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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 29, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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their way across the span of the bay bridge on this friday, november 29th. this is "today in the bay." 5:00 now. a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. hope you had a great thanksgiving. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. a great day on tap. >> great day. great day on tap. and yeah, maybe you want to work off some of that thanksgiving food. good way to do so is to get outdoors and today is one of those days if you don't get outdoors you might be kicking yourself when the temperatures drop like a rock. this morning it's cold but this afternoon a nice sunny finish to the day, temperatures are going to reach the upper 60s to low 70s and then we have the coldest air of the season so far on the way. expecting potentially our first hard freeze of the season. we'll detail that coming up. back to you. >> we'll check back with you. in san jose the suspect involved in two shootings still on the
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run this morning. around 2:00 yesterday morning a man was shot in east san jose. two hours later another shooting a few miles away on state street. police say the victims in that shooting were sitting on a porch when two people approached the house and opened fire. police say both shootings appear random but all three victims are expected to survive. >> also new this morning fremont police asking for help identifying a burglar caught on camera. take a good look. a surveillance camera in the owner's bedroom snapped these two photos of the man as he made his way through the home on addison court tuesday afternoon. the suspect was talking on a smart phone with what appears to be a red case, to get in police say he broke the glass in the back patio sliding door. >> seems like most retailers tried to get an early start by opening stores a day early. but san jose-based chain fry's
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doing things the old-fashioned way with a twist. fry's was closed thanksgiving day but offered deals online allowing people to reserve tvs and other electronics for pickup. the president of the company says no standing in lines. >> they don't have to worry about getting up early. they don't have to worry about is that merchandise going to be there. and people will be able to sit back, reserve what they want and pick it up on black friday. >> all open in about an hour at 6:00 this hour. happening now, tradition for many shopping under way, last night in some places. this morning thousands of shoppers will storm through bay area stores with one thing in mind -- finding the best deals. bob redell is right there with them live at the livermore premium outlets. pretty busy? >> reporter: it is, laura.
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they have been open since 6:00 last night. and the general manager tells us they saw a surge from around 11:30 to 2:00 this morning. though a lot of people have since left, you still have a crowd here. there are thousands of people here trying to get in on the deals, for example like banana republic they cut all prices in half. another store is offering 50% off clearance items with people dropping hundreds on clothes and gifts for prison mass. the national retail federation expects americans to spend $738 this season. that's about 2% less than last year. the first time we've seen a drop in holiday spending in four years, but those numbers might not hold true for the bay area. a professor who specializes in retail management says he believes consumers will spend more here than the rest of the nation, a tale of two christmases because many in the bay area benefitted from the strong recovery in housing, you
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have fewer people under water in homes, they have more equity, they spend more. the area has benefitted from the recent ipo and surge in tech stock. that might be what we see. the general manager tells us he doesn't have hard numbers but believes there has been more traffic coming in here last year compared to last year. . can we ask you, how much money do you spend tonight? >> only $30. i couldn't find anything much. >> so did you save money? would you have spent 60 as opposed to 30? how much did you save? >> what about you? >> probably more than 100. i've been several places. >> how much have you spent this black friday holiday? how much have you saved? >> a couple like 40, 60. >> worth your while. >> i think so. but like there's a lot of people. >> there are a lot of people.
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you drive around the parking lots you can see the main parking lot is almost full. there is also parking in the overflow area, the general manager tells us that they have done something different. last year when it was their first year in operation, traffic was backed up. that's -- it was crazy. that's not the case this year. we'll tell what you they did differently to alleviate that problem this time. >> we'll look forward to that. that gives you about 25 minutes to look around for christina and i. i'm sure we're on your list. >> right on that. yes. okay. >> thanks a lot, bob. 5:05. things have been calm for most of the part in the bay area it was wilder in other parts of the country. madness. that's in a walmart in north carolina when the doors opened last night. video was taken right after the tvs and electronics went on sale. shoppers were running all over trying to get their hands on the
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bargains. >> giant balloons got the green light to fly between manhattan skyscrapers at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. there was concern that the strong winds could ground the iconic balloons like snoopy. but the winds managed to calm down allowing 16 giant characters to lift off, their handlers holding on tight. even the rockettes kicking things up. more than 3 million lined the route as the balloons and floats and bands all went by. followed by the star of the parade, santa who made his grand appearance. straight from the north pole. not bad. today christmas in the park returns to downtown san jose. this is the 34th year the city is hosting the event. there are more than 40 exhibits, hundreds of decorated trees and miles of lights. the annual tree lighting begins tonight at 6:00. christmas in the park runs through the new year and the great part is that admission is free. a big tradition for a lot of
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folks in the south bay. >> i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. she joins us this morning. you had a great thanksgiving. >> yeah. i hope you did. >> i did. >> christmas in the park, a great place to take the kids, they look into the windows and see santa. i was out there yesterday, people trying to get in. 44 degrees on the peninsula right now. we're at 46 degrees along the east bay shore so looking good right now. san francisco at 50 and 36 in the north bay so it is a chilly start to this black friday morning. we're going to see temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s even in san francisco today. so highly unusual to see these numbers this time of year but we are going to get spoiled again. keep it coming, mother nature. we like it. we do have things to tell you about if you are trying to travel as many are. headed to southern california, we're clear in the bay area. look at this to our south we've got this area of low pressure bringing pretty steady rainfall to los angeles and all of this
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is going to kind of move inland throughout the next couple hours. skirting the shoreline here. it's going to move inland and for you headed down the 5 it could become problematic. i want to keep that in mind, put that on your radar. you can see down here we have your sunday forecast at the bottom. major cooling headed our way. frost, potential freeze warnings. we'll talk about that in my next report. back to you. >> thanks, christina. this morning san jose police trying to find a motive for a wild and violent crime spree on thanksgiving. the suspect was ultimately shot to death by police. damian trujillo is live in san jose with the condition of several during all of this mayhem. >> reporter: there were three victims all in serious condition. but all expected to survive. the suspect in this triple stabbing shot dead by a san jose police officer.
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san jose police say the suspect stole a minivan after the stabbing. he led police on a chase that included driving the wrong way for a short distance on highway 680. police say the suspect returned to the neighborhood and rammed a squad car, that's when an officer opened fire, killing the suspect. the minivan then crashed into a neighbor's tree. police are trying to find the motive for the stabbing but it is believed the suspects knew the victims. it happened around the corner from here, regional medical center. witnesses say they were stunned. >> my goodness, what's wrong. he almost hit us. i don't think he cares or something like we thought he was drunk at first but when we saw two cars were chasing like a few seconds followed a few seconds after like my gosh, this is bad. running away from somebody. >> reporter: the officer is a
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10-year veteran, he is on routine administrative leave while the d.a. and the homicide units investigate this shooting. i called the medical examiner's office to try to get an i.d. on the stabbing subject. there was no answer on their phone line this morning. live at regional medical center in san jose. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> what a wild description there. thanks so much. still ahead on "today in the bay," a russian olympian sets himself ablaze carrying the olympic torch in serbia. keeping nasa's latest rocket from launching into space.
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welcome back everyone. a very good friday morning to you. 5:12. a former russian olympic bob
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sledder accidentally set his sleeve on fire carrying the olympic torch. they put out the fire and he wasn't hurt. the the flames were caused by drops of liquid gas that fell on his jacket. this is the latest in a series of mishaps during the torch relay. the moscow times reports the flame has gone out 44 times during its trek. >> nasa is having trouble getting one of its rockets off the ground. >> three, two, one. zero. >> didn't take off. a glitch forced nasa to abort the liftoff of the spacex rocket. it was the second time this week it's scrubbed. spacex is carrying a communications satellite which once in orbit is to improve cable and broadband services across asia. >> a local company the first ride sharing business to start operating legally at sfo.
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relay ride lets bay area travelers park for free at hotels while their cars are rented out to visitors during the trip. the company leased parking spaces at two hotel airports, the westin and the loft san francisco airport. the company says all cars are washed before they are returned and renters have to go through background checks. they picked the company because they were willing to comply with state and local rules. plus, relay rides agreed to pay sfo 10% of the profit from business it generates at the airport. >> 5:14. black friday shoppers heading to walmart will be greeted by protesters. for more on that we turn to hampton pearson live at cnbc's washington, d.c. bureau. good to see you, hampton. >> reporter: hi there. we're going to turn to the markets where we've got futures
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higher as investors head into final trading day of the month. historically if november is positive december will be too. as a matter of fact over the past ten years if november is positive the dow and s&p 500 are up in december, 80% of the time. on wednesday, the dow closed up 24 points, to close 16,097. the nasdaq adding 27 to close at 4045. as you mentioned some walmart workers and supporters plan protests at 1,500 stores hoping to draw attention to what they believe are wages that are too low, protesters believe that $17 billion walmart made in profits should allow the retailer to boost and pay what workers call livable wages. critics say not all of the protesters are walmart workers but that's because some employees fear retaliation if they criticize the company. amazon is not waiting until
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cyber monday to roll out its deal. the retailer will open its special cyber monday store on sunday at midnight. promising new offers nearly every ten minutes including 50% off on top toys and 50% off on a 46-inch samsung led tv. cyber monday is its top mobile shopping day of the year. and speaking mobile i'm sure a lot will be out and about all weekend, shopping, hitting the malls, you name it they are there. >> better get us your list. christmas is coming. >> i'm all about gift cards and cash. >> good to know. good to know. thanks a lot. maybe we'll get him a gift card to a restaurant and he can take us out. >> i would absolutely love that. i like your style, hampton pearson. it is chilly out there this morning. but we're going to see such a nice day. san jose at 44 degrees, once the
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sun starts to make an appearance we're going to see really nice skies all across the bay area. mostly clear, we started out mostly cloud sew we're headed to the upper 50s. in the peninsula a taste of the mid to upper 60s. looking good request in san francisco. look at this. richmond district, 68 degrees so comfortable conditions even in the city by the bay. 69 santa rosa. 66 in fremont. and 71 degrees out in pleasanton. so looking good for a nice finish to the day. then the changes move in. so let's talk about that, what to expect as we get through the next few days. bright sunshine for today. by this weekend it's going to stay mild saturday and sunday. a touch cooler. then as we head through next week the coldest air of the season so far moves in. if you want to know what that means, check out your sunday forecast at the bottom of your screen. we're talking about the 30s and the upper 20s in the north bay so make sure you're ready for
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frost. if you have sensitive vegetation put this on your radar. you, laura, do have quite a garden. >> i do like to garden. got to watch it. thanks for the warning. we pay such close attention to christina's great forecast. switching gears, bay area man who grew up in a life of crime to become a top drug kingpin has an unlikely new profession. after being arrested and sentenced to prison he has vowed to do time and change his ways so he could tell others about his crime, punishment and redemption. garvin thomas has his story. >> everybody check your e-mail today? i sent you ten questions. >> reporter: if michael santos began asking the teacher how he spent his summer, the answer might have surprised them. >> today we're going to talk about the federal prison system. >> reporter: michael was in federal custody. >> i just want to share my experience with you.
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>> reporter: then again, prison is where michael has spent the last 26 summers. of his life. >> 26 years, 9,500 days. 9,500 days for me. >> reporter: it was in 1987 michael was convicted in federal court of being a drug kingpin. of shipping kilos of cocaine from miami to his hometown of seattle. >> i made every bad decision you could. >> reporter: before he was sentenced, before he spent a single of those 9,500 nights in prison, michael made one very good decision. he picked up a philosophy book and learned about socrates. >> when he had an opportunity to escape and he said no, i live 18 democracy, and in a democracy i have the right to change the laws but i don't believe in but i don't have a right to break the laws. that's what totally transformed my life. >> reporter: michael vowed then
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and there to do his time, educate himself, and become a contributing member to society. what followed was an undergraduate degree from mercy university a masters degree from hofstra university, michael was on his way to a ph.d. until his warden shut that down. >> the warden said that this is a athlete our security. we're not a university. this is a prison. >> reporter: still michael says that enabled him to focus on writing, aided at that point by his wife carol. they met while michael was behind bars and have been married for ten years now. while in prison, michael published more than half a dozen books about his experience and prison life in general. professors around the country began adding his work to their courses but it was one school that decided to add michael himself. >> i thought really? an amazing moment for me to think i was going to -- that the university was going to hire me. >> reporter: the transition,
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though, was not without its bumps. >> the biggest surprise is learning you who to drive. i didn't know that i had forgotten how to drive. i didn't know when i forgot how to drive. as soon as i got behind the wheel i realized i didn't know how to drive. >> if you are the bright mind that this institution cultivates. >> reporter: michael, true to form, has conquered that by now. now traveling the country, spreading the word about what he sees as the biggest evil in our country. >> mass incarceration. everybody here knows somebody who has been incarcerated. >> reporter: and how society and prisoners can overcome it. >> i believe anybody can do it. anybody can become more than their past. >> stand up. be heard. >> reporter: garvin thomas, "today in the bay." >> what a remarkable turnaround. 5:21. coming up a publicity stunt causing controversy. why this huge trunk in russia
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has so many upset.
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>> >> welcome back everyone. a very good friday morning to you. taking a live look outside. isn't that beautiful. it's crystal clear. that's the bay bridge. it looks like folks making their way across the span. not a lot of traffic to report. we gave mike the day off. a lot of people are off out shopping i guess. >> a publicity stunt in russia backfiring somewhat for a french fashion house. check out the giant trunk. louis vuitton set up in red square. it measures 98 feet long, 30 feet high, the trunk was constructed to house an exhibit that benefits the russian children's charity. but many russians are outraged saying the trunk is too close to
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lenon's tomb and the kremlin. the administration did not have advanced notice of that project. local authorities have reportedly asked the trunk to be dismantled but they have not gotten official notice to tear it down. certainly put a lot of shoes in that trunk. >> oh, yeah we can. you know what, what a great day to buy shoes. i have a little tip for shoppers. here's what you can do next year for black friday. go a week before to the store, try on everything you want and find it on line and beat the crowds. 46 degrees in oakland. a cold start to the day in livermore at 40. 51 in san francisco. and i can tell you it's cold to start but a gorgeous finish headed our way. temperatures climbing into the 60s and 70s. we're getting very spoiled. and the weekend. then temps tumble. a major system headed our way. right now, though, back to you. >> thanks so much.
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5:25. still to come, a suspect shot by an officer after allegedly ramming a stolen van into a patrol car. what police are saying about a possible motive for his crime spree.
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>> reporter: a violent thanksgiving day in san jose. i'm damian trujillo. coming up the latest on the officer-involved shooting. >> and the mad dash to save cash. the wild overnight scene as millions hit the stores ahead of black friday. we'll take you live to what many call the center of the shopping universe. >> elbows in everybody. elbows in. good morning to you. if you're going to be headed out and about braving the crowds it's cold to start but temperatures are going to be nice this afternoon. i advise get it done early to enjoy our beautiful finish. your full forecast in moments. >> sounds great. let's take the live look
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outside. look how clear you can make out the bay bridge there in the distance. glistening in its fwlorry. you made to the friday t last friday of november. the 29th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i want to get a check of the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. a good day for hanging the christmas lights. >> yeah. i love the bay area when all of the christmas lights are glowing. today a lot of people get started on that. there are also some tree lightings tonight. santa himself is going to be out there. it's clear out there and as a result it's cold so. make sure you're ready for that. the scarf, the boots, anything you want winter like for the start of the day. you can dress for spring by the day's end as temperatures climb from the 40s into, watch these numbers, the 70s in some cities. 70 degrees in the north bay, the
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east bay, 65 for san francisco, and 68 in the south bay. all good things must come to an end. much colder weather on the way. we'll detail that coming up. back to you. >> thanks so much. it's 5:30. several people in san jose recovering from stab wounds after getting caught in a wild one-man crime spree on thanksgiving. the suspect was ultimately shot to death by police. damian trujillo is live in san jose with new details on this investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the victims are in serious condition right now here at regional medical center but expected to be okay. but this is where they spent their thanksgiving day, behind me at regional medical center. i got off the phone a while ago calling the medical examiner's office to see if they have i.d.'d the suspect. no one is picking up the phone right now. police say he stabbed three people around the corner from the regional medical center and sped off in a stolen minivan. officers gave chase.
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at one point the suspect got on highway 680 going the wrong way. he quickly got back on city streets and ended up near the same neighborhood. after he rammed the minivan into a patrol car the officer shot and killed him. the van rolled onto a neighbor's yard, hitting a tree. >> tried to do a u-turn on the cop cars, hit the cop cars and the cop started shooting at him. >> i was inside, i hear the shot. >> pop, pop, it was a police action and something that needed to be done and i'm glad they took care of it. >> reporter: we still do not have a motive for the stabbing. that's something detectives are looking into. the officer also has not been identified. we do know, however, that he is a 10-year veteran of the force. a violent day yesterday in san jose. remember that early morning shooting on state street at about 4:00 in the morning. so a lot of violence on
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thanksgiving day in san jose. live at regional medical center. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> that's right. the suspect involved in two shootings still on the run this morning. around 2:00 yesterday morning a man was shot in east san jose. two hours later another shooting on state street. police say the two victims were sitting on their porch when two people approached the house and opened fire. police say both shootings appear random but all three victims are expected to survive. >> fremont police asking for help identifying a burglar caught on camera. take a look. a surveillance camera in the homeowner's bedroom snapped these photos of the man as he made his way through the home on tuesday afternoon. the suspect was talking on a smart phone with what appears to be a red case. to get in he broke the glass in the back patio sliding door.
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crowds will put a bay area mall to the test. thousands of shoppers will see something that police hope will help curb overcrowding. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. you might recall last year, a lot of people wanted to come here on black friday. it took forever to get in the parking lot. and 580 was a mess. you'll look here at the entrance, we're not seeing the same thing this year. even though there are still thousands coming. that's because the mall learned from last year. they did something different. one, they opened earlier at 6:00 last night and they hired a traffic consultant and this is interesting, who suggested that law enforcement not direct traffic into the mall like last year. >> really confuses people. people are very used to coming to a stop light, stopping when it's red, going when it's green.
5:34 am
once you put an officer out there now you have to pay attention to somebody, it's dark out, you have to think about what he's going to do, is he stopping you, and people tend to be a little distracted because they are excited to get into the center so. this way it was simple. >> reporter: what's interesting is there are -- even though there are parking slots in the main lot they have cars in the overflow so there are thousands of people here. the mall says they had a surge around 11:30 to 2:00. what are we, 5:00 hour and you still have lots of shoppers here, some stores are doing 50% off everything. doing 50% off clearance items. if you look at the national retail federation, they expect americans to spend $738 this year. that's about 2% less than last year. we spoke to a man who dropped $1,000 and he believes he would have been spending $2,000 if it
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had not been on sale. so i mentioned those numbers from the national retail federation for nationally. but there is a professor in the south bay who believes in the bay area we're going to probably buck that trend. reporting live in livermore, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i see a michael core store behind you. christina and i could use a new purse. >> shoes, anything from michael core. we have a good day shaping up. temperatures pretty frigid to start. i'm not going to go ahead and take that down. i'll tell you it's cold out there. santa rosa, we're 51 in san francisco, out in the south bay at 44 so it's not too cold. but this is nowhere near as cold as we're going to be into next week. we have a major system bringing some very cold air. old man winter next week. remember, if you want to find out about that you don't have to wait. we have your forecast scrolling
5:36 am
at the bottom of the screen. look at our temperatures that finish off the day. san francisco 65. mostly sunny. in the upper 60s to low 70s. so a real treat for us. the day after thanksgiving. if you are going to be traveling today as a lot of people will be be, your roadways are not quiet. there are a lot of people out shopping and traveling. keep in mind an area of low pressure that could impact you over the grapevine over highway 5 so. keep that in mind. should be clearing out, good news if we're traveling tomorrow. more on the forecast and the gold blast. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:36. black friday rush is not just happening in the bay area but across the country. jay gray joins us from what some say is the middle of shopping universe. the maul of america in minnesota. is it getting more crowded or
5:37 am
calming down? >> reporter: we're between shifts. take a look. something you're not going to see often, an empty corridor. the late night shoppers came in around midnight, took their bags, went home. they will sleep and come back later today. the early morning shoppers starting to drikle in at this point. this year thanksgiving merged together. the dash for deals, the push for presents. the rush for a little retail therapy. actually began just after all of the turkey was gone. >> i live for this day and i take this day off work every year. then my belly is full and i'm ready to shop. >> shoppers searching for the same thing -- savings. >> trying to save money. usually try not to get as much
5:38 am
as we can. >> analysts say stretching past the weekend. >> i think black friday is gaining relevance because it's more than one day in particular. >> not everyone is sold on the idea of shopping thanksgiving day. >> they should all be closed on thanksgiving. it's thanksgiving. if there is a debate what to do on thursday -- >> football and peer and bretsles and food. >> friday's focus is clear. finding that perfect gift at a great price. >> reporter: black friday a pretty good bargain for retailers. shoppers expected to spend nearly $650 on average this weekend. that's up 11% from black friday last year. that's the latest at america's largest mall. back to you. >> looks like it's picking up. small business saturday as well. help out the little buy.
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5:38. still ahead the teen set on fire on board an ac transit bus. >> i looked down an my skirt is on fire. i freaked out. i'm on fire. >> what he has to say about the 16-year-old charged as an adult for the crime. taking a live look auds, a beautiful live look at the bay bridge. it's 5:39. a lot more news ahead.
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welcome back. it's 5:41. a good friday morning to you. this morning the teenager who was set on fire aboard an ac transit bus is speaking publicly about the horrifying moments. sasha fleischman spent thanksgiving at his home with
5:42 am
his family after several weeks in the hospital recovering. jodi hernandez shares his story. >> feels really great to be home and i'm really fwlad that i could be home for thanksgiving. >> reporter: despite enduring a terrifying ordeal, sasha fleischman couldn't be more grateful this thanksgiving. >> pretty much all my burned areas are i have skin grafts. >> reporter: the high school senior suffered severe burns to the legs when another teen set sasha's skirt on fire aboard an ac transit bus three weeks ago. >> i looked down and my skirt is on fire. i freak out. i'm on fire. >> reporter: for the first time, sasha is talking publicly about the ordeal. describing the moments of panic on seeing and feeling the flames. >> my first instinct is kind of
5:43 am
dumb. that waving around trying to put it out. that fans the flames and makes it bigger. >> what sasha did next something learned in kindergarten may have saved the teen. >> i drop on the floor and start rolling. >> sasha's injuries required three surgeries and three weeks in the burn unit. yet, sasha doesn't seem bitter. >> i don't want to be too harsh because people do dumb things. especially when they are teenagers. >> reporter: sasha believes the 16-year-old suspect richard thomas shouldn't be prosecuted as an adult. though the teen is not sure what thomas' intent really was. >> it was a really dumb thing he did. i think should be able to realize that's not a funny prank. >> reporter: the case has drawn worldwide attention and sasha who doesn't identify as male or
5:44 am
female, hopes it will lead to a better understanding of gender identity issues. as for the skirts, don't expect any changes. >> it's a big part of who i am and like, i don't like pants. >> in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> a big heart of forgiveness there. 5:44. across the bay area thousands spend their thanksgiving with big hearts helping those in need. >> let's eat, everybody! time to eat. >> that's bob mann. he assembled a small army of friends and family to make hundreds of turkey sandwiches and handed them out to the homeless at st. james park. he also served more than 1,000 slices of pie as well as donuts and coffee. he got the idea after people in the park flocked to him to get his leftovers last year.
5:45 am
what a great story. at glide memorial church it was a tradition with a music twist. the cast broke into song while helping serve thanksgiving lunch at glide memorial church. ♪ amazing grace how sweet >> that's happiness for you. they do it every year there, the church serves several how sapd people yesterday. many who depend on glide say they wouldn't survive without its services. >> i'm in the shelter. you know. and without this i wouldn't -- i wouldn't be eating today. >> makes such a huge difference. in addition to the meal glide gave out over 1700 bag lunches as well. across the bay in oakland a teen made good on his promise to show thanks for an organ donation.
5:46 am
michael and his family served dinner to families. his liver failed when he was 11. he received a transplant from a los angeles teen killed in an accident. since then he and his family feed the homeless once a month and on thanksgiving to honor johnny hernandez. >> it's always an honor to honor him so it's always good to come out and feed, since he's not here and people were family and had a different impact on people's lives. >> he hopes others will become organ donors. all of those stories, don't you love them. >> i do. and they are inspiring. it's contagious to give. so i love seeing those. you know what, i hope you had a great thanksgiving. temperatures are pretty chilly to start the day but it's going to feel like spring by the day's
5:47 am
end. highly visible this morning the bay bridge. what a beautiful sight here. a lot of people now picking up. no traffic problems so if anything does drop up, like has the day off. temperatures looking good for today. in the upper 60s in the south bay, mid to upper 60s. getting a taste of spring with mid to upper. we'll see a few 70s in pleasanton, the east bay looking good. fremont at 66 degrees for today. a lot of things happening across the bay area. tree lighting. mike will be there. i'll be out at gear a deli square. i would love to meet you out there. the tree lighting starts at 5:30. 59 degrees, you know what, it's going to snow at the square. it's cool. it wasn't in the forecast but hey if they can provide that, santa's in town. i want to nut on your map.
5:48 am
it's going to be the coldest blast so far, lows in the 20s. tucht see your seven-day forecast. right at the bottom of the screen. >> burr. thanks so much. you want to get into the holiday spirit head up to santa cruz and hop on board the holiday lights chain. theytart at the boardwalk and george takes us along for a ride. >> reporter: every bolt, every christmas decoration, the folks in felton are getting their holiday lights ready for the season. >> it's just fun. just plain fun. the christmas season is hard to find anybody who comes here crumpy. >> the holiday lights train is the brainchild of gary, 14 years ago he and two of his friends wanted to create a christmas experience. >> it's like a rolling piece of candy or down the streets of
5:49 am
santa cruz so it's like a parade. >> thousands hop on board the fastest train every year. the senior conductor says it's an amazing adventure. >> the nighttime holiday ride begins at the board walk and takes everyone on a christmas journey. blinks light on the side of the train. >> singing, carols, mr. clausant his beautiful wife show up and we have a great time with all of the kids. even the ones that are over 90 years old. >> with tall red woods and firs those who twlerk say it's hard not to gt in the holiday spirit. >> it's beautiful. awe inspiring. it's nature so alive and sore. >> it's the holiday lights that takes the strain.
5:50 am
the annual prodigs doesn't end until the last train returns home. in felton, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> something to check out. 5:50 now. this holiday season just started but the brinch trying to kiel steal christmas by taking an army kettle. police say griffith told them he left his post to hold the door for a grandmother and her children. when he came back the kettle and the $50 inside gone. police say there is no security video showing the defendant and have no suspects. you come out looking, i was very hurt. whoever would take from god. 24,000 people that we're trying to clothe and feet. >> in an effort to restore some
5:51 am
holiday cheer the manager put in $100 to the replacement kettle. coming up three more games as the niners get ready to take on the rams. you could sigh they are getting an early christmas difficult. we'll explain.
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back. 5:53. the raiders hoping to celebrate thanksgiving holiday with a win but that idea was poked by the cowboys. silver and black rashad jennings
5:54 am
had his first two first half touchdowns. oakland led at halftime. the second half, all cowboys. demarco murray's third rushing touchdown gave dallas the lead for good. the cowboys scored 17 unanswered points in the second half, the raiders lost it 31-24. the countdown is on, only three games left at candlestick park before the 49ers move into their new digs. on sunday the niners are hosting the rams, a team getting an early christmas gift. >> bringing michael crabtree back, that's value. a guy on each side of the feed that has a pedestrian a degree. >> offensive coordinator greg roman was talking about pairing michael crabtree with anquan boldin. crabtree will play his first game since hurting his achilles. the niners tied for second place and trail the seahawks by three
5:55 am
games. it will be a nice weekend. >> yeah, it's going to be really nice. especially on sunday. looking warmer than saturday. similar to what we expect today. 46 degrees in emeryville. give you an idea how clear it is out there. that black friday morning. cold in the upper 30s, the coldest region, 44 degrees in the south bay. nonetheless we expect the mid to upper 60s. even low 70s. then things chant. right now back to you. >> we'll look forward to it. >> stopping on black friday isn't your thing. it appears plenty of people skipped thanksgiving and lunch to visit the auto show. among the cars on displace a new
5:56 am
model maseratmaserati. >>i think we like to see what's coming out and then we also like to see the classics and the specialty displays. being able to test them, really nice without the sales man. >> i'm a salesman. >> the show's now in its 56th year, from 10:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. >> we have a new winner for the national dog show. jewel, a 3-year-old american foxhound chosen best in show among the 17 groups. you can watch jewel and the other top dogs, an encore presentation of the national dog show tomorrow night at 5:00 on nbc. >> it's 5:56. still ahead, a suspect shot by
5:57 am
an often after allegedly running a stolen van into a patrol car. and a home burglary cut on camera. police releasing these pictures after man they need help identifying. taking a live look outside from the east bay this morning, all is calm, all is bright, already in the krip. christina helps flip the swish. we'll help you. 5:57 now.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> actually i was in a home and the idea to shop. >> a stabbing spree, a carjacking and a showdown with police. new details about a suspect's rampage through a san jose neighborhood. new questions about his motive.
6:00 am
plus, a shoplifting suspect shot during black friday chaos. we'll tell you why police say they had to take aim. and renting your car while you're out of town on vacation. we'll tell you about the new car sharing service cleared for takeoff at sfo. >> maybe want to take your car and family to the beach. day after thanksgiving, we're going to climb from the 40s into the 60s and 70s, just getting spoiled. all good things must come to an end. we've got major cooling headed our way. i'll detail that. >> let's take a live look on this friday morning. overlooking the south bay. it's black friday as they call it. november 29th, and this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news right now in san francisco. it appears that


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