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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 26, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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>> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. a break in a decades old cold case in the bay area has just been announced. christie smith live in dublin with how the murder suspect knew the victim. good morning. >> good morning to you. steven whitaker is the victim, and his family is inside sobbing as word of the arrest was announced, and one of them -- one of the suspects is known to the family, and that is his second wife. we're told they had a rocky relationship and we're trying to dissolve their marriage. they actually lived together at the time and were trying to sell their home. i wanted to show you a picture that detectives just shared with
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us this morning. the case has been cold for 23 years until his estranged wife identified as sheryl drake and her new husband, william devin were arrested and charged with his murder. detectives tell us that really what this amounted to was re-interview willing people and using new technology on old evidence. whitaker was found stabbed on to death on a redwood road, an east bay regional park. police originally had the case. what investigators are telling us is that after his body was discovered sheryl and david went to reno and got married. alameda county sheriff's deputies say a cold case department took a lowers look and moved in. >> we re-interviewed both suspects in this case. at the conclusion of our
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investigation, we believed we had very good information. we had sufficient information that supported presenting the case to the district attorney and seek charges against the two suspects for the murder of steven rudaker. >> steven's family, as i mentioned, is inside and including his sister, his three daughters. they are all missed. i asked if they still live in the bay area. one of them is from washington state. another from the central valley. they say it doesn't matter if this case proceeds. they will be here to follow it. reporting live in alameda county. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> intriguing case there although way around. thank you very much. well, in other news, friends and family of a legally blind teenager killed in san jose are now sending a very strong message to neighborhood gang members. pedro cortez was shot last weekend out of san jose park.
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>> supposed to be working with me today. i went to work alone. >> so much pain and suffering there. it's hard to listen to. right now she's trying to raise money to pay for cortez's funeral. during last night's vigil, friends, they just gave whatever they had. coins and bills. they put them all into a shoebox as they're trying to help the family. >> the naacp wants the four san jose state students accused of a hate crime to face harsher felony charges. at a news conference yesterday the civil rights organization also called for the district attorney's office to charge the students with false
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imprisonment. this is due to the alleged harassment against their black roommate. at a march before the news conference, students wore tape over their mouths to symbolize not being heard. they say the school's president ignored their concerns about the treatment of african-american students at san jose state. santa clara county district attorney jeff rosin acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations, but he stood by the misdemeanor charges. the 16-year-old boy accused of setting another teenager on fire on board an ac transit bus is now expected to be in court today. richard allen thomas being charged in this one as an adult. prosecutors say he said 18-year-old sacha fleschman's skirt on fire. sacha continues to recover from third degree burns. he describes himself as agender, neither male or female. their attorneys say this was not a hate crime. happening today, more than 1,000 people are expected to attend a vigil for a beloved
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east bay high school football coach tonight. the memorial at fremont john f. kennedy high school for john west is growing. the chp says the 76-year-old was directing traffic around a crash on northbound 680 near fremont on saturday when he was hit by a car. the san jose state alum was the football coach at jfk high school. his colleagues say he had opportunities to actually coach in the nfl, but his focus was on student athletes. the village ill will be held outside of j.f.k. high school at 6:00 tonight. sfwlirchlts president obama busy wrapping up his three-day west coast tour in los angeles following just a whirlwind visit to san francisco.
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>> he was greeted by a line of protesters. his five-hour bay area visit was a quick one, and also included a fundraising event and a tech roundtable. >> the woman who jumped from the third deck of the coliseum. this happened after the raiders game on sunday. the vietnam veteran this morning still has the bruises. you see them right there on his arms to show for it. >> when she was falling, i held my arms out so they can land on my arms, and then i was going to lock her in, and as we fell, we were fwog fall together. that way she -- i absorbed the impact and nothing was going to happen to her. they call me a hero. i'm a hero to them, but to me i just reacted the way i did. >> humble.
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the oakland raiders are showing their appreciation as well. hall of famer willie brown personally drove to his house to thank him and to give him sunday's game ball. now, he said he would love to hear from the woman or her family to see how she's doing. investigators say the only reason she survived is because of his actions. >> amazing story there. well, right now we have a warning to tell you about before you buy any of the holiday toys. a california safety group just releezing its annual dangerous toy blitz. nbc bay area's bob riddell is live in san francisco right now with the ones that we should be looking out for. bob, good morning. >> good morning, jon. you are talking about the 28th annual trouble in toyland report just released within the last half hour at a news conference at the ucsf children's hospital here. this is put together by the research group that should be noted is not a list -- an entire list of toys to avoid. instead, it tries to show parents that in this day and age
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of consumer protection you can still find toys sold in regular stores that pose a risk to children. >> toys are getting safer, when you consider the population has grown, and the number of toys exploded. the number of injuries has remained constant. >> somebody is getting the message. just not everybody. >> toys are getting safer, but just because it's on the shelves doesn't mean it's -- we've seen a huge improvement over the last 24 years, and even over the past ten years. there are still toys that pose risks to children, and parents and care gives and anyone doing
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any holiday shopping should be aware of those risks. back out here live at the ucsf children's hospital, i just want to make note of all the sirens. another fire engine coming. we have a battalion chief and another -- it looks like some other people have been evacuated from the building. i don't see any smoke or any flames. i'm not exactly sure what this is related to, but i just want you to be aware that we're aware of it, and right now i don't see anything tremendous happening that would prevent people from standing out front. reporting live in san francisco, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> two stories in one. it's that development that we'll check back with you. in the meantime, new concerns about the safety of those popular ride-sharing services. the action uber is now taking after a driver allegedly assaulted a passenger.
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all-time he's this morning for google, nasdaq, and san jose state. we'll take a look coming up. sounds promising, but this really isn't. nasty weather hitting the east coast. we'll tell you what, if you're not heading out that way, it could impact your thanksgiving travel plans right here in the bay area. >> plus, we'll take a look at your thanksgiving forecast as well.
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>> it is popular and hip, but one man says uber is also dangerous. the san francisco bay transportation service is not doing enough, says one man, to monitor a driver and protect its passengers. alba says following a scuffle, he took this video while and he
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his driver waited in san francisco this weekend. he says that driver hit him and used racial and homophobic slurs during an argument. >> i can only think if she had been in that car, what would have happened to her? that scares me. >> he says he is worried that man behind the wheel is not an approved uber driver and was possibly driving for somebody else. uber said that driver did complete a background check and does work for an approved provider. in a statement uber says authorities that responded to last weekend's incident determined that no action was necessary. however, as a precaution here, we suspended the accounts of the involved parties medical further notice. silicon valley software pioneer john mcafee is facing a stocking complaint after a property management company says they evicted him. the 68-year-old tells nbc bay area he was not evicted. instead he chose to move out of the portland high-rise apartment two months ago. the complaint says mcafee sent the property manager threatening
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emails and associated motorcycle security guard. mcafee at mitts he has an armed motorcycle forward, but he says he has done nothing wrong. >> a strange and bizarre journey that shall be. zimplgt the stock market has a short week this week. no trading thursday, of course. there's a holiday and half day on friday. >> scott mcgrew getting it all done today. >> yeah, good morning. >> the nasdaq at an all-time high. it's not supposed to be this active this week. it should be fairly quiet. the rest of the week except for maybe this afternoon when hewlett-packard reports. hp no longer part of the dow industrials, but its financial ledgers do tend to move markets or at least move hp stock. we've seen wild swings historically. here's a photograph taken from
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the international space station this morning showing a satellite called the tech and staff 3p. it's about the size of a bread box, but it's designed by students at san jose state university, and this satellite is making history, guys, as the first to use an exobrake. you eject it from the space station, and the exobrake eventually creates enough drag on that satellite because there's atmosphere up there, and the satellite falls to earth without having to use retro rockets. this one is going to burn up in the atmosphere, but ethwe'll the idea is they land somewhere on earth. again, the very first time this has ever happened and san jose state is behind it. back to you. >> pretty cool stuff. just mind-blowing. all right, scott. thank you very much. well, san francisco and marin food banks are making an announcement saying they still need your help and they need more done ace aexs before the holidays. organizers say their biggest need right now revolves around protein items like meat to help
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get the square meals. the director of the san francisco and marin food bank says food stamp cuts are starting to make a real impact now and that only compounds an already difficult situation. >> i lie a lot of donors and supporters feel like since the recession is over, we must not need as much help at the food bank, but the number of people we see at the pantries is as high as it was in 2009, 2010, 2011. we still need our donors' support. >> they absolutely do. more than one million pounds of holiday groceries this season. millions of people head out of town for their thanksgiving holiday. nbc's sarah is at the chicago o'hare international airport with the story.
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it led to the cancellation of about a dozen flights in dallas. storms moving up and down the east coast, and travellers are keeping a close eye on conditions. >> we were worried when yesterday it was snowing. >> all it takes is a delay at a couple major airports, and the whole country can be affected. >> reporter: sleight flight aware's misery map shows delays in real-time. >> the storms will be overwhelming on wednesday. >> three million people are expected to move through the nation's airport. with wednesday and sunday ranking as the busiest. >> the 43 million traveling in the next few days, 90% will be driving. >> thursday, friday and then saturday and sunday. >> the lowest gas prices since thanksgiving 2010 are a pleasant surprise, but the top reasons for travel are the same as always.
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>> a lot of family, food, and football. yes. very simple. >> strong incentive to brave the elements and the crowds. lax has projected to be the busiest airport in terms of number of passengers. not far behind are chicago o'hare, san francisco international, and boston logan. in chicago, sarah, nbc news. >> thank you so much. young lady interviewed said the three vital ingredients for thanksgiving. food, family, and football. >> i heard that. >> what kind of weather are we looking at today and on into thanksgiving? >> oh, well, guys, we've got some pretty good-looking weather to talk about. as can you see, we have a map. i can tell you right now what i wanted to show you was a live picture of all the different places where we are expecting delays later on today, but as you can see here, quite a bit of wet weather all across the eastern seaboard. all of this is going to push to the north as what heed throughout your wednesday. that's when we are expecting the most severe flight delays. right now i'm going to send it back to you, jon and marla. >> okay, christina. thank you so much.
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>> we appreciate it. we continue that countdown to the winter games in sochy. we'll tell you how anchor man, ron burgundy, is getting involved in the winter games. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave.
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we are less than 75 days away from the start of the winter olympics. now tickets are on sale in russia wra. mascots of the game attended a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the first day of sales. while they were available on-line starting in february, people who bought their tickets were finally able to pick them up. tickets prices range from $16 to a hockey game for $1,600 to the opening ceremony. you can see the ceremony right here on nbc bay area on 7th. >> anchor man ron burgundy is
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getting involved in the upcoming olympic games. or at least the lead up to it. >> winnipeg, get ready to paint the town burgundy. >> there is nothing this guy can't do that -- he is unbelievable. the most famous fictional anchor man on the planet getting a real gig. check it out. canadian sports network tsn announcing, yes, ron burgundy played by will ferrell, he will be announcing the canadian olympic curling trials. there will be a veteran curling broadcaster there to keep him in line and hopefully help him out on the track. the trials open up this sunday, but that is a brilliant stroke of marketing. people are going to be watching all the curling because of one ron burg you understand where i. >> anningor man 2 comes out in -- >> christmas, i think. >> yes. >> get the scotch all ready. i'll be there in the front row. >> leggos not just for children. it's not just child's plays. we'll show you the works of all art of break.
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sfloot sky mostly cloudy across the greater bay area. san francisco, 56 degrees here. full on cloud cover. we have the clouds streaming in from the pacific, and that will be the case not just for today. as we head through tomorrow as well. we are talking about these clouds continuously moving on shore. by the end of the day, we'll be mostly cloudy all across the board. right now, though, we still have a little bet of blue out there. looking pretty good for this afternoon. sun and clouds. peak warmth into the afternoon. for your wednesday, turning mostly cloudy and cooler, and then by thanksgiving day on and off showers arrive. it will be comfortable. 64 degrees. counting on the showers to move through the peninsula area. between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. otherwise, we're looking pretty fwood. futurecast, expecting the showers to move up from the south. streaming to the north. as we head through about 4:00 p.m., expecting the bulk of that moisture concentrated right over
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the south bay. a lot of the activity won't even make it north of the golden gate bridge. we do want to keep in mind showers on turkey day. we hope it gets out of here before we hit the travel day on friday. we're looking pretty good. remember, for your seven-day forecast, you don't have to have that curiosity lingering anymore. it's right here at the bottom of your screen throughout all my broadcasts. every single region is covered, guys. back to you. >> i love your turkey day graphics. >> bravo. >> the wine glass wasn't filled. >> we can fill that up. >> we'll work on that for you. >> scotch. >> yeah. christina, great stuff. to finish up here, you know, fans of the fine arts, and he know you are one of them, i understand that sculptures can be made of metal, wood, and sometimes plaster of paris. a new york artist going back to old school creating masterpieces from leggos. >> my nephew anthony would lot of this. the art of the brick exhibition is open in the capital of belgium. it fee furz more than 70 works of art. of course, all made from leg
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yoez. >> that is awesome. yeah, there are life-sized versions of people. famous works of art. >> that's my favorite. that's very impressive. >> even this massive t-rex that took tens of thousands of leggos to build. according to the art of the brick website it runs in brussels through april. there are also currently shows in new york city, ohio, and new jersey. >> i'm guessing it would take maybe longer than recess to knock one of those out. well played. >> well, to finish up, want to tell you about the 49ers getting good news now and getting a key piece of offense back out on the field officially. wide sooer michael crabtree expected to be activated later on today. you may remember, he tore that achilles back in may. a very painful and debilitating injury, and he returned to practice three weeks ago. right now looking and feeling good. looks like he may be ready for sunday's ballgame. >> 9ers looking good last night. they got the w. thanks for being with us. our next newscast at 5:00. [ male announcer ] step one, prepare for triumph.
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