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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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wednesday. and it has nothing to do with shopping but everything to do with the day before thanksgiving and partying. we're live in palo alto with this story new at 11:00. >> reporter: it feels like a saturday night here in palo alto. as you can see, the lines are out the doors for the city's two most popular bars. this is the busiest day of the year for local bars and unfortunately, it can be a busy night for police. police on patrol in palo alto. they are keeping a close watch on people having a good time on this day before thanksgiving. celebrating the holiday is one thing, but when that good time mixes with alcohol, police stay that can cause problems. >> i was in grad school, i didn't do like the undergrad
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experience type of thing. i didn't realize it had a name. >> reporter: it's called black wednesday. >> school's out. and most college kids aren't docking turkey dinners. >> reporter: they a hanging out with their friends. >> that pretty much leaves a free night to play with old college buddies or a high school reunion for a lot of people. >> reporter: the party atmosphere can turn ugly. in years past police have made multiple arrests for being drunk in public and fights. >> i think if you hang around for a couple hours you might find some troublemakers. >> reporter: police using social media to get the word out about not drinking and driving. >> i don't think you'd want to be hung over and hang out with
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the family the next day. >> reporter: as you can see, taxicabs are keeping close just in case folks need it. police say they will be out in force all weekend long. reporting live in palo alto, cheryl hurd. stores are opening for business tomorrow instead of waiting until friday. and a few people are lining up. this is a live look at the best buy in san jose. doors open at 6:00 tomorrow night. this will be a chilly night, not just best buy, walmart, sears, target and macy's among the stores opening tomorrow. a lot of people making a mad dash to the grocery store. >> reporter: i just popped into this safe way and the butter shelf is completely empty. there are a lot of people here doing some last-minute shopping for the big meal tomorrow.
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man owe are armed with a long list so they don't forget anything that is a must have on the holiday table. moist of the people we ran into were shopping in dwroup, a family event or friends event. we met people who are starting new thanksgiving traditions and some who are carrying on the old traditions. >> we're friends. we're just going to get together, bring some stuff, have fun. that's it. >> anything that's like a tradition where we get together tonight and we're just going to cook and do everything and probably not sleep. and have a great time. it. >> happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: fun is on everyone's menu tonight. now some of the new thanksgiving cobs say they are planning on having an early meal so if it's a flop they have time to go out and enjoy a good meal. and the good news for cooks is these days most every grocery store will be open tomorrow.
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so if you are missing a key ingredient, you can get it. good to know. thank you. preparations under way for glide memorial's thanksgiving feast. they are slicing and dicing everything from turkey to ham and cake. food donations and money are stilwell col welcome and needed. >> the joy of feeling helpful and feeling useful, it's fantastic. >> nobody ought to go hungry in this city and in this bay area. nobody ought to go hungry in america. but it happens. >> after the dinners are served tomorrow, volunteers will make and pack sack lunches. on this thanksgiving eve, another important holiday, hanukkah. it's a rare overlap of the two
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holidays. it won't happen again for nearly 80,000 years. san francisco celebrated the first night of hanukkah by lighting the menorah. where exactly were you born? most likely a hospital. but for one new born, it was in a mini van. that mini van never quite made it to the hospital. this family has a lot to be thankful for, including the dispatcher. . >> reporter: it does make you smile. the little baby boy was sleeping with his mouth open when we walked in. they say they can't wait to get hole and share their baby with everyone. quentin alexander lopez is going to have some story to tell when he grows up. you see, he wasn't born in the
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hospital. he was born in the front seat of a many van in the bus yard off of highway87. lopez and her mother-in-law were on the way to the valley medical center, but she knew she wasn't going to make it. >> i was pretty calm. i knew i was coming. one good push and he was out. and he was wide awake and happy as could be. >> reporter: they called 911. >> tell me exactly what happened. >> my daughter-in-law just had a baby. >> okay. >> in the car. and she's holding the baby right now. >> reporter: the dispatcher helped the mother-in-law take care of little quentin. >> i want you to very gently wipe off the baby's nose and mouth. clean the baby off with a towel. i know you are in a car, so maybe a jacket or something. >> it was really cool to help somebody else in a moment like that, be there for someone who
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has gone through something so intense. >> reporter: 24 hours later, they are resting peacefully. and the proud papa is grad everything came out okay. >> that is amazing, a blessing to have something like that happen and everything come out so clean and both mom and baby be healthy, it's just a blessing, you know. >> reporter: a blessing and a gift on this thanksgiving. >> i have a lot of emotions. of course he's healthy, he's beautiful and happy. but it's a little weird that i didn't make it to the hospital. but it's thanksgiving. so i'm really thankful that he came out healthy. >> reporter: quentin and his mom could be heading home tomorrow night. by the way, the family now has five boys. we're live at valley medical center tonight, nbc bay area news. a veteran san jose police officer busted for handing out fake tickets. george chavez issued those
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citations to two people involved in a similar lawsuit that was filed against him two years ago. he was filed with false impersonation because he allegedly signed some of the tickets using another officer's name. he is currently on paid administrative leave. a crowd marched from castro to the city hall with a message and sweeping through san francisco neighborhoods. the housing alliance says they are seeing the highest number of evictions. low-income residents are being forced out of their homes. one resident says if he is forced out, he'll have to leave the city he's called home for nearly 40 years. >> i know i won't be able to afford to stay here. that's the problem. i won't be able to stay living in san francisco. >> lawmakers and tenants' rights organizations are trying to stop those wave of evictions.
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also the teenager who authorities say is the victim of a hate crime is back with his family tonight. 18 year old sasha suffered second and third-degree burns when another teenager set sasha's skirt on fire. the mother is hopeful something good will come out of this crime. >> this kind of intolerance will be, people will realize that you can wear unusual clothing, and it doesn't mean that you have a right to attack them. >> prosecutors have charged 16 year old richard thomas as an adult. sysco foods under investigation by the chp. up next our exclusive report. we uncover the report showing the driver logged too many hours and how it went undetected until now. some are calling him a holiday pea row. a pizza salesman in the midwest
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stands up and makes national headlines. we are tracking a storm system. we'll let you know what that means for the chances of any holiday shower.
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they're on the road with you every day, the silver trucks belongsing to sysco foods hauling their goods to a restaurant near you. >> but tonight, the world's largest food distributor is under scrutiny again. we originally broke the story about them storing foods in outdoor sheds.
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>> our investigative reporter joins us. >> as we know, sisco is a $43 billion company. we have learned from former drivers and internal documents that sisco has been pushing some of its truck drovers to the brink as they log too many hours behind the wheel. >> i am reporting an accident. i got in an accident. >> where -- >> on the bridge. >> reporter: you're listening to a sisco big rig driver calling 911 after he slammed into this stalled cash. >> oh, my god, i really smashed it. >> okay. so are you hurt? >> yeah, i'm bleeding on my head. >> reporter: the crash looked so bad first responders thought the worst. >> that had fatal written all over it. >> reporter: but the driver
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survived. >> he's smashed into the back of the car. >> i remember, i guess you could say i remember hitting. i don't remember anything after that point. >> reporter: he says he woke up in the passenger seat. he says he suffered a torn acl and herniated disk in his back. >> i thought he was going to change lanes like all the other vehicles. but as he started getting closer and closer and the speed wasn't dropping, that's when i thought it was going to go into the bay. >> reporter: he's a former sisco big rig driver who asked us to disguise his face and voice because he still drives trucks in the bay area. he says this crash is an example of the potential dangers sisco trucks pose on the road. while the report crites driver inattention, it doesn't state whether the driver was fatigued. but this insider says the system is full of problems.
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he came forward after seeing our report exposing the company's hidden practice of storing raw meat and produce in unrefrigerated sheds. >> cutting corners. trying to get over on the system. >> reporter: he says sisco also tried to cut corners by maxing out drivers' hours, pushing them to the limit and as we found out, over it. >> it's against the law. >> reporter: federal law says drivers can only work one 16 hour day a woke, but the investigative unit has discovered a trove of truck logs showing hundreds of violations of that law that have gone undetected. from april to october, records show dozens of drivers logged multiple 16 hour days in a week. it was the worst in august. that was the first month the company had to operate without its food sheds, shutting down those convenient pit stops led to more deliveries for drivers. in august, drivers had 98 big day violations, meaning 98 times
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where a driver logged more than 1 ho 16 hours a week. >> those are not caught at terminal level. >> reporter: but those inspections are done once every two years? >> that is correct. >> reporter: the last inspection was more than a year ago. >> if they're over hours it could create a hazard and concern to everybody out there. >> reporter: paul mcintyre says in between those inspections officers have to rely on highway patrol and surprise checks like this one to check driver hours. >> good morning. doing a paperwork check, let he get your driver's license and logbook. >> reporter: sisco has not been cited once in the past two years for driving over hours.
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according to the department of transportation. sisco declined to be interviewed for this story but says federal safety data shows they have an exemplary record. >> it says the carrier's not doing a good job of training that driver or their company. that's a very serious issue we are concerned with as a department, making sure these drivers are not in excess of hours. >> reporter: now we've got gas spilled out there on the freeway. we've got dot en route. records show he was not driving over hours at the time of the crash. but he had logged six big day violations in the previous five months. >> we'll see if they investigate that because it's unsafe for everybody on the road. >> reporter: the chp says it is now investigating sisco san francisco after learning of the violations we uncovered.
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in addition to chp, sisco remains under investigation by state and federal regulators. the company says it is extremely focused on safety. and sisco's statement as well as our reports are on our website. >> how often does chp catch these violations to know this is happening? >> reporter: we uncovered quite a few. and we asked chp just that question. they say since january they have issued 85 citations for this violation. none of them have been for sisco. >> hmm. okay. >> startling information. thank you, vickie. if you have a tip for vickie or any one else, please give us a call or send us an e-mail directly to the unit. it is up in the air whether those giant balloons will fly
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tomorrow during the parade. forecasts show 15 to 22-mile-per-hour winds with gusts as high as 40 miles. balloons have been grounded before, once due to weather back in 1971. organizers will make the call tomorrow. even without the balloons, the parade will air at nbc bay area at 9:00. but they've got the float, the acts, the singers. >> they've got al roker. and we have jeff ranieri. even better. >> oh, thanks! happy thanksgiving to you, too. we'll have more on that parade coming up. we have a system offshore. we've been tracking it now for seven days, and this rain is so close to us. just about 75 to 150 miles offshore we are picking up returns. let's get to the sky cam grids right now. and you can ezol of t-- sig siee
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coldest weather. we'll get some partly cloudy skies in here and temperatures in the mid-60s. otherwise in san francisco right now we have 56 degrees and breezy conditions. maybe at 9:00 tomorrow, that 5a57 will be just perfect to watch the macy's day parade. temperatures in the 30s with winds that could gust as high as 30 miles per hour. we'll be watching that closely. okay. the thing that did push any kind of storm activity away is this area of high pressure sitting right across the west. over the next 24 hours, it looks to block any kind of storm activity. so this area of low pressure
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that we have been tracking will continue to move off towards the south. and it looks like at this point most of the rainfall will continue to head off towards the south and also offshore. so let's go ahead and get a look at that thanksgiving forecast. here's what you can expect. the highest chance of maybe some showers and drizzle at the immediate coastline. the bottom line on this, only about a 40% chance for rainfall through the bay area as we head through thanksgiving. let's get the forecast. we'll start out with the cloud cover for the morning hours. then by the afternoon, rays of sunshine building in. morgan hill at 67. for the peninsula, temperatures in the 60s. 62 across the marina and the embarcadero at 64. and for the east bay and tri valley, you can see we'll have partly cloudy skies in santa rosa with 65. and the tri valley will have some of the warmest temperatures with potentially 67 in livermore. now we do know we have that
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scrolling seven day at the bottom of your screen. we want to reenforce that pattern over the next three days. friday, saturday, and sunday, in the south bay, not only sunnier, but warmer. by sunday, temperatures in the upper 60s. you'll also find across the peninsula, it will cool off a little bit on saturday. we'll go back up through sunday. it definitely looks like sunday is going to be the best day for us, even in san francisco, temperatures approaches 70 degrees by sunday. we could even have low 70s by sunday in the north bay and also for the trivalley. temperatures right about 70 degrees. all in all, a pretty sweet forecast coming our way. and you can see in that is hen day, you're going to want to enjoy their friday, saturday and sunday, because by next wednesday and thursday, or next wednesday rather, we have some much cooler weather coming our way and maybe even a chance of shower. >> did you say 70 degrees
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thanksgiving weekend? wow. >> you like that, right? >> you're like vanna white on that. >> mr. coming up how a pizza store manager became a holiday hero. ♪ getting presents and so much more. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ buy today, come back for more. ♪ ♪ save next time you shop in store. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. there's a little bit of a backlash for stores that are open tomorrow, a poet sa hut manager says he was fired for refusing to open on thanksgiving but late tonight pizza hut changed its tune. tony rohr row fuefused to open indiana store which he manages. pizza hut said he quit. the story is getting national attention. tonight pizza hut issued this statement. we fully inspect an employee's right to not work on a holiday. as a result, i would strongly recommended that the local
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franchi franchi franchisee reinstate tony. we look forward to welcoming him back to the team. a rabbi added a menorah. he handed out jelly donuts and menorah's. that's a good combination. >> and hanukkah, the next time it will happen together? >> 76,000 years. fun show tonight, garth brooks on the program, he'll po perform for us.
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we're already getting the couch ready for tomorrow, a lot
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of football games. >> did you move the couch? >> no, just have to get it prepped for everyone. get the cushions nice and soft. >> the warriors and sharks in action tonight. let's head to dallas first and check in on the warriors. the mavericks, the former warrior there. fourth quarter, warriors coming back. the mafs would answer after that. warriors lose 103-99. >> we execute and defend the way we're capable of defending, that will take care of who we are, and we'll get back to the team that meverybody was talking abot initially, but it will be execution on both sides of the basketball. that will get us back to who we truly are. >> the good news, the sharks,
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the kings down one. the shot deflected off a sharks skate. we're going into a shootout, second round, they could score easily, but we're not done. we go to a nift round. dustin brown extending it even further. slamming that one home, but they still needed a save to ice this win. and got it. the kick save. sharks win in the shootout, eight rounds, 3-2 the final. the stanford women's coach, congratulations on her win today. we've got more
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finally tonight, if you didn't make it at home, you could have headed over to ma ri
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callender's. the store prepared some 6,000 pies for tomorrow. >> oh, my god. >> lots and lots and lots of pies. line out the door. >> enjoy your pies. enjoy your turkey. enjoy your friends and family. >> have a wonderful and safe thanksgiving. bye-bye. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes garth brooks, stormchaser jim edds, and "kid metaphors."
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and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you. thank you very much. thank you. and happy thanksgiving. well, it's almost thanksgiving. so, happy thanksgiving. here's an amazing statistic -- over 43 million people will be traveling over the holiday weekend. in fact, more breasts and legs will be grabbed at the airport than at thanksgiving dinner


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