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tv   NBC Bay Area News Special  NBC  December 14, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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real deal.  the trail for future female silicon valley ceos. >> i would never have predicted i would become a ceo. >> was there a lot of bitterness leaving hp in such a scandalous way. >> blus, she's living her life her way. >> i don't deny who i was. i've never denied it. >> high profile activist teresa sparks talks openly about changing her gender but not who she is and randy zuckerberg steps out from her brother's shadow and shows she's a silicon valley force. >> i'm so grateful for the experience i had at facebook and so grateful to my brother for including me in that journey but it was also important to me to make a name for myself, too. >> here's nbc bay area's raj mathai. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. we have trail blazers with us tonight. some household names like zuckerberg and fiorina. others you might be seeing and hearing for the first time.
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all of our stories tonight give us a rare behind the scenes look at these newsmakers. we begin with the colorful and controversial john mcafee. he recently turned down an informal offer to help fix the troubled obama care website. he said simply, no thanks. now instead of washington, d.c., he's back in the silicon valley. he has a new company and a new wife. >> those beaches in belize, the murder of his neighbor, and the media frenzy that followed, john mcafee has turned his life willingly into a hollywood script. >> is this a story of a successful entrepreneur who went crazy and surrounded themself with girlsen an guns and became a murderer? or is this the greatest mind [ bleep ] of all time. >> we last caught up with him earlier this year in oregon, and now he's back in the silicon valley. >> i'm not down here looking for money, but talent. >> in the shadows of the empire he created in 1987, the
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68-year-old mcafee is starting a new company with old baggage. >> i an few months ago in ÷ you had nothing to do with the murder of your neighbor. you said you were drug free and still in contact with one of your teenage girlfriends. has anything changed? >> nothing. all still true to this day. >> what has changed in your life? >> well, are you know, are i've become more energetic i think. i have -- i've paid less attention to dealing with the press and more attention to dealing with things that i can create, design and have fun with. this product, or this project is something i've been thinking about for years. such a great idea to me. >> how much is this john mcafee hype and how much of it is the real deal? >> well, you no he, i know better than to hype a product which can't be produced. >> so what is it? it's a company called future tense, a social network of sorts that's mobile and in true mcafee
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style secure. he says not even nsa can break it. >> absolutely not. first of all, they won't know wher+¿qñis. it's constantly in flux. there are no names attached to it. it's simply i have this thing and there's another entity that floated through that happened to have what i wanted and passed it over. you don't know you passed it over. just you have the an open space with stuff in it. >> mcafee has his usual passion and salesmanship but his comeback is filled with new disdain for the silicon valley. >> i think the current attitude and air and environment in silicon valley is stagnant. it really is. there's people are quiet and they're serious and they're studios and looking at their notebooks and taking notes and everybody, whoa, this is not life, dude. it means somebody here is not having fun. if you're not having fun, your products are going to suck. google, everybody raves about google you know, culture. i'm not sure i would rave much
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about that. >> what's wrong with the people there that they don't seem happy to you? >> you know, i'm not saying they don't seem happy. they don't seem individualistic enough. the culture is more chinese-like. i'm not dissing the chinese. they're very success it will people but individuality is frowned upon. >> we mentioned he's back in the area looking for office space for his new company in santa cruz. he also got married a couple months ago but still has a teenage girlfriend in central america. now to one of the nastiest breakups in bay area history. it happened eight years ago, but it's still talked about to this day. hewlett-packard continues to struggle but their former ceo carly fiorina is thriving. >> i started out as a secretary in the bay area. i would never have predicted that i would become a ceo some day. i wouldn't have predicted i was a cancer victim. >> for most of us, that esno such thing as a fairy tale life. through all the smiles and magazine covers, the highs are
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usually matched with some lows. >> she was a ground breaker in the fortune 500 had, that is until she was fired today. >> that was eight years ago, a lifetime for carly fiorina. >> i honestly during the final two weeks of my time at hp, was sort of caught off guard by how human and petty certain board members could be. >> since then, the 59-year-old has overcome breast cancer and a failed bid in the 2010 u.s. senate race. >> think about that. >> nowadays she's still the boss, but this time, the chairman of one of the biggest non-profits in the country. good 360. they get excess merchandise from corporations ande#?z donate it charity. >> when you're on the call and calling companies for donations, you get a response pretty quickly. carly fiorina waiting online two. >> yes, but you know what?
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this is not something i alone do. we have a wonderful organization of people, we have a great technology platform, a lot of credibility, late logistics and warehousing capability. so the truth is, most of our corporate programs come together because groups of employees at good 360 and the company designed is them together. >> was there a lot of bitterness leaving p in such a scandalous way at least in the press? was there bitterness? are you vil willified unfairly? >> there wasn't bitterness on my part. the board at hp led by two board membersjf who subsequently were fired was completely dysfunctional. the board sadly remains dysfunctional all these many years later. i think it's a lesson that boards actually are incredibly important organizations in businesses. boards can destroy value. the hp board has destroyed value jáitáq that's destroyed the value. >> marissa mayer, are sandberg,
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do they get a fair shake because of who they are or an unfair shake if they're women. >> it's always different if you're different. women in positions of leadership are still different, despite all the progress we have made and we have made huge progress as i just indicated. it's still true that only 16% of board members are women in this country. that number hasn't budged in 20 years. it's true still that women are the most underutilized resource in the world and that women are the most subjugated human beings in the world. >> a couple names you're impressed with in the bay area. >> you've mentioned two already. marisa, cheryl, they're all fantastic. one of the great things about the valley is it will attracts tremendous talent. and then it gives that talent the opportunity to go for xy&c. you know? to take the risk, to fail sometimes, to succeed sometimes. of course, this is a hot bed of great talent and great
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personalities. wonderful. >> what's a typical day for you now? >> well, it depends on the day which is why my life is interesting. today because i'm out here and i have a slightly more relaxed schedule this week than normal, today i got up and walked to the golden gate bridge and walked across the bridge and looked out at that the one of the most beautiful views in the world and thought, how fortunate i was to be able to do that because three years ago when i was battling cancer, i couldn't make it two blocks. so every time i can make it across that bridge, i feel very blessed. >> fiorina and her husband so would their home in los altos and bought a boat docked in sausalito. they live in the washington, d.c. area but come back to the boat often she's a frequent political commentator on cnp. he went on fox news to talk about his book and the fox anchor had other ideas. >> you're a muslim. why did you write a book about the founder of christianity? >> well, are to be clear, i am a
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scholar of religious. >> coming up, best selling author's sas an lan talks about the influence san francisco university had on his faith and future. >> isn't it interesting you helped build facebook. the thing that's changed so many of our lives and now you're in a sense defending against it. >> i wouldn't say defending against it at all. >> what is she saying about her little brother's company and did she get her job offer on a cocktail napkin? the other zuckerberg behind the scenes with randy, next. >> that amazing journey. did you get chips for the party? nope.
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that's more than fox news is, abc news, and even our network nbc news. their annual conventions don't just bring in bloggers but big names like president obama and facebook's sheryl sandberg. >> are you surpriseded at the success of this? this has been ten years now. >> i have to tell you no, because i grew up in print and. broadcast media and went online at a time when message boards were so popular and robust in the first bubble. at the time, i remember thinking, it's amazing. i can put up some of the best magazine content in the world online and i cannot get women out of the message boards to look at content from some of the world's biggest brands. and it was fascinating and educational because it turned out that we are the lucy ricardos and the dear abbys and the erma bombecks and oprahs and mars that of our own lives. that is gold right there. >> it is gold. blogger headquarters right on the peninsula in redwood shores.
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interested in standing next year's convention.? you won't have to travel far. the request engs is being held in san jose. is it a blessing or curse to have the zuckerberg name? it's a blessing when it comes to her bank account and perhaps a curse when it comes toet kraing her own identity. but mark zuckerberg's sister randy is doing that. she's launching her next project. >> when you look at her time line, it's a lot like everyone else's, family gatherings, weddings and halloween costumes. then there's the name. >> is there a time when you don't give out your name or just say hey, i'm randi and you don't want to go there with zuckerberg? >> sometimes i like people to make a first impression of me not based on my last name. it's refreshing to make human connections with people that aren't based on who are you? and what can you do for me? and then sometimes you know, it's nice to do a little name
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dropping. >> 31-year-old randi zuckerberg, mark's older sister, has rocked and rolled ever since she arrived in the silicon valley. ♪ she's now written two books, part memoir and part shfl them navigating kids and adults through the world of hi-tech. but it was randi who navigated away from mark just hours after she organized president obama's visit to facebook headquarters. >> my name is barack obama and i'm the guy who got mark to wear a jacket and tie. >> i thought to me the most interesting part of your book at least told your kid brother i should say, president obama in town. that was a huge thing, especially around here. the town hall that you hosted and then what you walked up, you walked home, you bumped into mark at home and how does it go from there? >> we lived in the same neighborhood. i just kind of blurted it out that you know, i felt like i was ready to leave. it's one of those moments where you say something and you're like words go back in, go in.
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but it clearly been in my mind for a long time and in my heart. i'm so grateful for the experience that i had at facebook. i'm so grateful to my brother for including me in that amazing journey. but it was also important to me to make a name for myself, too. that's something you'll read in the book a lot is my own struggles with loving facebook but not want anning to always be mark zuckerberg's sister. >> your mom as a psychiatrist. i'm not going to go there. but is it mark's big sister or is it randi zuckerberg? >> i talk a lot in the book how i felt like i had to perform to a much higher standard than my colleagues to even be taken seriously the same way. but again, it's obviously opened up a lot of doors for me, a lot opportunity but one thing you have to know about mama zuckerberg, you go into the house and all four of her kids are equal. it doesn't matter if you've created a multi billion dollar or just baked a great apple pie like can every kid's achievement
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is equal which is so great about our family. >> tell me the negotiation process when you were going to work for facebook. what was the contract offer and how was it done? >> i was coming from basically a minimum wage job in new york. i don't know how i lived on the salary i made. all i could think of was getting a better paycheck. i didn't -- i didn't know anything about equity and stock options and silicon valley and startups. that was not a world i knew anything about. so when my brother offered me a comp packaging that had had equity and salary, i didn't -- i i want thinking about the equity. i was just like i want to not make minimum wage anymore. and he's like no, no, no, trust me. >> where was the deal done and was it on a cocktail napkin? >> was on a cocktail napkin in the original facebook office above the chinese restaurant in down the palo alto. i did not save the napkin. that would be framed somewhere right now. >> you helped build facebook. it's changed so many of our
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lives and now you're in a sense defending against it? >> i wouldn't say defending against it at all. facebook is a huge part of my life. i think it's an incredible tool to connect. we have family and friends all over the world. it's been amazing. what i am a proponent of though is using tech meaningfully and thoughtfully. i think so much of our day is spent you know, you're waiting in line at the coffee shoppen an you just the habit, you scroll up your news feed or scroll up twitter and see what's going on. i think tech provides great opportunity when we use it thoughtfully, but it can also veer us a little far off the end if we just use it as a habit. >> it's an interesting read. her books went on sale last emm week. as for the zuckerberg clan, they're migrating from new york. the parents moved to the palo alto area right next to mark and randi. coming up, she's one of the highest profile transgender activists in the country. >> it's not like every day i woke up and said i should have
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been a girl. >> terisa sparks opens up about her life before she transitioned and how she's using her experience to help others. ♪ ho ho ho
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welcome back. this isn't an issue of coming out of the closet. it's an issue of changing everything inside of our closet. one of the bay area's most notable civic leaders is opening up about her past as a man. as the head of the human rights commission, traerz sparks doesn't hold back. >> it would be nice if people would stop is can asking us what we have between our legs and people feel like they can ask somebody, have you had surgery. you want to lean over and say, have you? >> she's blunt, she's successful. and for once in her life, she's finally herself. in a city that produces dynamic leaders and trail blazers of social causes, terisa sparks fits right in. not in her previous life as a man, but as a transgender woman. >> i have pictures of myself in
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my former incarnation and my family. i'm still the dad. you know, my kids still call me dad. my grabbed kids call me terisa. i'm not smur where they've got -- couldn't get to the grand dad part, but no, you don't deny who was i. i've never denied who i was. because that's who i am. >> who she is the dwriving force in san francisco. the head of the human rights commission and former president of the high profile police commission. but like many in the lgbt community, she came here for a fresh start. >> it is pretty amazing, very successful businessperson you were as a man. coached your son's football teams i believe. smoked cigars, rode your harley. all the manly things. as you were doing those things, were you confused by the end of the day? >> absolutely. i don't think -- i think most transgender people believe from the beginning that there's something wrong. something's not right. they don't know what it is.
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i didn't know what it was. it was just something's not right. it's not like every day i woke up and said i should have been a girl. i said something's not right. think about what it would be if every time you know, you, raj, getting ready for work, you put on a suit and tie or no tie, you get dressed event, you look in the mirror and you never look good to you. it's never right. when you look, you mefr see what you want to see. you don't know what you want to see but you know that's not it. >> was there a secret life in hotel rooms on road trips? >> yeah, you do that and it's kind of a cycle where you do stuff. you put on clothing. you put on women's clothing. you put on whatever and you just hang out. you know, i remember i used to go to paris and sometimes i'd get two hotel rooms. one i'd have a hotel room in the ritz that my company would pay for and i would entertain business clients and then i'd have a crappy hotel room that i
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would kep a separate suitcase? >> is there a therapy, a shock treatment to say get out of here? >> i had electric shock treatment in l.a. in the '80s. i thought this is going to do it. i went twice and i thought i'm not going to put myself through this. this is barbaric. >> you said it was rough with your sons for many years. how is it now? >> it's good. i talk to my youngest son every night. we're closer than we've been. once we got over the transition and they kind i have -- they mourned their father dying as they saw it, and this new person arising, they've come to the conclusion it's really the same person. bewe talk about the same stuff. we don't talk about you know, cosmetics and you know and high heels. >> where are we in san francisco? you're one of the leads are in the city. where do you see it going the next five years, positive and negative? >> com i cannily i think this mayor's done a phenomenal job on economic development. we still have very difficult
6:54 pm
problems here. the homeless issues are still very difficult here. we still have discrimination here. but you know, we need to keep focused on that or we're going to lose the soul of the city. i don't think the leaders today are going to let that happen. i really don't. i have a lot of confidence in the leadership today. >> she herself is a dynamic leader. up next from the bay area to the world stage, this muslim authorial is writing about jesus and the jews. and he's making headlines. we'll hear from best selling author res za as lan. you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii.
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but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! ♪ pose! yeah! ♪ flash! yeah! ♪ get the family to strike a pose, ♪ ♪ and show off your brand new clothes! ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. you're a muslim. why did you write a book about the founder of christianity. >> to be clear, i am a scholar of religions with four degrees including one in the new testament and fluent sit in biblical greek who has been studying the origins of christianity for two decades. >> this went virl. that fox news interview with santa clara grad reza aslan helped propel his book about
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jess us into sales gold. as for as lan, he's now a muslim. he wasn't always. in high school in san jose, he converted to christianity. the jesuits at santa clara helped him return to his muslim roots. >> the santa clara still close to your heart? >> it made me who i am today. not just academically but as a human being. it was the jesuits who taught me how to understand who jesus was. it was the jess youities who encouraged me to go back to islam. it was the jesuits who taught me the core principle of social justice and that everything that i do, no matter what it is in my teaching, in my writing, in my activism is focused on the central message of jesus's. >> as lan was born in iran, grew up in san jose and now is a professor at uc riverside. we want to thank all of our guests for their time tonight. thank you for joining us. we hope to he sue you on monday. good night.
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slimmer herself in a skimpy bikini. >> as soon as i get in shape, the first thing i want to do is like "playboy" or some nude shoot. >> it's not "playboy" as she proclaimed on keeping up with the kardashians but she stripped down to a bikini. she proclaimed my body is back. the photos were taken in late november and the magazine got them exclusively. >> kim has been waiting for this moment. she wanted to really unveil her body and wanted everyone to see it and waited until she lost all the weight. >> the right time indeed. kim clearly wanted these ims seen. it says she went to the miami beach to have her first swimsuit stroll since having daughter north. perfectly posed. check out evidence that kim was likely aware of the lens. her body straight to camera,


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