather. crispy cold but we're used to that. >> it is cold out there this morning. temperatures are certainly chilly out there. we're at 37 degrees right now. in the north bay. so patchy frost possible out there this morning. temperatures mostly in the 40s. elsewhere san francisco, the east bay, peninsula and the south bay. so we're looking pretty good. it will be a nice sunny finish to the day. temperatures are going to climb. look where we're headed. by about 3:30, 4:00, temperatures are going to climb from the 40s into the 60s. 65 along the peninsula east bay, 67 san francisco, 62 degrees. so it all works out like this. sun and clouds make way to peak warmth today. you're going to notice a lot of the haze bundled up over the san francisco area and the north bay as well. we have unhealthy air quality so if you are someone who suffers from respiratory issues limit your outdoor activity. turning mostly cloudy and much cooler and then thanksgiving day on and off showers arrive. you want to keep that in mind.
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overall this is what we're looking at in the san jose area. 52 degrees, by lunch time 62 degrees. a lot of people like to eat at about 12 to 4:00 p.m. and temperatures will be comfortable for that when the rain's coming down. then it clears out just in time for your shopping plans. let's say good morning to a big shopper mike inouye. >> good morning. i love shopping. the buying part i don't like the part with the money. we'll see how we work it out. looking to the entire bay area, a smooth flow now. normally i call this tuesday traffic but turkey tuesday because thanksgiving week we have a shift in the flow of traffic. so far we do have a couple of trouble spots in the south bay. north 85 as you approach 87, an earlier crash into a guardrail. debris across all lanes. it changed, we're at least the closure of one lane and there may be more closures as a sweeper crew arrives so watch for slowing the next few past the area.
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i'll track that. the chp reports one lane now until a crew gets there. we have south 680 on mckee, a closure on the off ramp. they are trying to get it out of the bushes but no major injuries. we have a smooth drive for 580 and 84 through livermore, coming into livermore we have a crash, on the shoulder involving a big rig, that's a distraction at the altamont pass. a lighter volume through the castro valley area. smooth approaching the bay bridge toward the maze. and no metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. an easy drive across the richmond/san rafael bridge. moisture in the north bay. a live look at san rafael, southbound 101, smooth drive down here and a quick look at the peninsula for 101, palo alto. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it's 5:18. new this morning, officials in mumbai say they are better prepared five years after one of
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india's worst terror attacks. today marks the fifth anniversary of the attack that killed 166 people and injured hundreds of others. ten pakistani terrorists stormed hotels and landmarks during the three-day rampage. the victims will be honored today and throughout the week at public memorials with heightened security across the city. >> we're learning new details of a secret cia program that turned guantanamo bay prisoners into double agents. u.s. officials speaking anonymously say the now shuttered program existed in the early nine years or the early years rather, after 9/11. the cia worked out of a secret facility called penny lane, unlike the rest of guantanamo bay it had comfortable beds and kitchens and patios where the cia allegedly turned a handful of prisoners and released them. most of the prisoners ultimately fell off the cia radar.
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>>ment obama wrapping up his west coast tour in glendale, california. he will be pushing his economic agenda at dreamswork animation and meeting film executives. yesterday he visited with the family of the tsa agent hernandez who was killed at l.a.x. he met with two agents wounded in those shootings. the seattle to san francisco to l.a. trip featuring seven separate fundraisers for the democratic party. >> first it happened in pro football, now the nhl, ten former nhl players filing a class action lawsuit alleging it failed to protect them from the dangers of concussions. the players involved are upset about head impacts like this one by dan boyle earlier this season, smashing into the boards. we would like to note that boyle is not part of this new lawsuit which seeks unspecified damages and nhl funded medical monitoring system that will
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diagnose and treat players. it points out league sanctioned fighting can lead to debilitating head injuries. more than 4500 nfl players, a settlement was reached between the players and its union. >> it's 5:21. we continue to count down the winter games in sochi. how ron is now getting involved.
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>> welcome back everybody. happy tuesday. give you a little perspective on the crisp cool weather we're having, frost in some areas, how about this in portland, maine. that is full-fledged snow. very cold, very snowy getting us into that winter wonder land vibe out here as thanksgiving
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approaches and we warm up near the fire with turkey and stuffing and it's 5:23. >> everybody waving saying hello. >> what's up. >> less than 35 days from the start of the winter olympics in sochi. tickets are on sale in russia. the mascot of the games there, they attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the first day of sales. while they were available on line starting in february people who bought tickets were able finally to pick them up. prices range from $16 for a hockey game to $1600 for the big opening ceremony. you can see it for free here on nbc bay area on february 7. >> that's the way to do it. southern california teenager fighting for a chance to represent team usa in speed skating. that is kendall humphrey, grew up miles from the beach. but her true passion you can see, skating. she started figure skating back when she was 3 and strapped on
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speed skates around 6. now she does things like this. >> i don't ever remember not skating ever. every time i get to the start line i'm just like shaking and nervousness and excitement and then you are racing and you have people right in your face. >> intense. you want to talk about complete commitment. kendall finished high school on line so she could continue training full time with team usa in salt lake city. she says she's not only eyeing sochi but the 2018 games in south korea so she's got big things in her eyes. >> training for speed skating on the beach. >> sand is always good for leverage and pounding your thighs. >> whatever it takes. ron burgundy is getting involved in the games as well. or at least the lead-up to it. >> winnipeg, get ready to paint the town burgundy. >> he can say one word and it
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makes me laugh. getting a real gig here. canadian sports network announcing burgundy played by will ferrell will be announcing canadian olympic curling trials. we'll have a little help with the broadcaster by his side to keep him on track. good luck with that. the trial set to open this sunday. >> maybe vodka in russia. it's 5:26. want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. temperatures are looking good out there this morning. it's chilly, make sure you pull out a coat. the weather story of the day is we do have unhealthy levels of ground pollution in the north bay so limit your outdoor activity. otherwise we're in the moderate range. we should see better air call it with showers tip forecast, into the midsection of the week. we'll time that out. check your drive with our anchor
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man, mike inouye. >> we're looking toward the bay bridge. no problems right now on the approach. we'll look at the map, to the south bay, the earlier crash for 680 cleared, sounds like everything cleared but north 85 at 87 we have debris. we're watching that. back to you. >> thank you. 5:27. a break in a decades old cold case. bay area deputies say they arrested two people in connection to a 1990 homicide. >> we'll tell you about one man who says he called uber for a ride and got attacked instead. we'll hear from that man and what the company is now saying in response.
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>> reporter: oakland police asking for the public's help after seven men were shot on one east oakland street corner yesterday evening. i'm christie smith. i'll have an update on their condition. >> reporter: a community gets ready to come together to pay their respects to a coach here
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in fremont who touched so many lives and whose life was taken all too short. i'm marla tellez with that story from fremont coming up. >> and a couple of days away from thanksgiving. temperatures are looking good, feeling like november. we've got a nice rebound. the warmest day of the week, then the rain arrives. i'll time it out coming up. >> and we expect a little lighter commute but the shift in traffic also for the south bay. there is a crash blocking lanes for highway 85. >> right now a live look over san francisco, this is from our san bruno mountain cam. an early start, a cool start on your tuesday getting close to thanksgiving. november 26th, this is "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. this morning officers right now in oakland on the hunt for a gunman who shot and wounded
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several people. somebody opened fire near 96th avenue and olive street last night. christie smith is live now in oakland. of course one of the main questions here, how are those victims doing? >> reporter: good morning to you. even oakland police chief arrived on scene yesterday evening and called it outrageous and brazen. seven men shot we're told that two are still in critical condition, the other five men who were shot all expected to survive. we went by 94th and olive this morning in east oakland where the scene is quiet. this is where witnesses describe a horrible scene just after 6:00 last night that someone fired 10 to 15 shots, bullets flying by people on the way to the store. people ran or hit the deck to get out of the way. one witness says a man was shot in the neck walking with children. the victims are between 23 and 31 years old.
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police aren't sure what the motive is or if there is one shooter or more. actually five of the six crime reduction teams are east of high street because that's where most of the violent crimes tend to occur. outside of this, shootings and murders are down this year over last. again they are asking for witnesses to come forward. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a wild scene out there. thank you. >> it's 5:32. the alameda county sheriff's office made two arrests in connection with a 23-year-old cold case murder. steven rudinger was murdered on red wood road back in 1990. now deputies from the cold case unit made a break in the case. they will hold a news conference at 10:30 this morning to discuss new developments and how they identified the accused murderers. >> friends and family of a legally blind teen killed in san
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jose are sending a strong message. 18-year-old pedro cortez was shot last weekend at san jose park, this marked the city's 44th homicide of the year. last night people gathered at capital park to honor cortez. he was walking with friends when he was shot during a drive-by. they say cortez was not a gang member and his father even addressed young men around the neighborhood. >> that's not going to save you. supposed to be working with me today. i went to work alone. >> heartbreaking hearing that. the family now trying to raise money to pay for cortez' funeral. last night friends, they gave everything that they had from coins and bills putting them in a shoe box trying to help the family out. >> tonight a beloved bay area
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football coach will be remembered. marla tellez is live at fremont john f. kennedy high school where nearly 1,000 people are expected to show up for that vigil. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in about 12 hours from now we expect this parking lot to be packed with the hundred who is plan to pay their respects to john webb. there is a 6:00 vigil planned here at john f. kennedy high school. already as we can show you this memorial that has been growing for the beloved coach. we expect this memorial to grow as people show up tonight. among the flowers someone left a framed photo of john webb, hope you're seeing that here, with a few of his students. you can see his students are feeling so proud to be in his presence. the 76-year-old spent almost 30 years coaching and teaching students here at kennedy high school. his legacy includes a long time football coach, he coached some basketball. ly was the athletic director
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until just a few years ago when he retired from that post. but continued teaching. he just could not stay away. he himself played football at san jose state. and in fact, was on his way home from the spartans football game late friday night early saturday morning when he was hit and killed on 680 near fremont. chp officials say he was directing traffic after getting into an accident when he was hit. we spoke to the current principal here at kennedy high school who has nothing but wonderful things to say about coach webb. >> you kind of measure someone's greatness these days by the legacy they leave behind. and this is a perfect opportunity to reflect and say i'm glad to have known this man. >> reporter: here are the details about tonight's vigil. more than 1,000 people are expected to attend. it gets under way at 6:00 action again right here at john f. kennedy high school. i was online, i found a facebook
5:36 am
page that's active for the football program here currently and all sorts of former and current students are posting nice thoughts and memories about coach john webb. i wanted to share one from a former student now in texas. he writes, coach webb was one of the best men i knew. i won't be able to be there on tuesday but there will abcandle lit in texas that night for a man that changed so many lives. live in fremont, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> sounds like he touches so many people's lives. thank you. >> the 16-year-old boy accused of setting another teenager on fire on board an ac transit bus is expected to be in court today. richard allen thomas being charged as an adult. prosecutors say he set 18-year-old sasha fleishman's skirt on fire. sasha who continues to recover from third degree burns identifies as a-gender. neither male nor female. thomas' attorneys say their client should not be charged as
5:37 am
an adult and that this was not a hate crime. >> it's popular and also hip but one man says uber is also dangerous. james says the service is not doing enough to monitor its drivers and protect its passengers. he took this video while he and his uber driver waited for san francisco police this weekend. he says the driver hit him and used racial and homophobic slurs during an argument. >> my sister lives in san francisco, and i can only think that if she had been in that car what would have happened to her. that scares me. >> he worries the man behind the wheel was not an approved drive driver and possibly driving for someone who is. and uber says that the driver did complete a background check and works for an approved provider. in a statement uber adds authorities that responded to last weekend's incident determined that no action was necessary. however, as a precaution, we suspended the accounts of the
5:38 am
involved parties until further notice. >> it's 5:37. maybe grab a coat before you head out the door. want to check the temperatures with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's chilly. good morning to you. 2 degrees away from freezing in the north bay. 34 degrees, watch for patchy frost especially over the bridges and overpasses. 48 in san francisco, take to the your hour by hour changes today. we'll climb to about 62 degrees at lunch time in san francisco. so looking pretty good for your outdoor plans. chilly, feeling like november across the bay area. average high for this time of year through this afternoon around 65 degrees in san francisco. i'm forecasting mid-60s in the south bay, san jose 66 degrees, plenty of mid-60s along the peninsula, san francisco hitting the low to mid-60s, with uniform temperatures with the moderate offshore flow and a lot of sunshine coming in early so that kind of negates the marine influence. 66 in santa rosa. and comfortable conditions in the tri-valley.
5:39 am
the warmest region. pleasanton at 67. your seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. i'm going to show you when the showers move in. i'm time that out to where you live if, in fact, your region applies. not everyone is going to see wet weather. >> good morning. we're looking to the south bay, 101, a few more headlights, that's good news. a smooth flow, a gentle build in the area. the south bay looking good. the earlier crash from 680 has cleared from the report. that's good news no. slowing there. there is slowing 87 off from 85 northbound you have one of the two lanes open on the connector, just one. the earlier crash and debris in the road. chp hasn't given us an update. you don't see slowing, watch if that's your transition. a smooth drive along the peninsula and getting over there. a live look shows you fremont and the volume of traffic moving through this area.
5:40 am
back to the maps we'll end with the traffic flowing out of the tri-valley starting to build but the earlier crash 580 has also cleared. back to you. >> thanks a lot. >> 5:40 now. coming up on "today in the bay" a real life hero here, we hear from the man credited with saving a woman's life at coliseum. >> the battle over obama care reaches the highest court. a live report from washington is next.
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>> it has been a rough go, the affordable care act, the federal health law requiring most companies to provide insurance to employees hit a snag. this one has nothing to do with its website. tracie potts live on capitol hill right now to explain the new one. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a company with 50 or more employees the new health law says you have to provide health
5:43 am
insurance and you have to cover contraceptives in that insurance. there are more than three dozen companies that say that violates their religious freedom and some of those cases have worked their way up to the u.s. supreme court. today the justices will sit down behind closed doors looking at all of the cases they may take for the rest of the term including some of these religious freedom cases involving the religious freedom restore ax act. should companies be required to provide this coverage if they object to birth control? should they be fined if they don't provide the coverage and should individual employees have to pay toward these premiums if they have individual objections. there are signs on both sides. at this point it's up to the justices to decide if they take one of these cases we could hear arguments in the spring and likely a decision as we often see with these high profile cases probably the end of june. >> you point out that doctors are arguing in favor of coverage
5:44 am
but also on the other side of this as well. correct? >> reporter: exactly. some have filed briefs in this case. the college of obgyns, preventing the fertilized egg through contraceptive doesn't interfere. on the other side you have pro life groups including medical groups, catholic medical association arguing the opposite and the way they see the arguments in the case. >> we know politics and religion a powerful combination. we'll keep our eyes on this one. thank you. >> on capitol hill, leading republican and democratic senators are working on legislation in case iran does not make good on its promise to roll back its nuclear program. the plan is reinstate full force sanctions and new one. iran backs out. the goal is have the bill ready for a vote on december 9 when the senate returns from the two-week recess. some of the americans held
5:45 am
hostage in iran for 444 days in 1979 and in 1980 are now reacting to the news of the nuclear deal with iran. one retired diplomat is happy about the deal calling it a positive step. but a retired air force colonel calls it foolish telling the press i never found an iranian leader i can trust. >> it's 5:45. a california safety group announcing its list of potentially dangerous toys at ucsf hospital. the report will feature toys that pose danger from choking, lead containment and content, toxic chemicals and other problems. the group will publicize a safety quiz for parents. organizers say this year's report also highlights toys that have previously slipped through cracks and toys that are excessively loud and also put children at risk for hearing damage. >> the busiest travel days of
5:46 am
the year approaching as millions hit the road, rails and airports for thanksgiving. sarah is live at chicago's o'hare international airport with a look at the troubles travels will face. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: more than 34 million people plan to travel to the thanksgiving table this year, that's a decrease from last year. but with this nasty weather expect long delays at airports and on the roads. before the crush of holiday travelers has even left home, winter weather is causing flight delays and cancellations. straining passengers and making for dangerous driving conditions. and mother nature isn't done yet. >> the weather isn't going to clear out until we get into thursday and unfortunately that is after all of the major travel is supposed to have occurred. >> reporter: it will affect the millions traveling this holiday. >> wisconsin. >> waterloo, iowa.
5:47 am
>> reporter: to celebrate with loved ones. wednesday and sunday are predicted to be the two busiest travel day of the season w.l.a.x. and chicago among the busiest airports. officials recommend arriving two hours early for domestic flights, three hours for international. >> do everything you can before you leave, printing out your boarding pass or sending it to your mobile device. >> reporter: the nearly 39 million people driving to their destinations are in for a pleasant surprise at the pump. gas prices are the cheapest since thanksgiving of 2010. a silver lining during a hectic and wintry holiday journey. even if you are traveling with good weather it's important that you check and double-check your flight status. the bad weather could have a ripple effect of delays and cancellations. back to you. >> all right. thank you.
5:48 am
what a difference chicago to california. >> no arguing that. i'll take the 40 degree over 20 degrees and snow. christine will tell us we don't have to worry about snow. >> when the bad weather clears out of the east coast that's when we start to get our bad weather on thanksgiving day. so nonetheless make sure you're ready for that. holiday travel you know can be a bear on its own. 45 degrees, clear conditions now in san jose. by lunch time 62 and at 4:00 p.m. 65 degrees. overall comfortable, mostly will end up in the 60s. you can see it's clear across the bay area. over the next hour or so i can tell you it's going to be hazy, in the north bay it's a spare the air day. our second of the season so far. yelled was our first. throughout the afternoon, sun and clouds make way to peak warmth. by wednesday mostly cloudy and
5:49 am
coolerment as we get into your thanksgiving day, on and off showers move into the picture, and we're talking about showers moving from the south to the north. so if you're making up in san jose, as many of you are, you should be okay by about 8:00 a.m. by any last minute recipe items. the showers move in between 12:00 and 4:00. we'll be about 64 degrees so the thanksgiving forecast looking good, not too cold as this area is coming up from the subtropical latitudes. let's look at the drive with mike. >> that was a nice back splash. looking toward the overall look and the bay area. no major problems. we'll call this turkey tuesday instead of traffic tuesday. we see a different flow of traffic. a little lighter. we see a little build but it's almost 6:00. we expect to see a heavier build as you approach the 6:00 hour. we're looking at an issue for folks northbound 85. if you transition over to 87
5:50 am
only one of the two lanes for the connector ramp are open. debris from a crash and cleanup continuing here. we don't see a lot of slowing but watch as traffic should ramp up through the area. the tri-valley, no major concerns for 84, a lighter flow. off highway 4 the big showing does happen. the approach to the bay bridge, some live shots from the east bay. the volume starts to build. good spacing between these past the coliseum. we talked about that. and a mild backup over to the right. things should build slowly. we'll look at the north bay with a smooth flow as well as it comes south through san rafael, no major issues all the way down to the golden gate bridge. >> thank you. this morning we're hearing from the life long raiders fan and now real life hero. his name donnie navidad.
5:51 am
he broke the fall of the woman who jumped off the coliseum after the raiders game on sunday. and this morning navidad still has all of those bruises on his arm to show for the effort. >> when she was falling i held my arms up so she can land. then i was going to lock her in. if we fell we would fall together. that way i absorb the impact. and nothing was going to happen to her. they called me a hero. okay. i'm a hero to them. but to me i just reacted the way i did. >> reacted in a very heroic way. the raiders are showing their appreciation as well. willie brown drorn to his house, even gave him sunday's game ball. nav i dad would love to hear from the woman or her family. he wants to know how she is
5:52 am
doing. the investigators say the only reason she survived is because of navidad's actions. >> he broke her fall. >> unbelievable. >> 5:52. niners about to get a key piece of their offense back. is twitter facing double. that and all ahead in business news.
5:53 am
5:54 am
the niners last night a good ball game for local fans and more good news, they expect to get a key piece of the offense back. michael crabtree, he's expected to be activated. he tore his achilles in may and
5:55 am
returned to practice three weeks ago. this is a tough one to come back from. like i said the niners looked good last night beating washington 27-6. after the game jim harbaugh hinting crabtree may debut this sunday when the niners host the rams. anquan boldin says i'm exsided. this guy's a play maker. crabtree can get it out on the outside. another dimension the team needs and right now the niners, good news, tied for second in the division with the cardinals, three games back of the powerful seahawks. >> new incentives may be on the way for homeowners who want to go solar. they could now fold their payments win the property taxes. >> that's the idea. it's an idea that's been around, tried before but sounds like the city and the state are really willing to take another crack at it. if you wanted solar panels the coast would be added to your tax payment which would help spread out the cost.
5:56 am
the chronicle says the san francisco supervisors could vote on the idea for their city as early as today. solar installation companies like solar city take a different payment plan. you pay them directly each month for your panels but you don't mind because your total electric bill has gone down so much if you live somewhere sunny that the monthly payment is less than the money you save, in the positive. people say the biggest problem they have is convincing homeowners it's not a trick. looking at other news, nothing can stop the stock markets these days. all-time highs in the middle of the trading day monday. hp reports profit after the closing bell today. twitter not part of the run-up, twitter under $40 a share, the company shares fell better than 4% yesterday to numbers it had not seen since it started trading. on the first day of trading it did hit $39 but it was going this way at the time. yesterday was going this way.
5:57 am
>> interesting turnaround there. >> so far it's been very good on the market. that 401(k) shining. >> keep it going. not ready to retire yet. 5:57. uber giving users a treat. the special car that could pick you up. >> also tell you about crews scrambling to clean up parts of the mississippi river this morning after a boat sinks releasing all kinds of oil right onto the water. >> a somber ceremony today to honor the high school football coach who touched the lives of thousands in the bay area. we went out and asked people a simple question:
5:58 am
how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us.
5:59 am
we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ seven people shot in oakland. an armed suspect still on the loose. >> remembering the life of a coach killed in a car crash. we have new details about the tribute that could bring 1,000 people together at a bay area campus. >> a deadly storm starts in the south, now turns to the east.
6:00 am
how the winds and cold temperatures could affect your holiday travel plans. >> we're looking good for your holiday travel plans. we've got showers moving in on thanksgiving day. for your tuesday, what you need to know, temperatures are cold to start. we'll be the warmest day of the week, then the clouds roll in. we'll tell you about the storm system. >> the best shot i can to tell you what's going on to show you what's going on past the bay bridge toll plaza and an update on a crash in san jose. >> the south bay, a look, a dark look over san jose. before your sun comes up. as always, it will be there soon on this tuesday, november 26th, this is "today in the bay." a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. today officers in oakland now on the hunt for a gunman whoen


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