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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 27, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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we will tell you how chilly weather in the northeast is affecting travel coast to coast. >> we are going to get spoiled. temperatures are looking good this morning. mostly cloudy condition for today. climbing into the mid-60s. showers on the way for tomorrow. only for a very small portion of the bay area. we'll tell you all about that coming up. >> it might be a lighter flow of traffic right now. it is going to be tougher as the day goes on. taking a live look at san francisco for this wednesday, november 27th. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon.
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>> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we want to get you to the breaking news in alameda where police have taken a resident into custody in connection to a huge overnight apartment fire. possibly, a big break in this case. that fire near the corner of briggs avenue and high streets right near lincoln park. that is where "today" in the bay's christie smith is live with an update. what are they telling you? >> reporter: they are telling us that one person is in custody, a person of interest. they didn't have a lot of details. the red cross has shown up, helping some of the displaced residents. you can see them across the street there in blankets. one woman told us that she actually had to jump off her balcony. these folks learning that their apartment building is a total loss. again, one person taken into custody, a person of interest. firefighters now doing overhaul on this building here at briggs and burnside that burned and burned for more than an hour.
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it started at 2:47 this morning. huge flames towering over this residential neighborhood on the east side of alameda. residents tell me that they woke up to the sound of popping blasts and flames and they didn't have a chance to grab anything. residents just had to run into the street. residents also telling us they saw one man rescued. they tell us the man in custody has had issues in the past. over the weekend, they say police had been here. most recently, he had flooded his apartment by clogging up the siege a sink and letting water run into the units below. >> the reason he got taken away was, he flooded the whole house. he flooded the whole upstairs and it came sneaking in our apartment and flooded some of our apartment. >> the first arriving energy company found a male adult on a
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balcony and made a rescue from that balcony with heavy involvement and flames. >> neighbors tell me that that man was taken into custody, had made threats here before. one firefighter suffered minor injuries, was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation but is expected to be okay. firefighters still trying to get a handle on he actually how many people need help this morning. this is a four-unit building. they are telling us it is a complete loss. a driver crashes into a number of parked cars. this happened overnight causing a big mess in one san jose neighborhood. the car flipped over. the pictures were sent to us by a faithful viewer. appreciate that. this incident happened near north craigmont avenue near allen rock avenue. that driver was taken into custody, arrested for dui.
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it is unclear how many vehicles were actually hit. >> this morning, a victim is recovering. a suspect behind bars after a stabbing aboard a train. that brought the train to a stop in sunnyvale as it was headed to san jose. 30 people were on board the train. one of the passengers used a train intercom to call for help. the victim was stabbed several times and is recovering at stanford hospital. the suspect was arrested. so far, no word on a motive. >> also, in sunnyvale, it is official. strict new gun laws going into effect starting january 1st. last night. the city council voting to certify the results of the election in which they passed measure "c." starting next year, gun owners will have to call police within 48 hours. they will start tracking the sale of ammunition. the nra has promised to fight the new law in court. 6:04.
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we are certainly watching the weather as rain, snow, and wind hit the northeast and mid-atlantic. just in time for the busiest travel day of the year. that means the ripple effect just beginning at airports across the country. let's take a look at the misery map. we are seeing some cancellations out there. you can see that in the red there. we are getting delays as well at airports coast to coast. we'll take a look right now at the airports with the most cancellations, which, according to flight aware, are atlanta, jfk and new york city. newark and the one in newark new jersey as well. we are looking really good for today. your travel forecast is going to be a rough one across the eastern seaboard. these delays will likely ripple out the east coast to the west coast. this is what we are expecting, 6:00 a.m. a lot of rainfall coming down.
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a mix of sleet, snow, hail, all across the eastern see boards. philadelphia, reporting delays. heavy rain out there. give yourself extra time to get to the airport this morning. even though it is not that bad here in the bay area, you never know what you are in for. the sheer volume alone, long lines. we are going to be here just so you know. 9:30 a.m. on thanksgiving morning. we have a slight chance for showers in the south bay that will extend along the coast specially along the peninsula coast. most of us are going to stay relatively dry. we'll end up in the mid-60s. right now, still pretty chilly out there. in the 40s, jumping to 70 degrees in some cities. 63 out in straean francisco.
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the north bay, 57 degrees. they are going to get spoiled this year. what are you doing this year, turkey, ham. >> i am cooking the turkey. i always cook the turkey. i am putting it in the oven and we are going to meet you down at the turkey trot. not a lot of cars backing up the lane. you get a cheaper traffic toll if you have a fast track transponder. that will help you out over the weekend. if you are traveling across one of the bridges as we look at the maps, you want to consider getting the transponder heading here. across the car tee nas and the venetian bridge, a smooth flow of traffic. we will see a slowdown starting early afternoon. eastbound 580. 2:30, 3:00, heading to the central valley, westbound. it shows a slight slowdown
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coming out of the altamont and pleasanton. the rest of the bay looking really good. still ahead. a suspect on a skateboard still on the loose after drowning two cats in the san francisco bay. we are going to tell you why investigators are having such a tough time tracking him down and what you can do to help. a rash of car fires and they are not tesla. we'll take a look coming up in business news. giving you a live look at downtown san jose. we highly recommend you bundle up for the holiday travel today. if you happen to be heading out to philadelphia today, here is a little of what you can expect. >> no weather-related delays but as we take a look at the security line behind me, which is moving at a pretty good pace, i'm told a little later this
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morning, airport officials will hop on a conference call with those from airlines and from other airports around the country to learn of any delays so that they can anticipate a ripple effect here. these travelers, you are looking at, have dealt with quite a lot. just to get here at this early morning hour. the roads outside are a mess. the downpours we have been experiencing and wind and rain and later today, we are expecting a series of delays and even cancellations for these travelers. that's the latest from philadelphia international airport. i'm katy zachary. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do something today.
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and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. welcome back. we are counting down to thanksgiving. yeah, that means there is a mad rush at all of our local airports. the good news is, we don't have
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any delays this morning caused by weather. volume cob a problem. a lot of people headed out of town. if you are staying local, it is going to be pretty nice a slight chance for showers. we will tell you where and when in your full forecast. >> i saw the traffic flowing on 101 just past the airport. this is 880 through fremont. we are picking up the volume even though it is the wednesday before thanksgiving. we expect a lighter commute. that doesn't mean you won't have one. we have slowing developing, specially in the east bay. we will look at the south bay coming up. stormy weather on the east coast certainly affecting air travel everywhere. let's get an update from what we are calling the misery map. >> taking a look for the airports with the most cancellations according to flight aware. atlanta, jfk in new york in new jersey. there are 324 delays and 22
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cancellations nationwide. earlier, it was jfk that had the most on top. >> things change out there. we will keep you posted. here are the day's other top stories. a teenager recovering from serious burns after getting set on fire aboard an a.c. transit bus expected to be released from the hospital today. a little bit of good news here. sasha fleischmann suffered third-degree burns earlier this month. 16-year-old richard thomas said the agender teen's skirt on fire. san francisco police searching for the man who threw a woman's belongings into the bay along with ia pet carrier with two cats inside. they are hoping anyone that saw that attack will come forward. >> this is a terrible scene. a mother and stepfather now facing kidnapping and child abuse charges for allegedly keeping three girls imprisoned for two years. tucson police say 12 and
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13-year-old sisters managed to escape from their home early yesterday morning. a 17-year-old girl was also found locked inside. police say all three were just simply filthy and sadly very malnourished. >> thank goodness they are free now. it is 6:14. ford is making a massive recall of its 2013 escape suvs, because they suddenly can catch on fire. >> scott mcgrew, this marks the fifth time ford has recalled this model. >> the fifth time, john, for fire. it is absolutely astounding. it is actually the seventh time the total recall for the ford escape overall. these fires apparently can happen at any time without warning. the cause is a cracked cylinder head and the engine suddenly overheats. oil under the hot engine and there you have your fire. this is specific to the 1.6 litre engine. 13 escapes have caught fire for this specific reason alone. 12 others have caught fire due to a coolant leak.
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this puts into perspective tesla fires of which there have been three and all were due to crashes of some kind. catching fire in a good way, let's talk stops. google is the stock trading at $1,058. the dow hit an intra-day high. we were talking earlier about what to watch out for as far as black friday sales at the mall this weekend. let me add to a, a warning about shopping online. do be cautious of the number of companies that are using cookies to track your shopping hoabits. long after you made your purchase, you see display adds on totally unrelated web sides showing you the products you were looking for.
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if you are looking up fly fishing equipment, suddenly, all the ads will be about fly fishing and that will give you away. >> i feel a little violated. >> in some ways, it is helpful but you are going to get busted. if you are looking up something specific, people are going to know you bought it. >> thank you very much, scott. appreciate it. >> mostly, showers along the peninsula coast and in the south bay. nothing like what they are working with on the east coast this morning. i do want to point out, you are going to hear a lot about this storm system. all morning long on the "today" show. this is going to cause numerous delays. the good news is, it is actually going to continue to clear out as we head throughout the day. by about 2:00 p.m., as you can see, most of that heavy moisture will be offshore. that bodes well for all
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travelers that have later flights and will start to see immovement as tomorrow will be clearer. even if we get showers where you live, it shouldn't be that bad. the window opens up between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. right now, in the 40s. nice and clear start to the day. temperatures will be comfortable. upper 60s, 66, san mateo and menlo park and mid market san francisco is also going to end up in the 60s. as you know, it could be much colder this time of year. we are going to get a nice thanksgiving, guys. looking pretty good. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> a lighter volume of traffic around the bay as we have seen
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earlier this week. i got word from chp about a crash. you want to stay over in the lanes. we start to see any sort of backup early on. you don't see that now. that crash has been reported a few minutes ago. we will continue to track this. it is probably just past the metering lights which didn't cause a backup. we will look at another shot out here. no problems down the eastshore freeway or the berkeley curve. they may have to show those metering lights. no drama out of the caldecott tunnel. heading up toward the maze, an easy flow of traffic as well. we will expect the getaway traffic to start at 230. getting out to the central valley and tahoe, often the case. around the rest of the bay, we are looking at a good flow of traffic. south bay, no delays reported down here. a smooth flow of traffic. this is west highway 4 out of antioch. look at that. even today, we are seeing that slowdown, not as heavy as we
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typically do. a lighter flow for highway 4. here, in the tri valley, you have some gentle slowing out of the altamont or backing up right here. a new crash reported here. one of the vehicles involved was an 18-wheeler. it sounds like there are no injuries. it sounds like things are moving off to the shoulder. chp has to get there to give me that confirmation. we talked about the smooth drive through the south bay and no problems as you head up along the peninsula. we'll get a look at palo alto. we are picking up a few more cars per company. you are at the speed limit all along this drive as well as 280 between san francisco and the same area in palo alto. the southbound side of 101 picks up that volume. no novato, no drama up in the north speaking of getting around, bath b.a.r.t. is in the giving spirit. help fliers get to and from the airport this holiday weekend. today, longer trains and more seating for riders on the
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pittsburg/bay point line. longer trains will also be available on sunday. >> that will help out a lot of folks. 6:19. a number of special events will be happening in the bay area today to mark the start of the holiday. >> you are correct. at 3:00 this afternoon, the jelly-belly candy company will be getting in on the afternoon. it marks the first night of the festival of lights. the lighting will take place at the factory in fairfield. don't miss it. >> and in san jose. this morning, there will be a christmas tree trimming party. to get ready for the annual christmas in the park. >> you have to bring your own scissors. that's a huge event for south bay folks. at 10:30, volunteers will be decorating and getting ready for the city's annual event. christmas in the park officially opens on friday. see does the kristi yamaguchi ice rink. our own mike inouye will be there to kick things off.
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>> that is worth the trip down there alone. >> it is 6:20 right now. still ahead on "today in the bay," we introduce the top turkey contenders for a presidential pardon. . >> plus, wild weather on the east coast leaves the macy's thanksgiving parade a little bit deflated. we'll explain what's possibly going to happen next. a live look at san jose where we are keeping an eye on holiday travel. if you are heading to l.a., here is what you can expect. good morning. i'm here outside terminal one at los angeles international airport. just take a look around. passengers are flying southwest and u.s. air. already standing in a line that extends well outside the terminal. in part, because passengers arrived early as they were told and the tsa security screening just opened a short time ago. now, this time, here at lax, the focus is on the number of passengers that will fly into and out of los angeles during the thanksgiving holiday. 2 million passengers are
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expected and that's up nearly 7% from last year. the travel site, orbitz, has deemed l.a.x. the busiest airport in the nation. l.a.x. officials say they are seeing greater passenger volume in part because the airlines are packing more passengers into larger aircraft and adding more international flights. passengers are being warned to prepare for long lines at security and packed flights. they are also being advised by the tsa to go online and sign up for its pre-check program during the peek flying period. it could save you up to ten minutes. i'm toni guinyard reporting at l.a.x.
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welcome back, everybody. i want to tell you about a massive storm pounding the east coast causing chaos and trouble for thanksgiving travelers. today we are told the wet streets in the area because the cold temperatures become very easy. anybody who has driven on that knows that is like a skating rink. type-lapsed video showing traffic stop and go all over the place trying to make it a single
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mile out to the airport. this is down in charlotte, north carolina. some of the people had to get out and try to run for it. that is brutal. the stormy weather is threatening the macy day's parade. the giant balloons will have to be grounded if the wind is too strong. there is a chance the wind might exceed the limit. all the balloons will still be inflated as planned later today. you can watch the entire parade right here. it starts at 9:00 tomorrow morning. it wraps up three hours later with a special appearance by santa, himself. later on today, a compassionate presidential pardon will spare a turkey.
6:27 am
the two turkeys up for a presidential pardon are named care owe mel and bar done. the turkeys outnumber humans, 70,000 are raised there each year. only 375 people live there. >> 6:27. still ahead, an update of breaking news. did a man set fire to his own apartment building overnight? we are going to tell you who is in police custody. why one woman have to leap off a balcony to escape the plane. >> also the teen that was set on fire aboard an a.c. transit bus is set to leave the hospital. i'll have the latest on sasha fleischmann's recovery and how the teen feels about the 16-year-old that allegedly did this to him.
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i want to take you to new york city. on this thanksgiving eve, kind of like a double helping of gravy with your mashed potatoes, we are going to do both.
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this is the new york stock exchange. hoping to keep things warm out there with that burlington coat factory. we switch it on over. hallmark, just showing the love. we also have a nice reporter digging in getting ready to do his thing out there. can you feel the magic? can you smell the turkey? >> not yet. >> that is the opening bell on both sides. today, ladies and gentlemen, is wednesday, the day before thanksgiving, november 27th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. it is 6:30 on the nose. thanks as always for joining us. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have an update, breaking news we have been following. we are learning more about the man taken into custody a couple of hours ago to be questioned about a huge apartment fire in alameda. the fire started just before 3:00 this morning, burned for an hour while firefighters were battling the flames. police officers arrested a tennant and they call him a person of interest in the fire. the complex has four units located at the corner of briggs avenue and high street near lincoln park. officials tell us it is a total loss. one person had to be rescued by
6:31 am
firefighters from the second floor. others had to jump. >> i realize the house is on fire. the window blew out of his apartment. we jumped out over the balcony, because we couldn't get down the stairs. >> second floor balcony. >> yes. this is a live look at the complex. the red cross just arrived about 45 minutes ago and flames are knocked down. firefighters are still working on that complex, mopping up. "today in the bay's" christie smith, live at the scene, collecting more information for us. she will have a live update in just a few minutes. >> it has been a tough road. now, the teenager recovering from serious burns after being set on fire on board an a.c. transit bus expected to be home by the end of today. "today in the bay's" marla tallez in the room right now with more on sasha fleischmann's expected hospital release. >> reporter: sasha fleischmann has been recovering from third-degree burns for more than three weeks now. it was november 4th when the teenager was riding on an a.c.
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transit bus in oakland when 16-year-old richard thomas set fleischmann's skirt on fire. fleischmann is agender, mieanin the teenager does not identify with male or female. it has been reported thomas told the police officer he was homo foe bib. his attorney said he didn't have a home ophobic bone in his body. here is sasha's father. >> we are of the opinion that a 16-year-old is still a juvenile and shouldn't be tried in an adult court. >> he is very remorseful. he is extremely remorseful. he is about as remorseful as a kid can be. >> reporter: fleischmann's father says sasha is champing at
6:33 am
the bit to get home. in the spirit of thanksgiving, is feeling very grateful. sasha is expected to leave the burn center in san francisco and arrive home in the east bay today just in time for thanksgiving. sasha is vegan. so they are getting a pre-made vegan turkey dinner all lined up. no doubt better than hospital food. >> got that right. >> definitely. thank you very much. 6:33 now. community members will join several organizations in honoring harvey milk and george masconi. it starts at 7:00 on the steps of san francisco city hall, mayor ed lee and senator mark leno will pay tribute. they say they were no strangers to fighting for the rights of tennants and thousands are currently in dangers of losing their homes. happening right now, i want to get you out live to the port of oakland where truckers are there picketing instead of working.
6:34 am
they are protesting what they consider unsafe working conditions. this marks the third work stoppage of the year. workers, they say, they want shorter lines and more efficient terminals at that port. the truck drivers, for the record, are independent contractors. they do not have the right to join or form a traditional union to bargain on any grievances. it's 6:34. we are watching the weather as we give you a live look outside from the south bay. plenty of people heading to airports hitting the roads, all in time for thanksgiving. i'm checking the forecast with meteorologist, christina loren. by about noon, to 2:00, if you are like me, you like to eat early. it is going to be on. lots of turkey going around. we are looking pretty good out there right now. we are in the 40s all across the board. we are out of the 30s up in the
6:35 am
north bay. some significant warming up there overnight. courtesy of these clouds. i want to show you san francisco. you can see these high clouds streaming in. that will be the case. this is the clearest it is going to be all day long. by the end of the day, we are going to hit the 60s. it will be comfortable out there. unseasonably warm in san jose. san mateo, 66. out in the north bay, 67 in santa rosa. oakland, 65. out in the tri valley, about 69 for livermore and pleasanton. how nice out there for today. we do have changes headed our way getting into your thanksgiving as we head throughout the day tomorrow. it will be overcast, a few showers on the way. that bright sunshine returns on friday. great news for holiday travelers out there. a lot of people have to get to that destination. let's check on your drive. here is mike inouye. >> we are can looking over here toward the bay bridge where there is no problem visible on this camera. i did swing our other camera
6:36 am
around looking for the crash pt it looks like all lanes have been cleared. that's great news. great flow of traffic. beautiful sunrise as well. we get to the maps. we'll look over all the bay area. a lighter volume of traffic. i want to show you the green all around the bay, including the peninsula and palo alto and 101. we zoom into the only spots with red chicklets showing up. we have a crash involving as many as 4 vehicles and an 18-wheeler. i say maybe because chp has to get there to clarify the details. a lot of slowing coming in. they have to clear to the shoulder. they were in the middle lanes from the original report. all this traffic coming in out of the altamont pass. be prepared for that as you head south in toward sunol and pleasanton. we are looking over here toward the south bay itself where we talked about the light volume of traffic building for 101 and 87. a live look at our camera north of 680. we see a few more cars. no big concerns. this is very light for wednesday. it is 6:36, almost 6:37.
6:37 am
heading back to you. >> 6:36 as you mentioned. still ahead on "today in the bay." a police officer battles flames to pull a driver to safety. we have story behind this incredible video next. >> that is a hero in action. also, i want to give you a live look outside. we are keeping you're eyes closely fixed on the holiday traveling. if you are traveling to chicago, here is what you need to know. >> reporter: i'm lauren petty. we are in michigan city, indiana, right along lake michigan. they are going to be dealing with lake effect snow today for the holiday travel today. we are talking about a couple inches in michigan city. the further east you go. the more snow they are going to get. maybe as much as 6-12 inches in northwest indiana. southwestern michigan, the wind is not going to help holiday travel either as it is whipping right now at about 25 miles an hour. so it is going to be an interesting day for anybody hitting the road for the holiday.
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you are watching "today in the bay." some of those scenes you have to see take place here. a new jersey police officer will be called a hero for ul ping a man right out of a burning truck jumping right into harm's way. the terrifying ordeal caught on an officer's dash cam. you can see the action here. the officer franticly rips open
6:41 am
the door and manages to get the driver out to safety and then thinking about who else might be in there, runs back to the truck to see if there are any other passengers inside. this vic imit, the great news here, expected to survive. wow, what a scene. exactly what caused the truck to catch fire remains under investigation. that is truly one of those real life heroes instinct taking over. >> 6:41. coming up, bay area airport workers on the picket lines. we are going to tell you if it will affect your thanksgiving flight. >> we will also show you flames leaping off the roof of an apartment complex overnight. we'll tell you about the stubborn fire hearing how people inside managed to escape jumping literally some to safety. plus, we'll take a look at wall street. an amazing run for that. it should be on vacation. all ahead in business news. >> a live look outsigh. our san bruno camera this morning. look at the hazy clouds out there. we are back in two minutes. first, a look at travel
6:42 am
conditions in the big apple. >> good morning from laguardia airport where it is busy and no doubt p it is one of those days when people are traveling for the holidays. right now here at laguardia, it is foggy. it is very rainy. the worry is conditions will worsen as the day goes on today as more people arrive for their flights. we have been looking at the board for the flights departing and arriving. there are minimal delays. there are only a couple of cancellations but apparently because of mechanical problems with those specific planes. as far as the checking in goes, travelers tell us it is going well. the security lines are extremely long. that's the latest from laguardia airport.
6:43 am
6:44 am
want to get you updated on the breaking news. police are planning to interview the man they say is a person of interest in a large apartment
6:45 am
fire that has displaced numerous people in alameda this morning. the man was taken into custody shortly after this fire started. neighbors say he has been causing some trouble out in that area for quite some sometime. he has done things like purposely flooding his second floor unit. strange scene out there. "today in the bay's" christie smith, live in alameda. she has been out there collecting information on this scene. she will have an update coming up in ten minutes. this morning, weather bearing down on the east coast just in time for the busiest travel day of the year. the storm will bring in a messy mix of rain, snow, and wind to the northeast and mid-atlantic. >> right now, let's take a look at the painful misery map. that's what we call it. the misery map for the flight aware website here. as we've mentioned, stormy weather causing a veritable smorgasbord of problems.
6:46 am
jfk in atlanta on top. atlanta, number one right now. new york and charlotte, north carolina, right now, headlining a list that a lot of people will not be happy to see. the weather on the east coast certainly affecting travel here in the bay area. we are going to check in with christina loren and mike inouye. first, let's start out with bob redell. he is live at san francisco international airport with a look at what travelers are facing. good morning, bob. >> reporter: all morning long, no delays or cancellations until a few moments ago. we checked the boards. we are now seeing a couple of delays. a 15-minute delay for flight headed out to jfk. . travelers will be up against a view from outter space. this extends from texas to the northeast. it has been producing storm warnings up down the east coast. the problem, primarily, heavy
6:47 am
winds and rains, a good possibility of snow. we ended up speaking with the spokesperson here at sfo. here is how things could end up playing out the rest of the day locally. >> in terms of conditions in the northeast, it sounds like it is still developing. it is anybody's guess right now what it is looking like. we are already hearing of some delays going to the philadelphia area. some delays going to new york, laguardia. that doesn't so much effect us. for us, it is more the jfk and boston. i think that still needs to play out a little bit today. >> as we just mentioned, it is playing out. we are seeing now two delays. 15 minutes to delays at jfk, an hour and a half to philadelphia. these are virgin america flights. they expect roughly 120,000 people to pass in and out of their terminals today. it is the second busiest thanksgiving day. the busiest was this past friday. they said friday is the new wednesday because a lot more
6:48 am
kids are getting the entire week off for thanksgiving. bob redell, "today in the bay." christina loren is here to look at our thanksgiving eve forecast. i can show you right now. this is your futurecast. look at how wide the storm system is. it extends from south florida ping rain and snow and a mixture of both across philadelphia, washington and richmond. most of it is going to push offshore into the atlanta. stop that clock getting into the overnight hours. you can see a lot of improvement there. the good news is, later on, whether we will be clearing out.
6:49 am
that's going to leave a nice thanksgiving day for most of the nation. chilly across the bay area. that is keeping it milder. we have been in the 30s every single day this week. >> do want to show you what we are expecting. rain futurecast tells the story of your thanksgiving. as you can see here, we are going to see clouds filter in all day long tomorrow. if we do see any showers, it looks like the best chance is going to be right along the peninsula coast and in the south bay. elsewhere, everywhere north of the golden gate bridge in particular you are looking pretty good. even along the peninsula, it is going to be mostly cloudy with a few stray showers getting into your thursday. looking good. mostly cloudy conditions. stray shower possible. i want to show you the seven-day forecast. we do have changes heading our way. we are going to count on the very slight chance for showers
6:50 am
tomorrow. things start to change. it will be nice and warm on friday for your travel back home. saturday into sunday, temperatures start to drop off. look at monday and tuesday. the coldest system of the season so far. it is on its way. it could actually bring us a dusting of snow to mt. hamilton. can you believe that? i know. it is not even december. it will be at that point, december 3rd. let's check your time. here is mike inouye. we are looking over here toward the bay area. a light volume. the south bay, however, is showing a slowdown. north 101, capital expressway up toward tully for speeds coming down into the upper 50s. not a major concern. same zone from kurtner toward alma. a little build for your commute. the big build-up right here. westbound 580 approaching the dublin interchange. we have moved the vehicles off the roadway.
6:51 am
we had a number of vehicles, four, involved in the crash. you are starting to recover from isabelle over to 680. you are down below 20 miles per hour. in the 10 range for some of that stretch. we are starting to see recovery. in towards dublin and pleasanton. a smoother drive for the rest of the bay. i have been telling folks, if you can get out before that point in the afternoon, you should be okay. heading toward the central valley and tahoe. no backup, no metering lights. we will look across another span. this is the san mateo bridge. a nice light flow from 92 to 101. the port of oakland picketing instead of working today. they are there protesting what
6:52 am
they consider unsafe working conditions. again, we are looking live at the scene there. you can see the officers standing at attention. we are at this point not a lot getting done. there is video we have from earlier this morning. workers want shorter lines and a more efficient terminals at that point. they say they have to sit for hours in that term ninal just inhaling all the exhaust fumes. there are no bathrooms out there. they have to do that with no pay. to give you an understanding or perspective, port workers are independent contractors. they cannot join or form a traditional union to help bargain. this is the third work stoppage this year. in the meantime, food and retail workers at the oakland airport will picket today. they say their employers are going back on contract negotiations. for the past year, workers have gone back and forth with their employer, host international, over hourly wages, pay freezes, pensions and work rules. the union and airport have
6:53 am
agreed not to strike during thanksgiving. >> speaking of thanksgiving, investors head out for vacation at the end of today. >> they are spending money as they go out the door. >> we are seeing such a run-up. good morning. this is the last full day of trading for the week. tomorrow, there is no trading and then friday it is a half day. dow industrials is 16,104. the nasdaq is at a new 13-year high this morning. google is trading for $1,066. that is an all-time high for google. hewlett-packard, we talked about how that stock would move single digits. time to check our local top stories. >> we will start with the breaking news we have been telling you about all morning.
6:54 am
they are calling this apartment fire very suspicious. residents are telling us that police have been here before to this same building to deal with him. he actually threatened to set a fire they tell us. overnight, a four-unit apartment building here on briggs burned for more than an hour. one woman tells us she had to jump from a second-floor balcony with her son. another man was rescued by firefighters. . one family tells us they couldn't even stay here overnight. one man has clogged his sink and flooded the lower unit. we didn't stay there. there were so many people. we went to the hotel. >> one firefighter was hospitalized. he suffered from smoke inhalation. he is expected to be okay. the rent tells us right now they are helping six of the rest dernts because of this apartment building is a total loss. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay."
6:55 am
let's check in with marla tallez in the newsroom. a teenager set on fire aboard an a.c. transit bus should be going home from the hospital today. great news. sasha fleischmann is recovering nicely after suffering third-degree burns to both legs. the 18-year-old was allegedly set on fire by 16-year-old richard thomas as the two rode an a.c. transit bus through oakland on november 4th. fleischmann's father tells us sasha is eager to leave the burn center in san francisco and get back home to the east bay. sasha is expected to be released today. as for the suspect, he is facing a hate crime charge along with other serious charges. at this point, he is being chargeds aa charged as an adult. his attorney filed a motion to have him prosecuted as a juvenile. fleischmann's father tells us thomas should not be tried in adult court. they are okay with him being tried as a juvenile. for now, the focus is on sasha
6:56 am
and the 18-year-old's recovery. 6:55. a check of the day's top headlines. new fallout surrounding a perspective dui involving a motorcycle and a san francisco fire truck. the district attorney is expected to file charges against the firefighters who appeared to be drunk behind the wheel. it happened back in june. the victim is still recovering from his injuries. >> a suspected drunk driver crashes into a number of parked cars. this happened overnight causing a big-time mess out in the san jose neighborhood. this happened near the area of north craigmont near allen rock avenue. the driver was taken into custody arrested for dui. it remains unclear exactly how many vehicles were hit. at 6:56. new this morning, no one was hurt when a pair of tanks was exploded at elon musk spacex facility. the two nigh crow jen tanks were
6:57 am
overpressureized and ruptured as a result. people living nearby felt the earth rumble. spacex will attempt to launch the new falcon 9 tomorrow. the rocket was scheduled to launch out of florida earlier this week. it was postponed after several delays caused it to miss its launch window. time now is 6:57. let's get one final thanksgiving eve check from christina lauren. we are looking really good for today. travelers across the bay area getting out of town should be easy for you. temperatures right now are mild. definitely warmer than yesterday by 3 to 5 degrees. you can see for the most part, that will be the case today. we are going to jump out of the 40s into the mid-60s. temperatures look pretty good for today. a few stray showers possible tomorrow morning. best chance, south bay and
6:58 am
immediate coast. we'll check your travel with mike inouye. >> you have a great roadway right now. all over the bay, no rain. christina is talking about the chance of that on thursday. right now, we just have some lower clouds, maybe some haze in the air. this is the san mateo bridge westbound. look at the easy drive on the peninsula side. no delays on our speed sensors. the dumbarton bridge moves very smoothly as well. that's typical any time of day. now, we do have this big slowing. look at the recovery. now, instead of red, we see orange approaching the dublin interchange. the earlier crash has cleared. that was the only real big issue this morning. it looks like it won't be a problem for the next 20 minutes or so. north 101, we've got some slowing. capital expressway and up past 680 toward allen rock. coming into downtown. the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems, no metering lights, no backup.
6:59 am
get a fast track transponder. that can help you across the bridge. fast track, you will get through. we want to say good-bye to two members of our "today in the bay" family. both jon and marla are leaving. it is their last day today. >> all i can say, i can't believe it. it has been three years and three days. it has been a wonderful ride here. >> who is counting? >> it has been great filling in for both of you. thank you for having me and all the warm messages on facebook and twitter. >> i have to say, it has been a blast hanging out with all you guys, made a pressure every morning. thank all of you for walking. i'm heading to chicago. i'll miss you guys, sincerely. >> we will moose you iss you as. having you fill in and being able to anchor with both of them, it is going to be hard for all of us in the newsroom to believe you are not going to be around. >> i just wish we could have shown the fun we had during
7:00 am
commercial break. maybe the next time around. >> you could probably do without some of our singing. good luck to both of you. >> thank you for joining us as well. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> bye. >> thanks, everybodyment scla >> good morning. breaking news. a reported tornado in north carolina overnight as the massive storm travel a nightmare for millions. travel a nightmare for will she be ready? millions. w lindsey vonn joins us she be exclusively to talk about her lindsey vonn recent fall and her attempt to make it to the olympics in us exclusively about her recent fall and her attpt t sochi. it to the and rock royalty, literally and rock an unbelievable night in london. and as john bon jovi gets back up n help from taylor swift and as jon bon jovi gets a little prince william.backup help from and, yes, prince ♪ living on a prayer william. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> t >> the future king of england hf like you've never seen or heard like you've never him before, today, wednesday, r him before. today, wednesday, november 27th,


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