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tv   Today  NBC  November 27, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PST

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commercial break. maybe the next time around. >> you could probably do without some of our singing. good luck to both of you. >> thank you for joining us as well. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> bye. >> thanks, everybodyment scla >> good morning. breaking news. a reported tornado in north carolina overnight as the massive storm travel a nightmare for millions. travel a nightmare for will she be ready? millions. w lindsey vonn joins us she be exclusively to talk about her lindsey vonn recent fall and her attempt to make it to the olympics in us exclusively about her recent fall and her attpt t sochi. it to the and rock royalty, literally and rock an unbelievable night in london. and as john bon jovi gets back up n help from taylor swift and as jon bon jovi gets a little prince william.backup help from and, yes, prince ♪ living on a prayer william. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> t >> the future king of england hf like you've never seen or heard like you've never him before, today, wednesday, r him before. today, wednesday, november 27th, november 27th, 2013.
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2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today. this is "today" with matt lauer with matt lauer and and savannah guthrie, live from guthrie. life fro studio 1-a in rockefeller plazam good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning.1-a in i'm matt lauer. rockefeller >> i'm savannah guthrie along side al roker and natalie g. >> i'm al morales.on do you guys like prince williamd >> yeah, he's good. natalie. >> you said he sounded a little pitchy. e prince? >> you were saying he sounded a little pitchy. >> >> don't give away my secrets. >> who's pitchy now? simon >> that takes guts to sing with john bon jovi and taylor swift.. well done. >> and queen elizabeth >> and queen elizabeth was on the side playing drums. the >> we'll tell you about that >> that a little later on. of course, the later. story today has to the top story has to do wit this man here and the weather. e talking about we're talking about a powerful of p storm impacting millions of eo day. >> if there's any good people on this travel day. >> if there's any good news it's starting to move a little a li faster and feel its faster. we'll feel its effects for less
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time.le less time. here's a let's show you this video that'd out of north carolina, atlantico carolina beach, north carolina just , kn knock, outside of morehead city. just d roofs torn off of a condominium trees uprooted. a lot of d a lot of damage and a lot of am floo flooding.di let's look at the let's look at the radar, we'll we'll show you just w show you what was going on. you can see the heavy you can thunderstorms thunderstorms moving up late ne last night last night pushing on through. a let's go now and show you what'. let's go now and going on at this moment. going on at currently, we have slow travel currently, we' and winter storm warnings, tral and winte winter weather advisories from s georgia all the way up into new georgia england and there is snow and t flooding advisories as well.he and snow a you can see we have high wind n warnings, wind advisories and a. flood watches from alabama all d the way up into new england. wind add voirs from alabama all the w here's what's going on. into ne. heavy you see the live radar. thunder heavy showers, thunderstorms, , cold air wrapping in around it. icy conditions in northern new in northern new england. this storm system is going to bs making its way up the coast. co. as it does, we'll see the winds continue. see the strong winds, heavy rain for new continue, heavy rain for new england, lake-effect snow
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england. continue lake-effect snow continues.s.ou. it's a double barrel low, o make continues to make its way up anp we're going to continue to see the wind, the snow.nd, snow. the rain moves o the rain moves out later.uthat's that's good news.. but what we're looking for rainfall amounts but what we're looking for a ih rainfall from .50 to 1 inch in . and heavier new jersey. amounts up in up into new england heavier eng. amounts and the bigger story th, snow. next 48 over the next 48 hours we're op looking at a lot of heavy snow. and up to a foot and a half in part. >> thank of syracuse and oswego and alrs on the upstate new york. now let's go back to matt and t savannah. >> al, thank you very much. act >> we're already seeing problems on the roads this morning.g.n pf take a look at philadelphia ighy where a bad accident and flooding shutdown part of a let's get major highway there. to dylan let's get to dylan dreyer. she is watching the weather and the roads and she is driving along busy i-95 in maryland.ngi in dylan, good morning. nd. go >> reporter: good morning, ou k wouldn't know it's the day before thanksgiving. we haven't seen that many cars savannah. road. but the yes, i'm not actually driving. down. the rain is still coming down h
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heavy at times from maine right down into florida. the good news is without the d other cars on the road, we are t not seeing as much back splash from the cars and trucks you a splash from the trucks and would see normally. but i do i do expect to that change this afternoon. echange. once everybody is finished withr the half day and everybody gets get on on the roads. we will see travel troubles later on today. see travel troubles later on today. matt? >> and when you sneak of travel and matt. >> it's not picnic at the airport. we have tom costello with his way as well. >> reporter: snow and cold and icy here. we have 200 flights canceled as of 10:00 a.m. on the east coast. for the eastern half of the country, it has been a rough start to the thanksgiving travel week. when i saw this long line at the pittsburgh airport, i used my phone to shoot video. talk about discourages. >> it is intimidating. >> reporter: flying into
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pittsburgh from atlanta, it looked more like christmas than thanksgiving. with the entire city putting down a coat of salt and sand. >> i was expecting some of the snow. you know, i didn't expect this much at one time. >> reporter: from pittsburgh to charlotte and up the east coast. >> look at the moisture from washington, d.c. south. >> reporter: the entire eastern seaboard has gotten sheets of heavy, cold rain. in some places, ice. in roanoke, slow going for gene park. >> i'm glad. >> reporter: while further north in new york, troopers say the holiday rush and rain is a dangerous combination. >> that's what we get in this type of weather. tons of accidents. >> reporter: it has led to amtrak gridlock along the
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northeast corridor. our hoda kotb took this photo. meanwhile, up north, the big stuff. >> this is fun stuff. >> reporter: a lesson in the proper attitude on the busiest travel day before thanksgiving. they are expecting more snow in upstate new york and western p.a. if you haven't seen this already, the misery map. it shows every airport affected. you know on the west coast, you will not be affected, but look at the other is cities. new york, philadelphia, orlando, atlanta, chicago, all of those major airports affected today. that could eventually effect traffic in l.a. and san francisco. you name it. guys, back to you. you. >> it's never good when you >> it is never good when you a. thank you very much. >> look at a misery map. tom, thank you very much. tmuisa natalie is following a b o
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morning. >> that's right. antiterrorism police in moscow are conducting raids against breaking news story in russia. >> that's right. ntiterrorism police in moscow are conducting raids against gr. what they call members of a su been radical islamic group. more than a dozen suspects have been detained and officers confiscated confiscated homemade bombs and other components used for makinr suicide belts along with suicide belt as long with grenades, guns and ammunition. the u.s. supreme court agreed to take over a new court battle over obama care that could have an impact on birth control. the issue does the requirement violate a country's religious freedom. most have to provide contraceptive coverage in their health insurance plans for employees. their strong christian believes clash with parts of the federal law. a ruling is not expected until 201. a unanimously nj police officer is being hailed as a hero this morning after pulling a man from a burning truck. when he pulled up to a truck monday night he sprinted toward the vehicle. he pulled the unconscious driver
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out of the truck and out of harm's way before running back to check if there were passengers inside. the 61-year-old driver is in critical but stable condition. it will be at least another four more years behind bars for o.j. simpson after a nevada judge rejected his bid for a new trial on tuesday. simpson argued his original lawyer mishandled his armed robbery and kidnapping child in 2008. she said all grounds of simpson's petition lack merit. he will remain in nevada prison. his 33 year sentence was partially knocked down by a parole board earlier this year. a routine drive down a busy road turned to anything but for a driver in china. look at the scary moment captured on a traffic camera. a huge chunk of ice and snow comes crashing down on the suv. it happened after one of the
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worst snowstorms there in 50 years. the suv was badly damaged but the driver was okay. a new hoop star today with a shot of a lifetime. it seemed all hope was lost for huntington university's basketball team after their opponent, marion, hit two free throws to take the lead with one second to go. take a like at what happens next. >> what can they do. catch and fire. he made it. oh my god. wow. >> he did pull that one out of his hat. that was a three quarters court shot to win it. players and fans of the small indiana college stormed the court. he is now of course the new big man on campus. congratulations to him. great game all around. >> good for him. >> pulled it out of his hat. >> that's what the guy said. >> a little nervous. >> mr. roker, more on this big storm.
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>> yeah, let's go out live to buffalo right now. you can see live picture of the heavy snow right now that's ended. but you'll see the direction the wind was coming in from the northwest and about 3 to 5 inches of snow there. but doctor is going to be a little more coming. the big story with the system is going to be the winds. right now look at our temperatures. 61 in new york city. 55 in boston. buffalo by tomorrow you're going to see those temperatures really drop down. the winds are going to be the big story. those winds are going to start to shift out of the north. today, i should say, 23 miles per hour winds as the day wears on. they come out of the northwest. temperatures will drop. by tomorrow morning for the parade i think the winds will be just at the border line where they would need to bring the balloons down. 23 miles per hour sustained winds, gust of 34 would be when they would have to get pulled
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down. i think we're going to squeak by or they may just bring those balloons down a little bit lower. that's your local weather. we're going to get everybody. good wednesday morning. what a treat we have in store today. temperatures, comfortable. milder out to start. 10 degrees milder in the north bay than 24 hours ago. look at this beautiful sunrise
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in san francisco. high, mid-level clouds. no low clouds to force flight delays out of sfo. temperatures are going to climb into the 60s later on. 67 for morgan hill. menlo park, 66 degrees. now, to new revelations about a secret program. weather. >> all right, now to new revelations about the war or terror and the government's use of detainee. andrea mitchell has this story. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. it's a rare insight into how desperate the cia was after 9/11. a secret program in how to turn the hardcore guantanamo prison into secret agents for the u.s. >> i have plans for you. much bigger than you spilling a few state secrets. >> what plans. >> i'm going to play you back into iran. now you work for us. >> reporter: the aim, sending alleged terrorists back home to work undercover for the u.s. if it worked the pay off would
7:13 am
be huge, penetrating al qaeda. >> intelligence and military organizations are going to look at every individual they capture to fully understand how that individual can be exploited. >> with a flair for irony the cia code named it penny lane after the iconic beatles song. just like strawberry fields. to tempt the prisoners, the cia offered perks, real beds and mattresses, private kitchens and showers even pornography for those that asked and they were paid millions of dollars from a secret cia account code name pledge. they got out unlike 164 detainees still imprisoned there. many far less dangerous than those sent home. >> they're languishing in guantanamo who others are released regardless of how dangerous they want to be. >> we know we have close to a 29% reengagement rate from those that have been released from
7:14 am
guantanamo who we know has gotten back in the fight against us. i think it was a very ill conceived program. >> the cia declined to comment on the program which was killed in 2006 when the flow of new prisoners slowed down dramatically and congress was taking a closer look at the tactics. savannah and matt. >> that's an interesting one. thank you very much. in the 3 c3 negros, las ofertas partieron
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the steals of the year. >> those items advertised on page six, seven, eight, those might be advantage deals and you should question whether it's worth losing sleep to get in line. >> reporter: matthew says macy's is promoting a jacket for 79.99 but sold the same product for the same price during his veteran's day sale. target is advertising a mixer for $199 this friday but earlier this month it was $15 cheaper. in response macy's says it has compelling promotions throughout the year and target says prices fluctuate to reflect the constantly changing marketplace
7:16 am
online and in stores. bottom line, holiday sales are starting earlier. >> they fear if they wait on the sidelines they'll be facing shoppers that already spent their entire christmas budgets at their competitors. >> reporter: amazon's black friday deals are already available. and we spoke with plenty of shoppers and experts who say that you can still find plenty of good deals this thursday and friday and expect to see great bargains promoted all the way up until christmas. the best advice, shop around and compare. savannah. >> all right. joe fryer, thank you so much. and true believers in line there. that is for sure. now to the unexpected musical performance from prince william that's making headlines around the world. nbc's keir simmons is in london. keir, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this was a lavish party held at william and kate's home kensington palace but kate wasn't there. sometimes the prince wants the focus on the charity rather than kate.
7:17 am
because she gets so much attention. but when kate's away, william was out to play. yes, that really is taylor swift, john bon jovi and the artist currently known as prince william. ♪ living on a prayer >> reporter: a musical moment taylor was plotting all night. with no kate in sight, taylor arrived looking like a princess. prince harry was absent too embarking on a trek to the south pole. both princes going all out for their charities. >> my brother is quite jealous that i managed to get away from a screaming child. >> reporter: no, william is back home hanging out with taylor swift. >> he's funny and cool. >> reporter: please don't make me sing he begged her. >> by which he meant get me on stage.
7:18 am
>> john bon jovi liked the idea. >> he is fond of singing living on a prayer. i read that in the papers before. we'll see if we get a duet out of him. >> reporter: after performances at the winter wonderland gala ball raising money for a homeless charity, taylor swift pulled a reluctant duke of cambridge from the audience. the prince composed himself, found his rhythm and got at least halfway there. there you are. prince william more often heard singing god save the queen. he did really well with taylor swift. they have a long conversation. at one point taylor swift was asked a question by a british reporter and she leaned in and said i love your accent but i don't have a clue what you're saying.
7:19 am
>> i'm sorry, keir, did you say something? your accent is adorable but i didn't catch that. >> reporter: tomato, tomato. >> what do you think? they may take it on the road. >> good back up. look for their tour this spring. should be great. he had a lot of guts to do that. >> time to head to the orange room. willie is in for carson this morning. >> good morning, guys. we're talking about the national thanksgiving turkey today. for the 25th time a president will pardon a turkey. it began with george h.w. bush. this year we have a pardon-off. between caramel and popcorn. they both will survive the day. we'll just determine which one is officially pardoned. caramel, big fan of lady gaga's song bad romance. important to know that and popcorn loves halo by beyonce. let's take a listen to the gobble and see which one you like better. >> not so much.
7:20 am
>> okay. equal time let's go back to caramel. it's more of a chirp. so go on to the website. check out the tale of the tape and vote. #teamcaramel and th then #teampopcorn. for you guys, we want you guys to come by and treat this like a turkey. team caramel if you like caramel and popcorn if you like popcorn and caramel popcorn if you can't make up your mind. >> both should be pardoned. >> they're both going to live. >> it's like the hunger games over there. >> yeah. >> all right, willie. thank you very much. coming up, can she recover in time for sochi? an exclusive live interview with lindsey vonn. it's her first since last week's crash in training that has her off the slopes again. >> much more on that massive storm and the gadgets to help you cope as you hit the roads this morning. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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this saturday is small business saturday. get out and shop small. >> it is 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. police at this hour questioning a tennant about a huge apartment fire in alameda. this fire started just before 3:00 this morning and burned for about an hour. firefighters were there battling the flames. police officers arrested a tennant they call a person of interest for this fire. one person had to be rescued by firefighters from the second floor. others literally jumped off the apartment. the complex right now being called a total loss. the red cross is there helping the displaced residents find shelter. a teenager whose skirt was set on fire will be home for thanksgiving. sasha fleischmann expected to be released from the hospital later today. fleischmann has been recovering from third-degree burns for the
7:27 am
past several weeks. prosecutors say 16-year-old richard thomas set the agender teenager's skirt on fire. in court, thomas's attorney filed a motion to have him prosecuted as a child and not as an adult. sasha's family agrees saying thomas should be tried as a juvenile. let's take it outside and get a look at your wednesday forecast. tomorrow is thanksgiving. what are we looking at? >> looking delicious the day before thanksgiving. good morning to you. these clouds resemble mashed potatoes in my world. san francisco looking nice and clear. for the most part, high clouds streaming in. those clouds will increase as we head throughout the day. we are going to jump from the 40s and low 50s into the 60s. i'm talking about the mid to upper 60s. getting close to 70 in the east bay. 66 on the peninsula. 67 in the south bay. let's check your drive. here is mike inouye. if the cars weren't moving, i would say it is fake. we are looking to the south bay. a beautiful drive.
7:28 am
the south bay, no major issues or slowing. a tad bit around capital expressway. the crash at 280 and 17, just on the shoulder. we are seeing a slowdown out of the altamont pass. the bay bridge toll plaza, we have not seen any metering lights or backup. that's what you see the wednesday before thanksgiving, john. >> back stot station. we'll send it back to the station. in a moment, i will thank everybody for joining us. we are back in one half hour with another local update. certainly hope to see you then.
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7:30 now on a wednesday morning. it is a wet one in a lot of places in this country as you're waking up this morning. 27th of november, 2013. it's a get away morning for so many holiday travelers. that is the dylan cam. dylan dreyer is making her way across maryland this morning. >> somebody else is driving. dylan is maybe backseat driving. >> jeff rossen is out on our plaza. he's in the rain. he has important driving tips and gadgets before you hit the road this morning. >> we talk about that storm that produced a reported tornado overnight in atlantic beach, north carolina. at least three people were injured there. >> also in the headlines this
7:31 am
morning, anti-terror police in moscow carried out raids this morning detaining members to al qaeda. and for fun, how is this for a trio? prince william and john bon jovi and taylor swift performing living on a prayer at a charity benefit last night. coming up my front row seat for another great show, jimmy fallon had a great time with an incredible group of kids from st. jude. we danced and he wore the chicken costume. more on that in a couple of moments. >> let's begin this half hour with our countdown to sochi. lindsey vonn was in the middle of a highly anticipated comeback when she suffered a brutal crash in colorado last week. how is she feeling? lindsey is with us from vail where she is recovering. how's it going. >> hey, matt. how's it going. >> it's going fine. we haven't heard a lot about
7:32 am
what happened during that training run in colorado. take us through the fall. what happened? >> i was training downhill. it was kind of a tricky course. there was a compression turn. it was breaking up because there was a lot of guys training on the course with me. and my ski tracked out and i caught my edge and flipped over my skis and went head first into the fence. >> is this a case lindsey or was this a case where your knee gave out causing the fall or the fall caused your knee to give out. >> no. the fall caused my knee to give out. if i hadn't of had my brace on i wouldn't have had anything left in my knee. it was one of those things that sometimes happens. unfortunately it was really bad timing for me. but, you know, i'm still confident. i still feel like i have a lot left to achieve this season. i just have to take it day by day right now. but i still have time for sochi.
7:33 am
>> according to the statement released by your representative it's a partial tear of the acl. i could go to work and hobble around but i work in a tv studio. you work on a ski slope. can you put the kind of pressure on that knee that you'll need to to train and make it to sochi. >> to be honest, i don't know. i have been doing rehab and i have been progressing every day but the next couple of days i'm going to start to get on snow here at vail and see how it feels and hopefully get a couple of days of training before i head up to canada. if things go well i'll be racing next week. if they don't, then i'm going to have to reassess and kind of see where i stand and if i can, you know, make a comeback for this season. but i'm feeling good, you know. i feel stable. i put some weight on it yesterday as far as, you know, doing some weighted balance exercises and, you know, doing some squats and things like that
7:34 am
and it felt really good. i'm very hopeful but like i said, i really don't know until i get on snow. >> you know, i'm not an elite athlete so i don't understand this. take me through this. you say you were able to put weight on it doing squats yesterday and you think you can make the jump from that to racing again in canada next weekend? >> once i get on snow and if i feel stable, i don't need training. i have been training here at vail for the last three weeks. so i'm ready to go. i just need to feel stable when i'm on my skis. it's one thing -- it's one thing to feel stable while you're doing squats. it's another to feel stable while you're actually racing at 90 miles per hour. so there definitely is a long ways to go there but i'm confident that it's going to be okay. at this point that's all i can do is stay positive. i'm kind of out of options at this point. i'm hoping that it's going to be stable and i'm hoping i can continue racing. >> we hear people often talk about you and the fact that
7:35 am
you're fearless and you really push yourself lindsey. you have always done that. is it possible because of all the pressure with the olympics 72 days away that you're pushing yourself too hard this time? >> i don't think so. i was skiing really fast and confident. i was very strong. i don't think i was pushing myself too hard. it was just a fluke accident. that's the risk you take when you're going 80 or 90 miles per hour down a mountain. that's just part of the job. but i pick myself back up and i'm trying as hard as i can to keep going. i'm working as hard as i can. so just fingers crossed that i can be racing next week because i worked so hard all summer to get back to this point and i just want to get back in the starting gate. >> look, i don't think it's smart to bet against you. i think i've lost money doing that in the past. >> yes. don't.
7:36 am
>> so i'm just going to tell you that we are pulling for you. best of luck. but please be careful. >> i'm trying. i'm trying. >> all right, lindsey. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> careful and skiing in the olympics. >> even after these injuries she can get on skis, go out over those skis, go 90 miles per hour without fear knowing she has a gimpy knee there. >> that's what separates her from the rest of us. my back hurts. i'm out. >> what i like is how she fired that warning shot across your bow. >> don't bet against her. bet >> let us get a check of the holiday travel forecast. >> announcer: today's countdown to sochi is brought to you by p and g. proud sponsor of moms. >> holiday tradition, while the turkey is in the oven, you smell
7:37 am
it cooking. the thanksgiving day parade, macy's 87th thanksgiving day parade. sunny, windy, cold upper 20s to low 30s. savannah make sure you bundle up tomorrow morning. we'll have wind chills 14 to 19 degrees. the winds will be 18 to 22. gusts of up to 35 miles per hour. again, that's just about the border line for those balloons. we will have some lake effect snow. windy conditions in the northeast. nice and mild in the southwest. showers in the pacific northwest. black friday shopping, you've got fridged conditions in the northeast. the sunshine returns all the way down to the gulf coast. lake effect snow still hanging out. a few showers down in southern california. sunny and cold in the >> 7:37. good wednesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. some high clouds over san jose. it is not a spare the air day. temperatures are going to climb to the mid-60s today. in the south bay, san francisco
7:38 am
looking towards the low to mid-60s. comfortable conditions out in the north bay. 64, fremont. beautiful in the east bay. tri valley, warmest region, 69 for pleasanton and livermore by this afternoon. thanksgiving looks good. maybe a stray shower or two. nothing heavy. fremont, 64 degrees very much. coming up next, a travel survival guide to help you brave the elements as you pile into the family car today. >> with jeff rossen. >> and then later on trending, how fast can something spread online? the importt message this online? the importt messyou gots the bargain kind? you need a bunch of those to clean this mess. then i'll use a bunch of them. then how is that a bargain? [ sighs ] no, that's too many -- it's not gonna fit! whoa! cascade kitchen and math counselor. here's a solution. one pac of cascade complete cleans tough food better than six pacs of the bargain brand combined. so you can tackle tough messes the first time. that is more like it. how are you with taxes? [ laughs ]
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7:43 am
out? >> the first thing you should do is get an umbrella. that's a very pretty hat, by the way. i got rid of the umbrella so i can show you a couple of things. we have been talking to a lot of experts. check your windshield wipers. you know how annoying that is? a lot of americans waking up to snow and ice this morning. you can buy this for a couple of dollars. a little can of deicer. it even comes with an ice pick so you can do that. the other thing you should do, open up your hood and even i can do this. you buy this deicer fluid and look for this special thing about deep freeze protection. >> okay. >> that way you pour it in and you can spray as you drive. >> so it actually has the desieser in it? >> exactly. >> safety on the roads. people wonder do i have to carey the jumper cables and all of that stuff? >> you have to. you don't know exactly what to buy when you go to one of these stores. we bought this for $25 at an auto supply store.
7:44 am
that's pretty cheap. the deicer fluid and tire sealant as well and you also have batteries in here too. >> $25 for that. >> $25 for all of this. one stop shopping. >> surviving your own family. you're taking a long trip. >> i am. i'm going to maryland with my family. three kids in the car and my wife. so it's going to be difficult but what you want to do is get the ipads charged up, get the iphone charged up but you don't want everyone fighting for one cigarette lighter. this is mine. i use this. you plug this into the wall. costs about 60 dollars at any electronics store. you can charge anything up with this battery operated. >> plant the kid in front of the ipad or whatever. >> not great parenting trips. >> for 3 hours it will be okay. >> this is a solar paddle and solar charger. it's called juice orange.
7:45 am
you don't need a lot of sunlight, just a little bit. >> i have like 20 seconds. what about these blankets and snacks. >> blankets in case you're stuck on the side of the road. flares as well. one another tip, you don't want a lot of bathroom stops. don't give your kids salty foods like pretzels and potato chips. makes you drink more water and more bathroom stops. cheese sticks, granola bars. >> protein. >> can you explain how your hair looks this good in the driving rain? >> not real. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up, the guys from anchorman. and what is that? dr. dan the pancake man turns batter into art in the orange room. coming up there right after this. let's take black friday and rev it up. let's do a power trip. let's take all those wish lists,
7:46 am
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7:50 am
who's hungry? >> i am. >> pancakes anybody? the man that's ready to provide breakfast for the crew. >> he is dr. dan the pancake man. he became internet famous when this photograph, this series of photographs went up. he works at the curtesy diner in st. louis missouri and he'll make a pancake look like whatever you want it to look like. dr. dan is in the orange room with us now making al roker's face. >> i'm trying to. >> wow. he's done me. he's done matt. he's done natalie. >> what's with the nose, dan. >> he gave you more hair, though. be thankful. >> he did. >> here's mine. >> see what you think, right. >> turn it this way.
7:51 am
pretty close. >> got a lot of hair. >> how does this -- you're working back in the kitchen, how does this start? from making a regular flapjack to the works of art. >> well, when i first got my job at curtesy diner the folks on first shift would throw mickey mouse ears on pancakes and that's when i realized that you don't have to make a round pancake. it cooks as long as it's hot. >> but this is a skill. i don't think anybody could do this. you have a method to this madness. how did you pick it up? >> trial and error. there's a couple of other people that worked with me at the diner. my trend tracy helped me. the whole put the batter down first to get it darker. that's the trick. >> natalie, here's you. this came out pretty well. >> that works. >> not bad. >> when i'm at the diner, can i ask for something specific or do i get whatever you send out. >> i take requests but i don't make promises.
7:52 am
>> good rule. >> let's check back in in our next hour. >> cool. >> ahead on trending, a modern art or preschool project? can you spot the actual masterpiece and tell it from a work of a child? >> i bet we can't. >> and then jimmy fallon proves why laugher is the best medicine. who needs to [ female announcer ] what if you could give her diamonds in her favorite color? diamonds that capture her look, her style perfectly. kay jewelers presents the artistry diamonds collection. genuine diamonds, in vivid blues, greens, blacks, yellows and purples. the beauty of genuine diamonds in a palette of colors that express "her" perfectly. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. artistry diamonds. they're diamonds of a different color. ♪ every kiss begins with kay it's the line for petsmart. is this the line artistry diamonds. they're diamonds of a different color. let's go! (female announcer) black friday only, save 50% on thousands of items,
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7:56 am
i'm jon kelley. the district attorney expected to file charges against the firefighter that appeared to be drunk behind the wheel of a fire truck that hit a motorcyclist. we have the video to show you from the crash back in june. you can see the fire truck slamming right into jack frazer. the firefighter, michael quinn, he resigned after the department determined he was driving drunk when he hit frazer that very night. strict new gun laws will be going into effect in sunny veil january 1st. last night, voting to cert fight the results of this month's election in which voters passed measure c. starting next year, gun owners who have lost their guns or had them stolen, they must call police within 48 hours. time now, let's get a check on the weather outside. christina loren, how are we looking heading into thanksgiving? we will be giving ourselves lots of turkey tomorrow at this
7:57 am
time. 7:56. as you can see, really pretty day shaping up. we have some high and mid-level clouds streaming in ahead of the storm system that could bring us some showers as we head through tomorrow. overall, pretty good. we are going to hit the mid-60s for today. san francisco, nice, cloudy day. not expecting any showers anywhere except for south of the golden gate bridge. friday, nice, clear conditions for all your shopping. remember, your seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. 101 palo alto, the sunrise slowdown might be the biggest deal we are dealing with right now. we'll show you the map in the area. 101 clear there. the red and orange are on university avenue. watch willow as well. the surface streets getting to and from the freeway. dumbarton and san mateo bridges move smoothly. no problems across the bay. the big backup into livermore valley has cleared nicely. we will have another local update coming for you in one
7:58 am
half hour from now. the "today" show rolls on. enjoy.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today, and coming up, thanksgiving mess. the latest on the storm that's impacting millions of holiday travelers. plus laughter may in fact be the best medicine. savannah joins jimmy fallon for a very special holiday visit. ♪ skyrockets in flight, afternoon delight ♪ >> the cast of anchorman ii serenades the audience at their latest premiere. today, wednesday, november 27th, 2013.
8:01 am
>> we're really excited to be here. >> hi, wisconsin. >> the "today" show is red shot. and we are back now at 8:00 on a wednesday morning, the day before thanksgiving. i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie, al roker and willie geist. natalie had to run off and do a little work. we'll see her in a second but then she is going to run off and do a little work. this is the weather today but tomorrow 20 degrees colder than this. >> yeah and a little windier but all in all it's better than this. >> it's going to be sunny, looking on the bright side. >> which is great news for all of these young ladies marching in the macy's thanksgiving day parade tomorrow. nice to have them with us.
8:02 am
>> and great news for america because i won't bewaring this hat tomorrow. >> there's nothing wrong with that hat. >> i look like my mother dressed me today. >> let's go inside. natalie is going to give us news headlines. >> good morning, matt, savannah, al, and willie. good morning, everyone. treacherous weather causing monumental gridlock for travelers at airports, train stations and highways. dylan dreyer has the view this morning. dylan, good morning, where are you? >> good morning, natalie. yeah, you know, i wouldn't know that it's the first day before thanksgiving here but we are just south of the delaware border in perryville, maryland and so far so good. it's a little misty and slow going when the heavier rain picks up. but it's pouring. we're actually doing okay right now. granted it is slow. but when it's just rain, you can get from point a to b just in a longer period of time.
8:03 am
if this was snow, natalie, i think there would be a lot more people stranded. so kind of the silver lining here as you travel north on 95. >> you've had a rough week of travel. get home safety. we'll see you here in studio tomorrow, dylan. and it is rough going at the airports as well. tom costello made his way to pittsburgh this morning. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, natalie. good morning. we have about two inches of snow on the ground here and freezing rain and ice. so system wide, nationwide, i just checked and we have several hundred flight cancellations and that number expected to grow in the coming hours and throughout the day. the biggest points are the new york city area, philadelphia, boston as well. washington d.c. and then beyond that, we got chicago getting hit hard in atlanta because they're filling the effects from all the delays system wide and they're also seeing delays and cancellations.
8:04 am
on this very busy travel day it's going to be a very difficult day in some of the nation's biggest airports especially east of the mississippi. >> tom costello, thank you. nbc news learned new details about a secret cia program after 9/11 that tried to turn prisoners at guantanamo bay into double agents. the idea was to send them back home to al qaeda or even here in the u.s. they were held at penny lane and were rewarded with real beds, showers and pornography. the entire program was abandoned by 2006. the supreme court agreed to take up challenges to the contraception mandate at president obama's health care law. at issue is whether for profit companies can refuse to pay for contraception coverage. the white house says it has already made common sense
8:05 am
accommodations for nonprofit religious organizations. >> now our countdown to sochi and in her first interview since a training injury last week, lindsey vonn told matt this morning how she flipped over head first into a fence after catching a ski edge. she was already nursing a serious knee injury in a spectacular wipe out last february. but vonn is still anxious to compete on the world stage. >> i worked to hard all summer to get back to this point and i just want to get back in the starting gate. >> lindsey said she hopes to be training again right after the thanksgiving holiday and to race next week in canada. an awesome sight greeted kayakers and paddle board surfers off of san diego tuesday. take a look at hundreds of sharks feeding in the shallow waters right along side them along the shoreline there. the leopard sharks are normally harmless to humans, unless of course they are provoked.
8:06 am
still not a site i would like to be kayaking around. let's go back outside to matt, savannah, and willie. >> would falling off your paddle board right in front of them fall under the category of provoking them? >> how about figreen surfboardsn their natural environment? provoking? let's get a check of the forecast from mr. roker across the plaza. >> thanks guys. we have a lot of weather to talk about our. our pick city of the day. we'll go to bay city michigan. nbc 25. they'll see know on thanksgiving day. sunny and cold friday, 29 degrees. check out the day today. we have wet weather up and down the east coast. heavy thunderstorms. lake effect snows will be swinging around behind that. so the rainfall and heaviest stuff going to be up into east main and snowfall amounts, the heaviest snow test test test
8:07 am
all kinds of rough stuff. we have a young lady here. what's your name? >> dara. >> 94 years old. >> i was here in '41. >> 19 . >> good morning to you. mostly cloudy conditions. as you can see over san francisco, high and mid-level clouds. we're not seeing any flight delays due to the low clouds, those low ceilings that we traditionally get this time of we're. temperatures are going to be comfortable today. mid 60s. expecting the south bay along the peninsula. low to mid 60s. in san francisco for today, a comfortable day up in the north bay. mid 60s for you, and then we'll get close to 70 degrees in pleasanton and livermore. hope you have a fantastic day. and this just in, california girls love matt lauer.
8:08 am
>> thank you. >> good to know. >> thank you for that. i appreciate it. coming up next on trending, do you put on make-up while you're driving? why that could soon land you a hefty fine. >> and jimmy fallon puts smiles on kids that could use the laugh. >> and the search for the [ male announcer ] it's 7am and steve is already thinking about tomorrow.
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you get your coffee here. you get your hair cut here. you find that certain thing you were looking for here, but actually you get so much more.
8:12 am
when you shop at these small local businesses, you support all the things that make your community great. the money you spend here, stays here. in this place you call your neighborhood. this saturday is small business saturday. get out and shop small. we're back at 8:12 with what's trending today. we have all seen drivers on the road doing crazy things behind the wheel. anything jump out at anybody? i've seen full meals? on the dashboard. >> cob salad. >> yeah. >> i have seen people reading books. >> i've seen that too. >> anyway, new jersey is now considering a major crack down. a proposed law would fine drivers for all different kiensd of distracting driving. we're not talking about texting. that's already banned. you could be fined for snacking, smoking or putting on your make up behind the wheel.
8:13 am
>> guilty. >> you have done that? >> make-up? >> there was a day when i would have done all three behind the wheel. >> a ham sandwich and mascara. >> one critic is calling this proposal too big. he says drivers could be fined for talking to their dogs, scolding their children. we have all seen that happen. don't make me stop this car. >> absolutely. >> or even gazing at christmas decorations too long. a penalty for the first offense would be $200. >> well, if people think about what distracks them, maybe it's done it's work already. >> just changing the radio. >> exactly right. >> another lesson, we have done a lot of stories about this. parents warning the teens about internet safety. well, one teacher decided to try and do show and tell. she posted a photo on facebook and wrote i'm talking to my 5th grade students about internet safely and how quickly a photo can be seen by lot of people.
8:14 am
please click like. that photo now has nearly 1 million likes and check this out, photo shop wizards have helped her show how a photo can be altered in all kinds of busine bizarre ways. >> don't put any picture of yourself online? >> i guess or don't think anything you put online isn't going to be coming back to haunt you later. >> a fun post on facebook is testing our knowledge about modern art. some people scoff at its abstract style. that got us thinking could you tell the difference. pro or a preschooler. >> okay. let's begin. guesses, please. >> priceless art. >> preschooler. >> oh. >> that's straight up finger painting right there. >> number two, let's take a look
8:15 am
here. trust me it's going to be amazing. >> priceless art. >> preschooler. >> priceless art. that's called untitled. our third, you're doing okay. let's see our third work of art now. >> preschooler. >> priceless. >> i'm going preschooler on this one. >> it is, in fact, preschooler. >> 0 for 3. >> you're not doing well savannah. >> let's see our next one please. number four. >> pro or preschooler? >> pro. >> preschooler. >> with a great future, though. >> okay. >> last one, let's take a look. pro or preschooler. >> this is pro. >> really? >> yes, you go into those art galleries and sometimes you don't know. >> i just feel like i should know. >> and clearly you don't. >> i thought you would do better. you have a couple of velvet
8:16 am
elvis on your wall. >> we know the cast of anchorman is great at providing laughs. now thanks to a video on youtube they're also great at making beautiful music together ♪ skyrockets in flight. afternoon delight ♪ ♪ afternoon delight >> they're singing afternoon delight in sidney where they're premiering the sequel to their film. >> they were perfectly harmonized. >> this movie cannot arrive soon enough. >> it's willie's idea of a holiday movie. >> it is. turns out the prostate exam heard around the world, the late night comics are not done with you yet. >> okay. >> jimmy fallon, take it away. >> a pro watching the "today" show for tips on how to properly tough a turkey.
8:17 am
con, realizing it's just matt lauer and al roker getting prostate exams. >> the gift that keeps giving. >> hard to tell the difference. jimmy, thank you. >> that's what's trending today and maybe forever actually t prostate exam. >> thank you. >> speaking of jimmy, i got to sit with me as we met a remarkable group of kids from st. jude's research hospital. it's a fun event tied to our annual series thanks and giving. >> reporter: a smile is a precious gift when you're a child with cancer. >> after you were at st. judes for a little while and they gave you medicine, did you start to feel better? >> yeah. >> reporter: happy faces filled the room when patients from st. jude and their families joined marlowe thomas in new york for a special play date with late night funny man jimmy fallon. >> i'll do bill cosby. we're sitting here at the table with my friend who has got his tie around with his vest buckled
8:18 am
up. >> reporter: it's the day when the laugher is contagious. singing and dancing to rihanna's music. >> what is your name? you don't know your name? >> reporter: and making new friends. >> hey, guys i'm going to get my guitar and come back and sing a song. >> that would be so great. >> we'll be right back. good to see you guys. all i need to do is [ chirping ] >> louder. >> thank you guys. that was so good. oh, that was so good. >> why is it so important to have these kids here hanging around with jimmy?
8:19 am
>> having jimmy here playing with them, it gives them a chance to get back to normal life. >> reporter: all of these kid hearsay to fight for their lives at st. jude. austin had a tough bout with cancer. >> the chemo takes away your hair. >> really? what is chemo. >> it's a thing when you get cancer you have to do. >> it sounds like an alien or something. my name is chemo. that's not what happens? >> no. >> okay. good. >> austin's brother found a brain tumor after his motor skills declined so sharply that he was unable to make a fist. months of radiation and chemotherapy followed and now austin is cancer free. still he returns to st. jude for check ups every three months. >> do you feel like you're getting better? >> yeah. a lot. >> let me see you make a fist. other hand. that's what i'm talking about right there. how awesome is that, buddy.
8:20 am
>> despite fighting life threatening illnesses these kids focus on the future. kayla wants jimmy's job to host her own tv show. >> let's pretend that you're is interviewer and i'm the guest, okay? you go here and marla and i are over here. ready, welcome to the kayla show everybody. all right, kayla. thank you so much. so happy to be your guest today. >> what is your favorite part about life? >> getting to meet fun people, like you. hearing good music, dancing and singing and telling. >> can you dance? >> yeah i can dance. >> put some music on. >> we'll take any excuse to dance. >> do you want to dance? >> i like to move it, move it. >> al can dance too. >> and then it's time for a quick game of egg russian roulette. >> here's a dozen eggs.
8:21 am
10 of them are hard boiled. two of them are raw. >> uh-oh. >> which means someone is going to have a raw egg cracked on their head. i'll go first. oh, it feels so raw. >> come on, get ready -- oh, it's hard boiled. you lucked out. >> okay. you pick an egg and you crack it on my head. >> take a hard boiled one buddy. >> oh, no. >> which one do you want to pick? you crack it on my head. any one. >> you make people laugh for a living but there must be something kind of great about these little ones laugh and smile today. >> you see these kids smiling and it's what it's all about. and that's what st. jude's is about. that's what today was about. making them happy. >> if it takes a chicken suit. >> if it takes cracking eggs on your head, a chicken suit, yeah, i'll be there.
8:22 am
>> so cute. marlowe thomas is here. she of course is the outreach director for st. jude. we had a great time. >> and jimmy, such a sport, isn't he? he had a chicken suit, eggs on his head. >> you should make him your artist in resident. he has a show coming up but he can find free time. >> we need him. >> i think most of us have been down to st. jude and obviously you get jimmy to talk to these kids and i want to mention this is what the staff down there does every day and all the volunteers down there. it means so much to these children. >> absolutely. well, you know, these kids are sick but they're also kids. so we go out of our way -- we have an ice cream parlor. we have dances. we went to a pa i can't ma party y -- pajama party you and i. >> no, no. >> well, you know, we're dealing with life and death.
8:23 am
it's serious stuff and our scientists and doctors are very serious but we know that a child is still a child. so we have to -- we make it fun. they're excited to come every day and it's the philosophy of my father. laugher is everything. laughter is the best medicine. laughter built the place. >> you mention the scientists. there's cutting edge research going on at st. jude's. >> yeah and it costs a lot of money. that's what we're doing on the "today" show. that's what we're doing all over the country all yearlong and thanks and giving is all about raising money. one of the interesting thing about us is there's no bureaucracy at st. jude. we don't bill. so we don't spend a lot of money on billing and because everybody gets everything for free. the travel and the housing and the food and science of course and treatment. so all of that is for free so we can take the money and take the time for the effort of saving the child. >> you do a great, great job.
8:24 am
great work down there marlowe. it's great to have you here. i'll pass out the eggs in the commercial break. >> we want to know what you are thankful for this holiday season. tweet us and use the #why i'm thankful. >> coming up, all new steals and deals. wait until you hear about today's bargains. >> why me? >>
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> 8:26 now. i'm laura garcia cannon. a man threw a woman's belongings into the bay along with a pet carrier with two cats inside. they had to hold the woman back from jumping into the water on pier 14 yesterday. both cats died. animal control only has a vague description of the man. 6 foot tall, white man wearing a black hoody and riding a skateboard. it's not clear he even knew the woman. want to check the morning commute with mike. have a look. kind of light out there? >> very light. we have no problems on the 101. let's look at the maps. the entire peninsula, and dunbarton and san mat a wroe bridge have been incident-free. we did have i acrash reported
8:27 am
101. that has cleared without any slowing. the airport still pretty busy, but not a problem since the parking lots are concerned getting there. drive from oakland at the bottom of your screen. you see slowing north 808 through downtown, and you get a live look at the coliseum. we do see bunching up here at high street, but no major issues. this is actually really good. back to you. >> all right. thank you vemp. i'll have another local news update coming up in about half hour. that's at 8:55 or so. in the meantime, hope you enjoy your wednesday morning. if you are traveling, stay safe.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ music playing ] ♪ i have a special fire burning in my soul ♪ >> back at 8:30 on a wednesday morning. november 27th, 2013. that's the broadway inspirational voices group performing at the ronald mcdonald house here in new york city. these songs were inspired by and
8:31 am
written for these kids by great broadway performers. tamron got to attend that event last night. it was cool. give a shout out to them. >> it really is cool. meantime, we have our own way of spreading holiday cheer here on the "today" show. we have been doing it for 20 years. that's right. it's time for our annual toy drive and it kicks off on monday. >> we ask you to bring an unwrapped toy and also donate on our website at >> coming up, jill martin has special small business steals and deals including a good bargain on the trendy ipad cases. >> first we want to say hello to john l. hurly. he is hosting the dog show on thanksgiving day. >> it's been a dozen years now. this is one of the three new breeds this year. it's wild. he is the newest member of the hound group. this is a little hunter.
8:32 am
he'll be one of the 16 hunter dogs we'll have on the show tomorrow. >> how does a new breed make it into the show? >> it has to have a following around the country and enough of the dogs as well. the akc is recognizing it has to have a historical significance as well too. this dog is back from the 18 hundreds, actually. >> and a wonderful little hound. if you're chasing rabbits, this is the one you want. >> cool. >> you've got so many front runners. number one dogs. it's going to be hard to figure out who is going to win it. >> this is an unusual year. we have more number one dogs of their breeds in this show this year than ever before. any anybody's game. >> all right. thank you so much. you can catch the national dog show on nbc presented by purina tomorrow at noon right after the parade. we hope you'll tune in. >> 19 million people did last year. how about a check of the weather. >> first of all, we'll start with the parade. we'll be looking at windy
8:33 am
conditions and it's going to be chilly. wind chills in the teens. winds right at the border for the balloons to go. i think they will. as far as tomorrow is concerned, it's goi to be pretty clear. lake effect snow hanging around the great lakes. windy conditions. chilly in the plains and down into texas. on monday doing shopping, rain in the pacific 8:33 on a wednesday morning. good news is mike keeps reporting that traffic is actually a little bit lighter than usual all across the bay area. good news for holiday travel plans. a lot of people like to hit the road later, though, so keep that in mind. temperatures mostly in the 40s right now. we're headed towards a nice finish to the day. we're actually going to climb from the 40s into the 60s. expecting temperatures to be pretty comfortable. a little warmer than our seasonal averages. 69 degrees in the east bay for today. 66 along the peninsula, and right here in san jose, 67 degrees. have a great day.
8:34 am
don't forget, it's very important to check your weather. go to the weather channel on cable and online. if you're looking for something to do after all the turkey and the shopping, frozen opens up today across the country. here's a sneak peek. >> this thanksgiving. >> hello. >> hi. >> you're creepy. >> strange things happen. >> why are you hanging. >> when the whole world. >> it's getting colder by the minute. >> is frozen. >> we have to survive the blizzard. >> that's no blizzard. that's my sister. >> critics are calling frozen a masterpiece. disney animations best since the lion king. >> faster. >> from the creators of wreck it ralph and tangled it's stunning and thrilling. >> i can't feel my legs. i can't feel my legs. >> those are my legs. >> do me a favor, that feels
8:35 am
better. frozen is heartwarming and charming. this movie will be watched and loved for generations. >> it is not nice people. >> run. >> disney's frozen in theaters this wednesday in 3-d, rated pg. >> all right. some weekend holiday plans already set forth, guys. >> acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes and the sprout network is running what it calls the kindest kid contest. >> they asked to hear from kids across the country doing special things. this morning, we introduce you to the four finalists. hi, i'm from san jose california and i read to the elderly. when i go to sarah care i read books. i hope with the tables, and i sing songs. >> when she comes into the room, she smiles and everybody else smiles back at her and you can
8:36 am
just see that they love when she comes in. >> hey, dawn. >> hey, sweetheart. >> she is a very sweet little girl. i appreciate her being here. she gives her time to be with us. >> okay, everybody. i am going to read a poem that i wrote myself. >> today i went to the park. i fell down. >> when i read to them, they feel happy and that makes me happy. >> i'm ann from philadelphia and i give my birthday presents to people in need. i know that getting gifts makes me happy so i wanted to make others happy. >> my name is ashley and i'm a specialist at the children's hospital of philadelphia. donating her birthday gifts to the hospital here speaks volumes when a kid can take a day that's meant to be about them and make it about other kids in need. she's a really special kid. >> my next birthday i'm raising money to send one kid to camp.
8:37 am
>> it's called the dragon fly camp and it's the camp for kids that have asthma. it definitely comes from her heart. it's not something we have ever asked her to do. it's just who anna is and she just gets tremendous joy from doing it. >> i'm from york, pennsylvania and i'm a kind kid because i keep the community clean. when i first saw litter on the street, i had to clean it up because i knew i was the right thing to do. >> there was one time and this is what started the community clean up and we would drive down the street. there were tons of garbage bags there and he said mommy, we have to clean this up. it's not good for our earth. one day when it was nice in march we cleaned it up and he got 47 bags of litter in one small area. >> i found a group called the litter critters and we meet once a month to clean up litter. we drive around and find a spot with a lot of trash and we decide to clean up there with
8:38 am
the group. we clean up parks. we clean up streets. anywhere that has trash. >> i'm emma from tucson arizona and i'm a kind kids. >> she started lock boxes of love because she wanted siblings like her to feel special even when their brother or sister was in the hospital. when, chase, her brother was diagnosed with cancer at 2 1/2. that amped up. he likes to play video games. she's not a video game girl but she'll sit next to him. >> when we get an application, emma goes into the garage and puts together a set of toys. >> which one do you think? >> she puts them in a box and arranges them and we take it to the post office and mail it to the child. >> this is where we have sent all the boxes of love. here's us. we sent it all the way to the australia.
8:39 am
>> when i see the smiles on people's faces, it makes me feel good. >> very cute. >> very cute. >> how do you pick? >> they'll leave it up to you folks at home. to vote for your favorite finalists we have a link to today the winner will be sprout's chief kindness officer. he or she will join us next month here on today. >> coming up next, the special steals and deals including diner jewelry for, get this, 78% off. >> how do you get your turkey nice and brown. >> you're tanning. >> martha stewart is here. it's not too late.
8:40 am
8:41 am
today's steals and deals is brought to you by american express founding partner. this saturday is small business saturday. get out and shop small.
8:42 am
>> we are back at 8:41 with a special edition of jill's steals and deals tied to small business saturday. here to walk us through the bargains is jill martin. she is contributing editor for people style watch. these are all small businesses we're going to hear about? >> yes, we're excited about this. this is small business saturday so we're showing small businesses. amazing ones from around the country. >> great gifts for kids. >> i got a lot of tweets asking for things for kids. here you go. so the retail is $63. you get a pajama top and matching one for stuffed animal or doll. ages 4 through 10 for boys and girls. retail 63. the deal 18.90 for the set. that's 70% off. >> that's cute. whatever their favorite stuffed animal is. >> it's perfect. >> ipad cases, this takes it to the next level. these are trendy.
8:43 am
>> these are great. so much fun. the retail, 79.99 to 84.99. you see all the different styles. that one is so cute -- that one is not the one to open but when you open it you could fit all of your credit cards and the ipad and then it looks like -- >> looks like a clutch. >> all different versions, all different colors and then ones with detachable chains. >> oh. >> i'm like, wow, this is very light. so it's 79.99 to 84.99 is the retail. the deal is 24.99. up to 71% off. >> all right. jennifer miller jewelry. this is a favorite of a lot of folks around here. >> huge celebrity following on this. this is a great piece to layer. i have a bunch on right now. i'm also wearing one as a bracelet. let's start, it's 160 to 230 is the retail. now, you can either get the necklace which is layered all different ways and i'll show you
8:44 am
the different ways to tie it or a pair of the earrings which are down here. the necklace is white or yellow gold. 43 inches, 24 karat gold plated or sterling silver. you can tie it all different ways. a beautiful gift or the earrings. you can see them in different stones. retail 160 to 230. up to 78% off. >> that's a screaming deal. tell us about the scarves, jill. >> the retail $79. he e-mailed me begging. if you want a shawl, bruce we got you one. the retail $79. the deal $23. >> bruce is like you saved me. >> and very exciting ties. these are festive. >> very exciting. these are really themey. this is for a guy that has a hobby and you're like what do i get him?
8:45 am
>> willie chose the octopus which you'll find out in a little bit. i don't know why. the retail is $95. they're 100% silk. you have skiing and sailing. ducks if you know someone that loves ducks. >> camels. >> the deal $20. that's 79% off. >> don't you have an orange room deal? >> an orange room special that willie knows about. >> this is huge. we took this photograph earlier in the morning. this is jill and me trying on ties. we want you to caption this. go to our facebook page, like it, leave a caption. the 25 best over the next 24 hours get a free peter blair tie of your choosing. caption that photograph. keep it clean america. >> thank you for reminding us. thanks to you. let's run through the products one more time. the matching pajama set. ipad cases, jewelry by jennifer miller.
8:46 am
scarves and the ties. if you have any questions about these items call jill or head to the coming up next, how do you keep your thanksgiving turkey from drying out? invite martha stewart over or just watch this next segment. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads
8:48 am
actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit >> announcer: martha on today is brought to you by macy's. >> we're back now at 8:48. in today's kitchen with martha on today and some last minute tips to rescue your thanksgiving feast. martha stewart spent tuesday morning fielding thousands of your questions on our twitter and facebook pages. she is back with us this morning with great answers. martha, good morning. >> so nice to be here. >> one day to go until thanksgiving. how many people coming to your house. >> 24. >> and you're doing all the cooking? >> i have somebody helping me today but not tomorrow which is the bad day because i'm getting
8:49 am
nervous. >> does anyone dare to come to your house and bring a dish? >> i beg. i beg my daughter to make dessert. she said, no, you make them better, mom. i'm making turkey and all the fixings but it's so much fun. this say new method of cook a turkey. >> okay. because 70% of the people that had questions for you wanted the same question. >> almost 200,000 people sent in questions. >> brandon asked how do you keep the turkey from drying out. what's the answer? >> so brandon, this is a very excellent method. it is the parchment wrap turkey. i buttered the turkey. i buttered the parchment and now you wrap the parchment in three pieces -- you wrap the turkey in three pieces of parchment and it's not so hard to do. this is a very neat way to cook a turkey use a staple gun or
8:50 am
bulldog clip. >> would you brine the turkey first. >> you're not a brine fan? >> no, i'm not a briner. this is a beautiful fresh killed organically raised turkey and it has a good flavor of its own. if you're buying a frozen turkey, that brine sometimes does help. >> so the bird is sealed in there. >> it's sealed in. >> do you cook it for a different amount of time than you normally do. >> it's a little less and it kind of steams inside the parchment and then an hour before it's done -- you have to work backwards. this is two and three quarters hours in the parchment at 375. right in a nice pot like this. then you open the parchment and you let it brown for another hour. >> does it brown like that? >> yes. >> that's really what it does. >> this is it. >> it's not dry? >> no. take it out and put it on your serving platter of of course. this is my mother's recipe for mashed potatoes. >> kyle tweeted what is your secret to mashed potatoes?
8:51 am
>> well, the secret is the addition -- first of all, yukon gold, these are delicious potatoes. and i like to do it in this mixer but you add heavy cream that's heated or milk, depending on your preference and then mom always added heavy cream and milk, lots of salt and freshly ground black pepper, then butter, like four ounces. >> everybody is rolling their eyes saying these things will kill you. >> it doesn't kill you. it doesn't kill you. >> and then secret cream cheese. >> this is mom's secret. >> yes, but you can also add buttermilk if you like but this, taste that -- just take a little taste. >> a little taste with a huge spoon here. >> with a big spoon. >> those are -- >> they're pretty good, right. >> those are unbelievable.
8:52 am
they have a little lumps in there but if you want lumpless use a ricer. >> you can change the consistency. so 20% of people wanted to know about mashed potatoes. i'll meet you around the back here. >> now for dessert. >> 5% wanted to know your secret for a great crust dessert you can serve to the whole family. >> 24 pieces of slab pie. i like it. it looks pretty. it cuts into beautiful squares like this. this is a pear cranberry crumb slab pie. >> of course you make your own crust. >> it's very easy. the crust is just the perfect piecrust and then you add the pears, a little bit of flour to keep the juices from running all over the place, cinnamon, fresh lemon juice, very important. a little bit of sugar and a little bit of salt. >> you like to cut them in big chunks. >> yeah, a pear into about 8 or 10 slices.
8:53 am
>> okay. >> all right. that goes on there. pop it in the oven. perfect thanksgiving curtesy of martha stewart. martha, happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> enjoy the turkey. please cut yourself a big chunk. >> i will. up next, dr. dan the package man whips up your suggestions -- i'm sorry, pancake. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ black friday deals up in the store. ♪ ♪ getting presents and so much more. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ buy today, come back for more. ♪ ♪ save next time you shop in store. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
8:54 am
♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
8:55 am
why don't we check in with dr. dan the pancake man, willie, over to you. >> we have been taking requests online. we have a pilgrim. we have a turkey. this is kanye west in a santa hat. >> we have big bird here. the today logo, snoopy and my favorite, miley cyrus sticking her tongue out, #pancake. this guy is incredible. curtesy diner st. louis, missouri. go get your pancake made by dr. dan the pancake man. >> thanks to the curtesy diner because they let him off on a busy day. >> but willie say great tipper. be sure to treat your server right, willie. >> don't eat the bubble gum off the floor. >> willie, what do you have coming up in the 9:00? >> what do we have coming up in the 9:00? that's such a good question. it's me and al and fantastic.
8:56 am
>> we're actually going to have the latest on the storm. >> yes, that. >> hottest black friday deals. we're going to look at some great stuff. all of that and more. >> i'm glad someone studied today. >> he wasn't supposed to do. he was supposed to ask me that. all that and more but first your local news and weather a very good wednesday morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. bart is offering special services to help fliers get to and from the airport. today there will be longer trains and more seating for riders on the pittsburgh bay point line which goes to sfo. longer trains will also be available on sunday. a bay area coaching legend is going for another spot in
8:57 am
history. tonight stanford women's basketball coach could get win number 900. stanford is set to play florida gulf coast. it would be win number 899 with a cardinal win over purdue. only seven other coaches in basketball history have reached that mark. good for them.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today on this wednesday morning, november 27th, 2013. the rain has let up ever so slightly >> yes. >> just a little bit outside. it's warm here. it's going to cool off. the rain is going away for tomorrow. i'm willie geist and this is al. natalie is off on assignment. what are we looking at for tomorrow. >> tomorrow is going to be sunny and chilly and breezy here in the northeast. a good portion of the country is going to be dry which is good. >> but today. >> today is going to be a mess. a lit bit of a mess. in fact, dylan dreyer, i believe
9:01 am
is on i-95 right now. but we don't have her right now. i was told we had her but now not so much. >> think of the picture. >> imagine if you will -- she's not standing, she's driving. she's in a car and she's driving. >> monitoring the traffic. >> on i-95. she was in delaware. she is now in new jersey making her way toward new york city. >> a lot of break lights. >> it's fantastic but the rain dancing off the windshield. it's beautiful. >> it's artistic almost. >> of course it's the busiest holiday travel day. 43 million americans will be hitting the road or the air. so it's going to be kind of interesting. rough weather here in the northeast. we're going to get to that in a little bit. >> it's bad enough any year and now you throw in this weather. >> it's going to be a mess. >> absolutely. i wanted to call up video from yesterday if i could. we got a lot of tweets and e-mails about it. remember the body language segment. >> i was trying to forget. >> let's recall.
9:02 am
let's look back fondly. >> here's the deal. this is intimate zone. who do we get close to like this. >> hello, how are you. >> wow. >> this is our loved ones. >> if you're having a conversation like this. hey, look at me willie. >> you're very forward. >> your beard is very fancy. so you're in an intimate zone -- >> do you need love al? >> no, no. don't love me. >> this is very intimate. it's a little too sexual to have a long conversation for three hours. >> i asked you about the bathroom. how did we get into that. >> push. >> maybe that's where this is headed. >> wow. jeanine driver brings it. when she comes on the show, she comes. >> she scares me. >> she frightens me. >> she's very good. >> she is. she's the best. how many people can actually have a body language institute. >> an institute. >> an institute. >> how do they know that? do people volunteer bodies,
9:03 am
checking things out. >> that's right. she is the president. we heard from a lot of you about that. we wanted you to know we enjoyed it as much as you did. >> we love you. >> it was like you were a little kitty cat to her. >> and it continued later. >> she was dr. evil and you were her cat. or she was ceelo. >> there was a lot of beard petting going on. i have a question for you, al. i'm going to throw one out to you. this new idea where -- it costs so much to park your car at the airport. what if you could go to the airport, get dropped off and get into someone else's car who parked there. in other words, you rent someone else's private vehicle. so you park the car, you fly, you leave your keys. the company then tries to rent you your car -- rent your car while you're away. >> so some stranger is going to be driving my car around? >> yeah, you volunteer your vehicle. >> this is the dumbest thing i've ever heard. >> someone else can drive it and
9:04 am
rent it and you get paid for it. >> last time you rented a car with your kids, how did you leave that car? >> it wasn't in great shape. >> exactly. >> but this company said they'll clean the car after. i guess the idea would be it's cheaper than going to hertz. >> or how about people just run out of friends that can drop them off? family members? >> now it's getting personal. >> i don't know. three words, actually it's four. plane to the train. >> plane to the train. >> any number of things. i don't want somebody renting my car. >> i don't either. so i guess you get paid by the mile if somebody rents your car. if your car stays parked you don't pay. they carey insurance for the vehicles. you can do it in san francisco, boston and l.a. >> i don't see any guy letting this happen. >> it's kind of a ride sharing, car sharing situation. >> no. >> just go to hertz. >> pay somebody to drive you to the airport. i guess we have run out of cabs.
9:05 am
alternatives to get to the airport. >> but it's cheaper than going to a big rental company. >> you'll make money obviously. anyway. >> we'll put you down for no. >> thank you. >> president obama was in los angeles yesterday touring dreamworks animation studio and he met steve martin and gjim parsons. they're working on an animated film. martin had the cold. that got in the way of a handshake with the president. not even a fist bump. so instead helenes in for the elbow bump. >> what's that. >> i have a cold. >> how about a -- >> yeah, that's okay. >> howie mandell does that all the time. >> steve martin later tweeted i hope my elbow bump with president obama does not cause an international incident or hinder iran talks. >> that's not a new thing. >> boom. >> i don't know if it's going to replace the handshake. >> no. >> but it's a good alternative
9:06 am
if you're worried about germs. >> diseases. >> you took it to a new level. >> that's a whole different thing. >> where are you hanging out. >> kanye west again. >> the gift that keeps giving. >> he has now compared to his love story with kim kardashian to that of romeo and juliet. >> no. >> he did it here on hot 97 in new york. >> i knew that i wanted this family and with her. i felt like our love story is like, you know, a love story for the ages. i felt like when we first got together it was like a romeo and juliet kind of thing where it's like she is reality star and i'm a rapper -- >> first of all, that has nothing to do with romeo and juliet. >> so the kardashians are the capulets? >> there's another problem. >> they end up dead. >> have you ever read romeo and juliet? >> that's a bad ending for everybody. >> wow. >> kanye also said quote y'all are acting like this ain't the
9:07 am
most beautiful woman of all time, arguably of human existence, end quote. >> yeah. >> heavy -- >> he said that it was love at first sight. when asked when that was, he couldn't remember. >> he assumed it was, though. >> wow. i don't think he made it to the end of the book. >> it's another classic couple. i think the flinstones. more like fred and wilma. >> there's your kanye update. this is an 800 pound dinosaur fish. >> oh my goodness. >> a sting ray caught over the weekend in florida. >> a guy known as mark the shark caught it. he said when we first saw it we didn't know what it was. it looked really odd like a dinosaur. he set it free. he said it kind of reminds him of jaws and who could argue. >> what moment in jaws.
9:08 am
>> you're going to need a bigger boat. >> that's a neck of a beast right there. comedy group r.i.p. films does a scary frank on holiday shoppers. this year unsuspecting passers by in boston were the victims. check it out. >> snow man. >> oh. [ screaming ] >> oh, man. [ screaming ] >> it's an angry looking snow man. >> it is and then the devious laugh after. i love in the first piece of video there were a couple of boston cops just standing there and laughing at everyone. it's fantastic. they do this every year. >> i'm snow man. >> i think that's batdad. >> that's the batdad voice. >> snowman. >> what's going on at these airports? >> let's go take a look.
9:09 am
>> go do the weather. >> i'm going to show you right now. if jeanine driver jumps out from behind that mask -- >> she's there. careful. >> we have slow travel all over. winter storm warnings, winter weather advisories from new england all the way down into north carolina. we have also got wind advisories, flood watches from the south into new england and we're looking at this moisture all coming up. this is a fast moving storm so we're just about through the worst of it down through the south. more heavy rain will move through the northeast later today. it's a double barrelled storm. makes it's way up into new england. the heaviest rain now will be reserved for our friends in new england. we'll let wrap around snow and rainfall amounts from east port to portland maine. 1 to 2 inches as you get into interior new england. upstate new york into new jersey. snow fall, we're looking at the
9:10 am
heaviest snow. we'll about 6 inches but looking we're talking about a foot of snow next to to lake good wednesday morning to you. well, the day before thanksgiving temperatures are going to be unseasonably mild for parts of the bay area. almost 70 degrees on the way to the east bay. san francisco about 64 degrees, and we'll continue to see the high and midlevel clouds streaming in. just about all day long. do keep that in mind. otherwise, we've got a good-looking thanksgiving headed our way. storm systems going to be just off shore. we could see a stray shower or two. right at the immediate coast around the inner bay, and in san francisco tomorrow 64 degrees in froon-free dumont. hope you have a great day. let's go to dylan dreyer. >> take it away dylan. >> no? >> just checking. >> maybe dylan doesn't have easy pass. >> she's stuck out there. all right. coming up next, are you eager to please? are you highly critical of others?
9:11 am
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same phones. same networks. half the cost. get a samsung galaxy s3. unlimited everything just $45 a month. only at walmart. thanksgiving stressing you out a little bit? could be because you're a per
9:15 am
ficti perfectionist. >> does anybody care what kind of potatoes i want? no, just as long as phoebe gets her peas and it's my first thanksgiving and it's all burnt and i can't -- >> wow. hate when that happens. so how do you take a step back and go easy on yourself? she is a psychiatrist and caroline is with the huffington post. good to see both of you. we have determined there's certain characterists of being a perfectionist. people don't realize they are one. procrastinator, critical of others, hard time opening up and you take everything personally and get defensive when you're criticized. >> yeah. >> that's brutal. >> harsh. >> but it's important to know there's traits in your personality. there's not something wrong with you. it's not a big deal but these are traits you look at. you have a situation like that. >> we put up a poll and one of the questions on this quiz, do
9:16 am
you get a thrill out of impressing others with your performance. 77% said yes and 23% said no. does that surprise you? >> no, perfection starts in childhood. being eager to please. you want to do well. perfectionists are often high achooe achieve achievers. it can be motivated by a high of doing well or fear of failure. >> how does that effect us as we go along and maybe we don't reach that? >> well, you feel that if you don't reach that goal, then is there something wrong? am i not good enough? is there something that i should be doing better and you never feel like you get caught up. that's the part that you saw with monica. it's an expectation. people have these expectations and they want you to give back and they're not going to give back all the time. >> what's the line, though, between saying i have great attention to detail, i like things being the right way and maybe having a problem with
9:17 am
perfectioni perfectionism? >> when it's really making you unhappy. when you're not able to step back and appreciate your accomplishments or life in general. it's just this desire for things to be perfect is really getting in the way of everything that you do. your relationship. >> so there are ways you can maybe help manage this. >> right. >> first of all, just make a schedule. >> absolutely. it might sound crazy but make a schedule so you do things in blocks. you feel good and you're not overwhelmed. >> don't overdo it is another one. how about rewarding yourself? >> taking good care of yourself. i reach my goal. i'm going to take a break or go to the spa or go for a run. then you feel like you're taken care of and you're not looking for others who take care of you. >> you should manage expectations. >> absolutely. it's not wanting to have the perfect gift, the perfect meal, the perfect celebration but just really realizing that the important thing is to be together with your friends and your family to enjoy yourself. so letting go a little bit about what you expect the holidays to
9:18 am
be. >> and another one, dr. sophie try new things. >> yes, because that ramps it up for you. >> bottom line for people is to take a breath and step back. >> bigger picture. it's not about the turkey. it's about the people sitting around that table enjoying it. >> and on our thanksgiving gratitude is the best way to let go of perfectionism. appreciating what you do have. >> great advice. thank you so much. happy thanksgiving. >> appreciate it. >> all the headlines you need before you walk out the door. >> and where to get the best deals on toys on black friday. right after this. le go to a mats store and essentially they just get sold something. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. it's the ultimate sale on the only bed clinically proven to improve sleep quality. the sleep number bed. once you experience it, there's no going back. for one week only, queen mattresses start at just $599.99.
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9:22 am
taking a look at headlines for you. the birth control requirement in president obama's health care law will be reviewed by the u.s. supreme court. it requires most to provide contraception in their employee health plan. some are pushing back based on religious objections. >> if you thought this holiday weekend was a good time to get a break from your coworkers, almost 27% of us will eat
9:23 am
thanksgiving dinner with coworkers. most of that 20% will be working on thursday but not all. about 6% are spending the holiday together by choice like me and al roker. two important recalls to tell you about this morning. both involving the ford escape. one to fix oil leaks and the other fuel leaks. the recall covers the 2013 model year. it lead to 13 engine fires but no injuries. the redesigned escape has been recalled seven times now since july of 2012. >> tv and toys not the only hot deals coming up. black friday and cyber monday can be key times to snag vacation bargains. they're offering up to 50% off at nine properties. fun in the sun, how about travelocity. deals starting on black friday with the code turkey 100. some of the biggest names in music were in london tuesday night for a special gala and to the surprise of many, prince william took the stage to show off his inner rock star ♪ we got to hold on to what we
9:24 am
got ♪ >> bon jovi and taylor swift belting out the classic with prince william at his home in kensington palace. there's a new big man on campus at a small indiana university after what might be the shot of the season. marion university was up by one point with just one second to go. hope seemed loss for the huntington foresters but the three quarter court shot. they storm the court. s going to be a long time before he buys a beer or pizza. >> impressive. >> we are doing dinner on thanks -- >> you come by friday. >> you'll be there right? >> that's an amazing shot. what about prince william. >> got pipes on him. >> impressive. still coming up, we have the
9:25 am
best black friday deals on toys. are you seeing this? think they're gifing out... gifing out? definitely gifing out. look what they scored at kmart. what the.... this thursday from 7pm to 3am get doorbuster deals - like this rca 42" led tv for $299.99. plus buy one get one 50% off on assorted legos or all monster high toys. and members always get more. kmart. get in. get more christmas.
9:26 am
>> i'm laura garcia cannon. police are arrested a tenant. they believe he started the fire intentionally. it broke out just before 3:00 this morning and burned for an hour. while firefighters were battling the flames, police officers arrested that tenant and call him a person of interest. one person had to be rescued from the second floor, and others had to jump. the apartment is a total loss. the red cross is helping the residents in finding shelter. the teenager whose skirt was set on fire on board an ac transet bus will be in for thanksgiving. sacha fleschman is expected to be released from the hospital today. flesch man has been recovering from third degree burns for the past several weeks.
9:27 am
prosecutors say 16-year-old richard thomas set the ajeshd's teen's skirt on fewer. thomas's attorney filed a motion to have him prosecuted as a child, not as an adult. sacha's family agreed that thomas should be tried as a juvenile. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after this break.
9:28 am
>> welcome back. good-looking day shaping up. we're starting out mild out there with the daeshl clouds moving in. highs today will end up in the 60s. then as we get into your thanksgiving, looking pretty good. stray shower chance. mostly for the south bay and the immediate coast. by about 2:00 p.m., 62 degrees. a few showers in san jose. 6:00 p.m. 64 degrees. showers should be clearing between about 6:00 and 7:00. good news for everybody who is going to do any shopping tomorrow night. the new black friday. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> just got word of a crash, and traffic breaks up, and 880 towards winston avenue. watch for the slowing in hayward. this should clear very quickly. watch out. it's going to be difficult the
9:29 am
next few minutes. the bay bridge, much calmer scene here. no backup and no metering lights all morning, and an easy drive on the approach. a smooth flow of traffic around the bay all over the place except tore south 880. the south bay itself north 87 a little slowing into downtown. sharks play tonight, but nothing going on right now except for folks thinking about food again. traveling out of the area, we're going to see -- it's towards the central valley and towards tahoe. right now it's very calm. back to you. >> that's right. the calm before the storm. everybody trying to head out of town. good luck to you. be safe. if you are headed out of town. if not join us tomorrow morning as well.
9:30 am
welcome back to today on this wednesday morning, november 27th, 2013. die hard crowd outside as the rain lets up just a little bit ada day ahead of thanksgiving. i'm willie geist with al roker. natalie has to leave us on assignment. it's thanksgivukkah. >> the convergence of thanksgiving and hanukkah. >> the two holidays fall on the same day. there's a whole industry of things. >> that you only get to use once in your lifetime. >> this is a turkey menora.
9:31 am
>> see how we did that? >> boom. >> and then you have baby apparel. >> look at that. it's a onesie. >> it's a booming industry. >> babies only thanksgivukkah. >> mench on a shelf. we have the elf on the shelf. this is the mench on the shelf. >> mench on a bench. >> i like it. >> happy thanksgivukkah to everyone as well. >> all important macy's thanksgiving day parade. the 87th. those balloons, i think, are going to fly. the level -- the benchmark is 23 miles per hour sustained gusts of over 34 and i think we'll be okay. they may fly a little lower.
9:32 am
but it's going to be windy and cold and sunny. with the wind chill it's going to feel like it's in the mid to upper teens. rest of the country, cold through the gulf coast into the central plains. lake effect snow hanging around. showers in the pacific northwest. southern california. going to do shopping on friday. look for snow showers around the great lakes. rain in the pacific northwest. the plains, sunny and cold. much of the country going to be clear. a few showers in southern california but you'll have to bundle up in the northeast and new england with the winds and sunshine and cold temperatures. you'll want to sy inside good wednesday morning to you. well, the day before thanksgiving, and temperatures are going to be unseasonably mild for parts of the bay area. 70 degrees on the way to the east bay. san francisco about 64 degrees, and you continue to see the high and midlevel clouds streaming in. just about all day long. do keep that in mind. otherwise, we got a good-looking thanksgiving headed our way. storm system going to be just off shore, so we can see a stray shower or two. right at the immediate coast
9:33 am
around the inner bay and in san francisco tomorrow. 64 degrees in fremont. hope you have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> now let the madness begin. thanksgiving day is upon us. that means, family, turkey and shopping. especially for the hottest kids toys out there. >> to arm you with the deals you need to know about before you head out we enlisted the help of the toy insider mom. >> good to see you. >> it's magical when kids wake up christmas morning and santa has left them a pile of toys. >> yes. >> but it's great for santa's helpers to know that there are great black friday deals out there. mega blocks first builders. these are made for toddlers hands. they're easy to put together. easy to stack and take apart. i have three different sets here. we have the unicorn stable. usually 49.99. kohl's will have it 50% off. >> we have our building bag, it's usually 29.99.
9:34 am
target will have it for 50% off. and we have our 100 piece set. it's usually 24.99. toys "r" us will have it for more than 60% off. 9.99. >> i'm thinking about a 4-year-old in my house that will eat this up if you're watching santa. >> this is awesome. kids can put batman into the command center and there's also a free app that you can download. so it's more fun and more interactive. it will be at target for $34 and any of these toys you get you can get another one for half price and barbie. >> love barbie. >> this is the ultimate beach house party. kids can put this one or two levels. it comes with a pool. it come with the barbecue and the barbie doll. this is usually $70. wall street will have it for 50% off. $35. love it. >> monster high. >> everyone loves monster. girls love it.
9:35 am
i have three different collections. i have the dance and some from picture day and 13 wishes. target will have all of their monster high toys at buy one get the other 1-half off. >> how guy this guy. robo raptor. >> he has 40 different functions and sensors on him that work. he's cool. he's usually 79.99. toys "r" us almost 40% off. >> everybody wants tablets. >> everybody does want tablets. this is the 7-s. it's a real android device. it's great for the whole family to use. every feature that kids expect in a tablet but it has powerful parental controls which means parents decide what apps the kids could have and where they go on the internet and set daily time limits. this comes preloaded with '60. it's $149. at toys "r" us if you buy it there you get a free $40 toys "r" us gift card.
9:36 am
>> how about these? >> these are much cooler than real bugs. >> no question. >> so we have our nano. this is part of the high five set. so it's actually five rods and connections. we put a few together. the set itself is usually 39.99. 50% off at toys "r" us and we have our ants. they go in ant-like motions. they have sensors here. >> look at that. >> they're usually 9.99. $5 at radio shack. makes it a great stocking stuffer too. >> what are the ladies working on here? >> this is our supreme air brush studio. we take our marker and put it in and we have our artist. we have stencils and paper. 50% off atwal mart. $9.97. >> how quickly do you have to move? >> some of the deals are starting thursday evening. some of the stores are opening at 6:00 and 8:00. so you do have to move.
9:37 am
some have times on them. >> thank you so much. we have the full list of where to get black friday deals. all of these hot holiday toys on our website. >> happy thanksgiving. coming up next, we go spanning the wide world of sports with our good buddy len. ♪ tell me you can't wait for christmas. and you appreciate the things i do. because we'll always be a family. tell me i bring out the best in you. ♪ that you're thankful. ♪ that it won't be the same without me. tell me you love me. even if you say it every day. just tell me. [ female announcer ] everyone you love has something they need to hear this holiday. tell them with a hallmark card. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results.
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9:41 am
another reason to give thanks. our good friend len is here. he's going to take us on a wild wide. >> good morning. >> good morning, guys. i feel underdressed here. november was a huge month for football college and pro. but what were truly the top sports stories? let's go spanning the world. >> unbelievable. >> there you go. on your mark. get set. in spain and go. just fling it over your head. got it. in canada, trevor williams. look at the guy on defense, yeah, except for the ball goes in and they lose the game. not so smug now. our oops of the month in
9:42 am
kentucky, this works out well too except when you throw it into your own basket by mistake. >> and chi chi rodriguez with the trick shot in golf. >> somebody got hurt. >> our top plays of the month. this 6-year-old in florida, statue of liberty play, very cute. way to go. >> in oregon, one guy over here pretending to be a monkey that. worked. perfect play. >> the bark like a dog. remember that one. >> you score. >> fan of the month. look at this guy, he gets hit through the glass. one genius in chicago steals the helmet off of his head and then he wears it. now, who would possibly notice that. >> didn't have a beer or two there. >> animal of the month, who is
9:43 am
faster? arab bit on the left or an entire field of harness horses in australia? >> istanbul, tiger woods on the bridge driving the golf ball from europe to asia. he tied up traffic for hours and not everyone was pleased. [ speaking foreign language ] >> that's x-rated turkish. >> how about portuguese when ronaldo scores the goal? [ speaking foreign language ] >> a second chance here. he scores another one. >> he scored a third time to get portugal into the world cup. [ speaking foreign language ]
9:44 am
>> sounded like he was speaking turkey there, didn't it? >> you're the best. thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you guys. >> coming up next, one woman that started a blog for parents discovered a way to give back and make a real difference in the lives of families on [ female announcer ] right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell. unlike other treatments, abreva penetrates deep to block the virus, to protect healthy cells so cold sores heal fast. as fast as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. ♪ learn more at don't tough it out. knock it out! fast. [ female announcer ] only with abreva. ♪ our plan is in place. ♪ we've rigged up a trap to catch sight of his face. ♪
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9:48 am
now to a story about how a simple blog is helping thousands of families. five years ago she created scary to help parents vent about their every day problems. >> and after hearing many stories for families unable to fulfill basic needs for their children she decided to challenge her 6 million followers to help make a difference. >> my husband is a full time member of the army national guard. >> when i went into the military i made an oath to serve my country with dignity and pride. >> they first met when serving in the army national guard. now, rebecca is a stay at home mom of five. >> 12, india is 10, 8, 5 and 3.
9:49 am
>> what is it for? >> checking account. >> as far as our mortgage, it's about 3 to 4 months behind. >> i'm out trying to do what most good fathers and husbands should do, you know, work to provide for their families. so i remain faithful. >> i've always taken a pride in being able to provide for my children and knowing we can't provide for them makes me sad. >> rebecca turned to the internet for help and discovered the scary mommy thanksgiving project. a nonprofit organization that gives families food to celebrate the holiday. >> i was preparing for my own thanksgiving dinner and reading about people on my website that couldn't afford a turkey. who were diluting milk with water and were struggling and i asked if a blog post if we could lend those people some support and the reaction was astounding. >> in just three short years, jill has raised over $185,000 to
9:50 am
feed more than 3,400 families with a thanksgiving meal. she is humbled by the many letters of gratitude that pour in from across the country. >> we're getting donations for $1 or $2 or $5 and it's just little acts of kindness that can make such a difference. >> after reading rebecca's story, jill decided to surprise her family. >> we wanted to take you off the wait list and let you know that we can help with your thanksgiving dinner. hopefully it gives you a nice evening you all can enjoy together. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> you are so welcome. >> i didn't appreciate any of this. i'm thankful. i'm so happy that i'm able to have one now for myself and for my family. >> what a great moment. >> a great memo. jill has such a big audience and a popular blog. good to see her using it for
9:51 am
good reasons. good for her. >> that's what you love to see. we wish them all a happy thanksgiving. we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
hard to believe but this is our 20th annual toy drive. it is underway and we're happy that our good friends at are going to make it easier for viewers at home to be part of putting joy in the lives of needy kids up to age 18. >> craig has all the details. he is here with his beautiful daughter caroline. good to see you both. >> this 13th year you have been an online partner with us. what do you have this year? >> we're super proud to partner for the 13th consecutive year. our customers love participating. all they need to do is go to
9:54 am show and they can pick a list of -- we've added a number of up to 100 toys on the "today" show wish list this year. so they just buy the toy, put it in the basket, pay for it. we take care of -- we work with you guys and handle the rest. >> shipping. >> 200 charities out there and there are five charities that you selected that are receiving kindle fire hds. this is the free time feature that allows parents and teachers to regulate the amount of time that kids can use the tablet. >> and you guys also are not only helping us but you do great stuff all yearlong. >> well, we just launched a new effort on the website called so any customer that goes to, signs up and pick ace charity, a portion of every purchase they make on amazon will go to the charity they have chosen and we're excited about it. >> caroline you have a couple of cool gift ideas there.
9:55 am
what do you have? >> i have a minion from despicable me two and a play camera. >> a playskool camera. >> hot gift. what's the hot gift this year? >> kindles. for kids, leap pads, legos, barbies, video games. >> what do mom and dad want santa to bring? >> i need to make my list. >> craig, thank you so much again for what you do. >> caroline, great to meet you. thank you all and have a great
9:56 am
good morning to you. 9:56. the district attorney is expected to file charges against a firefighter who appears to be drunk behind the wheel of a fire truck that hit a motorcyclist. here's some video showing the crash from june of this year. you can see the fire truck
9:57 am
slammed into jack frazier right there. the firefighter michael quinn resigned after the department determined he was driving drunk when he hit frazier that night. strict new gun laws now will go into effect at sunnyvail on january first. the city council voted to certify the result in which the voters passed measure c. starting mechanics year gun owners who have lost their guns but would have them stolen would have to call police within 48 hours. let's take a look at that pre-thanksgiving day forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good wednesday morning. well, the day before thanksgiving, and temperatures are going to be unseasonably mild across the bay area. almost 70 degrees on the way to the east bay. san francisco, about 64 degrees, and we'll continue to see the high and midlevel clouds streaming in. just about all day long. a good-looking thanksgiving headed our way. storm systems just off shore. we could see a stray shower or
9:58 am
two right at the immediate coast, around the inner bay, and in san francisco tomorrow. 64 degrees in fremont. hope you have a great day. >> all right. you know, we're looking at a great traffic day as well. a couple of trouble spots right now at the san mateo bridge. moving smoothly. a haze there. not a concern. look at the maps. all over the bay. we see the green indicated except for one key spot. that's actually heading down to the san mateo bridge. south 880 slow down towards 92. no crashes reported right now. there's construction crews heading to the area, and sometimes we'll see trucks still tracking that. watch for the slowdown there, and over here 580 westbound, we a slowdown up towards the park boulevard area. again, there's a crash clearing to the shoulder. >> all right, mike. thanks a lot. we'll be back with our next local news update at 10:26. see you then.
9:59 am
to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
10:00 am
♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh there's good news in the world. >> what is it? >> it's wines day wednesday. november 27th. the first night of hon ka. -- hanukkah. tomorrow is thanksgiving so it's officially thanksgivukkah. >> yes. yesterday was busy, my family came in -- from d.c. >> into penn station. >> penn station, it was a crazy zoo. >> yeah. >> and people were trying to come early, but anyway, they're
10:01 am
all here in the studio. >> they've made it. >> wait, they made it. okay. that's hannah and ella. my mom, my brother and sister-in-law colleen. and here they are. oh. okay. that's it. i'm glad we rehearsed that. here, you can have ella. >> come here, baby girl. >> oh this is all you want for thanksgiving is your family, right? my gosh. here's ella. >> so was it very, very busy at penn station when you came in on the train? >> was i crazy? oh, stop talking so much. was it busy? do you know what we'll have for thanksgiving? what? >> she's looking at the big picture of aunt hoda. >> and you ready? go back to mom and daddy. come here. she's like, no.
10:02 am
come here. you have grown up, ella. >> sure has. >> wow. >> okay. you got it? so they'll be at the parade tomorrow. >> yes. >> the weather -- as hoda was saying it's been really rough. 2:00 in the morning i thought our house was going to fall in. we're on the water there. every flue is open. >> i'm curious about the macy's day parade tomorrow because they're expecting wind gusts. they're saying 30 miles per hour. so they're waiting until the last minute to find -- >> i heard 50. >> oh. >> anyway, we'll fine out. we'll see what -- they'll make the decisions at the last minute. >> call your carrier. >> so if you're traveling today and you want to know what the busiest rest stops and airports are. number five, jfk at 4:00 p.m. >> so come at quarter at or quarter after.
10:03 am
>> san francisco, 1:00 p.m. l.a.x. high noon. chicago o'hare, and atlanta at 6:00 p.m. >> no way to avoid it. if you have the tickets. >> we're making feel bad. >> no, but somebody thought you'd need to know the chesapeake travel plaza is going to be bad at 5:00 p.m. but buckey's in texas, don't go there at 10:00 tomorrow. >> all right. the worst place to be, the welcome plaza in newark, 8:00 p.m. >> no, i'm going anyway. >> all right. kids, if you saw the movie "anchor man" and everyone has been waiting for the second one, the four guys on the show sang the song "afternoon delight." >> from starlight vocal band. >> we were watching it, can they really sing or was it dubbed? well, the four boys were in
10:04 am
australia for a press junket. and they broke out into song. so let's take a listen. ♪ my motto has been when it's right it's right while waiting till the middle of a cold dark night ♪ ♪ skyrocket's in flight afternoon delight ♪ ♪ afternoon delight >> i thought it was good. >> not bad. it's not "the voice." >> but there's more apparently. >> will ferrell, paul rudd, steve carell and david connecter in. >> i have not heard it yet, but i have only seen -- they were quite exuberant. we had it on mute. so this is the singing trio of taylor swift, bon jovi and prince william. >> i'm so glad they're back
10:05 am
together again. i hope they're going to tour. >> they were in london at a charity event. they sang that song as you know, "livin' on a prayer." we haven't heard it, but we have heard it's interesting. let's listen. ♪ ♪ oh, living on a prayer take my hand we'll make it i swear ♪ ♪ oh, living on a prayer ♪ >> um -- >> interesting is the right word. i mean -- >> wait. >> bon jovi and taylor swift are great singers. >> who knew william is so darn good. and their choreographer, wow. it looked like a karaoke kind of action you'd expect. >> yes. yes. sometimes it's a matter of
10:06 am
hearing, but he was playing his guitar right there. i don't think they had any plugs in their ears or anything. that was just -- that's moved from interesting to unfortunate. i don't think it will hurt anybody's career. taylor is taking heat for it today. >> for the high five. >> she is not allowed to touch him either? >> the high five, some people thought you shouldn't be high fiving the prince. >> oh, please. i don't want to tell you what i did to prince edward. that's the truth. >> all right. so "the voice" was on last night. what did you do? >> um, we were in scotland. >> my nieces are here. >> yes, yes. i had some fun with him -- at the hagis. it was my friend's 50th birthday party. a ton of us went to scotland to celebrate his birthday. he is very close friends with
10:07 am
prince edward and let's just leave it at that. >> okay. >> only because i don't remember. no. we had fun. but i mean, they're so down to earth and so much fun. i can't imagine thinking i can't high five him right now. >> they were in the moment, it was fun. we have to talk about "the voice" because last night, a couple of people got eliminated. okay? so we are going to show you the bottom three people. and we want you to guess who was saved by twitter. okay, so the bottom -- >> so two go away and one is saved? >> two got cut. so let's watch and see who we think was saved. >> okay. ♪ ♪ and if you want to survive the darkness ♪ ♪ ♪ can you hear me
10:08 am
♪ i get a little bit and i'm just ashamed as i was ♪ ♪ now don't you understand who i am ♪ ♪ baby, give me some lovin' give me some lovin' ♪ ♪ every day >> okay. that was not kate, that was an actual dog barking. >> okay my vote i didn't love her as much during this thing, but i loved caroline. i can't believe she was in the bottom three so i'll save she got saved. >> i wasn't impressed with any of them. but knowing how people -- i wouldn't have -- >> if you had to.
10:09 am
>> okay. i'll go with matthew from -- >> the second guy? >> yeah. >> who was saved? let's see what happened. >> one of you was instantly saved by america's tweets and the other two will be going home. america instantly saved matthew. team christina. >> imagine that? >> how are you right? you wouldn't play. >> do you know who we have to talk to, butterball lady. she skypes with us. every year we get to talk to the butterball ladies. >> happy prethanksgiving. >> so we have a couple of questions, questions that people ask. if your turkey isn't all the way thawed out and it's too late, because it's thanksgiving day,
10:10 am
what's the best way to quickly unthaw the turkey so you can cook it? >> yeah. no worries. the quickest way now from this point is keep your turkey in the original wrapper and give it a cold water bath. put it in the sink, completely submerge it with cold water and that's the quickest way. you'll want to change that water about every 30 minutes or so. that really expedites it. >> i talked to my sister missy this morning. she went on your hotline which she said was so helpful. she bought her turkey frozen on sunday and it says five days in the refrigerator. she started to feel it yesterday, oh, no, she gave it a bath and i'm happy to say that you're right! miss butterball. >> of course she is. here's the other question. people want to know if you should cover your turkey to make it that golden brown, you know, beautiful bird. or should you put foil or a lid or what should you do? >> reynolds wrap stuff?
10:11 am
>> what gives it the golden brown color brush it with veg table oil and then roast it uncovered and then two-thirds of the way, loosely cover it with foil. >> we understand you have men there and you're talking about what wines pair nicely. we're so glad you added that this year. thank you, sue. >> bye. >> bye. >> happy thanksgiving. >> do we have time to do a little bit of do ray me? >> no, we have to play it another time. >> we have a special on the -- okay. there you go. >> the making of "sound of music." >> a big live event. >> who's coming up? >> john o'hurley. >> he's got dogs. don't hound him for autographs. the national dog show is coming up after this. what could possibly hold together
10:12 am
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10:15 am
hilarious role in the show "seinfeld" as elaine's boss jay peterman. >> for the past 12 years he's been the host of the national dog show presented by purina which happens to air tomorrow right here on nbc. >> it's always such a huge hit every year. >> every year. >> nice to see you. and you're exerting, burning more collalories than you thoug >> these two are not going to be together. >> tell us about your friends. >> we have -- let's start off here. this is one, you have one. >> i have one. >> this is the chinook, one of the new breeds we have. it's a sled dog actually, the state dog of new hampshire. >> unbelievable. >> a strong one. a sled dog. >> we have leaving the set right now, the rat terrier over there. >> which one? >> that's the little rat. >> this guy is something else. >> and this fizz you can, the portuguese podengo pequeno. >> god bless you. >> a hunter, part of the hound group. >> very cute. >> i've fallen in love with this dog. >> my son was holding him before, but now the dog is actually sitting on my foot. this is the french mastiff, this
10:16 am
is a service dog. it's a wonderful dog. this dog actually visits the children in hospitals, the ronald mcdonald house, one of the great therapy programs in the country and that's a great service that dogs do. >> great with children. >> yes. >> despite his other canines. >> part of 1600 dogs we'll have on the show tomorrow, at the national dog show. >> how many years have you been hosting? >> 12 years now. >> you adore it, don't you? >> it's a great day. i tell you, it's been so much fun to have him growing up alongside me with the show. >> you like it, will? is it fun? no yeah. >> what's your favorite kind of dog in the whole world? oh. >> that puppy, that's his. >> you grew up with dogs since you were a little boy? >> grew up with dogs since i can remember. 4 years old. will has grown up that way as well. we've always had dogs around us. they make our lives an awful lot easier and more enjoyable. we have 25,000 people at the dog show. >> you are kidding me?
10:17 am
>> 1600 dogs and everybody is there with a smile and that's the nicest part of it. when you put dogs in an environment people are happy. >> when you see these dogs going -- i don't know how you're judging, he's cute he should win. what do you look for? >> the judges are judging a dog against its written standard. every breed has a written standard that it has to follow. so the dogs are really competing against themselves and the standards. so the cute factor plays a little bit, but the actual confirmation of the dog means everything. >> best in show is one of my favorite movies ever. >> the best, indeed. it was actually the reason that we started the show on nbc. >> oh, it was? >> it was. they took the movie home and came in monday and said you know that little slice in -- right before -- that's what we're going to do with it. >> good luck with it. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> national dog show presented by purina airs tomorrow at noon right here on nbc. >> okay. looking for a kid to be their cko, cheap kindness officer. >> contest where kindness counts and so does your vote, right
10:18 am
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10:21 am
network that knows well. >> a preschool destination is holding the kindest kid contest. >> and the folks at sprout got an overwhelming amount of entries from kids around the country doing some very special things for others. >> somehow they whittled down the 650 entries to four amazing finalists. now you get to meet them and vote on the one you think is the most outstanding. take a look. >> hi. i'm otra from san jose, california, and i read to the elderly. when i go to sarah care, i read books, i help with the tables, and i sing songs. >> when otra comes into the room, she smiles and everybody else smiles back at her and you can just see that they love when
10:22 am
she comes in. >> hi, don. >> hi, sweetheart. how are you? >> she's a very sweet little girl and i appreciate her being here. she gives her time to be with us. >> okay, everybody. i am going to read a poem that i wrote myself. today i went to the park. i fell down. when i read to them they're so happy and that makes me happy. >> hi. i'm anna from philadelphia and i give my birthday presents to people in need. i know that getting gifts makes me hap so i wanted to make others happy. >> my name is ashley and i'm a child life specialist at the children's hospital of philadelphia. donating her birthday gifts to the hospital here speaks volumes when a kid can take a day that is meant to be about them and make it about other kids who are in need. it tells you that anna is just a really special kid. >> for my next birthday i'm raising money to send one kid to camp. >> it's called the dragon fly camp and it's a camp for kids who have asthma.
10:23 am
it definitely comes from her heart. it's not something we've ever asked her to do. it's just who anna is and she just gets tremendous joy from doing it. >> i'm mateo from york, pa pa, and i'm a kind kid because i keep the community clean. when i first saw liter on the street, i had to clean it up because i knew it was the right thing to do. >> there was one time with mateo, and this is what started the community cleanup, we would drive down the street. there were tons of garbage bags there. and mateo, mommy, we got to clean this up. it's not good for our earth. one day when it was nice in march we went and cleaned it up and mateo got 47 bags of liter in one small area. >> i formed a group called the liter critters and we meet once a month to clean up liter. we drive around and find a spot with a lot of trash and then we decide to clean up there with our -- with the group. we clean up parks, streets,
10:24 am
anywhere that has trash. >> i'm emma from tucson, arizona, and i'm a kind kid. i give gift boxes to people with sick brothers and sisters. >> emma started lock boxes of loves because she wanted everybody like her to feel special even when their brother or sister was in the hospital. when her brother was diagnosed with cancer at 2 1/2, that just amped up. he likes to play video games. she's not a video game kind of girl but she'll sit next to him and engages him. >> when we get an application, emma goes into the garage, puts together a set of toys. >> which ones do you think? >> she then puts them all into a box, arranges them and then we address it and take it to the post office and mail it and take it to the child. >> this is our map board where we've sent all the love boxes of love. here's us. look how far we sent it, all the way to australia. when i see the smiles on people's faces it makes me feel good.
10:25 am
>> oh. >> wow. >> makes us feel good too. >> so great. >> makes us feel good too. >> so great. go to and have you heard what walmart's doing during black friday? they've got this 1-hour in-stock guarantee. so no more showing up for black friday and not getting the gifts i want like at other stores... i hate when that happens! over 20 awesome items are guaranteed... long as i'm in line within an hour after the event starts. and the best part... ...i get everything i want for christmas! isn't that amazing? isn't that amazing? isn't amazing.zing? only walmart has the 1-hour in-stock guarantee this black friday. arrive within an hour after the event starts and get the black friday price on over 20 of the season's hottest gifts. guaranteed. the first place to go. walmart. with grands mini pot pies. only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. weeknight dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. pillsbury grands biscuits. imagine a new level refined, perfected. at pixel level. new l'oreal texture perfector. refine texture.
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10:27 am
about an hour. while firefighters were battling the flames, police officers arrested a tenant they call a person of interest in this fire. one person had to be rescued by firefighters from the second floor, and others had to jump. the apartment complex is a total loss. the red cross is helping the displaced residents find shelter. we'll take a look at that forecast and the roads after the break.
10:28 am
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we are tracking showers. in fact, today we're going to watch the clouds roll. later on this afternoon temperatures very mild. low to mid 60s across the board again for tomorrow. if are you making plans and heading to grandmother's house, early in the morning that's where you see the showers by the afternoon. lots of sunshine. here is 70 in the east bay. >> grandmother's house. come on over. over to oakland. 880 moving smoothly. nothing cooking here northbound. look at the map. southbound we had a big slowdown. just cleared all of your lanes about ten minutes ago. the very big recovery has to go on from 238 all the way down to the scene. that's about it for the east bay. the earlier problem our 580 has cleared also through oakland and past highway 13. no more problems. get-away traffic for the see air wra and central value, and about 2:30. back to you. >> you know this better than anyone, and it is one of the busiest travel days of the we're.
10:30 am
millions hitting roads and heading to airports. bad weather back east is causing delays. we'll have complete team coverage at 11:00. see you then. we're back on this wines day wednesday with more of "today" ready to play our weekly trivia game called who knew. we're checking out how well, we know the history surrounding turkey day. kathie lee is at the nbc experience store. look who followed her there. anyway, she's ready to hand out $100 to anyone who answers the questions right and it to those who don't, they get a kathie lee cd. yay! okay. here to help me out in studio is lifestyle expert evet rios. >> i'm so excited. >> lovely lady from chicago. how many calories does the average american consume on thanksgiving? 3500? 4,000? 4500? or 5,000? >> 4500.
10:31 am
>> you know your stuff, don't you? >> now 4500 calories. that is about four days worth of food? >> it's about for -- well for women we eat between 1500 and 2,000. depending on your size and activity level. two days worth of food in one day. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's a lot. >> good to know going in. go ahead. >> lovely lady from louisiana. which department store was the first to throw a thanksgiving day? bloomingdale's, gimbels, sachs fifth avenue or macy's. >> macy's. >> no, it's wonderful. give her the cd. >> the good day for klg. the correct answer is gymbells. >> started the first thanksgiving day parade in 1920. the macy's thanksgiving parade was four years later than that. it's still going strong in philadelphia. >> gimbels? >> yeah. not the store it closed in 1986. >> the parade. >> that's right. >> good to know. back across to kathie lee. >> which al pacino film for
10:32 am
which he won an oscar takes place during thanksgiving, "the god father" "scarface" "heat" or "scent of a woman?" >> give her the money. >> "scent of the woman". >> kathie lee is going to go broke over there. it is set during thanksgiving. there is a very fantastic thanksgiving day scene where he just gets everybody upset at the thanksgiving table. it's the only oscar al pacino has ever won, his first and only one for best actor. >> that's true. wow. back across to kathie lee. >> gentleman from iowa, of the following utensils which was not present at the first thanksgiving feast? a fork, spoon, knife or all of the above? >> a fork. >> wow. give him the money. >> wow. >> ella is trying to pawn those cds too. the correct answer is a fork. >> that's right. imagine eating thanksgiving without a fork. just spoons and knives is what
10:33 am
they had. crazy. so the fork actually originate pds in egypt in ancient egypt like everything else that's awesome. >> the chair and other things too, yes. >> it became popular in the roman empire and then the italians latched on to it because of the pasta. forks didn't make it to the u.s. until the 18th century. >> san diego. beautiful lady. the first time an nfl game was broadcast nationally on the radio was on thanksgiving day in 1934. which two teams played? detroit lions and green bay packers? akron pros and the canton bull dogs? detroit lions and the chicago bears? or the green bay packers and the chicago bears? >> i know it was the lions. the lions and the bears? >> good for you. give her the money. >> wow. and the cd. >> b bonus. >> she's a football fan. it was the lions and the bears. it was in the university of detroit stadium. 26,000 seats were sold in two weeks before the game actually started. so the first one broadcast via
10:34 am
rad radio. >> amazing. >> time for one more, kathie lee. >> good thing because i've run out of cds. from texas, which of the following is not a balloon in this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade? snoopy and woodstock, sponge bob square pants chippy the elf on the shelf or shrek? >> shrek. >> yep. >> give her the money and the cd? yeah. >> she gets it all. >> shrek is the only one? >> yeah. shrek was retired in 2010. poor shrek, but snoopy is coming back this year with another make-over, no goggles, no scarf, just his bff woodstock. the crazy thing about the thanksgiving day parade, prior to 1933 all the balloons were released and floated above new york city. and macy's would give $100 to anybody who turned them in. >> nice. well okay, we'll keep our fingers crossed the winds stay calm enough we can roll those balloons through. thanks so much. it is the battle of the bargains and the crowds. how to get prepped for black friday. and we've got you covered with
10:35 am
all the best clothes to keep you and your family warm. lily anna has her fashions coming up after this. there's a unique story behind my skin. so my only makeup? true match. with 33 shades, l'oreal's technology matches your skin's tone and undertone. there's only one true match for me. true match from l'oreal. step two, baconated cheese for awesome.
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10:39 am
this portion of "today" is brought to you by disney's "frozen." experience the ultimate snow day this thanksgiving, with disney's "frozen" playing in theaters now. ♪ turn away >> temperatures are dropping and whether you're hitting the slopes or running to your local supermarket everybody wants to stay warm and cozy. >> with the gear to keep your family nice and toasty is lilliana vazquez, style expert and author of "the cheap chica's guide to style". >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> what's weird in new york it was 61 this morning, but the temperatures are going to plummet. >> plummet. >> and people like to cozy up, don't they? >> we like a little function with our fashion, so i have to admit i had a little help today. i reached out to my friends at "outside" magazine. we teamed up to show you the best in fashion and function for the cold weather. >> turn up the heat. >> she looks all nice and cozy. >> so i have her in a parka from unique. i think women like to dress
10:40 am
fashionably even when it's cold outside. i love this parka. it's very on trend. it has a full zip outlining in fleece. oversized hood. 80 bucks on this coat which is a great deal. >> wow. >> i have her in heat tech sweater dress. this turns the moisture in your body into heat so it keeps you really warm but they come in fashionable designs like this. great snake sprint leggings. lined and fleece. warm boots. show off the 180 ear phones she has on now. >> ear phones? >> ear muffs that are blue tooth. she can't hear me there. she is. she's got it. how crazy is that. they're ear muffs and keep you warm. very cool. >> didn't know she had them on. >> they don't mess up her hair. >> thank you. >> bradley is up next. >> he is. >> look how cute bradley is. >> adoreble. >> in a fantastic squall jacket. this is from two for one. outside you have your down. fully reversible. on the inside it's waterproof and windproof, all layered up.
10:41 am
the most important layer from columbia, this metallic reflective layer he has on underneath. tons of tiny dots so literally it reflects the heat back to your body to keep you really warm. >> you're kidding. >> technology now. >> flannel lined jeans, great boots from the north face. this hat is the warmest hat on the market. he's a little toasty right now in the studio. but so fun to add a pop of color to the look. >> thank you, brad lie. we have mea coming out next. hi, mia. >> hi, honey. >> she's adorable of course. she's in this great jacket from eddie bauer in her favorite color purple. this is down, super warm against her body but still roomy enough and lightweight enough i could put a faux fur vest underneath there to keep it fun and playful. i added great leggings from j. crew with glitter. they used to make these just for adults, now they make them for kids. >> of course they do. >> jonas arctic. what's in your can teen? >> hot cocoa.
10:42 am
the canteen keeps it warm in the coldest of temperatures. >> are the boots pricey. >> $100. but these are the boots you can pass down if you have a younger girl. they are the best boot for little kids on the market. >> hold up well through the season in the little hat with the pony tail. >> from peekaboo. >> i use that as my favorite thing a couple years ago. >> i certainly did. >> always ahead of the curve. >> so trendy. >> you are trendy. >> and modest. >> thank you. >> and last we have dean coming out. >> we have dean. he is in a puffy jacket. this is also from eddie bauer. and this is perfect for kids because it has this great technology where the moisture from snow beads right off the jacket. he's all layered up, wearing great jeans. underneath we have the same layers we had on the guys earlier from columbia. eagle boots, great hat from lands end. >> styling mohawk hat. >> it's a mohawk hat. >> get out of town. >> kids need to have fun with their fashion in the winter. >> thank you very much. >> let's bring all out. come on, everybody. let's look at you.
10:43 am
>> all right. >> forget the sales in the stores, we're going to show you how to survive the crowds. >> oh, really? >> on black friday, right after this. what can i do with my $7 a month anemail the school. acfone? call the doctor. text the groomer. find gear for soccer. send invites to a party. post karate pics. help sean with history. battle of hastings... 1066. all that with my android from tracfone... now with three times the talk, text and data for as low as $7 a month. unbeatable nationwide coverage without a contract. the new huawei glory. tracfone. do everything for less. [ coughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] you can't let a cold keep you up tonight. vicks nyquil -- powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ 6-symptom cold & flu relief. from l'oreal the first ever facial oil: that youthful glow? oh yeah. now you can get it back.
10:44 am
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10:45 am
isn't amazing.zing? only walmart has the 1-hour in-stock guarantee this black friday. arrive within an hour after the event starts and get the black friday price on over 20 of the season's hottest gifts. guaranteed. the first place to go. walmart.
10:46 am
- hi, i'm martha. if you know me, you know i don't do many ads, which is why when i say pine brothers softish throat drops are the best throat drops in america for minor sore throat irritation, then you can believe it. nothing on the market soothes your throat as effectively and deliciously as pine brothers.
10:47 am
in fact, they're more than just a throat drop. they're an experience. please give pine brothers softish throat drops a try and find out why i'm such a fan of this wonderful product. thanks. female announcer: since 1870. just two days until black friday, the thought of fighting the crowds may make you cringe but you don't have to let the chaos get in the way of a good deal. >> so what you do want to do is conquer the most shopping day of the year here with her survival guide is lauren sydney. >> we love love our lauren. >> i almost got a song like lewis for a second. >> maybe next time. >> tomorrow eating marathon, friday the shopping marathon. you have to survive. >> we're ready. >> the first thing if you can put these vests on. these are fantastic. you're going to leave your gucci and louie at home and wear your pocketbook. >> no purse. >> i don't want you incumbered. >> this is like a fanny pack
10:48 am
except ton more. >> 17 hidden pockets so no pickpocketers here. stuff your essentials in your bag. >> hoda, come here. >> hoda is not going to survive in that crowd if she can't get her vest on. >> you're going to stuff that -- >> what happened? you took my water. >> i have water. >> i was helping you. >> don't be selfish, it's the holidays. >> wow. >> all your essentials will go in this. this is a very high-end vest. there. >> there are 1 of them. >> this is high end but girls, use anything you have at home. >> your keys in your pocket. >> are you ready? move on. >> we get the gist. >> i don't know if you're going to survive. i'm having some issues here. >> hoda is not going to make it to noon on black friday. >> on black friday, forget the turkey leftovers. it has tip toe fan, the hormone that will slow you down. you need energy food. this is like what our troops have in the army. this is a lovely vegetable lasagna. may not look it.
10:49 am
you don't need water. >> you don't need water? >> you don't need water. >> looks like something you will see at the dog show. >> or what was left on the floor over there. >> let's pack it in your back pocket. >> okay. >> you don't want to stop for lunch. if you need energy food here's the time to eat dark chocolate. >> we're taking our food with us? >> eat and go. >> hoda, survival. did you read the notes to the segment? >> hopeless. >> here's something you may not know. sesame seeds give you energy and it's an aphrodisiac. do not shop with your loved one. >> here. >> what are you supposed to munch on? >> put it in your pocket. >> did you take one? let's go. >> apparently the seg ment is getting to you. >> i'm exhausted. >> okay. >> i can't believe i'm bringing my own food. >> exhausted from a segment. forget black friday. >> it's over. >> only as good as your feet. so take off the shoes. >> this is good. >> if you need a little bounce in your step. >> i'll never get this shoe back on. >> oh. >> you need a ball girl right
10:50 am
here. okay. >> it does feel good with the tennis ball. >> if your feet are starting to get hot and sweaty, deodorant, a dab will do you on your foot it's going to work. >> i love the dove powder. that's my favorite. >> does it get slippery in your shoes? >> no. >> hoda -- >> that's what you say now. >> we promise. >> oh, no. >> do you want to survive or get the bargain? >> do you want to get the shoe back on? >> there's a little challenge here. let's go to the next station. >> do we have to? can't you point it out to us? >> sit and relax. sit and relax. >> thank you. >> these are the secrets to schlepping and for those of you that don't know what schlepping means, it's carrying a lot of stuff. >> in yiddish. >> yes. >> ta-da. i want you to borrow a baby carriage. i did this for filene's basement during one of the bridal sales. >> you're sick. >> you get respect. no, this works.
10:51 am
>> bouquets and bridal stuff in there. >> you get through crowds, it's amazing. >> people let you throw. >> people open the door for you. >> and think there's a sleeping baby in there. >> it's not. these are the fabulous totes. they hold 15 pounds. as big as your iphone. look at this. they hold 25 pounds. excuse me. that's your baby. okay. ready for this, as if you weren't finished. there are apps to help you save money. honk. this enables you to check -- >> hunk? >> honk. honk like beep beep. >> oh, honk. >> it's the car app. it's 99 cents. check it out in the monitor. >> what's it for? >> enables you to find your car wherever you left it in case you're all excited about black friday, hoda. and it helps you to decide when the money in your meter will run out. next on the agenda is red laser. >> red laser. >> you're both going to like. you take your phone tos the bar code. it tells you in a split second exactly what the price is.
10:52 am
>> that's great. >> are in any other store. >> you can fight the crowds over there. >> you can. or you can order on-line. >> stay home and order on-line. >> and since you're both sitting you're going to love this. thank you for the cue. sit or squat. during the day a girl has to go, right? >> oh, my gosh. >> i do not -- >> men did not like that. >> please. >> what is this? >> i'll tell you what it is. i don't want you to waste one minute during black friday looking for a -- >> a lady's room. >> exactly. >> it is a website that will tell you where the lady's room is in any store and how clean it is. that is -- >> oh, that's good. by charmin. i remember that. >> so now you're on board? >> yes. we're always on board. >> we have to go. >> happy thanksgiving. >> exhausted. >> you survived. >> back with a special guest and more of "today" on nbc. >> that was excellent.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
after giving ready to get thanks let's take a moment to remember the kids in need. >> in less than a month we will have christmas and our 20th annual toy drive is getting us in the mood for the kids that need a happy christmas. >> one of our long-time contributors is dan cooney. who doesn't love dan? >> 11th year. thank you. >> 11 years, our pleasure. >> what are you donating this year. >> we've donated over 10,000 toys to your toy drive this year and one of the ones that i brought with us is this 31 inch tall power ranger. >> oh, my word. >> action figure. >> love these guys when he was growing you. >> they're cool. they've been in the states for over 20 years. >> yeah. >> this is basically the biggest one out there. kids can grab it and have a lot of fun with it. >> power ranger! i'll never forget. >> doorbuster. >> thank you for all you do and doing it every year. it means a lot. >> it's our pleasure. >> all righty. >> we want you to help out too if you can go to our website at donate a toy for a child up to the age of 18. >> or here in new york come by
10:57 am
the plaza and donate one in person for us. our celebrity elves will be collecting your gifts on the plaza, baby. all right. everybody, we have a great show tomorrow. >> we do. >> nicollette sheridan. >> she has a lot to talk about. >> yes, she does. that's friday. thanksgiving day parade is tomorrow. >> the parade is tomorrow. enjoy the parade and we will see you back here on friday. >> have an awesome
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. we have a team in place covering all the angles of this thanksgiving holiday getaway. >> everybody work very hard for you. anthony slater working on the weather for us. >> bob, as expect, those roads will be packed later on today, huh? >> reporter: good morning to you, jon and marla. yes, as you can see behind me, we're 680 northbound where we think we're starting to


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