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tv   Today  NBC  November 29, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is october 11. >> what are we doing here? >> first of all, if you don't know about this video we are going to tell you about you are in the dark. >> we didn't know anything about this video. but it is sweeping not just the nation but the world. >> it's called "what does the
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fox say. ♪ ♪ ♪ what does the fox say ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> what does the fox say? oh. >> okay. so this viral video has more than 100 million hits and we don't get it. >> we don't know why. the norwegian brothers are here. >> i bet them downstairs. they are adorable. >> they are crazy. i met their brother. and he is -- wow. >> he is is a scream. this song was supposed to be a joke. it was pay back for what they had done the record company. >> they tried to write the world's worst song and it has become a hit. >> we're going to talk about all
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what does the fox say. >> that means there is going to be skrun chees. she is -- she goes to the beat of her own drum. >> she seems perfect for him. >> look at how we have to get the tight shot. that is sad what you just did in there. >> some people have a problem with scrunchiies. i think they are genius. can you hold it back? >> you rocked it. >> you have to also have your scrunchie and your fanny pack at the same time. hello. you do this and i'm practically royalty. >> i can't believe you gist did that. >> i know how to do it. >> i like it.
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>> so this was announced. >> i can't believe it. >> i'm recently botoxed. just announced a $95 scrunchie. >> they are trying to make it trendy. but look, it's not cool. >> if you love sex in the city, there was a whole bit on scrunchies. >> here is my crucial point. no woman who works at w magazine would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie. man it's a good thing i came along. you may know the ferllas, but i know the ladies. >> you don't know this lady and
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i'm not giving up my scrunchie. >> the number one run is when you put a rubber band in your hair it leaves a mark. these don't. >> that's why we like them. >> and another great trick. if you're having a great hair day and you're not going to wash it, do this. i'm going to show you. this is how you do it. i'm old. i know things. you do this. you do this. you do this and you do that. like that. and the next morning you look like that. >> i like it. does it really work? >> it works like crazy. >> i like it. >> i just showed some black spanx. as if i don't know. >> if ewe ear dating and you're doing it online, they have an app that they want you to know the personality of the person
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you're choosing where they're blurring the face of your prospective date. so that you're not -- you're not, you know, distracted by how handsome or unattractive they are. you get to know them as a person. what do you think about that? >> well, what do i think? if heaven forbid frank were not in my life anymore and i was a free woman, it is the last thing in the world i would ever do. i don't know if it's because i'm generational or -- i don't know. >> fuzzy looks good. >> i do look darn good that way. you know what, i don't want to -- i don't -- i don't like all that stuff. i want to meet somebody. >> in person. >> i'm not saying i want to meet -- >> that's what you said. >> if i were free, and i can't even imagine being on the dating scene again, i would want it to happen like some enchanted evening. >> it doesn't happen like that.
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>> it happened for you. >> i know. but i went to an event and it was accidental. >> that's what i'm saying, hoda. it may have seemed accidental to you, but might have been that divine appointment. >> i don't think there are any accidents. >> exactly. if you're trying to maneuver and manufacture something that happened, i think it is going to -- i don't know. it seems phony to me. >> yeah. i agree with that. i think sometimes when you feel like you've been to the bars, you've been to the church, to this place and that place, you get everywhere. not there. >> the bars and the churches. >> that's new orleans in a nutshell. the bars and the churches. all right, so, okay, a lot of kids get their high school or junior high or whatever picture taken and you look at it and you say i can't believe that's going to live in the yearbook forever. now you won't believe this. they have a whole photo shopping thing in place for yearbook pictures. most of the schools are offering touchups so there are packages. one package gets rid of, like, your pimples or whatever. the other package does you like the full monty, better hair and you get different clothes. >> full monty means naked, hoda. >> that's not what i meant.
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gets rid of braces, a tie. >> it is not a true representative of how you looked when you were young, such as this shot. >> okay. you know what? i'm tired of that. >> we wanted to have all the fun. if you don't have the glasses. >> oh, that's scarier. >> there is a little more. if we gave you your now hair. >> as long as you don't remove the necklace. i love that necklace. i think it is a little weird that people are redoing everything. >> it is not authentic, you know? >> i had most of my high school yearbook pictures were hideous, terrible, most of them. they looked like that and got progressively worse. careful. they weren't great, but so what? >> the fact is you can smile. my mother had my -- you know, you just laugh at it. speaking of laughing, guess what? time for friday funny. >> funny. better be good. >> this joke sent in by facebook fan kim stoler from niagara falls.
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this is going to require a little work on my part, okay? the three little pigs went out to dinner one night. the waiter came by and took their drink orbit. i want a sprite, said the first little piggy. i want a coke, said the second little piggy. i want beer, said the third little piggy. hope i can remember what order i did the voices in. after serving the drinks, the waiter asked for their dinner orders. i want steak, said the first little piggy. i want salad, said the second little piggy. i want beer said the third little piggy, lots and lots of beer. finally, if they wanted any dessert. i want pie, said the first little piggy. i want cheesecake, said the second little piggy. i want beer, lots and lots of beer said the third little piggy. the waiter said, pardon me for asking, but why have you ordered only beer all evening long? third little piggy said, well, someone it has to go wee, wee,
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wee all the way home. >> a lot of buildup. >> an awful lot of work for such a very little in return. >> all right. >> i'm deeply grateful. >> it is time for our johnson baby now where we celebrate new moms and adorable new additions to their families. first up, a baby born in new port beach, california, his name is malek abbas hodroj. and this little boy born with a little mohawk. lauren says her son has the most beautiful dark blue eyes she's ever seen. >> next baby is eloise lennon wilkes born on september 11th in mechanicsville, maryland. sure. this little lady shares a birthday with her mother and her
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father is in active duty navy first class petty officer. my daddy too. jamison alexander meles. i'm not sure. i'm sorry. he was born august 4th in boca raton, florida. his parents say their son is a very happy boy who can't stop smiling. they snapped a picture of him in the womb during an ultrasound. >> final baby of the week, sadie ophelia klemm. >> she has a little gas. >> august 31st. her parents say their daughter is the happiest baby in the morning and already befriended the family dog. congrats to all of our babies. if you want a chance for your baby to appear on our today's johnson baby of the week, go to for all the details. >> that does the fox say? we'll meet the duo behind this viral hit. they're a lot of fun. >> what are they doing? >> they're crooning. ♪
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they have a talk show in norway. and over the last five weeks their music video, the fox, has been viewed more than 100
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million times on youtube. it's ridiculous. >> they're currently number six on the billboard top 100. and it was all by accident. >> if you don't know them by now, you're about to become very hip when you find out about the wacky norwegian brothers. bard and vegard. >> yeah. >> they are known as -- >> you're bard? >> i'm bard. >> everyone says you can't say you're bored in america. i try to say -- i haven't chosen. i haven't decided. >> fabio is taken. >> i may go for fabio. >> there is a normal name in norway called odd. >> odd and bored. >> we have a friend. this is odd and he's bored. >> well, we want to say -- >> we want you to feel at home. we have a bar in our studio. >> that's great. >> and we also have a server who wants to take very good care of you. >> yeah.
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>> you sound more german, actually. >> how do i say it in norwegian. >> yeah. >> here comes gerard. >> yes! >> look at that. >> what does the fox say. >> what does the fox say, gerard? >> i don't know what a fox says. >> gerard, please smile. okay. >> look at gerard. >> thank you so much, gerard. >> do you want to hold on to these or -- >> the funny thing is you call us crazy, but look at you guys. >> look at us. >> we love guys like you. tell us how the whole thing happened.
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hoda loves this. >> just a minute. this is actually wine. >> yes. >> it started out as we make skits and -- >> for your show. >> for our show. >> a talk show. >> we do different kinds of things, hidden camera -- looks so great. >> slurp it back, baby. >> you know what this is? this is success. >> actually, it is gerard's urine specimen. >> whatever. and what is this? >> don't ask. >> okay. >> gerard, that's enough. >> so, okay, so talk show -- >> so we actually got a request from a super producer duo from norway called stargate, they work here around new york. and they have lots of billboard hits with rihanna and with -- >> beyonce, i think. >> beyonce. and so they asked us to do a sort of private favor for them to make a mocumentary for them. we said, can we ask a favor in return? >> i'm just drinking. you should listen. it is really exciting. >> he's going to suck blowing
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bubbles now. >> and then we asked for a favor in return, can we make a song together. they were like, sure, sure. and then we figured out if we are going to make a hit song out of this, it would seem kind of pathetic, because we're comedians and shouldn't do hit songs. so we decided to make an anti-hit so we could come back to our talk show and say, folks, you know, we had this opportunity, we had stargate and blew it. we couldn't think of anything else other than what the fox says. >> what? what the fox says. >> in norwegian -- >> we are actually -- >> what the fox says. >> but the idea sort of back fired on us because -- >> here you are, major hits. >> were you surprised? 100 million is ridiculous on any standard. >> it is kind of -- it is the first time i actually heard the number right now and it is kind of austin powers number, isn't it?
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100 million youtube hits. yeah. it is really strange. >> so we want to know about your love lives. are you taken? >> taken. >> yeah, we're taken. >> for now. >> for now. >> we're taken in norway. >> oh! >> those kind of guys. >> territorial licensing. >> are either of you married? >> we're married. >> you are. >> we're married. >> new york city. >> really? >> really. >> how long ago? >> one year ago. >> is she a model type? >> uber model, uber sexy, gorgeous. >> and you? >> i married in stent. >> stent? >> also a kind of cool metropolitan area, in a barn. >> cool. that is cool. >> are you going to do another one? is this the end of your hits? >> this is the first of many to come. we're doing wolves, cats, reptiles. >> good.
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>> not reptiles. just furry things. >> okay. >> guys, thank you so much. good luck. >> you're delightful. we're delighted to have you. >> can we come back? >> yes, it's yours. god bless you. bobbie has all your problems solved. it is time for our girl bobbie and bobbie's buzz. [ male announcer ] this is mike. mike's being healthy and chewing like a man. with one-a-day vitacraves for men! it's a gummy multivitamin... with more b vitamins, which help convert food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. get $2 off at
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>> from down your spine to the tip of your toes, today's style editor bobbie thomas is here with problem solving products. >> does your dog bark? >> yes. >> like crazy when the doorbell rings? >> yes. >> this is a product you need to have, pet corrector, just go ahead and spray it. >> oh. >> it's air. >> it reminds me of -- >> it's cold. >> when caesar milan, you don't spray it on them, you make the noise to get their attention, instead of when you yell at
2:29 am
them, they get -- >> i have three dogs that do it and drives me crazy. >> if they're jumping on someone, don't spray the dog. this worked and it reminds me when caesar milan does the -- this is a product that at first i wasn't quite sure. it is called straighten up. put your arms straight up and turn this way. >> this is not going to end well. >> i got to get this on. >> we have 30 seconds. >> i know. okay, put your fingers inside. over your head. this is meant to help correct -- put your arms through. >> straight through. >> okay. like a backpack. >> you can imagine, when i first took this out of the box -- >> i haven't one of these on since last night. uh-huh. >> okay. i have to say this is such a simple idea. >> you're standing straighter. >> that it pushes your shoulders so you don't hunch forward. you have to force yourself. and last but not least, they're telling me to go, go to
2:30 am this is happy feet. and you get -- you put them through your toes like yoga toes, but don't hurt as much. >> love you. >> more after this.
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we're back on this try day friday with more "today." relationships can be tricky. if you had a hard time understanding the opposite sex, we enlisted some help. >> back by popular demand to answer your question, two people with a lot to say. "elle's" advice columnist e. jean carroll and matthew hussey. >> you are our favorite odd couple. we love having you guys on. >> you're our favorite odd couple. >> thank you. thank you for coming off the mountain to be with us. >> chris writes in, what should you do when you want to see and address issues in your marriage but your spouse thinks everything is fine but the whole situation is making you miserable.
2:33 am
what to do? >> i think you should get out of the house, get out of the neighborhood, pack a picnic, a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, head out, go for a hike, spread a blanket in the grass and then tell him what you're thinking. not what you're feeling, tell him what you're thinking, let him hear it. if all goes well, you can seal the deal on the blanket. >> matthew? >> okay. for me, the tone of this question says it all. when she says, i'm miserable, and he doesn't know it, that doesn't suggest to me a problem in the relationship that's a woman too afraid to confront the problem. and the problem with that is those types of people -- >> she's like -- >> forget the wine.
2:34 am
forget the picnic, forget the blanket. >> even if i gave her the courage to go and say something, the moment he'll do what a guy does, she'll be too weak to stand up to that. she has to figure out her relationship with herself before she confronts him. that involves core confidence. i'm not going to have my self-esteem tied to losing this man. that's why they don't say something, they're afraid of loss. if i can say it is more detrimental to my life to be in a relationship of pain than it is to be alone, now she's going to go and get the things she wants. >> that was good. >> even e. jean is impressed. >> i think matthew is a secret woman. you understand women. deeply. >> thank you. >> sheryl, is it okay to date your ex's best friend? >> if the breakup was clean, you respect one another, and the guy is hot, yes. if he has called you in the last six months crying, no. if you have called him in the
2:35 am
last six months for a booty call, no. >> i like that the principles are based on how hot he is. the fact is, firstly, what you can't find another one -- another guy among the 3 billion guys in the world that is not his best friend. if you can't -- if he's the love of your life, go for it. if this is a whim because you're lonely or in pain or trying to get back at the guy, don't do it. god forbid you're on the receiving end of that one day. >> there aren't that many good guys out there. there are not -- matthew, you are one in a trillion. >> i know that, but that's very different from saying there are no great guys out there. >> cane has a question. is it appropriate to expect a date to pay for most or all of the nights out or at what point in the date process should i begin reaching for the check to share some of the responsibilities. >> it is not about finances. it is about getting lucky. if a man asks you out and you go to dinner and you like him and you think later down the road at
2:36 am
some point you're going to go to bed with him, he pays. if he asks you out, you go to dinner and you don't like him and you know never, ever, ever are you going to get in bed with this guy, you offer to pay and then he pays. >> like being a hooker? >> but the point is, that was about the -- that's not about the first date. that's about you're a few dates in, what do you do? do you keep letting him pay? i don't like to let a lady pay, no. but here's the point. a lady shouldn't expect it. i think a man should pay but a lady shouldn't expect it. >> a lady can pay by inviting him to her apartment for dinner. not for that. you pervert, no. just to make dinner for him. every man loves that. >> i think it is tough for women
2:37 am
in the position that they're in today to want equality in every other area, and then in a relationship say, but i don't want to contribute in that area. i think that sends out a confused message. i think for women -- especially since you guys have more money than us now. so for most women in that position, once they get into the relationship, if they want to be there, then they should be contributing. by the way, it is a guy's prerogative, if he wants to insist he pays for everything, she has the choice to let him. i think the expectation is what ruins relationships. >> i think it changes the dynamic of the relationship. >> if you don't like a guy, don't pick up the check. >> okay. >> if you don't like the guy, don't pick up the check. how to get the layered look for fall without adding bulk. it is very important. you disgust me.
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season after season, we see our favorite celebs layer for the chilly weather and they still look runway ready. >> they do. when you're hot, and then you're
2:42 am
not, and then you're hot again, welcome to my world, how can you still look stylish? here to show you how it's done is "lucky" magazine editor in chief eva chen. nice to see you again. you're doing it perfectly, aren't you? >> all about the layers. some days it is freezing. some days it is sweltering. you have to mix and match. >> let's start with our first model. we want jane to come on out. jane has a great weekend look. >> she looks adorable. >> how cute does she look? jane is wearing a look that i think is perfect for the weekends. all about the layers as i said before. she's wearing a boxier kind of looser top but then pairing it with skinny jeans, important for proportions. if you're wearing something boxy up top, wear something skinny on the bottom. >> conversely true as well? >> fitted on top, wear something fuller on the bottom. you don't want to wear skin tight from head to toe. >> how many layers does have on? >> you can take the sweatshirt on, sweatshirts are having a moment now.
2:43 am
>> i love sweatshirts. >> they're cool. >> she has a sweatshirt on underneath. >> tie it around your waist. >> exactly. >> how cute. >> that grunge look. >> with a scrunchy. >> way to go, jane. >> so cute. >> thank you. >> next up we have adriana, the collegiate-inspired look. tell us about that. >> a lot of us probably have that varsity jacket buried in the back of our closet. break it out. it is coming back. she has a varsity jacket on. when you take it off, she has a denim vest. >> i love denim vests. >> because it is sleeveless, it doesn't add a lot of bulk. >> such a cute look. >> just feel free. and turtlenecks, we're all obsessed with turtlenecks. >> really? >> anything you have from the summer, throw a turtleneck on underneath. you could wear one under this dress and it would work. >> i could? >> make sure it is fitted. >> got it.
2:44 am
thanks, adriana. in the office, which you never know if it is going to be hot or cold -- >> megan looks adorable. >> a tall drink of water. >> she is. >> she looks amazing, i think. first of all, the office. could be 20 degrees, 200 degrees, all about calibrating and having the layers. first, she has an ox blood moto jacket on. we love this, it is unexpected rather than black and the long oversized tee. she has a long sweater on, which, again, a shirt underneath is sleeveless, so your arms are free. you don't look like a michelin man and the shirt covers up the hips. >> it is okay to wear a jacket shorter than your shirt. what about the infinity scarf. i see them all the time around new york. >> these scarves are great. you have a scarf, there is an art to it. this one they do it for you. loop it over your neck twice. >> next up we have jessica. ready for a cocktail party. >> yeah. >> we think this is such a great
2:45 am
look at lucky. she's cocktail ready appropriate. a big trend on the runway for real life is the lingerie trend. women wearing lacy camisoles. >> i like that. very feminine. >> very feminine. how do you wear it without looking too sexy? don't want to go all the way out there. this is about layers, knits, chiffon, a beautiful camisole and she put a sheer layer over the camisole so it doesn't show too much. don't be afraid to wear color in the winter either. look at that great green skirt. >> thank you, jessica. >> thank you. >> last up, karen. she's all about date night. >> this is a cute date night look, we think. she has a little pea cut coat on. >> they never go out of style. >> she takes that coat off, what you can see is she has a cute little sweater on and satin skirt. satin is huge on the runway. >> i like that because the back
2:46 am
is long. >> this the kind of look you can wear to a date. a guy will find it sexy and cute and you can put the coat back on and go out with your girlfriends and go out to dinner. >> let's bring our ladies back out. that's great, eva. all great looks. >> good to see you again. for more on where to buy the complete looks, go >> do you want to be more flexible? >> maybe. and we have country critters. >> the hits keep coming right after this. alaska is a very extreme environment. >> 30 foot seas, hurricane force winds. >> we go in in really bad
2:47 am
situations and we always pull it off. >> we hit the water. game on. >> watch it. underwater. go! >> the reason i love doing this job is to save lives. >> a lot of the times the coast guard kms before the family. >> when he is out flying i do pray. >> i love you daddy. >> everything they throw at us, we do.
2:48 am
fall is finally here. >> and for every season there's a reason to watch. wake up with al, weekday mornings on the weather channel. >> it's just right. all of your local weather, travel updates and top stories. you just can't beat this kind of weather. >> everything you need to know first thing. we're like a killer app in your morning. >> so tap into us. >> so wake up with al. weekday mornings at 6 krk and 10:00. only on the weather channel. you disgust me.
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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he's been diving into murky kentucky ponds in search of snapping turtles for nearly 40 years. >> now turtle man is the state's most famous animal trapper and
2:51 am
the star of animal planet's hit series "call of the wild man." >> he's here with his banjo toting buddy neil james. you can catch it with your bare hands. >> right. >> in the wild. >> in the wild, yes. >> how did all this happen? tell us that first. >> here you have it. i've been trying to do this ever since i was 5 years old, catching snapping turtles with my uncle philip. i kept making it grow, going to parties and stuff, and -- >> i bet you're fun at parties. >> yeah. >> we'll pull out every animal. before we do, neil james is going to do a little song about each animal. the first one is a turtle. >> this is serious stuff now. >> we're ready. ♪ she's big around the middle but ain't no need to win a girdle ♪ >> right here it is. >> okay. >> weighs 100 pounds dead weight. i hope i can hold him here.
2:52 am
>> she or a he? >> let's see. >> oh, no. >> looks like a he. >> does it make any difference in their ferocity? >> yes. >> are men meaner than women or what? >> the women, you can't tame them. a male turtle, i've done it before.
2:53 am
but i've never tamed a woman. true story. >> all right now. careful. let's move -- watch your fingers. are you stuck in there? >> he's all good. >> the next animal. >> alligator snapping turtle. a groundhog? >> okay. >> we're doing a groundhog next. ♪ he's not much on wood but he'll bite you ♪ >> these things come out there in february, and if it is a shadow, it means four more weeks of winter. >> punxsutawney. >> what are they eating? >> eating peanuts and almonds and squirrels, look a rodent and never gets rabies. >> it don't? >> it don't? >> let's move on to the next one.
2:54 am
a raccoon? hit it ♪ all making pootie poo in the light of the moon the raccoon ♪ >> i don't trust raccoons, not even pet ones. they're the bandits of the night. they like to bite. >> yeah. >> they like little shiny stuff. they grab your jewelry like -- >> oh, yeah. >> and then run up to your shoes and go -- >> all right. good-bye, raccoon. we got time for another one? the beaver. >> oh, dear. >> go ahead. ♪ looks like they attacked a tree showing off a big meat cleaver ♪ ♪ it's a bad day for turtle man when he's up against the beaver. >> they can use the tree fall look a chainsaw. >> you are so much fun today. >> so much fun. >> thank you. >> you can catch "call of the wild man" sunday nights on the animal planet. >> we have the way to improve hoda's sex life. >> and better night's sleep too. >> this is nbc.
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2:57 am
here's a question. what do you get when you combine intense soccer drills with sexy brazilian dance moves? >> you get sexual desires. tedeo is here to show us a workout he likes to do in the sand. >> with a soccer ball. >> and stuff. >> hey. good it see you. >> nice to see you all.
2:58 am
when's going on? >> you combine soccer. >> yes. >> and you put it into the mainstream, like regular people like us can do it. >> exactly. i want you to have the same intense exciting workout we have as professional athletes and get the nice great body and natural butt lift and. >> and endorphins. >> should we pick up the balls? >> yes. we're going to go a squat. we have the ball above our head. and we're going to come around, rotating the hips, moving the gluts, working all three butt muscles. pretty fancy. let me see the hips rocking. i even like it in the heels. that's exciting. imagine yourself in the beach in brazil. >> brazil. >> not wearing spanx. >> looking great. i like the heels too. >> they're bicycle shorts. >> what is working? >> we're working all three -- let's do it together. >> doesn't matter. >> all three butt muscles, activating the biggest muscle in your body, raising the natural endorphins, libido level will come up.
2:59 am
you'll feel excited. you'll carry this into -- >> into where? >> the bedroom. >> let's do our latin lunges. we're going to come right forward and i want the hip thrust. there you go. beautiful. nice and sexy. throw the hip forward for me. i'm going to do it with you. in heels, still works. squeeze the glute. you're just rocking away. imagine this is what we do every day in copacabana at the beach. ♪ tall and tan >> give him a hug. >> it's over. >> good-bye. next week we celebrate the 15th anniversary of debra messing and eric mccormack. and performances by gavin degraw and scotty mccreery. >> go home and do this. bye.
3:00 am
it was horrifying. this was my mom, a vibrant woman ripped out of the world. everything we thought in our life was all shattered. he betrayed us to our very core. >> they are a stunning couple, a doctor and a beauty queen. >> she won homecoming queen. she did modeling. >> but the day she was found dead in the tub. >> she's in the bathtub. >> set a mystery in motion. >> my father said, rachel, come home and then he just hung up. >> so many secrets locked tight for so many years uncovered by daughters turned detectives. >> you hacked into his phone. >> yes, there was a lot of different things that came out. >> like


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