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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 28, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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thanksgiving thursday becomes the new black friday. hundreds camp out to get their hands on bargains that won't be there in the morning. lace up the sneakers and get ready to trot. a look at downtown san jose. we're going to be live at one of the largest fund-raisers that's become a thanksgiving tradition for thousands. and will the balloons get off the ground? the floats, the bands and something different at this year's macy's thanksgiving parade. in the meantime, closer to home a beautiful live look outside. the bay bridge illuminated on this thanksgiving morning, november 28th. you're watching "today in the bay."
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>> a very good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. 4:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to but first let's say happy thanksgiving to meteorologist christina loren. >> a forecast to be thankful for this year. good morning to you. temperatures are chilly to start, we're in the 40s. hopefully you are bundled up in bed or in a warm kitchen getting everything ready for this evening. i can tell you it's going to be a nice day. the chance for showers not as promising as we head into this afternoon. i'll detail that. looking good for today. traveling around the bay area should be nice and easy. back to you. >> that's great news. thanks, christina. breaking news we're following chp and fire crews on the scene of an overnight crash that has part of highway 92 shut down. officers tell us a car went off a cliff and plunged a few hundred feet down. we're told four people in the car were in it when it went off the road.
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one managed to walk up and call for help. the chp officer says one person has a broken foot. there was no condition on the other people in the car. highway 92 is closed between 35 and skyline, the chp is working to remove the vehicle. we have a crew at the scene and will bring you a live report later this morning. >> police agencies say they will be out in force looking for drunk drivers on the road. a special enforcement started last night with what some departments call black wednesday. it's called that because the day before thanksgiving is t traditionally the busiest day for local bars. it's busy for police because that's also when college students come home from the holidays to drink with friends. >> that pretty much leaves a free night to play with old college buddies. it's like an old high school reunion for people. >> when i did it i was in grad school so i didn't do the whole undergrad experience kind of
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thing. i didn't realize it had a name. >> special patrols and enforcements will be visible throughout the weekend. with those big floats fly. we're a couple hours from the start of the traditional macy's day parade. strong wind in new york city threatening to ground some of the popular floats. that won't stop hundreds of thousands from lining mlt month route to enjoy all of the festivities of the day. jay gray is in new york where people are getting ready. >> reporter: good morning from the start of the 87th macy's thanksgiving day parade take a look behind me you can see the balloons are inflated and ready to go. the floats are lined up. there is a question about the weather, though, and whether these large balloon it will be able to fly like snoopy you see. the cute off is 23-mile-an-hour sustained winds, 34 miles per hour gusts. right now the forecast along the edge of that so organizers waiting right until parade time
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to make the final call whether they will fly. right now looking good but we have a ways to go before they are flying. here is what you'll see as the parade starts. all-star lineup, cast, that will include robertson family, christian chenoweth, kelly picksler along with florida georgia line. a great thanksgiving, and a wonderful tradition. jay gray. happy thanksgiving to you, nbc news. >> thanks so much. we'll check back with jay throughout the morning. you can see the thanksgiving parade here on nbc bay area. our coverage will start at 9:00 a.m. happening now dozens camping out for the holiday door buster deals. this is new video in san jose. about 20 people braving the cold, got their tents out.
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not on black friday but at 6:00 tonight. the shoppers, some coming as far as the peninsula say the great savings makes missing out on the hot turkey dinner worth it. >> it's going to be like $150 t ipad $100 off, and certain tvs are discounted to like 200, 300, 400 off. >> that's worth it. >> it's worth it when you add it up. >> it's not just best buy. walmart opening up at 6:00 tonight followed by macy's and target opening their doors just two hours later. >> the first retailer to open its door today is kmart. it opens at 6:00 this morning, giving a new way to pay. it's offering a rent to own finance program, if you choose the plan it will make your first lease paymt followed by monthly or bi-weekly payments. you can buy out the contract,
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return the item or continue the lease for another 13 months. >> now while most stores are hopping on the holiday bandwagon, others are saying no. fry's stores will stay shut. the company says it tried opening on thanksgiving in the past and regretted it. >> we decide, we tried two years ago opening up on thursday, thanksgiving and stayed open all the way through friday night and gosh, it wore our employees out. i was there myself and realized that i'm not so sure that little bit of extra sales is worth tiring our people out to the point they are just really tired. >> instead they will put some items on super sale on its website and then tomorrow all you do is go in the store, show your receipt. no fighting the person next to you for the last tablet. obviously there's a lot of folks shoppers but this morning some retailers are rushing to get the merchandise in the stores in time for that holiday rush.
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courtney reagan follows the x-box 1. >> after being manufactured in china we first meet our x box at this center in pennsylvania. upon arrival the associate unloads the x-box 1 and delivers to the unpacking area where it gets put on a conveyor belt. there are 17 miles moving 18,000 cases per hour. it's the busiest week of the year for walmart, this center is in charge of getting the right product and the right quantities to the 97 stores it services in four states just in time for the black friday weekend. >> this is mostly automated. >> automated, and it will tell which lines to stop. >> now it gets directed to its predetermined lane, taking laps above the 1.2 million square
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feet of floor space a journey every product must follow. here comes our x box. after 2 1/2 hours of loading the truck is ready to hit the highway. gene drives for two hours to deliver the trailer of merchandise to the store. a team of walmart associates has just finished unloading one trailer when ours pulls up. the x-box and the other black friday specials get moved to a secret holding area, so secret that not even our cameras are allowed inside. the merchandise stays there until moments before the deals are available to shoppers at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. for cnbc, i'm courtney reagan. >> thanks, courtney. in a few hours thousands of holiday meals will be handed out at the annual thanksgiving day feast. hundreds slicing and dicing and packing sack lunches. though they do the work
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volunteers say lending a hand feels like a gift. >> the joy of being -- of feeling helpful and useful. fantastic. >> nobody ought to go hungry in this city and in this bay area. nobody ought to go hungry in america but it happens. >> the reverend williams also added food donations and money still welcome and certainly needed. >> home for thanksgiving the teen who authorities say is the victim after hate crime sasha fleishman out of the hospital and home with his family. he was released yesterday. the 18-year-old suffered second and third degree burns when another teenager set his skirt on fire on a transit bus. sasha's mother is hopeful something good will come out of the crime. >> it's kind of intolerance will be -- people will realize that you can wear unusual clothing and it doesn't mean that you
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have a right to attack them. >> prosecutors have charged 16-year-old richard thomas as an adult. >> a baby born in the front seat of a minivan may go home tonight. 2 day old quintin, his mother and grandmother were on the way to valley medical center tuesday night. his mom knew she wasn't going to make it. they pulled onto a bus yard where his mom gave birth. >> i knew he was coming. i knew i had to take care of what's happening. a good push and he was out. he was wide awake and happy as can be. >> sounds like she's got it under control. a dispatcher helped until the paramedics arrived. the family says that quinton is healthy and can't wait to get home. >> i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren as you mentioned earlier lots of people probably warming up the owe venss this morning. >> opposefully your turkey is
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thawed out at this point. i made that mistake last year. looking pretty good. temperatures are mostly in the 40s, a couple of 30s in the north bay. make sure if you are traveling out to get the last minute ingredients you bundle up. we're looking pretty good. we did have a slight chance of showers, doesn't look as promising as the last couple days. the only place we're zoning in is in the south bay, 63 at 11:00 p.m. so comfortable conditions. the weather will likely let you get outside today without problems. a lot of people will stay indoors watching football. we know what happens. 68 in saratoga. 67 in menlo park. fremont will be bat 66 degrees so a beautiful thanksgiving thursday here in the bay area. you cooking today? >> you know, i am. the bird's ready to go in. let's cross our fingers brent does it in time for me.
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thanks so much. i know you're going to be busy today because she's helping to kick off the annual holiday turkey trot. organizers expect a record number to show up for the annual thanksgiving tradition. silicon valley's turkey trot kicks off in two hours, runners will swarm downtown san jose to run in the fresh air and for charity. the event benefits a variety of charities. people donated a total of $1.2 million and 26,000 pounds of food. organizers expect 28,000 people to participate. 1900 people took part in the first turkey trot nine years ago so it has grown. good luck for them. still ahead, "saturday night live" seth meyers will soon fill jimmy fallon's shoes as the new host of late night. how the show will change. plus, how you can watch the launch of the latest space
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welcome back. a very good thursday thanksgiving morning to you. thought we'd give you peeks
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outside this morning as you are warm in your house. this is a beautiful look across our emeryville camera, the beautiful spans of the bay bridge. there's a lot of change coming to "saturday night live." several cast members have left, half a dozen new ones joined and one more change. the head writer and anchor seth meyers is in his final month of the show. he's not going far. >> reporter: 13 years in studio education for seth meyers. >> any sense of like being the last of college? >> very much so. it's nice because i feel like my next job is like right next door to the college. >> reporter: that's because meyers will segway into a new job in february in the same building as the new host of late night when jimmy fallon takes over as host of "the tonight show." >> how is it going to be different? >> there will be way less
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wonderful impressions, way less beautiful singing and all of the things that jim does better than anybody on late night. i'm aware i don't do as well. >> meyers' strong suit is topical comedy. >> a new report shows only six people signed up for the affordable care act on its troubled first day which means thatty obama care is doing better than guitar lessens by mike. >> talking about things in the news, i like having people who play people in the news and that's an element that we want to bring wisconsin. >> meyers' final sn slrks a while away. but he already set the bar for farewells last spring with bill. >> it's hard to imagine i'm going to have a more emotional last night. i feel that will be my great send-off and this will fade into the night. >> into the late night, that is. >> quite a lot of talent there.
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there has been speculation meyers might try to stay at the weekend update desk through the end of the season even after he takes over late night. we'll see. i'm a fan of "saturday night live." how about you? >> yeah. i'm liking the new cast more and more. kate is strong, and a big fan. looking good out there. temperatures comfortable and yeah, maybe you're getting yourself ready for thanksgiving, preparing the meal for the family, turkey, it's going to be nice. have that dinner outdoors you'll be able to just about everywhere. we're zoning in on showers later on so i want to talk a little about that. 6:00 a.m. we stop the clock, and here is the deal. this storm system is way offshore. what could happen is some of these bands of rain could move over the bay area. it's not looking that promising but as i set this in motion you can see it's going to come close to the bay area so if you see activity it will be along the south bay and peninsula area. keep that in mind. we're looking pretty good.
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mostly cloudy by the end of the day, then this will clear out by friday. good news for anyone traveling tomorrow. happy thanksgiving everybody. stray showers possible in fremont, 64 degrees, mostly cloudy. i'm forecasting mid to upper 60s in the south bay, the peninsula, san francisco looking good in the upper 60s for today. same for the north bay. and in fremont, 66 is comfortable. you're going to be warmer in walnut creek at 67 and livermore 71 on thanksgiving day. only about a month away from winter with 70s on the map. getting spoiled this thanksgiving and more spoiling for you. your seven-day forecast, right at the bottom of your screen. >> we need that spoiling this morning. thank you so much. it is 4:49. a swat standoff in los angeles ends peacefully but hours after it began with gunfire. >> much of the standoff was
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caught on home video by a neighbor hiding in his home. investigators say the 45-year-old man fired at police, held his girlfriend and the standoff started after the gunman tried to drag the teen out of the home by her hair and someone called 911. one officer was shot in the chest but he was saved by his bullet proof vest. >> part of the stadium set to host the first match of the world cup in brazil collapsed one week before the top named were street arrive. at least two people were killed when a crane collapsed on top of a metal structure. in addition to the opening match, the venue is scheduled to hold five other games. an investigation into what caused the collapse is under way. not a football fan? instead of watching the game you can see space x falcon 9's latest launch attempt. this is a live look at the countdown clock on the website.
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the roblth has a target launch time of 2:39 our time. the mission was scrubbed earlier this week after several delays caused it to miss its launch window. it will carry a communications satellite into orbit. this is from a previous launch. you can watch that live and get updates on twitter using the hash tag space. still ahead, stories giving back. >> i fell in love with this cause and this is where my passion lies, so i feel incredibly lucky that i found it. >> how this woman's love for dogs turned into a highly successful million dollar program.
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good thursday morning to you. happy thanksgiving. whether you're going to grandmother's house, who knows this morning. just a few folks throughout this morning. this is a live look in the south bay. highway 101. people coming and going, a lot of people have today off. we know that the bay area filled with dog lovers but the bay area also loves an underdog which explains why one nonsproft enjoying so much success. garvin thomas shows us one woman's passion to save older unwanted dogs. >> you like to play ball. >> for two partners in a failed relationship. judy and her dog flower sure
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seem to get along great. >> this is what we like to do. >> in fact, judy says flower is the best dog she ever had. so what's failed about it? well, 13-year-old flower came to live with judy earlier this year as a foster dog, a temporary situation until someone else adopted her. well, that someone turned out to be judy sfwlxt she follows me. >> in the business that's called a foster failure. though judy only sees the success in it. and how it never would have happened without muttville and sherry franklin. >> who is the new papa? >> it was seven years ago shary came upon her passion in life. volunteering at the spca she was touched by the fate of most senior dogs. >> a lot of the older dogs at the time quite a while ago weren't making it out of the shelter. >> so sherry opened up not just her heart but her home.
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for six years muttville, a senior dog rescue was run out of her home. it has proven such a success, though, they opened up their own space next to the spca. many of the senior dogs up for adoption living a cage-free life at their headquarters. >> hey. >> sherry thought the first year when they adoptsed out 27 dogs was a good year. last year, the number was 500. >> in the next two weeks we'll have rescued 2,000 dogs. 2,000 senior dogs, most of those dogs would have been killed at shelters. so we saved 2,000 lives. >> this might be the dogs coming. >> reporter: as great as too,000 is, it's only a fration of the need. for everyone senior dog they take in, they say no to 20 others. the lucky ones chosen based on good disposition, though not
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necessarily medical condition. sherry says vet care is their number one expense, costing an average of $1,000 per dog to get them ready to adoxt when that moment happens the only one happier than the dog has got to be sherry. >> i fell in love with this cause and this is where my passion lies. so i feel incredibly lucky that i found it and that's why i'm doing it. >> garvin thomas, "today in the bay." >> making a big difference as well. it's 4:57. still ahead on "today in the bay," a car careens off a cliff. the daring overnight attempt to try to rescue those trapped inside.
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>> reporter: a dramatic cliff rescue off 92. i'm damian trujillo. those images are coming up. >> reporter: early thanksgiving morning shooting. i'm bob redell. two people have been taken to
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the hospital. that story coming up. >> a forecast to be thankful for this year, we're not looking at showers, well maybe a stray shower in the south bay. looking good this afternoon. to climb from the 40s and 50s into the 70s in some cities. what a treat for you and your family and then things change next week. >> we'll look forward to that as we take a live look outside san francisco this morning. the beautiful bay bridge. it is thursday, november 28th, this is "today in the bay." >> 5:00 right now. a very good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. i'm laura garcia-cannon. there is a lot to get to this morning but we want to check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. good news, a lot of people off today. >> yeah, not us. you know what, a lot of people have to get to work so we're in that boat with you this morning. good mornio


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