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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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right now at 11:00, an unnerving video, this is the first time we have seen merrill newman of palo alto since he was taken off a plane in north korea. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. raj and jessica have the night off. we begin with a developing story. tonight north korea confirmed it has arrested merrill newman and accused him of hostile acts against the government. then just about two hours ago a video of newman surfaced on youtube. on it he's heard confessing his
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alleged crimes and explaining what happened while visiting that country. >> shall i ask my guide to help me to look for their families and relatives living in dprk, and i gave the document written with their addresses and e-mail addresses to the guide in the hotel. >> reporter: at the end of the statement newman bows and then there's video of the veteran putting his thumbprint on each page. it is important to remember that north korea has coerced statements and confesses from detainees in the past. newman has missing since late october when officials took him off a plane as he was getting ready to leave that country. he had spent ten days there as a tourist. today north korea as news agency issued the first statement from the government about the palo alto statement saying he masterminded espionage and subversive activity. and in this course he was involved in killings of service
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personnel of the korean people's army and innocent civilians. newman lives with his wife lee newman at the chang house retirement center in palo alto. an nbc news spoke to his wife and son earlier this week. she said then that her husband has a heart condition and needs medication. she add that had she is worried about her husband, and again, this was before the information and video released today. >> it's been hard. we have a lot of strong support, but it's not -- when you don't know when your husband of 56 years is, you don't know his health. you don't know when he will be home with us. it's not an easy situation. >> the written confession and apology on that video is dated november 9th. newman's wife and son have not responded publicly to this latest development, no are has the u.s. state department. we have new details now out of southern california. a standoff at a shopping center
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on black friday is now over. an armed man who had barricaded himself inside a store now is dead. investigators. la cracenta is about ten miles from downtown los angeles. people got a scare as they were evacuated during that standoff. today walmart employees joined forces with workers' rights groups and staged protests at 1500 walmarts nationwide demanding fair wages. officers arrested five people outside the walmart in san leandro. supporters want walmart to commit to paying full-time employees at least $25,000 a year. >> this is the country's largest employer, and about towards two thirds of the workers masse less than $25,000 a year. that's just not enough to put food on the table. >> walmart's president defended his k350e today. the website says the average
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hourly worker makes $12.83 an hour. he added his employees have a chance to move up and earn higher wages as well. retailers nationwide are trying to cash in on that annual shopping frenzy known as black friday. there were plenty of people at bay area malls today looking for a deal. nbc bay areas george kiriyama joins us. >> reporter: you can see parking spaces. we've done a lot of stories where a shopper was standing in line and buying a gift. we found people doing other things besides shopping tonight, yet they were part of this black friday mess. ah, that familiar car horn sound, something you hear a lot of on this black friday. check out montague expressway, all of them trying to get into the great mall. >> it's too much for us to bear,
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and i really just wish that we can't get there quicker. >> reporter: it was 30 minutes to little into the parking lot, another ten to find a parking space. that's why -- >> i just don't want to deal with all this traffic. >> jeremy decided to park his car two miles from the mall and walk. yes, walk the rest of the way. >> i was here this morning and it was super-packed. i was like, okay, i'm not going to do that again. >> once inside, what do you see? a majority of the shoppers walking or sitting around. some were standing in line to take advantage of the sales. >> we've been waiting in lines all day. >> reporter: after hours of shopping, you just have to put your bags down and eat. the importance of food on black friday should not be overlookedivities on black friday you need 100% energy, definitely, it gets crazy. >> reporter: stress got the better of celeste. she decided to get a 15-minute
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massage. >> my back, my legs hurt, because i've been standing there in line. >> you can't blame this man for teak a nap. >> 6:30 a.m. you were here? you've been here all day? >> all the day almost. >> reporter: that's why you are sleeping? >> yeah. >> reporter: that guy was at the great mall for 12 hours. that's pretty crazy. some people are telling me they're getting ready for small business saturday, which is tomorrow, many of the shops in towns are looking forward to that. wee live at the great mall too. in milpitas, george kiriyama sfwlooismt we have breaking news tonight a deadly crash has shut down all westbound lanes of the dumbarton bridge. a vehicle hid a peat just about 20 minutes ago. there is no word yet on when the westbound lanes of the dumbarton bridge will reopen. all right. do you recognize this man? police say he robbed a bank in
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walnut creek this evening. he went into the bank of america, and passed a ne to the teller reportedly demanding money. once he got the money, he ran. police are asking anyone with nichx about his identity will call the police department. and new at 11:00, it was supposed to be a campaign celebrating diversity. instead this gap advertisement triggered concerns of race iism after someone vand -- the poster features a male model with a full beard and turbine. stephanie, 99% of the people who wear turbinissu turbans are pare sikh community? >> that's right. some telling me tonight here at the temple and elsewhere that this defaced gap ad shows that the understanding what sikhism is about here in the u.s. has a
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long way to go. it was the first time after s c singh looked -- >> it was something to be proud of. >> reporter: but a few days later it would replaced with "make love" with "make bombs." >> i've seen things like this happen to us, you know, since 9/11. >> reporter: the 20-year-old grew up in fremont, but says even here he was bullied in school, especially when 9/11 hit. he was in the third grade. >> since third, fourth and fifth grades, those years were tough, growing up as the kid with the only turban in school. people used to pull it off. >> a he says the day to day frustration hit as the people continue to misidentify sikhs as muslims. in fact a study released in
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september and the sikh defense fund found that 70% of americans who responded could not identify a sikh man in a picture, most of them thought the man in the turban was a muslim. >> it's just a reminder that even as a society over the last decade we haven't come far. >> reporter: which is why he produced this documentary, but he says the gap ad shows there's some progress, albeit slow, in understanding what its religion for what it is rather than what it is not. >> we're just as american and actually not that bad-looking, either. >> reporter: gap responded quickly, replacing it with a new one. the company also clanged the twitter background to that ad features the sikh model, a move that drewment of praise from sikh-american grips, including those right here in the bay area. >> stephanie, thank you. there is new video on the
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scene where a police helicopter crashed into a pub in scotland. officers have not confirmed any deaths at this point. there were about 120 people in the pub at the time. scotland police confirmed that the hell cot emhad a crew of three when it went down. and earlier this month, sasha fleischman was lit on fire. tonight sasha is back home. sasha is one of thousands of people who consider themselves agender. jodi hernandez spoke with sasha about how this story is bringing attention to agender people. >> i think it's incredibly brave person s sometimes perhaps history thrusts people into moments. >> reporter: that's how many in the bay area feel about sasha. the teenager set on fire aboard
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a transit bus whose story has prompted many to rethin issues of gender. >> we're talking about words like agender. >> reporter: joel of gender spectrum, a nonprofit that advocates gender inclusiveness says sasha's story is shining new light on something many young people are embracing. the idea that gender shouldn't be limited to just male or female. >> it's each person, each young person having the right to self-determine what gender means to them and who they are in the world. >> it's like, man, skirts are really comfortable. >> sasha prefers the term they and them over he and she, telling us they began questioning their own gender a few years ago. >> more recently i more specifically identified as agender, which is specifically not -- i don't have a gender.
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>> reporter: sasha realizes what happened aboard the bust has placed them in the public eye. the teen says they're willing to help open eyes. >> i hope to sort of inform people about non-binary gender, and agender is just one of several. >> sasha is an amazing person simply because they're being authentic to themselves. if every one of us could be brave in that way, i. >> jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. still to come, a double dose of the holidays may have proved too much for instagram. the record-setting day and the problems that went along with it. also -- >> i'm proud of myself, and i think i made a difference and impacted somebody as life. >> the donation that could save someone's life. it doesn't cost you anything to give it. plus on the other end of the
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spectrum, what led up to this brawl. one shopper even pulled out a stun gun. and temperatures tonight in the 40s and 50s, on our way to at least another day of warm temperatures tomorrow, but the seven-day forecast is bringing a winter blast our way. we'll let you know if the temperatures will arrive for the weekend, and the full forecast in just a few minutes.
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witnesses say that crackle sound was from a taser or stun gun after a fight broke out. two women began arguing, then throwing punches.
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one pulled out what appeared to be that stun gun. mall security escorted both of them out of the billing. amid the chaos, one nonprofit group decided to use this day to ask for help for the philippines members of the national alliance for filipino concerns set up shop near powell and nordstrom. in the areas devastated by the typhoon, the group says tens of thousands are in dire need of medical supplies, shelter and food. >> we also know this is going to take a really, really long time. that's why we're trying to appeal to the public. we also have to think long term. more than 500 people died in that storm. 1700 people are still unaccounted for. if you'd like to donate, you can find a lisk on our website at it doesn't cost anything to give. the holiday season may be a time
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for giving, but when it comes to donating blood, a lot of people don't do it. cheryl hurd takes a look at why supplies are low this time of year. >> if you don't have enough, it's not good. that's what happened. >> reporter: at 14 years old, that's what tyra watkins remembers about being sick, but her father frank's memory is a little better than hers. >> we learned at birth -- prior to birth, that tyra was s.s. >> reporter: s.s. means that she has a serious form of the blood disease sickle cell anemia, a disease that attacks healthy red blood cells. >> she's had a need for blood one years about four times. >> reporter: for the first nine years of her life, she was in and out of the hospital, getting blood transfusions. >> one instance we weren't able to get the blood she needed for almost five days. >> reporter: this family noises how important it is to donate blood >> especially hard to fathom,
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because people get together with their family and friends. they don't always think about people who are sick with cancer or people with blood diseases. >> reporter: according to the american red cross, across the country, only 38% of americans are eligible to give blood. out of that 38%, just 8% actually donate. tyra's aunt now organizes blood drives and wants to raise awareness to this problem >> there should never be a time when the blood supply goes so low that we don't have enough to respond to the hospital or, you know, to something somebody overseas, or somebody in another area of the country. >> reporter: for the watkins family it's a lesson learned. >> you can save three lives. >> it's been different for me because i'm scared of needles. and i've given blood 11 tiles now. so i'm proud of myself, and i think i made a difference and
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impacted somebody's life. >> reporter: in american canyon, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas with lots of trees lit tonight and outdoor ice skating rimpgs. perhaps the most unusual skating rink around is in san jose until the palm trees. this year those palm trees are especially equipped, we're told, to put on a special night tithe light show. some dining and ice skating as well, and of course we've got those rinks open in the xwark dero center and union scare in san francisco. they're all wonderful. >> and you saw folks in t-shirts. >> indeed, we got close to 70 degrees. probably a couple more days on the way before things change up. we'll see nice temperatures, but the seven-day forecast showing our highs really changing up as we head toward next week.
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40s and 50s outside. not a lot of wind out there. that's the problem underneath a strong ridge of high pressure. we can't clear out the smoke pollution around the bay area. so you'll see that playing into the forecast. some of the cooler temperatures overnight will once again be in the north bay. could wake up to some upper 30s. 53 right now in san francisco, 46 in sunnyvale, we will see patchy low clouds. unfortunately air quality is suffering due to the strong ridge of high pressure acting like a lid over the bay area, so wood burning is banned again tonight. as we head towards next week. the change we're going to see is not going to arrive for the weekend. tomorrow we'll wake up to areas of low clouds coming in, high clouds going by for the morning, through 9:00 tomorrow morning we'll see patchy clouds, and sunny skies as we head toward the afternoon. things will change the middle part of next week as the
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canadian cold front drops in from the north, bringing up less moisture, but even colder air with it than we thought about 12 hours, so the stories tuesday through tuesday, highs in the low 50s, winds at times up to 25 miles an hour, it's not often we talk about a windchill factor for the bay area, but we'll get that next week. let's say thursday morning next week. so the weekend looks like, but middle part we'll get a take of real winter and maybe some snow showers. sunday through tuesday, notice the temperatures dropping by 15 to 20 degrees. that time from the south bay peninsula, and the same story in the north bay, wrapping up the weekend close to 70. by tuesday, and then later on next week, highs close to 50 around santa rosa. that will make you appreciate the temperatures to kick off the weekend, low 70s around pleasant
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ton, and as we take you over to the pell anyone that, it looks pretty nice. south bay temperatures again climbing into low 7s on. palo alto should be quite nice the notre dame versus stanford. also out at candle sticks, 49ers hosting the rams, numbers in the mid to upper 60s. absorb it while you can. fair warning. thank you, rob. coming up, you've heard of motivational speakers? the important message this pooch delivered to pet owners in the east bay today. ♪
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[ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. apple stock hit its liest level for this year. stock prices for the cupertino-based company closed up by nearly 2% by the end of today's short trading session. analysts predict this may be a sign that investors are convinced of a strong winter quarter for apple.
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a rare combo of posts may have overxhaumd instagram. today many users complained on twitter that they saw big delays while trying to upload their photos and videos. instagram responded by saying it might have seen the highest number of uploads ever. they believe they set a record. more than 10 million photos with thanksgiving captions were uploaded last year. and it may be black friday today, but the san francisco giants decided to use it for a different type of promotion. they are calling it orange and black friday. today was the first day to buy single tickets for the 2014 season. the tickets start as low as $8. you can get them online or at all dugout stores. up next in sporeser sports hear from michael crabtree on his return to the field.
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the 349ers are getting their crab brack. michael crabtree a full participant in practice this week. he's set to play his first game since super bowl xlvii. >> i don't want to hype nothing up. i just want to play ball like i do every sunday when i'm out there. it's going to be good to be out there with everything. you know, somebody you looked up to when you were younger, and last year i had read moss. this year it's anquan. so every year they give me somebody. warriors taking on the thunder, they go straight to overtime. warriors up two. rebounds, goes to russell west brack, desperation three from the corner. are you kidding me? that's how the warriors lose by a point. the warriors still winless in oklahoma city since 2008. ouch.
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blues and sharks, first meeting since the meeting on october 15th. 35 seconds, the one-timer, and he was not done. go to the third period, sharks up a goal on the power play. burns again. the three, his first career, throwing some hats on the ice. how about to college football in san jose hosting fresno state, previously unbeaten. david bails to kyle nunn. spartans go up seven, and then 23 seconds left in the half. finding chandler jones, another touchdowns, his sixth of the half. with the upset win, 62-52. so busy day in sports, diane. the spartans we're celebrating, sharks we're celebrating, but the warriors, that close. >> that was a heartbreaker, really. >> but these two teams battling so far this season. thank you. we'll be right back.
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this dachshund made famous for being fath is now famous for his weight control program. obie, the once obeet weiner dog travels the country bringing awareness to animal obesitobesi. since being rescued in oregon, he's lost more than half of his body weight. take a look at these before pictures. this is what he looked like when rescued. he weighed 77 pounds, triple a dachshund's ideal weight. he could barely walk and didn't play, of course. as long as he keeps exercising and stays away from the dinner table, vets say his future looks very bright. good for him. we talked about the skating rink and christmas tree lighting, we thought he would show you one, here's tonight in
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downtown san jose. ooh-ah, isn't that pretty this it's part of christmas in the park there, a tradition that's attracted people from all over for nearly 30 years. and then you with walk across the street for ice skating. jay anyono is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 5:00.
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