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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 14, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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connecticut, people here in the bay area also took time to mark the anniversary? sunnyvale dozens of people cathered at st. sip prion catholic church to honor those killed and call for change. >> the word for an end to violence, to build a safer community, and safer schools for our children in this time, help us to come together for we are stronger together than we are alone. >> congressman mike honda was there, as well. he supported the president's gun violence proposals after the shooting and said it's time to get some of those proposals signed into law. >> what is it that we can do as a society, as a community? ñkñ n the language of there the african saying a village. a village can raise a child, then certainly a village can get together to make that child safe. >> the brady campaign to prevent gun violence helped organize's
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today's service. others decided to mark this day by holding gun buyback events and two cities here, oakland and san jose, are turning to the public for funding. nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins us from san jose to exbe plain that. >> the turnout was big in the first hour alone, the police chief says they collected 300 firearms here today. this is the first time in well over a decade the city has hosted a buyback event. it was made possible after a two-month crowd funding campaign in which donors contributed online. crowd funding also helped to pay for part of oakland's buyback event today. in san francisco, oakland, and san jose, police tried to make it as easy as possible. people drove up, officers opened the trunk, took out the firearm and paid the participant. in many many cases, it took only a few minutes. at all three gun buyback events, the payout was the same, 100 bucks in cash or a gift card for handguns, rifles and shotguns, double that for assault weapons.
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one couple brought back six guns today making $600. they told us they plan to use it to buy christmas gifts. >> have an old rifle i don't use it anymore for safety's sake, get it out of the house and off the streets. >> we started at 9:00 and cars were lined up probably about 7:00 this morning. so they were eager to get rid of their unwanted guns. >> reporter: in many san jose, guns collected will be checked for lost and stolen status. if that is the mg1úcase, they'l returned to legal own persons police say all other firearms will be destroyed. police collected 47 ol firearms today. oakland collected 200. we don't yet have a number in for san francisco. police say many gun owners don't really want firearms in their home but don't have any idea how to get rid of them. the buyback programs give them a way. police say it also gets firearms off the streets. they say duringburg glares those guns could be stolen and used
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for violence. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the one place that did not hold public events today was newtown. people there asked for privacy. [ belling tolling ] >> across connecticut though, church bells tolled 26 times honoring each of the victims. it was one of this nation's worst mass shootings. 20 children and six adults were killed. some of the families of victims did choose to speak to the media today, including nicole hawkly. >> to think that it's almost a year since i've held him. it's no time at all. >> at the white house, the president and first lady lit a candle for each of the victims, as well. and we have new information tonight on that school shooting in colorado. deputies say there's evidence that the teenager accused of that shooting plans on hurting more people at the high school. they say karl pierson had
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multiple rounds of ammunition and carried a ma she tee and had a backpack with three explosive devices. he shot 17-year-old claire davis. her family says she is in critical condition tonight, suffering severe head trauma. we have more from colorado. >> investigators continue to search for answers to what led to another school shooting. this time in an rap pa theo high school in centennial, colorado. students systemically fleeing the school with hands in the air as tactical teams moved in. >> we heard two very, very loud gunshots. and immediately closed the door, she close toed the door. we ran into the corner. dove on top of each other, tried to get behind the desk. >> reporter: police say the lone gunman, a student, cal halverson pierson age 18 enters the building with a shotgun looking for a specific teacher who fled the school. >> i believe it was a very wise tactical decision for him to remove himself from the school so that maybe the threat went toward him rather than to the
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school. >> pierson then shot critically wounding a 15-year-old female before turning the gun on himself. sheriff gray son robinson says a quick response by law enforcement saved lives. >> i believe the shooter knew that will deputy sheriffs were immediately about to engage him and i believe that that shooter took his life because he knew that he had been found. >> after hearing the news, parents of students bd rushed to the school to find their children. >> police and bomb squads searched for clues at the suspect's house as to what may prove to be another unexplainable act of school violence. leanne gregg, nbc news, centennial, colorado. >> and a bit more there. according to investigators, pierson was looking for the school's librarian before the attack which may have been in response to a confrontation. the librarian is also the school's debate coach and it's believed that coach may have kicked him off the team. we also have an update now
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on a major storm hitting the midwest and east coast. the storm has caused 900 flights to be canceled today so far. these are live pictures from new jersey, a whole lot of snow on the roads. this is the main who i to newark airport. we have team coverage on the weather, nbc bay area's month ef-francis is at sfo with travel delays. we'll begin with rob mayeda. >> we're watching those ever changing conditions on major east coast airports and in philadelphia, you're seeing freezing rain. so things icing up on contact there off the ground, causing multiple hour delays and cancellations around philadelphia and the new york airports seeing a combination of snow and wind. 27 degrees there. and very strong storm system that is placing its biggest impact on the east coast right now. you can see over the next few hours, a mix of rain and snow into new york. mostly in boston before the system clears often an heads away from the east coast on sunday. we should see improving conditions then, but some inland conditions in and around the
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northeast corridor will pick up 6 to 12 inches of snow up towards boston, new york snow, then changing back over to seeing rain. at least in the short term, the worst of the storm just now being felt on air travel both here and obviously up and down the east coast. diane? >> thank you, rob. the flights canceled on the east coast and in the midwest are having a ripple effect here in the bay area. monte francis is at sfo with an update on that part of the story. month ef-? >> good evening. 13 departing flights have been canceled so far today at sfo along with ten arriving flights. 43 others have been delayed. we're here at terminal 3 where it appears united passengers have been the most affected. now, today the airlines have canceled a total of 996 flights nationwide, most in new york, chicago and newark. in fact, about 40% of the flights in and out of newark, new jersey, have been canceled today because of the snowy weather. we understand that united has canceled the most flights so far. we ran into a passenger here at
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sfo tonight whose flight on united to new york was canceled. >> it's just frustrating. i understand they have -- i'm assuming the plane didn't arrive. there's not a whole lot they can do about that. >> as i said about a dozen departing flights and ten arriving flights here at s fp o canceled today. with more than a foot of snow expected in some areas of the northeast and the midwest this weekend, it's best to check with your airline before you come to the airport. there are no cancellations to report the an oakland international or mineta san jose airport today. live at sfo, months i francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. and stay with us for continuing weather coverage. we have more online at well, firefighters at san francisco international airport will reportedly have to take more training lou to respond to krarns. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the new requirement is in response to the asiana crash in july. a teenage girl died after being
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hit by two emergency vehicles. commanding fers have to go through 40 to 80 hours of advanced instruction next year. according to the paper, commanders in charge of the asian nan incident didn't go through the disaster training required under federal law. coming up next 6:00, the president officially makes a deck lag ration on the fire damage near yosemite. we'll have the latest on and what that means. plus, the wait is over for some high school seniors. we'll show you how many students received their acceptance letter from stanford. and tesla is working on a new cheaper can electric vehicle.
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a fire that burned more more than two months and burned 400 square miles near yosemite has officially been declared a disaster. that means federal funding will be available for repairs and reable. fee maldened governor brown's original disaster request in october saying the damage was not severe enough. damage from the fire now exceeds $54 million. and new at 6:00, it's an early christmas present for hundreds of high school seniors who just found out they have been accepted to stanford. as the class of 2018. is the university e-mailed early acceptance letters to 748 students yesterday. the students who come from 48 states and 36 countries were
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selected from nearly 7,000 early admission candidates. the largest early application pool in the school's history. more than 30,000 students are expected to apply for stanford's regular admission by january 1st. a new report says that tesla may unveil a new vehicle that's $10,000 less than the model s. the los angeles times is reporting that the $40,000 car could make sits official debut at the 2015 detroit car show. it will be called the model x and reportedly would get around 200 miles per battery charge. officials at the bay area car company say they are already taking refundable deposits for that car. tesla is on pace to build about 21,000 of their model s vehicles. and coming up next at 6:00, be hundreds dress up as jolly st. nick and take to the streets. we'll explain how santacon has turned into more than just a pub crawl. >> and we're seeing temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. tomorrow will be day one perhaps
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as some spots near santa cruz getting close to 70. we'll talk more about that and another spare the air day ahead coming up in the forecast in a few minutes.
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hundreds of high school and middle school students gathered for an lgbt youth conference in san francisco today. organizers say the goal of the youth empowerment summit was to ensure all students, including gay, by sexual and transgender have the opportunity to succeed in school. the conference was planned and led by students. >> having so many people here is actually really wonderful. it means so many people are here to learn and to kind of help us with what we're trying to do,
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trying to make school safer for everybody. >> today's ninth annual conference was hosted by the gay straight alliance network, a national youth leadership organization fighting homophobia. well, it's getting to look a lot like christmas. you know where this is? i bet you're not going to guess. san francisco. today, there was sledding right there. you know where? not only was it in san francisco, it was in front of city hall. >> he was amazing. the people pushed us down. that was really fast. >> i bet it was really fast. okay, let's watch you go. whoo-hoo. doesn't get much better than that. the event is free but organizers are asking for canned food donations. it continues tomorrow frommal 10:00 to 4:30. city hall put it on today. pretty great, and rob, are kind of tough probably to keep the snow cold right now with the weather out there.
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>> san francisco got up close to 60 today. so slushy snow by the afternoon there. but temperatures tonight especially in the north bay and east bay will again drop close to freezing. we're in this pattern of clear skies, cold dry nights and slightly warmer days ahead. our temperatures right now in not a lot of wind. now we have our eighth spare the air day. notice the locations that are most affected by this. this is the east bay and south bay. so the east bay now seeing problems with smoke pollution and some of this due to the air pattern we're seeing right now down the aground level. winds turning slightly offshore pumping in extra smoke in sacramento and stockton and pushing it into solano county and some of our tri-valley communities. this is the trend that will probably continue dmoo monday. for that reason, spare the air days will likely continue monday and tuesday. we could be going on nine to ten consecutive record-breaking days. the main culprit is the reason why we're so dry. you can see the ridge of high pressure up to the north which is keeping the storm track way
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off to the north. but on the flipside to that, we're seeing temperatures climbing on up. so here's a sampling of temperatures tomorrow. if you take a look at the south bay, willow glen mid 60s. highs today in the low 60s. south san jose will get close to 68 degrees, maybe closer to 70 around morgan hill. you'll notice on your seven-day forecast temperatures come up for the first half of the week. things will be changing big-time. big cooling coming up up as we head towards thursday and friday. san jose the trend today 62. tomorrow 66. the trend will spike on monday. san jose getting to 70 degrees on monday. around san francisco, we're going to have another day where you can check out the snow on sunday at civic can have centering plaza. around the afternoon highs also in the 60s. one more check of the east bay temperatures. oakland 66 tomorrow. tomorrow should be nice for the raiders taking on the chiefs. numbers in the mid 60s and into the north bay, highs in the low
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60s in santa rosa and pleasant toon looking good at 65. temperatures at their warmest at the coast tomorrow. santa cruz 70 degrees. by monday, we see highs in the mid-70s. lake tahoe 54 degrees. no showers in the forecast unless you go into outer space. it was the peak of the jeminid meteor shower last night. we could see streaks across the sky if you think you're seeing a few meteors, this is the reason why. it was peaking last night but we could see more fireballs in the skies over the next couple nights. no fog, could be good viewing out there tonight. >> good too know. thank you, rob. coming up next at 6:00, we are counting down to sochy. how you can learn more about the olympic sport of quuling right there in san francisco. we'll show you.
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a flash mob hit san francisco today with quite a
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theme. >> i'm dreaming of a white -- ♪ >> who all right. santacon took over union square. hundreds ef people dressed up like santa or his helpers for what has become a holiday tradition that includes drinking along the way. it started in 1994 in the city. now there are dozens of santacon events around the world. today's pub crawl stopped by lefty o'douls where santas dropped off new toys for the holiday gift drive. you may have seen it at the olympics, but may not know a whole lot about the sport of curling. so today, people curious to learn more headed out to the icñ rink at union square in san francisco. the bay area curling club offered lessons at the first curling event held at that rink. teachers included this woman, nationally ranked curler gabrielle coleman. she qualified for the usa olympic trials for the vancouver games after less than four years
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of training, and just for a little bragging rights, she happens to work here at nbc bay area. and right now, we are going to check in with andral know can know here with sports. >> the sharks are in music city trying to tune out the blues on the road. and the heisman trophy goes to. we'll tell you who's going home with the award and it's college basketball saturday including cal hosting their first are weekend game of the season for a chance with their coach to make history. highlights are ahead.
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well, cal coach mike montgomery came into today one win away from passing legendary former ucla coach john wooden on the ncaa all time wins list. he had a chance to get it done against fresno state in the first weekend home game for cal this season. montgomery and cal, 7-0 at home this season. we'll jump to the second half. cal up by three in this game and richard solomon with the grown man jump bullying the defenders in the post. later cal up by seven. solomon with the lay-in, had a game high 17 points. cal wins 57-56. month domry does move past wooden for so possession of 27th place. st. mary's at boise state. stephen holtz had a solid first half. he does it in every way. game tied at 11. holt nails a three and he wasn't done.
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later in the half, holt hits a three from the corner. and he also has some defensive holt with the steal finishes with the lay-in. he had 18 in the first half. they win 82-74. the warriors lost to the rockets last night and now about to play five games in eight days. coach mark jackson wants his team to get back on track when they face the suns tomorrow. >> well, the one thing that jumps out, they play extremely hard at every position. they get after it. they play with an edge. done a very good job with that basketball team. and you added bledsoe. obviously, they have two guys in bled doe and dragic that can get anywhere they want on the floor. and they create offense, but the most important, the most impressive thing for me about watching those guys is they play extremely hard at every position, which is the first
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step to changing a culture. >> phoenix from what i've seen they're deep. they've got some bench production. bledsoe and dragic are playing very well for them right now. but you know, they've got some punches off the bench, as well. you've got to be ready for 48 minutes especially in that building. >> and not a big surprise here. but it's now official. florida state qb jameis winston wins the 2013 heisman trophy. he is the highest rated quarterback in the ncaa and plays on the nation's t ranked team and he's the ap cc's first heisman winner 13 years. the annual army and navy game, navy up 20-7 in the fourth quarter. catherine heenan reynolds, he ends up keeping it for the 11-yard score. his 28th rushing touch down of the season. a record for a quarterback. navy wins 34-7, their 12th
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straight win over army. the sharks visiting the predators. early in the game desjardins ending in an even draw. eric nystrom scores on the deflection. that's his six of the year. right now it's 1-0. san jose's anti-trust lawsuit against major league baseball may be head the to the supreme court, and that means this case may not be settled for a while. the city's appeal will now be heard by the ninth district court, but the final judgment will most likely come from the highest court in the land. san jose is trying to become the new home of the athletics. that's it for sports. more highlights from the sharks and a's coming up as well as stanford men's basketball tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. >> thank you, andrea. thanksy for choosing can nbc b area news at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 11:00. till then, have a good night.
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you're watching an nbc bay area news special. "the interview". >> i'm not down here looking for money. i'm down here looking for talent. >> tech titan john mcafee is back with a new venture. >> how much is this john mcafee hype and how much of it is the
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real deal.  the trail for future female silicon valley ceos. >> i would never have predicted i would become a ceo. >> was there a lot of bitterness leaving hp in such a scandalous way. >> blus, she's living her life her way. >> i don't deny who i was. i've never denied it. >> high profile activist teresa sparks talks openly about changing her gender but not who she is and randy zuckerberg steps out from her brother's shadow and shows she's a silicon valley force. >> i'm so grateful for the experience i had at facebook and so grateful to my brother for including me in that journey but it was also important to me to make a name for myself, too. >> here's nbc bay area's raj mathai. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. we have trail blazers with us tonight. some household names like zuckerberg and fiorina. others you might be


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